Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s02e14 Episode Script

Wheatley Is To Stabler

1 In the nation's largest city, the vicious and violent members of the underworld are hunted by the detectives of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
This is between you and me.
And you better remember that or you're gonna end up in a shallow grave.
I'm worried about how many lines you've crossed.
One of us has got to be unimpeachable.
Who's Miles? Well, he's a friend of mine.
Things keep up like this, your boy Stabler's gonna be my son-in-law.
I am done playing your games! You're done when I tell you you're done.
Bye-bye Sebastian.
- Sarge? - Untie him.
Oh, my God.
There's a sixth target.
This is the main substation that controls the city's entire power grid.
I plan to burn this city to the ground.
Pretty sure Wheatley just took the whole city hostage.
This is Sergeant Bell, Organized Crime Task Force.
Our main actor is Richard Wheatley, white male, 50s, considered armed and dangerous.
He is now in control of the city's power grid from inside the SOC.
Do not attempt entry.
I repeat, do not attempt entry.
Got that? Stand down.
Copy that, this is Sergeant Kim, DHS.
We have SWAT, FBI, JTTF waiting on orders.
The perimeter is sealed.
We're outside the gates, ready to go.
State police advising that Nassau County just went out, all except a swath of Oyster Bay Cove.
Where Wheatley used to live.
Definitely playing games.
Okay, leaders are about to gather in the situation room in OEM.
Wheatley's gonna give his list of demands.
He doesn't know we're listening.
Wheatley? Oh, hey.
How are you? I was just making sure the substation block houses are secured against any misguided attempts at heroism.
Wheatley is preparing to play them like a Stradivarius.
Now, I only have three requests, and they're fairly simple and straightforward.
My last request, which I'll tell you first, is a private jet, gassed and ready to fly out of Teterboro.
I already have my own pilot already standing by.
Know that I've already put measures in place to discourage any kind of interference with my travels once I've taken off.
What measures? Best not to ask, and best never to find out.
My second request is my son, Richard Jr.
I want him released from prison immediately and brought to me here.
And I want my undercover that you murdered back.
And last but certainly not least, I want Elliot Stabler to pay for his transgressions.
You mean, pay with his badge? You want him off the force? That would be a step in the right direction.
But no.
I want him to pay with his very soul.
Our tech experts want to talk to you.
Don't try anything cute.
Why the rolling blackouts when he could've shut down the entire city? That would've blown out the system and with it, his leverage.
Hey, man.
It's an honor to finally meet you.
Whoa, are you serious? Please take those stupid things off.
No, I'm afraid we can't do that.
It's cool.
I'm used to them.
So Wheatley's holed up in the ConElectric SOC, holding the whole city hostage.
How can I help? Back in the day, you wrote a plan for how to disable the power grid sector by sector.
Sadly, there was a time when I thought that might be a worthy thing to do.
Well, it looks like Wheatley's following your plan to the letter, so.
- Where's he gonna hit next? - It's up to him.
I left room in the design for other artists to choose their own colors.
Well, at least the major hospitals haven't been shut down.
Most of them have generators, but it's only a matter of time.
Unless you give him what he wants.
So again.
- How can I help? - Bottom line? Is there any way to override the SOC? The whole point of the SOC is you can't override it.
It's a long shot.
You see these yellow lines? They lead to an old, out-of-use power plant just behind the abandoned asylum on Staten Island.
It used to be the main backup system for the entire SOC.
It's pretty ancient, it's built in the '80s, upgraded in the '90s.
Presumably, it's not online.
True, but if you can get to it, it's possible you can gain access to the system Wheatley's controlling.
I believe you confiscated the schematics Wheatley stole from the archives? Right here.
That's it.
Staten Island Steam/Electric Plant.
This tech is antique.
Pre-world wide web.
- I'm a coder.
- Yeah, me too.
We're gonna need you to come with us.
- Not a chance.
- We're under strict orders.
He's not even supposed to be out of his cell.
Most of Staten Island is down in the power outage.
I mean, the Interstate is bumper to bumper in apocalyptic gridlock.
