Law & Order Special Victims Unit s07e20 Episode Script


In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as The Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
Forgive me, Father Fryson.
It's been two years since my last confession.
Listen my sins.
I was selfish and disrespectful.
I lost my temper.
For these and all of my sins I am truly sorry.
After two years, that's it? Why don't you tell me what's really bothering you, Elliot? It's like I keep losing people.
Like your family? My family my kids friends.
You said friends.
You mean someone at work? Sorry, Father, I gotta go.
Okay, but you should come back.
Ego te absolvo, in nomine patris, et filii, et spiritus sancti.
Elliot, for your penance, call your wife.
Stabler! You weren't at the house.
I thought you clocked out early.
Lucius Blaine, Queens SVU.
You and me, we're gonna be partners.
Victim's a teenage hottie.
No purse, no panties, unconscious with head trauma, ligature marks around both wrists, and her finger sliced clean off.
- Dump job? - We got fresh tire tracks.
Perp pulled the girl out of the car.
Dragged her behind this barricade.
- Perps? - We got two clear sets of footprints.
From the depth of indentation, these guys aren't small.
Get me an ID on the tires and the shoes.
- Who found her? - Marie Antoinette over there.
Her footprints are all over the scene too.
Oh, yeah? You officers check this woman? / No.
- Ma'am, turn around.
Turn around.
- What are you doing? - Where is it? - It's gone! - Here it is right here.
- Yeah.
/ Let it go.
Well, well, well, what do we have here, huh? It was on the ground.
I didn't steal it.
So it just jumped up into your coat? Hold her.
It looks like our victim's name is Jessica Delay.
William Osler high school.
Oh, my god.
What the hell is this? You cut off her finger, you freaking witch? No, it was just lying on the ground! So taking her money wasn't enough, was it? You had to get this ring, huh? We can still save it, we can still save it.
Put it on ice.
- Answer me! / No! - Hold the bus! Hold the bus! Put it in the cup! Put it in the cup.
Hold the bus.
I'm coming with you.
Place a witch.
Jessica's being prepped for surgery.
Thanks to you, we might be able to save her finger.
- You do a rape kit? - No fluids.
She was sodomized with a blunt object.
What about the cuts on her wrists? Made by a knife, not by ligatures.
Somebody tried to cut off her hands? Couldn't get through the bone, took a finger instead.
/ Can I talk to her? After the surgery.
Excuse me.
Did you call Jessica's parents? Mom's on her way.
You question her yet? / No.
There she is.
- Hey, I'm a detective, Jessica.
- Leave her alone.
Look, Jessica, just tell me what happened.
- I need to know who did this to you, okay? - You can't talk to her right now.
- Let me know.
Just tell me something.
- Blaine, that's enough! Look, man, we've got a window of opportunity.
I understand that, but scaring the girl's not gonna get us anything.
Forgot I was dealing with detective Sensitive.
Why'd you land this blowhard on me? He's a good cop.
Queens SVU speaks highly of him.
Right, that's why they dumped him on us.
Where's Benson? Computer crimes.
You needed a break from each other.
In whose opinion? Decision's made.
- Bring me up to speed.
- Sure thing, captain.
CSU ID'd the tires as Bridgestone RX, used on any number of SUVs and vans.
Now the shoe prints were made by a Quattro game and a solon shock.
Now given the size of the print, creep number one is about 5'10", creep two, 5'8".
- Where was Jessica attacked? - I wouldn't know.
I wasn't allowed to talk to her.
But she was probably grabbed anywhere between her school here and the downtown subway station here.
Now for the amount of blood, CSU reckons that she was probably raped and mutilated on the scene.
Until we talk to her, we won't know.
You got anything of value you want to add? Just that it was personal.
Perps didn't take her money or credit cards.
They just wanted to inflict pain.
So why did they steal her cell phone? How do you know she had one? She's 16 with three credit cards.
She had a cell phone.
Something else the perps didn't take, Jessica's health department ID card.
I never heard of a teenager working for the health department.
- Neither have they.
- So what's she doing with a fake ID? I don't know, but check out the number on the back.
It belongs to Rufus Brownell, an inspector at the department.
He's not in the office today.
He's on 14th street checking out stores.
His license plate number is AEV 7685.
That's our boy.
He's got a little friend in there with him.
