Law & Order Special Victims Unit s20e22 Episode Script


1 In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
Damn it.
Okay, girl.
Be cool.
I know.
I forgot to signal.
You've been drinking? No, Officer.
Turn off the engine.
Step out of the vehicle.
Seriously? - Come on.
Let's go! - Okay.
Oh, no! - Now! - Okay, okay! Easy! Easy! Make sure to frisk her for drugs.
Look, I don't do drugs.
Can't you just write me a ticket? [PANTING.]
If you boys want to have some fun, at least let me look at you.
What'd I tell you? [GRUNTS.]
Your gun.
Get down on the ground.
Get down on the ground! All the way down.
Fire, fire, fire, babe [EXPLOSION.]
It's too hot to Fire [SINGING INDISTINCTLY.]
It's too hot to blow smoke Fire Fire Fire, fire And cut! That one was money! Enough sex appeal for you, Bill? Oh, you're talking sex appeal, and I'm talking police brutality, Black Lives Matter, Me Too.
As long as you're shaking that booty while you're talking, I'm good.
Can we go to Dave and Busters now? Okay.
You know, Daddy's got his concert tonight.
Don't you wanna say goodnight? - You promised! - I can take Lexi, D.
Okay, um, Bill, what is this about Veneshia opening for Snake's concert tonight? - Snake didn't tell you? - No, he didn't.
Can Wallace take me? Please? Please? Yeah, sure.
Just sure! Just just take me home before.
- I got her, Dallas.
- Thank you guys so much! Have a great night.
I really appreciate all your time.
We're gonna get a goat.
I hear it's good with hot sauce.
Not to eat, silly.
As a pet.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Something's not right.
Lexi, wait.
Come on.
Wait here.
Dallas! You okay? [GUN COCKS.]
Dallas? Dallas?! Mommy! Mommy! [CAMERA SHUTTERS SNAPPING.]
- [SIGHS.]
Is that really her? - Yeah.
- Jesus.
- Yeah.
And she fought back.
Maybe she shouldn't have.
How bad? She was struck multiple times on the back of the head.
She's got bleeding behind her ears.
Possible skull fracture.
They're just gonna have to do tests.
Was she raped? We'll have to run a kit, but her robe was torn.
I had a delivery down the street.
And I saw the cops and someone said it was Snake and Dallas.
So I waited to see what's going on.
All right, when you were riding by, did you see anybody go in or out of that building? It was dark.
I wasn't looking.
That's a nice bike.
What what what is that? A Mongoose.
Can I go? Yeah.
Get out of here.
- Did he know anything? - Nah, he's just a lookie-loo.
I hate celebrity cases.
Ten Grammys, 25 nominations.
The President could be on that gurney and get less media attention.
- Was it Snake? - No.
No comment.
Get out of here.
They found her in here.
A Glock.
I'll run it for prints, but I'm guessing it's the victim's.
It was under her body.
All right, let us know if you find anything else.
No sign of forced entry.
The alarms were off.
Security cameras were hacked last week.
So a neighbor walking her dog around 8:15, saw Dallas in a pretty heated squabble with her husband Justin Anderson aka Snake.
Yeah, I know who he is.
I doubt if he did this.
Maybe not, but I wouldn't bet on that.
The 3rd has already investigated two domestic disputes at this address in the last month.
Where's Snake now? Bodyguard says he's in concert at the Apollo.
I fiend for the capture Move the crowd, hands up waving at'cha And move in style, like the music up loud Silent but deadly, the way I ride melodies Listen I can teach ya, but I'm not a preach'a Scene is grim, time slim, meet the reap'a I feel the city moving Feel it burning red and blue Such a crazy world with you Feel it burning red and blue No originality, mumble raps collapse Downloads drop and your career's now a flop The game is a gamble, ya sealed your fate When ya rolled the dice and seen the eyes of a ah! - I feel the city moving - Stand up, Harlem! - I feel the city moving - Yeah! - I feel the city moving.
Odafin Tutuola, baby! Harlem's own, Harlem's own! Bro, come out here, family! - Oh - [CONVERSATION INAUDIBLE.]
Yeah, yeah Ooh Hey, show's over.
Family emergency.
