Law & Order Special Victims Unit s22e12 Episode Script

In The Year We All Fell Down

1 In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
Fire three blackened catfish, two shrimp étouffée.
Almost a full house.
Six reservations were no-shows.
And we filled half the tables with walk-ins.
Don't be such a worrier.
Ha, that's me.
And we've got Mrs.
Schwartz's 90th birthday party tomorrow.
No, we don't.
They're sorry, but they had to cancel.
Her brother-in-law in New Rochelle has Corona.
We can move cash from personal into business.
If I get the P.
loan, I can keep some of my staff.
Any word on unemployment? I tried.
I was on hold for three hours.
Call them back.
Eddie, it's been five weeks since they closed your show.
Well, it's official.
Binghamton won't reopen the dorms this semester.
They don't even know about next fall.
Okay You live here.
You Zoom classes.
I'm gonna drop out.
That is not happening.
All right, all right, leave the kid alone.
He's 19.
He doesn't wanna share a bathroom with his grandmother.
I heard that.
It wasn't me, Nana, I swear.
I love you too.
Come on, it's 7:00.
Get up.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
They love it when your play your trumpet.
Whoo! Yeah! You sure we can afford all this? We don't have a choice, Ira.
Ow! Ah! This a good idea? I had to get him out of the house.
He and Nate are gonna kill each other.
Eddie hurts himself, he can't play the horn.
Okay, Broadway's not coming back.
They just announced that all the shows are dark until the end of the year.
Where's Nate? I don't know.
He shouldn't be out partying.
Your mom's 76 for God's sake.
Do you want to be a parent for once, or do you want me to do everything? Hey, you two.
Look, I have to go to Michigan anyway.
- Wait, what? - Yeah, Dad's sick.
My mom can't handle it.
When were you gonna tell me this? I thought I did.
- Hey, where you been? - Where's your mask? Can you both just get off my back? I'll go talk to him.
- Mom.
- Don't.
Do you want me to make you a cup of tea? Don't get too close.
I'm fine.
It's just, it's just allergies.
I'm so sorry, Guillermo.
As soon as the vaccines come And then there were two.
How we started.
- You okay? - Mm-hmm.
Eddie still in Michigan? Both his parents are immunocompromised.
So he's staying there.
- And your mom? - I don't know.
She was positive, then negative, then positive.
It might be just the flu.
We're all gonna be okay.
I love you.
She heard me? She did.
She needs her rest now.
No, I don't want her to be left alone.
She won't be.
I'll stay with her.
- But she heard me? - Yes.
She's squeezing my hand.
That means yes.
So why am I praying - Hi.
- Ah.
What a year, huh? We were so sorry to hear about your mother.
Thank you.
Good news? - I'm sorry.
They can't extend the loan.
I have been a good tenant for 20 years, and if they close me down now, the place, Joey, the place will sit empty, right? I told them that.
I'll see what I can do.
We've been running on empty for a long time now.
It's not gonna last forever.
It isn't COVID.
All right, maybe that brought it all up to the surface.
When you working 14 hours a day, I was working nights, we didn't have time to realize how unhappy we were.
- Just come home.
- For what? To drive you even crazier? How long do you think it's gonna be before anyone wants to sit in a theater with a thousand other people? So you're just gonna leave me all alone? Have you even tried to call Nate? What the hell happened with you two? It's Joey Leonard.
I gotta go.
Joey, okay, just give me one second.
Listen Look, I got you as much time as I could.
I can meet you at the restaurant with a truck, today, before the marshals come.
You can get everything you wanna get out before they come in.
Please, Vanessa.
Okay Give me an hour.
I'll meet you.
No and no.
He wanted me to bring him six-pack of Bud and a carton of cigarettes.
That must mean he's feeling better.
Yeah, honestly, I don't even know why I brought him up here.
It was a 12 hour car ride, him bitching the entire time.
He just kept working me, and I caved.
- He's your dad.
He's got nobody else.
Anyway, how long can it take to regain muscle strength? - A couple weeks? - It's not a straight line, Rollins.
I had an aunt who had a stroke, and she No, no, but the doctors said this was a mini-stroke.
