Law & Order Special Victims Unit s07e21 Episode Script


The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event.
In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as The Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
How did you feel when your mom's boyfriend touched you like that? I felt sad.
I thought it was my fault.
But it wasn't.
- Whose fault was it? - It was his fault.
That's what a counselor at my school said.
She helped me when I told her what happened.
- Good for you, Sabrina.
- Thanks.
Now whenever Sabrina gets touched in an unsafe way, she'll say no, then go.
And what will you do if you're ever touched in an unsafe way? Say no, then go! Right.
Now listen up, guys.
If you want to share something today or have any questions, you can talk to us privately in a few minutes.
It's not okay to rub boogers on your sister.
Would you want boogers rubbed on you? No.
Me, neither.
So next time she pulls your hair, just tell your mom, okay? Okay.
/ Okay.
Come on over.
- What's your name? - Colin.
Hi, Colin.
I'm Jessie.
My friend said rubbing weenies feels good.
- Did your friend touch you there? - No.
But he said he does it and it's fun.
What's your friend's name? Jake.
That's him.
Did you ask Colin if you could touch his weenie? Yes.
Does anybody touch yours? Yes.
Who touches you? I'm not allowed to tell.
How come? Because I'll get in trouble.
Come on, Jake.
We're gonna be late for my soccer game.
Now hold on, Teddy.
What is going on? - Are you Jake's mom? - Yes.
And you are? Elliot Stabler from the NYPD.
What happened? Did somebody hurt Jake? He said someone's been abusing him.
Oh, no.
Not again.
How could I have missed this again? This isn't the first time that Jacob's been abused? Not Jake, Teddy.
His older brother.
What happened? While I was pregnant with Jake, I caught my ex-husband touching Teddy.
While I was carrying his child, he was raping our son.
- What's your ex's name? - Gregory Hensal.
But now the boys have your maiden name, Winnock? You're damn right.
I don't want them walking around with a daily reminder of him.
Did you report the abuse? He pled guilty to sodomy.
He got 10 years.
He was out in seven.
It was a joke.
Does Gregory have any contact with the boys? Bastard filed for visitation last year.
Teddy refused to see him, but Jake begged me to let him go.
- And did you? - No.
Until the judge took it out of my hands and awarded Greg weekly supervised visits.
How screwed-up is that? Family court often approves supervised meetings because it's therapeutic.
For who, huh? Not for my sons.
Teddy was a happy, loving child until his sick father stuck his hand down his pants.
He ruined Teddy's life.
And now he's gonna destroy Jake's.
It doesn't have to be that hopeless.
Therapy could help Jake cope with the trauma.
Don't tell me therapy is gonna save my little boy.
It didn't help Teddy seven years ago.
I took him to a shrink.
They couldn't get him to talk.
So after a few weeks, we stopped going.
What are you gonna do to protect Jake? The same thing I do in every case like this, I'm gonna talk to the boys and interview the ex-husband.
Cool! You made it to level 19! Shut up, butt brain.
You're distracting me.
Hi, Jake.
Jake, my name is George.
We're gonna go talk downstairs for a minute.
- Would you like another soda? - No, I'm good.
- Just talked with your mom.
- So? She told me what your dad did to you.
- It's no big deal.
- I think it is.
And if he hurt your little brother, it's a big deal all over again.
- What're you playing? - It's called a video game.
You're not very smart, are you? I have my moments.
Does it bother you when Jake visits your dad? / Nope.
I'd understand if it did.
Look, man.
I've never gonna see that ass wipe again.
If Jake still wants to see him, that's his business.
If your father molests him? - That's not my problem.
- You're his big brother.
That's right.
That means I'm supposed to care, doesn't it? That's right.
That's what that means.
- Tell me what you know.
- I don't know anything.
Why don't you ask him? What did you do with your dad yesterday? - Watched a movie.
- In a movie theatre? No, on TV.
Did you do anything else? Played a game.
What game? Clue.
That's the game that you have to figure out who the bad guy is, right? It was colonel Mustard with the rope in the library.
