Law & Order Special Victims Unit s19e23 Episode Script

Remember Me; Remember Me Too

1 In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
"But Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail" "had bread and milk" "and blackberries for dinner.
" All right, sweetie, let's get you to bed.
Okay? [grunts] Aww.
I know, it's it's a little babyish.
I like it.
It was Grandma Sheila's favorite.
I told her today we'd read it.
And we did.
And you know what? Grandma Sheila was really happy to see you.
When will she get out of the hospital? She doesn't look sick.
[sighs] You know, Noah Do you remember, honey Do you remember when I told you that That Grandma Sheila is a different kind of sick? And she's sick the way she thinks.
And she go into the hospital so she can get better.
- That's right.
- But she looks fine.
Maybe she can get out soon.
Well, we'll just wait and see.
- Good night.
- Good night, honey.
You sleep well, okay? Okay.
[gasps] Oh, Lourdes! You look beautiful! Alan, doesn't she look beautiful? - Beautiful! - Thank you! [all laughing] Where are you going, Lourdes? Oh, out dancing, chamaco.
[laughs] I want to come.
Ay, maybe next time, chamaquita.
But tonight, make sure you brush your teeth with the timer for two whole minutes, okay? Okay, okay, go, go, go.
Have fun.
We will survive.
Not sure I will.
[laughter] Listen, stay out as late as you want.
We're taking the kids to my parents' in Greenwich for the weekend.
- We're gonna leave first thing.
- Oh.
- Thank you.
- Okay, bye.
[sighs] [dance music] The worst is "Mommy night.
" They all get buzzed on Sancerre, pay zero attention to their own kids.
- Vodka soda, extra lime.
- Thank you.
And then she expects me to run around after six toddlers! No extra pay.
Did you say something? She looked at me like I was asking for one of her kidneys.
You are so lucky the Buckleys are decent.
Yes, I am.
And they are.
No wonder you've been there five years.
But you don't want to be a nanny the rest of your life.
[giggles] Hmm? Ooh, do you know him? He's cute! [band playing country music] And why am I here and not at home playing video games with Jayden? One, Jayden's too young to be playing video games.
Two, my rat-bastard ex? He had these tickets, and there was no way I was gonna let him have them.
And three, I needed company.
Seems like you're doing fine right now.
I'm just enjoying the music.
Oh, and my dog died, and my truck broke down, and I'm starting to feel like a third wheel.
I realize it's Friday night.
My social life is is is great.
Thanks for asking.
Teresa, I gotta tell you, I don't know what you've been waiting for, but the last time I checked, all the billionaires who look like George Clooney? They're taken, you know? Hey, I gotta go.
All right, I love you.
Tell Mia I love her, too, all right? What do you got? Picked up Mr.
Smith here on the C train offering to massage women's feet with his penis.
- That's great.
- Come on.
You really don't remember me? I I don't.
You're gorgeous.
I don't see how I'd forget meeting you.
It was a long time ago.
That's okay.
We're here now, aren't we? Yes, we are.
[both breathing heavily] This is it.
[both moaning] - So you like it rough? - I like it hot.
Show me, show me more.
Let me show you.
- You like that? - Oh, yeah, baby.
I want to show you something.
Show me, baby.
What do you got for me? Hey, whoa, whoa! Now do you remember me? No, I Wait, wait.
[dramatic music] Okay.
Good night I mean, good morning.
Uh, I I have to talk to a detective.
I'm off shift right now, but somebody will be right with you, okay? I don't think this can wait.
What is it? Please, don't do this.
What do you want, money? I don't want your money.
At first it was some sex game gone wrong.
Maybe an assault.
- Is this your phone? - No! I found it at a club last night.
I was gonna try and return it, so I turned off the auto-lock feature and I woke up to this.
I don't know, it's some kind of camera app.
This is not a prank? You're telling me - this is live-streaming? - Yes! And if you don't do something about it, I think this guy's gonna die.
Tell me you remember me.
[groans] I don't! I don't know you! Say that again.
I don't know you.
I've never met you.
Oh, we've met.
I'll never forget.
I can hear your voice in my nightmares.
- That's not possible.
- No.
You don't tell me what's possible.
I tell you what's possible.
What's impossible.
To see your face.
To hear your voice.
Inhale your smell.
Salt Sweat Mineral Tequila It's you.
You're insane.
Your breath is sweeter now, yes.
It's Cognac, not cheap tequila.
But your sweat Your sweat is still the same.
Why are you doing this? If you're going to shoot me, just shoot me! I give the orders here! Not you! This is live-streaming, and TARU can't trace it.
They say the IP address is invisible.
Yeah, it's gonna take a while.
The feed's coming through the dark net, hidden by onion protocol, tor net.
Preferred network of child porn users and worse.
- This is not a doggie cam.
- Can we see the kid who brought in the phone? He had nothing to do with it? He's got no record.
There's nothing to connect him to this kind of activity.
Look, I don't know what this is.
- There's no ransom demand - TARU traced the cell phone to a Miguel Lopez, billing address 720 Bleecker Street.
Go, go, go, go.
You don't have to do this.
Are you afraid? If you want me to say I'm afraid Yes, I'm afraid.
Look at me.
Look at me.
- Do you see me? - Yes.
Close your eyes.
What color are my eyes? - Brown.
- What color is my hair? Brown.
How old am I? Young, I I don't know.
[stammering] 20, 25.
I was 18 when you met me.
You You were 18? Five years ago, I was living in Portland! Working for a software company, I I'll give you the number, you can call personnel Shut up! Look at me.
I sound different now.
I looked different then, too.
I had hope.
Life in my eyes.
What do you see now? You're beautiful.
I was beautiful.
