Law & Order Special Victims Unit s20e20 Episode Script

The Good Girl

1 In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
Notice your breath as it flows gently in and out of your body.
Let your chest rise and fall [DISTANT INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Are you kidding me? If your thoughts wander, simply refocus your mind on your breathing.
[SHOUTING CONTINUES] What the hell are you doing? I can hear you in here! No, you're so annoying! Look, we have rules, Mackenzie, you know that! Well, I don't need rules.
They're stupid! - Hey! You're not going to have this! - If Mom were here She is not here! I am! I'll give you no Snapchat, but my phone? You lost the privilege, okay? And it's not coming back! What are you doing? Cook your own dinner! - Do not throw that! - [GLASS SHATTERS] I hate you! You're so annoying! God damn it! Are you serious? Look at what you did! - Stop, stop! - [SCREAMS] [TENSE MUSIC] [SIGHS] It's nothing really.
Well, that's not what your neighbor says.
Yeah, well, she's a nosy bitch, always butting in where she's not wanted.
- That's enough.
- Are you going to arrest us? It it's just a big misunderstanding.
A lot of blood and broken glass for a misunderstanding.
If you just let me call Chase.
Did he hit you? I don't know.
Can I have my phone back? Garrett Howard and his step-daughter, Mackenzie Tolliver, 13.
Neighbor said she was screaming bloody murder.
- Where's Mom? - I didn't think to ask.
It's more up your alley anyway.
You suspect child abuse? There was evidence of a fight.
She wouldn't say if she was hurt and Dad cut himself on some glass.
Figured I'd bring 'em both here to get checked out.
Okay, we'll take it from here.
Howard, Mackenzie.
I'm Lieutenant Benson.
Uh, this is Detective Carisi.
What do you want? Mr.
Howard, why do why don't you come talk to me over here? So Mackenzie Lieutenant, you saved me a call.
- If you have a minute.
- Okay.
Give me a moment.
I'll be right back.
- What's going on? - I think we may have a problem.
What kind of problem? The girl was pretty hysterical when she came in.
Okay, did she say what was wrong? Well, I tried to give her something to calm her down.
- She refused to take it.
- Because? She thought it would hurt her baby.
You're kidding me.
She's 13 years old.
Thirteen and pregnant.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] It's my fault, right? I should've been stricter? Well, you can't lock them in their rooms, Mr.
Why not? Do you have any idea who the father might be? She didn't tell me she was pregnant.
Why would she tell me who the father is? Did Mackenzie have a boyfriend? Not that I know of.
Did she ever mention any boys? Maybe somebody she went to school with, could've been somebody she met online.
What do I know about raising a girl? You know, it was stupid to think that I could replace Angela.
- Is that her mother? - Yeah.
She passed two years ago.
We were only married for a short period of time.
[SIGHS] So it's it's just been you two alone for the past few years? I know you have to ask, but come on, man.
[SOMBER MUSIC] I'm a father to her.
Did you adopt Mackenzie? I couldn't.
She has a junkie father running around somewhere.
He and Angela divorced when we met.
Look, the thing is I love Mackenzie like she's my own and I thought I was doing the right thing.
[SIGHS] The doctor at the hospital let me hear the heartbeat.
It was the most unreal feeling ever.
And you didn't tell your dad? Stepdad, and I was going to.
It's just Garrett is a little hard to talk to sometimes.
The baby's only eight weeks old.
Did you tell the baby's father? He wouldn't care.
Well, how do you know that? I don't want to talk about it.
Can I go to school now? I have a math quiz, - and it's super important.
- Not quite yet, Mackenzie.
So I know that this is difficult to talk about, but we need to know the details of what happened.
So the first question I want to ask you is were you upset about how this happened? Why do you even care? I'm old enough to make my own decisions.
No one is saying you're not.
We're concerned though and your stepfather's concerned.
Listen, we just want what's best for you.
He was just some guy.
What was his name? I don't know.
I was buying yogurt in Whole Foods.
We started talking.
It was only one time in his car.
So he's old enough to drive.
You don't understand.
I wanted to; he didn't force me or anything like that.
Listen, Mackenzie, if he was a grown man.
it's not okay.
So what color was the car? It was blue.
A BMW, I think.
Great, that's very helpful, Mackenzie.
And what else can you remember about him? Why? Because under the law, Mackenzie, what he did to you may be rape.
- Is she okay? - She's fine, considering.
Did she say who the father was? She said it's a man that she met at Whole Foods.
She doesn't know his name.
That's ridiculous.
