Law & Order Special Victims Unit s22e13 Episode Script

Trick-Rolled at the Moulin'

1 In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
Tried to kill Kathy.
I'm worried for him.
I don't know if it's the healthiest thing for him to be investigating his own wife's murder.
You have PTSD.
Do you think you could sit down? No, I really don't think I can.
Liv, it was Sacha Lenski.
He saw everything.
Kathy was a target.
Liv, he knew.
He was there.
He activated the bomb from across the street.
It was Sacha Lenski.
He saw everything.
He knew it was Kathy getting into the car.
Thank you for calling.
Please leave a message.
Elliot, it's me.
I'm sorry I didn't pick up.
I just listened to your message.
Call me back.
Call me back, okay? [SIGHS.]
This watch is insane, Xavi.
I'm obsessed.
Try it on.
They said the waiting list was four years.
- Pulled a few strings.
- VIP treatment.
I could get used to that.
- Another round? - Yeah.
So Xavi, do you respond to all your DMs or Nope.
Just yours.
Oh, my God.
Shut up.
- It's the truth.
- Despina! Des, oh, my God.
Piper! Girl, you look fire.
What are you doing here? Xavi, this is Despina.
We model together.
Take my chair.
Hot and sweet.
I don't wanna interrupt.
No, stay.
Do you mind, Xavi? Me? No.
Three works for my algorithm.
We're moving over here.
Nothing like a love song, baby - Cheers.
- Yay! Just because I let you drive me crazy Probably thinking it's your love song, baby Ah [GIGGLING.]
- More! - [LAUGHTER.]
I guess this is what you get Throwing pebbles in the ocean Ocean You probably think this is your love song, baby This ain't nothin' like a love song, baby [PHONE CHIMES.]
Just because I let you drive me crazy Drive me crazy Now you're thinking it's your love song, baby Wanna get out of here? Where to? [GIGGLES.]
You see it like your love song, baby Just because I let you drive me crazy Let's get out of here.
Should I order a car? We got a QuickRide, remember? - Despina? - That's her.
- Where we going? - Where do you wanna go? [LAUGHS.]
- Ooh, Vegas! - To Las Vegas! Whoo! Vegas! - [LAUGHS.]
- Ooh! How's this freak not PTFO yet? High tolerance? Where the hell is Jade? - [MOANS.]
- Oh, no, baby.
We're out of champs.
I'll get it.
You got that credit card, baby? I got you.
It's the black one, all right? Just stay with me.
- Oh - So sexy.
But we're thirsty.
- Knock knock.
- Jade's here.
- [POP.]
- Whoo! - With more refreshments.
- Think you're gonna like her.
Xavi? I need you to wake up, okay? What the hell's in that stuff? He's fine.
Come on, baby.
Let's see those eyes.
Good boy.
I need your PIN number.
Keep the party going.
Where going? Here.
So how about that PIN? Xavier! What's your PIN number? I'll be back.
Keep him happy.
I try many times.
No answer.
Rise and shine, pal.
Checkout was two hours ago.
All right.
We can't wait for him to get sober.
Go ahead.
Open it.
Virgen santísima.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Don't touch anything.
Madre de dios! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
That's him, Xavier Garcia.
A social app billionaire here.
He's slumming it.
Your cousin.
Was she still involved with him? Who knows? I haven't talked to her since she decided not to testify.
Looks like a party overdose.
They find Xavi naked, tied spread eagle to the bed.
Any luck with security cams? Well, we pulled everything they had, but this isn't The Plaza.
That's why people come here in the first place.
- Who found the body? - The maid and the house dick.
Former cop, Mulhall.
He's inside.
A retired cop working security, so probably misses the action.
Make him feel like he's part of the team, and then check with Vice, see if they have any similar M.
Hey, Kat? And ask your cousin to come in.
I saw the deceased come in last night with a couple working girls just before I punched out around midnight.
You ever seen him before? On the news.
