Law & Order Special Victims Unit s07e22 Episode Script


In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as The Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
What the hell is going on in there? Oh, jeez! Let's get out of here! Wait! You all right? Help me, help me! Did those boys hurt you? They raped me! Help me.
Jamie, my name is Olivia.
I'm a police officer.
I'm here to help you.
Take a breath, calm down.
Nobody is gonna hurt you anymore.
Okay, Jamie, do you recognize the boys that did this to you? Okay, I need you to tell me their names.
/ No.
Listen, Jamie, don't be scared.
I know this is hard, okay? But I promise you I'm gonna help you get through this.
What are their names? - Danny and Cameron.
- Okay.
Thou hast hit it.
Come sit on me.
Asses are made to bear and so are you.
Women are made to bear, and so are you.
Danny Morrison, Cameron Shaw.
Come with us, please.
Can it wait till after rehearsal? We open next week.
Show's over.
Is something wrong? We heard the reviews for your last performance.
In the boys' room.
I gave her valium to calm her down.
Anything on the exam? Vaginal trauma, scratches to the breast and torso.
- And copious fluids.
- Consistent with multiple assailants.
- Are the parents here? - Flying back from Prague.
Dad's an executive with the Philharmonic.
Mom's a cellist.
That's a hell of a thing to come home to.
I was heading into the bathroom to change for play practice.
And I saw Danny and Cameron in the hall.
Okay, did you know these guys? During the show, we've hung out a couple times.
So then what happened? Just as I was heading into the bathroom I felt someone grab me from behind.
It was Danny and Cameron.
First I thought they were joking around, but they wouldn't let go.
And they dragged me into the boys' bathroom.
We were just having some fun.
You call that having fun, huh? Everyone's doing it.
It's no big deal.
It is to Jamie.
No way.
Hooking up in school's a rush.
She was into it.
They pushed me into a stall.
They pulled me down.
And they pinned my back to the floor.
Did you scream for help? I couldn't breathe.
They were both on top of me.
I felt like I was drowning.
It's not like anyone got hurt.
It's just for laughs.
Was Jamie laughing while you and cameron were raping her? Jamie said we raped her? - She's in the hospital right now.
- Get out.
Me, Danny, and Jamie, we're all friends.
You got a funny way of showing it.
They pulled up my skirt.
And they started taking turns.
- I was begging them to stop.
- But they wouldn't.
They just kept laughing, like, like it was a game.
We scored five points each.
What kind of scoring system is that? You get one point for oral, two for intercourse, three for group.
The more public the hookup, the more points.
So you're saying she asked to be raped.
Jamie came to us for the three-way! She set the time and the place.
You gotta believe me.
Janitor said you guys jammed out of there like your asses were on fire.
We didn't wanna get busted.
A couple of kids got nailed for hooking up in the library.
So we took off.
I figured Jamie was right behind us.
Well, she stayed in that stall, Danny.
Half naked, crying.
Now, why would she do that if this was all fun and games? I don't know.
But Cameron and I didn't rape her.
Jamie was with us because she wanted to be.
- Take off your clothes.
- Why? Because you're wearing evidence.
Put these on.
- How's Jamie Hoskins? - Sedated.
The physical exam supports her story.
You talk to the boys? The boys say the same thing.
Sex was Jamie's idea, she told them when and where to meet her.
They had time to coordinate their stories.
Yeah, but, uh, neither of them knew about the rape accusation - until we put them in separate rooms.
- Or they pretended not to.
The trauma's real, captain.
I don't think she's lying.
- Well, somebody is.
- Captain, this is Cameron Shaw's father.
Is my boy under arrest? Not yet.
We're still investigating.
Well, a detective Tutuola said, uh, a girl accused Cameron of rape.
No, that's not possible.
- I mean, he's a good kid, he - We have a victim who claims that your son forced himself upon her in the school bathroom.
Look, I work two jobs to send him to that school.
He's got a scholarship to Cornell.
He's the first in our family to go to college.
This could ruin Cameron's life.
You can see your son now, Mr.
Let's make damn sure what happened before we put these boys in the system.
LANCHESTER PREPARATORY 318 EAST Danny Morrison and Cameron Shaw are both smart, motivated students.
Boys made it sound like it was some kind of game.
Disturbing, but true.
And we've caught kids in the auditorium, even in the cafeteria kitchen.