You took that from me.
I don't know what you're talking about.
[shaky breath] You burned me.
You cut me ven aca.
- [shouts] - You said you were doing me a favor by sparing my face.
That you could cut off my nose, or my ears.
That I should be grateful that beauty had value.
My God Whoever did that to you They deserve to die.
But it wasn't me.
Yes, it was! So you know what? I'll return the favor.
I'll shoot you in the heart.
- And that's Miguel Lopez? - Yes.
- What do you know about him? - Not much.
He's a good tenant.
No noise, no trouble.
Does he have a girlfriend? Maybe an ex? Anyone with a grudge? He keeps to himself.
He travels a lot.
He's got a sick grandmother, I think.
Okay, all right, just stand back.
Thank you.
NYPD! Miguel Lopez? This is the wrong apartment.
Where the hell is he? Sorry, pal.
You didn't shoot me.
You do believe in God.
No, I don't.
But to just kill you, that's too easy.
What do you want? I want you to suffer.
I want you to suffer like I suffered.
[nervous laugh] What are you going to do? Torture you.
Then kill you.
[whimpers] Please.
She's gonna cut him.
What did he do to you? We gotta find this guy, fast.
Look, Rollins and Carisi said that the super ID'd him as Lopez.
But wherever he is It's not the same address that's on his phone bill.
So why does he have an app with the security cameras to this location? Yeah, on an invisible IP address.
Where was the phone supposedly found? "Oscillate," a club in Chelsea.
Okay, so maybe they know him there.
- On it.
- I'm not who you think I am.
Miguel is so sweet.
I locked myself out once in my undies.
He ran down to the doorman to get the key.
Did he ever talk about staying anywhere else? Maybe a friend's apartment? No, not that I can recall.
He have an angry girlfriend? I never saw him with a woman.
I thought maybe he was gay.
I can't imagine he was involved - in anything illegal.
- We're not saying that.
Did he ever mention any family, friends, maybe someone whose apartment that he had the keys to? He didn't talk much.
He was Spanish or Mexican, I guess.
I could hear him on the phone through the walls.
All right, thanks.
He illegal? Is that what this is about? We're not sure, to be honest.
Because if that's the case, I will vouch for him.
What's happening in this country is a disgrace.
- All right - Thanks.
- Get anything? - Upstanding citizen - who wouldn't hurt a fly.
- Yeah, well, that's not what she thinks.
I'm a nice guy, a regular guy, I I moved to New York City a year ago from Portland.
I'm a website designer.
A website designer.
Vos Mira, you You've done well for yourself! This isn't my apartment.
And the owner's due home today.
- You're lying.
- No, no.
He could walk in any minute.
If you leave now, we could forget this ever happened.
I'm sorry for whatever happened to you.
But I had nothing to do with that.
You have the wrong man.
And I have to use the bathroom.
You have to go, go.
You're a crazy bitch! Now that's the man I know.
I'm sorry, I What did I do to you? Is it because I tried to pick you up - at the club? - I approached you.
I recognized you! Remember! It's you.
I told you, I'm a regular guy.
I like to drink, go to night clubs, pick up strange women.
Look how well that turned out, huh? I'm joking, I Am I allowed to laugh? I like to laugh.
To dance, to go out.
In the dark, you can forget your past.
You're a different version, a different person.
I understand that.
Did I meet you at the club? What did I do to you? Did I promise to call and never did? It's not that.
Then what? You promised I'd never have to see you again.
You see this guy last night? Jesus! Uh, yeah, - is he okay? - No.
What can you tell me about him? Uh, that's Miguel Lopez.
He comes in here a few times a month, - always tips well.
- Okay, so you know him.
- Was he with a woman? - Uh, uh Yeah, yeah, he was here with someone.
Um, uh dark hair.
They seemed friendly.
He seem like he knew her, or they just met? It's a club, man.
A few drinks, some blow, everyone acts like they found their soul mate.
- How the hell do I know? - True.
Look at this.
Yeah, that's her.
Okay, you get a name? Was she on your guest list? Did she come with any friends? No, I never saw her in here before.
Huh Just tell me.
Tell me where I met you When What I supposedly did.
You really don't remember me? I mean that little to you.
No, I didn't say that.
Do you know how that makes me feel? There's no ID on this woman from the club.
No, and nothing on the facial-recognition from the security still, either.
Okay, any update from TARU? They're still running the trace, but the IP address is hidden - behind multiple encryptions.
- Wait.
Is that sunlight coming from the far window? That's eastern exposure.
It's art Deco, pre-war.
Are you married, Miguel? Why? You're wondering who will show up - to my funeral? - Answer the question! No.
No, I'm not married.
Why not? Just lucky, I guess.
[insincere laugh] Another bad joke.
I never met the right girl.
So no children? Would it even matter to you if I said yes? No.
What about you? I have children I care for, but You know that, don't you? I don't know anything about you.
A boy and a girl.
I love them like my own, but they're not mine.
They'll grow up one day.
They'll forget all about me.
You're young, you can have kids.
No! I'll never have a husband! I'll never have kids! Who would want me? I'm alone.
No past, no future.
My life is over! Whatever I do to you, I'll never be free! - Don't say that - Nothing matters! [sobbing] Nothing matters What was I thinking? Nothing will change.
Nothing will change.
Not for me.
Not ever.
Oh, my God, where's she going? She's gotta be going to a terrace.
Is that a tree line? That looks like Central Park.
Yeah, from the West side, looking to the East side skyline.
Help me.
Help me! Help me! [gunshot] Oh, no! No! No! She just killed herself.
Did she just shoot herself? Where is she? - What happened? - She walked out of the room, and we heard a gunshot.
