Law & Order Special Victims Unit s23e21 Episode Script

Confess Your Sins to Be Free

1 In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
It's been four weeks, since my last confession.
I've committed the sin of adultery Twice.
And I'm afraid I'm gonna do it again.
My husband is working late next Friday.
The last time my lover came over, I left the door unlocked.
And he wants me to do it again.
Open the door to Jesus, my child, but, lock the door to sin.
I always say I will.
I know it's wrong.
But I get weak, Father.
I'm Burton, and I'm an alcoholic.
I've been sober for five months, two weeks, and three days, but, who's counting? And in that time, my life has changed A lot.
But, like others here, before I found these rooms, there was no bottom for me.
Think a lot of people identified with what you shared.
So, now tell me how it's really going.
Well, I've had my ups and downs.
But, I haven't picked up, um.
I'm working my program.
Finish your eighth step? I have.
The list of people I've harmed is long.
And now the ninth step.
How do you even begin to make amends to all these people? You're a novelist.
Pick a place to start.
Maybe the beginning? Come back to Staten Island with me.
I can cook.
You could spend the night.
Can you wait here? - I need to go to confession.
- Again? Didn't you just go last week? Are you okay, Audrey? Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
I failed God.
As much as I tried to resist, I still planned to commit adultery.
But, I paid the price for betrayal.
I was raped, last night.
God's truly angry.
Hey, Caitlin.
Sonny! - How you doing? - Hi, I'm good.
What are you doing off of Staten Island? At a church, no less.
What, did you finally un-lapse? Bite your tongue.
I I'm waiting for Audrey.
Yeah, sure, Audrey, your little sister.
I see her at mass all the time.
We say hello.
What are you doing here? You need to spill your sins too? Ah, no, I'm actually I'm just I'm saying hello to Father Duffy.
Look at you, Sonny.
A detective, and then law school I heard you're an ADA now.
I guess I'm a late bloomer.
I should go.
Um Audrey's going through a time.
- It was good to see you, Sonny.
- Yeah, you too.
Dominick, sorry to keep you waiting.
Hey, Ryan.
Sorry, Father Duffy.
How you doing? Thanks for meeting me.
Hey, Father Regis, how are you? Very exciting news, I hear, Dominick? Aren't you here for a Pre-Cana? You set a date yet? Well, she hasn't even said yes.
In fact, I haven't even asked her yet, so it's still early stages.
You need me to put in a word upstairs? Oh, I'm sure he's got enough on his plate, - but thank you.
- Okay.
Let's go to the rectory.
Hey, can I can I ask you something? Audrey O'Neill, she seemed - She seemed upset.
- You know I can't really speak to that.
Why, 'cause you took her confession? I'm sorry, I know I can't ask that either.
But, she's a friend? Never hurts to reach out.
I'm just asking you to listen.
I'm not asking you to forgive me.
I'm listening.
I'm aware that the last time we met, I wasn't at my best.
You threw a glass at me.
Uh-uh, at the door.
Well, turns out, that night, I hit bottom.
You said you wanted acknowledgement, that what happened between us when you were 16 was wrong.
- And, I think I said - You said, "Well, you're not gonna get it.
" Did I? Okay, that sounds right.
I was, drinking a lot.
- I don't remember exactly what - I do.
You're still angry.
Yeah, I'm angry.
Would it help if you threw a glass at me? No, Burton, it wouldn't.
I'm sorry.
I'm I'm I'm Olivia, I'm trying to make amends.
You're sorry? You're sorry for what? You're sorry for abusing women? For using women? For hiding behind alcohol as an excuse? Look, I just want to make sure that you understand, what making amends means.
And not just to me, Burton, but to the other women.
To acknowledge what you did to them.
That's exactly why I'm here.
I hear you.
And I'm trying.
Well, good.
So let me know when you've done that.
Um, thank you for meeting me.
I'm glad you called.
