Law & Order Special Victims Unit s23e20 Episode Script

Did You Believe in Miracles?

In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
This is a blast from the past.
Where did you find this? The cloud.
It's for a class project.
"Where it began, where it is now.
" Mm.
I can't believe you said I was good.
You were good.
You know, I think there's an even older one.
It's okay.
We gotta go anyway.
You wanna tell me what's going on? It's a surprise for Mother's Day.
That's me, Mommy, and Daddy.
Well, that's a nice Mother's Day card.
And is that your sister, Elizabeth, by herself? I thought you liked her.
I do, but Beth is away.
It's been a really long time.
Since, last Sunday.
Away? Where'd she go? Someplace far.
With Luke.
Luke? Is he a relative? No, but he's a grown-up.
Mommy and Daddy said she's fine, but, I don't think she's ever coming back.
The principal called her parents, but they insisted she was in bed with the flu.
But, her little brother said that she was gone.
Yeah, since last weekend.
He said she left with a man named Luke.
- Who's Luke? - The parents say it's Elijah's imaginary friend, but, he's not that kind of kid.
Something's off.
Oh, my goodness.
This is all a complete misunderstanding.
Beth and, um, Luke Davis, he's a trusted family friend, they are on a mission trip upstate, rebuilding houses, for refugees.
And that's her there? - Yeah.
- Yes.
So, why tell the school that she was sick, and, that Luke was your son's imaginary friend? We should've just told the truth.
- Yeah.
- But, uh, we didn't want her to be judged for missing class for a church project, so.
So where are they exactly right now? In Bloomingburg.
Our church runs a housing mission up there.
Yeah, Beth really wanted to go, and Paul and I had work, so, Luke was generous enough to rent a car and drive her up.
They're staying at the mission, with all of the other kids and the chaperones.
When's the last time you heard from Beth? Well, uh, we don't let her have a cell phone.
- Yeah.
- Um, but, um, Luke did text us a picture, the Sunday that they left.
- Yeah.
- And, and yeah.
He did say that cell service would be spotty, once they got up to the woods.
Well, even so, we'll need his number.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
The school made a police report so, we are gonna have to verify - your daughter's safety.
- Oh.
Okay, well, uh, I have a number for the head of the mission, but, - he doesn't always pick up, so - There's Really, nothing to worry about.
She's gonna be back by Mother's Day.
So, we cannot verify that this girl is at the mission.
- No.
- Do we know that it exists? Well, according to the county sheriff, it does, and the number that the parents gave us, for the guy who runs the mission is legit, but, his mailbox is full.
Thank you.
We got a bigger problem.
The number for Luke Davis is a recent burner.
It's turned off.
It's gone off straight to voicemail.
I'll alert the state police.
Drive up to Bloomingburg.
Find this girl.
I told the trooper, my mailbox is full because I hate to delete people's nice messages - and the service up here - Yeah, I know.
It's spotty.
We just need to know if you've seen this girl, Beth Lee.
She would've been with a man named Luke Davis.
Yeah, he's a worship leader in the city.
Comes up here every year with a bunch of kids.
- He's great with them.
- Was he and Beth here this past week? No.
Luke called to set it up, but, like I told the trooper, they never made it up here.
I thought it might be COVID.
Maybe you should call him.
If you hear from him, let us know.
What are we looking at here? Nothing good.
Oh, my God.
Something must've happened.
- A car accident or - Well, we've actually checked with local authorities and hospitals, and, no one matching your daughter's description has shown up.
You said he left in a rental car.
Do you know what agency? - Um - No.
- Um, I will text Luke again.
- Yeah.
Lee, the number you gave us came from a burner cell, a throwaway.
Uh, Luke said his old phone wasn't working, that he had to get a new one.
From our experience, people that use burner cells, usually have something to hide.
Maybe, maybe they got carjacked.
- Luke is always so trusting.
- I know.
- You hear about - Why didn't he text you then? I don't know! I don't know.
Maybe he's dead in a ditch somewhere.
