Law & Order Special Victims Unit s19e22 Episode Script


1 In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
No, I wasn't aware I mean, I'm not surprised.
He certainly deserves it.
It's long overdue.
Yeah, well, thank you Thank you for telling me! Bye.
- Yeah? - Can I have a minute? Can you close the door? So You weren't gonna tell me.
You're just - not gonna show up one day? - It's not like that.
"It's not like that"? I have to hear from Dodds? He always had a big mouth.
I thought we were like family here.
I mean [sighs] You know, Fin, on days when A perp walks or a victim dies, you know, I look at your desk.
And it reminds me that there is a cop who will kick in doors, and Give everything he has without hesitation, and I don't have to look behind me, because I know That he has my back.
And now Now he's Sergeant Tutuola.
I just didn't want to make a big thing out of it, you know? The two-one, huh? Gotta start somewhere.
I'm really happy for you.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
And don't think you're getting away without a party.
[sighs] Sergeant.
Why are there flowers? To make us happy.
I think I'm happy.
That means a lot to me, Pam.
- Maybe next week we can - See more flowers.
[laughs] Whatever you want.
"Beauty is truth, truth, beauty.
"That is all ye know on Earth, and all ye need to know.
" You used to say that all the time, remember? It wasn't me, Pam.
That was Dad.
It was? We should probably get you back to Bayview.
Cosgrove will think I stole you.
Well, no more flowers.
Next week.
I'm gonna buy a paper doll That I can call my own A doll that other fellas Cannot steal And those flirty, flirty guys With those flirty, flirty eyes What is that? It's marzipan, Maddie.
It's good! Take it away! When I come home at night She will be waiting She will be the truest doll In all the world I'd rather have a paper doll That I can call my own Than have a fickle minded Real life girl [applause] [giggles] Aww, thank you.
Paper doll To call my own - A doll - Perfect timing.
Oh, no, I already took them, ma'am.
No, my love, you took them yesterday.
We were knitting.
Thursday is knitting day.
Today's Friday, honey.
Are you sure? Fridays I don't forget.
Did you enjoy Frank today? I saw you singing.
Marzipan cookies? They were yummy.
And I was raped.
[tense music] [dramatic music] Madeline Thomas is 82 with mid stage Alxheimer's.
She tends to blend fiction and reality.
So what are you saying? You don't think she was raped? One of the soap operas had a storyline about ghosts, and for weeks, Madeline was convinced there was a ghost in her closet.
I thought we were better safe than sorry.
Right, you did you did right to call us, Doctor.
This is her room.
You have some visitors, Maddie.
- I'll be in my office.
- Hi, Maddie.
I'm Detective Rollins.
This is Detective Carisi It's sugar and honey and almond meal.
- Excuse me? - It's her recipe for marzipan cookies.
She's been talking about it all afternoon.
I'm Christine Ritchie, her daughter.
Grandma says you have to be careful.
Too much almond meal gives it a bite.
- I'll remember that.
- Okay.
Maddie, you You told your nurse that you were raped.
I did? That's why they're here, Mom.
Tell them about the man.
[whispering] The man Oh, Frankie! He came to my party.
Is he the one that assaulted you? There was a Frank Sinatra impersonator today.
Sophie's going to be so jealous! She should have come! A paper doll to call my own Mom, tell them what you told me.
He came into your room, he pushed your shoulders down It was horrible, horrible.
He held my shoulders down, and I pushed, and pushed against him, and against him, but he was so strong, I Mom, it's okay.
[tense music] I'm sorry.
That's okay.
Uh, Maddie, we're gonna go on a little little trip, okay? We're gonna go to the doctor.
Well, I should get dressed.
We'll wait outside.
Come on, Mom.
Come on.
Doc, I'm gonna need a list of all your employees.
They've all been screened.
Eh, still, I'm gonna need that list.
- Fine.