And it's not just the kids.
Two grade school teachers in Pennsylvania were caught having sex in a classroom while another teacher guarded the door.
Yeah, we get reports every week that a teacher's having sex with a student.
It's a different world.
Kids are starting younger, going further.
The parents have no idea what's happening.
Our senior film class made a documentary called the new hookup.
It's quite an eye-opener.
When I hook up with a guy, we'll do everything.
I can't get into the whole dating thing, though.
I can't believe they're admitting to stuff on camera.
Trust me, it's no different from what I hear in the halls every day.
There's more.
When I'm with a girl, we usually just mess around and then play Xbox.
It's a great way to get a bunch of people together.
Makes it easy to hook up three-ways and group while you're waiting to play.
It's totally casual.
Why go through all the drama of dating and breaking up when you can just get off and then hang out? / Yes! Jamie and her best friend are up next.
Having sex just 'cause everyone else is? It's pretty gross.
I think everyone's just really scared of getting hurt.
They'll hook up with a complete stranger, just a casual friend, instead of someone they really care about.
But I think it's worth waiting for love.
That does not sound like a girl who's looking for a three-way in the boys' room.
- What's Jamie's friend's name? - Lesley Sweeny.
She's probably working in the school bookstore.
I really don't wanna talk about it.
You weren't too shy to talk on that documentary your classmates made.
But that was different.
These are my friends.
And I don't wanna get them into any trouble.
Well, Leslie, they're already in trouble.
Listen, Jamie says that she was raped.
Cameron and Danny say that she wanted to have sex with them.
Now, we just need to find out the truth.
And Dr.
Collins says Jamie's your best friend.
Now, you wanna help her out, just tell us what you know.
Yesterday, in homeroom Jamie told me she decided to lose her virginity.
- Did she fall in love with someone? - Yeah.
- Was it Danny or Cameron? - No.
It was this other guy in our class.
Trevor Olsen.
She wanted him to be her first.
- But he wasn't interested? - No.
He totally is.
It's just that he has this policy.
What policy? I don't do virgins.
It's nothing personal, I just don't want the responsibility of planting the first flag, you know? - Oh, how noble.
- Ah, it's self-preservation.
I hooked up with this girl freshman year.
She was a virgin.
She thought we were gonna get married or something.
Never again.
Is that why you wouldn't, uh hook up with Jamie Hoskins? Jamie's cool.
Really hot.
I totally wanted to hit that.
But rules are rules.
So is that what you told Jamie? Yeah, I said I was really into her, but I couldn't get with her till she knocked it out a few times.
What'd she say to that? She said, "Cool.
See you Saturday night.
" So she solicited two of her classmates so a third boy would have sex with her? It looks that way.
When I was a kid, girls who had sex were afraid of being called sluts.
Now they're auditioning for the title.
The question is whether a rape was committed in that bathroom.
Jamie was looking to lose her virginity.
But it doesn't mean she didn't say no at some point during the encounter.
Feels like buyer's remorse to me.
Look, I saw her.
The girl had PTSD.
You can't fake that kind of trauma.
She got caught doing it with two guys in the john.
That's enough to traumatize anybody.
So let's bring them back in and re-interview them all.
We don't have to.
Security camera in the principal's office has a clear view of the bathroom.
TARU's enhancing the tape.
Well, a video will tell us who's lying.
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE RESPONSE UNIT TUESDAY, MARCH 14 Okay, so the janitor said he entered the bathroom around 3:30.
Start the tape at 3:15.
Here's the view from the principal's office.
Zooming in, zooming in.
There's Jamie.
I'll go back.
Just waiting around.
Hanging out in front of the boys' bathroom.
Here come Danny and Cameron.
You gonna tell me she's not flirting with them? That doesn't mean that she asked to be raped.
She just grabbed his hand.
Hold on.
What do you call that? Leading them on.
Jamie, you said that you were heading to the girls' bathroom.
Well, someone told me it was out of order, so I went to the boys' bathroom.
That's not what you said before.
I was freaked out, okay? I just got raped.
You were flirting with Cameron and Danny.
/ I wasn't flirting.
Danny said something funny.
I laughed.
He's my friend.
At least, I thought we were friends.
Jamie, you said they dragged you into the bathroom.
Now, you could see clearly from the tape that you walked in there on your own.