Not around here.
What about the girls? You get a look at them? High-end.
One Black, one white.
You know, never saw 'em before, but they were pros.
They used his credit card to pay for the room.
He was 20 sheets to the wind.
And you just let that go? Business is on life support, so unless they're soliciting in my presence, urinating in the hallway, hitting the pipe on the way in, I'm encouraged to look the other way.
Is he the first guy to end up dead here? Yeah.
But I've had to call paramedics four times over the past couple months.
If you ask me, there's a bad batch of something going around.
And none of these men filed a police report? [SCOFFS.]
After waking up tied to the bed? You know the drill married, prominent, both.
That's why they're targeted.
If he was where he was supposed to be when he was supposed to be there, none of this would've happened to him.
You can't find this at Home Depot.
May I? Bag this up.
All right, well, got a wallet.
No cash, and looks like some credit cards are missing.
Anything good? Credit card receipt from last night from the Silver Fleece.
Xavier Garcia.
Biggest tab in nine months.
I heard he OD'd.
Big tab.
So he wasn't drinking alone? Couple of lady friends.
A white girl, blonde, then a hot Black chick.
With the three of them, it was like a Benetton ad in here.
Do you know if they came together? No.
The blonde was here before him.
Sitting at the bar, putting out the vibe.
You know, ready to pounce.
Guys hit on her, but she was waiting for a date.
When the second girl showed up, did they seem like they knew each other? All "mwah-mwah" when they came in.
They got him good and sauced.
Top shelf.
On his credit card? Hey, they tipped me great.
These days, I don't have the luxury of judging.
Neither do we.
But we're gonna need to see that security footage.
My cousin Lily finally got back to me.
She said she's too upset to talk.
We have tissues at the squad room.
How'd this even happen? Xavi was a health freak.
He never does drugs.
He barely drinks.
Well, I think he may have had another side to him.
What do you mean? You recognize these girls? No.
We went through his phone and found out that he was DMing with a woman on Instagram, but her profile has gone dark.
Xavi doesn't date Insta girls anymore.
He he promised me.
Well, he may have slipped up.
When was the last time you spoke to him? A few days ago.
Uh, we kind of had a blowout.
But we were about to make up.
I I called him last night.
He declined my call.
I was mad.
I left a message going off on him.
What if that's the last thing Xavi heard me say? So she's still no help.
You okay? Yeah.
I feel for her.
There's some things that you can never take back.
Got the security footage from the hotel.
They do have cameras, but they're more set up for privacy than security, so it's not much help.
Okay, that looks like a third woman.
Is she in the security footage from the bar? No.
She must've showed up later.
About that security footage.
Anything on facial recognition? TARU's still checking.
I sent these pictures over to Phoebe.
These girls aren't known by Vice.
That doesn't mean that they haven't done it before, right? I mean, they're not new to the life.
They roll guys like these because they know that they'll never call the cops.
- So no reason to kill 'em.
- No.
So we're looking at an accidental OD.
Security guard at the hotel said they've had a few close calls.
Yeah, so maybe it's a bad batch on the street.
He also said that.
You two got your second vaccine? - How'd it go? - I feel like I won parole.
I slept for 12 hours.
I'm so relieved for all of us.
- Yeah.
- Too late for Mr.
Cause of death: acute intoxication.
Aside from the sky-high blood alcohol level, he took or was given oxycodone, fentanyl, and MDMA.
Okay, those are fairly common street drugs.
Any recent ODs, same cocktail? No, but where there's one You might wanna check area hospitals.
There were women there.
Any DNA? Nope.
He went.
He didn't come.
They worked him.
Only thing they wanted in his pants was his wallet.
So you can't rule manner? Not now.
It's a CUPPI.
Thanks, Warner.
How's Stabler doing? I wrote my condolences.
Never heard back.
Yeah, he's, uh he's going through a lot.
Take care.
Thank you.
