Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s02e20 Episode Script

Lost One

In the nation's largest city, the vicious and violent members of the underworld are hunted by the detectives of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
Your father was a good cop, and he earned that Combat Cross.
Webb reached out to me with a job for us.
He got robbed he thinks his cash is in the hands of his money launderers.
He reached out to you, not the other way around? Gaining access is no small feat.
- How much you need? - $1 million.
That much money? That's gonna get us in.
I assure you, Mr.
Webb's money is well-protected.
In and out.
No room for error.
Somebody robbed the place before we got there.
The credit card information the van that was used in the robbery, - says it was rented by you.
- They're setting me up.
They trace it back to you, they trace it back to me, and Webb's gonna kill us both.
Everything all right? You worked with Jessie Santos? Yeah, out of the 3-7, why? Call you as soon as I can.
Ayanna, what have you got for me? I talked to Nova.
She said if Webb doesn't get his money back, he's gonna make some heads roll.
Specifically your head.
Okay, so have we made any progress on tracking down his stolen cash? Hasn't been put in circulation, but we did receive this.
From the agency where the van that was used - to rip off Ulrich was rented.
- Right.
Raymond Moss rented the van.
Using your driver's license.
Whoever targeted you had access to your ID without you noticing.
So they're close, which means we're going to find them and get Webb off my back.
- Sorry to interrupt.
- I was waiting for your call.
Yeah, I thought it'd be better in person.
I'll leave you guys alone.
So a little girl went missing this morning from a bodega.
Sara Santos, age nine.
Jessie Santos's kid.
We've got him in custody for robbing a jeweler.
Okay, well, her mother was shopping, she turned her back for a moment, - then the little girl was gone.
- Any leads? No, my team is there now collecting security footage.
She's got stage three leukemia.
It's worse.
She suffers from asthma, which was exacerbated by her chemo.
- Mm-hmm.
- Which means that at any moment, she could be triggered into a fatal asthma attack.
- Where's her inhaler? - In her mother's purse.
So if we don't find Sara soon, there's a very real possibility that we will have a dead child on our hands.
Okay, how do you want to work this? Tell me who in Santos's world could be responsible for this.
- All right, so Santos.
- Yeah.
He's part of the Brotherhood.
Lord knows they've pissed off plenty of bad guys.
Like Preston Webb, who's definitely a person of interest.
He runs the Marcy Killers.
And Santos has information on the Brotherhood that could put Frank Donnelly away for years.
I'd like to combine forces on this one.
SVU, OC, work this case together.
What do you say, partner? Time stamp here is 10:50.
The woman is Rosaria Santos, Sara's mother.
Neighborhood bodega? Right down the street from their house.
So here you see Sara notices this dog and starts walking toward it.
And when she gets there, it looks like somebody maybe calls the dog.
As Sara gets close to the corner, we can see that it's this woman.
You can see that she uses the dog as a lure to get Sara to come closer.
Perp number one, early 30s, white, baseball cap.
Facial rec can't get a good read.
Check out Sara's body language.
- She doesn't know this person.
- Yeah, exactly.
All right, perp number two.
No witnesses to ID this guy.
Time stamp ten minutes later at 11:00 a.
Oh, my God.
They're conscientious about the security cams.
Wearing the hats, obscuring their faces, and there's no license plate on the car.
Yeah, these two know what they're doing.
- Human traffickers? - Or stranger abduction.
Poor girl.
So let's go down the list we were talking about.
Would the MKs hire them? They outsource, we know that from the Brotherhood.
I'll talk to Nova, see what she knows, and I'll put some pressure on Webb.
He does think you stole $1 million from him.
How do you want to handle Donnelly? Well, he's gonna hear about this, so, you know, I'll talk to him about it, gauge his reaction.
Put a tracker on his car for backup.
I've asked Detective Velasco from my team to come join us.
He's more than equipped to handle a case like this.
Jet, you and Velasco look into everyone in Sara's orbit.
Cancer center, teachers, neighbors, playmates.
- You good? - I'm good.
Stress is an asthma trigger.
Without her inhaler, this little girl is in trouble.
Clock is ticking.
Let's find this kid.
Trust that discomfort.
It's telling you that you're on unknown terrain, and that's what makes this work so exciting.
NYPD, sorry for the disturbance, folks.
- Stay where you are, folks.
- Cassandra? Excuse me.
There must be some mistake.
Everyone stay calm.
We're just taking a look around.
Hi, hi, it's Cassandra Webb.
We met at my fundraiser a while back.
Is there a problem? Is there something I can help you with? Have you seen this little girl? - I'm sorry? - Sara Santos.
