Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

The Stuff that Dreams Are Made Of

1 In the nation's largest city, the vicious and violent members of the underworld are hunted by the detectives of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
Elliot Stabler's face was a mess.
You're welcome.
Sacha Lenski.
This was a job for hire.
Eli [GASPS.]
You have to see someone.
- You can't function like this.
- I'm fine.
Purple magic is made from a prescription drug.
Wheatley pushes a ton of it.
Where'd you hear that? We have an undercover.
Wheatley has his private meetings in his wine cellar.
I need a bug in there.
The weapon confiscated from Izak Bekher matches the ballistics of Sinatra and Jocelyn Howell.
Izak Bekher, you're under arrest for the murders of Manfredi Sinatra and Jocelyn Howell.
There was a couple.
On the street near where the car was parked.
They took a selfie.
Do you know what time it is, Detective? No, I wasn't paying attention but I need to see that photo.
Next time, pay attention.
We'll discuss this in person later today.
- No worries, man.
It's your world.
We're just living in it.
Cole, breakfast! Cole! Hey, have some breakfast before school! Cole! [KNOCKING.]
Are you still asleep? It's after 7:00.
I thought I told you to clean this Cole! [GASPING.]
Oh, my God! Cole! Cole! No! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Coney Island.
Wonder Wheel.
9:00 p.
My client has no idea what you're talking about.
Everyone in this room knows that's BS.
Let's indulge them.
Your boss ordered a hit on me and missed, killing my wife.
He then set up his father to take the fall, but the old man was wise to him.
How am I doing so far? I haven't heard anything that points to my client.
Okay, Manfredi Sinatra asked to meet with me.
You want to guess where? Wonder Wheel.
9:00 p.
It was a Tuesday.
He was gonna tell me Richard Wheatley murdered my wife, but you beat me there.
And you murdered him before he could rat out your boss.
Better? - It's false.
- It's false.
It's a theory without evidence.
Without evidence? Sergeant, it's a theory without evidence.
This is your gun.
It says "evidence".
Where did you get that? Coney Island.
Wonder Wheel.
This is the evidence part.
This casing matches your gun.
It also matches the slug that the Loudon County ME pulled out of Jocelyn Howell's skull.
You planted that.
Izak, that's enough.
You're bluffing to try and intimidate him.
Bekher isn't ever going to cooperate with you.
We're not interested in a deal or in any part of your sad, obsessive witch hunt against his employer.
We'll see you in court.
The internet on the train was janky.
I lost connectivity from Wilmington to Trenton.
You survived? Praise the Lord.
It's a miracle.
Vincent Weiss is one of the most expensive, well-connected criminal defense lawyers in this city.
Wheatley obviously is paying him to make sure Bekher doesn't cooperate.
Well, Wheatley should've saved his money.
Bekher doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who's gonna be talking.
You know you don't have to hide that from me.
As long as you're focused on what we're doing.
Jet, how'd it go? I imaged his server, and on the train before I lost connectivity, I had a look at his company's recent transactions.
- Nice.
- These are all the pharmacies Contrapos does business with in the continental U.
They're in mostly mid-sized towns and secondary cities.
There's only one in the tristate area.
"Rixton Drugs.
You two go check it out.
Take Jet with you.
You Herbert Rixton? That's a fancy computer.
How long you had it? Um, just a few years, I guess.
So is that how long you've been in business with Wheatley? - Who? - Richard Wheatley.
It's the CEO of Contrapos.
You're part of their network.
No, I'm not in any network.
Nor am I part of a chain.
No, I am proudly independent.
So you've never heard of Contrapos? Well, they installed the computer, sure, but I paid for it.
It's perfectly legitimate.
Except for the part where you send controlled substances through the mail to people who've never even been to a doctor.
That's that's nonsense.
I don't know what you folks are trying to gin up here, but every prescription I fill has been ordered by a licensed physician.
I'm logged into his order history.
There's one for a Naradol scrip that was shipped to an address in Brooklyn this morning.
Naradol, that's one of the components in Purple Magic.
Let's bring that over to the sergeant.
Maybe we're about to find Wheatley's lab.
All right this is the address where the Naradol was shipped.