Elliot, I called you back last night.
- Did you get my message? - I know.
I just I didn't I didn't want to do this over the phone.
Tell me.
What what's going on? Sacha Lenski was in the window watching? He saw her.
Her saw her getting into the car.
Elliot, that doesn't prove that she was the target.
Liv, he knew it was her.
He saw her get in the car.
And I don't know why.
It makes no sense.
Why would anyone wanna kill Kathy? Elliot, listen to me.
Whatever evidence you have, Elliot, it's not your case.
- You have to give it to Intel.
- I did.
I just feel as though Moennig is shining me.
I don't even know where they are with the case.
You're not supposed to.
You got connections over there.
Just reach out to 'em.
I can't.
You have no idea how many people are telling me to stay away from this to stay away from you.
Who's telling you that? Who's telling you that? Elliot, did you hear anything that we said to you the other night? I don't wanna talk about the other night.
Elliot, you have to take care of yourself.
I'm begging you to slow this all down.
Go home.
Eat something.
Get some rest, Elliot.
You have to do this for yourself.
For your kids.
I hear you.
Are we good? I hope so.
What do we got? That's the night manager, Ranveer.
He ID'd the white one.
Says there was a second girl, maybe Chinese, not Black.
All right.
Ranveer found the body? Yeah, he responded to a noise complaint.
Nobody answered.
Went up an hour later, TV's still blaring.
He went in.
Found a guy.
OD'd, naked, cash in his wallet gone, no ATM cards.
Thanks, Detective.
Press got here pretty quick for an OD death.
Yeah, it hit Twitter a half hour ago.
The vic is Paul Landry.
His disciples think of him as some sort of a Robin Hood.
Squeezing the hedge fund guys till they lose their shorts.
It's the same M.
Are we looking at the same women? Well, the night manager ID'd the blonde from a security still.
But then he said there's another one, an Asian.
Oh, my God.
What? Hotel Moulin.
This is where Simon died.
This guy, Landry, OD'd in the same hotel as your brother, Simon, did? I'm so sorry.
At the time, you said that Simon's death - was accidental, right? - I did.
Local police found him alone in his room.
No sign of foul play.
He had a history of addiction.
What about the drugs in Simon's system? Checking.
Both Garcia and Landry OD'd on a mixture of oxycodone, fentanyl, and MDMA.
But Simon's dose was heroin and fentanyl.
It doesn't matter.
Street drugs change.
There's new batches every month.
It's the same M.
and the same hotel.
Simon was rolled, Fin.
He was murdered.
Maybe, Liv.
But this crew was targeting high rollers.
Simon was down on his luck, am I right? Maybe they didn't know that.
Simon could always talk a good game.
Before you ruled this accidental, how much investigation did you do? That's not my job.
Based on the police report, it was the right conclusion at the time.
I need to speak to the responding officer.
They missed something.
Detective Fernandez, thank you for coming down.
A DA's task force for guys that've been trick-rolled? I know this guy Landry's a big deal but We think that these women have been operating longer than the past week and some of these ODs that were ruled accidental maybe weren't.
Yeah, okay.
I can see that.
So there was an OD a year ago at the Hotel Moulin, Simon Marsden.
You answered the 911 call? Oh, that one.
Manager called in the OD.
Guy was already gone.
He was alone in the room.
How much investigating did you do? Guy takes a bus in from Jersey, becomes a dead body at a short-stay motel.
Not a lot of heat on it.
Okay, well, how about who he was with the night of? Who paid for the motel? I could go on.
I've been around a lot of dead junkies before, all right? But this guy wasn't rolled.
He had his wallet on him with cash, his phone, his watch.
Did you talk to anybody, any witnesses, the clerk who checked him in? Seriously, what's this about? This guy's no Landry or Garcia, all right? I left word with his ex.
She didn't even get back to me.
Nobody cared.
- I did.
- Okay.
Was he an informant of yours or something? He was my brother.