Okay, so if we heard it, the neighbors must have heard it too.
I'll see if ShotSpotters picked it up.
See if 911 got any calls about a gunshot.
Guys, guys, hold on! She's okay! She's alive.
[relieved sigh] I thought you killed yourself.
I thought about it.
I almost did.
So why didn't you? If I'm going to be your executioner, you deserve a fair trial.
With you as judge and jury? That's right.
If I confess You'll let me walk out of here? - Yes.
- I confess.
Whatever you say I did to you, I did it.
Yes, I did.
Go on.
You were 18 when I met you.
I drank tequila, and stole your life.
You remember me now.
I remember you.
[sighs] That's good.
Keep going.
You want more, you're going to have to tell me what to say.
- You cut me.
- Y-yes.
I cut you With my pocket knife.
I burned you with my cigar.
Okay, so far, there's been six 911 calls about a gunshot around 2 p.
Turns out it was a starter pistol for a 10K race in Central Park.
The starting line was at the 77nd Street entrance.
Okay, Central Park West? The Seventies? Every apartment building on that block has terraces.
Right, let's move, let's move.
Tactical team estimates there are 10 to 12 buildings within earshot of the starting pistol.
We're looking for a terrace apartment, probably a penthouse.
Pair up.
We'll divide the sector, grid-search each building.
Proceed with caution.
Call for back-up.
Nobody needs to be a hero.
Let's go, let's go! You cut me You burned me You raped me.
Admit it.
I didn't rape you.
I've never raped anyone.
Whoever did these things to you, I'm sorry.
I'm I'm sorry for your suffering.
But what you're doing now, this This isn't going to make you feel better.
You don't know that.
I know you have a life here.
In New York.
Children who will miss you.
I can help you.
I have connections with the police.
I can tell them what happened to you.
I can help you.
Let's get out of here.
You want this over! Yes.
Then untie me.
Jorge, don't come in here! Call the police! Call for help! - What? - Put your hands up! - Who are you? - She's crazy.
- She's going to kill me! - What? - Why? - Shut up! Stop talking both of you stop talking! - She's crazy! - Walk.
Keep going.
[both grunting] Jorge! - [panting] - Jorge! Stop! What are you doing? - [grunts] - [hysterical panting] What are you looking at? What are you looking at? - I don't know! - You're lying.
You're lying to me.
[cries out] The feed cut out.
She disabled the camera.
- The feed's down.
- We're going blind.
- What's going on? - Yeah You got a penthouse with a terrace? Two, actually.
- Why? - Now.
- Are the owners home? - I need to check the log No, no, no.
We need access right now.
Let us up.
Penthouse B.
To the left.
The feed's down.
She found the camera.
- I know.
- She's getting desperate.
Let's just hope she doesn't look out the window and see a street full of cops.
Montero? Lieutenant Benson? Anybody home? Just the maid.
She may have heard something.
[indistinct chatter] No, no, just take it easy.
Montero? Help, help! Put the gun down! Or I shoot him in the head! Okay, let's let's talk this through, okay? You don't think I'll shoot? Put the gun down, or I kill him.
- I screwed up, Lieutenant.
- There are about a hundred cops downstairs, Miss You don't need to know my name! If we're gonna talk like human beings, I - I do.
- This isn't a garden party, lady! It's not that hard! Either you drop your gun, or I kill your friend.
Please, Lieutenant.
Don't let her kill me, I got I got a wife.
I've got a kid.
Let's Let's all take a breath, here, okay? Put it on the floor! You've gotta give me something in return.
How about I don't kill your friend? Kick it over there, nothing stupid.
What are you doing? She's crazy! Shut up, or I shoot you next! Listen to me.
You haven't done anything seriously wrong.
You can walk out of here.
You think I'm stupid? I've got like, what, three felonies here? Take out your cuffs.
Not you! Take out your cuffs.
Fin, over.
221 CPW is clear.
Roger that.
221 CPW is clear.
Fin, over.
- We're clear.
- Roger that.
Got a big goose egg at 173 CPW.
Please, this man needs help.
- We all need help! - Lieutenant.
It's okay.
You just do what she says.
Get up.
Close that door.
- Sit on the couch.
- Just so you know, if you shoot an NYPD lieutenant, you go to jail.
And you don't get out.
I'm not gonna shoot you.
You're gonna be my witness.
Let's go.
- Sit on the couch.
- Okay.
Witness? - Witness for what? - You wanna stand and ask stupid questions, be my guest! Don't listen to her! She's going to kill me! Nobody's getting killed here.
- Well, do something! - What can she do, Miguel? Look at her.
Needle-in-a-haystack time.
More like needle in a stack of needles.
- I'll take this one.
- You know what, I I called Liv a few minutes ago.
She's up there.
Lot of terraces.
Look, he's tied up and I'm handcuffed.
So you you can put the gun down, We don't want it to go off accidentally.
We don't want anyone to get hurt.
I do! Besides, I know how to use a gun.
Miguel here showed me.
Tell her! Tell her how you shot those two girls right in front of me.
I didn't kill anybody.
I've never even held a gun! I'm a computer geek with a degree from Gonzaga! - For crying out loud, I - Stand up.
I'm not gonna do anything with a gun pointed at me.
Okay? Happy? Get up! Get up.
Can can we just Look into his eyes.
Look into his eyes.
Put the gun down.
Put the gun down, - and let's talk this - Kneel.
[gun cocks] Okay, okay, okay.
Are those the eyes of a geek? They're a killer's eyes.
Rapist's eyes! [moans in fear] - Did you rape her? - No! I didn't rape her, I I have two sisters.
You said that you wanted Me to witness this.
Why don't you tell me what he did? I need to know exactly what happened.
