Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s02e15 Episode Script


In the nation's largest city, the vicious and violent members of the underworld are hunted by the detectives of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
I need your service weapon.
- Do you own any other weapons? - Glock 43.
Drawer, nightstand on the side of my bed.
Send a car to the residence.
Detective Stabler, you're being suspended pending an internal investigation.
You'll be notified of any and all hearings as soon as they are scheduled.
You are free to go.
That one's on me.
Frank Donnelly.
I remember you.
I remember your father.
Yeah, our dads, they were like They were brothers.
You could use a brother who's got your back right about now.
You're gonna catch your death out here.
Donelly! Hey, what're you doing? I swung by your house, your kid said you were out here jogging, trying to stay in shape.
But I'm thinking, "Stay in shape for what?" Not like he has a job anymore.
Ah, my suspension's temporary.
Says you.
That Black chick you used to work with, she says otherwise.
What does that mean? Everybody's got a podcast now, including the department.
Sergeant Ayanna Bell.
Now, before we wrap this up, Sergeant Bell, I want to ask you about Detective Elliot Stabler.
It's been three weeks since he was suspended for his role in the Richard Wheatley affair.
Does he still have a future with the department? Detective Stabler's future is out of my hands, but no one is above the law.
But wasn't Detective Stabler an indispensable member of your team? No one person is indispensable.
Personally? I'd go to war.
Okay, baby, I'll give you a call after this meeting.
Yeah, give give Jack a kiss for me.
Okay, love you too.
Hi, Sergeant Ayanna Bell.
I'm here for Lieutenant Brewster.
Thanks for throwing me under the bus.
What are you doing here? I'm looking for you.
You got a minute? - No.
- No? Ayanna, you throw me under the bus and you walk away? I wanna talk to you.
I know you've been on suspension for a while, Detective, so I think you forgot how this works.
Let me remind you.
You will address me as "Sergeant Bell.
" Why'd you throw me under the bus, Sergeant Bell? And you can shout all you want - I'm not shouting.
- But if you think I'm gonna - take the bait - I'm asking a question.
No person is indispensable, what does that mean? It was a fact.
Deal with it.
You deal with this.
You know something, in my day? Cops They didn't throw other cops under the bus.
We had each other's back.
Yeah, and you know something? If you ever become a cop as long as I have, maybe you'll understand.
- If you last that long.
- You know what? It's true.
You have been a cop for a long time.
Yet you work under me.
So if we're keeping it a buck, you need to consider - Yeah, keep it a buck.
- What that says about you.
Sergeant, Detective.
What the hell is going on here? It's fine, this is nothing.
It doesn't sound like nothing.
With all due respect, Captain, it's been handled.
I have a meeting upstairs.
Excuse me.
Hasn't been hand All right, what What are you doing here? I have a meeting too.
With McGrath? Can you talk to him about my suspension? Are you kidding me? What are you What are you doing? Having an outburst in the middle of 1PP? I'm sure he's gonna find out about it, and when he does, he's more likely to extend your suspension.
All right.
- Three! - Go! Carling.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
Uh - Bolton.
- Okay.
Ooh, I think he's stuck.
- Stanwood.
- Oh! - Okay! - Okay, okay! Three left.
He can't do it, he can't do it, he can't do it.
- Parnell.
- All right.
- Oh! - Down to two, final two.
And I wanna say Santos and Yoshida, but I don't wanna be accused of profiling, so I'm gonna say Santos and Yoshida.
Excuse me? - Apologies, Yoshida.
- What'd I tell you? This guy's sharp as a freakin' tack.
- Right? It's Stabler.
- Nice.
Nice job, man.
It's a damn shame how the department's treating you, man.
You oughta be out there chasing bad guys, not sitting at a desk shuffling papers.
Thanks, man.
And thanks for introducing me to your friends.
Don't worry about it, man, this is We're cops, all right? We take care of each other.
But this group, really, we take care of each other.
- That's right.
- Yeah.
You can depend on us, right guys? - Brotherhood.
- Here we go, Stabler! Oh, he's going straight from the bottle.
- Oh, no! - Whoa! I'm gonna guess that table after these last two shots.
Thank you so much for your help, Captain.
We could not have done that without you.
No thanks necessary.
This has to be a priority for all of us.
Where is he? Hey.
- That was uncomfortable.
- It really was.