Oh, I'm sorry.
But I did this by the book.
Captain, with all due respect, it was what it was.
Wednesday, lunch? My day off.
You pick the place, the time.
Simon, it's me and Noah, and we are here waiting for you.
Listen I knew that this was a bad idea.
- So don't don't bother calling me back, okay? As a matter of fact, Simon, don't don't ever call me.
All this time, all I've thought about is what it must have felt like for him to hear me say that, and he never did.
It's for the best though, right? As far as he knew, it never happened.
I guess you cracked that passcode.
It was his daughter's birthday.
I, uh, I had to call Tracy, his ex.
How'd that go? [EXHALES DEEPLY.]
You know, I called her when Simon died to ask her what she wanted to do, and she asked me to deal with the remains, and then she said that she would come up with the kids and we could have a little, you know, celebration and scatter his ashes.
That never happened.
A couple of months went by, and then COVID hit.
I just had no idea that she never picked up his belongings.
But at least now we can track his day and find the women that killed him.
- Liv.
- So I traced Simon's last call on the day he died, 7 p.
, to an Edward Buddusky.
That name mean anything to you? No, but I got an address to a brokerage firm downtown, and I'm gonna go over there.
Listen, I'ma tell you the same thing you told Stabler.
This is your family.
And if this guy's complicit, the dealer, the pimp, you can't be the one who interrogates him.
I know.
I was devastated to hear about Simon.
But word was he OD'd, no? It's an ongoing investigation.
Oh, investigation.
Nobody reached out to me before.
Well, we just found out that you were one of his last calls.
Yeah, I'm afraid I was.
Can you tell us what you were talking about? We're supposed to keep this anonymous, but, uh, I was once his sponsor.
Now I've been sober 20 years.
I do wealth management for high-end clients.
They don't need to know my ancient history.
I get that.
So Simon reached out to you? Yeah.
He said he was depressed, thinking about using.
- What'd you tell him? - To be careful.
You know, you can be in recovery, but it doesn't mean you're recovered.
Thought he heard me, but pfft this disease.
He mention stopping anywhere? You know, hook up with a dealer, a friend? No.
Told me he was going home to Jersey.
I looked up a meeting for him.
Did he tell you why he was in the city? No.
He was going through a rough time.
Maybe it was a job interview.
I should have asked.
Uh, well, before we go, uh, any chance that you know either of these girls? No.
That's not exactly my clientele, and I'm a happily married man.
- Good for you.
Thanks a lot.
- Mm-hmm.
- What's going on? - Just got a text from Mulhall at Hotel Bordeaux.
He has a buddy who works security at another dive, and he just found this guy ODing EMTs are on the way.
He was partying with three hookers: one white, one Black, and one Asian.
So the guy's alive? Call Liv? Let's hold off for now.
This has never happened before.
- I run a good hotel.
- I'm sure.
- Was he with any women? - Yes.
But Dr.
Linderman's always with women.
- They love him.
- You know him? Please.
I've said too much.
He took care of my granddaughter when she had migraines.
He's a good man.
I called 911 right away.
- You need to help him.
- Okay.
- Coming through.
- Is he gonna make it? He was giving himself Narcan when we got here.
Nabile, my friend, you called the police? I thought you were dying.
We need to talk to you.
- Ugh.
My heart.
- We have to move.
We'll talk to you at the hospital.
If you make it.
Now we call Liv.
So you caught a live one, huh? Dr.
Walter Linderman.
Apparently, he's a renowned pediatric neurosurgeon at Mercy.
Teaches at Hudson U.
The guy who nearly overdosed in a hot sheet hotel has a day job performing delicate, life-saving surgery on kids? That's probably why he's still alive.
He gave himself Narcan at the scene.
We followed him to the hospital, but he invoked professional privilege, said he was waiting for his lawyer.
Anything tie him to your mystery woman? Well, Warner's still working up the tox report, but he fits the profile.