Find a way there, and I'll be standing by.
I'll talk you through it.
Sergeant Bell? Eight hours ago, the city was struck by a series of rolling blackouts.
City officials have yet to give a reason Jet, sit tight for a few more hours.
If the power's not back up, head out to Staten Island.
Mama, open the door.
Elliot, what's going on out there? It's like chaos.
Are they gonna get the power back? Not yet, but we're on our way to a meeting about it right now.
Are you okay? - Yeah.
- Not to worry, Detective.
She's in good hands.
Yeah, I'm in good hands, but Eli's not here, and I don't know where he is.
I already told you he's with his sister in Hoboken, do you remember that? - You told me? - I did.
- That's bad.
- It's okay.
But thank God he's safe, and Miles got a cheeseboard, so we're okay.
Where'd you get the cheeseboard? I snagged it down at the corner deli.
Would you believe it? A lot of restaurants are giving away free food.
It's really wild out there.
You had to leave my mother alone? Just for ten minutes.
- Stabler.
- One second.
Miles, please, we discussed this, I don't want my mother being left alone.
No, no, you're right.
My bad.
Won't happen again.
Great, okay.
You're not the boss of him.
We have enough food and water for two more days.
Any longer and the city is in full-scale crisis.
If he cuts power to nursing homes and hospitals, there'll be an instant death toll in the thousands.
If we give him his son it just means what? There's two Wheatleys holed up there instead of one.
I'm afraid I have to agree, Mr.
If we don't accede to any of his requests, Wheatley's liable to feel backed into a corner.
And have you thought about what happens if you do accede to his demands? Sergeant Ayanna Bell of the Organized Crime Task Force.
Detective Elliot Stabler, I presume.
What do you advise us to do? Do we give Mr.
Wheatley his son? Absolutely not.
You'd rather we gave him your soul? As you recall, Kips Bay encompasses NYU and Bellevue Medical Centers.
And I understand their generators are unreliable.
My associate Gunther will meet them at the northeast loading dock and escort Richie into the command center.
If anyone other than Gunther and Richie attempts to enter the building We understand what you're saying, Mr.
No one else enters the SOC.
I hope we're making progress with my other two requests.
Ah, Detective Stabler.
I'll get to you soon enough.
Should be an interesting family reunion.
Welcome back, my son.
Give your old man a kiss.
What am I doing here? Well, I'm making plans for our future.
And I want to keep you apprised.
But you're not a part of it.
It's Armageddon out here.
What does Mr.
Webb want us to do? My guess, he wants us to move some goods while the cops are looking the other way.
Then go put a bullet in Joe Bartis.
Why would you think he want us to put a bullet in Joe? 'Cause there's no better time to take care of a problem, Nova, than when everybody's freaking out over the end of the world.
- CEO looking for us? - Yep.
So what took you so long? The whole city's one big parking lot, sir.
We couldn't get through to you on our phones.
We finally got out and walked the last five miles.
Yeah, you'll be happy to know we stopped off in Eastchester Gardens.
We got a bead on Joe Bartis.
Now, why would you do that when I told you to get here ASAP? Well, I assumed you'd want us to take care of a certain matter.
Never assume you know what I want.
You're my two top executives, all right? I asked you to be here because we're in a crisis, and the community needs to see your faces.
There you go, there you go, Mrs.
Listen, I hope this will sustain your family until our city gets its act together.
God bless you, Preston.
Hold-hold-hold on.
Only the top one is for your folks, all right? Carry Mrs.
Braugher's box home for her, make sure it gets there all in one piece.
You got it, Mr.
Two members of the Organized Crime tech team are on their way to Staten Island and will attempt to reactivate a defunct steam plant.
Very good.
You'll keep us apprised of their progress.
Let's alley-oop.
You're fine.
That's not bad.
Ow! It's definitely abandoned.
That's the place.
There's nothing in here.
McClane, what are we looking for, exactly? You want to find the generator.
It should be on the basement level.
How do we get to Wheatley? Small stealth unit will infiltrate the building via this utility maintenance culvert.
