Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Say Hello to My Little Friends

1 In the nation's largest city, the vicious and violent members of the underworld are hunted by the detectives of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
I have a shipment on the way.
If those vaccines aren't restored properly, within two hours, they're useless.
Slootmaeker, Washburn, Morales, time for you all to start learning our guy.
Stop right there.
Freezer trucks.
You jacked those vaccines.
I have to bury my father.
9:00 p.
, Coney Island.
I know what you are.
Extraordinary accusation, Detective.
Where you going? I'm the one who found Sinatra's body.
You are not about to tell me that you took his cell phone, but if you did take it, so we can nail this son of a bitch who did this to your family.
Eli, get inside.
Get inside.
I am worried about you, Elliot.
Back off.
Who are you? So what do you remember? I was walking home.
You walked all the way from the restaurant? I was having dinner, with Bell, with you.
Yeah, we went to dinner.
Do you have any idea who jumped you? No, two guys that were parked outside of my place.
So you didn't walk.
You drove? And you got into a fight over a parking spot? No, there was no it wasn't it had nothing to do with the parking spot.
So you're saying you don't think it was personal? I'm Nah, it's saying I'm I'm not sure.
Well, it looks like you got pistol whipped.
Do you remember that? I don't know.
What a glorious sight.
How often do you get to experience a sunrise in New York City? Ah, look who's waking up.
Lucy, did you get enough beauty sleep, my love? Are you familiar with the Octopus vulgaris? Octopus vulgaris.
The common octopus, common, but utterly alien.
Three hearts, no bones, blue blood, and all those suckers.
2,000 of them.
And every one can taste you like a tongue, or grip you and pull you into its hidden beak like a pair of scissors.
It can crack a crab, or a finger.
So fascinating.
Isn't it? Yes, sir, yeah.
Wheatley, I don't want you to worry.
And they're clever, too.
And intensely curious, especially when they're hungry.
Are you hungry, baby? I better feed her soon before she tries to escape again.
They're master escape artists.
I bet you wish you had that particular skill right now.
Excuse me? Not big on metaphors, huh? So how do we resolve this situation? I'll do whatever you want, sir.
It's not about what I want.
It's about what you promised.
The last step in our little real estate transaction.
Okay, you're telling me that he just brought him into his office at 5:30 in the morning to talk about real estate and red tape? Clearly, Wheatley has his real conversations someplace other than his office.
No, no wait, wait.
Ooh! I'm sorry, I didn't want to ask for more money.
Is he drowning this guy? Should we call it in? No, he's just scaring the crap out of him.
We don't want to blow this bug yet.
I'll take care of it, I swear.
I'll take care of it.
Then everything is sweet.
I just don't like being cheated.
Baby Baby, you just got home.
That's how we roll, baby.
I gotta go.
No How's your detective? What's his name? Stabler? He got jumped outside of his apartment.
Two guys.
They beat him pretty bad.
He's okay, though.
Was it Wheatley? Probably, sending a message.
Good morning.
Best sister ever.
Good morning.
Croissants, bagels, a coffee fresh.
- Sure.
- Okay.
There you go.
You okay? Yeah.
You sure? Well, at least you're doing your school.
That's good.
What time do you even wake up? Usually, I get up around 7:00, but I'm on a break right now.
But I was up early anyway this morning, 'cause I heard Dad.
He was, uh This is so not okay.
He wasn't having another nightmare.
He was just getting a glass of water.
Well, and now he's leaving you all alone.
Well, we worked out a system.
I set up a direct text link for emergencies.
I don't leave the apartment on my own.
I don't answer the door when I'm here alone.
It's fine.
It's not fine.
You can't stay here, Eli.
I'm not moving in with Maureen and Carl.
I already told Dad.
Dad? Did you tell Eli he can stay here with you? No, he's going to Maureen and Carl's.
Well, it's not safe.
Eli, the whole point is to keep you safe.
Look at his face.
That could have been you.
