Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s02e21 Episode Script

Streets Is Watching

1 In the nation's largest city, the vicious and violent members of the underworld are hunted by the detectives of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
I think my father staged a shooting when he was on the job.
Do you have evidence? Not yet, but I know where to get it.
You bought a gun and are apparently prepared to commit murder.
The man killed our father.
I never should've told you.
Somebody robbed Ulrich's place before we got there.
Maybe that's exactly what you want me to think.
Webb, I'd never double-cross you.
Raymond Moss, the owner of the print they pulled off the rental van.
- Don't move.
Who hired you to go in Ulrich's house - and take the money? - I'm not saying a damn thing.
A little girl went missing this morning from a bodega Sara Santos.
I need to pay them $100,000 to get Sara back.
So I asked Frank for the money.
The cash that Donnelly gave Rosario, the serial numbers match the money that you and Donnelly dropped at Ulrich's.
Donnelly is settin' you up to take the fall.
We gotta deal with it head-on.
What's on my agenda tonight? Zoom with Karlo Capital at 7:00.
Drinks with the Dubai contingent at 8:30.
Massage at 10:00.
Cancel Karlo and move up the massage.
Efremov, Valerie Price.
Would you care to comment on the report that your family's potash mines in Laos are an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen? Fake news.
Call my corporate communications.
I'll be happy to sit down for an interview and disabuse you of my haters.
- Now, if you'll please excuse me.
- Mr.
Efremov, Mr.
Efremov, just all I need is just one comment.
One comment! One [ELEVATOR DINGS.]
Wait here, please.
One moment, sir.
Thank you.
Let's go, let's go, let's go, ah? Uh-uh.
All clear.
I will reschedule the massage.
I'm across the hall if you need anything.
I never do.
Jet, I need your help.
Got a sec? Bring it.
These slugs, they were fired into a tree 40 years ago.
- 40 years ago? - Mm-hmm.
It's super well-preserved.
I guess the bark formed a protective pocket around it.
Anyway, that friend of yours in Ballistics, think she can get anything of 'em? - What are you looking for? - The gun that fired 'em.
Oh, my friend is the me of guns and bullets, so I'll ask her.
Well, if she's half as good as you, I know she'll deliver.
Nova's got something.
Let's go.
♪ Nova, you okay? Look like you've seen a ghost.
I hope not.
- Webb ordered a hit.
- Okay, on who? Detective Stabler.
Man, you've been greenlit.
♪ - Hey.
- What the holy hell are you - doing out here? - I'm puttin' in that hot tub you've been complaining about for the last five months.
Seriously, babe? It is 5:30 in the freakin' morning.
You're gonna wake the baby.
Honey, you know how I've been tellin' you I've been saving for a rainy day? - Yeah.
- It's rainin'.
Oh, my God.
You can't tell me that I have to move out for my own safety and then tell me not to worry.
You're packed.
It's a formality.
It's just part of the job, Mama.
Yeah, yeah, that's just what your father used to say.
He was lying then, and you're lying now.
Dad, listen to Grandma.
We need to know why we're being shipped off to Kathleen's.
There's cops sitting outside.
That's out of an abundance of caution.
It's just for a little while, just to be on the safe side.
- A little while.
- Well, I'm not going anywhere till you tell me what's going on.
There was a threat, okay? And that's all there is to it.
Th threat? Who threatened you? - I can't talk about that.
- Elliot, I'm your mother! This is a situation that's just it's gonna pass.
We're gonna go right back to normal.
We'll go to Maine.
We'll get an Airbnb.
We'll fish.
We'll hike.
We'll do all that nature stuff.
How does that sound? That sounds like something you say to get people to stop asking you questions.
♪ How are things with your family? [SIGHS.]
I moved them into Kathleen's.
I'm putting a car on her building and a rotating tail on you 24/7.
Cho, Maldonado, you're up first.
- Copy.
- We've got your back, Stabler.
I know you do.
So what's the latest intel from Nova? I'm not sure, but I'm getting a list of Marcy Killer triggermen.
Could be a new recruit you know, someone who wants to make their bones.
What's up? I don't know, all this talk about hits and hitmen, I just I feel really weird.
No need to feel weird.
I'm not goin' anywhere.
- Good to know.
- Look, something's not adding up.
Why is Webb making this move now? The guy got robbed three times.
He's not gettin' the money back, he's gonna get his street cred back, and someone's gonna pay for it.
But if we can get him his money back, then we can fix this.
Yeah, we could, but Raymond Moss is not giving up who hired him, so that's a dead-end.
So let's look the other way, the Ulrich mansion.
Who allowed Moss to gain access and walk out of there with all that cash? The robbery at Ulrich's mansion we have reason to believe you were involved.
That's ridiculous.
There wasn't a scratch on the safe.
We checked with the household staff.
Besides you, Ulrich was the only one that knows the security code.
The household staff? That's your evidence? Well, there's also this.
- You recognize these men? - Should I? One of these two cops asked you to steal the money back.
Don't deny it.
I know they were there.
I know you talked to 'em.
Which one? That one.
♪ Frank, hey.
We gotta talk.
- What? - We gotta talk.
No, in here.
No, there are people in there.
In here.
Guys, I need the room.
What's the rush? What's up? What'd you wanna talk about? Let's talk about the heist.
What heist? Ulrich mansion heist.
Yeah, what about it? You knew that safe was gonna be empty, didn't you? I thought it was a good possibility.