She went missing this morning.
You're looking for a missing girl in my gallery? Do you recognize this girl? I've never seen that girl before in my life, and this is outrageous.
Have a nice day.
Yeah, I really hope you find her.
They made a mistake.
Imagine that.
The NYPD making a mistake.
It wouldn't be the first time.
Santos, do you recognize this couple? - No.
- Are you sure? Yes.
I only turned around for a minute.
She's usually so good about staying close.
Who'd want to do this to my baby? Who? For months, ever since the chemo, any time she gets upset, she can't breathe.
Listen, we have a team that's already out there looking for her, and I'm gonna make sure that every one of them has this, so when they find her, they're gonna be ready, okay? But in the meantime, is there something of Sara's that we can take with us? A piece of clothing that she wore recently that hasn't been washed, a hairbrush, something like that? Detective Velasco.
Sergeant Ayanna Bell.
- Thank you so much for being here.
- Of course.
I'm more than happy to help find Sara.
Detective Slootmaekers, here, found something you're gonna want to see.
Ted Taylor, he's a janitor at Sara's school.
He was hired through a staffing agency that didn't do a background check.
Two counts of statutory rape on his record from a few years back.
He took a deal for a reduced sentence.
You think this could be the guy - from the surveillance footage? - Hard to tell.
But get this.
He's been married to the same woman for six years.
She stayed with him through both rapes, - investigations, arrests.
- An accomplice.
A woman with a dog.
All right, I'll send this to Benson.
This is Sara's bear.
She takes it everywhere with her.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
I'll be right back.
You're why this is happening.
You and your Brotherhood.
This is your doing.
You poisoned my family.
You took my Jessie from me.
You did this! It's your fault! It's your fault, your fault.
Santos, listen.
Does this man look familiar to you? That's Ted.
He's a janitor at Sara's school.
Does Sara know Ted? He's friendly to all the kids.
He's always talking to Sara.
Why? Ted Taylor.
I'll go upstairs.
You check down here.
Side door! Freeze! Where's Sara? Where is she? Where is she? I don't know what you're talking about.
Get up.
Why'd you run? You broke into my house.
You want to play games, we'll do it your way.
You're under arrest.
We're testing the underwear that we found at your house for DNA.
If there's a match to Sara, you're going away for life.
I told you.
I've no idea where she is.
I was working all morning.
There was a Mother's Day 5K at the school.
Witnesses? You ask any of the parents that were there.
They all saw me.
They all know me.
The box.
Tell us about the box.
- That? - Yeah, that.
It's just some things I found from around the school when I was cleaning.
It's got nothing to do with Sara.
It's got everything to do with Sara.
You're a registered sex offender who took a job at an elementary school.
Now that's gonna get you ten years minimum.
You can fix that.
Help us find Sara.
Maybe we help you.
Um About three weeks ago, I was emptying the garbage, and I saw this guy lurking across the street in front of the school.
And Sara's dad, Jessie, walked up to him.
They started talking, and things got pretty heated.
What does that mean, heated? They guy beat Jessie up.
Throat punched him, knocked him to the ground, kicked him, spit on him, it was ugly.
Can you describe him? Average height, short hair, brown, I think.
He had a tattoo on his neck, flames going up the side.
That's specific.
Very observant.
Why didn't you help Santos? I tried to, but he wasn't having it.
- He pushed me away.
- And why would he do that? I don't know.
Neck tattoo guy ran off.
I tried to call the police, but Jessie wouldn't let me.
He slipped me a Benjamin to forget I saw anything.
Jet, call the school administration.
See if Taylor actually worked there this morning.
You think he's our guy? My gut says no, but he did say he witnessed Santos getting a beat down outside the school a couple weeks back by some guy with a neck tattoo of flames.
SVU just sent this over.
Security footage from a deli on Fort Washington Avenue.
Time stamp is an hour before Sara's abduction.
She was waiting for them.
Wanted to make sure she didn't miss them.
Still not enough view of her face to ID her, but those sneakers she's wearing.
Those are limited edition shoes.
Only a couple hundred pairs in existence.
- Any idea where she got them? - No.
But I know someone who'd know.
I was gonna call, but I got this new freelance gig.
Not here about that.
What do you see? Chick with a dog.
Look closer, genius.
Chick with a small dog.
She's wearing those limited edition sneakers you've been after, right? Yeah, those are them.
I tried to buy a pair, but they sold out in eight minutes.
Sneaker heads can be fiends.
I'm gonna need the address of that store.
May I? When you get there, make sure you ask for Daniel.
- Got it.
- Whoa, is that it? A little girl is missing.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You could've just called if it was just for the sneakers.