The SOC doesn't have surveillance on the sub-basement level.
Our assumption is that Wheatley hasn't installed his own.
Don't assume.
Excuse me, Detective? I assure you, Wheatley's anticipated anything that you just thought of.
These culverts are a part of a completely separate grid that he won't have access to.
We consider the risk low to tolerable.
What are your thoughts, Sergeant Bell? I agree with my colleague.
Wheatley is a 3-D chess player.
The city's heading into a second night without power.
What do you suggest we do? Well, at the very least, let's find out what Wheatley meant when he said he wanted my soul.
Start with that.
Very good idea.
You distract him, our team will go in.
I think we found it.
Yep, we did.
What do we do now? Get it to work.
I figure we might as well toddy.
Ha! Bernadette, you're my kind of gal.
There you go.
- It's Gaelic.
- Really? - Do you hear that? - What? Wait.
It's a band.
And they're live, isn't that great? Let's check it out.
Oh, wait a minute, remember what Elliot said? I don't remember what he said.
You're as bad as I am.
I think he said that we shouldn't leave the apartment.
"Dance first, think later.
It's the natural order".
- Do you know who said that? - No.
Neither do I.
But whoever it was, he was a damn smart fella.
Okay, well I guess we could dance right here.
Sure we can.
- May I have this dance? - All right.
Our own band.
- Yes.
- What could be better? - Serenading us.
- Oh.
That's New York.
All right, go, go.
So they gave you your son.
I wouldn't have done that.
But it's not my decision.
Now, there's a jet waiting for you at Teterboro to fly you out of here.
I guess the only left is my soul.
So go on.
Take it.
Oh, I plan to.
But first, you're going to perform penance like a good little Catholic boy.
Am I? Okay, so what are we talking? Contrition? Confession? Self-mortification? - Mm, all of the above.
- Ah.
But you might want to reconsider what you're about to do.
There's no need for me to reconsider.
You want to gamble with my soul? I'm pretty sure I'm gonna win.
Oh! Making jokes and people are dying.
And now, when you do your penance, you're going to have to add that it was your fault that the power just went out at the Tribeca Nursing Home, leaving all those poor old people to freeze to death.
Oh! I haven't done that in a million years.
Let's keep doing it then.
Hmm? What do you say? You and me, for the next million.
Well, if you knew me better, you wouldn't say that.
Oh, pshaw.
Miles, I have a Well, let's say I have another side to me.
So who doesn't? We all have another side, Bernadette.
Trust me.
Maybe even two.
Or three.
Let's both agree to put all that behind us as we dance our way into the future.
Just the two of us.
If only it was that easy.
Why'd you lock the door? I I'm so sorry.
I What's the matter? What is it? No! No! No! Out of the way, old man.
Don't hurt her! Oh, my God! Who are you? What's the likelihood he'll keep his end of the agreement? Richard Wheatley is not a man of his word, if that's what you're asking.
But there's no question, he plans to flee.
Our only chance of apprehending him is if our techs are able to override the SOC.
And how's that going? Do you see four conduit transfer switches? - Oh, watch your head.
- Thank you.
We see them.
You'll need to flip the first two left and the second two right.
- That's it? - We're not there yet.
The whole plant runs on number six fuel oil.
You got to activate the diesel pump motor.
- Watch your head.
- Oh, okay.
Oh, wait a minute.
Let's see.
- It's this right here.
- Oh.
Ladder, we need a ladder to get up there.
- All right, yeah.
- Yeah, just thank you.
Okay, I can hear you.
And now I can see you.
You're going to walk from here to City Hall, reciting for me the litany of your crimes and abuses.
And when you arrive at the steps of City Hall, there'll be a local news crew waiting to broadcast your confession live before the entire city.
Now start walking.
And start talking.
First, your name and rank.
I'm Elliot Stabler, NYPD Detective First Grade.
What's your history? I joined the department in '86 and was promoted to detective in '89.
Now enumerate your crimes.