You two know each other? We grew up together.
Our moms were best friends.
Maybe you could've told me that.
Man, I appreciate you coming down here.
Talk to me face to face.
Man, for real.
Well, actually, we we have some questions for you.
Who did this, Fin? We're working on it, man.
I told her to stay away from that Twitter or whatever.
These stalkers, man? All right, listen.
Your neighbor told us that you and Dallas had a fight before you left.
I ain't never laid a hand on my wife.
Then why did the police go to your house twice over domestic disputes? You know someday, when you get yourself a woman [CHUCKLES.]
We'll see if you don't yell every now and then.
So that's all you did, man? Scream? Wow.
You too? The hell happen to you, B? I'm just trying to find out why you guys were arguing.
I was on Veneshia's last record.
There were reports that we were together.
They were false.
How'd you get that bruise? I got into a fight with a pain-in-the-ass papo.
He was too close to Lexi.
I was protecting my daughter.
Is that all right with you, Wonder Bread? Wouldn't it made the news? My manager paid off the papo.
His name is Amir Khoury.
When I left Dallas, she was fine.
Dallas has significant brain swelling.
They had to put her into a medically induced coma to relieve the pressure.
- You do a rape kit? - Yeah.
I sent it to the lab.
Hey, hold up.
Ain't nobody said anything about rape.
Nobody's gonna say anything.
We just got to cover all of our bases.
You and I both know whoever did this is about to die, right? Come on, cuz.
You sure this is a good idea, Sergeant? I know he's your buddy and all but he's still a suspect.
You know Snake? I haven't seen him since we were 16.
But you think he's innocent.
I do think we need to talk to that paparazzi.
What if Snake runs for it? I mean, come on.
Rollins is here.
I mean, where's he gonna go? You good? Snake hit me and then he paid me, and then that put an end to our business dealings.
Well, in case you're interested, your face did a real job on his knuckles.
Look, I went easy on him.
You know, you want to be a celeb, you've got to put up with dicks like me.
But I hope Dallas is okay, right? Her face is a lot prettier than mine.
Why? You think Snake was the one who beat her up? Well, it wouldn't shock me.
You never know when Mr.
Temper's gonna pop up.
Well, Snake was on stage during the time of that attack.
Right, and OJ was in Chicago.
Well, you have proof he wasn't on stage? Snake's a celebrity.
People cover for celebrities.
What makes you say that Snake has a temper? You mean aside from this? Look, guys running for saint don't spend a lot of time at Enfado's Playground.
- What's that? - [CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICK.]
It's a rage room! You know, where they let it all hang out! [YELLING, CRASH.]
So people actually pay for this.
Hey, it's cheaper than a shrink and a hell of a lot better.
So, what? You you go into a room, you you scream, and you smash a bunch of stuff? You make it sound so trivial.
Snake comes here? Under a pseudonym, sure.
He rents our deluxe room.
What do you get with the deluxe room? A dummy, male or female.
Some people rent Donald, others Hillary.
How much for both? You wouldn't happen to record these sessions, would ya? Gentlemen, we live in an age of litigation.
I wouldn't be caught without it.
Can we see Snake? [KEYS CLACKING.]
Bitch! You don't own me! Dallas, you bitch! I'm in charge! [YELLING INDISTINCTLY.]
You still think he's innocent? Dallas, I'll kill you! You find the son of bitches who hurt my baby? Stand up.
You talked to Amir, right? Yeah, we also talked to Enfado's Playground.
Nah, man! Come on! It's a mistake, man! You don't understand! It's not how it looks! - Turn around.
- Hey, I'm deadass, man.
Turn around.
Come on.
- I'm in charge! Dallas! - [CRASHING.]
It's a rage joint.
It's for release.
It's better than taking pills.
But see you? You wouldn't know nothing what it's like to be in my life.
Not for real for real.
Your life? Yeah, it's real rough being rich.
So what's going on? Y'all having a little marital problems? Last week, I died in a car accident! - It's all lies, man! - Until it ain't.
- Man, get up out of my face! - What you gonna do? What, you gonna hit me like you do Dallas? You know, you keep coming at me, man.
You keep pushing me.
I'm not sure Fin's the right Detective for this case.