- What about visitors to your facility? Patients' families, mostly.
I can get you those records and footage from our security cameras.
You videotape your patients' rooms? Of course not.
They're sick.
They're still entitled to a modicum of privacy.
We film the common areas.
If you're asking my medical opinion, it's all in her head.
But still, I'm gonna need to talk to all your employees, just to be sure.
I just thought she was getting old.
Forgetful, you know? Maybe I could have done something.
Maybe I could have caught it earlier, - if I'd just called some - Christine I don't think it works that way.
I found Esconso Gardens.
It's the best facility in the city.
- You're a good daughter.
- Am I? Do I do it for her or do I do it for me? She's my mom.
I feel like I shoved her into an $18,000-a-month garbage heap, just so I wouldn't have to deal with her.
You don't know how to handle someone with dementia.
I could have learned, I I could have hired someone.
[teary laugh] She changed my dirty diapers.
The least I could have done was Then maybe this wouldn't have happened.
Well, we don't know yet that it did.
- Hey.
- Christine, this is my lieutenant, Olivia Benson.
- I'm so very sorry, Christine.
- Thank you.
I guess it bothers me more than it does my mom.
Well, you know, when a when a woman is raped, unfortunately, she's not the only victim.
It affects everyone who's close to her.
Look, has your mother ever complained about being mistreated at the facility? She said she didn't like the members of this club.
The help was great, though.
If I didn't laugh, I'd go crazy.
Ritchie? How is she? Confused.
But my guess, not raped.
- Oh, thank God.
- I still have to wait for the lab tests, to be sure.
- Can I see her? - Of course.
So there was no bruising? Not that you would expect if she were raped.
No vaginal trauma, nothing on her shoulders, her inner thighs, her arms, her neck.
No evidence of semen.
I doubt we'll find any DNA but hers.
Great, can you put a rush on that? - Sure.
- Thank you.
It's all right, Mom, it's okay.
[panicked moans] No! - Excuse us.
- Uh When will the results be back? Not sure just yet, but as soon as we hear anything we'll let you know.
Hi, Madeline.
My name is Olivia Benson.
Oh, Olivia, that's a pretty name.
Thank you.
Did he rape you too? Who? I like marzipan cookies.
Me, too.
We'll be best friends! [somber music] Here you go.
Thank you, thank you very much.
- That's Elvis.
- Where do you think he learned it? Hey, I'll have a three ice cubes Jack Daniels, - splash of water.
- Very cute.
Well, the tomatoes love that.
Hey, uh.
What's a hottie like you doing in a joint like this? I'm trying to get an answer to my question.
I sang a couple tunes.
I had a tuna on rye.
And then I split.
So you didn't go into any of the patients' rooms? Now why would I do that? Oh, that is sick.
I mean, these are my people! If I did anything like that, I couldn't pay my rent! All right, blue eyes, you can take your vagabond shoes and hit the road.
Well, ring-a-ding, baby.
Swabs for Madeline Thomas came back.
Negative for both foreign DNA and lubricant.
Also the security cameras at Esconso show that the only two people that went in and out of Madeline's room all day were two female nurses.
Okay, the thing is, you work with somebody for seven years, you'd expect to get a good-bye.
I haven't gone anywhere yet.
Well, Fin, you know, I think she's just pissed because you didn't invite her to your party.
There was no party! And there will be no party.
Fin, you're getting promoted, not arrested.
I need to talk to Detective Rollins.
Is she here? I got this.
- Christine, what's wrong? - It's my mom.
When we got to her room last night, she started shaking and crying.
They had to sedate her.
I slept on a rollaway just so she wouldn't be alone.
She kept waking up and sweating, and screaming, "Please stop!" I didn't know what to believe before.
But now, I [crying] Something happened to her, Detective.
Mom, you're not eating.
You want something else? Daddy doesn't want him.
But I love him.
I'm gonna call him Pepper.
Her dog, when she was a little girl.
