Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

I Got This Rat

1 In the nation's largest city, the vicious and violent members of the underworld are hunted by the detectives of the organized crime control bureau.
These are their stories.
- Hands where we can see them! - [SCREAMS.]
His hand is crushed.
Every bone in his hand.
This is my wife, Denise.
Did your nephew get any names or shield numbers? This lawsuit's gonna put her in an uncomfortable spot.
I am hunting the person who is responsible for killing my wife and taking your son away from you.
That is what brought us together.
You're the only person who would understand.
You can stay, if you want.
You feel guilty.
I feel a lot of things these days.
I am not gonna allow these emotions to derail me from my mission.
You want to come at me? Come at me.
But don't you ever go near my family.
Why would Wheatley want my wife dead? - Why? - He didn't give the order.
Angela Wheatley did.
In these troubled times, let us recall the teachings of our Lord in Romans 12:19.
Recompense to no man evil for evil.
If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably among all men.
Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give peace unto wrath.
For it is written, Vengeance is mine.
Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
But I say unto you, love your enemies.
Bless them that curse you.
Do good to them that hate you and pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you.
Now please stand.
Go in peace.
To love and to serve the Lord.
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Let's go.
Let us know if you need anything else, ma'am.
Cuff her.
Angela Wheatley, you're under arrest for the murder of Kathy Stabler.
You have the right to remain silent.
If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you can't afford one, one will be provided for you.
Do you understand the rights that I have just read to you? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Okay, so we're here.
Now what? - You're going to thank me.
- I'm listening.
Wheatley is expanding his relationship with Joey Raven's crew, bringing them in on a big new piece of business that he is convinced is gonna be a game changer.
Kudos to Izak, but your security team should have found that bug before he did.
Dad, I'm all over it.
I'm bringing in a new crew.
Have them search the house.
If there was a bug in my office at Contrapos, we have to assume that the house has been breached too.
Dad, if Raven comes at me again in there, can you just please let me handle it? Richie, it's already been handled.
No more back-alley hand-offs with duffle bags full of cash for these goombahs.
Excuse me.
Everything is online, encrypted, and untraceable.
I only let him get away with that because, well, their organization's cash flow's never been more what's your word? Optimized? [CHUCKLES.]
Gentlemen, Dana is your point person.
If you have any issues, wanna upgrade, or add any new capabilities, reach out to her.
She's the smartest person in the room.
- Come here.
- Hi.
Have you spoken to your Russian friend? I made contact through an intermediary.
We're talking tomorrow morning.
I'm buying me a gun so I can explain it to him simply.
A year from now, the COVID pandemic will have run its course and things will be getting back to normal, but right now, at least for the next nine to ten months, only a fraction of the world will have access to a vaccine.
Rich countries control 90% of the supply and the third world excuse me, the developing world is desperate to get a share.
We have a very small window to make billions of dollars.
Is that simple enough for you? [SIGHS.]
She ask for a lawyer? Actually, she asked to talk to you.
She ordered the murder of my wife.
I have nothing to say to her.
So you want to brief the team about Wheatley's new friend? Yep, kids! Gather around.
Sergeant, I want to introduce you to someone.
- All right.
Meet Stepan Komarov.
Looks like a real sweetheart.
Yeah, those tattoos are the mark of the vory.
- That is Russian for "thieves in law".
- Didn't ask.
Komarov is Brighton Beach mafia.
He's based in Brooklyn, but he has international reach.
Arms dealer.
Wheatley wants to use him to peddle COVID vaccines over the developing world, just like he sells bombs and guns.
So we made it so hot for him here, he's taking it overseas.
Yeah, but how does he make bank in a bunch of bankrupt countries? By squeezing out government agencies.
Any way he can.
All right, so here's the deal.
We have a pile of evidence on Richard Wheatley, but all of it is one step removed, so it's highly probable that he and his lawyers are gonna find a way to slither out of it.
This is our chance to catch him in the act.
Are we gonna try and get him on tape actually planning this deal? No, we're gonna get him on tape - actually making the deal.
- Mm-hmm.
We catch him in the act, there's no slithering.
Stepan Komarov has one of the tightest security crews on the planet, even more than Wheatley.
How are we gonna get a device in the room with these two? Good question.
Well, that's where the fun begins.
We're gonna remove Komarov and replace him with another buyer.
- Who? - Us.
Well, someone who works for us who's willing to wear a listening device that you, Jet, are gonna make for this occasion.
Ready to call your lawyer? Not yet.