It was just a fight over a parking space.
Are we supposed to believe that? Believe whatever you want.
I'm not leaving Dad here alone.
He needs me.
That poor man.
He's been through so much.
He's a warrior, Denise.
I'll tell you that.
A warrior or a gladiator? Don't start, please.
He comes from that old gladiator cop tradition, for sure, but I feel him striving.
He lets you lead? He's trying.
I mean, it's not easy for him.
But with all the pain he's in, maybe because of it Ayanna, this man is on a short fuse.
I trust him.
Our boy is gonna need both of his mothers.
I know, believe me.
He is the only thing I'm thinking about.
And you.
And Richard Wheatly.
Look, Mom is gone, and he's afraid of losing me, I get it.
That doesn't change the situation.
Well, I'll keep trying, and we have a system.
Eli told me.
You're awake most of the night, you pace in front of this crazy wall, talking to it, the nightmares, you're screaming in your sleep Wait a minute.
Hold it.
Yes, I don't get enough sleep, and I pace to think, and that crazy wall is my office, but I'm not screaming.
I had one nightmare.
You have to see someone.
You can't function like this.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
They have medication.
I'm not taking any drugs.
Drugs help a lot of people, and they're just not for me.
You mean because you're not bipolar like me and Grandma? No, because if the job finds out I'm on meds, they take your gun and badge.
I'm pretty sure it's not like that anymore.
Get help, Dad.
I love you.
That bad? I can't drink American coffee anymore.
So what'd Moennig have to say? "You don't round up a waiting room full of rich, powerful patients like it's a vice raid on a rub-and-tug joint.
Good luck proving it was a vaccine and not their monthly Botox".
Hm, not a bad impression.
Don't worry about it.
He's all bark.
Maybe with you.
You don't get along? We get along fine.
This is the file on Dr.
Valentine, the concierge MD with the stolen vaccines.
He said he got it from a Certazul rep.
Can you decrypt the chain of purchase? Put a call in to the Port Authority, told him to lock down security and notify us on anything that requires serious refrigeration.
Washburn, I need you to call every security director on Wall Street, put them on notice about black market vaccines, let them know we're coming after anyone who tries to jump the line through their corporate health plans.
Copy that.
Hey, putting the squeeze on Wheatley.
Payback for your face.
I reached out personally to every vendor.
I even tried the West Coast Rancho Mirage, Beverly Hills.
I offered to cover shipping and refrigeration.
You do know this was a costly operation? Yes, Dad, I'm very aware of that.
It's the Park Avenue bust.
It has everybody spooked.
So we're just gonna have to figure a way around it.
Okay, do that.
I plan to.
Dana, don't let me down.
Dad, I think you've mistaken me for Richie.
Are you sure I'm his father? What are you girls gossiping about in here? Ah, nothing.
Just getting Dad up to date on some new product development.
I'm gonna get to the office.
Good to see you, Mom.
You too, sweetie.
Dinner Thursday.
Don't forget.
I won't.
What have you got her involved in? Everything I possibly can.
She's as smart as you, Ange, maybe smarter.
I know.
That's why I don't want her involved in your business.
It's a little late for that.
She's a senior VP, and she runs the Foundation.
You know what I'm talking about.
I'd say I've taken pretty good care of our children so far, wouldn't you? What are you doing here, anyway? Books.
New books.
- Books - Books.
That time of year.
Could do it at my place if you don't want me around here.
But it's just it's not as secure as your digital fortress.
No, no, no, get to work.
Mi casa, su casa.
I should have asked for it in the divorce settlement.
That's what a prenup is for.
Hey, where are we on the guy who took a swim in Wheatley's fish tank? Jet pulled CCTV from the street outside Contrapos, and ran it through some facial recog AI that she wrote herself.
- Sloot! - Told you she was good.
Our guy is Danny Lizer, real estate agent from Loudon County, Virginia.