Don't touch me! It's okay.
Who's touching you? I don't want you to.
- Leave me alone.
- It's okay, Mom.
No one is gonna hurt you.
It's all right.
I have a big order, a Cupid's Day party.
Yes, she used to own a bakery, called Café Roma.
She did all the baking herself.
A cake, and six dozen cookies - by noon! - What kind of cookies? - Get off me.
- Mom! Mom, it's okay, calm down.
Were they marzipan cookies? Everybody loved them.
I have to [stammering] Leave me alone! Momit's all right, Mom! It's okay! I said no, Max! - Give me the knife, Mom.
- Who's Max? I have no idea! It's okay, baby, okay? Should get some rest now, all right? Let's go to your room.
[relieved sigh] Okay, let's go.
She's never like this! Could the rape kit be wrong? Well, she wasn't raped yesterday.
I don't know what or when.
But, yeah, something definitely happened to her, maybe at the bakery.
But she's-she's - She sold it five years ago! - Well, luckily, there's no statute of limitations on forcible rape.
Oh, my God.
We just need to find out who Max is.
Boss, these are detectives.
They have some questions about Maddie.
- Is she okay? - She's, you know, in the hospital, so.
I heard she got Alzheimer's.
I read somewhere that 10% of the country is gonna have it in a couple of decades.
Do you remember a guy named Max ever working with Maddie? Max? No.
For years, it was just me and her.
I was like her apprentice.
Started in high school.
Then there was Gus.
He moved to Florida.
Wendy, and her cousin Sue.
Nah, no No Max that I can recall.
- Okay.
- It was a long shot.
Thank you for your time.
Wait, hey! Uh Maybe you mean Maxwell! Yeah, maybe.
What was who was that? Professor Leonard Maxwell.
Maddie called him Max.
He used to come in here every day after his classes.
He'd sit at that table reading a book, nursing a cappuccino and a cookie for hours.
He helped me with my math homework when I was at Hunter.
One day, he just stopped coming in.
Let me guess, it was a marzipan cookie? How'd you know? [tense music] 'Scuse me.
'Scuse me, Leonard Maxwell? - Yes? - NYPD.
Can we talk to you for a second? - What about? - Madeline Thomas.
Ma Oh, my God, Ma [stammering] I'm sorry, I I haven't heard that name in years.
Something happen to her? Somebody may have raped her.
I was teaching engineering at Hudson.
And my office was a a closet, so I used to go over to the Café Roma to grade papers.
I'm usually a kind of a shy guy, but Around Maddie, I don't know I was a better person around her.
I was a a regular Johnny Carson! Funny, outgoing.
Charming, if I may say so myself.
You seem pretty charming to me.
Have I got a grandson for you! Maybe later.
Right now, he's a bit of a bum.
But I told him, broom the electronics! Get yourself a Harley! - Now you're talking.
- [laughs] Uh - What was I saying? - You were, um, you were gonna tell me about Maddie.
Oh Maddie.
She made me feel alive.
She was so sweet, so beautiful.
Sounds like you had a thing for her.
I loved her.
But that was way back before I was married.
But between you, me, and the lamppost? I never quite loved Kath the way I loved Maddie.
Okay, well, did Maddie feel the same way? Oh, she would never say, no, no She was married to Howard.
- They had a little baby! - Christine.
Right, right.
And that was sad for you.
Broke my heart.
Why did you stop going to the bakery? Oh, I-I don't even want to talk about that.
You're gonna have to, Leonard.
Well, if if Howard - I mean, I don't know - Howard's passed away.
So why don't you tell me why you stopped going to Maddie's bakery.
February 13, 1966.
Maddie was working late, getting ready for, uh, Cupid's Day! That's what she called it, Cupid's Day! I had a an evening seminar.
I passed by.
I saw she was still there.
I went in, said hello.
We had a cappuccino.