What do you think, Miguel? Should I tell her? How you sat in my mother's kitchen and told us how you would get me to New York to work as a nanny for a nice family? How I would be a real American? Or how you shoved me into a cooler in the back of your van until we crossed the border? - I - How you beat me? How you cut me? How you burned me? And shoved a disgusting rag into my mouth to keep me from screaming when you raped me in the dirt in Texas? Over and over you raped me! Listen to me, I can help you.
What? They gave you a magic wand to erase what this demonio did to me? I've never been to Texas.
Nev I'll never forget those eyes.
That smell.
And the sound of his voice.
And the way that he grunted.
And the smell of his sweat.
I have the same nightmares as you do.
I wake up in the middle of the night, shaking.
Gasping for air.
The same as you.
But this Is not the way to get justice.
Who would believe me? I do.
After ten minutes in this room, I know that he did something horrific to you.
When did this happen? Five years ago.
I pray and I pray to the Virgin, asking her to let me die.
I feel bad for you, - I do, but it wasn't me - Shut up.
What kind of cop are you? Why do you believe her and not me? She's a crazy person with a gun - I said shut up! - [panting] The first time you held me down in the dirt, I picked up a piece of bottle.
And I gripped it so hard, it got stuck in the palm of my hand.
Do you see? I kept it, and every time you raped me, I clenched it as hard as I could.
By the third time, the fourth time, I couldn't feel the glass anymore.
I couldn't feel anything anymore.
- [yelps] - I want you to feel what it's like to be dead inside! You're not dead inside.
Look at me.
The numbness, the emptiness, I know what that feels like, and that's not you.
I can help you move past this.
- Honey, tell me your name.
- It doesn't matter.
It does matter! You matter to me.
Tell me your name.
- Lourdes.
- Lourdes, this this isn't gonna make you whole.
This isn't gonna get you justice.
Listen to me.
Are you sure that this is him? It's him.
It's him.
Watch, watch Miguel, Miguel Sing for us your song, your favorite song! I don't I don't know Miguel, you sang it every time - you climbed on top of me! - I don't know! Para bailar la bamba [weeping] Para bailar la bamba [indistinct] Sing or I shoot, I will shoot! [stammering] Para para Para bailar la bamba - You see? - Se necesita Una poca - You see? - De Gracia - Okay.
- It's him.
It's him.
Tell her, Mi You said that you wanted me to bear witness.
You said you wanted me to watch, and I want what you want.
I want what you want.
And the only way for you to feel whole, the only way for the emptiness to go away, is for you to hear it from his mouth.
You're gonna tell her exactly what you did to her.
Do you understand me? - Thank you.
- I just want to look into your eyes when you confess.
Confess, or I shoot you.
Like you shot Estella and Lucita.
I raped you, okay? [tense music] Patrolman Montero isn't answering his radio.
He was with your lieutenant.
Lieutenant, come in.
Liv, can you hear me? [phone buzzing] We have to answer the phone, or they're gonna know that something's not right.
Okay? It's in my back pocket.
It's okay.
Just be smart.
Yeah, everything's okay, um I have a few more apartments to go.
All good.
Oh, uh I I'm gonna need you to ask Rollins to pick up Jenny from school.
Because I think I'm gonna be a little late here.
Yep, great.
All good.
All good.
She's in trouble.
Tell TARU to trace her cell phone.
It was late at night, I When I The first time I I have to pee! Nobody's stopping you.
Keep going.
I don't know what you want! Let's see if I can refresh your memory.
Think, Miguel.
When I started kicking and punching, what did you do? I don't know, I I held you down, I - Here's another hint.
- [screaming] - Lourdes, stop! - I burned you! - Stop! - [wailing] I just didn't want you to miss any of the good parts.
[chuckling] What else? I held you down in the dirt.
And I raped you.
Now that sounds like a confession.
I am your witness, Lourdes.
Just like you wanted.
I heard that.
I believe that.
And I'm going to arrest you.
And I'm going to testify against you.
Untie him.
You are doing the right thing.
[whispering] Oh, God Stand up.
Both of you.
Get up.
To the terrace.
Look at that.
Who would ever think to put such a beautiful park in the middle of such a filthy city? I like to bring the kids here in the afternoons.
Harry likes to climb the "Alice in Wonderland" statue.
[gun cocks] Move.
Turn around.
Turn around! We tried to run, me and Estella and Lucita! But he hunted us down like dogs.
He pointed his rifle at us and he said, "One of you must die to teach the others not to run.
" He said I should be the one to pick which one of my friends he should kill.
I couldn't choose.
I couldn't choose.
They were just people.
They were people looking for a better life! I couldn't choose! So he killed them both.
"Plenty more where they came from," he said.
[whimpering] Get up on the ledge.
- Lourdes - Get up! Lourdes, no! Now I give you the choice.
Either you jump or I shoot you in the head! You cannot kill him, Lourdes.
Because if you do, he becomes the victim.
And then nobody will know, let alone believe, what happened to you.
I promise you.
He will spend the rest of his life in prison.
- Choose! - Please! What'll it be, you bastard? Either a bullet in the brain or a puddle of blood on the sidewalk! Lourdes, put down the gun.
Choose! Please, I'll f I'm sorry I hurt you! Please! Please don't kill me! No, you're not gonna kill him.
You're not gonna kill him, because whatever it was inside of you that wouldn't let you choose Estella or Lucita is still in you.
And no one No one can take that away from you.
[whispering] Give me the gun.
Give me the gun.
Oh, God! [panicked panting] Freeze, NYPD! - Liv! - Out here.
I'm okay.
Montero and the guy who lives here are in the bathroom over there.
Damn, Liv.
Arrest them.
Take this.