What's Wheatley doing half-drowning some real estate nobody from the sticks? What's Wheatley doing in Loudon County? Hey! My pal over at ATF just got a ballistics match off a database to the slug they pulled out of Manfredi Sinatra's skull.
We tracking down any mob guys in Virginia? Loudon County, Virginia? Yeah.
How did you know that? Local sheriff just caught the case.
I'm taking a trip south.
Really? Who gave you that order? Washburn, hook this up with the sheriff who caught the case.
I'm driving.
I didn't want to drive anyway.
The front seat is upholstered with responsibility.
Huh? That's what my mama used to say when she was driving and I wasn't contributing to the conversation.
I count 20 exits of silence.
Those two guys were going after Eli.
Your son? Yeah.
He's fine.
I told him it was a fight about a parking spot, and I he's acting like that's the truth.
We really need to shut this guy down.
- Not used to it, huh? - What? Not being in the driver's seat, shifting your butt around, checking your mirrors, I bet you wish there was a little brake down there, like in driver's ed.
I don't need to be in charge, if that's your point.
I've had plenty of captains, plenty of partners, Well, I'm not a captain, I'm a sergeant.
Yeah, still the boss.
Yeah, but you got more time on the job, and you pull a bigger paycheck, so, way I see it, - we're more - We're partners.
We want the same thing.
You have your reasons to make this case.
I got mine.
Let's talk demographics.
What boxes do I check? Female, Black, gay.
Do you know what it's like being Black, female, and gay? You know I do not.
You crossed a lot of lines back in the day.
Yes, I did.
Black, female, gay, if I cross any of those lines, even just one that's the end of my task force.
In fact, if I cross any of those lines, my career is over.
Detective Mundy, Sergeant Bell, Detective Stabler.
Fell off my bike.
This here's Dr.
Sharma, our medical examiner.
- Welcome to Loudon County.
- Thanks.
You made good time.
You must have tore down here.
We're hoping the connection to Manfredi Sinatra can help us put some pieces together.
Yeah, your Detective Washburn mentioned that on the phone.
Was the vic on your radar? Ah, we don't have that kind of radar down here for something like this.
Doc, you want to do the honors? Single gunshot wound to the forehead.
Female, 34 years old.
- Who is this? - Who is this? Jocelyn Howell, coordinator of business development, Greater Loudon County.
Born and raised here, married, one kid.
Workers found her over here, lying face up.
What is this place? It's a fiber-optic graveyard.
What's that? We're in the data capital of the world.
When I was growing up here, it was all farmland.
Now 70% of global Internet traffic runs through those buildings.
So now it's server farms.
Wi-Fi is real good.
Yeah, but why here? Virginia has some of the cheapest electricity in the country.
One server can draw as much power as a small town.
Yeah, so, whoever is giving out those permits is a VIP.
Unless they're dead.
CSU find any casings? Nada.
No burn marks, execution style, nine millimeter, didn't pass through the skull medium distance? Experienced shooter for sure.
Danny Lizer.
That ring a bell? Local real estate guy? It's a small town, but I haven't arrested everyone.
Jocelyn would have dealt with a lot of real estate folks, though, over there in biz development.
Better see what she wants.
Doing a little day-drinking, are we? Well, I noticed you still have a few of the bottles we picked up in Mendoza.
- Hm.
- I didn't think you'd mind, Argentinian wine prices being what they are.
I don't care about the money.
Just ask first.
Oh, please.
I just don't like it when people take things from me.
You know that.
I do.
So Wheatley's building a data center, and he needed Jocelyn Howell to approve his permits because they don't conform with EPA guidelines.
Detective Mundy was right.
Apparently, these server farms - require a lot of energy.
- Yep, he used Lizer to pay her off, she got greedy, so she ended up in a ditch.
What's Wheatley need with his own server farm, though? Well, if I was Wheatley, and I was looking to ramp up my criminal activity, I wouldn't use servers from another company.
- I'd build my own.
- Mm-hmm.