He's a family man.
He's well-respected in his field.
He has a lot to lose.
Means he'll cooperate.
First of all, I wanna be sure that my client isn't the target of an investigation.
- He's a victim.
- Understood.
Therefore, it would behoove him to cooperate with us.
He will, in exchange for full immunity.
I'll consider it after I hear what he has to say.
So doctor, were you with these women last night? Before you answer, do know that we're gonna go through your credit cards and your cell phone records.
You just said that I wasn't the target.
And you're not.
These women are.
They are suspects in three drug-facilitated murders.
- They rolled you, Doctor.
- No.
Not these girls.
You got 'em all wrong.
- So you do know them? - They're friends of mine.
They would never hurt me.
They're good people.
Um, good people.
They left you to die.
You almost OD'd.
It's not what you think.
My job is stressful.
I need to blow off steam.
We're consenting adults.
We were partying together.
They didn't slip me anything.
It was just something stronger than I'm used to.
I wanna be clear that these were not his drugs.
- He did not procure them.
- Who did then? This is starting to feel adversarial.
Well, wait till the press gets a hold of the story.
Nobody will believe them.
Your wife might.
Now shall we try this again? No.
Hold on.
Those two women in the security photo.
I may have a contact for one of them.
Piper Thomas? Yeah? NYPD.
You need to come with us.
What's this about? We have a warrant for your arrest.
Let's go.
Felix, get in the car.
Lady, are you crazy? Officers, sorry.
- You know this woman? - God, no.
Her name is Piper.
Come on.
Well, that's a new one.
You want me to stop her? Oh, I think the performance art is over.
While we wait for a public defender, what do we have? Piper Thomas.
And don't let the sweet face fool you.
She is a former club dancer from Montreal with priors for possession, soliciting, and unlawful use of a credit card.
Yeah, we caught her trying to leave town.
Went through her bags.
Inside, we found six men's watches, four college rings, $10,000 in cash, three burner cells, and a couple of different glassine baggies.
Warner is processing the substances now.
Anything to connect her to the vic? Well, her tablet had a file labeled "insurance".
Selfies with Xavi, Paul Landry, Dr.
Linderman, and lots of others, including October of 2019, Edward Buddusky.
With Simon.
He told you that he was Simon's sponsor.
Well, he lied.
So you're an ADA.
Do I need to call my lawyer? Well, yeah, you can do that, Mr.
But in that case, you'd have to tell them to meet us at the arraignment where we'll be charging you with distribution of narcotics, patronizing a prostitute, criminally negligent homicide Wait, wait, no.
I didn't kill Simon.
Like I told the detective, he called me.
You're not his sponsor, and we know you were with him the night he died.
What are you talking about? This woman.
Piper Thomas, we have her in custody.
Now, her story is that this is all on you.
I'm a good Samaritan.
I called 911.
The drugs were theirs, not mine.
Instead of blaming a sex worker who you hired, why don't you just stop lying to us? So how do you really know Simon? We knew each other in high school.
There's got to be more to the story than that.
Kept in touch all of these years? So why did he call you that night? Look.
It's not what you think.
- So what is it? - He was in a bad way.
He had no money.
He was looking for a job.
He had a record.
I couldn't hire him.
Go on.
We went for coffee.
I offered to loan him some money.
He was angry at the world, and I don't blame him.
He was as smart as I was.
Just made bad choices.
Kept saying, "Why do you have everything? I have nothing".
I felt bad for the guy.
So you got him high.
I didn't have to twist his arm.
He kept drinking, going on about his father killing himself, how his wife left him said he was supposed to meet his sister for lunch, but he was too embarrassed to show.
And how did Piper get involved? Come on.
Buddusky, we know that you called her.
I couldn't help Simon, so I thought I could change his mood, show him a good time.
I knew Piper from a strip club.
She and her friend met us at a bar.
We had more drinks.
Who was the friend? She was Black, cute.