Yeah, I know.
She's she's covering for somebody.
Why would she do that? Because she's 13 years old and this is a lot to handle.
She'll come around in time.
Well, and if she doesn't? Do you know anybody that drives a blue BMW? No.
Why? Mr.
Howard, would you mind taking a look at this? Anybody here ring a bell? Where did you get this? Our computer geeks found it on Mackenzie's fake Instagram account.
It's just an account where she can hide stuff from you.
"Send nudes they said.
It'd be fun they said, lolz.
" That doesn't even sound like Mackenzie.
Do you recognize them? Well, they must be from her school.
This is middle school.
Our biggest problems are cyberbullying and texting, not teen pregnancy.
Well, unfortunately that's where we are.
Now what can you tell us about Mackenzie? She's bright, popular, gets good grades.
She never gets in trouble.
Have you noticed a behavioral change in her recently? Honestly, no.
She's always been a standout student, super involved.
Volleyball, school play, art club.
Okay, is there is there someone that she could've confided in? Maybe, uh, a a close friend or something? I can ask around but I can assure you, whatever happened to her didn't happen here.
Okay, hey, Father, I need you to look at one more thing for me, all right? These two boys, they go to school here? Yes, of course.
Uh, Logan Larson and Chase Madera.
Okay, we're going to need to talk to them.
We were at Chase's hanging out.
His dad was home.
Nothing, like, sexual happened.
All right, well, then tell me, Logan, why did she write, that you asked to send nudes? I-I was screwing around.
I don't know.
She never did send them.
Did you ever date Mackenzie? No.
I mean, we're friends, you know? - But you thought about it.
- Sure.
I mean Okay, listen, I know what you mean.
No, it's not like that.
Mack is just one of those girls who is always touching you.
Touching how? She puts her hand on yours, stuff like that.
Makes you think Makes you think what, Logan? That she wants to be closer than you really are, but I never did anything.
I used to think it was because she was shy.
But now? I realized she wants you to lean in real close.
How close? Close enough to smell her perfume.
It was like blueberries or something.
Did you like that? Sure.
I mean, the girls around here aren't allowed to wear that stuff.
Most of them follow the rules.
But not Mackenzie? I guess.
Did you ever get past the, uh, the smelling stage? I tried to kiss her a couple of times but we never did.
She's a tease.
Did that make you mad? More like confused.
Maybe the whole thing was an act, Or maybe she was a scared 13-year-old girl.
Yeah, tell that to Dreyfus.
Who's that? He teaches drama, but the real drama is what goes on backstage.
That's what I've heard anyways.
She's a natural.
Hey, do you mind? We're having a dress rehearsal tomorrow.
Nah, it's all good.
You ever worked one-on-one with Mackenzie? Alone? Yeah, sure.
I read lines with her.
I do with all the students.
Maybe a little more often with Mackenzie? Yeah, what with her being such a natural and all.
[CHUCKLES] You're kidding me, right? I would think a couple of detectives would see right through student gossip.
Hormones set teenage fantasies flying.
This may be a little more than fantasy, Mr.
Mackenzie Tolliver is pregnant.
She's only 13.
You think that I'm the father.
Is there a reason that we shouldn't? Look, I never touched that girl and anyone who says I did is a liar.
What kind of car do you drive, Mr.
Dreyfus? A BMW.
Why? Let me guess, blue? - Let's go.
- Wait, am I under arrest? You can be if you don't want to come willingly.
I've been at Saint Matthew's for eight years.
Why would I do something like this now? One of the great mysteries of life.
You know, some guys, they they just like young girls.
The younger the better.
Have you asked around the school? I've got a great record.
I've never been accused of anything like this.
Well, everybody's got to start somewhere.
Okay, okay, you say that she's pregnant? I'll give blood, DNA, whatever you want.
That's exactly what we want to hear.
Absolutely not.
I thought you wanted to know who the father was.
I did, but judging by the looks on your faces now, uh, I'm not so sure.
Even if Mackenzie was raped? Look, she doesn't see it that way and at this point, she's decided she's keeping the baby.
So what? So wait, wait, you're you're fine with what happened to your daughter? I have to be.
I loved Mack's mom, I love Mack.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] I'm in this for the long haul.
And the last thing we need is some stranger butting in and demanding rights that he doesn't deserve.
Look, this is what Mackenzie wants! Mackenzie's a child.
She doesn't know what she wants.
Yes, she does.
And if that changes, we'll reconsider.
So the way this usually works is, first there's a crime, and then we go to court and we nail the person that did it.