- What the hell? - Blaine.
Blaine! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Take your hands off her! - Get out here! Get out here! - What seems to be the problem, huh? - What, one girl isn't enough for you? - Leave him alone! / Blaine.
Blaine! / It's cool.
I'm a cop, okay? I'm not doing anything wrong.
I can explain.
/ Calm down.
All right, let's everyone calm down.
Calm down.
- Come here.
- Let me see some ID.
Now, what are you doing with that girl? I'm a health department inspector.
I'm working with Lori.
What, you're working with her undoing her bra? I'm fixing her wire.
This is a tobacco sting.
I'm trying to catch stores selling cigarettes to minors.
- You use children as bait? - Lori's 16.
I pay her eight bucks an hour.
Listen, I'm not doing anything illegal.
- Fake ID come with the job? - What do you mean it's fake? Look, it makes the kids feel important.
Like part of a team.
How about her? Is she part of the team? Jessica.
Where did you get this? From her purse after she was attacked and nearly killed.
/ What? What are you talking about? You use kids as bait, man.
You don't think they might get hurt? I'm always close by.
Nothing bad happens.
Tell that to Jessica.
We're gonna need a list of stores that you sent her to.
The blue flags are stores I raided with Jessica.
I'm surprised she had time to go to school.
Jessica takes the job seriously.
It's not a job, man.
This is putting kids in harm's way.
More harm than letting them buy cigarettes? Where we do these stings, teen smoking is down by 50%.
I'm helping these kids.
You know, a store loses its tobacco license, it's a big hole in its income.
Any of these places threaten Jessica? Sometimes store owners get angry.
One guy one guy did get a bit rough.
That's Jessica.
She pays.
She takes the cigarettes and heads out.
It looks like she's laughing at him.
Yeah, but look.
Nothing happened.
The second there's trouble, I'm in.
Yeah, that's comforting.
Who's that guy and where can we find him? Hamzid Latif.
Third time he's been caught this year.
He lost his license for six months.
The store is two blocks from where Jessica was found.
I remember the little bitch.
She cost me thousands of bucks.
- So you took it out on her? - I didn't touch her.
Sure, you did.
We got it on videotape.
Yeah, the health inspector said you wanted to kill her.
I was angry.
She comes in here.
She says, "I want cigarettes.
" I say, "you're too young.
" She says, "come on, I won't tell anybody.
" - And she is real pretty.
- Yeah.
She is a hottie, all right.
She's all, like, you know, flirting with me.
What could I do? Yeah, what could you do? Pervert.
- You get turned on by little children? - What are you saying? I'm saying the little whore came in here and stole your tobacco license, - so you wanted to pay her back.
- Okay, she got me angry.
/ Blaine.
She called me names.
She laugh at me, - but I swear I did not touch her.
- Blaine.
That's why you took her outside and hit her over the head? / Blaine! What? / Nice shoes.
Are those Quattros? Tell you what, why don't we take Mr.
Hamzid for a walk through the crime scene? Come on.
Get your jacket.
We need you to print our friend's shoes here.
No way, you need warrant for my footprints.
We don't need squat, smart ass.
Just go stand in the mud.
- There's no point.
- Hey, do it! I took casts of the perps' shoes.
Based on the depth of impressions, the smaller perp weighed about 240 pounds, the heavier 300.
At most, this guy weighs 150.
Good-bye, Mr.
Thank you for your time.
Detective Blaine, Dr.
Your rape-kidnap case.
I ran tests on the blood stains on your victim's clothes.
There were two blood types.
- A perp cut himself? - Cut "herself.
" From the levels of the hormones FSH and LH in her blood, this female's going through puberty.
We're looking for a 240-pound girl? Whose blood glucose is through the roof.
So when you arrest her, make sure you tell her she's got type II diabetes.
- So we're looking for two kids? - Two very large kids.
- You speak to Jessica yet? - No, she was sedated post-op.
And then her mom wouldn't let us see her.
Said she was too upset.
What about her finger? They reattached it, but, you know, whether she'll be able to use it again How's Blaine doing? Great.
Okay, get Jessica to speak.
I'll send Munch and Fin to her school.
I got out of school at about 1:30.
And I was gonna take the subway to Tommy's apartment.
I took my usual shortcut down an alley.