But there's nothing like a screaming match in the middle of 1PP to get the NYPD rumor mill going.
Did Donnelly buy it? I'm willing to wager the eight shots I just had with him at his cop bar that he did, yeah.
So your UC was right about Donnelly taking bribes from the Marcy Killers.
Well, we've all heard the stories of bad cops out of the 3-7, I just never thought it'd be Donnelly.
You've known him for a while, right? Yeah, yeah.
Our fathers were friends.
How are you doing with all that? My old man would have hated this.
"What are you doing, go after the Marcy Killers, they're the bad guys, leave your fellow cops alone.
" Elliot, that was a different time.
That was your father.
You had to go along to get along.
He was a tough ass.
Not perfect.
But - He was a good cop.
- Elliot.
My friend.
You're doing the right thing.
Olivia, my friend, can I take you and Noah out to lunch this weekend? Let's wait, okay? Noah, you know, he gets attached very easily, and you're undercover again.
Am I? You are.
You're undercover as Elliot Stabler.
I'm not gonna take up much time because today really isn't about me, it's about each and every one of you.
I got a call from my old friend, Congressman Leon Kilbride, informing me that this school's students were in need of a few computers.
"A few?" I said.
"Well, I think we can do a little better than that.
" What my friend, Mr.
Webb, is too modest to point out so I'll do it for him is that his commitment to this community is so strong.
Not only did he arrange for the donation of new computers, but he is personally bankrolling the construction of a whole new computer lab for next year.
Not bad for a couple of homeboys who grew up not too far from here over in Marcy, right? Hello? Mr.
Webb? It's Hugo.
He says he's been trying to reach you.
I've been busy, what does he want? There's a little problem at the warehouse.
Anything you wanna tell me, Chopper? No, sir.
Because I understand from Hugo that you're thinking about leaving my organization and starting your own.
I got my own connects.
You know, there's something you just might not be aware of, son.
The Colombians who dealt with the Albanians now deal exclusively With me.
So that connect that you thought you had I've outmaneuvered, outplayed, outlasted all my rivals.
Which means one thing I run this town now.
Nova's undercover work inside the Marcy Killers has led to a discovery of a symbiotic relationship between the MKs and Congressman Leon Kilbride.
The Textbooks and Toys guy? That's not all he is.
Bribery, racketeering, money laundering, and various forms of political corruption.
Crimes committed under the cover of his status as an elected official.
Kilbride and Webb go way back.
Webb has several legitimate businesses, including a construction firm that's received millions in government contracts and PPP loans.
Looks like he got a job building Kilbride's new library.
A chunk of the funds are going straight into Kilbride's pockets.
I've seen it firsthand.
He's a hometown hero.
People are not gonna love it when we take him down.
Well, we're not in the business of getting people to love us.
Nova's reported that Preston Webb has called his lieutenants to a high-level meeting.
Moldonado and Cho, I want you outside surveilling the meeting.
We're building a record on them, both together and separately.
Sergeant, if we're all good here, you mind if I bounce? Is that Kilbride texting you? Nah, it's family.
So we'll stage the meet and greet here.
High-level donors each get a five-minute face to face with you, and I thought we could do it right here, in front of Don Ocura's effacement.
What do you think? Brilliant.
If you ever tire of the art world, Cassandra, you'd make a superb political rainmaker.
As brilliant as she is beautiful.
That is why I married her.
As charming as he is trite.
That is why we're still married.
Got some calls, I'll leave you to it.
I gather you took care of that little problem at the warehouse.
Yeah, that was nothing.
Just had to let Chopper know what's what.
And you're confident there's not a rising insurgency? I called a summit of my five vice presidents.
A little restructuring will keep the young bulls in line.
You didn't pray? Okay.
Look, I know church isn't really your thing, but it would mean a lot to me if you were there to support me on Sunday.
I wouldn't miss it for the world, D.
Now let's go eat.
Bye, Mom and Dad.
I love you.
What an incredible performance from Aw, man, this guy is unbelievable.
I mean, he's supposed to be out the whole season with a knee injury.
He just hit an unbelievable jump shot.
Hello? Hey, uh, now's not a good time.
Can you call me back next week? Yeah, I know I'm past due, but, uh, now's just not a good time, so I understand, but like I said, just call me back, all right? Thank you, have a nice day.
Everything all right? My kid's school.