You know, that's what I do.
I catch the bad guys.
- Do you know any? - Not in real life.
What else do you do with your dad, huh? Play catch and stuff.
He's afraid to talk about it.
Now what? We're gonna need to run a rape kit.
I remember.
The tests.
The reports.
I thought this was all behind us.
Did Teddy say anything? Well, he's a tough nut to crack.
Yeah, I told you.
He still won't even talk to me.
He'd rather lock himself in his room and play those damn computer games.
He won't even eat at the, at the table with us.
I, I can't go through this again.
We're gonna help you out now.
Breathe, breathe.
Wong's gonna take you to the hospital for Jake's exam.
We're gonna talk to your ex-husband.
Okay? Hensal Residence Queens, New York Monday, April 17 Hensal's enrolled in a special pilot program.
Registered sex offenders meet regularly with a parole officer, a psyche counselor, and a polygraph examiner.
You think it works? Who the hell knows with these dirt bags.
Did you supervise his visits with Jake? No, his sister does.
He lives here with her.
I didn't think Greg had an appointment today.
Unscheduled visit.
Greg! Your parole officer's here.
Have you been giving your brother time alone with Jake? Absolutely not.
I know the rules.
Hello, officer Barrett.
You brought back-up.
I don't remember robbing a bank.
I'm detective Stabler, special victims.
Let's you and I talk in there.
- You saw your son Jake yesterday.
- Yes.
- Were you alone with him? - No.
Why? He says he was abused.
Well, it wasn't, it wasn't me.
I would never touch my son.
Well your rap sheet says differently.
- I've changed.
- Why should I believe that? The judge did.
You think he'd let me see my son if I wasn't cured? Probably wouldn't be the first judge to get snowed by a pedophile looking to get over.
I did my time.
I learned my lesson.
I'm a grown man who lives with his sister.
I'm not allowed to be alone with my own kid.
That's my life on parole.
You think I'm gonna take risks? If you think you can get away with it, yeah.
I can't get away with anything.
I take a lie detector test every week.
- When's your next appointment? - Monday.
Just got rescheduled.
- Is your name Gregory Hensal? - Yes.
Are you 47 years old? Yes.
Did you molest your son Teddy? Yes, eight years ago.
We've got our baseline.
Have you ever touched Jake's genitals? No.
Has Jake ever touched your genitals? No.
Machine says he's telling the truth.
Guy takes a poly once a week, practices enough, he can beat the box.
Were you alone with your son Jake yesterday? No.
Guess he needs more practice.
So you lied to us.
- No, I didn't.
- Polygraph says you did.
You left Jake alone with his father? It's wrong.
I gotta leave.
I'm gonna miss my shift.
Lady, you're gonna miss life in the free world when I charge you as a co-conspirator.
I had to take a shower before work.
I only left him alone for 10 minutes.
What can happen in 10 minutes? Your sister gave you up.
You were alone with Jake, right? - All right, but I never touched him.
- Well, Jake is eight.
Same age as Teddy when you molested him.
That's your type.
I swear to you, I didn't do anything wrong.
The lie detector proves it.
You manipulate kids, you can manipulate that machine.
You're making a mistake.
I never hurt Jake.
So he got the idea to rub weenies all on his own? I don't think so.
Did Jake say I touched him? No, he didn't, did he? He would never say that.
Threaten to kill him or you told him he'd never see his mommy again? Usually works for while.
Please, you have to believe me! We don't have to do a damn thing for you.
Warner needs us.
Office of the Medical Examiner Monday, April 17 The rape kit results just came in.
Got traces of saliva from the area surrounding Jake's genitals.
Just tell us we could put his father away for good.
Can't tell you that.
But I will tell you we can keep it in the family.
This is Jake's mitochondrial DNA.
This is his abuser's.
It's an exact match.
Jake and his molester have identical mitochondrial DNA.
The mother passes that on to the children.
That means Teddy abused his little brother.
Like father, like son.
Soccer coach said Teddy showed up for practice.
A kid said something and Teddy took off like a shot.