And then I heard a van behind me.
It stopped.
And then I heard footsteps.
And then suddenly there was a bag over my head.
And I was being dragged into the van.
The next thing I know I'm here.
How many people were in the van, Jessica? I don't know.
More than one.
Did they say anything to you? To each other? No.
Do you have any enemies? Any school feuds? No, I get along with everyone.
- I have a lot of friends.
- Is that true? Why are you asking me? - You're her friend, aren't you? - Yes.
Jess doesn't have any enemies.
We think your attackers knew you.
Which means you probably know them.
Is there any reason why someone would want to hurt you? Why are you making me go through this again? - I already told you I don't know.
- Can't you see you're upsetting her? We're just trying to find out who hurt her.
Did you have your cell phone when you were attacked? - I don't think so.
- We didn't find it in your purse.
Well, then those bastards must have stolen it.
Why didn't they take anything else? Why are you being so mean? Please, just get out and leave me alone.
In Queens we treat a victim like a victim.
Then go back to Queens.
Gentlemen, you get anything from Jessica? Not much.
She wasn't given much of a chance.
What happened? Stabler intimidated her.
/ I'm not buying her "little miss innocent routine.
" You saw how she led on that store owner.
Hey, good for her, man.
She took down a drug-peddling creep who had a thing for schoolgirls.
The guy was selling cigarettes.
Jessica's school faxed over her outreach schedule.
Busy little bee.
- Plays, concerts, debating society.
- Who was the last concert? The most recent was the Coretta Scott King high school orchestra.
- That's where we start.
- Why? Because whoever attacked her knew she played.
You wanna screw up a pianist, you cut off her finger.
CORETTA SCOTT KING HIGH SCHOOL 354 EAST 120TH STREET WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29 Do you have any big kids in the orchestra? Like over 200 pounds? It used to be heavy kids played music just so they wouldn't have to do P.
But we don't have P.
anymore, and about a third of our kids are overweight.
What are you doing about it? Made the cafeteria serve more salads and fruits.
But kids like burgers and fries.
Got about a half dozen food restaurants right on this block.
Vending machines are locked during school hours, but kids stock up before.
It's not just about food.
Right, I mean, these kids, they could exercise.
Play sports.
Where you been, detective? We can't afford sports facilities or the teachers to run them.
They're lucky to have an orchestra.
Why do you wanna talk to the kids anyway? - We're looking for a witness.
- Blaine.
- Excuse me one second.
- Thank you.
Munch checked Jessica's cell phone records.
There was a call made an hour after she was attacked.
You get the number? Great.
Hi, everyone.
These are police officers.
They've got a few questions.
We're looking for witnesses to an assault that happened Monday afternoon.
A girl was attacked on the way to the subway, and she was hurt real bad.
Anyone? - Kenny, no phones in practice.
- Sorry.
- Hello.
- Hey, Kenny.
- What's going on? - You tell me.
Where were you two afternoons ago? - I don't remember.
- You don't remember.
- Stand up.
Come with us.
- Leave my brother alone.
Hey, and what happened to your face? Nothing.
/ Put it down.
You're coming too.
Let's go.
What's up with him? Kenny Bixton, 16.
Wearing Quattro jumps, same size as the prints from the scene.
- He say anything? - Yeah.
"Get me a soda.
" He needs to ease up on the soda.
What about the girl? It's his sister Mia, age 14.
Mom's coming on down.
Get the forensics, get a confession, and put this to bed.
The victim described you pretty good, Mia.
As soon as we walked into the band room, we knew exactly who you were.
- Where's my brother? - Next door.
He's been telling detective Stabler all about it.
You see, this is what we call truth time.
Tell us the truth, and it counts in your favor.
It counts a lot.
Is my mother coming? The thing is, sweetheart, once your mother shows up, the lawyers show up.
And then truth time is over.
And whatever you say has to be put in the book.
And once it's there, it's on your record forever.
/ Blaine.
I just want my mother.
We're trying to find her.
In fact, my colleague will leave now and call her.
Mia, this is your chance.
Tell the truth now.
And the fact it's your first offense, you'll get off.
Really? - You'll get immunity.
- Detective, outside now.
Okay? / Detective! Outside, please! - What seems to be your problem? - You! Questioning a minor without a parent present? Give me a break.
