Law & Order Special Victims Unit s22e11 Episode Script

Our Words Will Not Be Heard

1 In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
He is scaring my son.
How? Because I'm Black? We're profiling this guy.
This is America, 2020.
He's not helping himself here.
Put him in the car.
Yo, for what? Man, come on.
In the car.
You have the right to be angry.
Don't tell me I have a right to my anger.
Jayvon Brown has filed a lawsuit against NYPD.
You've both been named.
Chief, we were by the book.
That's the book that got us here.
Law enforcement has lost all credibility, and until every one of us, takes a serious self-inventory, we can't begin to get it back.
Sorry to interrupt your Sunday.
I'll try to keep it brief.
I still have my job? We both do, for now.
But, I did get a heads-up from the mayor's office about the Jayvon Brown case.
I heard they were close to a healthy settlement.
They were.
Jayvon's bringing in a new legal team.
They're trying to sync up their suit with other pending lawsuits against NYPD.
- How much do they want? - It's not about money.
After that report on how NYPD handled those BLM demonstrations? They want the department's failures writ large.
They want change.
So do I.
Yeah, but that'll just force the brass deeper into the bunker.
Instead of meeting the moment, they're closing ranks.
So, you and I are trapped in the middle.
For now, more you.
If those goes to trial, both the department, and Jayvon's legal team, will scapegoat you.
So that's why I haven't heard from IAB about my investigation.
Well, aside from the warnings You have any advice? Don't wait for IAB to take action.
Be proactive.
Defend yourself, Get a lawyer who can work both sides.
I appreciate the transparency.
If you were falling Then, I would catch you You need a light, I got a match 'Cause I love the way Hey, go over and give this to her.
And you take me the way I am Thank you.
- And what's your name? - Forrest.
Well, thank you, Forrest.
Are you gonna tell me where we're going? It's a surprise.
Where's Phoebe? She'll meet us there.
Listen, if you're gonna be a detective, you gotta learn to ask smarter questions.
Wait, what? Congratulations.
You're getting promoted.
Liv and Phoebe are meeting us to celebrate.
Just act surprised, and tell the captain how much you learned from her.
From all of you.
Yeah, but just polish that apple.
It's beautiful.
You know, I don't know if Finn tells you this, but, I uh I've never seen him happier.
Are you sure you're not just glad you don't have to worry about him anymore? Well, that too.
Here they come.
Captain, thank you so much for believing in me.
- I will not let you down.
- Really, Finn? She dragged it out of me.
Remind me never to tell you any secrets.
Nearly $100.
Not a bad take.
You killed it, and it'll pay for a few film festival entries at least.
Did you get that little boy putting money in the basket? That was so sweet.
You know I did.
Hey it's you guys.
So sorry to bother you.
You were great.
I just love your voice.
My boy did, too.
- Thank you.
- Mind if I get a photo, with you and my son? For when you're famous.
Why don't you get in the picture, too? I can take it.
Thank you.
Okay, come on.
Will you hold this, babe? Here we go.
That good? Oh, perfect.
You all must be cold.
Can we give you a ride? We have a wheelchair van.
My dad's in a chair.
I'm fine.
Alicia, we're due at my sister's house, for supper.
It's your first time meeting her.
I don't want to be late.
Oh, it would be our pleasure, really.
- It's okay with you, right? - Yeah, sure, why not? Okay, well, it's right over this way.
Stop crying.
Do what we say.
On your knees.
Please just let us go.
- We're not playing around.
- Don't hurt her.
I'll do whatever you want.
Do it.
Pull down her pants.
Please Now! And do whatever it is your people do.
Thank you, Captain Curry, for meeting with me.
I have to say, I'm not used to cops under investigation seeking me out.
Well, I'm trying to get a handle on where things stand.
You know that Jayvon Brown has a new legal team and I'm well aware.
Your case has taken on a life of its own.
And I'm worried that, the department is - Gonna hang you out to dry? - Mm-hmm.
Sacrifice you, so it looks like they're sending a message? Don't worry.
It's not official yet, but the department is taking a different tack.
They admit to you having made errors of judgement, the floodgates will open.
Your lapses compared to the utter chaos of how NYPD handled George Floyd? Not where they want anyone to go.
What are you saying? Congratulations.