- I I'll talk to him.
- You think Snake did this? I think when a wife is assaulted, the first stop is always the husband.
Look at you, man.
All the gifts God gave you.
And this is what you do? You're a disgrace.
I'm a disgrace? You might wanna look in the mirror.
Get up off me, man! Fin, hey! What the hell? Come get your boy.
It's the only language guys like this understand.
Okay, you're taking a step back on this case.
Okay, hands off.
Take a break, Fin.
Take a break now.
Haven't seen you in a long time.
Ooh! Maybe we need to talk in private, okay? It's all good.
I took you in for six months when your mama died.
I love you and I'll always be grateful.
I sat up with you night after night.
Rubbing your back for hours until the nightmares went away.
Just like you was one of my own! How could you? How could you arrest my baby without so much as a phone call? You were next on the list.
Ain't him as good as family to you? Where's your loyalty? Do you really believe that my child could do that? Come on, there's no point to this, Jo.
I'm his mama.
I gotta do something.
Look, if you really wanna do something, tell me what's going on with Justin and Dallas.
I mean, what's happening in that household? They married, okay? Come on.
You know what I'm talking about.
When Justin first made it the riffraff wouldn't leave him alone.
Lord only knows the trouble they brought him.
But Dallas? She changed all that.
- She cleaned him up good.
- And now? I don't get to see my baby as much as I would like.
Was it because of Dallas? She's a superstar.
She makes the rules.
So you think Justin is threatened by her success? He would never, ever raise his hands to that girl.
Okay, Jo, I'ma be totally honest with you.
It does not look good for Justin right now.
And you you've got to fix it.
Odafin, you owe us.
You owe me.
Okay, listen, you go home and you take care of Lexi.
And I'll call you.
And now Snake's mother is asking Fin to lie for him? I want him off the case.
I will take care of it.
You saw that? She called you family, Fin.
Um, my old man thought he could get over by ripping off the neighborhood truck dealers.
When the OGs figured it out, they shot at us when we came out of the local bodega.
Me and my pops went untouched.
My mother died on the street on the corner of Adam Clayton Powell and 116th street.
I'm so sorry.
Jo took me in.
She took me in until my grandmother and grandfather moved back from Fayetteville.
She's the one who kept me out of the system.
But that doesn't mean that you can cover for Snake, Fin.
Yeah, Rollins? I'm on my way.
Dallas is awake.
What about Snake? Keep him in the cage.
I'm sorry, Fin.
He has never laid a hand on me.
Look, Justin was mad when he left.
I will not deny that.
But someone else did this to me.
I can prove it.
We're listening.
So after he left, I Facetimed with my mom in Boca.
She's in a nursing home.
So you can check the records.
You'll see Justin was already at the Apollo.
So Dallas, tell us what you remember about the assault.
Okay, when I got off the phone with my mom, I went to bed and I heard something downstairs.
And I thought it was Lexi and Wallace.
And the next thing I know there was this man standing in my room.
He was wearing a mask and gloves.
And that's when I ran to get the gun from behind the bar.
And he just hit me and hit me and hit me and hit me.
Okay, Dallas.
I know how difficult this s.
We are so sorry to ask but but were were you raped? [SOBBING.]
I I I I know we're famous, but we're just people.
You know, it's just part of the deal that we make with the world, I guess.
No, no.
No one deserves what happened to you.
Well, there's a whole world on Twitter that would disagree with you.
What do you mean? Justin and RB Banks are in a diss war.
They badmouth each other in their raps.
And they don't mean nothing by it, you know? It's just it's good for publicity.
It's good for sales.
But there's some fans out there who who take the whole thing seriously.
I think that's enough for today.
I think she should rest now.
Thank you.
Fin, the nursing home confirms that Dallas Facetimed with her mother around 9:00 for five minutes.
NYPD said Snake arrived at the Apollo at 8:45 for sound check.
And the bodyguard discovered Dallas around 9:30.
Cut him loose.
Snake, you didn't do it.
Yeah, I appreciate you.
I can give you a ride to the hospital if you need it.
I can get there on my own.
There's a lot of press outside.
Safer than you.
Liv, look at this.