/ Even if you get something in there, we can't use it.
Look, we can use it to break the brother! They did it, man! Look, they brutalized that girl! Right, and when the defense finds out how you got the confession, what? How they gonna find out, huh? You're gonna back me up! The words of two detectives against a kid.
- There's no way I'm doing that.
- Don't give me that holier-than-though crap.
- I know how you work.
- You know nothing about me.
No wonder your partner dumped you.
What'd you just say to me? You screwed her, and now you're trying to screw me.
Get off me! Hey, hey, hey! Come on, guys, easy, easy.
Get off me! Get off me! - That's enough! - Elliot, come on! Blaine, my office now.
Everybody, back to work.
Fun's over.
What do you got to say, Elliot? Either you get rid of him, or I quit.
You get changed, and get in my office.
I like that shirt.
What are you doing here? I heard what happened between you and Blaine.
What can I tell you? He's a prick.
Why didn't you tell me? Elliot, we've been partners for seven years.
Longer than anybody else here.
We needed a change.
I'm sorry.
I should have talked to you.
It's just just too complicated.
Thanks for dropping by.
You got anything to say? - I've already said it.
- You're not leaving.
/ Is Blaine? He stays, and so do you.
You're running away from yourself.
What are you talking about? You know why I put Blaine with you? Because you started drinking again? So you know what you're like to work with.
What does that mean? I don't lie to kids.
He bends the rules.
You do too.
/ Not with kids.
You want me to list every time you've crossed the line? You're a good cop.
But god knows how Olivia put up with you for so long.
Oh, well, Olivia's a saint.
The kids' mom just left.
CSU is on their way over to search the house.
- Get Blaine, and get over there.
- Captain.
You will work this case together, understood? Sorry about your shirt.
Sorry about your face.
Look, we don't got a choice.
Let's just work this case, all right? Fine with me.
Bixton, do you own a car? - How could we afford a car? - Do you have access to one? This is New York city.
What do we need a car for? Excuse me.
Where were Kenny and Mia two afternoons ago? / At school.
What time did they get home? I don't know.
I work in a laundromat until 8 o'clock at night.
Maybe your son knows.
Rudi, tell them.
Where were your brother and sister Tuesday afternoon? They came home after school.
They were here.
Those are some bruises you got on you, Rudi.
What happened to you? Did you get in a fight? I fell down some stairs.
Hurt my leg.
Hurt your hand too? - Broke a couple bones.
- Detectives.
Souvenir bat for the Bronx gators.
I think it's what they battered Jessica with.
Hit the lights.
It's blood and skin fragments.
They used this to beat her unconscious.
And then used it to sodomize her.
- Do you know what that is, Mia? - You don't have to answer that.
That was found in your brother's room, and it has Jessica's blood on it.
They could have found that bat in the street and taken it home.
Well This your shoe print, Mia? That's the shoe print from the scene where Jessica was found.
/ That doesn't mean Mia put here there.
But it sure does add up.
Pretty soon we're gonna find the knife that you used to cut her with.
Gonna find the van.
And we're gonna match your blood to the blood on her clothes.
Just don't say anything.
He's right, you shouldn't say anything about what you did to Jessica.
Now, what we wanna know here what'd Jessica do to you? She stole his cap.
- Okay, whose cap? - My brother Rudi's.
She was wearing it at the practice for the concert.
How do you know it was his? Because he's the only guy dumb enough to support the team the Gators.
It still doesn't mean that it's his cap.
It was! Because I asked her where she got it from.
What'd she say? She said that she took the cap off this fat slob that was stinking up the park bench.
- And that's when I knew.
- Knew what? That she was one of the people that beat up my brother.
Kicked him so bad they put him in the hospital.
Cost him his job.
So it was time for payback? You bet it was.
So you grabbed her, you beat her, and you cut her.
My brother's hand has gangrene under the bandage because of his diabetes.
Doctors had to cut off three fingers.
I wanted her to suffer like he did.
Why'd you sexually assault her? She called my sister a pig.
She said pigs shouldn't be allowed to breed.
I could never say such a terrible thing, never.
So if we search your house, will we find Rudi's baseball cap? / No.
I don't wear baseball caps, and I don't even know Rudi Bixton or Mia Bixton, any of them.
They know you.
That's because they kidnapped me, did horrible things to me.