You're gonna be cleared of all wrongdoing.
1PP, the Puzzle Palace they don't want to show weakness.
You know, when we first met, I, um I took what you said very seriously.
About this being an opportunity for change.
And since then, I've had to investigate a senior official, caught making racist comments on a public forum and dozens of gladiator cops who went far outside the lines of acceptable behavior.
None of those cases will go anywhere.
The department's not gonna let them back out on the street, are they? They'll move them around.
The financial settlements come out of the city's budget, not NYPD's.
Jayvon Brown's team does not want money.
They want systematic change.
De-escalation training, letting social services handle some functions, more civilian oversight? Acceptance of change like that? It has to come from inside.
Thank you.
I have to go.
You've given me a lot to think about.
How'd it go with IAB? Well, they dropped the investigation on me.
Then why don't you look happy? Because all that change that we thought was coming? 1PP is doing everything they can to slow it down.
And that surprised you? I knew that months ago.
The second Garland told me that we were at a How'd he put it? A true inflection point.
Well, Fin, I actually really believed that we were.
Guys like this, when they see change coming, they push back.
You see what's going on with the new voting laws? Please, I know, I You know, my mother always told me, nobody gives you anything.
If you want something, you gotta go for it.
Thank you, Fin.
You know, speaking of IAB, did you, uh, tell Stabler about you and Tucker? What? No.
He has Too much going on as it is.
And to be honest with you, the last time I saw him, he flat out told me to to leave him alone.
Well, just so you know, I mentioned to him that you were involved with somebody while he was gone.
Did you? Well, I think right now, that's the last thing on his mind.
Sara, it's me again.
Please, call me back.
I'm worried.
- Still no word? - No And are you sure Captain Benson will take this seriously? - Absolutely.
- Wait.
What did you tell her about us? I, uh, just said we're friends.
I know my sister's only been missing since last night, but something's wrong.
She would never miss our Sunday meal, and she's not answering her cell.
So Counselor Carisi said that This might have something to do with your work as an advocate? Yes, um I've been very public, about how missing girls, women of color, don't get the same attention as White women do, from the press or social media And even the police.
I'm well aware of the problem.
Several hate groups have Nicole in their crosshairs.
I mean, we all get anonymous hate messages on our social media, but for the last few weeks, I've been getting threatening messages on my cell phone.
What kind of threats? "We're watching you," "We can take you whenever we want" Texts, voicemails.
Okay, so You're thinking somebody may have targeted Sara to get to you? That's what I'm afraid of.
I mean, Sara would never get mixed up in any kind of trouble.
She's She's well-adjusted and smart.
All she does is work.
And what does she do? She's a documentary filmmaker.
Does she have a boyfriend, or an ex? I don't think so, um But, it would be a girlfriend.
But Sara's very private about that.
She live alone? She has roommates, but they weren't very helpful.
I went there last night, and they said they would call, if she showed up.
Okay, well, we'll still need to talk to them, run her phone, check her computer You can do all that, but My gut tells me this isn't about Sara.
It's something else.
You need Sara's computer? Do you have a warrant? Your roommate's missing, and her sister thinks something bad happened to her.
I already told Nicole I haven't seen Sara in a week.
Her stuff's been gone for a while.
Do you know where she goes when she doesn't stay here? Her girlfriend's place.
Sara has a girlfriend? - You tell Nicole that? - No.
I heard Sara say she hadn't told her sister about the relationship yet.
Nicole knows that Sara's gay.
It's not just gay.
Her girlfriend, Alicia? She's white.
She's in a wheelchair.
There's a lot going on.
Do you have Alicia's number? Hello? I'm looking for Alicia Ford? Uh, okay.
This may be her phone.
I'm an EMT.
Are you family? Sara and I were walking home.
This white couple with a boy His name was Forrest They offered us a ride.
They had a wheelchair van.
I didn't get the plates.
Can you Tell us what happened? We drove a couple of blocks, um And Then they dropped off the woman and the kid, and the van stopped.
Then the side door opened, and, um A guy got in, with a gun.
I'm so sorry.
They made Sara do things to me Sexually While they videotaped.
When it was over, they threw me out of the van.
They kept Sara.
Did you hear them say anything? They laughed.
They said If I wanted to see Sara again, that There would be a video.