They've got a bug up their ass about tuition or whatever.
Vultures, man.
Just vultures.
Ain't none of my business, but We're gonna sit here and try to watch the game, they're just gonna keep calling.
- Let 'em keep calling.
- You know? What do you want me to do, unplug the thing? Tell you what.
Let's go to my place.
I got something I wanna show you anyways.
Don't need to ask me twice, man, let's go.
No answer.
Guessing it worked.
Nothing unites people like annoying bill collectors.
Good morning.
Good morning, Ezekiel Baptist.
Good morning, Pastor Riley.
So I want to talk to you today About love.
In the book of Luke, Jesus tells us to love the Lord with all our hearts.
- That's true.
- It does.
And to love our neighbor as ourselves.
- Yes.
- That's right.
Over time, love thy neighbor became every man for himself and little by little, day by day, that's how a sense of community gets lost.
A breakdown in community creates a void, and then what happens? Then what happens, beloved? Drugs and crime enter to fill that void.
Wonderful sermon, young brother.
- Thank you, sir.
- Yeah, Preston Webb.
My wife, Cassandra.
It was so inspiring.
You really have a gift.
I just hope I impressed my little sister.
Oh, Carmen is your sister? I had no idea.
Yeah, you're full of surprises, young lady.
She sure is.
Here you go, pal.
5:00 somewhere, right? Right.
Five kids? Same.
Yeah, soon to be six.
Yeah, those five are all from my, uh, first wife and got another on the way with wife number two.
Well, here's to stayin' busy.
Busy writing checks.
Alimony, child support, getting ready for the new one.
The struggle is real, my friend.
But It's not all bad.
Come here, I wanna show you something.
Come on.
Eh? That's beautiful.
It's my one guilty pleasure.
Come on, take her for a spin.
You know, it's not like I don't drive into work with this thing, you know? Guy on my salary pulls up to the precinct with a beauty like this, believe me, that would raise, uh, a lot of questions.
Everybody's looking to pinch us with something these days.
Oh, yeah, man, it's crazy.
The whole world hates cops now.
You know why? Cell phones.
You could do a hundred things right in the course of a day.
You make one wrong move? Bam, it's on video, then it's on the internet.
Next thing you know, it's all over social media, your career's over, your life's over.
You know? Oh, hang on.
Yeah? What? No, no, I can't do that now.
All right, all right, relax, I'll be right there.
My dad always spoke very highly of your dad, Stabler.
He liked him.
Hope the apple didn't fall far from the tree, my friend.
Sit tight.
Yo, it's me.
Back here.
Oh, Jesus.
Looks like a drug deal gone bad.
Neighbors heard shots and fired a couple of their own, scared off the perps.
They left cash, drugs.
We hit the jackpot on this one, man.
Can't get greedy, okay? Leave the drugs so nobody asks any questions.
Told you to wait in the car.
Thought you might need backup.
Cool with that? Be a lot cooler with two.
They just walked in and robbed a crime scene in broad daylight? Responding officer tipped off Donnelly, they lifted the cash before backup arrived.
They were cool, casual, they were disciplined.
So this is not the first time they've done this.
It's the perfect crime.
No way to nail 'em for stolen drug money if it was never logged into evidence.
And the big news is, these two are not working alone.
I think Donnelly's running a crew out of the 3-7.
You think it's the ones he introduced you to the other night? I think they're the core group.
- You get their names? - Uh.
Carling, Bolton, Stanwood, Yoshida, Santos, and Parnell.
Parnell being the guy who tipped off Donnelly.
Are you sure they were police? No question.
One went in, a few minutes later, two more January 6-looking dudes showed up.
Then they come running out with Mellow's bag.
Next thing I know, the whole block's a crime scene.
Thank you, Flip.
How much did we lose? Mellow was holding at least 50k.
It's a minor loss, but the disrespect Eh, that can't stand.
Somebody's gotta pay.
Stabler's gotta get back out on the street so let's do this fast.
What do we have? Not much on Parnell, he's pretty clean.
Same for Bolton, Carling, and the others.
I'm seeing a few awards and a bunch of citations here and there.
Donnelly's got a commendation for placing himself in grave personal danger in the line of duty.
That doesn't surprise me, he was a good cop.
Yeah, unfortunately, he's also cheating on his pregnant wife.
Where'd you find that? You're in his official personnel file, I'm in his DMs.