My crimes? How many people have you shot, Elliot? How many lives have you destroyed, Elliot? I've been associated with officer shootings.
Associated? Come on, man.
You can do better than that.
I've shot a number of people in the line of duty.
The number is ten.
You shot ten people while hiding behind that badge.
Repeat that.
I shot ten people while hiding behind my badge.
Louder because I can't hear you, louder.
I shot ten people while hiding behind my badge! You're a rogue cop! Looking good, but still rebooting.
Copy that.
Standing by until we get your signal.
- It worked? - System is still rebooting.
McClane will let us know when we're fully online.
So You felt it, right? Felt what? When you were pressed all up on me, next to the four conduit transfer switches.
Oh, come on.
Admit it.
You did feel something.
Right? Yes.
We're up and running.
You guys ready to turn on the lights? Hello? Anybody there? Copy that.
Stand by while I get in touch with my sergeant.
I am guilty of misconduct.
I'm guilty of misconduct.
Guilty of the use of excessive force.
I'm guilty of the use of excessive force.
Guilty of harassment.
I'm guilty of harassment.
Jet? We good to go? Okay, stand by.
Slootmaekers and her team is ready and able to restore power to the city.
Man the board? All units prepare to move.
Stabler and I will be on site when the arrest is made.
As soon as they take the system live, Wheatley will no longer have control over the power grid.
Now, it is likely that he prepared for that, so everything needs to be perfectly timed.
Sloot is ready.
I'm on my way to pick you up.
Just cough, let me know you copy.
Are you there? Here, there and everywhere.
We are preparing to clear the roads between the Security Operations Center and Teterboro Airport.
Would you prefer the Lincoln Tunnel - or the Holland? - I'll tell you what.
Why don't you prepare both, and then I'll decide once I'm en route? You do the honors.
This re-install program was written by McClane.
Poetic justice when you think about it.
Okay, we should be live in about 60 seconds.
Now, Elliot.
The moment we've all been waiting for.
This is the big one, Elliot, are you ready? Repeat after me.
I am guilty of falsely accusing an innocent man of murdering my wife.
I won't say that.
Yes you will, unless you want to be responsible for hundreds, maybe thousands of deaths.
I won't say that.
Say it! Elliot.
Don't make me do something you're going to regret.
- She did it.
- Well done, Sloot! Yes! Damn it.
We have control of the grid.
Go for Wheatley.
Copy that.
Let's go.
Before you send in the clowns, I want to show you something that might be of interest to your friend, Stabler.
She's somewhere in the Greater Manhattan area.
That's all I'll tell you for now.
Say hello, Mrs.
Elliot, are you there? Elliot, you've got to find me, please.
You got to find me, you have to get me out of here! I can't do this.
I can't do it, Elliot! Can you hear me? Are you there? Where are you? Elliot! Hey! Where is she? Who? Mama? Where is she? Wheatley! How was your walk through the valley of the shadow of death? I've been living there ever since you murdered my wife.
I still fear no evil.
Oh, good.
Angie's here.
Your mama's unharmed for the moment.
But she is all alone, without water, without food and, most alarming of all, without her lithium, which apparently she needs in order to stay sane.
Tell me.
Where is she? I'm sorry.
Are you? Sorry that the women who care for you men always wind up being collateral damage.
It's worse if you're dead.
As long as you're alive, you still have a choice.
We'll be in touch, once we're in the air oh, by the way.
Your mother's boyfriend, Miles? He works for me too.
Your mother's gonna go live again in a few seconds.
You can talk to her and keep her calm while Richard and I are on our way to the airport.
Let's go.
Hey, Mama, it's me, it's going to be okay.
- Please, why me? - Shh, shh.
Gonna be okay, just relax now.
As soon as we pinpoint your location, I'm coming for you.
Can you get me out of here, Elliot? Please get me out of here, please.
Now, tell me what you see.
What's the room look like that you're in? It's very dark.
It's hard to see.
Mind if I have a smoke, babe? I do, actually.
We're bound to one another, you know? There are no rules, just our own private island paradise.
You, me, and our many, many servants.
