Law & Order Special Victims Unit s20e21 Episode Script


1 In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
- Yeah, I'm gonna catch a cold.
Nice butt.
- Ooh.
- Emilia! Come on, you're missing the whole game! She's the only one you can beat.
Speaking of which, aren't you forgetting something? Oh, come on, that doesn't count! Hey, it's part of my wardrobe! Thought you got lost in there.
Deal the cards.
Big pour for me.
- Some for you.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Somebody's going for the flesh.
Dealer takes three.
All right, what do we got? What do we got? Who beats three queens? [LAUGHING.]
Don't let me forget this.
Nobody look at my toenails.
- Why? - Eww.
Emilia? - Whoo.
- Oh.
- Now it's a party.
- Emilia! Emilia! - Take it off! - [ALL HOOTING.]
- Emilia! - Emilia, come back! [ENGINE TURNS OVER.]
69th and Central Park West.
You got it.
Must have been a hell of a party.
Not really.
Do you mind if I put on some tunes? Whatever.
Treated you bad, huh? You could say that.
Pretty girl like you? Hey, I said 69th.
What are you doing? Let me out! [TENSE MUSIC.]
The truth is, I had my head stuck out the window to cop a smoke without Fred that's my husband knowing.
So you saw the cab pull out? That's right, and that poor girl lying in the street.
That's when I called 911.
I thought maybe she was dead.
Luckily, you were wrong.
- She was raped, right? - What makes you say that? I saw the bra and panties next to her head.
Two plus two.
Could you see the driver's face? I was up there.
Fifth floor.
How about the license plate number? I didn't think to look.
If you think of anything else, reach out.
- I will.
Thank you.
- Okay.
He drove right by my house.
- And what did you do then? - I was polite.
I thought he might have made a mistake, misheard me, so I repeated "Central Park West and 69th, Central Park West and 69th.
Okay, did you see his name on the taxi permit? Did you see his face? He was he was black.
- Okay.
- And then And then the doors locked shut, and I freaked out he was gonna kill me.
- Why did I - No, honey.
This is not your fault.
None of this is your fault.
I tried I tried to scream and scream, but then he And then what, honey? He grabbed my hair and he he hit me.
- Si.
No more Italian! I hate Italy! Okay.
Some bruising, genital trauma - signs of sexual assault.
- Okay.
Any chance she was drugged? No drugs in her system, but her blood alcohol was .
Lucky she can walk.
Was there semen in her rape kit? Yeah, we sent it to the lab.
Hopefully we'll get a DNA hit.
- Thank you, Dr.
- This is her room.
Excuse me? Hi, I'm Lieutenant Benson.
This is Detective Rollins.
Oh, Emilia said you were very good to her.
- Thank you.
- You must be her father.
Oh, no, no.
No, Emilia's an exchange student from Italy.
My wife Mary and I are her host family.
Damn it, Lara.
Uh, Lara's Emilia's sister.
So how you doing today, Emilia? Okay.
Uh, I'd like to ask you some questions, to continue from last night.
And I'd like to speak with the rest of you outside.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
So, Emilia, I was hoping that you might be able to remember some more details about the man who attacked you.
I'm sorry.
That's okay.
Can you tell us where you were before you got into the cab? I was at my friend's house.
Tommy Burke.
But he didn't do anything.
Okay, because if I know where the cab picked you up then that would help us find him.
How about your clothes? You have any idea what happened to them? I left them at Tommy's, but it's not what you were thinking.
We were just playing a kind of poker where you Where if you lose, you lose your clothes.
I was a teenager once.
I just I couldn't you know, so I left.
They must think I'm a baby, but It's okay, honey.
It's okay.
I like your I like your cross.
It's so pretty.
My mother gave it to me.
I asked her - if she wanted to go home.
- What did she say? She wants to help you catch the bastard who did this.
Okay, and and where is home? Ischia.
It's an island off Naples.
What's this have to do with anything? Lara stayed with us before Emilia.
Yeah, I go to Hudson now.
- Oh, good for you.