I would like to call my children - so they don't worry about me.
- Not happening.
Well, if they say something and Richard can't get in touch with me, he'll suspect something's up We have your cellphone, Professor Wheatley.
We can clone the GPS.
Put you wherever you need to be - so he's not suspicious.
- Do it.
Any chance of a blanket? It's kinda cold in here.
No shoelaces, no belts, no blankets.
NYPD policy.
Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself.
You should eat something.
Knock if you need the bathroom.
You know, I read an article about you a while back in "Essence".
Tenured professor at a prestigious university.
Board member of Coding For Equity and the STEM Access Project Do you have children, Sergeant Bell? Not yet.
If you ever have a son, you'll understand you'll do whatever you're able to to keep him safe, especially from the police.
Why? I was insane.
Inconsolable with rage and grief.
Hmm, rage and grief, yeah.
I-I'm familiar with those emotions.
Richard told me that it was a targeted hit by police as part of an anti-drug operation.
Harlem Heat they called it.
He said Richard said, that this operation was led by a detective by the name of Elliot Stabler.
And you believed that? I did.
Detective Elliot Stabler.
One of those faceless officers who guns down young black men with impunity and expects never to face any consequences.
Richard asked if I wanted him to die, this detective, and I said no.
I wanted him to suffer like I'm suffering.
I wanted him to feel this pain worse than death.
Well, congratulations.
You succeeded.
These were just words, Elliot, spoken in the depth of despair.
I didn't mean for anyone else to die.
Someone else did die.
Someone that I loved.
Someone that never hurt a soul in her life.
You remember the moment we met? I don't.
I told you that I would find the person responsible for murdering your son, and the whole time, you thought it was me.
That's that's irony.
It's what I believed.
We all believe a lot of things.
So here's the truth.
Rafiq worked for your ex-husband, managing the illegal side of his business, the production and distribution of an illegal drug called Purple Magic No, I told you when we first met, I don't want to know any of this stuff Unfortunately, your son was double dipping.
Not only was he taking paychecks from your ex, he was also taking his product to make his own stepped-on inferior product of Purple Magic and then selling it on the street at a discount and he got caught.
By by the cops.
He got caught by the police.
He got caught by Richard Wheatley, his adoptive father.
He got caught by your ex, who dealt with him the only way that he deals with anybody who rips him off.
He shot him between the eyes.
That's the truth.
Did you talk to Moennig about Komarov? I told him I need an excuse to arrest him.
Unpaid parking tickets, stiffing his tattoo artist.
I don't care, just as long as it's something that gets him off the street for a week or so.
You want to check on the prisoner? You know we're gonna have to talk about this eventually.
Evidently not right now.
Permanent nerve damage? That's what the doctor said.
Probably won't be able to play his guitar.
His scholarship You're gonna file a lawsuit against the NYPD.
I'm putting a team together.
Damon wants to make the cops who did this to him accountable for their actions.
Damon or you? I didn't want you to be blindsided.
I realized it's complicated for you.
Well, yeah.
Look, we're gonna need your support, Ayanna.
Me, Damon, and this little guy.
Hmm? I just want to tell you that I'm very sorry about what happened to your nephew.
It didn't happen to him.
It was done to him.
I've known you, what, going on 15 years now? We've logged a lot of hours together.
Tenure review, contract renegotiations, joined all those student protests.
I went through Rafiq with you.
Had you and Richard over to dinner half a dozen times and I had no idea that he was Manfredi Sinatra's son.
I never imagined I'd need to tell you.
I also never imagined I'd need the brilliant Ellsworth Lee the way I need you now.
Flatter me later, Angela.
Let's get you out this black site cell first and then we discuss how to proceed.
I'm not ready to get out yet.
I need some time.
I don't want to walk out of here without talking to Elliot first.
- Elliot? - Stabler.
- Detective Elliot Stabler.
- The arresting officer.
You're on a first name basis? Is that why you want to cooperate? No.
No and yes.
Ellsworth I want to help them put Richard away.
You're gonna need to tell me everything.
For now, just follow my lead.
We're not interested in a deal.
You sure about that? What have you got for us, counselor? Queen for a day.
- What's queen for a day? - It's a bargaining chip that slick lawyers use to make deals for their clients.
And here I thought you were just another TV talking head law professor.
I did five years in the Brooklyn D.
's office before the "talking head" thing took off, detective.
Queen for a day is a proffer letter.