Put your hands behind your back.
I need a minute.
All right, so what are we looking at here? Stone's on his way down to the precinct.
There's a lot to sort out.
That's Jorge Diaz, owner of the apartment.
What's his connection to Miguel? Hell if I know.
Maybe he'll remember when he comes to.
That's it, Liv, I'm taking you to the hospital.
I'm fine, Fin, I'm not hurt.
Put a squad car on Noah's school.
We may be dealing with traffickers - and Mexican cartels.
- Miguel Lopez? He doesn't have a record with ICE, the CIA, the FBI, Border Patrol.
He's not even a blip - on the radar - Miguel Lopez is a coyote, who raped and tortured Lourdes.
Okay, he sold her into domestic slavery.
Lourdes is the victim here.
Okay, okay.
I'll send a squad car to your school and post one on your block.
This is Olivia Benson.
I need to speak with my son.
Why am I under arrest? I almost got killed for picking up a girl - and taking her home.
- Not to your home.
What is your connection to Jorge Diaz? I did some website design work - for his business.
- What kind of business? Communications, I I don't really know him that well.
All right, why did you have an app on your phone connected to his security camera? He has staff in and out.
He was robbed last month.
He asked me to keep an eye out when he was out of town.
Did you know the feed was on the dark net? That makes it untraceable to law enforcement.
- What? - No, I I don't know what you're talking about.
Miguel, I'm Efrain Hernandez.
Stop talking, please.
- I'm Mr.
Lopez's attorney.
- We got that.
I see my client's still under arrest.
- For now.
- Then this little Q&A is over.
Just call ICE.
Have me deported.
- We're not gonna do that.
- Why not? You deport me back to Mexico, they'll track me down, they'll kill me, end of your problems and mine.
Who is "they"? Miguel Lopez? Jorge Diaz? I don't know Diaz.
He's the guy who owned the apartment.
The guy whose skull you fractured.
I I didn't want to call the police.
- It wasn't personal.
- Not like Miguel.
Did you know Miguel would be at that club? - No.
- So it was happenstance? You just ran into the guy who supposedly trafficked you five years ago? It was him.
I didn't want any of this, I I didn't ask for any of this.
Could have walked away.
I can never walk away.
If I try to run or tell anyone what happened to me, they kill me.
It's a waste of time, talking to you.
We can't help you if you don't talk.
Thank you.
Yes, as soon as you can.
That was the Buckleys.
They're en route from Connecticut.
They've hired a lawyer for Lourdes.
Do they know anything about her story? They said they had no idea.
- Anything on Miguel? - Not much.
A lawyer showed up and shut us down.
Miguel didn't call him.
He could have been connected - to the cartel.
- But we did confirm that Lopez was living in Portland in 2013.
- I believe Lourdes.
- I know.
But she can't just take an NYPD lieutenant, hold her hostage, and walk away.
What happened to her was a thousand times worse.
If we can prove it.
Carisi, I was there.
I saw the scars.
I heard her story.
Lieutenant, I am not saying that she wasn't trafficked.
I'm not saying she wasn't abused.
But was it Miguel? Is is it not possible that he just looked like a coyote? I don't know.
Liv, you've been dealing with enough.
- I'm driving you home.
- That's not necessary, Fin.
There's no discussion.
I'll wait for you at the elevator.
[phone buzzing] Benson.
Uh Okay, thank you.
What is it? The hospital just called.
Jorge Diaz? Died on the operating table.
What does this mean for Lourdes? I have to charge her with murder.
People versus Lourdes Vega.
- Good morning, Mr.
- Your Honor.
I don't believe I've ever had the pleasure of seeing you in my courtroom, Mr.
When I heard the circumstances of this case, I was compelled to offer my services.
Lourdes Vega is not the criminal actor here.
She is a victim of human trafficking, rape, worse.
No disrespect, but let's just stick to the matter at hand, okay? How does your client plead on the charges of Assault, kidnapping, attempted murder, - and manslaughter? - Not guilty.
I assume the people request remand? - We do.
- My client - needs protective custody.
- Why is that? She is a potential witness in a RICO case against the Mexican Cartels.
These animals, they they kidnap, torture, murder, and mutilate with impunity.
[sighs] Mr.
I'm not aware of any pending case, Your Honor.
But in any event, we can put her in solitary in Rikers.
Her life has already been threatened.
She's not safe in institutional incarceration.
I'll take this under advisement, pending the D.
's recommendation.
You'll get back to me, Mr.
Stone? - Yes, Your Honor.
- All right, next case.
Miguel Lopez is a trafficker.
Do you have any evidence of that, - other than Lourdes' word? - Not yet, but I will.
Until then, my hands are tied.
So Miguel walks, and you're putting his victim on trial.
I offered a deal.
It was refused.
- So drop the charges.
- Not for murder.
Even if I could, she would be deported.
- Is that what you want? - No, it's not.
But if she agrees to testify in a trafficking case, she will be granted asylum and go into witness protection.
An inmate at Rikers threatened to skin her alive.
That has to come from the cartels.
We can get her into protective custody.
At least until the trial is over.
But I have to drop the charges against Miguel.
So he can run back to Mexico.
We don't know he's gonna do that.
We don't know he's anything other than what he says he is: a website designer.
With business associates who use hidden cameras to transmit on the dark net.
They are hiding something.
Then find me a reason to charge Miguel or turn him over to the Feds or the Mexican Federales or all of the above.
We're good to go, Room 6.
What kind of protection is she going to have? Plain-clothes officer, 24/7.
One officer.
We don't have unlimited resources.
She's a potential federal witness.
Not until we have a case, she isn't.
My client's told you everything she knows.
She's been cooperating.