This was posted on Dallas's Instagram page two weeks ago.
Looks like a happy kid.
Yeah, but look at Snake.
See that's a smart lock? And if you put it in slow mode see him pressing the buttons? Right, you can see the code.
I mean, this could be how the perpetrator got in.
The only problem is this video got over 200,000 likes.
So we could be looking at a stalker.
Her manager is getting a list together of any people that she's had trouble with in the past.
Hey, listen to this.
"Come at me again, I'm gonna side step you.
Teach that black Taylor Swift wife of yours a lesson.
" It's a rap by RB Banks.
It dropped last week.
Well, that sounds like it's about a lot more than publicity.
- Yeah.
- Liv, look at this.
RB Banks liked this Instagram post of Lexi dancing.
That gives him means.
Talk to him.
I know why you here.
Yeah, bitch got what she deserved.
You realize we're cops, right? Yeah, but I ain't done nothing.
Yeah, except for teaching that black Taylor Swift wife of his a lesson.
Have you heard her sing? Okay, I understand you're in a diss war with Banks.
That sounds pretty personal.
That boy Snake accused me of having a ghostwriter.
That's personal to me.
Um, I'm I'm curious.
Where were you when Dallas was - What? Getting her ass beat? - Yeah.
Oh, I was at home.
All night, alone.
Can anyone vouch for you? Mm-hmm.
My doorman.
I don't mean to be rude, but I got things to do and I got way more customers before I get to you.
Now beat it.
Rape kit came back negative.
Thank God for the little things.
Would someone please explain why our investigation is on the front page of the paper? It's got to be your paparazzi friend.
Bottom feeder.
Not good.
This could pop off.
I hope Snake doesn't do something stupid.
We should get to Banks' studio.
Okay, Jo is at the hospital with Dallas and Lexi.
She said Snake took off when he heard the headline.
What? I mean, all the Bentleys and private jets, and it's still hard to get past disrespect.
How you doing? - Why? - Fin.
I'm pissed, I'm embarrassed.
A lot of things.
There's Banks.
And here we go.
Drop the gun.
Drop it.
Don't make me shoot you.
- Out of the car! - Look - Now! Don't move.
- Look.
Nice and easy! Get your hands up! - Hey! Banks! - Get him on the car.
You did this, Banks? Are you coming to take me out? What you think? - Yeah, I did it.
- You don't deny it? That bitch got what she deserved! Hey, hey, hey! Come on! - Come on, relax, relax.
Take it easy.
Hey, come on.
Come with me.
So you're telling me not to believe my own ears? What do I know? Maybe you need a Q-tip.
No, no.
My ears are just fine.
And they heard you confessing loud and clear to giving Dallas what she deserved.
I was referring to what I said in my rap.
Okay, try again.
No way I beat her.
Well, that alibi that you were talking about? The video from your building? That also confirmed that you weren't home the night that Dallas was attacked.
You really gonna make me do this? It's either that or you go straight to Rikers.
Man, my ass is gonna fry if this gets out.
Well, it's up to you.
I didn't touch her.
All right, look, check it out.
See, I can't use my bitch as an alibi because I wasn't with my bitch.
Well, then I'm gonna need the name of your other bitch.
Trying ruin my happy home? [PAPER RUSTLES.]
You really think it's a good idea bringing her home? I got a doctor on call.
Now you know, so you can go.
He's trying to help, J.
Yeah, Jake, I just want to let you know.
Regardless of what Banks said, he alibied out.
- He didn't do it.
- Then go find who did this! [VIDEO GAME GUNSHOT NOISES.]
Nice shot.
Thank you.
- You play with your dad? - No.
Grandma Jo.
Your grandma's here? No.
Daddy told her to leave.
- Why? - Mommy told him to.
I just wanna know about you and Dallas.
Are you asking me as family or as a cop? I was family first.
All right.
Dallas and me used to be good.
- What happened? - Money.
She thinks Justin is gonna piss it all away if she ain't tying the strings.
But didn't he buy you a place? That was ten years ago.
And it needed fixing up.
So I go to Bill Maples that's his business manager and he writes me a check, as usual.
Can I ask how much? - 250,000.
- That's a lot of fixing.