- Yeah, either way, okay? You can't predict recovery.
Being disabled's the one minority group you can fall into at any time.
Okay, thank you, Dr.
You're welcome.
Right here.
- Very thoughtful.
- Mmm.
You take these for the girls.
Everybody here is so old.
- You feeling okay? - I'm fine.
She told you it was a mini-stroke? She did, sir.
They hadn't put me on bed rest, I wouldn't need rehab.
Well, we're gonna get going, Dad.
Do you need anything else? No beer or smokes, but You're as fun as your mother.
You got yourself a Wonderful woman here, Sonny.
After all I put her through, coming down to help her old man, blood is thicker than water.
Actually, Dad, we're not Oh.
Of course you're not.
What'd I tell you last time? You and your losers.
Your problem, you meet a nice guy, and you think he's too good for you.
Be good.
I am Detective Tamin.
I'm here to help, can you please - put down the knife? - I don't want to talk to you.
Just give me a chance.
We can talk this out.
Are you gonna take me to the hospital? - Yes, we're gonna get you help.
- No, I don't wanna go to the hospital! Stand by.
You made an assumption.
You lost their trust.
De-escalation is listening.
You're on a tightrope, holding a bucket of nitroglycerin.
Breathe, stay calm.
You will never be more focused in your life, or more alive, to another human being.
Who's next? You two, come on up.
I thought I'd walk.
Right? It's such a beautiful day.
It feels good to move.
Just picking up takeout from Vanessa's.
Yes, Kat, they have healthy food.
Officer, what's going on? Not sure.
We got a call.
Crazy woman Sorry, EDP Pulled a knife.
- Ira.
- It's Vanessa.
I have no idea what went wrong.
She was just supposed to hand the keys to the realtor.
Wait, what? We closed a week ago.
We've been under for a while.
They're pulling the plug.
Vanessa didn't want to hear it.
A realtor called, said she was out of it, acting strange.
- They won't let me go inside.
- Okay, all right.
They'll let me in.
Get out! Get out of my restaurant! Drop the knife! Drop the knife! - Drop it now.
- Officers.
Captain Benson, SVU.
I know this woman.
Vanessa, this is gonna be okay.
Who called you, Olivia? - Ira? - No, I was just outside.
Get out! Vanessa, I just want to talk to you.
- Get out of here.
- Vanessa, please.
- Don't do this.
- Drop it, - or I'm gonna tase you.
- Guys, I'm gonna ask you to step outside now.
I will handle this, and I will talk to her.
Holster your weapon, now.
I got this.
Call your supervisor.
Give me a level one and an HNT, and call my supervisor, Deputy Chief Garland.
Why don't you let him go, - and you I will - He wants to take my restaurant.
That's not me, Vanessa.
You said the marshals were coming.
- I can't let that - I understand that, and we can talk about that, but not like this, okay? Let's all walk out of here.
Come on.
What are you doing? You don't need that knife.
Right? Come on.
Let me get my purse.
Oh, my God.
Vanessa, take it easy.
Look at me.
I'm here, and I am listening to you.
This is my goddamn restaurant, and no one is gonna take it from me! Chief.
Good, you're here.
Trying to reach the captain.
This is Precinct C.
Captain Benson's in here alone? She ordered my men out.
Yeah, she said she knew the perp.
I think you mean the owner.
Whoever she is, she's holding the real estate agent and your captain hostage - with a kitchen knife.
- She's not answering.
Does the restaurant have a landline? They're not picking that up either.
We're trying to set up a mike in there.
Just so you know, Captain Benson refused a vest, and a helmet.
Yeah, that's because she's trying to de-escalate.
I get that, but I would feel a lot better if there wasn't a civilian inside.
This woman is clearly disturbed.
She refused repeated requests to put down the knife.
She's making threats.
Okay, have we called Social Services? So another civilian could be at risk? We called Hostage Negotiation, but, you know how this goes.
Once ESU gets here, they make the final call.
Officers, I'm Ira, the manager.
- So you know Captain Benson.
- For years.
Can you tell us what's going on? All these cops Vanessa's already on edge.