Look, I asked them to guard me while I peed, okay? I don't what's the big deal? - The big deal is that you lied to me.
- They raped me! They forced me to have sex with them! Why don't you believe me? I want to, Jamie.
I really do.
But you're making it very difficult.
Look, I don't care what you think, okay? I know what happened.
You're trying to turn this around and make it my fault? Well, screw you, okay? I didn't do anything wrong! What's the deal with this girl? - She seems agitated.
- Could she be on drugs? No, her tox screen came up negative at the ER.
- Is this post-traumatic stress? - I don't think so.
Defensiveness and hostility are not associated with PTSD.
Okay, so then what's going on? She's caught in a lie, and she's terrified of the consequences.
Well, we have no proof that she lied about the actual rape itself.
I think we do.
I processed the rape kit.
Danny and Cameron's DNA match the sample taken from Jamie Hoskins.
Then I tested the clothes from all three kids.
The school janitor had just waxed the bathroom floor prior to the incident.
Danny and Cameron's shirts had wax residue on the back.
But Jamie Hoskins' blouse didn't.
So Jamie said that the boys pinned her down on her back and then took turns on top of her.
That can't be true.
Jamie Hoskins had to be on top.
She lied.
What are you gonna do? Well, the physical trauma and the rape kit evidence are enough to go to trial.
Wait a minute, Wait a minute, you're gonna charge Danny and Cameron when her story's full of holes? If Jamie sticks to her story, I still have to prosecute those boys.
Casey, isn't there any way that we can keep this out of court? Yeah.
Get Jamie to recant.
It's cold in here.
Okay, I'll get them to turn up the heat.
There we go.
Here, put this on.
What do you want now? I wanted to apologize for upsetting you before.
Does that mean you believe me? It means I believe that you never meant for any of this to happen.
Jamie, we talked to Trevor Olsen.
He doesn't have anything to do with this.
Oh, I think he does.
Trevor is my friend.
I know that you like Trevor, but I gotta tell you, I think his priorities are really screwed up.
- How would you know? - Trust me any guy that won't date you until you lose your virginity doesn't deserve somebody as great as you.
You don't get it.
I get that you're a smart, beautiful girl who was waiting to fall in love.
And then finally, when you meet the right guy, he lets you down.
I just wanted him to like me.
I know.
I mean, when everyone is doing it, and it's all anyone is ever talking about sex.
It's a lot of pressure.
And sometimes that pressure can lead us to make choices that that we wish we hadn't made.
Jamie, did you ask Cameron and Danny to meet you in the bathroom? Yes.
³× And did they force you to have sex with them? No.
It was all me.
It was it was all my fault.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Am I gonna go to jail? You're gonna go home tonight and I'll talk to the DA in the morning.
I never meant to hurt anyone.
I know.
You sent her home? That girl tried to ruin my son's life.
I understand how you must feel, Mr.
/ I doubt it.
They're throwing Cameron out of school.
He graduates in five weeks.
He could lose his scholarship.
Your son violated Lanchester prep's code of conduct by having sex on school grounds.
Cameron was never in trouble a day in his life.
It's that damn girl! She seduced him! Nobody forced Cameron into that bathroom.
That girl made false charges against my son.
That's a crime.
I want her charged.
I'll decide that after I review the evidence.
We bent over backwards to get the facts before we arrested your son.
Jamie Hoskins deserves the same consideration.
But if she's not arrested, you'll read about it in the newspaper.
White girl lies about being raped by a black boy and just walks away.
They'll be all over it.
Well, I guess we know where he stands.
How about you? He has a point.
Jamie did file a false report with the police.
Jamie made a mistake, but she's paying for it.
I mean, she also got kicked out of school.
Cameron's dad isn't gonna go away anytime soon, and Danny Morrison's lawyer is on my voicemail.
Those boys got themselves expelled.
And as for Jamie, she lied to us.
It was our time she wasted.
Where? I'm on my way.
Car drove onto the sidewalk, straight into a bunch of pedestrians.
- How many are injured? - Nine, one critical.
Driver's over there.
Excuse me.
Jamie? It's detective Benson.
Can you tell me what happened? They're trying to kill me.
They're all trying to kill me.
- Nobody's trying to kill you.
- You're lying to me! - They're all trying to kill me! - Calm down.