It doesn't look like much of a drug lab.
And CSU? Ah, that's never a good sign.
Detective Stabler.
Detective Duffy.
Kid's name was Cole Braverman.
Cole Braverman.
He's the one who placed the order? Yeah, TARU pulled it off his computer.
An online pharmacy named Contrapos.
Was there a doctor? Family physician, based in Denver, Colorado.
Active license.
How much you want to bet Cole Braverman's never stepped foot in Colorado? Well, according to Jet, he placed the order Thursday last week.
An automated Contrapos server pinged it over to the doctor, then over to Rixton Drugs, where it was filled this morning.
Generic Naradol.
CS found traces of powder on the boy's desk.
He just wanted to feel good, not do this.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait! Don't take him! Wait, wait! No, please! Oh, my God! No! Okay, I set parental controls on his laptop and his iPhone.
I didn't know I had to worry about an online pharmacy.
- Oh, my God.
- This is not your fault.
- How could I let this happen? - This is not your fault.
- It is my fault.
- This is not look at my eyes.
This is not your fault.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
You gave that woman hope we're gonna collar someone.
Damn right I did.
I'm clinging to hope.
Elliot, the boy checked the box he was 18.
Technically, he broke the law.
Technically, you need an in-person physical in order to prescribe a controlled substance.
Okay, the doctor could be exposed, but this rise of telemedicine has made an even bigger gray area than there already was.
And that pharmacist one more step removed.
And Wheatley? What about him? Come on.
I want to show you something.
They're part of the city's Domain Awareness System.
Over 18,000 CCTV cameras.
NYPD can monitor your every move anywhere, anytime.
And therefore, so can I.
Here we go.
What do you know about her? Gina.
That's Richie's girl.
I want to know.
In fact, I want to know everything about her.
Where she goes, who she sees, what she says, who she screws, and what she says when she screws them.
Copy that, sir.
Before Richie's birthday dinner, right? [PUNCHY MUSIC.]
I saw the footage.
Couple couldn't have witnessed the explosion.
They were gone before it happened.
But there might be new information in their private pictures.
The selfie.
Something we missed.
We'll try to find them.
What do these people look like? Aw, come on.
It was dark and rainy.
They had hoods on.
What does Arson and Explosion have to say about the IED? They're still constructing it.
They agree it must have been triggered by an alarm or someone calling it in from a remote location.
Anyone with eyes on the car would've known you weren't in it.
So what if we all we gotta do is find Elliot, there's no "we".
This is TAPU's case.
- You're not on it - We're after the same guy.
We don't know that for sure.
We do know.
I want to talk.
I need protection.
The day after the Sinatra hit, I notice that my Desert Eagle has been fired.
Nothing about that felt strange? Boss all the time uses my gun for target practice.
You think Wheatley took out his father on his own using your gun? The crime scene was a mess.
That's not really like you, is it? Never leave a mess when I shoot.
It's almost as if the boss didn't care whether we traced the ballistics back to him.
Almost like he wanted you to take the fall.
No, he didn't want that.
He just didn't know better.
Oh, he didn't know any better.
Are you gonna cooperate with us? Lawyer will never make a deal.
If he even suspects that I am willing to cooperate You think Wheatley can get to you inside Rikers, huh? What do you think? I think you should sit tight.
We'll figure something out.
You want to hire a second lawyer a shadow counsel to work with Izak Bekher in secret? Yes, yes, so that we can make a deal with him to cooperate.
Why not make a deal with the current attorney? Vincent Weiss is being paid for by Richard Wheatley.
He's beholden to his interests, not Bekher's.
And Bekher is ready to cooperate.
We just need to move fast before he changes his mind.
We need to follow the law, Detective Stabler.
No, I have done this before.
It's legal.
- Technically.
- [SIGHS.]
Technically legal.
What exactly are you proposing? Okay, first, we appoint Bekher a new lawyer, but we keep it under wraps, so as far as Weiss knows, he's still representing Bekher.
But in a secret hearing with the records sealed, we make a deal with Bekher for his cooperation.
Then, we stage a fake arraignment hearing.
Weiss still represents, you grant bail Bekher walks.
Wheatley thinks he's free and clear, but reality is, Bekher just works for us.