You're worried about Audrey.
I am too.
I mean, look, it's, it's none of my business, but, I just seen that look of trauma before, and Did, did she tell you anything? Not much.
She did confide in me, that she's having an affair.
And, I think maybe, her husband, Shane, found out.
And he knocked her around? I've seen him at mass.
He's an intimidating guy.
He's a guard at Rikers.
Moonlights as a nightclub bouncer.
Drinks a lot.
I I told her to come and stay with me, but she refused.
Swears Shane didn't hurt her.
I worry she's just protecting him.
Well, maybe you could get her to To talk to me, or my old boss at SVU, Olivia Benson? Nothing formal, it's just, sometimes it's easier to share with people outside of the family.
I think another woman, would be a good idea.
Burton Lowe, that creep? What's he want? He says that he wants to make amends.
What's he really want? I think he really wants to make amends.
Well, it's not up to you to let him off the hook.
I told him that, Fin.
But, I don't know, I I was up all night, thinking about him.
- Thinking about who? - Guess who's back? - Burton Lowe.
- What did he do now? He asked for Liv's forgiveness.
Why, so he can write another book about it? I think we can assume that he hit bottom.
So if he is trying to turn his life around, isn't the right thing to do, - to hear him out? - Yeah, probably, I mean, I never liked that guy from the get, but, let he who is without sin Uh, speaking of which, I, uh, I have an old friend.
Her sister might be in some trouble.
I don't know if it's DV, or something else.
You think she needs to talk to someone? I didn't really want the police involved.
My husband can't know any of this.
Where is your husband now? Shane's working a double at Rikers.
Hey, whatever happened to you, Audrey, we're just we're just here to listen.
Okay? You don't have to worry about filing a police report.
Well, what happened is, I was raped.
I-I have no idea by who.
Okay, um is there anything that you can tell us, like, when it happened, or where? Friday night, my apartment.
Shane was working late.
I know that Caitlin told Sonny my marriage is in cold storage.
I've been Having a fling with my upstairs neighbor - Okay.
- For about a month.
I'm no perfect Catholic.
- Hey, none of us are.
- Look, we're not We're not here to judge you.
Okay? So, um, do you have any idea, how he got into your apartment? I left the door unlocked for my neighbor.
Vince was supposed to come over at 10:00, but right before that, some stranger comes in with a ski mask and gloves.
Before I could scream, he, started choking me with a, a belt, I think.
He, uh, forced himself inside me.
It was quick, and then, he just left.
And you're sure it wasn't this This guy, Vince? I don't think so.
I He felt different.
Vince is well-endowed.
Okay, did anybody else know that you were gonna leave the door unlocked? No.
But Vince came in right after the guy who raped me left, and found me.
He was pretty upset.
How well do you know Vince? Not that well.
Separated from his wife, I think.
Moved in a couple months ago.
I guess I don't really know him at all.
Vince Costa, 42.
Declared bankruptcy after a messy divorce.
He works at a car dealership.
- He got a record? - Minor stuff.
Bookmaking, credit card fraud.
Might be a wise guy, trying to pay off a debt, offering up Audrey as some kind of payment.
Vince Costa! Detective Velasco, Sergeant Tutuola, Special Victims.
This about Audrey? Yeah, what do you know about that? Listen, I was the one who found her.
All right? She was hysterical.
I-I told her to call 911.
She must have told you that, right? Do you have any idea who, who it was, or? We're hoping you could help us.
Somebody knew the door was gonna be unlocked.
You tell one of your pals about your fling? Listen, man, I'm going through a divorce.
My wife doesn't let me bring the kids here.
There's no way I'm telling anybody about an affair, no.
Any chance somebody overheard you and Audrey talking? No way.
I mean, I don't know, maybe her uh, husband's tapping her phone? I mean, have, have you talked to him? You know? He's built like a He's built like a war memorial.
And Audrey says he has friends that are ex-cons.