He's not at home.
Mom hasn't seen him since this morning.
What the hell is this? It's shots of Teddy Winnock.
Like we've never seen him before.
Some of these are hard core.
Check this out.
Teddy and his little brother.
Somebody must have heard about what Teddy did and doctored up some evidence.
Break this freak's nose! Come on! Kill him! Kill him! Get him in the stomach! Do something! Come on! That's enough.
That's enough.
All you wrestlemaniacs get out of here now.
- What's going on here? - Gordy did it! He hung those pictures! - Up yours, fairy boy.
- I'll kill you! Settle down.
We're gonna talk.
Come here.
Come here.
That's some gut shot you laid on that kid.
Pictures must have embarrassed you.
You think? Why'd Gordy do it? I don't know.
You have no idea why he'd want to humiliate you.
You know, if you don't talk, I can't help.
- You wouldn't understand.
- Try me.
Why are you so interested in me? Those pictures turn you on? The ones with your little brother made me sick.
Shut up.
Did you screw around with someone here like you did with Jake? 'Cause the rape kit proves you abused your little brother.
No! No, I didn't hurt Jake.
- You molested him.
- So? My dad did stuff to me.
Didn't mess me up.
Your dad screwed up your head so bad you don't even know what you've done.
Come on.
Hanging those pictures is not a crime.
I know my rights.
I'm in journalism.
You're in puberty.
Freedom of speech is the essence of democracy in America.
Oh, that's deep.
Why'd you wallpaper the hallway? 'Cause Teddy's a freak and everyone needs to know it.
What, did he touch you? Dude, I'm not a fag.
How'd you find out about our investigation? What investigation? Is Teddy Winnock a suspect in a crime, detective? Give me that.
/ Fine, but the press cannot be silenced.
Why'd you make these pictures? Make them? I found them.
All this layout equipment, you tell me you didn't photoshop these? I couldn't dream up some of the sick crap I saw there.
- Where? - On the web.
I followed a random link that got posted on Teddy's Mysight page profile.
Led me to his website and freaky, freaky stuff, man.
What site is that? Teddy'streehouse.
All the photos from the school came from this website.
It's a child porn superstore selling pictures and webcam videos starring Teddy.
And co-starring his little brother.
Well, who's running the site? According to billing records, Teddy is.
How can a kid run a business like this? All the money was deposited into Teddy's online account.
Pervs put the money in, Teddy can spend it anywhere on the net.
Cash never changes hands.
A minor shooting kiddy porn.
- That's a new one.
- All you need is a webcam.
And you can make videos or chat live online.
Yeah, well, Teddy did a lot more than just chat.
Well, that's right.
He'd schedule times to appear online for a live show.
The webcam was a window into his bedroom.
And his pedophile subscribers paid for the privilege of looking in.
Subscribers? Creeps you pay to watch and download Teddy's tree house for 30 bucks a month.
Times how many guys? Over a thousand.
If Teddy Winnock is doing this, - how many other Teddys are there? - More than we know.
These kids think they're businessmen, when in reality, they're playing right into pedophiles' hands.
We used to think when kids were at home they were safe.
The web connects pedophiles to each other.
It gives them easy access.
One in five kids is sexually solicited while online.
Can we use the internet against these pervs to track down Teddy's subscribers? No, I tried.
These guys are smart.
They use offshore ISPs that don't respond to our subpoenas.
Get the kid to give up some names.
I'm gonna talk to the little brother first.
See if I can't get any details to try and make Teddy open up.
Tell me about the pictures you took with your brother.
They're for his friends.
Did you ever meet these friends? No.
They're on the computer.
So Teddy took all the pictures himself? And he made the pretending movie.
What's a pretending movie? Teddy's friends told us to do stuff and we did it, like acting in a movie.
He said that they were buying tickets to go see it.
How many of these movies did you do? - One.
- Just one? He said we can make more, but we've only done one so far.
Teddy abused his brother in front of a camera for those perverts.
Well, I don't want them to watch any reruns.