Where's Beth though? You said that your daughter doesn't have a phone, but, does she have, um, a laptop or an iPad? Just for homework, not social media.
Still, any detail might be helpful.
So Mr.
Lee, would you mind showing Sergeant Tutuola her bedroom? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
She goes to school.
She goes to church.
She's a good girl.
It's, uh, right here.
I can see that.
How'd you meet Luke? Uh, through our church.
He's part of our Life Group, the Bible study we host.
Is that where he met Beth? Yes, and, uh, he also teaches her guitar.
He's a songwriter How he makes a living.
Listen, we always felt like we could trust him.
Even so.
Fathers worry.
Upstate for over a week.
That's a lot of time.
Beth felt called to go.
Claire said yes.
I have been Zooming for work, ten hours a day.
I wasn't paying enough attention.
Oh, God.
What did we do? Luke'll text me back.
He always does.
What can you tell me about him? Uh, ooh.
I've told you everything.
Uh, he's a godly man.
He loves our family.
Well, do you have an address, or, you have his email? Uh, no.
But he lives in the neighborhood.
I think, I haven't actually been to his apartment.
How 'bout a photo? Oh, he's camera-shy.
Always the one taking the pictures.
You know what, I might have something, from Beth's birthday party, at Brooklyn Bridge Park.
He didn't know I was recording.
That would be helpful.
Black and sweet.
And Benson said to tell you thank you, for coming in so late.
Yeah, downside of our captains getting along, they move us around like chess pieces.
What've you got? 27 Luke Davises in New York whose birth dates put them between 30 and 50.
No cell, address? No, he knows how to stay off the grid.
Benson and Fin are with the parents now.
They just let some guy take their 14-year-old away, for a week? Yeah.
Wouldn't happen in my family.
Benson just sent this.
And then you'll go back to G.
- Yeah? - That's great.
- Like that? - Make sure you hold tighter.
That's good.
Yeah, he didn't find Jesus.
He found Beth.
And then you'll go back to G.
Come this Sunday to Two Echoes Church.
We'll sing and pray together and celebrate the word of the Lord.
Nice, babe.
Pastor Adams? Can we help you? Yeah.
We've been talking to the Lees, about their missing daughter.
Oh, yes.
They called us.
But, I'm sure Beth's not missing.
She's with Luke.
He texted us.
Everything's fine.
Okay, but we haven't been able to reach either of them.
Well, I know they're not at the mission, but, Luke's taken church kids up there lots of times.
He probably just found another house to work on.
How long have you two known Luke? He joined our ministry three years ago? He's very active with the teenage members in the music program.
Do you know anything about his background? As we said, we're having trouble locating him.
There are a lot of Luke Davises in New York.
Okay, but you really don't have to worry.
We did a thorough background check.
Anyone who works with kids Yeah, I know we promised confidentiality, Daniel, but, these are cops, and they sound serious.
I think we should tell them.
Tell us what? I don't understand.
Who's Nick Pearce? The man that you've known as Luke Davis.
Pearce is the son of a wealthy family in Rhode Island, and they told us through their attorneys, they have no idea where he is.
No cell phone, no credit card, no bank account.
Nothing to track him.
No, but this This is not possible.
This man is not who he told you that he was, and he didn't take your daughter where he told you he was going to take her.
Lee We believe that your daughter, has been kidnapped.
Son of a bitch.
- I'm sorry.
- You're entitled, Mr.
As far as we can tell, Nick's been using the alias Luke Davis since he met Beth in 2019.
Where is he? Where's my daughter? We're trying to find them.
Pearce has been renting an apartment in Gramercy.
Police are tearing that apart now.
We're also checking the rental car agencies.
He took my daughter.
Why? Daniel and Molly, told us, that he was a good person.
They told us that it, that Because he manipulated them too.
Nick told them when he joined the church, that he was impressed by some young teens, he had seen praying together in a youth group, - including Beth.
- Yes, he confided in me, that he envied the kids at our church, that his home, lacked a spiritual center.
Claire, I need you to listen to me now.
This man, joined your church, and he changed his name, and he befriended your family, because he was targeting Beth, from the moment that he saw her.