Could have sent one of them over to attack her.
That dude is scary.
And you were sleeping with his wife? Wasn't supposed to find out, you know.
Well, he will now.
Might want to watch your back.
Hi, I'm in the middle of a very busy day, and I I I can't talk to you right now.
I was just at a meeting in the neighborhood, and, had a thought.
I'm qualifying tomorrow at my home group.
And, um, maybe you'd want to come? It, wouldn't be about us.
Maybe that's loaded for you.
- Anyway.
- Yeah.
Um, - I'll think about it.
- All right, all right.
- Well, thanks, anyway.
- Yeah, sure.
No, Fin, don't Don't ask.
Where are we on Audrey's case? The neighbor boyfriend's a bottom-feeder, but, I don't think it's him.
Well, I think it's highly unlikely, that someone was checking doorknobs.
I mean, the timing Look, this guy was clearly tipped off about the open door.
No security cameras, nothing on the canvass.
But, Audrey has agreed to let CSU search the apartment.
So, the husband knows? Not about the affair.
But, she said she'd tell him about the assault.
There's no chance that the husband was the rapist? Club security footage puts him at work, but, he could have sent one of the goons that works for him.
Well, if he did hire one of his ex-cons, then they'd be in the system.
So maybe we get lucky with the DNA.
How much longer is this gonna take? Fingerprints, I get.
But they're looking for hidden cameras? We're trying to figure out how someone knew about your affair.
Can you tell them to hurry? This is my apartment.
Let me in.
The hell's going on? Shane, you're home early.
I thought you said you told him.
- Told me what? - Let's stay calm, Mr.
Who the hell are you, pal? Manhattan ADA Carisi.
Your wife has given us permission to search this apartment.
- She's a crime victim.
- What? I didn't want to upset you.
But, I was raped.
You mean, you knew I was working a double shift, and you had some guy over here.
He sent you flowers the next day? - Those are from the parish.
- You're lying.
- You are lying.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Listen, we're all brother officers here.
Listen, man, your wife was sexually assaulted.
She didn't tell you 'cause she was afraid you'd react like this.
Why don't you prove her wrong? He thinks I'm lying.
I swore before God about everything.
You mean in confession? Yeah.
I asked for the strength to stop cheating on my husband.
So Aside from your sister and Vince, a priest, also knew about your affair? Yeah, he absolved me.
Audrey Did you tell the priest that you were gonna leave your door unlocked for Vince? So Audrey told a priest, in confession, that she was going to leave her door unlocked? I take it that we don't know which priest that was? No.
But, at the parish that Saturday, it would have been one of two: Father John Regis He's the church pastor Or, Father Ryan Duffy He's the associate pastor.
We don't really think it was a priest, do we? I mean, maybe somebody overheard.
Well, that's why priests speak softly.
Full disclosure, um, Father Duffy and I have been friends since middle school.
Liv, I really don't see this.
Wouldn't be the first time we perp-walked a priest.
Okay, we're all aware, Fin.
Uh, but this would be a pretty big jump.
CSU found no prints, semen, touch DNA, nothing from the rape kit.
Is it possible that That Father Regis, or, Father Duffy, mentioned the affair, or, you know, the unlocked door to To somebody else? Like, in passing? You mean gossip? No.
That would be in violation of the confessional seal.
Somebody knew that the door would be unlocked, Carisi, I I know that this is an uncomfortable conversation, but But somebody has to ask.
This is about Audrey O'Neill, isn't it? - Did you speak to her? - Yeah.
Yeah I did.
Turns out she was raped.
Oh, that poor woman.
Hope you were able to help her.
We're investigating.
So far, our only lead leads us here.
I'm not sure I understand.
The rapist knew Audrey was gonna leave her door unlocked - the night of the assault.
- I see.
And as far as we can tell, she didn't tell anyone else she was gonna do that except for a priest.
I've already told you, I We're not asking if you took her confession.