I mean, that's what he was pitching to the Guardo family.
What do you mean pitch to the Guardo Family? Where'd you hear that? We have an undercover.
Gina Cappelletti.
She's been with the Guardo family for two years.
I'm switching her over to Wheatley.
Umm The Contrapos server farm is huge.
It it'd draw way more power than you're allowed without EPA signoff.
So Wheatley paid Jocelyn 100K to look the other way.
Sounds like a good arrangement.
It was for everyone.
Jocelyn got greedy, she asked for another 25K, and Wheatley got all twisted 'cause she was trying to scam him.
Wheatley been down here? To Loudon County? Maybe give Jocelyn that final payment? Not as far as I know.
What about any of his associates? You mean like the creepy bodyguard who tried to drown me in the fish tank? Or the octopus? You know about that thing? Tell us about him.
The octopus? - The bodyguard.
- Oh.
Bald with a beard and an accent.
- What kind of accent? - I don't know.
Middle Eastern? Israeli maybe? Whatever.
I just I'd be happy never to see any of them ever again.
Yeah, well, unfortunately, we got bad news for you on that front.
Good timing.
Come here.
I want you to see something.
I have an idea that I want to run by you.
It won't offset our losses on the vaccines, but it'll be a PR win.
Just just give me a second.
Our EPA approval came through this morning, and I'm about to get a tour.
This will take the company to a whole new level, Dana.
Wait till you see what I'm building.
There he is.
The man of the hour.
Wheatley, I think you got your money's worth, sir.
I hope you like what you're about to see.
Oh, sweet, sweet, sweet.
Isn't that beautiful? It's beautiful.
Whatever you're doing to offset our losses is good with me.
Nothing else matters.
This this is the future.
Actually, this is the future.
We're closing her.
How about that? Stabler.
I can't talk long.
Can we meet? Yeah, yeah we can.
Let me just go to a quieter place.
Are you in danger right now? I texted you an address.
The text will only be available for ten seconds.
Bye for now.
Okay, don't hang up.
Richard? I'm leaving.
I gotta get ready for later.
Tell me you got it.
No, the location is blocked somehow.
This is unusual.
Elliot Stabler made an unwelcome appearance in Loudon County yesterday during the middle of my video conference.
Does anyone else know you were there? No one that's alive to talk about it.
As long as I have these, Boss, we have nothing to worry about.
I am very meticulous.
Meaning what? Meaning I never leave any brass behind.
I clean up so nothing could connect to me or my weapons.
His face was a mess.
You're welcome.
What's a Meyer lemon? It's a hybrid, a cross between a citron and a man Oh, my God.
What happened to you? Nothing much.
Let's just say I was looking out for my kid.
Please tell me Eli's okay.
Detective, I'm an academic researcher.
Do you not think I researched you when you came to my office and told me your wife had been murdered? Where'd you call me from this afternoon? Oh, you tried to trace me? I called you from Richard's wine cellar.
It's a Faraday cage.
What's that? Michael Faraday was a British scientist.
It's a box or a structure that blocks electromagnetic waves.
Richard has all of his sensitive conversations in that wine cellar.
Why'd you just tell me that information? Let's just say I'm looking out for my kid.
She's getting a little too close to her father, and I'm afraid.
I don't want her to get hurt.
And how can I help? What are you doing later? Probably having bad Chinese takeout with Eli.
Well, my daughter's hosting a charity event.
You might want to stop by.
I'll be there.
So will Richard.
What's the event? The Wheatley Foundation's giving away vaccines to the underserved communities.
I don't know where they got these vaccines, and I don't know why they're giving them away for free.
I just know something's weird about it.
Ma'am, your groceries.
Oh, they're for him.
His kid should eat something better than bad Chinese takeout.
You don't understand what you do to me Twerking in the mirror looks so good to me Do it, do it, do it, just do it for me Do it, do it, do it, just do it for me - Gina.