It means that the arresting officers don't have to commit to anything up front, but they will hear what you have to offer and agree not to use anything you say against you.
If the information you provide is of value, then we discuss a cooperative arrangement.
Still not interested.
I'd like to hear what she has to say.
You got three hours.
Discuss it with your ADA, but I won't permit you to keep Professor Wheatley here indefinitely.
That's just basic habeas.
You don't have to be a law professor to understand fundamental civil rights.
We're not violating anybody's civil rights.
I'm sure you know she asked to stay here.
His ego.
Angela, they haven't agreed to anything yet.
I know that.
It's about Richard.
We're taking a great deal on faith here.
If you listen to what my client has to say, pivot, and throw the book at her, you'll be wading in fifth amendment waters.
I'm listening.
The only way to get my ex-husband to fall for your sting is to appeal to his ego.
When Detective Morales was kind enough to escort me to the bathroom, I overheard.
I don't know exactly what you're planning, but I do know how Richard's mind works and I know the most effective way to get him to drop his guard.
Go on.
Do you know what an oloid is? It's a three-dimensional curved geometric object comprised of two linked congruent circles in perpendicular planes.
Richard was so enchanted by it, he made it his first company's logo.
Very good, Sergeant Bell.
We're not your students.
I want to help you put Richard Sinatra in a cell for the rest of his life.
Okay, if you didn't find anything in the rest of the house, it's highly unlikely you'll find anything down here.
The wine lair is my father's most secure space.
Sweep it anyway.
If we find something, same instructions? I want to know it immediately, but leave it operational.
If there's a wire, we don't want to tip anyone off that we know about it.
Yeah, Morales.
Yeah, I know the place.
Okay, yeah, we're on it.
Right now Stepan Komarov's at a Russian bathhouse - in the East Village.
- Okay, Morales and Washburn? Yeah, well, they tracked him down.
They're stuck in traffic at Brighton Beach.
So I think this one is on us.
We need to see Stepan Komarov.
I'll cover her eyes.
Where is he? Stepan Komarov.
- I have a warr - [GRUNTS.]
You're under arrest.
I'll be out in two days.
I'll make it more like five or six.
Don't worry.
I'll be back for you.
You're still holding Wheatley's wife? She wants to cooperate.
We're making arrangements to move her to a protected location.
Tell me what you need for the sting and be reasonable.
These are the schematics for the refinery where the Guardo Family has their new command center.
Which is, I'm guessing, heavily guarded.
And according to our CI, Izak Bekher, the place that Wheatley was gonna meet with Komarov.
Who's now in custody, as I understand.
Which means we can get this thing going.
We just need you to sign-off on the expenses.
We need manpower.
- An ESU team.
- Ideally, two.
Let's go with one, Sergeant.
And we have our buyer lined up to replace Komarov.
He's my best CI, out of Rome.
Our mole with the Casamonica Family.
Gianluca Silvano, I know.
But he's in Rome.
Yeah, we gotta fly him here.
He's an arms dealer.
Why can't he fly himself here? He's not an arms dealer anymore.
I arrested him.
I turned him.
He works for us now.
Does he also want a suite at the Four Seasons? We're thinking he needs something a little more exclusive.
I was kidding.
Look, Wheatley will be surveilling him at every turn.
Silvano is a major high roller.
Please don't say it.
He flies private.
Detective Elliot Stabler.
I'm on my way to lunch.
You said you needed to talk.
Komarov got pinched.
For what? Some petty charge, I don't know what, but he resisted arrest and now they're holding him.
These Russians.
They're all freaking crazy.
How long are we supposed to wait? Oh, we don't have to wait.
- I have another buyer.
- I don't want another buyer.
I want Komarov.
He's a beast.
Well, I found another beast who wants to move ten times more merch than the Russian and he's one of us.
Gianluca Silvano.
Never heard of him.
He's a longtime associate of the Casamonicas, an arms dealer with seriously deep pockets.
Clients all over the Middle East and Africa.
You approached him or he approached you? Word travels fast.
I got half a dozen calls when Komarov fell out.
But this guy is legit.
He's done more time than I've been alive.
Call it off.
I'll find another buyer.
I don't need you.
He asked me to give you this.
He said he knows your work and he wanted you to know [SPEAKING ITALIAN.]
What the hell is that? An oloid.
I didn't need to do much to enhance the guy's reputation.
Gianluca Silvano's got a rap sheet 30 years long.
He was hardcore Italian mafia before he became Stabler's CI.
I just beefed him up a bit.