I did.
Four times.
Went straight to voicemail.
I left the Grey Hat app open.
The new update's cool, but it drains your battery.
Can I take you out to dinner to make up for it? I have to go.
- Hey.
- Stabler.
Oh, my God, I need you.
You heard about Sara? I did.
My old partner from SVU is taking charge of the investigation.
I'm gonna help her out.
Oh, thank God.
Thank God you're on it.
Yeah, now I need your help.
Yeah, anything.
Anything you need.
Just please, please bring back my daughter.
Who gave you the beat down outside Sara's school? That was nothing.
What does that mean? What happened? It was a gambling debt.
- Who was it? - I don't know, some muscle.
I paid it off.
It has nothing to do with this.
- You sure? - I'm positive.
Could the Hurley thing have anything to do with this? No.
Any other sideline gigs you got that I don't know about? Stabler, no.
You sure? There's nothing I would keep from you if it would help you get Sara back.
Donnelly wants to see me.
Hey, do you think I think what? You think Donnelly has anything to do with this? Do you? Think on it.
Let me know.
- Poor Rosaria, man.
- Yeah.
With the kid being sick.
Mother's Day of all days.
My old partner, Olivia Benson, is taking the lead in the case.
- Captain Benson? - Yeah.
Why'd she come to you? She knows I'm working out of the 3-7.
So should I be worried? No, you should be glad because she trusts me.
So anytime she goes sniffing around places she shouldn't be, - I can redirect her.
- So what'd you tell her? The only thing I know about Santos and the abduction, which I gotta tell you is nothing.
So, you know, I gotta ask you, does the Brotherhood have a beef with anybody? Anyone who would resort to doing stuff like this? Not that I know of.
I mean, I can't account for Santos and everything he might've been up to.
Yeah, like Hurley and the diamond gig.
I mean, he said that was only a side hustle, but who the hell knows.
All right, well, keep your ear out.
- I will, yeah.
- Let me - Hey, hon.
- Hey, boys.
Keep the voices low.
I just got the little trouble maker down.
- Happy Mother's Day.
- Thanks.
I guess the champagne brunch is gonna have to wait till next year.
How's he doing? He's good, thanks to you.
- You tell him what we named him? - No.
- No? - Jimmy Too Soon.
No, his middle name.
- You didn't tell him? - No.
We gave him your name.
Frank Elliot Jr.
How you like that? I'm honored.
Well, Frank shows up to the hospital, eventually, and he looks down at his son, and he says, "I hope he's a good man like my partner".
It's Bridget's idea.
No, don't believe a word he says, Elliot.
This man with the tough guy act, he's all cotton candy on the inside.
And beer.
Lots of beer.
I feel for Santos, man.
I really do.
God forbid somebody went after my kid, or any of my kids, I'd kill them, you know? But he had a lot of reckless behavior going on.
Don't you think? Yeah, I hear you.
I understand what you're saying.
Not for nothing, but he kind of had this coming.
All right, see ya.
Why do I feel like my footwear is being judged? 'Cause it is.
Excuse me.
Sergeant Bell, NYPD.
You gotta wait in line like everybody else.
I'm cool with my boots.
This is official police business.
I called about the credit card receipts.
Oh, yeah.
Sorry, but we gotta protect our customers' privacy.
Look, a little girl is missing.
We have reason to believe the woman who took her bought shoes at this store.
Those credit card receipts will help us identify that woman - and find that little girl.
- Okay.
What do you want me to do? Print every receipt I've got? That's gonna take a while.
No need.
There's a much easier way.
Yo, you can't take that! Do you see how many customers I've got? You're bright.
I'm sure you'll figure it out.
Jet, let's go.
Donnelly's on the move.
So what's your take on Donnelly? Complicated.
He's charming, he's likeable, he's scheming, and manipulative.
You get between him and a dollar bill, you do it at your own peril.
It sounds like you like him.
It gets worse.
I think I admire him.
Oh, you know, look, the guy works the gifts that he's got to get what he wants, and, uh, he's loyal.
Named his kid after me.
Wait, what? He named his kid after you? His wife's water broke.
She needed to go to the hospital.
He was off doing whatever the hell he was doing - Wow.
- So I did it.
Elliot, I don't even know what do to with that.
That sounds like you guys are getting pretty close there.
Maybe so, but I have no illusions about what he is or who he is.
I just think the older I get, I'm beginning to understand that people are complicated.
Yeah, ain't that the truth.
I think my father staged a shooting when he was on the job.
That's, uh, that's a lot.
He was a lot.
But I always admired him as a cop.