These your grandkids? 7 1/2.
One's on the way.
You know, this morning, there was a 14-year-old boy.
Cole Braverman.
He died of an opioid overdose.
He was a hockey player, honors student.
He ordered those drugs from Richard Wheatley's online pharmacy, Contrapos, which is directly responsible for the death of thousands and thousands of other people, all while technically following the law.
- Over here.
- Hmm, this is different.
He's counter-surveilling me.
One of his guys tailed me on the way over here.
I lost him, and then the battery on my civilian phone is draining faster than usual.
I think it's malware.
All right.
I'm putting a ghost on you.
No, he's way too hip for that, and I don't want another UC following me around that's maybe not as slick as me.
I can handle myself.
So where is this bug? The wine cellar is a Faraday cage, basically a box that blocks cell signals from getting in or out.
This bug is a GSM bug.
It's outfitted with a SIM card that's controlled and accessed through a phone call.
It transmits a high frequency that penetrates through the Faraday cage.
Just make sure to place it away from any other audio devices.
Yeah, got it.
The terms of the deal are this: minimization of the charges, immunity from further prosecution on crimes already committed, witness protection.
In exchange, Mr.
Bekher will agree to wear a covert listening device.
I told you, I'm not wearing a wire.
My client agreed to report in good faith, but wearing a wire will never fly given who he works for.
One thing I have faith in is he wants to stay alive.
We can work with that.
Bekher, you understand that if you don't keep your end of the deal, the deal goes away? And you'll be facing two murder charges and unspecified jail time? So you're gonna call Elizabeth, yeah? [MUTTERS.]
What are you doing? Uh, stuff.
Dad, what the hell? I asked you a question.
Yeah, you ever hear of privacy? You ever heard of manners? Look, if this is about that kid that OD'ed, I'm not ordering drugs online.
I was geotagging a photo on Instagram.
You know, Dickie said you used to do this to them all the time.
He said it sucked being a teenager around you.
Yeah, well, he's right about that.
He's lucky he didn't have Instagram.
Are you okay? Yeah, I need you to do something.
Look up photos geotagged with Fishbridge Park.
- Why? - Just do it.
Uh I mean, there's just a bunch of photos of dogs and the bridge.
What is this place? It's the park on the corner where the car exploded.
- Dad, what are you doing? - [CAR HORN HONKING.]
- Hey! - [HONKING.]
- Dad, you have to move.
- Hey! Dad, move! You got to move! Yeah, I'm moving.
I'm moving! Dad! Dad, watch out! [TIRES SQUEAL.]
But they're okay? Everyone is okay? Neither one of them are hurt, but my father is not okay.
Okay, so why don't you take some deep breaths, Kathleen? He's not okay.
Just tell me what you mean by that, honey.
He has nightmares.
Eli says he shouts in his sleep.
- And he's just - Jumpy.
You've seen it, right? Have you talked to him about it? I tried to.
We all have tried to.
He won't talk to us.
He won't open up.
I mean, I tried to tell him to get some treatment for - PTSD.
- That's what I said.
And Mo says I'm not qualified to diagnose him.
I don't want to diagnose him.
I just We need your help, Olivia.
Okay, honey.
And what is it that you think that I can do? Maureen and I want to have an intervention.
The whole family? Eli? All five of us.
Eli wants to be there.
But it won't work unless you're part of it.
It's not the end of the world, mami.
Come on.
I can literally smell the dairy.
I'm going to fire him.
It's always something with you.
Lactose intolerant.
Oh, yeah.
No, I know.
- That's awful.
- Uh-oh.
- You're lactose intolerant? - God, no.
No, I can handle anything.
I just think I meant I'm I'm Gina.
- Angela.
- Hi.
Nice to see you again.
You look lovely.
I hope you're vaccinated.
- Dad, what - Don't worry.
We all are.
I'll take care of you.
This is Angela, Richie's mom.
Pilar, my beautiful, intolerant wife.
Your sister will be up any second.
- Gina.
- Yes? Do you like to party, baby? All right.
Aye! Aye! [LAUGHS.]
Oh, yeah! [LAUGHTER.]
A toast.
- Do you want to hear it? - Yeah! [LAUGHTER.]