That isn't true.
He wasn't.
- I know this is hard to - No.
You do not understand.
He was targeting, me.
Paul can never know.
Luke and I are very much in love.
Claire Lee and Nick Pearce were having an affair, for over a year? Playing the long game.
Seducing the mother, to get to the daughter, but, I don't think, that the parents are complicit.
W-where are the Lees now? Home.
Claire is telling Paul.
Well, what about Nick and Beth's relationship? Oh, we scoured her computer.
Mostly they exchanged Bible verses.
A lot of Paul to the Thessalonians.
Oh, so love letters.
So he's grooming her.
Pearce rented a car from JFK a week ago.
Troopers found it in an overnight lot, in Middletown.
Key was in the drop box.
So he hasn't used the credit card since he rented the car.
So maybe they're on foot, hitchhiking.
Here it is.
PurposeMusic, LLC in Rhode Island.
- Meaning? - Well, Claire told us that Nick had Venmoed her money from an old business account, so maybe, he Venmoed somebody else.
I'm looking, but his account's private.
I'll get a subpoena.
How did you find me? I haven't talked to Nick Pearce in years.
Through his old LLC.
He Venmoed you about $5,000 three years ago.
May I ask why? Uh, we were dating.
I lost my job.
He offered to help me buy a car so, my daughter didn't have to take the bus to school.
I should have declared it.
We don't care about that.
We're just trying to find Nick.
- Do you've a contact number? - No.
- What's he done? - He may be involved, in an abduction.
Lemme guess.
A young girl? Why, something happen to your daughter? Eva was 12.
The three of us, we were gonna spend the summer at Nick's lake cabin upstate.
But, then my ex bumped on that.
He insisted Eva spend the summer with him.
The next day, Nick dumped me.
I guess I wasn't the one he wanted to spend the summer with.
Okay, did Nick ever spend time alone with Eva? I used to work the night shift.
But, she swore to me, that they just watched movies, and cuddled.
But you were worried about it? I could never say a bad word about him.
It was like he brainwashed her.
Right, and this lake house, do you remember where it was? He showed us pictures.
A map.
The town, the cabin.
It was pretty remote.
- Okay.
- Near Tupper Lake.
I remember it was off Gentle Rain Drive.
The most powerful act of love, is forgiveness.
- I am working on that.
- Oh, good.
Because your daughter is gonna need both of you.
- You found her? - We're close.
Nick's family has a cabin, on Tupper Lake upstate.
Has he ever mentioned taking Beth, or, your family there? - Mm-mm.
- Uh, no.
But apparently, there's a lot of things he didn't mention.
Paul, this is about our daughter.
and Mrs.
Lee, this man has been grooming your daughter, for over 2 1/2 years.
And now he's been alone with her for over a week, and, in my experience, there are many different ways, that a teenage girl could react, to a situation like this.
I-I am sure he wouldn't hurt her.
We understand, Captain.
Just, uh, bring our daughter home.
NYPD! - Who are you? - Beth, we're the police, okay? - Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Nick Pearce! - What's going on? - You have the wrong man.
His name's Luke, not Nick.
- Get your hands up! - Don't hurt him.
We're not gonna hurt anybody, okay? Call her parents.
They know she's safe here, okay? Nick Pearce, you're under arrest, for kidnapping a minor.
This is the devil in action.
Don't be afraid.
Beth, it's time to come home, okay? - I am home.
- You need to come with us.
- Honey.
Come, come with me.
- No.
- Come on, come on.
- No! No! You have the right to remain silent.
Beth, stay strong.
The scriptures say we'll be tested.
Test this: anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
- Beth.
- What are you doing? He didn't kidnap me.
This is God's will.
How's Beth doing? She's lucid.
Nothing on the tox screen.
She's dehydrated, bug bites, but, otherwise, not physically harmed.
Sexual assault? Talked to her in the ambulance.
She said all they did was hug, but she sounded coached.
Did you do a rape kit? We asked.
She refused.
She also refused a pregnancy test.