And then And then what? Did you rape her, Leonard? We made love.
In the kitchen! It was beautiful.
But Maddie felt so guilty, she She said we shouldn't see each other again.
And that was it.
I never saw Maddie again.
Can I get you some water? - Or coffee? - No.
I'd I'd like to just sit here a minute, if you wouldn't mind.
Well, Jesse's got a teddy bear more threatening than him.
We don't know what he was like 50 years ago.
Well, if he didn't rape her, I'll marry him.
Let's see what happens if she sees him.
This is crazy.
He's 83! Something like this could give him a stroke.
Are you his lawyer or his doctor? His grandson.
- Buy the Harley.
- That's my brother.
This should be quick, Maddie.
Just remember what I told you to do.
About what? You're gonna you're gonna tell me if you recognize anyone.
The man who raped me.
Right, right.
You're gonna do fine.
Just look carefully, Maddie.
Do you know anyone, Mom? They're old! Yes, they are.
But, Maddie, look at their faces.
And try to picture them as younger men.
Oh, come on.
This is kabuki.
Even if she picked him out, it wouldn't stand up in court.
Maddie? Okay.
You can take him home.
Come on, it's okay.
I think I left them on the table.
It's all right.
I'll take care of it.
Can I help you? My grandfather left his glasses.
Follow me.
Maddie! Maddie! It's me, Leonard! I don't know you.
Okay, let's see what we can do about those glasses.
Mom, who was that? Mrs.
Schecter says we shouldn't talk to strangers.
Come on.
I respect your request not to do anything, but I thought I'd at least help you pack.
I'll pass I've seen your organizational skills.
Fin, I told you, my apartment doesn't always - look like that.
- Don't worry, I travel light.
Well, when it rains.
We got another rape - in a convalescent home.
- Wow, weirdos.
There's a lot of that going around.
Esconso Gardens? No, a state facility, downtown.
She said it happened last night.
- Just calling us now? - She didn't report it until this morning.
Patrice is 80.
She's had MS for the last ten years.
Patrice? The police are here.
We got it, thanks.
Hello, dear, I'm Detective Carisi.
This is Detective Rollins.
Do you prefer Patrice or Mrs.
Connolly? Mrs.
Connolly, I know this is This is hard, but we're just here to find out what happened.
I was in my chair.
I love to look outside.
He picked me up, and He put me on the bed, and Said that he wanted to massage my feet.
And I I felt grateful.
And then he told me that he wanted me to love him back.
I I was petrified.
I said to him, "I can't love you the way you want me to.
" How did he react? He got mad! He he told me to be quiet.
He told me that I would like it.
And that I I would love him.
And then Then he lifted up my Robe.
And he rubbed coconut oil on the back of my legs.
And He got undressed.
And he Climbed on top of me.
And he raped me.
He raped me! And he was saying, "I love you.
I love you.
" And he wanted me to say that I love him too, but I-I just couldn't.
I couldn't say it! I'm so sorry that this has happened.
Okay? But you're safe now.
- You're gonna be okay.
- No, I'm not! It's never gonna be okay! [sobbing] I married my Ben when I was 18.
There's never been another man.
I I didn't even fight.
I didn't I didn't even scream.
I didn't do any of that! You survived, okay? You survived.
That's what's important.
[sobs] Do you know his name? It was Dan.
He was new here.
[sniffles] Here it is: Daniel Hammerson, 331 Jane Street, in the Village.
He's only been with us two weeks; He was a temp.
- We have a lot of turnover.
- EMS is on the way here.
They're gonna take Patrice to the hospital for a rape kit.
If anything happens, call me, okay? You know no one has even been to visit her? Lesson to be learned: In the end, nobody gives a damn.
You wanna talk to Dan.
- My husband.
- Yeah, is he here? Well, hasn't moved.
Ask him anything you want.
Uh, apologies.
When was it that he passed away? On the calendar, it's been about a year.