We are not the same.
Stop that's his crew.
Donnelly's arm, can you blow it up? I've seen that tattoo somewhere before.
Hang on, let's see.
A ten and a three.
Damn, they all have it.
NYPD radio code.
To stop transmitting.
They have a code of silence.
Donnelly's more than an errand boy for the Marcy Killers, he's the leader of a gang operating inside the NYPD.
Preston Webb, Hugo Bankole, and Nova just arrived at the location.
Welcome To the dawn of a new era, gentlemen.
The Albanians are gone.
So are the Italians.
Both groups were felled by hubris, greed, and infighting.
But There's a lesson In their failure.
An opportunity.
Ah The Marcy Killers were formed when two rival gangs merged back in the day.
Now, over the years, I've elevated a number of you and named you as vice presidents.
And I've encouraged my vice presidents to operate autonomously because the decentralized structure benefited us when our enemies were many.
But it also led to the proliferation of different factions, some of which seem to believe that their individual interests are more important than the interests of the whole.
It's time for me to rein you in.
Effective immediately, I am consolidating our current structure.
Nova will no longer be a vice president.
Instead, she will now report directly to me, which means each of you will now report directly to her.
Hold up, you think I'm gonna take orders from this bitch? Sit down, son.
No, I ain't sitting down.
This is some bull.
Look, Webb, I've been rocking with you way longer than this chick, man.
You think I'm just gonna That's your second strike, Chopper.
There ain't gonna be a third.
Second in command? Of the entire Marcy organization? Nova, I don't like this.
I don't like it.
This is more than what you signed up for.
Trust me, you want eyes and ears on the inside.
And, respectfully, I didn't come this far for you to make me quit.
Who's Derek, and why do I have his phone number? Derek's my brother.
He's a pastor at Ezekiel Baptist.
You never mentioned him before.
He doesn't know I'm a cop.
He just thinks I'm mixed in with a bad crowd.
When this operation is over, I plan to tell him.
If you really don't want me to do it? Call him, out me.
Look, I know you're just worried about losing another undercover, and I appreciate it, but with all due respect, I've been swimming in these waters for years.
I know what I'm doing.
You have to trust me.
But watch your back.
See you at the fundraiser.
I'm here, did I miss it? No, baby, you're just in time.
Preston Ah, that's nothing.
Chopper just got a little bit out of pocket.
I told you to get rid of his crazy ass a long time ago.
Well, you can tell Chopper the next time he ruins one of my husband's $1,500 shirts, I'm gonna be the one wearing his blood.
It's a boy.
Ah! Come hold your grandson, Dad.
Do we have a name? Isaiah Preston Henderson Jr.
He's beautiful.
Y'all did some damn good work.
Thanks, Hugo.
Nice work.
All right, here comes my client.
So how much does this police chauffeur service of yours bring in? Blue Line'll cost you 5,000 in cash, no exceptions.
- Uh-huh.
- And you get driven around anywhere in the city, no legal entanglements.
Thanks for cutting me in.
We all got bills to pay, right? There he is.
What's up, Big Smoke? Donnelly, what's good, baby? Smoke, this is Stabler, Stabler, this is Smoke.
He's new.
- Hey, man.
- What's up, man? Any friend of Donnelly's is a friend of mine.
Yo, let's hit it.
Hey, yo, how's your lady? Uh, thanks for asking, man.
She's, uh, she's good.
She's big as a house and probably gonna pop any day now.
I tell you what, get me to Harlem without getting pulled over by the police, I'll let you name the kid after me.
Hey, screw you.
Ooh, baby, that's what I'm talkin' about.
We don't call it taking the Blue Line for nothing, boys.
Hey, yo, you don't talk a lot, huh? No, he's, uh, he's just the money guy.
Oh, right, my bad.
- There we go.
- All right.
All right, man.
Hey, yo, I'll text you when I'm ready to head back.
- Okay.
- All right, couple hours.
- Congrats, pal.
- Hmm? You just busted your Blue Line cherry.
What the hell? Sit tight.
Seems there was an, uh, unfortunate altercation inside one of my stash houses.
Ended with two bodies in the morgue, 50 bands in the wind.
You know anything about that? You think I killed you guys? I think one of your men took my cash.
I have too much respect for you for something like that to happen.