- Hm? So I take you to my spot, we have a lit night, and you don't hit me back.
Why you gotta do me so cold? Uh, yeah we had a fun night, but I've got a guy, remember? And he's not really into sharing.
Neither am I.
You're so sweet, Richie.
And I really like you, but Joey is dangerous.
Gina, you're worth the risk, all right? I'll take it.
Come on.
I get off early tomorrow night.
You should come by.
We'll go someplace.
How about you don't worry about the boyfriend? What boyfriend? Uh oh, uh oh All right, welcome, everyone.
Imagining a lot of smiling faces underneath those masks.
All right? Well, great to see so many beautiful faces from the community here.
Are you planning to speak? Yeah, I'm introducing Dad.
Why? Oh, let him do the preening, honey.
You're classier than that.
Mom, we're giving back to the community.
We're doing something really, really good.
Why are you belittling that? He's using you, trust me.
- Okay, Mom.
- Dana Would like to say a few words to you all.
Good afternoon, everyone.
Thank you so much for taking part in our effort to bring equity to the fight against this pandemic.
Today, the Wheatley Foundation is donating 10,000 vaccines to this community.
And that is from the generosity of our foundation's chairman, and more importantly, my dad, Mr.
Richard Wheatley.
Dana Wheatley, everyone.
Isn't she something? Thank you.
Thank you so much.
My wife Pilar and I are humbled and grateful to be in a position to provide what the government couldn't provide.
The Wheatley Foundation is doing what they couldn't.
Try and get your daughter away from him unless you want her arrested as well.
All right, let's shut this down.
Copy that.
We're going in.
Let's go.
That means today, everyone gets a shot in the arm.
Does she really have to come to everything? Congratulations, Pilar, Richard.
That was amazing.
I'm so sorry.
Can I apologize? Will you come with me, please? Folks, the Wheatley Foundation is handing out gift bags of food and healthy provisions to take home to your families.
Make sure you get yours before you leave tonight.
You know my name yet? Check the vials.
- You have a warrant, sir? Guess why we're here.
I imagine it's to apologize for trying to illegally shut down my server farm.
Nobody's shutting down your data center.
Until we catch you doing something illegal with it.
We're here because we got a report that the vaccines were obtained illegally.
Sounds like fake news to me.
So you don't mind if we check the lot numbers, and match them up against the stolen ones? Be my guest, but make it quick.
You're making these good people nervous.
Sergeant, the numbers don't match.
Are you sure? Not a one of them.
You'd need a permit to use this community center as a public vaccination site.
It takes at least ten days.
The mayor personally waived the waiting period.
He couldn't have been more grateful about what I'm doing here.
Hope it doesn't hurt too much.
Your face, that is.
Nothing to worry about, ladies and gentlemen.
The police are just doing their jobs.
Let's give them a hand.
And don't forget to get vaccinated before you leave.
My treat.
Morales, the gentleman I'm about to talk to find out everything you can about him.
Copy that.
Israeli, huh? Your accent? Israeli? Is that a concealed weapon? Desert Eagle? I know a couple Special Forces guys that just love this weapon.
I have a permit.
Do you? City or state? You ever heard of a park bench? Gotta sweat out the toxins.
Pretty sure I got the young Wheatley on the hook for tonight.
- Pretty sure? - He'll be there.
So will we, soon as you flag us.
What if your target doesn't show? Richie and Joey get into it, Richie's daddy will send protection.
This is about to get real.
You ready? I'm always ready.
Wheatley has a wine cellar in his house where he does his private phone calls and meetings.
I need a bug in there.
You got a warrant? Let me worry about the warrant.
You worry about getting an invitation.
That's our guy.
Let's follow him.
- What are you doing? - Chill, baby.
- What are you so worked up about? - Get in the car.
We are two blocks away from my work.
Do you know what'd happen if one of Joey's boys saw us together? I got my boys, too.
My boy Darius? Army Ranger.
Three tours in Iraq.