- No, no, please, please! - Calm down, Jamie.
You have to help me! Please! Please! Detective.
The vehicle's trajectory indicates she swerved to avoid the pedestrians.
- So it was an accident.
- Not exactly.
There are no skid marks on the street or the sidewalk.
She never hit the brakes and she wasn't wearing her seatbelt.
She was trying to kill herself.
Skull fracture here.
Put him in trauma two and page neuro.
Busy week for Jamie Hoskins.
How's she doing? Laceration on her forehead, minor cuts and bruises.
Her victims weren't so lucky.
Fractured limbs, two concussions, a crushed pelvis, and one 14-year-old girl with massive internal injuries.
One tire of the car rolled over her chest.
She died five minutes ago.
Dad's over there.
Ramirez, I'm detective Benson.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Did they catch the guy who did this to Elena? Yes, we have the driver in custody.
Was he drinking? The driver was a teenage girl.
And, uh, no, we don't believe that she was intoxicated.
Detective, we ran a comprehensive tox screen on Jamie Hoskins.
- SOP for attempted suicides.
- Did she have drugs in her system? Only valproate and celexa, which are used to treat bipolar disorder.
Jamie's bipolar? The school psychologist didn't tell me that.
There's a good chance the school doesn't know.
Jamie's probably being treated by a private psychiatrist.
Could those medications have caused the accident? / I doubt it.
Both drugs were present well below therapeutic levels.
So you're saying that Jamie hadn't been taking her meds? Possibly for a week, maybe longer.
Which likely led to a manic episode and her suicide attempt.
Could a manic episode lead her to act out sexually? Hypersexuality is common among unmedicated bipolars.
Jamie's parents have been out of the country.
Maybe she stopped taking her meds when they left.
You can ask them.
They got back this morning.
Sitting over there in the corner.
This just doesn't make any sense.
I mean, Jamie always takes her medication, ever since she was diagnosed last year.
At the beginning, we counted her pills to make sure that she was on schedule.
But she's always been diligent about taking them.
Jamie said that you're both musicians.
Do you travel often? We used to, but since Jamie's diagnosis, we make sure that one of us is always at home with her.
This is the first time that we've both left her.
So how did she seem before you left? Any odd behavior or mood swings? No, she was perfectly fine.
Jamie has seen Dr.
Porterman every week without fail.
She, she told us everything was under control.
I'd like to talk to Jamie.
Are you going to arrest her? That's for the DA decide.
The only thing I can tell you is she might be more sympathetic if I get Jamie's side of the story.
Why didn't you tell me you were bipolar? I didn't want you to think I was crazy.
You're not crazy, Jamie.
You have an illness.
Just like diabetes or migraine headaches, you take medication - and you get better.
- Yeah, but people treat you differently.
I mean, like my grandma, I told her and now she looks at me all funny.
And this kid in my class, he takes pills, and now everyone calls him psycho.
Is that why you went off your medication? I was feeling fine.
I hadn't had any mood swings in, like, a year.
Did you ever stop to think that maybe you were feeling fine because you were taking your medication? I thought I was cured.
Jamie, didn't your psychiatrist explain to you that it's really, really dangerous to go off your medication? Yes, but Derek says that's not true.
Derek who? Derek Lord.
- The rock star? - Yeah.
He's amazing.
I have all of his CDs, and I've been to his concert, like, five times.
Jamie, hold on.
I'm sorry.
What does Derek Lord have to do with any of this? I was getting ready for school last week, and he was being interviewed on TV.
He says you don't need psychiatric drugs to make you feel better.
How would he know? He's really smart.
He even has a book, "free yourself.
" He says that using psychiatric drugs is like putting poison inside your body.
And you decided to listen to Derek Lord instead of your psychiatrist? Yeah, I mean it's a really great book.
Changed my life.
A lot of my young fans have been diagnosed with bogus psychiatric disorders, Jackie, and then put on dangerous drugs.
Some reviewers, including a number of doctors and scientists, have criticized your book as inaccurate and misinformed.
Trust me, I've done the research.
Shrinks use dangerous, mind-altering chemicals to control the brains of innocent people.
Everyone should stop taking these poisons.
There's lives at stake here.
What makes a rock musician think he's an expert on psychiatry? That's a good question.
If I could, I'd charge Derek Lord as a co-defendant.