But Danny had dementia.
He was gone from me years ago.
Was he in a facility? Sunny Acres, in Hell's Kitchen.
But there wasn't any acres.
Or sun.
The creep who raped Patrice used the ID of a patient who died - in another old-age home.
- And nobody noticed? Yeah, he moved from Sunny Acres to a hospice in Queens.
They gave him a great rec.
He just kept moving from place to place.
I ran his picture through facial recognition, - nothing.
- And he worked at Maddie Thomas' place? Esconso? Yes, he did.
He was a real renaissance man, this guy.
He was a nurse, a orderly, a chef, and a rapist.
He's a temp, filled in where needed.
Okay, what did he do at Esconso Gardens? - Worked in the kitchen.
- Well, that's interesting.
- The marzipan cookies.
- The smell! It must have brought her back 50 years, to the bakery.
And then she conflated a one-night-stand with Maxwell in '66 with Nurse Dan's rape.
Look, somebody at one of these facilities has got to know something about him.
He worked a shift with you.
These temps, they cycle in and out.
It's hard to keep track.
He whistled a lot, made me crazy.
- Anything in particular? - It wasn't reggae.
He seemed very friendly.
- Polite.
- Do you know where he lived? - No.
- How about what what train he took to get home? He didn't really speak that much.
What about when he answered his cell? Did he always call himself Dan? Actually, I don't recall him getting any phone calls.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- I got nothing.
- Yeah.
Just back to Esconso Gardens.
His name is Dan.
He worked - in the kitchen with you? - Not exactly.
We made the food.
He delivered it - to the residents.
- He delivered it to the rooms? If they're not up for meeting in the main hall, yes.
Also a snack before bedtime.
Is there anything that he said that might tell us who he really is? He wasn't a big talker.
Always whistling or humming.
Show tunes, believe it or not.
And not like from "Hamilton," old ones.
Such as The stuff Trudy Morris sang? He said he knew her.
Thank you.
Trudy Morris, I'm Detective Rollins.
This is Detective Carisi.
I'm far too busy.
Don't worry, Ms.
Morris, we're not here - for an autograph.
- Well, that's good, because I stopped signing them in '85.
And I'm not going to sing for you, either.
I was just about to have a glass of pinot, - if you care to join me.
- We're good.
We're, uh we're actually looking for a friend of yours.
He's not a friend! He says he knows you.
That's my son, Henry.
What an unfortunate angle.
You caught his bad side.
He's really a very handsome young man.
That's us, in front of the Belasco.
He's not in the picture.
And me, backstage, at Shakespeare in the Park.
"As You Like It.
" I was a very exuberant Rosalind.
It's Will's best female role, you know? "Oh, how full of briars is this working day world.
" Mrs.
Morris? We really need to speak with Henry.
Well, then sit.
Have a glass of pinot.
He'll be back in a minute.
- Thanks, but we're working.
- [laughs] Well, why should that stop you? The Barrymores watered the family tree with Irish whiskey! Oh, you know.
Aww, you're cute, in a very prosaic sort of way.
That was meant only in the best way.
[door opening] [Henry whistling "Give My Regards to Broadway"] They said the green dress will be ready tomorrow.
[scoffs] Well, I need it today.
Just like his father.
You don't have any plans today, unless you're keeping something from me.
I'm so sorry, I I didn't know - that you had company.
- Henry Morris? Phillips, uh Mom, what's going on? Henry Phillips, turn around.
You're under arrest.
[yelps] This is ridiculous! - Ma'am.
- Arrest him for what? - Plenty.
- Ow! So Esconso, Silverwald, and, uh, Sunny Acres.
Come on.
What's the matter, Henry? Can't keep a job? I'm restless.
What can I say? And invisible.
- Excuse me? - You used a fake name, right? One of your dead patients' names.
Because of my mother's career.
- Your mother's retired.