It's gonna freak her out.
Get back! What? - Get back! - Vanessa, Vanessa.
I am a friend.
Come on.
I've been coming here since you opened.
Yeah, so tell them they can't close me down! It's my customers' home away from home.
My heart's racing.
- I'm hypertensive.
- And I wanna talk, and I wanna hear more, but first, what is your name, sir? Joey.
- Joey Leonard.
- Okay, let Mr.
Leonard go, and then we can talk.
- He's not leaving.
- At least let him sit down, because what you don't want is him passing out on your kitchen floor.
Sit down.
- Sit down! - Okay.
Hey, Mr.
Leonard, breathe through your nose, okay? Okay.
Breathe through my nose.
Now you can tell him, I can't lose this place.
You know that's not my decision.
- It's the brokerage company.
- Oh.
They wanted to send in the marshals, not me.
How about you call the company, and you maybe ask for an extension, okay? I tried, but she's had four.
Oh, I I could try again.
Yes, you can.
So Vanessa, Vanessa, let him make some calls okay? And that way, you don't have a hostage.
I am holding him hostage! - He's holding me hostage! - No, it's There were 40 people on my staff, and I had to let everyone go.
There is a moratorium on evictions.
No, they found a clause in my lease! You don't care about this neighborhood, or my Sweat and my blood.
Vanessa, you don't need him.
Let him go, and then you and me, we'll talk.
We'll talk through all of this, just us.
They want me out of here? They can take me out in a box.
- Dad.
- Transient ischemia, symptom onset 45 minutes ago.
Pressure's 180 over 95.
Pulse thready.
20 milligrams of Activase.
I'm sorry, what is happening to my father? He's being taken care of.
His rehab facility told me that he fell.
Is he having another stroke? Ma'am, the doctor will update you, as soon as we know more.
You need to fill out some paperwork.
Waiting room is that way.
I take it you notified the borough commander.
Not me.
This has gone viral.
I'll let him know the SVU deputy chief is on the scene.
I just did.
They're coming out! - All right, we need blankets! - Officers, stand down! Stand back! - Clear the door! - Don't shoot! - I got him.
I got him.
Aw, jeez.
Pissed myself.
Here, cover it with this.
Is Captain Benson, okay? - Yeah.
- What's happening in there? Vanessa's lost her mind.
I've known her 20 years.
She's not the same person.
She's had a complete breakdown.
Okay, but she and the captain are talking? More like Vanessa's yelling, how she's not leaving, - waving that gun around.
- Gun? What kind of gun? What do I know from guns? I'll tell ESU.
I have Vanessa's husband on cell.
You must be exhausted.
Can I Get you to make us a cup of coffee? After that snow in February, no one came in.
I gave everything away to the soup kitchen.
Just trying to, hibernate till winter got warmer.
Okay, well, I can, uh, I can get the guys to get us something.
What's still open? Dollar-slice, bad Chinese? Everybody else went under.
I know, it's been a horrible year, but I could have them bring us in some groceries.
You know, I really thought, "Just give it a few weeks".
"People would be vaccinated.
" Then they would come back.
I know.
This is my chief.
He's got Eddie on FaceTime.
Eddie? I haven't spoken to Eddie since Thanksgiving.
His parents needed help, so he's like, "Oh, I'm gonna go for a few weeks.
" He lied to me, like Leonard.
Like everybody.
Okay, but Eddie's worried about you.
I mean, Ira is outside.
I mean, he's the one who called Eddie, and Ira? Everyone else deserted me but him.
I can't even get rid of him.
Vanessa? What's going on? The cops didn't tell me much.
Now you're worried about me? Ira says you're having a bad day, that things are spinning out of control.
Things have been spinning out of control for the last year.
Eddie, don't you remember? You lost your job, and then you sat on the couch for eight months watching "Jeopardy!" What was I supposed to do? Look, I was just worried about you.
- You're blaming me.
- Sorry.
'Cause it's never your fault, is it? I'm taking a COVID rapid test now.
Going straight to the airport.
You're coming back now? No, that's too late, because didn't you say it wasn't the pandemic? No, that made it clear that we were running on fumes.