Do you have evidence? Not yet, but I know where to get it.
Looks like Donnelly's heading to the Santos house.
That can't be good.
What was Frank doing here? - He was just stopping by.
- Did he threaten you? No, it's not like that.
Look, whatever you tell us is gonna remain confidential.
I swear it won't get back to him.
Frank is not the problem.
Then tell us why he was here.
I received a text an hour ago from an unknown number.
They sent a video that said I need to pay them $100,000 to get Sara back.
They said they'd kill her if I go to the police.
I didn't know what to do, so I asked Frank for the money.
We're gonna need to see that video.
Mommy, please help me.
Mommy, please help me.
They said if you don't give them the money they want I'll never see you again.
Please, I don't like it here.
I want to go home.
This job never gets easier, does it? Can you get us the location where this was shot? Yeah, all I have to do break it down, enhance the elements, bring the background forward, and isolate the markers to reveal the location.
According to the receipts from the sneaker shop, only ten female customers bought the shoes the woman in the video was wearing.
One of them, a woman named Stacy Gennaro.
Early 30s, no criminal record, but her credit card was linked to a pet shop where she bought the Pomeranian.
That sounds like our woman.
Last known? Her mother's house in Bushwick.
Cho, Maldonado, let's roll.
Maisie, quiet.
Upstairs bedroom's clear.
Same with the laundry and bathroom.
Will you please tell me what's going on here? Maisie! We're looking for your daughter.
We think she may have been involved in a kidnapping.
Stacy? She would never do anything like that.
This your daughter? Oh, my God.
What has she done? This is Ramon's fault.
I knew he would get her into trouble.
- Who's Ramon? - Her boyfriend.
Is he the one in the video with her? I can't see his face, but I know that's him.
- What's Ramon's last name? - I don't know.
Stacy knows I disapprove, so she doesn't tell me anything.
He's part of a gang.
I hear he goes by Smokey.
Gennaro, this is really important.
Do you have a photo of Smokey? What's happening there? I pulled the MPEG metadata from the ransom video, and I extracted a location.
It's still scanning.
Oh, looks like she's somewhere in Queens.
All right, well, that narrows it down.
Can you get any closer? It's gonna take a minute.
- Yup.
- Stacy Gennaro was dating a guy named Ramon, street name Smokey.
Take a look at that photo.
Got it.
Might have something for you.
Well, that fits the description of the guy who gave Santos the beat down outside Sara's school.
Yeah, her mom said he's in a gang.
Find out which one.
Okay, so look up a guy named Ramon.
He's a gangbanger.
Street name of Smokey.
Ah, Ramon Sosa.
Member of the Dominican street gang, - the Rebenga Cartel.
- What's their deal? Drugs, mainly.
Heroin, specifically.
They're in association with a Mexican cartel.
They launder their money through real estate.
Get the addresses of their properties.
Uh, there's at least ten addresses here.
I'll cross-check them with the metadata.
It's no good.
There are seven addresses here that fall right within the radius of the metadata.
There's no time to go knocking on doors.
Zoom in on that right there.
See what I see? - What do you see? - That's a Jewish museum.
It's across the street from that one.
- Hey, pull up the ransom video.
- Mm-hmm.
Now I want you to look through the window, behind Sara, and on the edge of that building.
What do you see? What does it look like? Star of David.
I think so.
We're here.
Okay, we're ten minutes out.
Stand down, wait for back up.
Stabler? Copy.
Ten minutes.
So Santos had beef with the Rebenga Cartel.
It's either Santos or the Brotherhood.
Okay, but if it is the Brotherhood, why slap down such a small timer? I can't answer that.
It's been six hours since this kid went missing.
Let's go.
NYPD! Clear.
Show yourself now.
Show me your hands.
Show me your hands.
Where's the girl? Where's Sara? I don't know what you're talking about.
You don't know what I'm talking about? - Who are you? - Eddie.
- Eddie who? - Alvarez.
Eddie Alvarez, you're the prime suspect in the kidnapping of a young girl.
A nine-year-old girl who needs her medication.
Where is she? Where is she, Eddie? - Hands.
- I don't know.
Look, I work nights.
I am never home.
If you can call this dump a home.
Why are you hiding? I heard a noise.
I got scared.
You can look around.
You'll see there's nothing here.
Who else lives here? Squatters, transients, I find needles around.
Okay, where are they? Some of them keep their stuff downstairs.
- You can look around.
- Show us.
What is that? That's nothing.
They're down here.
Kitchen, first floor.
Where's the kitchen? This room used to be the kitchen back when this was a commercial space.
This was a commercial space? On this block? Give me your hands.