To my son.
At least I think he's my son.
Richard Jr.
30 years old today.
He got my looks, but not my brains.
- Thank God.
He'll always be you'll always be a child in my eyes.
I mean it.
Okay, well, Richie's dad's an ass.
Um, to Richie.
- Yeah.
- ALL: Richie! - Handsome.
- Uh-huh.
I'll take that.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
And most importantly, kind.
That's right.
My son.
My only s My only son.
I love you so very much.
And I am so proud and grateful to know you.
Aw, look at that.
- Okay, enough.
To Richie.
So, Gina, I hear you're a waitress.
Yeah, at the Seven Knights Social Club.
- That's where Richie and I met.
- Mm-hmm.
- Did you know my pop-pop? - Yeah, I did.
He was a great man.
I kind of idolized him actually.
Wow, that's fascinating.
So do you have other interests outside of the hospitality industry? Dana.
Shut up.
- I was just asking a question.
- Hey, babe.
It's okay.
You know, I used to want to be a movie star, but well, it turns out, I'm not very talented that way, so - Come on.
There are other talents that are far more important.
And I suspect you have a few of them.
- Richie, where are you going? - I'm gonna go for a walk.
I need some air.
Let him go.
Leslie Snow.
What's going on? Is everything okay? Everything's good.
And we're all okay.
- Everything's fine.
- Yeah.
We just all wanted to get together and talk.
You want to talk.
Okay, let's talk.
About what? About you.
Go ahead, Kathleen.
This is an intervention.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
An intervention.
And, uh, what are we intervening on? About what you and I discussed.
You and I discussed in private? - Elliot, it's not a secret - It's not anymore.
I went to Olivia myself to ask for her help.
Nobody here thinks you're an addict.
Thank you, Eli.
Appreciate that.
What does everyone think? - You need help, Dad.
- I need help.
Elliot, I'm here because your family is worried about you I didn't ask you to be here.
They're worried about you because of all the things that we have witnessed.
Like that.
You do that all the time.
And they're worried about you, Elliot, because they care about you, so do you think you could just sit down right now - and just listen to everyone - No, I really don't think I can.
You should talk to my superior, Ayanna Bell.
She's a sergeant, and if there were any problems, she would recognize it.
Elliot, tell us what you need.
I love you.
I love all of you.
And I yeah, I don't think I can do this.
- You look lost.
I was I was just looking for Richie.
If you find him, bring him back upstairs.
I'm gonna grab a bottle of champagne.
Richie tells me you have the most incredible wine cellar.
You want to see it? Come on.
I'll give you a tour.
Oh, my God.
Holy oh, my God.
Wow, this place is incredible.
I worked with the architect.
She drew up the plans, but it's pretty much my design.
I'll admit, I'm proud of it.
Yeah, you should be.
Think I had too much to drink.
I was gonna study architecture Then, my first year at Columbia, I had this idea how technology could make healthcare more available to millions of disenfranchised people.
Wait, that's your company, right? What is it called again? It's like Contrapis.
- Contrapos.
- Contrapos.
It's from "contrapositive".
It's a mathematical proposition.
Oh, I don't understand math at all.
It just doesn't compute for me.
Just don't say that to Richie's mom.
She'll have you chained to a desk in no time.
Chained? She's a mathematician.
- A professor.
- Oh, God.
Now, I feel so stupid.
No, no.
I'm I'm pretty sure that you could do just about anything if you put your mind to it.
So who is Gina Cappelletti? If you could do anything else? Anything you wanted? I'd really like to be a wine expert.
I mean, how do you know which wine to choose for each occasion? Really? You're really interested in knowing more about wine? I'm very interested.
I'll tell you what.
Next time you come over, we'll have a lesson.
But right now, we should get back upstairs.
And celebrate Richie.
Elliot, listen to me.
Everyone here in this room recognizes that something's not right everyone but you.
What do you mean? I'm drowning.
How's that for recognition? Then take our hand.
Grab onto us.
I know.
I know you're trying to help.
I know you're all just trying to help.
You're reaching out, but all you're doing is pushing me further under.
It's like it's like a weight that is dragging me down.
You're the only person I could think of who would understand.