We can't tell if there's a crime until we know who the father is.
- We think it was an adult? - She won't say, and unless we can get her to take a paternity test, then we won't know who the father is and we don't know if she was raped.
You realize her attorney's going to argue some form of my body my choice? She's 13 years old, Peter.
And then we're gonna get hit with a heavy dose of her right to privacy.
Is there a chance? Just is there even a chance? As long as judges are human, there's a chance.
Hey, Stone got the motion put on tomorrow's calendar.
Good for you.
Well, don't be so excited about it.
What I meant was, Liv, is it's good for you.
I'm not so sure how good it is for Mackenzie.
There's a chance that we're looking at statutory rape.
There's a chance we're not.
I mean, Dreyfus offered up his DNA.
Well, what can I say? It makes my skin crawl a little bit thinking about a court violating a minor's privacy.
You know, because let's say for the sake of argument that the father is Zack or Jake or some other middle schooler.
Why ruin his life too? I didn't know a baby ruined anyone's life.
You know what I mean.
You know, maybe she she's she's keeping the burden off another 13-year-old.
Maybe she's being righteous by by keeping him in the dark.
And if it's a 40-year-old drama teacher? [SIGHS] I mean, did you? Did I what? Yeah, when you were pregnant, did you let the father know before you Before I what? [SIGHS] You're making me say it? We were standing right here and you told me that you had an abortion.
I-I never said that.
So I dreamt it? No, Amanda, what I said was is that regret can be an awful thing to live with and so you assumed Yeah, and you let me.
I did, and I'm sorry, Amanda.
It's just it's a very complicated story and I didn't want to get into it.
So it's a privacy thing, which which was my argument to begin with in this conversation.
- All right? - Okay.
What the hell? Mackenzie.
I'm so sorry, I didn't Are you this Lieutenant she's yapping about? I'm Lieutenant Benson.
- $19.
- I'm sorry? That's what was on the meter.
Who takes a cab without money? Here.
- A tip would be appreciated.
- [SCOFFS] I hope you learned something, young lady.
I'm so sorry.
I was gonna call.
It's just Garrett took my phone.
Okay, that's why we're here, Mackenzie.
Are you okay? What's - what's going on? - I don't know.
I told Garrett that it was Mr.
What did he say? He was so upset.
D's a good guy.
I didn't want him to get in trouble.
I just thought that, with the blood test, you'd figure out anyway and I'm sorry about the money.
Mackenzie, where is your stepfather right now? I don't know.
I told him and he left.
Did he say where he was going? No, he slammed the door.
He was so mad.
Okay, honey, I want you to have a seat right here.
I'll be right back.
Dreyfus? Mr.
Howard, put the weapon down now.
I didn't mean to.
[SIGHS] I was so angry.
I didn't know what I was doing.
Has your blood ever boiled, Mr.
Stone? She's only 13.
I mean, how could he? Please tell us what happened, Mr.
Go on.
Uh, Mack told me about the theater teacher, uh, Mr.
And I had met him last spring after the Easter play, and all I could think about is his hairy body on top of my sw my sweet [CHUCKLES] Okay.
Um, what did you say to Mr.
Dreyfus? I asked him how could he.
I asked him what kind of animal and I told him there was a special place in hell waiting just for him.
What did he say to you? [SIGHS] He told me to leave and I said I wouldn't until he told me to my face what he did.
And did he? He just smiled.
This cruel heartless smile and he told me to leave again and I couldn't move.
And I'm so filled with with anger, with so much hate.
And he he pushed me, I-I pushed him back, and and then [SNIFFS] And then what, Mr.
Howard? I saw the trophy.
It was on the coffee table.
I grabbed it and I swung.
And as soon as I saw him lying there, not moving, I was filled with guilt.
One sin does not justify another and I think that's enough.
Obviously he was under extreme emotional distress.
I can't go lower than Man Two.
How much? Two years, one probation.
You're kidding! He killed a man.
And what jury is going to convict him? Thanks but no thanks.
There's a Mr.
Woodward here.
Says it's about the Quentin Dreyfus murder.
Send him in.
Thank you for seeing me.
What can I do for you, Mr.
Woodward? Uh, I knew Quentin Dreyfus.
In fact, I knew him very well.
Have a seat.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Can I get you something? Water? Oh, I'm fine.
Well, like I'll ever be fine again.
I loved Quentin and he loved me.
I see.
What those people are saying about him, that he had sex with that student, it can't be true.
He wouldn't.
Were you in a serious relationship? We were going to get married next summer.