So, wait, you're telling me That Sara is seeing someone? For over a year, apparently.
Did Alicia hear them say anything? She did.
They forced the two women to perform sex acts, while they videotaped, and They told Alicia that they would post that video, and more, I I am so sorry.
- You found something, Kat? - Yeah, I'm afraid so.
So this was posted last night on the dark web.
Crew Twenty Three-Two is taking credit.
That's a numeric for the White Boys.
It's a hate group out of Jersey.
So we can trace it or track them.
TARU's trying, but it's sophisticated encryption.
And they're not only using Tor software, but they're also running Tails.
Did you like that Black girl on white girl action? That's just a little taste of more to come.
I'm auctioning, the fate of this Feisty negress, to the highest bidder.
We'll livestream at midnight.
Torture, rape The bidding starts Now.
Crew Twenty-Three Two? They are on the far end of white supremacist groups.
- They're going to kill her.
- We don't know that.
They said that they were gonna stream live at 12:00.
It's six now.
That gives us time.
What happens at midnight? They're taking online bids.
For what? Oh, God.
Listen, TARU is working on it.
These guys are on the dark web, and the bidding is untraceable cryptocurrency.
And we have calls into FBI Hate Crimes.
The FBI? They're not even allowed to To investigate those groups.
Nicole, we're working this case.
We're on this.
Can I ask why this isn't in the press? Wherever they're holding Sara, they green screened the background.
There's no details to even ask the public about.
And the last thing that we want to do, is drive more traffic to the livestream, give them publicity.
Nicole, we are doing everything that we can.
And I just have to do everything that I can.
It's her sister.
Let let me talk to her.
The two of them? I didn't ask.
We need a break.
Targeting someone as high-profile as Nicole, this group is trying to make a name for themselves.
Stay on TARU, and follow up with Hate Crimes.
Oh, damn it.
Oh, God.
- I'm due at a deposition.
- Now? About Jayvon? Why don't you cancel? 'Cause I've already pushed it twice, and they rescheduled to the end of the day for me.
Listen, I'm gonna keep my phone on.
You call me the second you hear anything.
I will.
Talk fast.
Tell me.
Tell me how this is happening.
I devote my life to advocating for missing Black women and girls, telling anyone, anyone who will listen, that these women? They're targets.
For traffickers, for hate crimes.
And now your sister's been targeted because of that work? It's horrifying.
And I want to assure you, everything that can be done - is being done.
- We know that, Chief.
But the unit is a little short-staffed right now.
Rollins is away on a family matter, Kat just got promoted yesterday Is there any way possible that, we can pull in detectives from another unit, - Hate Crimes? - It's already underway.
It's a full scale mobilization, and, you should know, I have complete faith in Captain Benson.
I don't know anyone who cares more about victims.
Is that what Sara is, now? I may have something.
This should be fun.
We're looking for an angry white guy in a plaid shirt.
Oh, that narrows it down.
Hey, that's him.
Uglier than his mug shot.
Gary Packer.
Yeah, what the hell do you want? NYPD Warrant Squad.
I don't got no outstanding warrants.
Destroying public property.
Oh, you mean patriotism? - You're coming with us.
- What are you, the HNIC? You keep your dirty Black paws off me.
Hey, buddy, I'd back off if I were you.
Oh, is this your pimp? You putting out for him, sweetheart? Is that it? Cuff him.
Pickup truck with Confederate flag, huh? Gotta say, not a fan.
Oh, um, - Am I early? - No, you're on time.
My lawyers went to get coffee.
Okay, well, if you want, I can just wait out here.
You might as well, have a seat.
Thank you.
My lawyers hear rumors that IAB is gonna exonerate you.
- Congratulations.
- Well, I'm told that it's Not gonna effect the size of your settlement.
- That's not what this is about.
- I know that, and I respect that.
Look, off the record, you and I both want the same thing.
How do you figure? Well, we both want the department to own up to their mistakes and to make changes moving forward.
You want that? I do, very much.
And I Look, I get what your lawyers are going for with the show trial, but the fact of the matter is, there is no amount of publicity that's gonna move the dial at 1PP.
And you're gonna tell me what will? You have allies in the department.
Deputy inspectors, IAB investigators who feel very frustrated, that they can't rid the ranks of bad cops.