I think her name was Despina.
She kept flirting with Simon.
His confidence was up.
I didn't tell him I bankrolled the whole thing.
And so then what happened? I don't remember.
Well, we know that the night didn't end there.
So if you won't tell us your side of the story, I guess I guess we'll go with Piper's.
Let's go, guys.
We end up at this motel.
They said they had a connection for party favors.
Simon's eyes lit up.
And whatever it was, it was nothing I'd ever done before.
Passed out.
When I woke up, they were gone.
And Simon? I went to wake him, but he He was ice cold on the bed.
So I I put his clothes back on.
I cleaned up the room.
You just left him there? Alone? Like I said, I called 911, but he was dead.
I have a wife, kids.
I know this sounds horrible, but the only thing I could tell myself is Simon died happy.
He had one last good time.
Number three.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
Simon really liked her.
Take your time, Mr.
No need.
Number five.
She always comes after the other girls.
It's number four.
That's all three.
All ID'd on the scene where Xavier, Landry, Linderman And Simon OD'd.
Look, I know that it's a stretch, but does that get us to manslaughter? It would help if we could find out who supplied the drugs.
But we got three contestants.
Time to play "Let's Make a Deal".
I wouldn't kill any of these guys.
They were my clients, my friends.
Friends you drugged and rolled.
We found watches.
We found rings in her luggage.
They gave me that stuff.
And they weren't my client's drugs.
Then whose were they? Look you dosed, and then you robbed these guys.
The ADA's gonna go for Man Two.
You know how much time you get in person for three C felonies? Piper, now's the time to tell him who supplied the drugs.
First of all, Dr.
Linderman is a really nice guy.
Everything that happened between us was consensual.
What about Xavier Garcia, Paul Landry? They wanted to die? That's hardly consensual.
Look these guys got plenty for their money.
I'm sorry they died, but that's not my fault.
That's your move? You are looking at three counts of manslaughter.
That's 15 years, each count.
Tell us who brought the drugs, Despina, or we will arrest you right now.
Piper and Despina are lying whores.
They find these guys, get 'em drunk.
I'm just along for the party.
I have no idea where these drugs came from.
Okay, well, we have text messages on your burner cell to another burner cell.
"This batch is NG.
People are dropping".
Who were you texting? I don't know what you're talking about.
Jade, one death, maybe that was accidental, okay? But second guy dies, third ODs? You knew there was a problem.
That's on you.
This is your last chance to help yourself.
Piper and Despina are gonna testify against you.
No loyalty.
There's no reason you should be left holding the bag.
I know there's somebody you can kick this back to.
I don't kick back to or depend on anybody.
My mind, my body, my daughter.
That's all I got in this world.
And that's all I have to say.
She's hanging tough.
We still got two against one.
But my guess, it's a dealer, or it's a pimp.
She's too afraid of him to turn.
It's good to get out of the morgue.
You have anything on the tox screen? Yeah, all three of your vics Garcia, Landry, Linderman dosed with the same bad batch.
So the girls had to know.
Which bumps their culpability from recklessly to knowingly but still doesn't prove intent.
What about the glassine bags we found in Piper's luggage? One was a match.
I reached out to Vice.
They're very familiar with Purple Magic.
It's oxy cut with fentanyl.
The batch our vics were dosed with had MDMA and a higher concentration of fentanyl.
So somebody's making their own stash, passing it off as Purple Magic, only their version is lethal.
Something else you should know.
Organized crime has been tracking Purple Magic for a while now.
A separate investigation.
You might wanna check with anyone you know over there.
- Three ODs, Warner thinks they're all Purple Magic.
It's a knockoff of the brand.
Hey, you should know that my brother, Simon, may have been drugged by the same crew.
- What? When? - Uh, year and a half ago.
Warner thought it was an OD.
Sorry to hear that.
So this is where they found Simon's body.
Paul Laundry OD'd in this hotel two nights ago in a room right down the hall.