They tortured me, and you're treating me like it's my fault.
I'm Lionel Granger, your attorney.
Jessica's mother called me.
This interview is over.
Hey, we're just talking.
You're talking, she's crying.
That's harassment.
Come on, Jessica.
Hey, we believe she was involved in a brutal assault.
This alleged assault, is there a police report of it? An ER report? That's because it didn't happen.
Why don't you go do your jobs and charge the little, sorry, large bastards who ruined this girl's life? Granger's right.
We have nothing on Jessica and everything on the kids.
I have to charge them and put them on trial.
- Then the case is closed.
- What about Rudi? He's a grown man.
He could've reported the assault.
He didn't.
And even if he did, it isn't a case for SVU.
Type up your DD5s and move on.
Here's my paperwork on Jessica Delay.
So what do you want me to do next, captain? Cragen.
Uh, what? Cheney shoot somebody else? A rich white girl gets attacked and the fine officers of the NYPD are on it.
Within 48 hours, her attackers are arrested, charged, arraigned.
- Thank you, assemblyman Molina.
- But when a person of color is beaten nearly to death, where are the police? Where is the outrage? I mean, must the Ghetto always suffer from unequal justice? It's just a lot of hot air.
Well, I We Yes, sir.
We're right on it.
Yes, sir.
One police plaza.
What I said about Rudi not being an SVU case? He is now.
APARTMENT OF RUDI BIXTON 242 EAST 123RD STREET FRIDAY, MARCH 31 I'm not saying the police are racists.
All I'm saying is that if you have money you get a better kind of service.
Detectives, it looks like the TV cameras have to show up before you do.
Lucious Blaine, congratulations on finally investigating a three-week-old crime.
We investigate crimes when they're reported to us.
/ Right.
- You know him? - Grew up on the same block.
- Justice! - For all! Yeah, I was coming from work.
I stopped for a minute, must have fallen asleep.
The next thing I know I got these two devils kicking and beating on me, cursing and shouting that I'm a fat scum.
And to get my fast ass out of their park.
Did you see any faces? Don't know I'd recognize them again.
I was trying to protect my head.
You remember anything else? At the end when I couldn't see through the blood, I heard one of them say, "get a picture.
" There was a flash.
- And they left.
- Okay.
Did they take your cap? Why is it that you didn't report this, Mr.
Bixton? - You don't understand.
- No, I don't.
Why would you let your little brother and sister fight your fight? What kind of man are you? Why are they in jail when the people who attacked you should be, huh? Because I got so damn fat, I let children beat me.
No names, no faces.
Checked the park where it happened, no security cameras.
And no forensics.
Been two storms and a snowfall since the attack.
Rudi mentioned a camera flash, could have been taken with Jessica's phone.
It could have been why Rudi's brother and sister stole it.
/ It was.
I was just at Rikers.
Mia told me she checked the phone, no pictures of Rudi on it.
Where's the phone now? The bottom of the East river.
But its billing records are here.
Jessica made lots of calls in the hours before and after Rudi was attacked.
Mostly to two numbers.
One was Tommy Strahan.
Hey, that's the guy that was with her in the hospital.
And the other was an internet sign-on page.
- Maybe she was emailing something.
- Like a photo.
Computer crimes is already on it.
Our latest recruit sweet-talked a subpoena out of a friendly judge.
And then got Jessica's ISP to show us exactly where the girl went on the web.
Straight to a private website accessible only by password.
The kind of we normally see with Jihadists or child pornographers.
Net, all the latest ways to vent your hate.
Oh, pet peeves.
Choose your topic.
Fags, spics, dykes, coons, fatsos.
They're a special favorite.
Even have a thread about how to get rid of them including shipping them to Africa to feed them to the starving.
What does this have to do with our case? Follow the thread.
You want another way to get rid of porkers? Kick them into shape.
That's the park and the park bench.
Rudi on the ground.
And that Jessica's friend Tommy Strahan.
Taken with Jessica's cell phone.
Tommy Strahan.
How can I help you, detectives? You can turn around because you're under arrest for assaulting Rudi Bixton.
What are you doing to him? - Jessica Delay, you are under arrest - Get off me! - for assaulting Rudi Bixton, come on.
- What are you talking about? Luke, call my dad.