Yeah, I know, but she must've found out about it because I go back and asked for some more to finish the job, and he tells me no.
That's my baby's money.
So did you talk to Justin? I didn't want to start nothing between Dallas and Justin.
Hey, I went through Jo's bank accounts.
I hope Jesse and Billie take care of me like that.
What you got? Three months ago, Jo wrote a check for $250,000 to a Vic Lewis.
That's probably her contractor.
Only there are no contractors under that name listed in the city.
- You got an address? - Mm-hmm.
- I'm coming with.
- I can handle it.
I know you could if you were still running point on this case.
I never heard of her.
No offense, Vickie, but it doesn't seem like you get whole lot of $250,000 checks around here.
Jo Anderson.
A nice black lady about 78 years old.
If I said she was investing I'd say she has better taste than this.
I was entitled, you know.
With all this Me Too stuff flying around.
What, you and Snake? About a year ago, I was at his show at the Garden and I found myself backstage.
And the next thing I know, his manager, Timmy, invites me to Snake's hotel suite.
I needed the cash to start this place, okay? I got to Jo, I couldn't get close to Snake, and she offered me the money and told me to keep it all quiet.
Guess she didn't want Dallas finding out her man playing around.
Might tarnish the royal couple image.
I already told you I never cheated on Dallas, okay? All right, so your mother's been paying this woman a whole lot of money for nothing.
It was one time.
What happened? She threw herself at you? [SCOFFS.]
Thirst is real, B.
Shut up! She came to me.
I didn't want to see his face next to hers on the cover of "People" magazine.
But where'd you get that type of paper from though? I went to Mr.
What about Timmy? Damn, you're old.
Timmy passed in '06.
Snake's former manager, Timmy Rackham, died in a head-on outside of Boston, January 2006.
There's no way he hooked up Snake and Vickie last year.
Why would she lie about that? 'Cause she's high or she's stupid or just cause she was talking to the cops.
It's a natural reaction like a tic.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Just who I'm looking for.
Ballistics reported the gun we found under Dallas.
Prints were hers.
That's what I figured.
Did you figure she didn't get it legally? Lands and grooves match the gun with an 18-year-old unsolved murder of a gangsta named Malik Harper.
Okay, thank you.
I retired ten years ago.
Damn if I remember one particular corpse.
Yeah, but this is Malik Harper, okay? You found his body in a Dumpster.
Maybe that'll jog your memory.
You know those cops who never forget an unsolved case? It eats away at them till they take their last breath? I ain't one of 'em.
You never gave a damn? I didn't have enough damn to give.
Okay, well, just look at this one more time.
His last known was 257 East 122nd street.
Whoa, that's right above Eleanor's.
Best ribs in the city.
They tore that place down about six years ago.
Yeah, yeah.
Malik Harper.
His girlfriend worked the counter.
When I told her Malik was dead, she tossed a plate of ribs at me.
You know her name? Sorry.
But she was a crazy white chick.
Preggo out to here.
- Goodnight! - Hey, Liv.
I I may have something.
Uh, I dove deeper into Dallas' socials, right? And check this out.
There behind Lexi dancing, right? And then in this next post there.
Behind Dallas on the left.
Looks like the same bike, right? So Dallas could've been stalked by the guy who owns it.
- Yeah.
- Hold on that that bike's a Mongoose.
I I talked to the, uh, the owner.
The kid from the crime scene.
- The lookie-loo.
- Yeah.
You get his name? Yeah, I think so.
Andreas Harper.
Bring him in.
I told your guy at the scene.
I had a delivery down the block.
I saw the cops and sirens and somebody said it was Snake and Dallas.
I went to check it out.
That's what we call a lookie-loo.
You got a pretty bad case of it, huh, Andreas? That's your bike, right? I I can't tell from here.
How about from here? They look similar.
I can't be sure.
Okay, well, the problem is is, uh, we called all the food delivery services.
And none of them have a record of you.
Okay, okay.
I'm a huge fan.
You know? And I figured maybe if I hung outside the apartment long enough, Snake would come out and talk to me.
Talk to you about what? I don't know.
Just talk.
Well, I can understand that.
I mean, hell, I had a, uh, cousin who once traveled halfway across the world to to follow Jerry Garcia.