Should I talk? Or listen? I don't know.
I'm a cop.
Yes, I know.
And I'm missing something.
And I can't figure out what it is.
Her name is Kathy.
Um I think about her, uh all the time.
I see her, and and then, she's and then, she's gone.
I can't hold on to her face.
And my mind starts, um, like, spinning.
There are images, and moments, and memories, and, um, regrets.
And, uh, you know, things that I, uh, I said or didn't say or do or didn't do.
Things I should've done.
The thoughts, suffocating you.
When Raffi died when I heard the wind was knocked out of my chest.
For months, I'd be teaching, reading, in the middle of a conversation, - and I just I couldn't - Breathe.
And the images, they come flooding in, like you said.
Not of my beautiful son.
Just what happened to him.
How he ended.
The fear.
The terror he must have felt.
My guilt.
So many questions, and never any answers.
It's like something's shouting to me, trying to get my attention.
I'm not sleeping very well.
You need to sleep.
If you don't, you really will lose your mind.
Look, I see you were dressed to go out, so I'll see myself out.
No, I actually just got home.
You can stay for a bit if you want.
Mm-mm, no.
I don't think so.
I can't.
Thank you.
Thank you.
This is the first sane conversation I've had all evening.
- And if you don't mind - You don't need to.
No one will ever know this happened.
And it gets better, Elliot.
It never goes away, but it gets better.
Docket ending 543.
People versus Izak Bekher.
Waive the reading of the rights, but not the rights thereunder? Yes, Your Honor.
- How does your client plead? - Not guilty.
People, I'll hear you on bail.
Your Honor, the People request that the defendant be remanded without bail.
The charges are murder two, possession of a weapon.
These crimes are very serious.
He has multiple passports and his motive to flee is obvious.
Weiss? Your Honor, the DA's office is responding to pressure to make an arrest on a high-profile case.
My understanding is the sum total of the evidence against my client is a single and highly suspect shell casing.
No witnesses, no statements.
No DNA or fingerprints.
Meanwhile, there are at least two dozen members of the Guardo crime family who had a motive to murder Manfredi Sinatra.
Your Honor, are we gonna try this case here at the arraignment? My client has no criminal record.
He's an upstanding member of society and is willing to surrender his passports if a reasonable bail is set.
No criminal record in the U.
, but in his home country, he's got a rap sheet 10 miles long.
Your Honor, that has to be taken into consideration.
Thank you, ADA Carisi.
Bail is set at $1 million.
The defendant will surrender any and all passports.
Your Honor, I beg that you reconsider.
The defendant has access to private international travel Mr.
Carisi, I've ruled.
Call the next case.
Docket ending 274.
People versus Ted Donohue.
Good work, Counselor.
All right, man.
Get out of here.
Go have a nice dinner with your kid.
That's not gonna happen.
He moved out.
He's with his sister.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey.
It's just till it's safe.
Leslie Snow.
Leslie Snow.
Detective Stabler.
I'm investigating an explosion that occurred on Water Street March 5th.
Uh oh.
Oh, my God.
Um, the woman that got blown up? I read about it online.
My boyfriend Hank and I were right there, like, a minute before.
We heard the explosion as we were running to catch the train.
We thought it was demolition or something.
Petunia, stop pulling.
Is there any chance you could tell me what you remember from that night? Um, sure.
It was raining pretty hard.
We were out there me and Hank because we met at the dog park right on that corner a year ago that night.
It was our anniversary, so we wanted to take, like, a cute picture Those photos, um, is there a chance that I could take a look at them? Yeah.
They're on Hank's phone.
If you give me your email, I can send them to you.
That poor woman.
I hope you catch whoever did that to her.
Thank you.
You've reached Olivia Benson.
Leave a message.
Hey, Liv.
Uh, it's me.
Um, calling you.
And I get it.
Um, please just call me when you can.
You've reached Olivia Benson.
Leave a message.
Liv, he knew.
He was there.
He activated the bomb from across the street.
It was Sacha Lenski.
He saw everything.
He knew it was Kathy getting into the car.
I wasn't the target.
Kathy was the target.
Why would anyone want to kill Kathy? [WOLF HOWLS.]

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