She's 14.
I mean, it's her right to decide.
Her, uh, parents disagree.
I explained that to force her, is against hospital policy, and the law.
Good luck talking to them.
and Mrs.
Lee, so the good news is that your daughter is safe, and not physically harmed.
And we are very grateful.
She said that Luke Nick didn't do anything to her, like that.
She's been brainwashed, Claire.
She was reluctant to leave the cabin.
And him.
She's attached.
Well, they've been close for a long time.
That doesn't mean that they had sex.
Did, did she say that they did? Uh, she said that they hugged.
Right, which is why we need that rape kit, right? To prove that nothing happened.
She's 14, and you understand, that we cannot force her, to consent to an exam.
Why? I'm her mother.
She's my child.
I-I force her to eat her vegetables, and do her homework.
Why can't you sedate her and just do it? That's not an option in New York.
Okay, Claire.
Now's not the time to force her to do anything.
Maybe a test for disease, or pregnancy.
We cannot force her, to have a pregnancy exam, without her permission.
She's not pregnant.
Paul, he wouldn't Do you hear yourself? We're still protecting him.
He kidnapped Beth.
We don't know that, Paul.
She is safe.
They said.
And God's will is unknowable.
No, I love the Lee family.
I would never do anything to hurt them, or Beth.
Other than kidnapping her? The Lees consented to my client taking Beth upstate for faith-based work.
Yeah, to build houses.
Not to spirit their daughter away, to a cabin, out of cell phone service, out of contact.
You know, I love that you use the word "spirit" because that's exactly what this was.
It was a spiritual journey.
It was a vision.
Nick, lemme do the talking.
No, no, no.
Go on, Nick.
What vision? Of Beth and I planting the seeds of a new church.
Beth and I, we both felt it, and we knew we were going to need help, so, I was like, "Okay, God.
" "Yeah, you're in control.
" And God told you that this church, had to be planted at a cabin in the woods? Yeah, in the vision I was there.
I was surrounded by the God-given beauty of this place.
And I hadn't been there since I was a kid.
It's a miracle that it manifested itself to me.
It wasn't that much of a miracle.
Remember your ex-girlfriend Nadine and her daughter, Eva? You were gonna take them to the same cabin.
Yeah, I didn't.
They clearly were not part of God's plan.
Can we get back to the here and now? My client, did nothing, that Beth, or her parents, didn't approve.
This girl is safe and unharmed.
There is no crime.
You may doubt me.
I understand that's going to happen, but, talk to Beth.
She'll give you the God's honest truth.
- Hey.
- Where's Luke? I wanna see him.
That's, that's not possible right now, Beth.
Then can I just go home? Back to the cabin? No.
I meant my home.
I miss Elijah.
I have met Elijah.
He's very sweet.
And he's the one that told us that you were missing.
You're trying to indoctrinate me.
Luke said that's what nonbelievers do.
Beth, I'm trying to help you.
By treating me like a child? Arresting Luke? He didn't do anything.
Well, Detective Rollins may not see, how mature you are, because, her daughters are so young.
You know, Captain, you're right.
So your kids are in college? Well, let's talk about you.
I just know, how mature 14 can be, because, I was the same way myself.
And some of the strongest Strongest women in the Bible, were as young as 12, right? Esther and Ruth.
They ran empires.
Got married.
Had children of their own.
Is that what you wanna do, Beth? With Luke? I know what you're asking.
Luke and I are still pure.
Okay, but you did just go away together on vacation.
So Help me understand, is that like Is that like father and daughter? No, that's disgusting.
And he's nothing like my father.
So more like a boyfriend or? Or, maybe somebody that you're in love with? I do love him.
And he loves me.
Just, not like my father.
Well, I can understand that.
You're Look, you're old enough to make decisions like that, about sleeping together, or, getting married.
I-I can't tell you about that.
Luke says, no one will understand God's truth.
That we'll be judged.
Well, I can see how important this is to you.
And I respect that.
But will you Will you help me, understand? His plan, was God's plan.
Jesus said, "I will come again.