- [laughs] You clearly don't understand the effect celebrity has on regular people.
If I use my real name, it's non-stop.
"What's your mom like?" Or, or "I saw her in blah-blah.
" Or, the worst: "Can I meet her?" Every conversation's about her.
I thought you used your dad's name? There's something called "Google.
" You should try it.
All right, yeah, sure.
People are Googling you.
Or maybe, and let's just try this on Maybe it's the fact that you like to rape old ladies.
That's a lie.
That's interesting.
Most people, if they were accused of something like that, they would say, "That's sick," or, "Disgusting.
" I'm not most people.
No, of course you're not.
You're special.
You're Trudy Morris' baby boy.
And you're telling me that you never used that on a woman? "Come on in, come meet my mom.
- Maybe we screw" - That is sick.
Well, it's gotta work better than "Henry Phillips.
" Unless your dad's a big-shot, too.
Which one? I've had four.
That must have been tough.
Angling for your mother's attention.
No, it was great, actually.
Whenever I got tired of one, Mom simply moved on to the next.
Oh, so your mother managed her love life based on your whims? She's a good mother.
We're very close.
We have a Similar attention span.
Okay, Henry.
Tell us about Patrice Conolly.
Nice lady.
She had problems with her feet, so I rubbed them for her.
She liked that.
She says you did more than that.
[laughs] Oh.
Maybe she's living out some weirdo sexual fantasy.
Older women are attracted to me, nothing I can do about it.
We'll know soon enough, once the rape kit comes back from the lab.
I should talk to a lawyer.
Is that Dad #2 or #3? I have my own counsel, thank you.
Hey, Sarge.
Rub it in, why don't you? Come on, you're gonna get used to it.
I doubt it, Liv.
If I wanted to push paper, I'd sell insurance.
Come on, it's not gonna last forever.
Tomorrow's too long.
You know that my hands were tied - on this one, right? - Yeah.
I dug my hole, I'll eat the dirt.
[phone buzzing] Hey, Carisi.
Okay, I'm on I'm on my way.
Uh My rape victim died, so - I gotta go.
- Go be a cop! Somebody gotta do it.
The doctor said it was a coronary.
You sound skeptical.
Patrice was faithful to her one true love for 50 years.
So maybe you can die of a broken heart.
- Did you talk to the lab? - They found his DNA, but without Patrice's testimony, that freak will claim it was consensual.
And he's gonna get away with it.
Not if we charge him with two rapes.
You talking about Madeline Thomas? There's still a chance that she can ID him.
So, Madeline, I'm gonna show you some photos in connection to the rape you reported.
- Is that okay? - Mmhmm.
And you You just let me know if you if you recognize anyone.
That's what friends do! [laughs] Okay.
Do you recognize him? Am I supposed to? Well, remember when you told me that someone brought you cookies? We think that we may have found the man that hurt you, and I just I just need to know if this is him.
Oh, no, he doesn't like cookies.
No? Okay.
Okay, so, what about him? You have such nice hands.
- Thank you! - Uh, Mom, can you look at this picture? Do you know that man? [laughing] Oh, I love you so much.
That's so sweet, Mom.
I love you too.
Okay, what about this man, do you remember him? Do you recognize him? [stammering] The cookies! - [panting] - Did he Did he bring you cookies? Madeline, did he hurt you? [sobbing hysterically] It's okay.
It's okay, shh.
It's okay, Mom.
It's a long shot.
It's better than no shot at all.
I would object if opposing counsel tried to put her on the stand.
And I understand that, but but these women, nobody has any need for them anymore.
Their their "sell-by" dates have expired.
All right, we can't just leave them out on the curb for Wednesday pick-up.
So what do we do? We shove them into hospitals, we shove them in facilities, and give them old records and coloring books.
Show them the flowers.
The least that we can do is keep predators out of their beds.
You win.
Let's just hope we get a judge who loves his mother.
She's been institutionalized for over five years, Your Honor.