Now he's peddled arms in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon anywhere the black market's bigger than the government.
It's very convincing.
Are you sure Wheatley won't suspect it's a deepfake? My technology's based on generative adversarial networks.
DARPA's trying to find a way to detect it but they're not even close.
Also, uh, he has a very visibly messed up left ear, so I designed a recording device that passes as a hearing aid.
Notice how every part of the surface touches the table as it rolls? It's a unique geometrical puzzle, two congruent circles linked in perpendicular planes.
I'm not big on geometry, boss.
What a surprise.
The oloid was the logo of my first business venture.
I chose it because it's a perfect hybrid of mathematics and art.
So the Italian did his homework.
And then some.
This gift tells me that Gianluca Silvano is intelligent enough to speak to me in a language that few others would understand.
And thorough enough to be worthy of my trust.
He buying it? Yeah, hook, line, and sinker.
Sloot! Bekher's selling the hell out of Silvano.
Sounds like those deepfakes of yours did the trick.
We gotta get Silvano on that jet.
We're in.
How'd you get this number? Okay, I'll play.
When and where? Richard Wheatley wants to buy me a cup of coffee.
- Any idea why? - To discuss his ex-wife.
Does he know we have her here? Detective Stabler.
The pizza's so-so, but the coffee is excellent.
I took the liberty of ordering you one.
I hear Rome turned you into a bit of a coffee snob.
Who'd you hear that from? Angela was pretty angry with me after the other night.
Well, maybe you had no business being there.
There you go again, making assumptions about my business.
She's refusing to talk to me now.
She hasn't spoken to me since I dropped her off at her apartment.
Well, that's what happens when you throw a temper tantrum, I guess.
She may be my ex-wife, detective, but I still care for her.
Well you're the father of two of her three children, right? So you know about Rafiq.
Did she tell you that he was killed in a police raid? Is that what happened? Come on.
We both know what's going on here.
You're using Angie to get to me.
- Am I? - This is between us.
I don't want her to become a casualty in a dispute between two men.
You don't want any casualties? No.
Like my wife? That was insensitive of me.
What I'm trying to say is you can't really trust anything she's telling you about me, because, well She's still very much in love with me.
Why didn't you kill me? Why would I want to kill you, Elliot? Then we wouldn't be enjoying this delicious cup of coffee together.
'Cause I was a nuisance.
I was interfering with your business in Puliegh.
And you don't like people stepping into your business, do you? You exact revenge.
You get rid of them.
Well I certainly try, but not in the way that you're intimating.
She was not a vengeful person But she will be the end of you.
I'm very sorry for your loss, but stay away from my wife.
He's boarding the G7.
We got a guy on board posing as a bodyguard.
Whoa, you're flying Silvano here on a private jet? Yeah, well, international arms dealers don't fly coach.
The oloid? Very effective.
Dad, I really need to show you something.
- I want you to try this, - No.
The Aztecs drank it.
I think they drank this to wash down the human sacrifices.
- Whoo! They ain't invent a bottle of Dom Pom Richie Wheatley can't take out.
- All right, let me try.
- Oh! Easy, girl.
This ain't laser tag.
Shut up.
- Crap.
- All right.
- I suck.
- First off, two hands, Hollywood.
- Hmm? - That's what my grandfather used to tell me when I'd try to hold it sideways looking all gangsta.
Feels pretty good.
All right, focus.
- Oh! - Hey! You did it.
I could not figure out what she was doing with Richie, Dad.
Now we know.
I never would have spotted this on my own but my techs enhanced the footage.
This stays between us.
We're not even telling our friends at Seven Knights.
You got a sec? Dana and I are working on a new project and we really need to pick your brains on it.
Hey, Gina.
I'll be right back, all right? It's business.
Don't take too long.
Oh, I won't.
Hey, what's up? If this is about the bottle of Dom No, it's about her.
Or whatever the hell her name is.
- What? - Richie, you brought a rat into our house.
A rat? A cop, Richie.
- That that's - She played you.
She's using you to get to us.
No, she isn't.
She planted a listening device in Dad's wine lair the night of your birthday.
No, no way.
She works at the Seven Knights for, what, four years? Somebody would have made her by now.
Joey Raven, or Pop-pop Think a bunch of two-bit hoods would have made her if I didn't, Richie? No, I don't.
We have it on the security video.
She's good.
I'll give you that.
What do you want me to do? I'll tell you exactly what you're gonna do.
You're gonna go back up there and tell her you have a surprise for her.