" And that day has come.
Nick had a vision.
Well, at least he's consistent.
He's got Beth thinking that he's the Second Coming.
Yeah, no rape kit, - no admission of sex? - Not for lack of trying, but, apparently I'm better at talking to psychopaths, - than teenage girls.
- Okay.
Huh? This guy has gotten so deep into Beth's head.
So Khaldun, anything from the cabin? No contraceptives or anything that would indicate sexual activity.
We sent the bedding and the towels to the lab.
Still waiting on bodily fluids and DNA.
Which, without a rape kit, isn't probative anyway.
Well, this guy was prepped for the long haul.
He had a least three months' worth of food and medical supplies up there.
Where are the parents in all this? Are they on the same page? The husband seems to have a little more clarity.
And Claire believes that "Luke" can be redeemed.
Oh, so she's still in love with him.
This is gonna be a problem in trial.
Yeah, just keep him behind bars.
Even if he can walk on water, he can't bend steel.
I'll see what I can do.
Nick Pearce, on the charge of kidnapping in the second degree? Not guilty, Your Honor.
- People on bail? - Remand.
Pearce is being charged with abducting a 14-year-old girl, for over a week.
He's been living under an assumed identity, for the last 2 1/2 years.
We consider him a flight risk.
Your Honor, there was no kidnapping.
My client had permission from her parents, to accompany Beth upstate.
Not to a remote cabin in the woods with living supplies for months.
I request my client be ROR'd, Your Honor.
He has no record.
He's a well-respected member of his church.
A church that he insinuated himself into - Okay.
Well, well - Just like he did the Lee family.
Hold up.
Hold up.
My client is the victim here.
The Lees took advantage of his search for spirituality, to seduce him into a lifestyle of sexual deviance.
- Oh, Your Honor.
- Be careful, Mr.
- How can he just say that? - I'm sorry.
If anything, the Lees' household was endangering the welfare of a minor, not That is not true! Sit down, Mr.
Sit down.
I also have evidence, that my client is willing to testify to, that Paul Lee, forced him into demeaning sexual acts, that left my client open to being blackmailed.
So given all of this, I'll be bringing in a motion to drop the charges.
Did the judge believe that? He, he just let Nick out on bail.
Don't worry.
There's an Order of Protection.
No, no.
That, i-i-it His lawyer should be forced to go, and admit that that was a lie.
- Claire.
- No, what? Let's not bring more attention to this.
Detective Rollins, do you think you could take Claire to get some water? Maybe a cup of coffee? Absolutely, Counselor.
- Mr.
- Yeah.
Let's talk in private.
It's not what you think.
Nobody's making any judgements.
We need to know, if there's anything Nick might know, that you haven't told us.
I should've told someone.
Told someone what? I thought he was as ashamed as I was.
Why don't you just tell us what's going on? I cannot believe that lawyer was just allowed to lie like that in court.
We don't know what Nick told him.
Well, it was clearly a lie.
If anything like that did happen, Paul would've told me.
Well, Claire, there are things that you didn't tell Paul.
Well, I I didn't want to hurt him.
And, Paul and I Things changed between us, after Elijah was born.
I was I was lonely.
And you and Nick were together, so he would've known that.
Of course, I told Nick everything and He knew that I missed being intimate with Paul.
So he knew Paul Paul and you hadn't had sex in a while.
My husband is not gay.
He's not.
- Claire, I'm just trying - I'm I'm I need to go pick up Beth, and Elijah.
Thank you for the coffee.
We were breaking down the stage After a service.
Loading the truck.
I guess, uh, we were both a little loaded too.
I don't, I don't usually drink, but, it was Nick's birthday.
He'd gotten some bourbon and beer to celebrate.
And it's just the two of you? I never got the sense that he had friends, so, I felt like I couldn't say no.
I get that.
What happened? We were sitting in the theater.
Talking about our childhoods.
It got intense.
We hugged.
Then He put his hand on my leg.
I didn't I didn't really think anything of it.
But Then he unzipped my pants.
Uh I guess I just I guess I just went with it.