- Excuse me? How how is any of this going to help? Okay.
Sorry, it's just, she was our responsibility.
- We were supposed to keep her safe.
- I understand.
Do you think you'll catch him? We will do the best we can.
Thank you.
Ischia is one of the most beautiful islands in the world.
I had never heard of it before this morning.
My aunt from my, uh, mom's side, she was born there.
I mean, she hasn't been back in 60 years but she cannot stop talking about it.
Tell me about her cannolis.
No, it's a marinara sauce.
She gets the tomatoes flown in from Naples.
- It is unbelievable.
- Course she does.
Just let me talk to these girls.
I want to brush up on my Italian.
You can brush up on your English while you're at it.
Both the girls went to an American school over there.
They sound like they grew up in Westport.
- You're kidding me.
- No.
I'm telling you, I have more of an accent than they do.
I got the address where the kids played cards.
- I'll take it.
- Thank you.
They don't really have to know about the strip poker, do they? Nobody's trying to bust you here, Tommy.
- Is this all Emilia's stuff? - Uh, yeah.
- She gonna be okay? - That's a big TBD.
I I tried calling and there was no answer.
I just figured Richard ripped her a new one for coming home without clothes.
You don't care for him? Mein fuehrer? What's not to like? And when Emilia ran off? We wouldn't have forced her to do anything.
It was just a game.
I had no idea she'd freak.
Anybody go upstairs and see if she was okay? We thought she wanted to be alone.
All right, so I'm gonna assume that none of you guys saw her get into a cab? Man, I wish I did.
Me too, Tommy.
Me too.
All right, thanks.
That's sweet.
Well, I gotta keep you sharp.
But look what I found without caffeine.
Look, this is from the Burkes' security cam.
She's in a rush to get out of there.
Oh, I've never caught a cab that fast.
No, the cab company has no record of any pick-ups or drop-offs on that street at that time.
There was no phone in that bag Tommy gave us.
Whoever's got that phone could be the rapist.
I was thinking the same, so I had TARU run the GPS.
And? We've got our bad guy.
NYPD, open up! Go.
What's what's going on? I must have picked it up by mistake.
- In the hospital room? - That's right.
So when the phone rang Why are you talking to me like I'm a criminal? Well, Lara, I saw you check the caller ID.
- So? - So we know that Tommy Burke called your sister Emilia this morning.
- So? - I bet if you check your call log we'll all see that he made that call while we were all in that hospital room.
What does that have to do with me? Unless you're friends with a 15-year-old high school kid you knew that phone was your sister's.
So you think that I had something to do with Emilia getting raped? What I'm wondering is why you're being less than honest with us.
- I'm not.
- So open it.
We know you know the passcode.
Will this help you catch the guy? It might.
She has Fone Fare.
It goes to Richard's credit card so we could pay for cabs even if we didn't have cash.
Oscar Grove.
Who's that? The man who raped your sister.
We got the SOB.
He lives on 121st Street in East Harlem.
His shift starts at 5:00.
Uptown during rush hour.
This should be fun.
Hey, Oscar.
- Nah.
- Come on, man, it's legal! - It's legal! - Rape isn't.
"Rape"? What are you talking about? I ain't rape no girl.
Oh, yeah? Well, that girl's name was Emilia Barassi, and she was only 15.
- I never heard of her.
- Oh, is that right? Then how come her Fone Fare app says you picked her up at West 89th Street at 10:47 p.
? 'Cause I pick up a lot of people.
- Half-dressed? - [STAMMERS.]
- I don't remember.
- Oh.
Well, fortunately for us we got the rapist's DNA, and if it matches yours, then you're done.
Do a lot of time, Oscar.
Black time.
Okay, let's say, for instance, that I maybe had something to do with it.
Well, then maybe our DA can shave off a couple years.
- What do you think, Fin? - I don't think so.
Black time.
You're going under the jail.
That girl was flashing her "tig old biddies," man.
What she expect? Is that a confession? 'Cause it sure sounds like one to me.
Let's go tell it to the DA.