Is there any chance that Maybe somebody overheard you, or you, inadvertently shared that information? Dominick even when we played little league together, remember? I'd never share our signs with anyone.
This is not a game, Father.
Let alone confessional secrets.
I take this news very seriously.
Look, whatever I can do to help, without breaking my vows.
Okay, Father.
Where were you Friday night, around 9:30? In my bedroom, reading.
Can someone verify that? No, I was alone, door closed.
Where was Father Regis? Well, you'd have to ask him.
Yes, I heard about Mrs.
This city's getting worse.
I'm praying for her.
Well, um, we need more than that, Father.
How can I help? We need to find out if something Audrey said in confession might have been mentioned to someone else.
By the priest? No, that's That's not possible.
If you read your catechism, Sergeant, you'd know that no priest worth his faith, would ever repeat anything outside of the confessional.
We didn't mean intentionally.
We're all human.
Sometimes things slip.
They do, but not something like that.
I will reach out to Mrs.
O'Neill, and, let her know I'm here for her, if she needs counseling.
- Thank you, Father.
- Thank you.
One more thing, Father.
Where were you at 9:30, Friday night? Me? I was in my room, writing my Sunday homily.
- Alone? - I'm a priest, detective, not a rabbi, or a minister.
Yes, we are alone in our rooms.
I wish you luck finding this man.
Meantime, as I said, I will be praying for her.
Okay, so either Father Duffy, or, Father Regis could have taken her confession.
But, neither one can talk about it because of the confessional seal.
Lucky for one of them.
Do either one of them have a good alibi? Not really.
But, I checked with TARU, and neither of their phones left the rectory that night.
That just means that the rapist was smart enough to leave the phone at home.
I hate to point to a priest, but We don't have another suspect.
It's not like either one's gonna confess.
Look, guys, this may be a long shot, but maybe Maybe we try to catfish the priest.
We send in a UC, to confess to both priests, about being alone, waiting for a lover And see if one of them takes the bait.
Got you, captain.
We're on it.
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
It has been three months since my last confession.
In that time, I have been cheating on my husband.
He's a kind man, but I've met someone, and, I've been unable to control my urges to be with him.
I told my lover to meet me again tonight.
I work at a gallery downtown called Art Thou Mad.
There's a back room, where we could be alone together, after closing.
I gave him the security code to the entrance.
Forgive me, but I changed the code to the day of Saint Dwynwyn.
I have prayed for the strength to remain faithful, but, I know I won't be able to tonight.
- Saint who? - Dwynwyn.
The patron saint of lovers, right? I figured both priests would know it.
I made the same confession, twice.
Now what? We wait for the sinner.
I got incoming.
Male, about six foot.
No visuals on his face, but, it looks like he's punching in the code.
Copy that.
Standing by.
- Hands where we can see them.
Don't shoot, don't shoot! Father Duffy.
What there this isn't how it looks.
It looks bad, Father.
I never would have hurt you.
Put your hands behind your back.
It's ring around the collar time.
Tell Dominick, I'm sorry.
I used to tell myself, that, unlike both my parents, I had things under control.
That I was drinking, just up to the point, but, not past the point, where I was drinking so much that, God forbid, I'd have to quit.
I was not only ignoring the damage I was doing to myself, but to my friends, family Others.
And, by others, I mean women.
The list of women I hurt, trying to fill this Bottomless hole, mortifies me.
Including my first real girlfriend.
And she was, just a girl.
I met her, when I was 21 years old.
I was just about to get kicked out of college.
Thank you for coming to the meeting.
I know how busy you are.
I'm glad that I came.
I could see you've Done a lot of work on yourself.
Still needs doing.
First I dried out, went back to therapy, found these meetings.
You've already heard most of my spiel, but, there is something, that I need for you to know.
However inappropriate it was, and God knows you were right, the age difference, the power imbalance, but Olivia, I really was in love with you.