Nothing on security cams? And you got three women in custody - they give up the dealer? - Oh, not yet.
What do you know? Strictly off the record, the target of our investigation, Wheatley The person that you think is responsible for Kathy's death.
He's got a legitimate company that manufactures oxy.
His side gig, he adds fentanyl to it, and he peddles it as Purple Magic.
Okay, well this batch, somebody cut it with too much fentanyl.
I can tell you Wheatley doesn't want bodies dropping.
Maybe it's a rival gang that's piggybacking off his brand name.
Kat's got something.
TARU pulled this off of Piper's snapchat.
Cheers, bitches! Where's the rest of my stash? Don't worry about it.
We can make plenty more.
- Let's roll.
- Sorry, boo.
- We're ready.
- What about these two? That's Simon.
That's Simon? Piper, how stupid are you? Delete that.
Now! That guy was the driver when we picked up Piper.
He's not the driver.
He's their dealer.
Somebody from Wheatley's crew, maybe someone gone rogue? - Do you know him? - Never seen him before.
But we better find him before Wheatley does.
Looks familiar.
I take a lot of Ubers - and QuickRides.
- No.
He's either your pimp or your dealer or both.
Again, my client doesn't have a pimp because my client isn't a sex worker.
This refresh your memory? - I kiss a lot of men.
- Do you? While partying over the body of an OD victim? This is the first I'm seeing this.
Frickin' Piper.
Felix told her to delete that.
What else did he tell you after you texted him, "People are dropping?" The last thing I need is a dead john.
Live johns are repeat customers.
- Jade - Save it, Legal Aid.
What do you want from me? We're having a hard time finding Felix.
- He's like that.
- Jade.
If you're afraid of him, we can help you.
I'm not.
I know things.
So why protect him? 'Cause he's your daughter's father.
- I'm not giving him up.
- Well, he's done, regardless.
It doesn't matter, his involvement here.
Your baby daddy has been ripping off the wrong guys.
He's safer with us than on the street.
Do people really still fall for this? Jade, you're tough.
I get it.
You've been on your own.
You've been taking care of yourself your whole life.
- I respect that.
- That's right.
- Started from the bottom.
- But you're here now.
And I don't know what your legal aid's been telling you, but you're not getting out of here any time soon.
Exactly what I've been trying to tell her.
So you are looking out for Felix, but he's not looking out for you.
And your daughter, Jade, who's looking out for her? None of your business.
Because if you're counting on Felix to step up, she's gonna wind up underground.
Felix would never.
He loves Giana.
I'm sure that he does, but the crew that he's been screwing over they don't.
They're big-time, international.
Drugs, human trafficking, murder.
Are you gonna let your daughter just fend for herself? 'Cause you may be right.
We may not be able to help you.
But we can help her.
Yeah, yeah.
Did that bitch, Jade, give me up? My mother said not to trust that one, you know? You got a bigger problem, Felix.
Your Purple Magic three dead men.
All OD'd on a batch you supplied.
Purple Magic.
That's a name brand.
- Everyone wants it.
- Yeah.
But the batch you gave your girls wasn't pure.
Somebody stepped on it.
Not me.
I'm a delivery boy.
For who? Why don't you just shoot me right here? Listen, man.
We put you back on the street, you're dead.
We put you in prison, you're dead.
You got one option.
They're looking into these ODs.
They picked me up.
They asked me all these kinds of questions.
They know we're putting out our own Purple Magic.
What did you tell them? Look.
You know me, man.
I'm loyal.
And they let you walk? Thanks for the heads-up.
Wh what do you want me to say to them? I'll call ya.
That's it? You gotta get out of here, Felix.
- He's tanking it.
- Or they made him.
's heading east on Lispenard.
What's he doing? Why's he turning around? We gotta get him out of there.
Elliot, something's going down.
Hold on.
- SVU portable to Central - Liv, down - shots fired.

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