Shut down the website.
What'd Teddy say when he first told you about his friends? He said it was fun to play pretend for them.
Did you think it was fun? I don't know.
Did he say anything else about his friends? If I did what they wanted, they'd like me and send him more presents.
What kind of presents? Computer games and comic books.
And he said if I get really good at pretending, they'll buy me presents, too.
Teddy's lawyer's here.
Your brother told me about the pretending movies.
So? Those men are using you.
They pay me.
It's my choice.
Just like it was Jake's choice to be molested by you? Go to hell.
Teddy, you calm down.
Yeah, you may think you're quite the little entrepreneur, but you've committed some serious crimes on your website.
Would you and the DA's office consider a deal if Teddy names his subscribers? No way! Those guys pay me crazy loot.
You think I'm gonna give that up? - You're gonna have to.
- Why? It's my money.
I earned it.
It's obvious that Teddy is the victim here.
No, I'm not.
He's being exploited.
You arrest the men who pay for this.
They're the problem.
He calls it a problem? I call it a business.
Let's talk outside.
Maybe after the arraignment he'll realize this isn't a joke.
If Teddy flips on his customers, you can after hundreds of real perps.
You heard him.
He's not naming names.
I just need a little more time.
- Do you have to arrest him today? - You know the answer to that.
Well, wait.
You're arresting Teddy? I have to.
He sexually abused his little brother.
He needs help, detective.
He's acting out the abuse that he suffered as a boy.
I understand that.
Let me talk to him.
See if I can change his mind.
Send him home for the night.
My problem is I have to consider Jake's safety.
Jake will be safe.
I'm sending him to his grandmother.
Just give me a couple hours.
If you send him to jail tonight, he will shut down and we lose that kid forever.
Please, detective.
Take your son home.
I want him here 9 o'clock tomorrow morning ready to name names.
Go ahead.
Come on.
Thank you.
It's a risky move, Elliot.
I hope Langan can get Teddy to flip on the pedophiles.
Me, too.
I'd rather bag the predators than the prey.
Detective Stabler.
You saved me a trip.
I was headed to your squad next.
Why? What're you doing here, Donna? Putting you on notice that the US attorney's office is taking custody of Teddy Winnock.
For child pornography.
He's a teenager who was abused.
That boy is making child porn.
Justice doesn't care if he's 14 or 44.
We've been building a case against him for over a year now.
And your guns step in and rush our move.
- Excuse me? - You heard what I said.
When we got word of the arrest, we voted out the indictment this afternoon.
Will you consider a deal if Teddy flips on his subscribers? They didn't make him build that website.
They paid for it.
You want to lock up one confused kid or a thousand guilty men? I came here as a courtesy.
You might show me the same by not insulting my intelligence.
I know Teddy.
He's not a monster.
He's a traumatized boy.
He's a child pornographer.
You know we have a zero tolerance policy for online producers of kiddy smut.
There's a difference between Teddy Winnock and a grown man who exploits kids.
He exploited his little brother.
He's a perp.
- Where is he? - He's at his mother's house.
He's surrendering in the morning.
We're not gonna wait that long.
If you don't want to arrest Teddy, we'll do it for you.
Wait a minute.
I'll bring him in.
I'll bring him in.
I want Teddy Winnock at my office in an hour.
I talked to him.
His lawyer talked to him.
Teddy wouldn't reconsider.
- I'm sorry.
- Those men poisoned his mind.
What do you want? Detective Stabler's here.
Teddy! Teddy, unlock this door! Teddy, come on out here.
Teddy, what are you doing? No sign of him.
Units canvassed the neighborhood.
Teddy's in the wind.
Airports and stations are looking for him.
He's not getting out of the city.
He will if he has help.
Printouts of recent chat activity on the message board at Teddy's tree house.
I've been monitoring it all day.
Look at the highlighted post at the top of the first page.
A user named "Sunshineguy9000" posted "Teddy at the nest.
Help is on the way.
" The nest must be his mother's house.
- Any leads on Sunshineguy? - Not yet.