First Amendment says that he's got a right to his opinion.
This is one hell of a mess.
Look, I screwed up.
Jamie was upset.
I should have never let her go home.
You had no reason to hold her, and you couldn't know she'd steal your parent's car.
She ran down those people right after we released her.
Makes us look negligent.
The sooner we charge this girl, the better.
It's not that simple.
Jamie was having an acute psychotic episode.
Which she suffered after choosing to stop taking her medication.
We already have one dead girl.
So who benefits from destroying the life of another? She's got a point, captain.
What are you suggesting? Probation with mandatory counseling.
For vehicular manslaughter? I'm not gonna throw the book at this girl just to satisfy your bosses downtown.
This wasn't some disturbed homeless person.
This girl had the best drugs and treatment available.
Yeah, which her idol told her to stop taking.
This is your call.
You just remember we got two boys whose lives were ruined by her false allegations.
A dead girl and half a dozen others injured when Jamie mowed them down.
Now, you let her walk, your ass is on the line right next to mine.
Victim sustained multiple abrasions and contusions from being dragged 30 feet.
Internal injuries include fractures to the ribs and spine, liver laceration, and splenic rupture, and a skull fracture consistent with medium velocity motor vehicle impact.
Hey, what are you doing here? I needed to see the victim.
Everything you need to know will be in my report.
God, she's so young.
than Jamie Hoskins.
Did she suffer? She was trapped under the car for more than 20 minutes.
She was conscious most of the time.
Casey I thought if I saw her, it might make it easier.
Make what easier? Putting a mentally ill girl in prison.
So did it help? Send me that report.
ARRAIGNMENT PART Jamie Hoskins should be at home where her parents can supervise her.
We request an ROR release.
The people object, your honor.
My client is not a flight risk, and her illness requires specialized treatment and monitoring.
/ The people will stipulate to the defendant's release, - provided she wears an ankle monitor.
- No objection.
We also request a court order mandating strict compliance - with the defendant's drug regimen.
- So ordered.
The defendant is released in her parents' custody until trial.
How could you let her go? I understand you're upset.
But the judge feels Jamie's not dangerous as long as she stays with her parents, - she takes her medication.
- This isn't right.
I promise you she'll get a fair trial.
Not with that guy on their side.
Why are you here? Mr.
Lord wants to support the Hoskins family as they fight these unjust causes.
Jamie Hoskins is being framed.
The police and the district attorney both say she killed - Derek Lord.
- In the flesh.
to take dangerous, mind-altering chemicals.
They're the ones with the blood on their hands.
Jamie's a victim.
And if her parents will allow it, I'd like to pay for her defense.
And on behalf of all victims of psychiatric abuse, we're gonna win this fight.
So much for a quiet little trial.
Derek Lord's presence in the courtroom is bound to influence the jury in Jamie's favor.
Derek Lord is using this girl to push his anti-psychiatry agenda.
Nuts like this have been around for years.
Maybe there's a reason for that.
Kid doesn't fit the mold, so he's got LD, ADD, HDD, ADHD.
They can give him powerful drugs like ritalin, concerta, or aderal.
But there is a huge difference between over-diagnosis and telling legitimately sick patients to abandon lifesaving treatments.
I'm just saying, whatever happened to them having a lousy day? I agree with that.
It seems like everyone's a victim of something these days.
But Jamie Hoskins is bipolar.
So that girl should walk because she got bad advice from some clown with a microphone and leather pants? Come on.
Derek Lord is a role model.
Kids look up to him.
He shouldn't go on spouting off about things that he doesn't understand.
Kids are being bombarded by thousands of messages every day telling them to buy everything from zit cream to potato chips.
They learn to say no.
Yeah, but Jamie isn't an ordinary kid.
She has a very serious illness.
But that shouldn't automatically excuse her from what she did.
It's easy to judge mental illness if you've never had to deal with it yourself.
I'm willing to make a deal.
Jamie pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter, she serves six months in a psychiatric facility.
You only wanna settle because you know she's innocent.
Actually, I'm trying to spare everyone involved further trauma.
Just out of curiosity, what exactly is your role here, Mr.
Lord? To make sure you don't blame the victim.
If you're truly interested in avoiding further trauma, why not simply drop the charges? I can't do that.
Jamie's actions caused the death of Elena Ramirez and severe injury to six others.