Tell him I need a lawyer.
Do you recognize the girl who attacked you? No, I don't see her.
Do you see the man who attacked you? Number four.
That's him.
I don't even know who Rudi Bixton is.
- He says he knows you.
- He's lying.
He was sitting on a park bench minding his own business when you jumped him.
- I never touched him.
- Yeah, who's this? Sorry I'm late, Mr.
The only reason you arrested my client was political pressure.
You have not one scrap of evidence against him.
- We have this and a positive ID.
- What ID? The victim picked him out of a line-up.
Only because he'd seen him on the TV news.
People are shocked about the arrest of two teenagers in connection with the assault on East Harlem resident, Rudi Bixton.
Kids and their damn camera phones.
That item was first broadcast collected Rudi Bixton from his home and brought him here.
You have no proof Rudi saw it.
You have no proof he didn't.
Let's get him in here.
Ask him.
Whatever he says doesn't change the fact that your line-up was contaminated.
No judge will allow the identification.
Good thing we still got this photo showing your client beating up Rudi.
It shows an unidentifiable man kicking another unidentifiable man.
It was taken by Jessica Delay's cell phone and posted on the web the night your client beat Rudi Bixton to a pulp.
He was playing poker at a friend's house that night.
You have nothing.
My client's going home.
Why don't we just talk to your ADA, use the internet photo to get a warrant to search Tommy's house? Detectives.
Rudi, what are you doing back here? - I heard you let the girl go.
- Yeah.
What about the guy? We couldn't hold him.
Not enough evidence.
- Had a good lawyer, huh? - Sorry, man.
We wish you'd come forward in the first place.
Me too.
Even with a warrant, Jessica and Tommy have had plenty of time to get rid of the evidence.
Yeah, thanks to their expensive lawyers.
Hey, you! Hey, I'm talking to you.
- Remember me? - He's got a gun! Drop it! Drop it! Somebody call a bus! Did I, did I kill him? With all the security in this building, how did Rudi get a gun in here? Nobody thought to search the guy in the wheelchair.
What do we do about Jessica Delay? What can we do? Rudi didn't identify her.
And any half decent lawyer will pull the internet photo to pieces.
Keep digging.
These two psychos, they started this whole thing.
And they've been punished.
She was raped, beaten, and mutilated, and he's dead.
If the Bixton family didn't keep taking the law into their own hands Hey, they have no reason to trust the law.
Assemblyman Molina, what an honor.
I was told I could find miss Novak here.
Rudi Bixton, I assume you're gonna plead him out.
I'll try him for murder.
Look, he saw the man who brutalized him walk free as a bird.
He reacted out of rage and despair.
And I'm sure the defense will try that argument.
So if you came here to bully me into making a deal No, I'm here to warn you that this trial is about more than Rudi Bixton.
He's just one victim in an epidemic.
- What epidemic? - Obesity and type II diabetes.
No, this trial is about a murder.
It's about what led up to a murder.
Now race, class, and geography guaranteed that Rudi would become obese, would get diabetes.
Obesity put Rudi on that park bench.
Made him the victim of a hate crime.
If you think a judge is gonna let you use a health issue as a smokescreen with diabetes every day.
That's every single day.
Is that a smokescreen? It's got nothing to do with the case.
Rudi Bixton is the case.
And by the time he's told his story, no jury will convict him.
TRIAL PART 38 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26 How much do you weigh, Rudi? Have you always been that heavy? I guess so.
Most of my family's big.
What is your favorite food that you remember, when you were a kid? Snippy's snowy flakes, the one with the lion called snippy on the box.
And why was snippy so special? He was my favorite character on TV.
And the cereal came with little toys inside.
Did your family eat breakfast together? Moms had to work.
So she would just sit us in front of the TV until school time.
What about when you came home from school? Did your mom cook dinner? Are we going to hear about every meal Mr.
Bixton ever ate? Ms.
Waldron Your honor, I'm just trying to show the jury how impossible it is for a child to learn how to eat responsibly.
/ Your honor Especially when the teacher is not a parent, but a TV set, whose sole purpose is to sell him - as many sweet and fatty foods as possible.
- Your honor, she is testifying.
Jury will ignore counsel's last remarks.
You may answer the question.
Moms didn't cook.
She was always tired from working two jobs.