'Cause it was easier, than embarrassing him.
Then what happened? He swore that he wasn't gay.
But that he just, um, felt close to me.
And we agreed, that it was best not to tell anyone.
It was a sin.
We prayed.
Just that one time? Maybe once or twice after.
Does, uh, does Claire have to know? It would just hurt her.
Paul, she's gonna find out.
In my experience, anything a defendant can use against you, they usually do.
So, this guy made moves on the mother and the father, as insurance policies, in case he needs to blackmail them? He is a sophisticated predator.
He gained their trust.
He got leverage.
All to be with Beth.
He He's obsessed.
- And dangerous.
- Not anymore.
I mean, can't Carisi get a conviction on kidnapping? It's not on Carisi, and Beth won't testify, and, the parents did give permission, - for Nick to take her.
- This level of manipulation, he has to have done it before.
Is there no case to be made with Nadine and the daughter? Well, we tried, and Nadine is willing to help, but, Eva's father is against it.
She's probably scared of losing custody, so, she won't cooperate.
This guy knows how to pick his victims.
"Have I become your enemy by telling you the truth?" Book of Galatians.
What, are you Bible-splaining to me now? No, I'm just explaining to you, that a lot uncomfortable truths have emerged.
You called this meeting.
Where are we on dropping the charges? Nowhere, your client's still looking at Kidnapping Two, - at a minimum.
- The thing is, if you put my client on trial, I'm gonna put the Lees on trial.
The jury will hear this is a couple experimenting with their sexuality, jealous of each other.
Wait, is that necessary? Haven't they been through enough? Well, you could always plead guilty.
Oh, to kidnapping.
I didn't kidnap her.
We might consider child endangerment.
A misdemeanor? Nice try.
Endangerment, no.
I protected Beth.
- Please.
- Listen.
The DA is never going to agree to a misdemeanor.
Okay, guys, we're all on the same side here.
Don't we all want what's best for Beth? What exactly do you think that is, Mr.
Pearce? For the Lees to allow me to marry her.
- Nick.
- No.
Please, go on.
I gotta hear this.
Okay, I I want to protect her, for the rest of her life.
Till death do us part.
If her parents give us permission to marry, then none of this has to be argued in court.
Her parents obviously have marital problems.
They need time to be together to heal, to focus on Elijah.
Look, I'm sorry.
I think I've heard enough.
We are not dropping the charges.
And I look forward to hearing your client explain what's best, for Beth, on the stand.
Nick Pearce won't take a plea? No, and his religious conviction I'm starting to think that, it's not an act.
- What does that mean? - It means, he could read as crazy to the jury.
So could the family.
Beth's still not willing to testify? No.
I tried to talk to her parents about seeing a therapist, but, there's no way they're gonna go to an outsider, so, they're having supper tonight with their church group.
Well, without her cooperation, I'm gonna need both of you to testify.
Copy that, Counselor.
Well, keep me posted if anything changes.
- See you tonight? - You will.
Um, you can go ahead and go.
I'll do the DD5s.
No, you should go.
You're the one with kids.
- Mm.
- Two little girls, right? Jesse and Billie.
That's, that's a lot and working full-time.
I have a lot of help.
Carisi seems like he's great with kids.
Did he tell you that? I'm a trained detective.
I kind of, uh, deduced it.
So, do he and Captain Murphy get along? Did you deduce that, too, Detective? No, uh, there's a Hebrew phrase my dad used to say to me.
"You don't choose your family.
" Mm.
Not good.
It's the Lees.
Beth is missing.
You have to find her.
You have to find her.
- Well, what happened? - Um, we we finished supper.
Our Bible study group, they were loving on her.
She seemed so joyful.
- Okay, and then what? - Um, uh, they she went to the bathroom inside.
We've been watching her like a hawk.
I looked at Claire like "You should do in there with her.
" - How long ago? - Uh, a half hour now.
She was only gone ten minutes, and then Claire went in to check on her.
And she was missing? - Yeah.
- Did anyone see her - inside the restaurant? - Yeah.