That's your bodyguard? Well, yeah, he's my boy, but he's also on my dad's payroll.
And they're gonna be there with you tonight? Mm-hmm.
- Darius too? - Yeah, for sure.
So we're gonna roll in, casual, I'ma have a little talk with Joey, like you said - Right.
- Tell him what's what.
Respectful like nobody's business.
And we're gonna roll out, and you'll be with me.
Not until it's official.
- See, I was just testing you.
- Mm-hmm.
Gonna make it official tonight.
I totally think this is doable.
You move something around, work on the timing.
- Really? - What? - Whoa.
This guy's legit.
- The weapon that Detective Stabler confiscated from Izak Bekher matches the ballistics for both Sinatra and Jocelyn Howell.
So, Bekher is an Israeli national, did some time in the IDF Special Forces, got kicked out of the Mossad.
Since then, he's been going around being on the wrong side of every war, last 15 years.
He drives his boss around, but he's more like his bodyguard and fixer.
He lives on the Wheatley compound.
He was there this afternoon.
He changed out his boss's Maybach for his own Ducati.
Which means that he's going up to Nyack tonight to go on a date with his girlfriend.
And we're gonna watch to see what route he takes.
Then we all roll up Whoa whoa, let's just Jet, remind everyone why we just don't roll up on someone like Izak Bekher.
2015, Manila PD tried to arrest the individual for arms trafficking.
The lead investigator turned up in a roadside ditch with a bullet between the eyes.
Charges didn't stick.
Now, we have enough to bring in Bekher, but as you just heard, he doesn't care about killing cops, and I don't want to see any of y'all end up dead.
So, if all the dominoes fall into place, this is how it's gonna happen.
All right, B.
So, I'ma go in, get her, and then we gonna bounce, all right? Yo, anybody seen Gina? She's upstairs, but it's members only.
Y'all got Maker's back there? Maker's.
Hear me? Oh, baby, why we gotta do this every night? - What? - Just relax.
We'll talk about this when you come home tonight.
All right? - Joey.
- Mm-mm.
It's not gonna happen.
Do yourself a favor, bro.
Hey, somebody better call this little boy's daddy, and tell him he just wet himself.
Aye yo, it's Darius.
I'm at the Seven Knights.
We got a situation here with Richie.
I don't even got a problem with you, bro.
- Mm-mm? - Nah, it's just facts.
Gina would rather be with me.
Oh, yeah? She'd rather be with Get off me! You know who I am? You put your hands on me, you little punk! You're already dead! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I suggest you move aside.
My sincere apologies about any misunderstanding that happened here tonight.
No worries.
Boys will be boys.
Look, I hope I didn't hurt him too bad.
You know, I got this temper, and sometimes Richie will be fine.
I'll have a little talk with him.
Looking forward to our meeting next week, Richard.
It's an exciting piece of business you brought us.
Wait till you see it on its feet.
Richie, let's go.
Gentlemen, have a good evening.
Why did you sell me out like that? I saved your ass.
Darius, get them out of here, I'll take Richie home.
Yes sir.
All right, ladies, let's go.
Wheatley? Look, I I just want you to know that Richie was defending me against Joey because I sort of ended things with him, and he wasn't taking it too well.
So This is the famous Gina? Yeah.
Now I understand.
Why don't you invite her to your birthday dinner? Wednesday night, 8:00 at my father's house.
You should come.
It's my 30th.
Could I give you an early birthday present? Sure.
Boss, if you're good here, I'm going to Nyack for the night.
- Sergeant Bell.
- It's me.
He just left.
Copy that.
Anything else? My invitation arrived.
We're good to go.
All right, Gina Cappelletti, huh? When do I get to meet her? Probably never, and keep this between us.
Copy that.
It's on! Suit up.
Get up.
Get up.
Now! Izak Bekher, you're under arrest for the murders of Manfredi Sinatra and Jocelyn Howell.
You don't have anything on me.
Willing to bet your life on that?
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