You're gonna whisk her away for a romantic weekend at our family compound in Montauk.
Of course she's never gonna actually get to the house, is she, Richie? No, I'm not I'm not doing that.
You made this mess, baby boy.
You're gonna clean it up.
I told you.
He can't do it.
Should I just have Dana do it then? Like always? - Dad - Like always, Richie? - Okay, Dana.
- No! I'll do it.
I'll do it.
Izak will set you up with a clean weapon.
She's a cop, so they track her phone.
You need to disable it.
And make sure she doesn't have a chance to call in.
You don't want anyone tailing you.
This op has a lot of moving parts.
Speak up if anything I say is unclear.
ADA Frazier is working on getting the warrants.
Yep, that'll be ready within the hour.
According to our CI, this man, Izak Bekher Who is he? The CI? Bekher is Wheatley's head of security, his fixer.
We turned him, so he's with us.
The meeting is at 1800 hours tomorrow here in this warehouse that Wheatley converted into a tech hub for the Guardo family.
So the purpose of the meet is for our buyer to make a large purchase of illegal COVID product.
Our job is to get in there and catch Wheatley in the middle of said transaction.
Our tech, Jet Slootmaekers, will be monitoring data traffic so as soon the transfer of cryptocurrency goes from our buyer to Wheatley, we get in there and make the bust.
All right, the warrants are for any electronics on site.
If you go in with the team, then you can get in there right away.
Who's wearing the wire? Silvano will have an audio device disguised as a hearing aid.
How many guns are we expecting inside? At least a half dozen guys with hardware.
All right, I do not want to go in blasting.
All right, we need to take him alive, so please use restraint.
All due respect, Sergeant, we go in heavy and we go in hard.
Boom the door, drop a couple flashbangs, take down anyone who draws a weapon.
I spent five years in Narco, Captain Chambliss.
We hit those doors ourselves with zero fatalities.
Okay, everybody take five.
We'll run through it again.
- Looks like our ESU guy has it out for you.
- I noticed.
You can always ask Moenning for a different squad.
No, we don't have time for that.
When all this goes down tomorrow, I'm sure he'll do his job.
- Well, let's hope so.
- Mm-hmm.
So how long has your family had a place in Montauk? Since I was a kid, I guess, when my dad started making really big money.
You know, there's kind of a famous lighthouse out there.
Can we please go? I don't know what it is I have a thing with lighthouses.
I just find them so romantic.
Sure, Gina.
Are you all right? You seem kind of quiet.
- Well, for you, I mean.
I'm good.
So you've never been surfing, huh? I may be blonde, but I am no beach bunny.
But you're gonna teach me, though, right? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I had coffee with your ex-husband.
- That's strange.
- Mm-hmm.
- Does he know I'm here? - No.
What'd he want? I'm not sure.
But he did tell me that I can't trust you because you're still in love with him.
Then you know he's lying.
Of course I do; I just don't know that you're not.
Elliot Why are we stopping at this extremely weird and creepy place? You said you wanted to see a lighthouse, right? It's right near here.
Here, Camp Hero was an Air Force base during the Cold War disguised to look like an old fishing village.
Yeah, there's this old conspiracy theory that there was some crazy-ass mind-control experiments that went down over here.
Y'know, like in "Stranger Things"? This is where they got the idea.
You know what? I don't need to see the lighthouse.
This is my spot since I was a kid.
I used to sneak away from my family and ride my bike over here.
Pretend I was a real badass.
See the pile of cinderblock over there? That was my fortress.
Check it out.
I know what you are.
What do you mean? Richie, come on.
Baby, what what are you doing? You don't have to pretend like you're feeling me like that anymore, Gina.
What's your real name anyway? My real my real name is Gina Cappelletti.
I have been undercover since I was 21, and they they don't make you change your name.
And at first, it w it was just work, but then I-I caught real feelings for you.
I'm not pretending.
You're on video in the wine lair of my father.
Should have known that there was video surveillance everywhere.
- Gina.
Oof! You work with us.
Your father is a bad guy but you are not.
I know you're not a killer.
Good thing I am.
It's okay, Richie.
I'll take care of her.
Go on back to the car.
You want to talk about my father? You made me look like a fool in front of him.
I wasn't trying to make a fool out of you.
I was just I was doing my job.
Now I gotta do mine.
I think I loved you.
You made your bones, kid.
I didn't think you had it in you.
Go on.
I'll clean this up.
You ready to make a deal? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]

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