What difference does it make? They'll never be able to prove it, and I'll be dead before then anyway.
I know it seems hopeless, but I'm telling you, we have made cases against sex traffickers.
What more can I do? We need to back up your story.
You never said anything to the Buckleys? No, of course not.
Miguel was the one who put the ad on Craigslist.
He made me say I was a student with an expired visa.
He said if I said anything to the Buckleys, that I would be dead.
Does Lourdes have any friends, any family? I don't know.
She never had any visitors.
She rarely made any calls.
Hey! Mommy, when is Lourdes coming home? Oh, soon, uh Give us a minute.
Why don't you go turn on the TV, okay? - I miss Lourdes.
- I know, honey.
- Both my kids, they're very attached.
- I can imagine.
Lourdes lived with your family for five years.
She never talked about herself? No.
Now I know why.
I I guess I never asked.
We cared about her, but But she was the help.
God, that sounds so horrible.
- Who's this? - Uh The blonde, I think her name is Ingrid.
She's a nanny for the family next door.
The dark haired one, I I don't know who that is.
- No, I don't know her.
- Lourdes, Lourdes, there were two photos in your room.
She a friend from Mexico? I'm sorry.
I just don't want the family she works for to find out.
Find out what? She was trafficked? Just like you? We gotta talk to her, Lourdes.
Unless Unless you want Miguel walking around free for the rest of his life.
Never paying for what he did to you, what he did to those other girls.
Where Where was this picture taken? In Central Park? So Lourdes said that they would meet at Tavern on the Green, get the kids an ice cream before they'd cross the park every day after school around 3:30.
- It's about that now.
- Hang on.
Is that her? 'Scuse me! Hey, Maria? Hi, Maria.
Can we talk to you for a second? I didn't do anything.
Oh, no, you're not in any trouble.
We want to talk to you about Lourdes Vega.
I'm sorry, I can't talk to you This'll just take one second, just one second.
Maria, you knew Lourdes from from Texas, from Mexico.
It was a long time ago.
I want to forget about that time.
I'm happy now, better than in Tenancingo.
Please do not call immigration.
No, no, no, that's not why we're here.
- We wouldn't do that.
- Maria, we need your help to identify somebody.
Okay, do you know this man? Was he the trafficker? At the safe house in Texas? - No.
- Are you sure? Because Lourdes told me what he did to Estella and to Lucita.
Did you know them? Yes, I knew them.
Okay, can you look one more time? Do you recognize this man? I have never seen him before in my life.
- I'm sorry, I have to go.
- Please Okay.
So this other nanny, Maria, she denies knowing Miguel.
Maybe this is a case of mistaken identity.
Or more likely, Maria is terrified of the cartels like Lourdes.
Look, going public, taking this to trial, you're putting her in danger.
I offered them a deal.
I can't make her accept it.
Lourdes did not intend to kill anyone.
She intended to cold-cock Jorge Diaz.
What happens after that is on her.
Stone, this just came - from Santino Rojas' office.
- Thank you.
Well, I hope you know a good shrink.
Rojas is asserting an insanity defense.
Las mariposas.
The monarch butterflies.
Millions of them.
They fly from America to the Mexican mountains every fall.
And if you look up to the sky, it's like looking at Beautiful orange and black angels, hovering over your head, arguing about who to bless.
Then in the summers, they're gone.
Back to America.
It's silly, I know.
But I used to imagine a little girl in Boston or New York, looking at my butterflies and smiling.
I tried to picture them when Miguel was raping me.
What did you see? Nothing.
It was the cold, dark sky.
The moon was full.
It was like a perfectly round circle, cut out of a sheet of blackness.
What was on the other side of that sheet? Infinity? Heaven? Now when I look at the sky, it's just a big, lifeless rug.
That day you had Miguel tied up.
You left him for a few minutes.
I I went to the terrace because I couldn't breathe.
Do you remember what you were thinking? I wanted him dead.
What stopped you from killing him? You think I'm weak? - No.
- Scared.
- You have a right to be.
- Stupid.
Of course not.
Those butterflies They only live four to five weeks.
The ones that live near my mountain in March? They aren't the same ones that end up back here in June.
They don't make it.
In my opinion, Lourdes Vega is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Did she know what she was doing was wrong? She did.
Just to be clear, Dr.
Olivette, at the time of the alleged crime, - was the defendant delusional? - No.
- Thank you.
- You are aware, aren't you, Doctor, that the prosecution's key witness, Mr.
Miguel Lopez, will testify that he has never met Miss Vega before? That's what I've been told.
If one person not only misidentifies another, but insists on that mistaken identity despite all facts to the contrary, would you say the former is delusional? If she insisted that the latter was God or the Devil, yes, that would be medically delusional.
The Devil.
Might that include a man who burned her and raped her over and over again? Objection.
Just something to consider.
Well, going back to my apartment was was her idea.
My place was being painted, so we went to my associate's place.
He was out of town.
And, uh, so I was staying there.
Before I knew it, she hit me with the butt of her gun, tied me to a chair, burned my face, and threatened to kill me.
When you refer to you associate, that would be Jorge Diaz.
He, uh He He came back from his trip early.
And, uh, now he's dead.
Because of her.
Thank you.
Lopez, you testify that you travelled to Mexico City several times a year.
- Isn't that right? - That's right.
To visit my grandmother.
I've been going there since I was a little boy.
Never had any issue reentering the United States? Well, my mother brought me here when I was eight months old.
Oh, so you're a Dreamer? - That's right.
- But DACA wasn't implemented until 2012.
That means all those years prior to 2012, you travelled back and forth to Mexico illegally? Sure, but It was no big deal un until recently.
In other words, you have no regard - for our laws, do you? - Objection.