We'd go out for burgers or fried chicken, order in pizza to eat in front of the TV.
What happened when you got sick, Rudi? When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I went to a clinic.
I did good too.
I lost nearly 50 pounds.
Had my blood sugar under control.
And then? - The clinic closed.
- Why? The hospital couldn't afford it.
The insurance company said it cost too much.
- Do you have health insurance now? - No.
Why did you shoot Tommy Strahan? I was so mad.
It was like I was blind with rage because of what he had done to me and my family.
He was just gonna walk away.
Are you sorry for what you did? - I am.
- Thank you.
Your witness.
That's a very sad story, Mr.
Thank you for sharing.
You're welcome.
Now, the sequence of events on the day of the shooting, you picked Tommy Strahan out of a line-up.
/ Yes.
Then you went home, you got a gun, and you returned to the police station.
³× And then because you were blind with rage, and he was just going to walk away, you shot him.
³× So you must have known he was going to walk before you got the gun.
That's right.
How did you know? You didn't.
Be honest, you were gonna shoot him no matter what happened.
He could have been on his way to court, - you still would have shot him.
- No.
You weren't blind with rage.
You planned the entire thing.
He beat you.
He humiliated you.
You wanted to prove that you were a man.
You aren't sorry you shot him, are you? Are you? No.
I'm glad he's dead.
And I'd do it again.
Nothing further.
- How'd it go? - Wonderful.
I goaded the gentle giant until he snapped.
Detective Tutuola found our baseball cap.
Perched on the pretty little head of Jessica Delay.
It's the Bronx Gators.
We got her.
And when and where was this taken? The security camera at Coretta Scott King high.
The day she showed up there for concert practice.
I found something else on Jessica.
Are you working this case now? I've been following her postings online.
She's obsessed.
- With what? - Weight.
I took a look at her high school yearbook.
She hasn't been at that fancy private school very long.
Where was she before? Some very interesting places.
There she is.
Have a seat right there.
- Shouldn't I have my lawyer here? - No.
You're not under arrest.
We just need help with something.
You said you never wore that baseball cap.
There it is on your head.
Yeah, Rudi's sister Mia said that, uh you told her you took it off a what was that again, partner? - A fat slob stinking up a park bench.
- Yeah.
I didn't say that.
She's lying.
I found that hat.
- You can't keep me here.
- No.
No, you're free to go whenever you want.
You hate fat people, don't you? No, I don't mind them.
What about me? I'm kinda heavy.
- Do I disgust you? - No.
Come on! You see a 300-pound mountain shoving food in his mouth in a restaurant, that doesn't make you sick? People can't help being black or gay, but being fat, well, hat's their fault, right? No pride, no self-control.
Check this one out right here.
Look at her.
She's a heifer.
- Jessica Delay, age 14.
- Where did you get that? Jessica, aged 15.
230 pounds, and this is from your yearbook at Hidden Glades Ranch in California, what's that? A very exclusive school for very heavy teens.
Good diet, lots of exercise, strict supervision.
- Why are you doing this? - The final result is this right here.
A beautiful young girl who hates fat people.
/ Stop it, please! - 'Cause she used to be one herself.
- Stop! You don't know what it's like! People staring at you every bite that you eat.
The jokes.
Do you sleep in a crate? Broken any benches lately? You're a leper! Is that how you saw Rudi Bixton? Is that why you attacked him? - Tommy started it.
- Yeah, but you joined in.
I couldn't stand the sight of him.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
So you'll give this to the defense? Yeah.
But it won't help Rudi much.
Some of Jessica's money might have.
Like they say, "you can never be too rich or too thin.
" TRIAL PART 38 THURSDAY, APRIL 27 In the case of the people vs.
Rudi Bixton, on the sole count of the indictment, murder in the second degree, how do you find? We find the defendant guilty.
This court is adjourned.
- Where's Rudi? - I don't know.
I didn't have a chance to find out from Roger.
You heard the verdict? I was there.
Rudi wasn't.
What happened? He was rushed to the hospital.
Double whammy.
Kidney failure and his left foot amputated.
Guilty verdict's kind of irrelevant when he's under a death sentence anyhow.
You leaving? / Captain said to close the case and move on.
So I'm moving on.
I won't say it's been a pleasure.
- Take care.
- Yeah.

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