Service providers are still fighting our subpoena.
Let me get this straight.
Teddy ran away from home after pedophiles made plans on his website to help him.
/ A website I told you to shut down.
Captain / But you let these perverts keep talking in that chat room after I gave you a direct order to shut it down.
- The pedophiles - Teddy is missing.
Because you deliberately refused to obey my order.
The feds are gonna want somebody's head.
Give me one reason I shouldn't hand them yours.
I've got a way to make it right.
Look at the post right before Sunshineguy's.
Funfella13 says, "We've gotta help Teddy.
" Sunshineguy says, "Help is on the way.
" They're working together.
Is one of them still online? Sunshineguy went dark after the post, but Funfella's been all over the web today, chit-chatting on other teen sites.
Let's use this.
We flirt with Funfella online.
We set up a meet and lure him out.
Put him in the box.
Sweat him for an ID on Sunshine.
Set it up.
Funfella13 just entered the soccer rulez chatroom.
Okay, go in and post as a 15 year-old boy.
Hey, what's up? I'm Brad, 15, male, NYC.
Sweeper on the JV team.
Should make contact fairly soon.
Here we go.
Just pinged me with a private one-on-one instant message.
Sweeper is a hard position.
I'm good at it though.
Wants to know if you have a girlfriend.
Tell him you don't like girls.
Girls yuck.
- ³Ê ÇÑ ¹øµµ ¾È ÇØ ºÃÏ? - ½Ã°£À» Àýëë ³ ºñÇÏÁö ¾Ê³×¿ä - Guy doesn't waste any time, does he? All right, tell him that you are a virgin, but, you know, laugh it off.
Laughing out loud.
Say you like older guys, but you're afraid it'll hurt.
"I can show you how so it doesn't hurt and is great.
" Sicko thinks he's offering to deflower a 15 year-old.
Agree to it.
Agree to it.
Bait like that he'll wanna meet.
"Let's hang out.
" We got him.
Fin, you in position? We're good to go.
Hey, why'd you disobey Cragen's order to shut down Teddy's website? I shut it down, the pedophiles just go somewhere else.
So you risk your career? I needed to get them.
My sister's a single mom.
She works long hours.
Her son Freddy is 12.
Latchkey kid.
Goes online to make friends.
A new buddy convinces him to meet, go see a movie.
Freddy goes.
The guy's 43.
Takes my nephew to a hotel and rapes him.
They find the guy? No.
I gave Freddy the computer.
Red jacket, brown pants.
Just what Funfella said he'd be wearing.
Fin, the target's approaching you.
White male, red jacket, brown pants.
Got it.
Hey, Funfella.
Who are you? I'm your blind date from the internet.
I'm a little older than 15, but maybe we can still be friends.
I just came to get something to eat.
Yeah, right.
And I'm starting goalie for the Rangers.
- What's your name? - Ralph Zessner.
- What's in the bag, Ralphie? - Nothing.
Four-pack of coolers and a box of condoms.
What, you plan on getting frisky with the Hamburglar? I don't know what you're talking about.
You know where Teddy is.
Who's Teddy? Don't test me, pal.
You're not gonna like the results.
We got your membership payments from Teddy's tree house.
And your chat log with a 15 year-old boy named Brad, who's actually a cop.
Oh, god.
/ It's all coming back to you know, huh? I'm a horrible person.
Yeah, I'm down with you on that thought.
I'm trying to get better.
I'm seeing a shrink.
Seven days a week on a couch is not gonna help a guy like you.
- What do you do, Ralph? - I'm a teacher.
No child left behind? Is that it? It was just fantasy.
Yeah, then why'd you show up with a box of condoms? I've never done this before, I swear.
Save that for your cell mate.
Who's Sunshineguy? I don't know.
Yeah, you do.
You're working with him.
Posted online right before him.
He answered you, "help is on the way.
" And you both helped Teddy run away from his mother's house, which you sickos call the nest.
- His mother's house isn't the nest.