Did you pay your taxes before 2012? Yes.
You had a fake Social Security number.
I paid my taxes.
But you committed a crime.
So "Technically" you lied.
You lied to your employer, you lied to the United States government - Objection.
- Overruled.
So why should we believe you now, when you claim to have never met Miss Vega before? Why should we believe you when you say you didn't rape and torture her? - Your Honor! - That's enough, Mr.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
All I'm saying is that I I won't make a very good witness.
Did Lourdes Vega point a gun at you? - Yes, but - Did she prevent you from leaving that apartment? - Yes.
- You will do fine.
And what happens when Rojas asks me what went on between Lourdes and Miguel? Legally, it's irrelevant.
And what about morally? What does that even mean? Maybe it means that whoever's less guilty wins.
You're right to have ambivalent feelings about this case No, no, you're wrong, there's nothing ambivalent about this.
What if Miguel wasn't the coyote who raped her? - He's the guy! - Were you there? Do you have any evidence that he is the trafficker? I don't know how to get through to you.
Your certitude is a good thing, Liv.
Hell, it may even be noble.
- Unfortunately, the law - Can you stop? Please, just stop.
I've, uh I've heard the lecture before.
Maybe, then, you should listen.
Maybe you should listen.
Lourdes was raped, her entire being her past, her present, and most importantly, her future negated.
That doesn't entitle her to seek revenge.
But it does entitle her to reclaim what was once hers.
And if revenge is part of that, then Then so be it.
You don't believe that.
I believe that the wrong person is on trial.
I have a kid.
[sighs] Nice bar.
You know, where I'm from, we only have two types of vodka, cheap and cheaper.
I'm here for a funeral.
My brother.
I'm sorry.
I loved Jorge As much as you love your sister, I'm sure.
Pamela, if I'm not mistaken.
You do realize I'm an Assistant District Attorney? And that's why we're talking, Mr.
And that's why you're gonna drop this case.
Lourdes will get deported, and then Our justice system will take over.
The defendant, Lourdes Vega, had Officer Montero at gunpoint.
She said that she would shoot if I didn't drop my weapon, so I did.
And she did not shoot.
Then what happened? Officer Montero and I were handcuffed but unhurt.
What about Jorge Diaz? - What about him? - [laughs] Please describe his physical condition.
He was alive.
Can you be more specific? [scoffs] I'm not a doctor.
Permission to treat the witness as hostile, - Your Honor? - Go ahead.
True or false, Lieutenant: Mr.
Diaz was tied up, unconscious, and bleeding from his head.
Look, the defendant didn't intend - Move to strike.
- Granted.
Let's try one more time, Lieutenant.
Was Mr.
Diaz bleeding from his head? Um, yes.
Did Ms.
Vega threaten to shoot Miguel Lopez? - She didn't intend - Your Honor.
Just answer the question, Lieutenant.
She said that she would shoot him.
She said it several times, didn't she? Yes.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
No more questions.
Lieutenant Benson, you spent several hours with the defendant, Lourdes Vega.
- Yes, I did.
- In your experience as an SVU detective, was her affect consistent - with PTSD? - Without a doubt.
Specifically, PTSD a rape victim might experience after being triggered by an encounter with her rapist? - Yes.
- And severe symptoms of PTSD caused by rape and physical assault can include flashbacks, impulse control, hyper-arousal.
Almost a form of psychosis, correct? It is consistent with my experience in these situations.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
The people rest, Your Honor.
Jorge Diaz's brother threatened your sister.
Why didn't you tell me? I- I thought I could handle it.
I am handling it.
- Is she okay? - Yeah, she's fine, I Westchester PD is aware.
State troopers are aware.
I drove up to the facility last night.
It's on lockdown.
There's armed officers at her door and in the lobby This is the cartels, you realize that? This is New York City, not Mexico.
We don't drop charges because of ultimatums - from organized crime.
- Okay.
Does Jack McCoy know? No.
He'd make me recuse myself.
Look, judges and D.
s, they get threats all the time.
They are rarely acted on.
You're reassuring me? Okay, I'm gonna pull security footage from the bar, from the street cams.
Maybe we'll get a hit on facial recognition.
And I'm having Fin and Carisi drive up to South Salem.
I always carried a gun.
I was afraid the men who trafficked me would come back, and, this time, sell me as a prostitute.
So what happened when you and Miguel Lopez went back to the apartment? He kissed me.
His hands were all over me.
I felt the horror I felt like I was in the dirt in Texas where he raped me.
And that's when I decided to pull out my gun and demand he admit his crimes.
And did he? Eventually, yes.
He did.
He admitted to raping me.
To cutting me.
To burning me.
He burned me with his cigars.
He laughed.
He drank tequila.
[sobbing] He raped me over and over.
He did whatever he wanted with me.
I was trapped.
I was helpless.
And that's how you felt, facing the man who had tormented you? I was suffocating.
I I felt like I was dying.
I I couldn't think clearly.
I I wanted the pain to end, but I didn't know how to end it.
That's when Lieutenant Benson She saved me.
She brought me back.
She brought me back to my senses.
Back to reality.
Yes, I cut you with my pocket knife.
I burned you with my cigar.
So the burn scares on Lourdes' chest are clearly made by a cigar.
Only, in the apartment, Lourdes never mentioned cigars.
Every other detail, the Texas, tequila, the dirt floor she said first.
He claims he was just repeating what she said, what she wanted to hear.
So how did he know about the cigars? You're serious.
Yes, I'm serious.
It won't hold up in court.
Miguel Lopez raped and tortured Lourdes.
She's not mistaken.
His confession to her, his confession to me, was real.
- It's not on tape.
- I was there.