She has moments of lucidity.
She's the complaining witness.
Moments aren't good enough.
She's ill, Your Honor.
That doesn't mean she forfeits the rights afforded all citizens.
Let's go to the source.
Hello, Miss.
I'm Judge Peck.
Can you tell me your name, please? Madeline Jane Thomas.
You can call me Maddie.
Thank you, Maddie.
When's your birthday? October 4, 1935.
And do you know where you are? [laughs] I'm in a courthouse! Of course I do, Howard, I would love to marry you.
- That's beautiful.
- So are chrysanthemums! White ones, especially.
Yes, they are pretty.
The law should be stable, but must not stand still.
She's obviously been prepped, Judge.
Nobody quotes Roscoe Pound off the top of her head.
She's not quoting, she's reading.
"When in the course of human events" That's very good, Maddie.
Thank you, Howard.
Oh! "Today's specials: "Corned Beef and Cabbage, $17.
50; "Tuna melt, $9.
50; Spaghetti and meatballs, $10.
75" I renew my motion to preclude this witness from testifying.
Motion is granted.
In that case, I move to dismiss the case against Henry Phillips in its entirety.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Case dismissed.
I'm sorry.
So that's it? He gets away with it? It is not over yet, Christine.
Come on, Mom.
No hope is better than false hope.
Henry's last name certainly didn't have the draw - I thought it would.
- What do you mean? I don't see any press here, clamoring for a scoop.
Seems like they'd like this kind of thing.
Well, no, not yet, Jenna.
We've got to give it time.
No, no, no, it is perfect.
Okay, thank you.
[knocking] Lieutenant? You were right, there's more.
James, this is Lieutenant Benson.
- From the article? - Yes, that's me.
It happened to my mom, too.
She's 87.
She's in a nursing home on the Upper East Side.
I showed her this photo.
She started crying.
She said, "That's him.
" Six months ago, she told me something happened, but I didn't take her seriously.
We got another one.
Arrest the son of a bitch.
Not again.
If we're lucky, this will be the last time.
I don't appreciate your sarcasm.
I'm not being sarcastic.
We've got evidence that your son has raped - at least four women.
- And I bet that number doubles by the end of the week.
Because of that salacious article.
Mother, it's all lies! Well, we've got witnesses who disagree.
Don't you see what's going on here? The cockroaches are coming out of the woodwork, just so they can have their brief moment in the spotlight.
Do they care that they're dragging me through the mud? It's me that's being libeled here, Mother.
You? Your father was a fame whore, and so are you.
And Phil and Jack.
And Spencer.
Clingers, every one of them.
But you keep on bringing them into your bed.
Sweating and stinking up your thousand dollar sheets, while I Who is the real whore here, Mother? They all just used you and and tossed you out, like last week's pot roast.
- Are you done? - They didn't care about you! They didn't see! But I did.
I saw how beautiful you were.
Your hair, when I brushed it in the morning.
Your skin After your bath, so soft.
I loved you, Mother! Why couldn't you love me back, just a little? [tense music] Okay, all right.
You're done.
Henry Phillips, you're under arrest for rape in the first degree.
[sobbing] So he'll go to jail? For a very long time.
[relieved gasp] Maddie You take care of yourself.
I love you! Oh, no, no, no, that's not necessary.
That's what best friends do! 'Scuse me, I-I Hello, Maddie.
Who are you? I hope you still like white chrysanthemums.
We'll let you two talk.
Oh, thank you Max? [delighted giggle] This belongs to you.
No, no, she gave it to you! No, she didn't understand.
Yes, she did.
Uh I think you zigged when you were supposed to zag.
Nah, Liv, I got transferred back here! And how did you pull that off? Do I even want to know? No, you don't.
[scoffs] Okay.
Well, then, I would like your DD5s reviewed and on my desks ASAP - Sergeant.
- Yes, ma'am.