I'm sorry, you've you've caught me completely off guard.
Uh, nobody told me that Of course, of course they didn't they didn't know.
Do you know what would happen to him at that school if they found out? Did you live together? I asked him to move in but he was afraid a student or a teacher would find out.
And there's absolutely no chance he No.
He's never had sex with a woman.
His student, Mackenzie Tolliver Is lying.
I have no idea why, but she is.
Is there anyone else who can confirm this? Would my whole family be good enough? All of our friends? Is it is it true that he was killed with a bowling trophy? It is.
The West Village Pin Poppers.
It's an LGBTQ league.
That's where we met.
Anyway, I thought that you should know.
Not that it matters now.
Thank you.
Thank you for your time.
[SIGHS] Liv, it's Peter.
Something stinks.
Kayman, the lawyer, he said that Garrett would be out on bail before dinner.
He spoke to Family Services so I could stay home.
And you're okay with that? With my teacher being dead or that my stepdad's the one It was my fault that he went over there.
It was an accident, right? Mackenzie, it's it's normal to be afraid, to be sad, to be scared.
I can I can help you find a place to stay tonight.
No, no, no.
It's fine.
I'm just I'm focusing on dinner.
What are you making? Veal chops.
Garrett's favorite.
[CHUCKLES] When I was 13, the only thing I could make was Pop-Tarts.
Um, my mom taught me.
She used to cook every night for him.
You loved her very much, huh? I still do.
I miss her.
Mackenzie, I need to talk to you about something.
No, I can't.
Not right now.
Sweetie, it's important.
I'm not sure that you're telling me the truth about Mr.
I am.
Well, then, would you mind telling me exactly how it happened.
All right? You said that you didn't know his name and you said that you met in Whole Foods.
Well, I didn't want to get him in trouble.
Well, that's understandable but I think maybe there's somebody else that you don't want to get in trouble.
- You're clueless.
- Well, then clue me in.
Mackenzie, do you feel safe when you're at home with Garrett? He's not gonna hurt me.
Wait, you think he put this baby in me? Did he? It was Mr.
Now that he's dead, I can't even prove it.
Well, we don't think that it was him.
And if Garrett killed Dreyfus because of your lie It only matters if he knows I was lying, right? I have to go.
Garrett doesn't like it when I'm late.
Well, she's right.
If Garrett didn't know she was lying about Dreyfus, - he still has a defense.
- My point is is that she's in eighth grade.
How did she know that? You think she wanted Garrett to kill Dreyfus? A teenager? I don't think she thinks anything through.
But I know that she's protecting somebody and my my gut tells me that it's Garrett.
I'll just have to put her on the stand to find out.
My Lieutenant and I rushed over to Mr.
Dreyfus's apartment.
Dreyfus was on the floor.
He was dead and Garrett Howard was sitting on the couch holding a bowling trophy.
Was this the trophy, Detective? Yes.
I mean this this could really do some damage.
You made your point, Mr.
That's all.
[CLEARS THROAT] When you arrive at the deceased's apartment, did Mr.
Howard try to run? No.
Did he deny hitting Mr.
Dreyfus with the trophy? - No.
- Did he say anything to you? He said, "I didn't mean to.
" Thank you, Detective.
Witness may step down.
The people call Mackenzie Tolliver.
She's 13 years old, Your Honor.
She's perfectly competent to testify.
Approach, Your Honor.
This better be good, Mr.
- [SIGHS] - Well? Well, this is a bit awkward.
Objecting without grounds usually is.
The proposed witness is unable to testify because her communications with the defendant are privileged.
I'm sorry, I'm I'm not aware of any stepfather/stepdaughter privilege.
Neither am I, counselor.
Yeah, but I'm sure you both are aware of spousal privilege.
The defendant and Ms.
Tolliver, or should I say Mrs.
Howard, are legally married.
[TENSE MUSIC] Here is the original marriage license.
It's from Missouri.
And a copy for you.
Well that's enough for today.
We're adjourned.
[GAVEL THUDS] [SIGHS] The marriage license was duly recorded in a courthouse in Caruthersville, Missouri, on August 27, 2018.
It's a year after her mother died.
She was too young to even know what marriage means.
It's bonkers.
Almost 20 states have no minimum age for marriage.
Over 200,000 kids were married since 1999, some as young as 11.
Turns out Caruthersville is a real hot spot for child brides.
So this marriage is legal.
Under the Missouri statute, a child under 16 can get married as long as they have the consent of a blood relative.