Emilia, we got him.
Will I have to testify in court? No, no, honey.
He pled guilty.
- So it's over.
- Legally, yes.
Good, yeah.
You know, emotionally that can be a different story, so if it's okay with you I'd love to give you the name of a of a counselor.
- A therapist.
- Yes, that would be great.
Thank you.
I'll take that, okay.
We can't thank you enough, Lieutenant.
- Come on.
- Take care.
Hey, take care of yourself, okay? - Thank you.
- Okay.
Thank you, bye.
Liv, I had TARU image Emilia's phone and, um, there's some videos on here that I don't think she wanted Richard to see.
Should I get Emilia? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Not yet.
This is a whole new case.
Those guys are at least 40 years old.
Well, now we know why Lara didn't want us to see her phone.
The kids at school are treating me funny.
"Funny" how? They're all, like, super nice.
I can tell they're all talking about me.
Okay, well, listen, I I know it can feel that way.
Have you called the therapist? - I will.
- Yeah.
I know how difficult this is, Emilia, but I think it would really help.
So I need to talk to you about something else.
- He's he's not getting out? - No, no, no.
He's going away for a very long time.
But I saw the video on your phone.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Are you sure? 'Cause I can talk to Mary or Richard about it.
No, he'd kill me.
Okay, then why don't you tell me? Okay? Just you and me.
And I need you to tell me everything.
- A man - What man? I met him online.
He said his name was Bob, but I don't know.
It was when I first got here.
And Richard and Mary are great, but But? I was just lonely, I guess.
Emilia, the men in the video, they were more than than twice your age.
It was just once.
Do you remember where you were? Honey, what they did to you is against the law.
It's illegal.
- They didn't force me.
- It doesn't matter.
Did they give you anything? Alcohol, drinks? - Huh? - Yes.
But I didn't even want it.
It was at the Harper Hotel and I never went back.
But please if Richard finds out he'll send me home.
I understand.
- His name is Alex Kay.
- Who? This scumbag.
I ran him through facial recognition and came up with him at the Black & White Ball.
- He's a developer.
- That means he's got bucks.
Yeah, good.
Get himself a good lawyer.
Let me get my coat.
I can handle him myself, Fin.
I'm not worried about you.
These are condo complexes in Buenos Aires.
They should be done sometime next year.
Archie, Archie, we've been through this.
The capital loss is temporary.
You'll make it back in three months tops.
The rest is gravy.
That's right, just trust me.
The guy's got 500 mil and he still wets his pants over every deal.
Alex Kay.
- Let me guess Detective Rollins? - Pretty good.
Which makes you Sergeant Tutuola.
- Last time I checked.
- Sit, sit.
Oh, we're good.
We'll stand.
Ah, a man after my own heart.
You want a deal to tank, put your ass in a chair.
What can I do for you? We wanted to ask you about a party that you attended.
Half my job is going to parties.
Believe me, fun is a lot of work.
Well, it seems like you really had fun at this party.
Here, you can go ahead and press play.
That's obscene.
She's 15.
It's illegal.
And that's a good thing? Think you should take another look.
At the the man right there beside the girl.
- And? - You recognize her? - Should I? - Yeah, that's you, Mr.
- Me? - Yeah.
No, you're mistaken.
Oh, you should look again.
Right here.
Sure, if you stretch your imagination.
The hair is similar, maybe the nose, but I can assure you it's not me.
And if we disagree? I have an army of lawyers over there with their fingers on the "libel" buttons on their computers.
You know what else is good about standing? It makes it easier to arrest your ass.
- This is outrageous.
- Mm-hmm.
No, I know where to find her.
- What? - That was TARU.
That sex tape somebody emailed it to Emilia last August.
It was her sister, Lara.
The good news is, your kid sister kept your name out of it.
Bad news, we know you filmed her having sex with two older guys.
- That's child porn, Lara.
We didn't sell it or anything.
Feds aren't gonna really care.
Yeah, and a New York DA isn't gonna be too keen on pimping out a minor.