Well, maybe we should consider No way.
This is a matter of principle.
This is a matter of our daughter's life.
And Mrs.
Hoskins, as Jamie's parents, you have the sole power to negotiate on her behalf.
- This is your decision.
- Mom, please, I trust Derek.
He knows how to handle this.
Novak, psychiatry has damaged countless lives.
Elena Ramirez is just the latest victim.
I'm not here to debate the legitimacy of psychiatric medicine.
But I do think it's unfair to Jamie to use her trial as a platform - for your political views.
- They're not just my views.
Libertarians, fundamentalist Christians, scientologists.
Even practicing psychiatrists.
There are caring people that have been fighting this battle ever since German psychiatrists were convicted of war crimes at Nuremberg.
I can call on any number of experts to testify that psychiatry not only helps people, it saves lives.
Psychiatry is a corrupt instrument of social control.
No offense, Ms.
Novak, but you're a lawyer.
And you're a rock star, so you'll understand if I don't defer to your expertise on the subject.
I'll see you in court.
Porterman, can you describe the circumstances under which Jamie Hoskins became your patient? She was in a hypo-manic state after months of debilitating depression.
You diagnosed her with bipolar disorder.
Yes, yes, she presented all the classic symptoms.
So I prescribed a combination of valproate, a mood stabilizer, and an antidepressant.
How would you characterize Jamie's reaction to these drugs? As soon as the drugs were properly titrated, Jamie's symptoms disappeared.
Now, did Jamie understand how important it was to faithfully take her medication? Yes, we devoted an entire session to it.
I showed her the statistics on relapse, we talked about how she would get very sick.
- Jamie understood the risks.
- Thank you.
You said that Jamie understood the risk of going off her medication.
Did she understand the risk posed by the medications themselves? Well, if you're referring to liver function, Jamie undergoes periodic blood tests.
Could you describe how valproate works to relieve Jamie's symptoms? It aids neuronal transmission by And how does it do that? Well, the exact mechanism is unknown.
So you prescribed a powerful psychotropic drug to a 16-year-old girl without knowing how it works? My job is to diagnose mental illness and relieve the symptoms.
/ Fine.
Could you tell the court what medical tests you used to diagnose Ms.
Hoskins' bipolar illness? I took a detailed history.
Observed the symptoms.
- We spoke at length about - No, what medical tests did you perform? Blood analysis, X-ray, CAT scan? No such tests currently exist to diagnose bipolar illness.
So to review there's no medical test to diagnose it, you're not sure how the drugs you prescribe affect it, but you're confident my client has bipolar illness and that you've got it under control.
- Objection.
- Withdrawn.
Last question.
Did Jamie Hoskins have a history of violent behavior prior to taking the psychotropic drugs you prescribed? No.
Another victory for modern psychiatry.
The drugs made me feel like I was living in slow motion.
I had no energy, no emotions.
I just didn't feel like me.
I just wanted to be myself again.
No further questions.
Jamie, why did you see Dr.
Porterman in the first place? My parents were worried about me.
Were you depressed? I guess, I don't know.
I mean, I was sleeping a lot.
Messing up in school.
And then what happened? And then I started to feel a lot better.
I was getting a ton of stuff done, and I hardly slept at all.
Well, were you worried? No, I felt great.
I mean, except my parents and some of my friends said I was talking really fast and, and losing my temper a lot.
Did these symptoms stop when you started taking the drugs prescribed by Dr.
Porterman? I guess.
/ Then why did you stop taking your medication? 'Cause I wanted to feel normal again.
Normal? In the short time you stopped taking your medication, you lost your virginity in the school bathroom, you falsely accused two classmates of rape, and now six people are in the hospital and a young girl is dead! Those things were not my fault! Really? Then who's to blame? Them! Your parents? Yes, they made me go to Dr.
Porterman! They let him put that stuff in my body! My parents have ruined my life.
I'm really sorry.
I can't even imagine how difficult this must be for you.
It's like we don't even know her anymore.
And she's totally infatuated with this guy, like everything he says is gospel.
I know, and I think he really believes he's helping her.
At first, we were grateful.
I mean, we could never afford a lawyer like Mr.
But now Look, we've been monitoring Jamie's medication.
/ Janet! We have to tell her.
She needs to know.
Know what? Jamie stopped taking her pills four days ago.