Now this consent was executed by Marcus Tolliver.
- That's Mackenzie's father.
- He's a junkie who's in the wind.
Right, he was in Rikers, he did three years for attempted burglary, he got released four years ago, and then nothing until this.
Track him down.
Relatives, family, friends.
She got a, uh, she's got an aunt in Connecticut, Penelope Archer.
Why didn't she call me? She didn't do anything wrong.
Garrett killed that man.
She's moving in with me and that is it.
It's it's not that simple.
What are you talking about? I will go to the courthouse and I will tell them that Um, listen, she and Garrett are married.
She's 13.
Apparently that's legal in Missouri.
- Missouri.
- Yeah, that's not all.
She's pregnant.
With his child? That's what they're saying.
Oh, my God.
Oh, that sick pervert.
Were you and Mackenzie close? I'm her aunt.
When Angela died, I tried to get closer.
I, you know, we'd go down into the city, for girls' trips, shopping, brunch.
But after a while, she started to shut me out and now I know why.
- I should've known.
- You can't blame yourself.
No, she should've been living here.
It's not like Garrett was even family.
Well, speaking of which, we're we're trying to locate Mackenzie's father.
[CHUCKLES] Now there's a first class screw-up for you.
Seems like Angela had a thing for them.
He went to prison, you know.
Have you spoken to him since he was released? He came here asking for money after we buried Angela.
"Pay up or I'll take Mackenzie.
" So you paid him.
You know, to think that I thought Mackenzie would be better off with Garrett.
I gave him about five grand in cash and I told him never come back here.
And when he's broke, he just calls.
So you have his address.
I have an old one.
Uh, he's not exactly the type that stays in one place for long.
[HANDLE RATTLING] - Who are you? - NYPD I need to talk to Marcus Tolliver.
- Never heard of him.
- Lola, I need a lighter.
Shall I introduce you? She's a cop.
What the hell did you do this time? I'm here to talk to you about your daughter.
- You have a kid? - Oh, shut up.
Did something happen to Mack? Well, first of all, she's pregnant.
Just like her mom.
Oh, that's okay though 'cause she's married, right? Look, she said she loved the guy.
What do you want from me? Yeah, I would ask what you were thinking, but I don't I don't see much of that going on here.
Oh, you come to my house to insult me? - How much did Garrett pay you? - For what? Are you stuck on stupid, Marcus? How much did he pay you to sign the consent form? Fine.
He gave me ten grand.
They're married? Under Missouri law, it's perfectly legal.
The duly authorized license is attached to our papers.
I saw it.
That doesn't mean I believe it.
And I hope that one of you will tell me why I don't have to give full faith and credit to our sister state's law.
As noted in our Motion to Annul, Missouri Law requires consent of a blood relative.
It is our position that Mr.
Tolliver was not acting under his own free will when he consented.
- How so? - He was bribed, Your Honor.
He was hard up.
I gave him some cash.
- How much? - I don't recall.
$10,000 is hard to forget.
And you've changed your mind, Mr.
Tolliver? She's only 13, Judge.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Okay, Mr.
Stone, I assume that your motion isn't purely altruistic.
What is your real agenda here? Mr.
Howard is currently on trial for Manslaughter.
And you'd like to call the young lady as witness.
The trial is continued until this matter can be resolved.
I see.
We'll take a five minute break and then I will hear from the bride.
I think I've always loved him.
From the first time I saw him.
When was that? When he started dating Mom.
He made us so happy.
He would read me his books before bed.
His voice was like gold or something.
I always got goosebumps.
So you loved him like you would a rock star? - No.
- A father? I wouldn't know about that.
I've never had a father.
Your Honor, that man sitting right there, I don't even know him.
He left before I was even born and any law that says I need his permission to be happy is a stupid law.
And I love him like a wife loves a husband.
- Like your mother loved him.
- That's right.
What do you think she would say about your marriage? She'd be happy that I found a good man, just like she did.
You mean the same man, don't you? You don't know anything.
Before Mom died, she told me to take care of him.
I doubt this is what she meant.
That's enough.
A court in the state of Missouri has already found that Mr.
Tolliver's consent is valid.
As such, barring fraud, I am collaterally estopped The father was bribed to consent, Your Honor.
Your bribe is Mr.
Howard's charitable contribution.
As I was saying, I'm collaterally estopped from finding Mr.
Tolliver's consent invalid.
As such, giving full faith and credit to Missouri law, I hold that the marriage is valid in New York.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] You're telling me this marriage is kosher? According to Judge Calahan in the Family Court, it is.