Don't use the worst thing I said on the worst day against me and let it define us.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to upset you.
I'm sorry I called.
I'm glad you called.
Goodbye, Eddie.
No, Vanessa, wait a minute.
Don't hang up.
Vanessa Vanessa, are you okay? Yeah.
Screw him.
It's over.
Eddie loves you.
Eddie loves the idea of me.
What Eddie really loves is his horn.
He had an old lady who let him play and took care of him, but you know what? I said goodbye and He can't hold it against me.
Get out.
- Can you just leave me alone? - So what? So you can use that gun on yourself? - I'm not leaving.
- Get out.
- Or I will.
- You're not gonna shoot me.
You don't think I'm gonna shoot you? Get out.
- Wait, what? I'm sorry, what did you say? Ms.
Rollins, your father did suffer a major CVA.
Cerebrovascular Accident.
Accident? Another stroke? I'm not sure it was an accident.
His doctor had him on all these meds, and he never stopped sneaking cigarettes.
Well, there were a lot of factors.
It's not about blame.
And he also never stopped drinking.
Is there anyone else in his life? He had on a wedding ring.
Was he widowed? Divorced twice.
Um, he got remarried, last year, but she's not coming.
Neither is my mother, so I guess you could say his relationship status is abandoned.
So you have power of attorney? Do you know if your father has a living will? Any healthcare directives? No.
I have no idea.
Why don't I send someone from Patient Support Services over? Why don't you do that? - Hi, Rollins.
- He's going to die.
- The doctor said that? - No, but he was talking about a will.
- I mean, you figure it out.
- Okay.
Rollins, sit down.
Just, just sit.
All right, look.
I'm here.
I'm here as long as you need me.
'Cause you're the only one that Picked up, I called and left Liv two messages, and nothing.
What, so you don't know what's going on? Yeah, I got the call that they were rushing my dad here, so I did U-turn on the West Side Highway.
What? Liv's in a situation.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Snipers already? - Can't we hold them off? - Standard protocol.
The hostage she released described the EDP as "out of her mind," told us that she had a gun.
Okay, Captain Benson's in there with her, trying to walk her out.
Your captain wouldn't let us put mikes in there, and we can't monitor without them.
We're in the dark here.
Do we have any sense of what the hostage taker wants? She's upset, she doesn't wanna lose her restaurant.
There's nothing we can do for her while she's holding an NYPD captain hostage.
We're trying to set up a clear shot.
Look, this woman is not a criminal.
She's not insane.
She's in a crisis.
Captain Benson can handle that.
This year, I thought everything was gonna turn around, but it just kept getting worse.
- I know.
- Every morning I wake up and, just for a few minutes, I think of calling Ira, check on the reservations, and then I'd remember And then I'd, put a shot, in my coffee.
What was that Tennessee Williams line? I would wait for the click, the click that made me feel peaceful.
I'd wait for that click, but then it stopped kicking in.
Do you want some? I do, but, uh You know I can't.
Vanessa, have you ever thought about, you know, talking to somebody? Maybe getting some meds? I don't have health insurance.
I have insurance on this place, like, rent, electric, but How I would I pay for a psychiatrist? There's lots of options out there.
You know? There's a sliding scale.
- There's tons of different - Yeah, and they weren't supposed to evict me in the middle of all this, but where there's a lease, there's a way.
I can't talk to, like, a stranger on a phone, and drugs don't work.
I mean, Eddie had this He was a hypochondriac.
He had a bunch of pills in his Dopp kit, and after my mom died, I chewed on some of those.
You know what they did to me? They gave me crazy dreams.
I'd see this place, like, packed, and I'd be walking through.
My trio's in the corner, and I'm refilling the wine glasses, and then I'd wake up, freaking out.
Like, why is no one wearing their masks, you know? I'm so sorry, I didn't I didn't know about your mother.
Was it COVID? I couldn't actually say goodbye to her, on FaceTime.
Maybe we're all dead, because, all this Zooming and FaceTiming and Maybe it's where you go in the afterlife.
Like We can't see anyone.
Like, we can't hug them But they're all there.
But no one's there.