No, it's not like that at all.
I was invited to a party and Emilia begged to come with me.
She wants to do everything I do.
Did she know what kind of party this was? Yeah, she didn't care.
She was into it.
And you didn't think she was a little bit young for this? [NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE.]
Look, she had to grow up sometime.
She's my baby sister.
The operative word being "baby.
" I love her.
I wouldn't do anything to hurt her.
Well, I think we're well past that.
- Don't you? - Yeah, we are.
So you need to tell us whose party that was, okay? A guy named Bob, I think.
I met him in a bar, okay? He told me he was staying at the Harper Hotel.
He was from Cincinnati or something.
- What about the other guy? - He was from LA.
They were both here on business.
Do you remember his name being Alex Kay? No.
Should I? You gotta remember, we're from a tiny town in Italy, okay? We were just looking for a little excitement.
Emilia and I swore that we'd keep this entire thing a secret.
Then why'd you send her the video? She wanted it.
I don't know why.
If Richard ever found out, he'd send her home.
Well, it sounds like she would have been a hell of a lot safer back there.
So I have a class.
Yeah, go ahead.
You see that crucifix around her neck? I don't buy for one second that she didn't know - what she was doing was wrong.
- How about the host parents? You think they had no idea this was going on? Let's go find out.
Hi, come on in.
Wow, this is a beautiful apartment.
Oh, thank you.
Richard's a quant trader.
- He does very well.
- "Quant trader"? It has to do with algorithms for high-frequency trading.
It's a combination of math, finance, and computers.
That's about all I know.
He'll tell you all about it if you're interested.
Can I get you something? I I have some coffee brewing.
- Sounds great.
I'll help you.
- Oh, thank you.
I still can't believe we have all this.
Richard and I met in high school back in Rego Park.
Long way from Rego Park.
It is.
We couldn't have children of our own.
Or should I say I couldn't.
I'm sorry.
Oh, I've learned to live with it.
I think that we get as much out of the exchange students as they get out of us.
You guys have been doing it for a long time? Mm, Emilia's our ninth.
That is some view.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, but now when I look out the window all I can think about is that cabbie driving by with Emilia.
There there's nothing wrong with the case, is there? - No.
- Not at all, we're just wondering how Emilia's doing.
Are you sure you're cops? [LAUGHS.]
We know how hard it can be to readjust after She seems to be doing okay, considering.
'Cause, you know, we spoke to her and seemed like she was hiding something.
I I shouldn't.
Maybe we can help.
Uh, no.
Nobody What? They were sexually abused.
Both of them.
By their dad back in Italy.
Please please don't tell Richard that I told you.
I mean, what what kind of man does So there's no doors, on any of the bedrooms in that apartment.
Emilia never had a moment's privacy.
Doesn't make sense.
We know she was a victim.
A victim would want double locks on the door.
- Right.
- And the the sister act at the sex party? It it's strange.
And it wouldn't be the first time, an abused teen acted out sexually, but this? This doesn't add up.
He's already in jail in Italy.
Lara testified against him.
I am so sorry for everything that you've been through.
Emilia, how old were you? Four.
Do I have to talk about this? I I really think that it will help.
Help what? I'm fine.
- I got over it.
- You're not fine.
Okay? You went to a sex party with two men that we over twice your age.
You think I'm a slut.
Uh, n-not at all.
That's far from the truth.
Okay, I think that you are punishing yourself.
For being a slut.
I think that you are a young, innocent girl who had a bad thing happen to her.
It happened because of me.
Emilia, your father is the criminal here.
Not you.
This is not your fault.
What did your father do to you? It was always in the morning when Lara was at school.
Mama was in town at the market.
She went every Tuesday.
I could hear his flip-flops snap against the wooden floor and I knew.
He carried me into his bed.
The same bed where he slept every night with Mama.
I could smell the wine on his breath from the night before.
He crawled on top of me and laughed.
He grunted like a pig.
How old were you? Four.
Look, I already told the court in Italy all about it.
- They locked him up.