I was in love with you, too, Burton.
- But that - I know.
Doesn't make anything right.
I know, I know.
I know.
I'm I'm sorry.
I have to go.
My squad just, arrested a man for rape.
Detective Ruz did great.
Her confession about being alone, waiting on a lover that was all Duffy needed to hear.
Okay, did Father Duffy say anything? He said it wasn't what it looked like.
Well, maybe it wasn't.
Maybe we should hear his side.
His side? He showed up on time.
He was dressed in black.
He used the security code.
He let himself in.
This is the same MO as Audrey.
Okay, where is Father Duffy now? Dominick, I wish I could tell you why I was there tonight, but I can't.
I'm not asking what you heard in the confessional, - because I know what you heard.
- Yeah, I realize that now.
You sent in a detective, to take advantage of the confessional booth? Don't you want to know, who took advantage of the confessional booth? The priest that raped Audrey O'Neill.
I didn't assault Audrey O'Neill.
And I wasn't at that art gallery to assault anyone tonight.
Then why were you there, Ryan? I've done nothing wrong.
Well, then you better get a lawyer.
The diocese is sending one.
But I-I can't tell him why I was there either.
Ryan, you are swimming in some dangerous, unholy waters right now.
Now, we've been friends for a long time.
- I need you to listen to me.
- I need for you, - to believe me.
- I want to.
But, I don't know how.
Then pray for me.
Counselor Carisi, Father Duffy's lawyer's here, and, you shouldn't be.
Counselor You have my client on trespassing at best.
But burglary and attempted rape? Father Duffy had no intention to assault your detective.
So why'd you break into the gallery, Father? - You an art thief? - Easy, Fin.
Just tell us why you were there, Father.
Help yourself.
I was concerned.
Concerned about what? I wanted to make sure the woman there was safe.
How'd you even know she was there? I can't answer that either.
That line's getting old real fast, man.
There are edicts, that Father Duffy is bound to oblige, under canon law, he violates any one of those, he faces excommunication from the Church.
And if he doesn't come with a better story real soon, he's gonna be indicted, convicted, and sentenced.
That's his choice.
Well, I'd, I have to choose prison then.
Well, suit yourself.
If you live long enough to get out, you'll be an ex-priest and an ex-con.
And this colloquy is over.
I've known him since we were kids, Liv, he's He's no rapist.
We've all been blind-sided, Carisi, right? Sometimes, people just aren't who we, we thought they were, or hoped they were.
Still Why else was he there? There's only one other possibility.
That he knows, who Audrey's rapist is, and And he thought he was gonna strike again.
Why wouldn't he just tell us that? Because the rapist confessed to him.
Father Duffy got arraigned.
That must have been tough on Carisi.
Just on the trespassing charge.
Carisi'll have to recuse himself - if this goes to a rape trial.
- But it won't.
Carisi thinks the actual rapist confessed to Father Duffy.
Ruz goes to confession.
She tells two priests she'll be alone that night.
One priest shows up.
What am I missing? Maybe the other priest, Father Regis.
- Priests go to confession too.
- Right.
So Father Regis confesses to Father Duffy, that he had the urge to rape again.
And Father Duffy shows up at the gallery to intercede.
If Father Regis is the rapist, then he has a particular pattern.
How long has he been at the parish? Three years, but, I checked with the local precinct, and there's no open rapes on any married, Catholic women during the timeframe.
Priests do get transferred.
So, find out where he was before, and see, if there are any unsolved rapes at that parish.
Copy that.
Yes, I was raped three years ago when my husband was out of town.
Police report said no forced entry.
I kept a key hidden under a statue of the Virgin Mary on my stoop.
He must have found it.
But the detectives didn't believe me, when I told them that.
We're sorry.
We're here because we think your rapist may have struck again.
His pattern is attacking married, Catholic women.
Well, I'm not married anymore.
I was having an affair.