- Then what is? If I tell you where the nest is, will you let me go? I'm not here to bargain with you! How about if I send the transcript of your web chat to your family, your neighbors, the parents of the kids you teach, huh? Teddy called it the nest because the building's named Eagle plaza.
It's where Teddy films his shows.
He was going there to hide out.
Eagle Plaza Apartments 548 East Pizza boxes.
Soda cans.
Old comic books.
High-tech gear.
It's a teenage boy's fantasy crash pad.
Homemade kiddy porn studio.
Wonder who tipped off Teddy we were coming.
Check out his last show.
Well, everybody, this could be the last you see me for awhile.
Things are getting pretty annoying here, so I'm leaving town to stay with some friends in Oregon.
I'm doing one last cam show.
So let's have some fun.
Someone's coming to the tree house.
Oh, hi.
Surprise visitor.
What's going on? Could be an extra fun show today.
Guy had his own key.
Let himself in.
Teddy knows the kidnapper.
He's too young to rent this place on his own.
Lease was signed four months ago by a guy named Claude Henderson.
Prior address, You got any info on this guy that's not a fairy tale? Well, he pays the rent with an out-of-state check.
One just came in.
Drawn on a bank in Garfield, New Jersey.
It's an hour away.
It's plenty of time to get in here, grab Teddy, and go back home.
Hey, how you doing? We're looking for Claude Henderson.
You found him.
That's Claude Henderson? Yes, sir.
- Anyone else live in the house? - No, sir.
Just me and Mr.
Doesn't look like he's running around abusing little boys.
Doesn't look like he can breathe, let alone write a check or rent a pad.
Claude's been having all sorts of trouble with the bank.
They said someone stole his identity.
What now? CPU Crimes Unit Wednesday, April 19 What are you doing here? We need your help.
Morales couldn't track these pedophiles.
- He doesn't have the software.
- And you do? Cutting edge.
Hot off the press from Homeland security.
Why doesn't every squad get that? 'Cause not every squad that's fighting terrorists, who are going digital.
Traces that used to take an entire day now take 20 minutes.
You're really into this.
Computer scams.
Credit card frauds.
I haven't seen blood or tears in weeks.
And you guys'll benefit too.
These programs will change the way sexual predators are hunted online.
At least we can win one war on terror.
Take a look at this.
Sunshineguy posted "help is on the way" from a computer at an encrypted IP address.
Now this window is tracking Sunshineguy's web activity in real time.
How will that lead us to him? Well, the next time he chats, sends an email, or visits a web page, I can pull up the encrypted IP address and trace it back through the network and find his exact location.
Here we go.
He's online again.
Just a second now.
IP address routes from an office at Mercy hospital.
First a teacher.
Then a doctor.
What are we gonna find next, the vice president? See you.
Tell your mother I'm listening to your heart.
You know, doc, you should listen to this.
Who are you? - Who are you? - I'm Dr.
I'll just call you Sunshineguy.
Where's Teddy Winnock? I don't know what you're talking about.
Then come to the precinct and we'll jog your memory.
This is a mistake.
I'll be back soon.
- Don't bet on it.
- I will.
Teddy's gone, and you'll never find him.
You help us find Teddy, we help you avoid a life sentence.
Why should I help you? You want to put Teddy in jail.
- Where is he? - I don't know.
You're a liar.
You posted "help is on the way.
" I was at the hospital all day.
You can check.
Then who'd you send? You've got one chance to save this boy's life and your own ass.
It's obvious you don't care about Teddy.
We do.
I'm not saying another word.
Lucas has deluded himself into thinking he's protecting Teddy.
Have you found any of the other subscribers? I have spent hours online.
They're hiding in all kinds of corners in the web.
They pop up in chat rooms from time to time, but it's impossible to monitor them all.
- No one's mentioning Teddy.
- Ruben, look.
You've done a great job.
Tracking Teddy is a gig for computer crimes, not TARU.
- I know, but if I - Listen to me.
Listen to me.
You've gone as far as you can.
Go home and get sleep.
Go home.
We'll find him.
It's probably too late.