Like, everyone has left.
I'm here And I'm not leaving.
I just wish that I could give you a hug.
Don't try anything.
Get back, get back, and sit down.
Hands where I can see them.
Do you need some help with this? Do you happen to know my father's social security number? What's his financial situation, if you don't mind me asking? He's got health insurance at least? How would I know, Carisi? - Well, he's gotta be 65.
He's probably on Medicare.
No one knows how old he is, and Medicare's something you have to file for, right? This man hasn't paid his taxes in 15 years.
Cash only.
Well, hold on, how are you handling the rehab? - I put a card down.
- What? I had him push off the paperwork.
You telling me you didn't talk about this at all - on the whole car ride up? - Amanda? It's me.
Your stepmother.
What are you doing here? I'm gonna let that go.
You must be under a lot of stress.
Did the hospital call you? Your mother did.
She can't come, obviously, taking care of three little kids, your girls, - Kim's son.
- Okay, whoa.
How you doing? I'm Sonny Carisi.
- Amanda and I work together.
- Oh, thank God she has someone.
It's not very feminist of me, but, I always found it such a relief to have a man around - in these situations.
- Right.
How's Big Jim? Can I see him? Mmm-mmm.
I think he's still sedated.
Oh, my God.
Is he gonna die? I so wish you'd come down to the wedding.
That really broke his heart.
The wedding in the middle of a pandemic, right? Where were you last week, when he had his first stroke? He wouldn't want me to see him that way.
He's so proud, the last thing he'd want is to be helpless.
He always wanted to go out on his own terms.
Have they asked you about a DNR? Do-not-resuscitate.
Stop trying to talk me out of it.
I have spent months trying to count my blessings and show gratitude, and everyone keeps saying, "Don't let COVID defeat you.
" Well, you know what? No restaurant, no husband, no son.
Oh, COVID won.
- I'm tired of fighting.
- What do you mean no son? How is Nate? He's up at college.
He dropped out.
I don't know where he is.
He doesn't speak to me.
- I don't blame him.
- Blame him? What happened? He comes home, you know, the dorm's closed again this fall, he comes back, and, he can't handle quarantine, and I keep warning him, a hundred times, Nana's old.
Like, "Gotta be careful.
" No, he goes out, - hangs out with his friends.
- Vanessa, he's just a kid.
My mom got sick that night.
And I told him I hated him, selfish, and it was his fault.
I threw him out, and I was like, "I never wanna see you again.
" I told my own son that I hated him, and I can't take that back.
You can, and you have to try.
He won't speak to me.
He's blocked my calls and, taken me off social media.
I called his friends, and they told me he needs space, to leave him alone.
I have no idea where he is, and you know what? Even if I did, - it's too late.
- You know what, Vanessa? I get it.
You're done.
I hear you.
If this is how you want to end things I'm not gonna stop you But you have to tell your son that you're sorry for what you said.
And that you forgive him, because you cannot, let that boy carry that load, with him for the rest of his life.
We'll find him, Captain.
Stay safe.
What'd she say? Vanessa has a 19-year-old son, Nate.
He moved out months ago, they're not speaking, but Captain Benson thinks if we can find him, it might help end this situation.
And we're hearing about this now? What the hell is she even doing in there? Establishing rapport.
The borough commander's called four times.
- What do you want me to tell him? - I'll talk to him.
We already have a small army out here.
We don't need another general.
You mean a chief with one more star than you? Sorry, Chief.
We're all stressed.
I'm sure Captain Benson more than all of us.
"Beloved Neighborhood Chef Taken Out by NYPD Snipers.
" I'm sure the borough commander doesn't want those headlines.
Detective Tamin, find the son.
We have an address, phone number? - Manager might know.
- Okay.
Hey, Ira.
Excuse me.
So many people came out.
Our customers, former employees trying to help now.
They started a GoFundMe campaign.
I wish I had thought of that earlier, but we just got paralyzed.
Ira, do you know Vanessa's son, Nate? Yeah, since he was a kid.
What happened with him and Vanessa was Do you know where we can find him? No, I don't, but Eddie might.
Those two are back in touch.