Ergo Mackenzie cannot testify against my client.
Because of the sensitive nature of the relationship between Mackenzie and my client, I move that any mention of said relationship be prohibited.
- On what grounds? - Clearly, said relationship is more prejudicial than probative.
Your client is on trial for killing his wife's teacher.
His marital status is surely relevant.
All due respect, Your Honor, you literally turned green when I brought it up.
Truth be told, I'm feeling a little ill right now.
That's my point exactly.
A jury will convict him based on his alternative marriage status and not because of his actions.
Let's just get this over with, shall we? Mr.
Kayman's Motion to exclude references to the marriage is granted.
We'll pick this up where we left off, tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.
Your Honor.
This is preposterous.
So the law doesn't care how sick this is.
Look, bottom line, to a jury, Garret's just an irate father who confronted the man he thought was sleeping with his stepdaughter.
Even though he's the one that was raping her.
Yeah, it's not statutory rape if they're married.
Bet you thought you'd never say that.
Hey, Stone, I looked into those dates you asked me to.
Mackenzie's first OB-GYN appointment was six months after they were married.
Which means we can't prove he married her just to avoid a rape charge.
What if he didn't? What if he really does love her? Then he'd protect her.
It's worth a shot.
I want to see them tomorrow before the trial.
Okay, we're here.
Why? You got me.
It's too late for a deal, Stone.
I'm considering dropping the charges against your client.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, no thanks necessary.
He wasn't going to win anyway.
I'm charging you, Mackenzie.
What? - You can't do that.
- Actually, he can.
Mackenzie, you're the one who put the false idea in Garrett's head that you were sleeping with Mr.
And it's completely foreseeable that a stepfather would take vengeance against the man sexually preying on his stepdaughter.
[TENSE MUSIC] Especially when the two of you are so close.
- Do something! - Stop! Mackenzie, you should know that your baby will be born in prison.
- Stop! - Don't say anything! I killed Dreyfus.
I had to.
No, you didn't! He wasn't going to say anything! You should never have told him about us.
He was my friend.
After the cops talked to him, they told him I was pregnant.
He came to me, he was worried about me, but he promised not to say anything.
I lost your mother.
I couldn't take the chance that anyone would find out about us.
But your marriage was legal.
There's nothing to be ashamed of, unless I am not ashamed! You look at her.
How could you not fall in love with someone so beautiful and so sweet? An angel sent from heaven to bless my life, to bless me, and look at us now.
Your stupid laws have ruined us.
My whole life I've searched for real love and I found it.
What was I supposed to do? Waiting till she was 18 would've been a good start.
About that deal? Man One, he does 20.
Max is 25.
Take it or I'll add statutory rape.
You you can't prove that.
There's no spousal privilege when child abuse is involved.
What jury is going to believe that you waited until you were married to sleep with someone that you loved so much? Get this douche out of here.
No, no, please! Don't do this! - Baby, I love you.
I love you.
- No, no! Listen to me, you have to let him go.
Let him [SOBBING] - What are you doing here? - I care about you.
Right, that's why you ruined my life? [SCOFFS] He killed your friend, Mackenzie.
- He manipulated you.
- I wanted to.
No, he made you think that you wanted to.
You're just jealous.
Mackenzie, I didn't know your mother, but I guarantee you she wouldn't have approved of you getting married at this age.
How do you know? Because I know that she loved you and I know she would've done anything to protect you.
Just like I would do anything to protect my son and keep him happy and keep him safe.
Just like you would do anything to protect your baby.
Honey, I know that this is hard to see right now.
Why? Because I'm just a kid? No, honey, that's a good thing.
That's a great thing and it's it's a mistake to run away from that.
- I'm not stupid, you know.
- I know that.
But you were vulnerable and Garrett took advantage of that.
- I took good care of him.
- Honey, I know.
When he looked at me, it made me feel Wanted? Needed? Loved? Like I was a real woman.
Oh, sweetheart.
But, sweetheart, you're not yet.
The truth of the matter is you should've been out riding bikes with your friends, gossiping with your friends, and Garrett took something from you that is that is irreplaceable.
My childhood? [SOMBER MUSIC] Mackenzie, but what I can promise you Is the way your baby is gonna look at you.
It's going to make you feel more loved, more needed than you can ever imagine.
But it's an awesome responsibility.
- I bet you're a good mom.
- [CHUCKLES] I don't know.
It's just trial and error.
At least you didn't die.
Oh, sweetheart.
- [SOBBING] - Oh, honey.