Here it comes.
Now you're gonna tell me - it's just a few bad apples.
- No.
But what I will tell you is that IAB knows who the macho gladiators are.
And if their investigators are deposed, and they are forced to tell the truth, then, yes, we can get rid of the worst cops.
The police unions will never let that happen.
They're still against anti-bias training.
Exactly, and that's why the court needs to order it.
With a department-wide consent decree.
Go on.
Push for a new use of force policy, community safety partnerships Oh, you're both here.
Um, - I'm not sure you should be - It's okay.
We're fine.
Manhattan SVU? Hey, man, take it easy.
Man, shut up.
I'm gonna sue you.
You know that? Officer Packer.
Could have told your guys to take it easy.
We had to make it look good.
I'll get you some ice.
So How's life as a UC white nationalist? It's a little hairy.
I did the marches down in D.
in January.
These people are not backing down.
No, they're not.
They're escalating.
So, we found this on the dark web.
Crew Twenty Three-Two.
You recognize this mask? Did you like that Black girl on white girl action? That's just a little taste of more to come.
I mean, half these guys own that mask.
- You ID the woman? - We have.
I'm auctioning the fate of this Feisty negress.
Wait, wait.
I think I met this guy at some rallies down in Florida, I bought him a beer.
When the waitress walked away, he described her as a "feisty negress.
" Same phrase.
You get anything from him? A lot of hot air.
Said he was expanding his crew into Brooklyn, and Staten Island, said he was gonna ignite the ranks, by taking Black victims.
- I thought he was BS-ing me.
- Yeah, he wasn't.
Yeah, he was cocky, too.
Smarter than most of them, definitely college-educated.
He had these ideas of grandeur.
He was talking about taking down Black leaders.
Well, he's got our attention.
We need to find him.
Everybody's so paranoid about UC's, no one's using their government name.
They're all just trying to make sure they're not followed.
Well, we think he has a wife and kid, if that helps.
A son named Forrest? After Nathan Bedford Forrest, first grand wizard of the KKK.
A lot of these guys are doing that.
So, he talked to you about his son? He didn't.
Did the wife? No I don't have anything in my notes about the family.
Look, man.
I worked a lot of undercover, and sometimes, we know things, that we can't put in our notes 'Cause you don't want to explain how you found them out.
Look, I didn't sleep with her.
She came and had a beer with us, and At some point, he left me and her alone, and I got her talking, and You know, maybe I told her I thought she could do better.
We got a little handsy under the table, she left her purse when she went to the ladies', and I went through her wallet.
Do you know how to find her? That one, that's her.
- You're sure? - Yeah.
Sara took a photo of me and her son.
She was the one who got us into the van.
- Is she here? - We're talking to her now.
Did she say where Sara is? We're trying to get that info.
Alicia, we think that they've probably been stalking you and Sara for a while now.
Oh, my God.
Do you remember ever seeing her before? Or the man that took you? No.
- It's okay.
- No It's not.
Be right back.
- What's the word? - Alicia confirmed.
It's Molly Anderson, married to Rick Anderson, a freelance IT consultant.
Alicia ID'd him too.
Running his cell records, vehicles, real estate, but he hasn't used credit cards or E-ZPass.
He's savvy enough to stay off the grid.
What about the other guy in the video? Not a clue.
Molly's not talking.
She thinks she's waiting on her lawyer.
Call Carisi.
We have three hours.
You're the DA? Good.
Like I tried telling these idiot cops, I'm executing my Fifth Amendment rights, not making any statements.
And where's my son? He's with Social Services.
I want to see him, and I want my court-appointed lawyer.
Court-appointed lawyer? Counselor, do you want to tell her? These are exigent circumstances, Ms.
We're in pursuit of a kidnap victim whose life is in jeopardy.
We believe you have information as to her whereabouts.
- I know my Miranda rights.
- Too bad they don't apply.
You know that police state, that you and your friends were worried about? You're in it.
Thanks a lot, Counselor.
Isaiah Holmes is sending over the Hate Crimes file on Rick Anderson, and they'll start tracking his known associates.
- Chief? - Where are we? Molly still not talking? They're working on her, but she's hanging tough.
Okay, I called in a favor to Sergeant Bell at OC.
They're reaching out to their informants.