I've been keeping that from Vanessa.
Come on.
Nicole, it's me.
I'm still tied up.
Can we raincheck tonight? All right, sorry.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Hey, look, if you have other plans No-no, it's all good.
- Where were we? - Amberlynn.
- Eh.
- So she ditches him, the moment he gets sick, and now she thinks he's gonna die, she waltzes back in here, - so she can play his grieving widow? - Well She's his wife.
She's got a right to be here.
- She just wants his money.
- I thought you said - he didn't have any money.
- Well, she's not here for his health.
I mean, there's gotta be something in a storage facility or under a mattress.
I'm calling my mom.
I'll bet she'll know.
You can see him now.
We think he can hear you, but he's still struggling - with speech.
- Oh, good.
I understand his wife is here.
She went out for a smoke.
That's his daughter right there.
And you're her husband? I can let you two in the room.
Thanks, Mom.
The good news, Dad has been lying about his age, so we can apply for Medicare.
The nurse said he can have visitors now.
- Should we get Amberlynn? - No.
She's probably outside talking to her boyfriend figuring out how to spend the insurance money.
Something else Mom told me She made him take out a life insurance policy.
Daddy? - Mandy.
- Don't try to talk.
It's okay to be tired.
And the folks here are figuring out the best way to take care of you, and I called Mom up, and we're gonna work this thing out, okay? You're looking good, Mr.
You're through the worst of it.
Jim, it's me.
It's Amberlynn.
- Hey.
- We should go.
No, stay.
Daddy, it's okay.
It's okay.
Daddy, we're here.
We're here.
- Have they found Nate? - They know where he's staying.
Who told them? Ira? Eddie.
The two of them.
Eddie and Nate, one's out of work, one's out of school, they just sat there blaming me, as if the whole pandemic was my fault.
Nobody knows what to do or what to say - Nobody.
- You don't either.
I mean, you haven't lost anything.
You have your job, your son.
You know, what I do know Is that nobody knows, what other people are going through.
Right before the pandemic, I lost my brother Simon.
And, you remember Ed Tucker? Yeah.
Guy you went to Paris with.
Those blue eyes.
Oh, my God, I love when you came in here.
You were just so happy.
I mean, I know you blew it up, but you should kind of get him back.
That's not gonna happen.
No, you don't know that.
He adored you.
Like, anybody could see it.
He's gone.
Brain cancer, and he killed himself Because he didn't want to be a burden, to his new wife.
You know, if I would've Known that The last time I saw him, that I would never see him again.
Sorry, I I didn't know.
This past year, how can you keep track? Yeah, but what I would've said to him, or what I would've said to Simon Simon was supposed to meet me and Noah, on the day that he died, and he never showed up, and so I left him a message.
An angry message.
There's not a day that goes by that I don't regret that.
My mother's what? She needs you, Nate now.
- She threw me out.
- We know.
She's locked herself in the restaurant.
Okay, she's gone off the deep end.
That's not my mom.
We think maybe if she could see you.
Why? So she can tell me I killed my grandmother again? The pandemic's been hard on me too, but I'm not allowed to complain about anything.
I've been bouncing around from couch to couch.
They're supposed to be the adults, but they just Sat there drinking, yelling at each other.
She should've let that restaurant go, taken care of Dad and me.
She has to let it go now.
Look Nate, we are past that.
Okay? - Your mom has a gun.
- What? You don't go see her now, you may never have the chance.
Nate, I know you're angry.
She's never gonna forgive me.
My Nana's dead.
My dad's gone.
And I know you don't wanna lose your mother too.
She needs you, Nate.
You need to go to bed, Jesse.
I know Grandma said you could call, but You need to get some sleep, okay, baby? All right, I miss you.
Hey, I heard from Kat.
- How's Liv? - She's okay.
She's still inside, but they're talking, so How much longer can all this go on? It's like I tell my mom, "It's not endless, it's just indefinite.
" How are your folks doing with this? They're healthy, thank God.
My mom cooks, all day long.
My father complains, "Sonny, I'm getting so fat".
"You gotta stop this woman.
" He loves it.
Loves it.