Um, a waitress said that they saw her leave out the front door.
Well, she couldn't have gone far.
I'll put out an alert.
This must've been Nick.
We're never gonna see her again, are we? Timestamp says 6:00 p.
, and you saw her leave? I I told the parents.
Um, she was in the bathroom for a while.
I-I knocked, to ask if she was okay.
- And what'd she say? - She came right out.
Kinda giddy.
She said she was late to meet someone.
I told her she looked pretty.
I think she changed in the bathroom.
Did she say where she was going? No, no, I had no idea she was running away.
I-I I should've told the parents earlier, but, you know, she just seemed so happy You did nothing wrong.
Thank you.
- And Nick somehow got to her.
- Yeah.
We got a problem.
Molly Adams, from the Lees' church? Yeah, we talked to her and Daniel earlier.
They don't know anything.
Yeah, well, she said she didn't wanna say this around her husband.
That Beth asked her to get a message to Nick.
A Bible quote.
What Bible quote? 1 Corinthians 3:11.
"For no one can lay any other foundation" "than that which has been laid.
" Molly said it was from Daniel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" sermon.
White dress and meeting someone? She thinks that she's getting married.
So, somewhere near water, or a bridge.
She had the Brooklyn Bridge on her screensaver.
Nick Pearce! Step away from the girl.
- What's this about? - You violated the OOP.
- She asked to see me.
- I did.
Luke and I are exchanging vows.
- Beth, you need to come with - Hands behind your back.
They can't do this to us! - We need to get you to safety.
- I am safe! - Okay.
- We're the chosen ones! Beth, they're not gonna believe us.
"We walk by faith, not by sight.
" You can't hurt us.
I'm carrying God's baby! You can't hurt us.
I'm carrying God's baby! What does that mean? Is she pregnant? There's no way to know, if it's true or not.
Can't you just put Nick away now? He's kidnapped her again.
He violated the protection order, but, he met Beth at a public place.
That's not kidnapping.
And, she did initiate the contact.
Because of his hold over her.
He was Oh, my God.
He was planning this all along.
Wasn't he? He was using me and Paul.
Oh, my God.
He is obsessed with your daughter.
And she is with him.
You're telling me, there's no way, to get him out of her life? Your daughter's gonna be 15 next month? Yeah.
There might be one way.
Why are we here? I know how much you wanna marry Nick.
And your father and I, we want you to be happy.
Then let me see him.
I'm I I'm trying to figure it out.
There's the Order of Protection.
And whose fault is that? We We thought we were doing the right thing, okay? Uh, I know now, that we were wrong.
But Your dad and I might have a solution.
I'm keeping the baby.
And Luke and I, when I'm old enough, we're going to get married.
No matter what you say.
Here's the thing.
You turn 15, in a month.
Don't you? So if you are pregnant, and, if you have parental consent, you can get married, in the state of Maryland.
What if we gave permission? You'd do that? - You and Dad? - Beth.
You know, we can't stand living like this.
You unhappy, hating us.
The state is gonna need proof of the pregnancy, proof that Luke is the father.
I'd need to ask Luke.
Well, you, you can't.
But, listen, let's just Go to the hospital, you and I, get this done.
I will I will tell the ADA that no one will testify at trial, and, he'll have to drop the charges.
I prayed for this.
So did I.
Oh, gosh, needed to do this for a long time.
I love you, Beth.
I love you, Beth.
Beth's confession isn't admissible, unless she confirms with the grand jury.
But, since the fetus' DNA was a match, to Nick Pearce, that proves Rape Two.
- But Beth won't testify.
- Doesn't matter.
With the DNA, his lawyer's not gonna let this go to trial.
Thank you, both.
Does Beth know any of this? We're going to tell her tonight.
Look, I know this has been an incredibly difficult decision to make.
We're going to raise the baby as our own, and, uh, work on repairing our marriage and Pray that Beth forgives us.
You'll get through this.
Can you open my present now? Of course.
I would love to.
What is this? Do you like it? I love it.
Come here.
You okay, Mom? Yeah, I am.

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