Yeah, well, I hope, for your sake, you're telling the truth, Donnelly, because if you're not, that long standing alliance between the Marcy organization and the Brotherhood? That's over.
I swear on everything I hold dear, blood will have blood.
Brotherhood? So what's the Brotherhood? We look after each other, you know? Got each other's backs.
And if the opportunity to supplement our income presents itself, sometimes we take it.
It's basically an extension of what we do as cops.
Pretty liberal interpretation of what cops do.
Are we gonna have a problem here? No, I just want to make sure that I'm understanding what this thing is.
- I just told you what it is.
- 'Cause it seems like You're a gang.
That ain't That ain't what it is.
Oh, my God.
Hey, Ayanna! Excuse me.
Hey, what's up? Oh.
Hi, Carmen, nice to see you again.
I don't think you've met my wife, Denise.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Denise.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome.
My name is Cassandra Webb, and as you may have guessed, this is my gallery.
I think maybe Kilbride's aide is family.
You think? But I am here tonight as a longtime supporter of my dear friend, Congressman Leon Kilbride.
He's one of our most tireless and dedicated, honest and passionate representatives in Washington, D.
No, you don't no.
Oh, oh.
Ladies and gentlemen, my incorrigible husband would like to say a few words.
Well, uh, listen, people, my wife is far too classy to hit you with the hard sell.
But I'll do it.
Now, everyone here knows that campaigns cost money.
National campaigns cost a fortune.
Well, well, well.
You're late, jackass.
And you just put a target on the back of every single cop in this room.
- Donnelly, take it easy, man - Take it easy, my ass.
That was Preston Webb's money.
Even a moron knows you don't steal directly from Preston Webb.
I didn't know it was Webb's stash house.
Ah, you didn't know.
Oh, well, then all is forgiven, huh? You're a cop, it's your job to know! Look, can't he just apologize? Say they hit the wrong house? It was a mix up.
Apologize to that scumbag dealer? No way.
What do you propose we do, Parnell, huh? I propose those Marcy Killers kiss my white ass.
What are they gonna do, call the cops? Just unbelievable.
You saw Webb, he was out for blood.
What do you think we should do? You already told him it wasn't us, so he's never gonna believe it was an accident.
- Why do we care - Shut up! Just shut up.
So I think We should just enjoy the cash.
Hey, Donnelly, sounds like your guy's got bigger balls than you.
Ooh! My friends.
I want you to meet two of my favorite people, Denise Bullock and her wife, Sergeant Ayanna Bell, Preston and Cassandra Webb.
Nice to meet you.
Your gallery is so - Wow.
- Thank you, Denise.
Thank you, Denise.
Well, Sergeant Bell, I've been hearing all about you and your remarkable career.
Leon tells me that you're headed for great things.
Oh, well, that's very flattering.
I have no idea what he's talking about, though.
She's being modest, trust me, you're looking at a future police commissioner.
Hmm, well, the mayor's around here somewhere, maybe we should just corner him and get you on the shortlist early.
Sorry to interrupt.
Webb, there's a messenger here with something that needs your signature.
Of course.
Work never ends.
Please, excuse me.
Yeah, it was Donnelly.
Are we sure? No doubt.
Cop that was with him was Parnell.
Still don't know who the third dude was.
It doesn't matter.
If he's rolling with the Brotherhood, he gets what they get.
All right, find them, strike back, make sure they know it was us.
Excuse me.
May I have this dance? Why, yes.
Come on, Smoke.
Hey, I got an extra thousand for y'all if I'm at the helipad by 10:00.
Gimme that.
Flashing it around.
- Yeah.
- Whoa! - Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Yeah.
You might wanna roll me those jewels, Donnelly.
- Now.
- Hugo.
You're making a big mistake here.
- You don't have to do this.
- Shut up.
I said now.
Just be cool, let's give them what they want.
There you go.
It's all yours, it's all yours.
Hey! Drop the case, drop the case! - Get your ass over there.
- Get over to your friend.
Faster, get over to your friend.
He told you it was a bad idea, didn't he? Drop that gun, drop the gun.
Get away get to the hospital.
- You all right? - I don't like guns being shoved in my face.
Yeah, I picked up on that vibe, brother.
You gotta learn to duck.
You did good, Stabler.
Very good.
Glad I had you along.
Saved my ass.
- And my nose, probably.
- Yeah.
I think you might be ready.
Ready? Come on.
Come on.

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