I heard it! This is my word! You are not thinking clearly.
You are choosing to believe what you want to believe.
Oh, my God.
[phone buzzing] Yeah, Fin.
She's gone.
They took her.
They took your sister.
I'm sorry.
They took her.
Our security is usually very good.
Oh, my God, the patients No, all the patients except for one - have been accounted for.
- Pamela Stone? - How'd you know that? - They made me take them to her room before they locked me in the supply closet with the rest of the staff.
Can you describe them to me? Uh, let's see.
There were three that I saw.
They were polite, except for the guns, and professional.
They took our phones so we couldn't call for help.
It looks like they took her alive.
Bad news, they got an almost three hour jump on us.
We need a copy of this.
If I knew anything, I would tell you.
[knock at door] What is it? [car alarm beeping] [sighs] It's okay.
Do you remember Miguel mentioning another house or an apartment that Jorge might have used? Why would he say anything to me? I don't know, maybe you noticed a a photo, or or a calendar, or some marks on a notepad.
The only thing I saw was the hate in Miguel's eyes.
You're not giving me anything.
I used to be on your side.
I used to understand why you did what you did, - but now - What? What can I do? You can cut a deal with Stone.
Perhaps you've spoken enough, Detective.
These men They run the cartels.
They won't think twice about killing me! And we can do our best to protect you! You know, if you cooperate with us, we can we can offer you asylum, Lourdes! I heard stories.
I watched shows on television about the risks girls take when crossing the border.
It was worth it to me.
I was willing to hide from Border Patrol.
To crawl through the desert if I had to, to go without food or water for days.
I was willing to be shoved like an animal in the back of a van.
I was willing to take it from Miguel.
Anything to be an American.
And I'd be a good American, too.
I'd work my way up from the bottom.
All I wanted was a chance.
I went through hell and back to get here, Detective.
And what did Miguel do? Su mamita brought him here when he was a baby, on a bus! And he can stay.
He gets to be a real American because your president signs a piece of paper.
And me? I will always be an illegal.
And now I have to die, because I wanted to be what he was given for free.
Tell Mr.
Stone I'll take his deal.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
Blame me, why not? Blame me for anything that happens to any woman in the city.
I've never met this Pam! Just like you never met Lourdes.
- That's right! - Okay.
So why don't you tell us about Jorge Diaz's brother? Diego? I've never met him.
Well, that must mean that you're pretty far down on the cartel daisy-chain, huh? I don't know what you're talking about.
Cards on the table, Miguel.
Stone has the DEA and the Federal Trafficking Task Force in his speed dial right now.
- I'm happy for him.
- These people on the other end of my speed dial, they're gonna ask me how helpful you've been.
And I'm certainly not opposed to lying.
Even if my friends have very big mouths.
And Mr.
Stone's lies are gonna travel very quickly to your compadres, so my advice to you is to get your affairs in order.
- Screw this! - Screw this? Okay.
You're free to go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
My advice to you, though, is to watch your back.
I don't have any idea what happened to that girl.
It's not like Diego consulted with me.
- What about Lourdes? - She attacked me, for crying out loud! [phone ringing] I'm not a bad person.
I You don't have any idea.
I went to college.
I have a skill.
But ten years ago, who's going to hire me? Huh? Sure, I could - I could wash dishes.
- Mmhmm.
Mow lawns.
But I'm a damn good programmer! Ten years ago, nobody gave a damn! I don't give a damn right now.
Jorge said all I had to do was drive a truck.
Hey, you know, I'm Mexican, right? I can do that.
It's in my blood.
And the girls were already there, so you figured You might as well rape them.
There are the weak and there are the strong.
And you were the strong.
Yes! Yes! I could have anyone I wanted.
For a thousand miles, I was their god.
They were mine until I dumped them in the warehouse, and went back to get a new batch.
And you weren't scared that Lourdes would mention it to the Buckleys? That warehouse.
That warehouse where you left the girls, where is it? Where is it, Miguel? What are we looking at? Six girls, maybe more.
Under armed guard.
- And my sister? - She's alive.
Listen to me.
Let ESU take the lead.
We don't want anyone to start shooting.
Don't shoot! - Keys! - In the desk.
Come here, it's okay.
It's okay.
- Go, go, go, vaya.
- Go, go, come on, come on.
- Come on, come on.
- Vaya, vaya.
Let the girl go, Diego! What, so you can shoot me? Nobody wants to hurt you.
Yeah? Then drop your guns! - Lieutenant Benson, SVU.
- Stand back.
- Let me talk to him.
- I said, stand back.
Peter! [whimpers] Peter! So what's it gonna be, huh? Put the guns down or she's dead! Hi! Peter! [men groaning in pain] Hold fire! Hold fire! Pam, stay with me.
Pam, stay with me.
Pam? Pam! Pam! - Oh, my God.
- Pam! Pam, stay with me! Can you hear me? Pam! Shh, shh.
Pam Medic! Stay with me, no, no stay with me, stay with me Pam What about the cartel? They're gonna come after me! Mr.
Stone is a very good man, and he's talking to the Feds.
And when you testify, hopefully you're going to get asylum.
And go into witness protection.
I I'll be all alone.
No, honey.
You're gonna be free.
[sobs] You're gonna be free.
[relieved, tearful sigh] [weepy laughter] Yes.
Thanks to Miguel, the feds rounded up all his associates on both sides of the border.
That's good.
Peter, I'm I'm so sorry.
I was nine playing stick ball with my buddies in the schoolyard.
Pam showed up with her A bloody lip.
[sighs] She said Billy Collier pushed her down the stairs.
I beat the living hell out of him.
Peter You have to know That there was nothing you could have done.
The last thing Pam said was Peter