- And what about your mom? We couldn't prove she knew about it, but - she's suffering anyway.
- Mm.
Nobody in the town will talk to her anymore.
That's why I insisted that Emilia come to America.
Thank God Richard wanted another student, What about Mary? Sure.
She loves us, too.
But Richard? He helped me realize what my father had done to me.
I'll love him forever for that.
Was there a door on your bedroom when you lived at Richard and Mary's? What? Of course, why? Because there's no doors on any of the bedrooms now.
Oh, uh.
Well that's probably their stupid decorator, bringing in doors from, uh, France, or Germany, or something.
You wanna tell me about any other parties there might have been? What other parties? Like the one you had at the Harper Hotel.
I told you, that was only one time.
I flew here for Lara's graduation from high school.
Richard paid for it.
Did your mother come too? Lara didn't want her here.
She blames her.
Do you? Now I do.
She let it all happen.
She had to know.
Anyway, I never went home after that.
You didn't go home for your father's trial? Richard said I was too young.
That it would be too painful.
He went back with Lara and then brought her back here.
We are never going back to Italy.
Hey, I'm gonna go get a salad.
- You want something? - No.
No thanks.
Rollins, listen to this.
It's the transcript of the trial in Italy and Lara said [SPEAKING ITALIAN.]
- English, por favore.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.
"I could hear his flip-flops snap" "against the wooden floor and I knew.
" "He crawled on top of me and laughed.
" "He grunted like a pig.
" These are the exact same words, that Emilia used to describe what happened to her.
Lara said the same thing to me.
Word for word.
They both had to be coached.
Lara told me that it was Richard that helped her realize that she was molested.
He went to Italy for the trial, too.
Oh, my God.
I got a list of all the exchange students that stayed with Richard and Mary.
One of them is still here.
She works as a translator at the UN.
Talk to her and call me.
Richard Matthews? How can I forget? Why would you say that? I was a kid, you know? 16, fresh off the boat from Ponta Pora.
It's a small town in Brazil.
I was with him two weeks and it was great.
At least I thought it was.
A party every night.
- What kind of parties? - Lots of booze.
And then Richard told me to come to the den with him to watch a film.
He called it a film.
It was homemade porn starring Richard and the girl from my town that stayed with them two years before.
I got the hell out of there that night.
Thank you for coming.
You got here okay? Yeah.
This is really weird.
I know.
I know it is.
Listen, I wanted to talk to you privately and I figured that you were sick of the squad room by now.
I've really got nothing else to say.
Okay, well, why don't you sit for a minute, all right? This will just take a very short time, honey.
So, Emilia, I need you to tell me again exactly what your father did to you.
- This is dumb.
- No, listen to me.
Please, it is very important.
I need you to trust me, and after this I promise you I'm not gonna bother you again.
So you said you said that it happened in the morning when Lara was at school, right? Mama was in town at the market.
She went every Tuesday.
I could hear his flip-flops snap against the wooden floor and I knew.
That's exactly what your sister said.
Word for word.
Do you know what I think? I think maybe you weren't really molested by your father.
Papa's in jail.
I know he is, and I think that that is a mistake.
- Why would I lie? - You're not lying.
I know that you believe that that really happened, Emilia, but I think that you were brainwashed.
You and your sister - You're crazy.
- Listen to me.
Look at these photos, okay? Just Emilia, do you remember that? I don't want to look at him.
Do you remember riding a bike with your father? How about this one? That's my First Communion.
It's when Mama gave me this.
I found these pictures on your mother's Facebook page.
Emilia do you really remember being molested by your father? I didn't think so.
Emilia, who told you that? Who put that idea in your head? Lara.
She said he did it to her, too.
I didn't believe her.
Did Richard tell you that as well? I didn't believe him, but he proved it.
He proved it? How? - How could he prove it? - I don't want to talk about it.
Emilia, this is very important.
How could he prove it? With his fingers.
Oh, sweetheart.
He put them inside me and he said [STAMMERS.]
What did he say? He said he loved me.
Emilia, that's not love, honey.
He hurt you.