Anything from TARU on where they're streaming from? Not yet.
They're not live right now, but they do have the hourglasses running out.
Bids are coming in.
We're running out of time.
We'll livestream at midnight.
Torture, rape The bidding starts Now.
That was posted a few hours ago.
That's your husband.
Where did they take her? I'm not answering your questions.
You have no right to hold me.
Nah, see, we do.
Right now, Molly, you're at a crossroads.
You're already looking at serious federal charges, and the more you protect your husband, the worse it gets for you.
Molly, this your chance, to tell me that that is not the man that you married, that he lost it somewhere along the way.
No, he hasn't lost it.
He went to college.
He's real smart.
He makes a great living.
- I bet he makes more than you do.
- Okay.
He's a tech IT guy, right? Yeah.
He works for rich white people all over New York, even the Jews, as long as they pay.
So I'm gonna ask you again.
Where did they take her? - He didn't tell me.
- Answer me! I don't know! What about the other guy? He looks nervous, like he doesn't want to be there.
I don't know who that is.
Then a maybe it was that guy's idea, the rape, the torture.
Or maybe it wasn't.
Maybe it was your husband.
No, he would never.
He's a good man.
Captain? You have a minute? Alicia, what's going on? Did you know Sara's sister is doing this? So how long has your sister been missing? She was kidnapped last night.
No, we didn't.
Targeted because of the work I do.
As an advocate for missing Black women? Yes, and I'm worried that NYPD, isn't devoting enough resources, to finding her.
I thought you were trying to keep this - out of the press? - We were.
We were.
- This isn't helping.
- Yeah, I'm aware.
Can you please communicate that to Nicole? I'll try, but keep up the pressure on Molly.
- We will.
- Stop assuming that we're runaways or prostitutes.
This really hits home for you.
I just I just want the NYPD to think of missing girls like my sister Sara, as their own daughters, wives, mothers.
Well, we truly hope the police find your sister soon.
Bad news.
They started livestreaming again, and they're watching this interview.
Two hours left.
Are you watching us? Nicole? I hope we've got your attention.
Say goodbye to your sister, Sara.
Get the camera, man.
Good for her.
She pushed the camera past the green screen.
That looks like a city basement.
Pick up the camera, you idiot! Whew.
I told you she was a spunky one.
This one's for you, Nicole.
We've just upped the stakes.
Keep bidding if you want to have exclusive rights to see this insolent bitch, put down Live, on camera.
Come on, Molly, where are they? - I have no idea.
- Give me the phone now.
The bids are really coming in.
What they're talking about? That's a federal hate crime.
- What do you mean? - What do you mean? That means if they kill her, Molly, you get the death penalty.
But I had nothing to do with this.
Look, we have a victim who IDs you, as using your son, to lure them into the van.
No, no, my son is innocent.
I want to see him now.
That's not happening.
And if they get away with it, we have you in custody.
Guilty of accessory to rape, kidnapping, murder.
Feds won't think twice.
- You're getting a needle.
- And your son, loses his mother, which means that he grows up in foster care.
But I'm sure that they'll find a nice Immigrant family to care for him.
So why don't you pick up that phone, and call your husband, and tell him that you are here, and to call it off? It doesn't work like that.
Get her the feds.
- I'm done with her.
- Wait, please No, please, wait.
I have no way of getting in touch with my husband, I swear.
But the other man? He's my brother.
He'll listen to me.
- You can call him? - No But I can page him an SOS.
Well, then do it, now! So it looks like You're gonna die at midnight.
I have a rope.
What do you think? It's a great American tradition? Maybe I'll let you beg, for your life.
Something's wrong.
I need to call her back.
Okay, okay, he got the message.
- He'll call back.
- Are you an idiot? - Put the phone down, man.
- She's in trouble.
Do I care? No! Hello? Steve? Put the phone down, man.
What are you doing, man? - Don't.
- This is what happens to traitors.
No! Oh, God.
Come on.
I'll get the Captain.
I'll meet you in the waiting room.
Nicole? Alicia? Yeah.
Sara told me a lot about you.
She didn't tell me a lot about you.
She didn't tell me anything about you, in fact.
She was going to At dinner last night.
For what it's worth, I told Sara that even in New York, we still had to be careful in public.