He reads a lot.
You know, they're putting on a brave face.
They, uh They miss hugging their grandkids.
And they're terrible at Zoom.
It's just It's nose and mouth, there's no eyes.
It's just nose and down, and they Oh, God.
Mmm, you said you wanted to tell me something, before I went to Atlanta.
Ah, you got enough on your plate.
What the hell am I gonna do with Jim? Well, I mean, his wife's here.
Why don't you let her deal? No, I saw the look in his eyes.
He doesn't want anything to do with her.
Yeah, and my dad is a force.
I've seen him drunk Manic, high on life I've seen him angry, but I've never seen him Scared.
I don't know, if I can do this.
Carisi, like Be the grown up.
You've been the grownup, for a while now, Amanda Rollins.
That's great, that's all I need.
Thank you.
Oh, Jesus, it's freezing in New York.
- Yeah.
- How's Big Jim? Still breathing.
Excuse me? And I gotta tell you, I've been doing some checking up, due diligence, if you're gonna be taking care of my father And did you know, you have outstanding warrants in Florida, for cashing bad checks, forgery? - Oh, I can explain that.
- Uh-huh.
'Cause now that I know that.
Legally I have to arrest you right now.
- What? - But seeing as you're family and all Actually, I'm not even sure of that, because I can't find a record of divorce from your first husband.
It was kind of a common-law divorce.
Well, considering everything, the best thing for you right now Is to leave the state.
Okay, so if you leave now, as far as anybody knows, I came back looking for you, - but you were gone.
- You can't tell me to leave.
Okay, you wanna stay? Because Jim is gonna make it through this, and he is gonna have a long road ahead of him.
He's gonna need somebody to take care of him, feed him, take him to rehab, change his diapers.
Honey, you're young.
You still have your looks.
That kind of caretaking, that's gonna age you, real fast.
You know what? You're right.
Tell Big Jim I'll call him.
I sure will.
- Where's she going? - Back to Atlanta.
What did you say to her? Mostly that she's young, she should follow her dreams, not be hitched to a sick, old man.
Any word on my son? Vanessa, they will call me.
How will I see him like this? Like, crazy lady, and there's all these cops, and oh, my God, when I get out there, if they let me out there, - will I go to jail? - Okay.
You haven't hurt anyone, and you and I have just, been talking.
I pulled a knife on Leonard - Because you were out of your mind.
- I am.
Like, that's who I am.
I've lost it.
We all have.
Today was your day, which is helpful because it means that you didn't have the mental capacity to form intent.
What is happening to me? What happened to you? Vanessa, you have been taking care of everybody, for so long.
Eddie, Nate, your customers, your employees, the entire neighborhood.
Huh? Who was taking care of you? No, no.
I take care of everyone.
That is my job.
And Vanessa, you need to learn, that it's okay, to ask for help.
I don't even know what that sounds like, and it's too late.
Right? Your son is here.
He's outside And he wants to FaceTime.
Hey, Mom.
What's going on? Um You know.
Having a bad day? There's cops out here, reporters, the whole neighborhood.
I know you wanted to get some attention for the restaurant, but This seems A little over the top? Yeah.
Maybe a little.
I love you, Mom.
Please come home.
I love you.
They're coming out.
Benson has the weapon.
You did good, Nate.
Come on.
Let's go wait in the squad car.
Captain Benson coming out! I'm okay! We're okay! - Stand back! Stand down! You all right, Captain? - I'm fine.
- I'm gonna have to take her in.
I'm gonna go with.
- Ira.
- Vanessa, thank God.
I'm so sorry.
- She's okay.
- Yeah! What are all these people doing? Rooting for you.
They didn't wanna see you or the restaurant go down.
- No, the restaurant, it's done.
- Maybe not.
Some customers started a GoFundMe.
- It's at $35,000.
- Oh, my.
Even Leonard chipped in.
Thank you, Olivia.
I'm okay.
You don't have to come with me.
You go home to your son.
Today was the worst day of your life, and you made it through.
Remember that.
How you doing? - I'm exhausted.
- Yeah.
You saved a life.
Take a few days.
Let someone take care of you.

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