Servants? You really think you can pull this off? I always win in the end, don't I? Hail the conquering heroes.
What's wrong? Something happen? Sergeant Bell just sent a video.
Wheatley has Detective Stabler's elderly mother tied up in some unknown location to buy him and Professor Wheatley time to get away.
I'm using an IMSCI Catcher to identify his cell number and track a location.
Cell site simulators can be accurate within two feet Depending on the signal's strength.
Yeah, let's look at those measurements.
I iso'd the signal, but cell towers are slammed.
That's either The Marquis' Manor or Lucifer's Lair.
- Excuse me? - Probably Marquis' Manor.
- It's a BDSM club.
- A BDSM club? Bondage, discipline, dominance I know what BDSM is.
I recognize the chair.
It's definitely Marquis' Manor.
He's at the five and forward.
Mama! Elliot! I'm here! - Mama! - Oh, thank God.
- You all right? - Yes, I'm all right.
- You sure? - Now that you're here, I'm all right.
- All right.
- Room is clear! Get these things off her wrists.
Clear! All right, come on, come on.
- I'm coming.
- All right, come on.
Come on.
Come here, come here.
I got you.
I got you.
I found this guy passed out in the back.
Looks like he put up one hell of a fight.
Oh, poor Miles, what did they do to you? Check him out, make sure he's not seriously injured, and then you lock him up.
What are you talking about? Bernadette.
I'm so sorry.
Bernie, if I'd known Okay, listen to me, you just gotta trust me on this one, all right? - Yeah.
I yeah.
- Okay.
- You're safe? - Yes.
- All right, you're good? - Yeah.
All right.
I love you.
- I've gotta go.
- Okay.
You're gonna go with this officer.
He's gonna take you to the grandkids, okay? - Okay.
- I found my mother; I'm having ESU transport her to a safe location.
We're so close I can almost taste it.
I'm right behind you.
I'm gonna reach out to Angela.
Copy that.
Don't answer that.
Angela, pull off the road.
It's over.
It's not over, you idiot.
It's just beginning.
Listen to me, this is not going to end the way you think it is.
Baby, I'm so excited about our new life.
I love you so much.
He's a liar.
He tells you that, but he's lying.
Angela, listen, he killed your son.
Yes, it's what brought you and me together.
I'm talking about Richie.
He's trying to trick you, so obvious.
He killed Richie.
I saw him do it.
Liar! Don't listen to this guy.
Baby, don't listen to him.
It's just you and me.
It's always been you and me.
I don't want you talking to him, do you hear me? - You let this phone go.
- I don't Okay, Angela, one of us is lying to you.
I think you know which one it is.
Elliot, the day we first met, do you remember what we spoke about? Come on.
It's what we shared And it seems we still do.
Do you remember what I said to you about grief? That it gets better.
I lied.
Angela? - No, no, no! - Angela? Angela? - No! - No! Here he is.
You've got a good thing going.
Try not to screw it up.
I won't.
I found out we had more in common than I thought.
You're not freaked out? Are you kidding? You're the pervert of my dreams.
They dredged up Angela Wheatley's body this morning at sunrise.
And Wheatley's? Nobody thinks it's remotely possible he could still be alive But they didn't find the body? I heard from Brewster.
Looks like they're bowing to political pressure.
There's going to be a department investigation and charges for your actions in relation to Richard Wheatley.
Don't laugh, Elliot.
This is serious.
Difficult not to when it's so damn laughable.
Let's go another round, please.
That one's on me.
And I'll have what he's having.
Thought I'd find you here.
Frank Donnelly.
I know who the hell you are, I remember you.
Of course I remember your pops.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Yeah, our dads, they were like - They were brothers.
- Yeah, they were.
Last time I saw you has gotta be.
- That barbecue.
- Right, like 15 years ago? - 20.
- No.
Oh, yeah.
20 years How you been, man? I've been good, I've been good.
How you doing? You know.
Ups and downs.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I was talking to Captain Benson the other day and your name came up.
From the sound of it, you could use a brother who's got your back right about now.

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