Um, it came out during the investigation.
The night of the rape, I was, expecting my boyfriend.
When my husband found out, that was it.
So, before the assault, did you tell anyone about the affair? Like, a family member or a therapist? I couldn't tell anyone.
I was too ashamed.
So not even a priest? Actually, I did confess, a few times.
Do you know which priest heard your confession? It's a small parish.
At the time, it was Father Regis.
He's such a lovely man.
He even sent flowers.
White lilies, by any chance? Yes.
You don't think Father Regis That's impossible.
He's a priest.
So, another woman who confessed to Father Regis, about an affair was raped? And, Father Regis was transferred, to your Hell's Kitchen parish, six weeks later.
Somebody in the church knew.
- Anything else? - Yes.
He sent her white lilies the next day.
Just like Audrey.
Son of a bitch.
Look, obviously, nobody in the Church is gonna let us talk to Father Duffy, or, Father Regis.
- So the question is, do we have enough? - No.
And even if Father Duffy breaks his vows, that confession wouldn't be admissible.
So is the DA's office gonna allow you to take either one of them to trial? As of now, no.
I gotta, I gotta figure something out.
Excuse me, Captain, there's a Beverly Morrison here to see you.
Did she say what it's about? No, but she seems pretty upset.
All right, bring her in.
- Captain Benson.
- Yes, do I know you? No, no.
But I know all about you.
Six months ago, I was raped, in a hotel room, that you had just been in.
The man who assaulted me, came to see me, to make amends last night.
And, I recorded the conversation.
Um, step into my office.
Saint Anthony.
Helping us to find things that are lost.
That he does.
Why are you here, Sonny? You know I-I can't talk to you.
I'm here because 'Cause we've known each other for a long time, and, I need your help.
I already told you, I can't.
I'm not here as an ADA.
I'm here because I need your help for myself.
I'm in crisis, Father.
I'm I'm losing my faith, and I don't want to.
I want to help you.
- But - Yeah.
Well, maybe Saint Anthony can help us both.
And find a way for you to tell me why you were at the gallery that night.
Tell me you were there to stop a mortal sin.
You must have a different pipeline to Saint Anthony than I, Sonny.
We both know Father Regis is guilty.
Audrey? Other women? How many more are out there, Ryan? I don't know what you want me to say.
I was so proud of you, when you were ordained.
But taking the blame, for the sins that Father Regis committed You're letting him choke you with your own collar.
- I don't have a choice.
- Yes, you do.
And you and I both know how our Church works.
He confessed to you.
You absolved him.
And now Now they're gonna transfer him to another poor parish, where he's gonna rape again.
Sonny, are you still asking a priest, to break his vows? No, I'm asking you to look into your heart.
I'm asking you to look into your soul.
At what point do your vows, become more important than your fellow human beings? What if he rapes a child? Huh? Or he murders somebody.
Are you gonna absolve him then? Let him keep doing what he's doing? - Is that what you're gonna do, Ryan? - You swore to uphold the law.
I vowed, to uphold a higher law.
The God I believe in, would not sanction rape, to protect canon law.
Are you asking me to leave the order, my calling, to reveal a confessional secret? Maybe I am, Ryan.
Because I believe that if you stay silent right now, on Judgement Day, you'll answer to God for it.
I cannot tell you what he's confessed to me.
But, I can tell you, that he doesn't just confess to priests.
Olivia, come in.
I could have met you, or, - come to your office.
- Uh, no, it's fine.
It just needed to be private.
- Oh.
- So you're living here? Yes.
My old agent's pied-à-terre.
He's letting me stay here, while he's in Florida, as long as nobody knows.
Have a seat.
Something Something serious? Yeah, it is.
A woman named Beverly Morrison, - came to see me.
- Beverly? She's one of my magazine editors.
Yeah, I just made amends to her.
Well, she doesn't see it as amends, Burton.
She sees it as a confession.