Give me your hands! All right, stay there.
Oh, Sara.
Are you okay? Can you breathe? - Help me please.
- You're okay now, honey.
I brought your inhaler.
Yeah, you're safe now.
Thank you.
You're okay? Sara, I'll be right back.
- Freeze, hands up.
- Please, don't shoot.
I got three inside.
One I shot in the leg.
He's gonna need a bus.
How's she doing? Her breathing is okay, thank God.
What you did for me and my family, Stabler.
Look, you're my brother.
All right, you're my brother.
You would've done the same for me, right? - Yeah, of course.
- All right, good.
I got a couple minutes with you.
- We gotta talk.
- Okay.
What's up? - Why were you covering for Sosa? - Hey.
Why were you covering for Sosa? I wasn't covering for him.
I thought he was gonna kill my daughter.
Thought if it was him who had her, you guys start sniffing around, he was gonna kill her for sure.
He's a monster.
You don't know Sosa.
He's out of his mind.
So why'd you rip him off in the first place? You kidding? That was all Donnelly.
I didn't know anything about it.
He ripped off the Rebenga Cartel's heroin.
- Donnelly by himself? - Yeah.
I didn't know anything about it until the day that Ramon showed up at Sara's school starting trouble.
So why didn't you tell him you had nothing to do with it? It wouldn't have mattered.
To him, the Brotherhood, we're all the same.
Okay, I thought Donnelly was gonna take care of it.
It was his mess.
I thought he was gonna clean it up.
Let me tell you something about Donnelly.
Donnelly cares about Donnelly.
He's gonna get us all killed.
I don't know what to do, man.
I want to wear a wire.
What? I'll wear a wire.
I'll get him to talk.
I don't know, that's risky.
You know, you having been in jail.
He's gonna be on high alert.
I don't care.
It's the only way to get him off for good.
Enough is enough.
As long as he's out there, none of us are safe.
So how'd it feel working an SVU case again? Thought this was an OC case? It's always good to work with you, Liv.
And how's your search for the truth going? - How's that? - With your dad.
Long, complicated, painful.
- Hey.
- Well.
- Ain't this a treat.
- Yeah.
The indominable Captain Benson at the lowly 3-7.
Oh, I'm just playing Uber driver for my old partner.
Hey, gotta personally thank you, both of youse for doing such a hell of a job bringing Sara Santos back home.
Well, we were just doing our job, and I'm just glad that we could help out a fellow cop.
Yeah, well, I sleep a lot better at night knowing somebody like you is in charge.
Well, I gotta tell you, I'm a little jealous because Elliot here tells me that you're the second best partner that he ever had.
Really? I have to work on changing his mind about that.
See if I can't make myself number one.
- Night, kids.
- Night.
Adam, it's me.
I'm sorry I was weird.
When you didn't call, I thought you were blowing me off.
I guess I freaked out a little.
Cool-looking gun, right? Want to fire it? You're gonna be great.
You're gonna be a natural.
Fire right at that tree.
So what you want to do, is you want to take this, put your hands here.
Look down the barrel right there, straight at that tree.
Pull just like that, okay? Think you can handle that? There you go.
There you go.
Oh, El, you creamed it.
Look at that, you practically split it in two.
Kid, you practically hit it right through the knob in there.
That's impressive for your first shot.
Very proud of you, boy.
Very proud of you.
Have you set a date? - I'm sorry.
- For the demolition.
You're from the construction team, right? No, no, I used to live here a thousand years ago.
- Oh, what's your name? - Elliot Stabler.
Ah, I don't recognize the name, but take a good look 'cause they're tearing it all down.
I lived here for 20 years.
It's sad.
Have things changed a lot? More than you could imagine.
Jerry Saltz was there from "New York" magazine.
I can only imagine the write-up he's gonna do.
- Hey, I'll talk to Saltz.
- It's not about him.
You know how hard I've worked to build my business.
You know how long it's taken me to get people to respect me.
I don't care what these other people think about us.
I care.
I care.
People in my world care.
I can't help it if the police break in to You can't help it? Really? That's funny.
The police never used to be a problem.
I'm going for a ride.
You know, the man I married would never have allowed this to happen.
I mean, first, people steal $2 million from us, and you just let that slide.
And then the cops show up trying to intimidate me in my gallery, and it doesn't even occur to you to stand up for me.
Hey, Nova, it's time.
What's up? What's up? The cash that Donnelly gave Rosaria.
Joe was logging it, and the serial numbers matched the money that you and Donnelly dropped at Ulrich's.
Donnelly robbed Ulrich.
He's setting you up to take the fall.

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