Who? Doesn't matter.
The point is I understand rock stars, right? They're like they're like gods to to fans.
I mean, you must've been that way with Snake.
That's right.
So how come how come you stalked his wife? I mean, you were at the townhouse and Snake was at the Apollo onstage.
- No, I didn't know he was - If you were a real fan, you would've had tickets months ago.
You were there for Dallas.
I wasn't there for Dallas.
I was there for Snake.
This isn't my first time with stalkers.
You see, I've seen 'em all.
From the sad guy who just wants a selfie to to a psychopath who has a fantasy about living together happily ever after with his target.
As soon as she gets to know him better.
So what happened, Andreas? Hmm? She told you to hit the bricks and you just you just lost it? Don't I get a lawyer or something? Sure you do.
But don't forget to show them This bicycle lock.
I was just about to take this to the lab.
And if there's any of Dallas's DNA on it [PLASTIC CRINKLING, THUDDING.]
We don't have anything to talk about.
I told you.
I'm not on the case.
So why are you bugging me? Because right now my colleagues have a young kid named Andreas locked in a dark room.
They're about to charge him with assault on Dallas.
I know he's your kid, Vickie.
Nobody said he wasn't.
And he's got no reason to hurt Dallas.
But you're gonna play these games with me? I got a long list.
Let's just start with revenge.
For what? To get back at the man who killed his father, Malik Harper.
Nobody knows who killed Malik.
Least of all Andreas.
He he wasn't even born yet.
You know Snake killed Malik.
I don't know what you're talking about.
He definitely convinced his mother Jo you did.
I mean, I'm from here.
I know how this goes down.
So you know I'm not gonna say anything.
- You said something to Jo.
- She owned me, okay? And there is no way I'm gonna help you put my son in jail.
My lawyer says not to talk to any cops.
I can respect that.
I'm telling you.
Nothing we say will be used against you.
Everything we talk about is just between you and me.
What kind of a cop are you? One that saw his mom get shot dead in front of a bodega.
You saw that? I actually saw who pulled the trigger.
Did you go to five-oh? Nah, man.
You know that's not how it's done.
I laid awake every night just thinking about payback and revenge.
Did you get it? He killed my moms.
He killed the person I cared about most in this world.
I wanted him to feel the same pain I did.
Killing him wasn't enough.
He should've suffered.
She should've died! Dallas? He would've hurt then.
It wouldn't have been enough, but he would've hurt! [SOLEMN MUSIC.]
I got nothing to say to you.
That's good 'cause I'm gonna talk and you're gonna listen.
Wow, man.
This is really beautiful.
You're wasting my time, man.
No, you did it, man.
You deserve all this.
Is that what you came here for? To look at my stuff? Nah, actually to talk about my mother.
She was a good lady.
Thank you, man.
I have to ask you a question.
You think I should've turned Yusef in after I saw him kill my mother? [CHUCKLES.]
That's not how it's done.
Yusef and his boys thought you was a snitch, you would've been dead before dinner.
That's not how it's done.
And the cops ain't about to change that.
It didn't do anything for that kid who attacked Dallas.
But everything you do in your past will eventually come back on you.
I wouldn't know.
Yeah, you wouldn't know.
Let me ask you, back in the day, did you ever roll with Malik Harper? Damn.
I ain't heard that name in years.
Yeah, he got dead about 18 years ago.
Tough break.
The crazy about Yusef, though dig this.
30 years after he kills my moms, I get a call up to 127th street.
There he is, stretched out on the concrete, facing the garbage.
Two in the back of the head.
You catch the dude? Nah, and I didn't break my back looking for him either.
Yusef was a piece of trash just like Malik.
Malik was a bad dude.
No doubt.
You think if whoever killed him did it in self-defense, would it make any difference? If the shooter could prove it, he wouldn't be charged.
You'd never believe him.
You know what I mean? I mean, you know how it is.
It's where we're from, man.
That's where we're from.
But you got to remember one thing, J.
Everything you do in your past will eventually come back to bite you.
Take care of them ladies upstairs, man.
Hey, Mister! Does Snake live here? Nah, he still lives uptown.
And always will.