TRIAL PART 3 TUESDAY, APRIL 11 I've excused the jury because it's come to my attention you may not be taking your medication.
I don't need those pills.
They're poison! Complying with your drug regimen was a condition of your release, Ms.
If you refuse, then I am forced to remand you to the hospital ward of the juvenile detention facility where, if necessary, your medication will be administered by force.
Your honor, the court can't compel my client to take her medication.
Section 9.
0 of the New York mental hygiene law allows the government to protect mentally ill individuals who pose a threat to themselves or others.
Hoskins, will you take your medication as directed? You can't make me put that stuff in my body! Yes, I can.
- Take the defendant into custody.
- What? Come on, miss.
No, get your hands off me! - Stop it! - Take it easy.
No! Let me go! - Calm down! - Let me go! Stop! Stop! No, let me go! Let's get her out.
Come on.
BELLEVUE HOSPITAL ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRIC WARD JAMIE HOSKINS' ROOM WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12 They treating you okay in here? Yeah, the nurse took off the restraints as soon as the meds kicked in.
Jamie, I'm so sorry that it came out like this.
You did everything you could to help me.
Everyone did.
I hurt so many people.
I killed that poor girl.
The nurse told me that you refused to see your parents.
Jamie, I know that Derek Lord seems like some sort of hero.
But your parents are the ones that really love you.
I know.
I can't believe I let Derek convince me that my parents were trying to hurt me.
It's just after he told me what his parents did to him.
TRIAL PART 53 THURSDAY, APRIL 13 You were called by the defense as an expert witness.
Did you study psychiatry in college? I didn't go to college.
But I read many texts on the subject and talked to hundreds of people.
Is it true that you opposed psychiatric care in all forms? / I do.
Is it also true that at the age of 14 you were committed to the Mayview psychiatric hospital in Rhode island? Objection.
Lord is not on trial here.
His views on psychiatry are part of the record.
The people have a right to explore their basis.
I'll allow it.
I was committed by my parents against my will.
They forced you to take drugs, just like Jamie Hoskins' parents are forcing her.
That's right.
But it was just drug therapy that they gave you, was it, Mr.
Lord? No.
What other treatments were you given at Mayview? ECT.
Can you please tell the jury what that stands for? Electro convulsive therapy.
Also known as electric shock therapy, isn't that right? They strap you down to a special table that flips over.
So that you don't choke on your own vomit.
Then they inject you with a muscle relaxant.
Then they tape electrodes to your forehead, and then turn up the juice.
When your toe starts twitching, that means you're having a major convulsion, which is what they want.
It's what they call "healing.
" Why did they perform this procedure? Because they said I was psychotic depressive.
And, in fact, didn't you attempt suicide three weeks prior to your parents' committing you? It was a mistake.
You took enough pills to cause permanent brain damage.
And the cure for that was for them to pass huge amounts of electric current through my brain.
ECT fried my memory.
Huge chunks of my childhood gone! It was painful, dehumanizing torture.
I'll never know how much damage they did to me.
That sounds like a terrible ordeal.
Tell me.
After you got out of the hospital, did you ever attempt suicide again? No.
And now you're a rich, successful musician with millions of fans.
Isn't it possible that psychiatry didn't ruin your life it saved it? Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a decision? We have, your honor.
On the first count of vehicular manslaughter in the second degree, how do you find? We find the defendant, Jamie Hoskins, guilty as charged.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, thank you for your service.
The defendant is remanded pending sentencing.
Court is adjourned.
Mom I'm sorry.
I'm going to recommend that you be sentenced as a juvenile.
So there's a good chance you'll be placed in a residential psychiatric facility, okay? Thank you.
- Miss Hoskins? - It's okay.
Tough case.
I mean, for you.
I met this guy in law school.
He was brilliant and funny.
And we got engaged during our final year.
- You look happy.
- We were.
So what happened? Well, Charlie started acting strange.
He became withdrawn, paranoid.
He'd disappear for days at a time.
What was wrong with him? Schizophrenia.
It was horrible.
And the worst part was he refused to be treated.
He wouldn't take any medication.
I struck it out for a while, but in the end, I couldn't handle it.
I broke off the engagement.
What happened to him? I don't know.
Last I heard, he was homeless.
Well, you did what you had to do.
You saved yourself.
Yeah, but nobody saved him.

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