He brainwashed you.
It's called grooming.
Why would he do that? Because he wanted you to do what he wanted.
Did Richard have sex with you? He said he loved me.
Did he take you to that party with the older men? He shot the video on Lara's phone.
Papa's in jail.
What did I do? [SOFT WEEPING.]
- Are you okay? - Lara Lara called him.
- He won't talk to anyone.
- Put some ice on that.
See that building over there on Third? That one.
I used to own it.
Sold it for six million.
Today it's worth, oh, 150.
Sometimes you just do something dumb.
Some things are dumber than others.
I love them, you know.
Who? Emilia and Lara? All of them.
They were all different.
All beautiful in their own way.
- They're kids.
- Yeah, they were.
- Young and innocent.
- And naive? They had no idea how cruel and indecent this world could be.
So you showed them, huh? What I did with my girls wasn't dirty, detective.
It was beautiful.
What about your wife? She had her day.
You really are a prick, you know that? In your eyes.
All my girls love me.
Even after you tossed them aside, you moved on to the next one? Or passed them around to your buddies? Let me ask you something, Mr.
What age were you when you were first abused? Oh, my God.
Oh, come on.
- What, is that really necessary? - No.
Richard Matthews, you're under arrest.
No, no! Please, just just wait! - Just wait! - Come on No! No, no, no! Please! Please, please! No! [SOBBING.]
Please! No! [SOBBING.]
I never wanted any of this.
But you knew about it.
Didn't you, Mary? Don't say anything.
That's why Richard removed the doors.
- So you could watch.
- He made me.
- Mary, no.
- I have I have to tell somebody.
He thought it was funny.
The old bitch watching the younger bitches.
That's what he said.
Sometimes he made me applaud his performances.
It was he was sick.
- And look what he did to her.
I wanted to to help all the girls.
I did, I [STAMMERS.]
I was just I was scared.
Scared of what? That he'd leave.
What would happen to me then? - [PHONE RINGING.]
- What's gonna what's gonna happen to me now? Please.
What is it? Where are you? NYPD.
- Emilia.
- She took pills! - A lot of them! - All right, I want you to call an ambulance.
- I did! - What's the point? - When did she take them? - A-a couple minutes ago! - I couldn't stop her.
- Okay, Lara.
Would it be okay if we stood up and walked around a little bit? - I loved him.
- Okay, shh.
- And you killed him! - Oh, God.
- Just try to stand up with me.
Both of you! - Shh, it's okay.
- No.
You took him! He would have come back to me! I was the one he really loved! Honey, that's not love.
Listen, let's just try Get off! Let's just walk around, okay? [GRUNTS.]
Oh, okay.
Shh Stay with me, honey.
Stay with me.
Hey, she took Ambien.
I don't know how many.
You're gonna get some help now.
She's gonna be okay.
Emilia, it's all right.
She's gonna be okay.
So are you.
- Twenty-seven stories.
- You're not feeling guilty? I'm Catholic.
I always feel guilty.
You know, the weird thing is, is if Emilia hadn't gotten assaulted by that cabbie who knows how her life would have turned out.
That's great news.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
- That's Liv.
- What's up? They pumped Lara's stomach.
She'll be fine.
Fine is one thing those girls are never gonna be.
I'm talking physically.
The mom is coming in from Italy.
That's gotta be awkward.
Liv will be there to break the ice.
They put the father in jail for child rape.
She's gonna need a pretty big ice pick for that.
Moms forgive.
That's part of the drill.
Not my mom.
Matthew singlehandedly destroyed an entire family.
Don't forget about the other seven exchange students scattered all over the world.
Yeah, welcome to America.
Land of the free.
Home of the sick bastards.
This is silly.
I'm not gonna hurt myself.
It's just for a couple days, Lara.
What's gonna happen? Well, our ADA has contacted the Ministry of Justice in Italy and they're working on getting your father out of prison.
Will he ever forgive me? [SPEAKING ITALIAN.]
I don't think I can do this.
Yes, you can.
Yes, you can.