She says that she forgives you, but, she wants justice.
She wants to press charges.
And she taped, what you said.
She taped my amends? Is that legal? It is.
She also claimed that, she was too drunk, to give consent.
How can she prove that? Well, she got a DUI ten minutes after she left your hotel room.
She didn't mention that.
So, what happened, Burton? After you left my hotel room that night, I just kept drinking.
I called Beverly.
I said I needed a friend to talk to, so She came over.
We both just kept drinking.
So what did you do? We had sex.
But, I honestly, don't remember, what happened.
Well, she does.
Her side, is that she was not able, to give consent.
Two drunks in a room.
I don't know.
Was it "enthusiastic consent"? Maybe, "intoxicated acquiescence"? I don't actually know.
I asked her what I could do to remedy the harm.
She said she didn't know.
Well, she does now.
She wants you, to go to prison.
And now, you're apologizing, and you think that that's gonna make everything better.
Couldn't you tell that I didn't want that to happen? I couldn't.
I couldn't tell anything.
I swear.
I was so drunk.
I Is there anything I can do? Anything.
I don't know.
I just don't know.
What did Burton say? He said he's gonna continue practicing humility, and that he doesn't want to defend himself.
He doesn't want to put Beverly through a trial.
Well, you know, technically, you weren't even supposed to go to Burton with this.
I'll, I'll talk to Beverly.
Burton said, that he's willing to plead guilty to rape.
He's willing to do anything, to make this right, Carisi, he Whatever that is.
It's funny, Father Duffy told me almost the same thing.
- He's willing to break his vows? - No.
But, he pointed me towards somebody else Father Regis confides in.
Well, when are we gonna interview this person? We can't.
She's dead.
But he still confides in her.
Are we sure Father Regis is showing up? Father Duffy told Carisi he comes to his mother's, twice a week, after lunch.
His father killed his mother when he was nine? He strangled her with a belt, in front of Regis, after he caught her cheating.
No wonder he's got issues.
Yeah, raping women who cheat on their husbands, I guess so.
Here he comes.
Lilies are in bloom.
Your favorite.
It's spring, Ma.
Oh, what's happened since my last visit? I was worried they were coming after me for Audrey, but, it looks like, Father Duffy's gonna take the fall.
I confessed to him, what I did to Audrey, but, he can't tell anyone.
Nah, can't break the seal.
God leaves no sin unpunished.
You and Dad, are rotting in hell, for eternity.
But not me.
I'm God absolved me already.
If he wanted me punished, for raping Audrey and the others, he would have done that already.
So I guess I guess all this is just God's will.
John Regis, put your hands behind your back.
What the hell is this? What Uh, you're arresting me? For what? For the rape of Audrey O'Neill.
Based on what? Did Father Duffy say so? You know you can't use anything he said.
- That's inadmissible.
- No, you dimed on yourself.
We just recorded every word you said.
Father Regis pled guilty, to seven rapes, over the last decade.
The Church officially defrocked him.
He was a stain on it.
I'll still pray for him, and the victims.
Hopefully, this gives them peace.
I spoke to Audrey.
She's gonna move in with her sister, try to figure things out.
It's a lot, but, she still has her faith.
I hope you do too, Sonny.
I'm trying.
Two priests, one good, one bad.
Sounds like the kind of story I'd do a podcast about, back when they let me do podcasts.
So, Carisi tells me, that you've accepted a plea deal.
Sexual misconduct.
I go on the registry.
Six years' probation.
Your lawyer's good with that? Oh, no, not at all.
He wanted to take this to trial.
But that isn't why I started this journey.
I told you.
I wanted to take responsibility for my actions, and the harm, I've caused others.
I knew this wasn't gonna be easy.
I want to forgive you.
You don't have to.
You were kind enough to listen to me.
That means a lot.
You got a long road ahead of you, Burton.
All you can do is take it one step at a time.
Hope I make it.

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