Teddy's dead, and it's my fault.
I'll be right over.
Pulled Dr.
Lucas' cell phone records.
Here's a log of all his calls and text messages.
Without a warrant? I didn't think you'd want me to wait.
What'd you get? Lucas sent a text message yesterday morning at 9:15 to somebody with a screen name Goodfriend22, "meet me at Mercy hospital cafeteria at 1:30.
" Who's this Goodfriend22? Another subscriber to Teddy's website.
Text message was also sent through a disposable cell phone.
- Uh, that's another dead end.
- It's something.
Look, Dr.
Lucas met Goodfriend face to face.
Go back to Lucas and get me Goodfriend's email address, other screen names My problem is Dr.
Lucas isn't talking to us.
At all.
Look, you know what you need.
You want to take a crack at him? I wasn't planning on coming back.
It's in your blood.
That's the problem.
Where's Teddy? - Where the hell is Teddy? - Wait.
Until Morales kills him? Enough.
Enough! - Hey, get out of here.
- Olivia, I can explain.
I don't want to hear it.
Get out.
- Are you gonna turn me in? - If I don't, he will.
Who's Goodfriend22? Huh? Who's Goodfriend22? You gonna beat me if I won't talk? Tell me about the kidnapping.
Stop calling it that.
It wasn't a kidnapping.
Teddy went into hiding.
- Voluntarily.
- Voluntarily? Wrong.
Does that look voluntary to you? We wanted to protect him.
I, uh I love him.
Kidnapping is a funny way to show it.
- Who's the man in the video? - I don't know.
If you want to protect him, then tell us who that man is.
He doesn't love Teddy the way you do.
I, I can't.
Think of that boy that you love.
Think of his body.
That young, thin, perfect body.
Now picture it bruised and broken and covered with blood.
Is that what you want? Because, Lucas if he dies, this is gonna be on you.
I don't believe you.
We all love Teddy.
None of us would harm him.
That tape is a fake.
I guess he's not gonna fall for it.
I told you he was sharp.
You're free to go.
What? Just like that? We've got nothing to hold you on.
Come on.
It's just like you thought, Liv.
Lucas couldn't resist.
He went straight to an internet cafe.
It looks like he's logging on right now.
He is.
I'm pulling up his account.
Okay, I'm in.
I've got his activity mirrored in real time.
I can see everything that he's doing.
Just opened an IM chat window with Goodfriend22.
He wants to know if Teddy's okay.
You have a location on Goodfriend? Just one second.
They're chatting now.
Goodfriend's message says "Teddy will be quiet.
We are safe.
" IP address is upper Manhattan.
Router is for Washington heights.
How long until you have an address? Just hold on one sec.
I'm working on it.
Got it.
15 west 180th street.
Police! Stay where you are.
Find Teddy.
Teddy's not downstairs.
Take that dirtbag to the car.
You're gonna be okay.
Listen to me.
You're gonna be okay.
Mark's Hospital Teddy Winnock's Room Thursday, April 20 You were right.
About what? You said they were using me.
I thought those guys were my friends.
I thought they loved me.
They were my life.
Now I'm alone.
You have your family.
They're the ones who really love you.
They'll never forgive me.
They know what happened isn't all your fault.
I'm not sure I believe you.
Well, not yet, but you will.
- Are you okay? - No.
No, I'm not.
I'm sorry, mom.
I know.
You got a lot of nerve showing up here.
Your conversation skills are what I like best about you.
So what are you gonna do now, slap the cuffs on him while he's asleep, - maybe pull out his IVs yourself? - No.
I'm going to grant him immunity in exchange for his testimony against the pedophiles.
- Good.
- No jail time.
But he'll go to a residential treatment facility.
Teddy will get the help he needs.
Have a good day, counselor.
It was a tough decision, Olivia.
But you did the right thing.
Thank you, captain.
- So you did it? - I did.
- Why? - I didn't have a choice.
There are always choices.
Morales is a good man.
You think I ratted him out? No, no.
I know that's not your style.
What are you doing here? I work here.

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