What's happening with Sara? When the kidnappers saw you on TV And listen, I know you were trying to provoke us and not the kidnappers.
But after your interview went viral, they decided to up the bidding, to include murder.
Oh, my God.
We can't be sure, but this might have been his plan all along.
Well, can you tell me where we are, with finding my sister? I won't go leaking it to the press.
Okay Like I told you, we have the wife of one of the kidnappers in custody.
And now we know the other kidnapper's her brother.
She got a message to him.
He tried to call her back.
We're tracing the signal.
Is Sara still alive? We don't know.
Shots were heard on the live feed.
Sara was able to kick, one of her assailants, she knocked the camera over, and we were able to get a look at the wall - behind the green screen - Captain, TARU triangulated the cell phone, They got a five-block radius in Chelsea.
The wife said that he had rich, private IT clients.
So run his computer.
Get a list of his clients, who own a brownstone in Chelsea, On it.
He has five clients in this neighborhood.
Knock on every door on the list.
Ask to see their basement.
If they refuse, call for backup.
We have one hour.
Let's move.
I'm sorry, what? We need to search your basement.
- You have a warrant? - We actually don't need one.
We're tracking a missing woman, and we've narrowed her location to this block.
There's no woman in my basement.
Then you won't mind if we search.
Must be asleep.
They still got their Christmas tree up.
What, so they came back in the city after COVID, and then gave up in January? When the numbers ticked up.
It must be nice to have a second home in Vermont.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
Anderson serviced this address March of last year.
Chief, Captain Neighbor said he heard gunshots coming from this basement two hours ago.
I've got a body.
He's alive.
SVU portable to central, we need a bus.
Where are they? Where'd they go? No idea.
Listen, you're gonna talk, or you're gonna die.
You're a cop.
You can't let me die.
SVU portable, cancel the bus.
No need for EMS.
Listen to me.
You're gonna tell us where they are, or you're gonna bleed out on this floor.
Here we go.
I'm livestreaming for you all to see.
NYPD is on the way.
WELL, That's Rick.
Where's Sara? Well, looky here.
Here they are.
You're all my witnesses.
I'm doing this for you, for us.
Don't let them take our country away.
Stay back.
I'm releasing her.
Go ahead, Sara.
Okay, guys, let's go.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay - Kat? - I got her, Captain.
Come on, it's okay.
- On the ground.
- All right already.
Get down.
We're good.
Don't shoot.
This is me surrendering to the NYPD.
Rick Anderson, you are under arrest, for kidnapping, trafficking, attempted rape and attempted murder.
They'll try to feed you lies about me, but you know the truth.
Show's over.
Truth won't set you free.
Alicia, my girlfriend She's fine.
She and your sister are gonna meet you at the hospital.
- You son of a bitch! - Sara, hey Hey, we got him, okay? He make any kind of statement? He just says he wants to go to a prison up north.
Where the Aryan Brotherhood's in control? Let's make sure that doesn't happen.
Oh, my god, Sara.
- You're all right? - I'm fine, I'm fine.
- It's okay.
- No, it's not okay.
I am so sorry.
This is all my fault.
You cannot blame yourself.
We'll, we'll leave you three alone.
Your friend, Nicole, she's - A force.
- Yeah, she is.
Captain, Sonny I just wanted, to thank you both.
I know I didn't make things easier.
You were fighting to save your sister.
I'm just, so relieved and, so glad that - It turned out like this.
- Me too.
Now that you did that, don't think I'm gonna let up on you.
I mean, there are a lot of other missing women, who don't have connections, or resources.
I mean, can we look out for them? - Nicole, maybe now is not the - It's okay.
Sonny, I I know I said a lot of things that were No, it's okay.
It's over.
It's over.
Come in.
Jayvon's legal team came back to the city with a litany of requests.
Bias training, funding allocation, civilian oversight I mean, it was almost as if, they had someone on the inside, who knew what to ask for.
So what's next? They're threatening a trial unless they get what they want.
You think the department will cave? Not yet.
Got a call about your former partner, Stabler.
There's a perception, that he's going a little rogue at Organized Crime.
I wouldn't know anything about that.
That's good, because I don't have to tell you, we are all under scrutiny now.
And I am well aware.
Look, I know you've had history with Detective Stabler, but Keep your distance.
I can't afford to lose you.

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