I didn't wanna go into Fort Knox without a plan B.
What does that mean, plan B? Well, I bribed Ulrich's head of security in advance.
Made for a much easier job.
Then what the hell were we doin'? Why did we go to all the trouble then? Are you not listening? I just told you.
I had the head of security in my back pocket at a money launderer's mansion.
- I heard that.
- I figured, "Hey, if there's money in the safe, it's a plus.
" Besides, it was a good test for you.
What What does that mean, a test? They said the safe was uncrackable.
You cracked it, okay? Why do you think I made you my number two? Because you can handle stuff like this.
Nobody else in my crew could've done that, pulled it off, all right? Any other questions? Yeah, actually.
- Why my credit card? - What do you mean? Why'd you use my credit card to rent that van? Oh.
- Moss.
- Ah, Moss.
Yeah, Moss.
He's a McCutcheon's fly.
He's a wannabe avenger.
That's how I know, okay? I told him to find a fall guy.
I had no friggin' idea he was gonna pick you.
- How'd he get my credit card? - I don't know, think about it! Maybe that night you were buying all the rounds maybe he grabbed your credit card receipt out of the garbage or off the bar.
I can't believe you're accusing me of this stuff, man.
We're brothers.
I've always had your back.
Am I accusing you? Hey, Jet.
You know that charge on my credit card having to do with the renting of that van? Right, right.
So what was the last charge before that one? McCutcheon's.
Ah, it's a bar tab.
Mm, no.
No, no.
I'm just asking.
All right, yeah.
All right, bye.
- Anything you wanna say to me? - [LAUGHS.]
- No? We good? What would you have done if it was me? - Shoot you in the head.
As long as you don't hold a grudge.
You - I need a little rest.
I know.
- Yeah.
You're a little tense.
Hey, bud, what's up? Grandma's having an episode.
What does that mean, an episode? She started talking about the pharmaceutical industry.
That shifted to Grandpa Joe, and and the "Real Housewives of Newark," which I don't think is a thing.
You know, they're called succulents for a reason.
Dad? I'm worried about Grandma.
If you give them too much water, then they drown - Dad? - Grandma's just she's out of her element, you know? It's been a lot of change for her.
She's just unfamiliar with her circumstances, her surroundings, you know what I'm saying? So, um, do you know if she's taking her meds? - No.
- Put Kathleen on.
Wait, who's on the phone? Put Kathleen on the phone.
I need to know [GUNSHOT.]
What was that sound? - Elliot, are you all right? - Stabler! You hit? Ah.
No, no, no.
- Stabler, you good? - I'm good, I'm good.
- I'm good.
- Where is he? I don't see anyone.
Are you all right? What was that? - Call it in.
- Not yet.
- Elliot! - Hey, Mama.
Elliot, what was that noise? Are you all right? - Are you hurt? - No.
Oh, thank God.
I heard a loud noise.
I'm all right.
I thought something terrible had happened.
I'm all right.
I love you.
Everything's all right.
Washed about 65K so far through Kilbride's library project.
Let's keep that going.
Speaking of Kilbride - Give this to him when you can.
- Yes, Mr.
Come in.
I didn't summon you.
You touch me again, I'll shoot you.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Everybody, stand down outside except Nova.
♪ Stabler, you are either out of your mind, suicidal, or both.
I had a little problem outside my house last night.
Maybe you should move to a better neighborhood.
I know you think I took your money.
You know one thing I know for certain? You have no idea what I think.
Call it off.
Call what off? I have a lead on who stole your money out of Ulrich's safe.
What am I supposed to do with that little tidbit? You give me more time.
I will have repayment in the currency of my choosing.
You're out of time.
♪ You kill a cop, everything you've built is gonna go right down the toilet.
- Toilet, huh? - Yeah.
Yeah, well, I was born knee-high in a sewer.
Man, get yo' ass out my office.
♪ Where were Cho and Maldonado? Right across the street then right by my side.
We swept the area and no sign of a shooter.
- I'm fine.
- Elliot, this is real.
I know it's real.
Webb took a legitimate shot at you.
We need to move in on him.
What are you gonna charge him with, hearsay evidence from an undercover whose identity we can't reveal for her own protection? I'm gonna talk to Nova.
We need something, something concrete ASAP.
Got a hit.
Crime techs pulled a slug out of a dumpster near Stabler's apartment.
Striations were intact.
The bullet was traced back to a gun that was used in a high-profile killing a few nights ago.
High-profile killing where? Blakeshire Hotel in Manhattan.
Ilya Efremov.
Global venture capitalist he's the latest victim in a pattern of similar kills.
Auriel Madrid, Eugene Tucker, Alejandro Rosales, Rohan Bhatt.
Arms dealer, drug lord.
Human trafficker and hedge-fund fraudster.
All killed by an unknown assassin within a span of the last nine months.
So Webb has outsourced to a professional hit man? Or some kind of revenge cabal with a social conscience.
It doesn't sound like Webb.
Why wouldn't he give it to a Marcy Killer? It's a little close to home.
- You wanna whack a cop, I think you wanna maintain some distance, right? Donnelly's called a meeting of the Brotherhood.
I don't like it.
Don't answer.
I kind of have to.
I'm now second-in-command.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- About time you showed up.
- I had a rough night.
Hair of the dog, bruh.
All right, so listen.
I got a announcement to make.
Uh-oh, somebody got their prostate results back.
- Ha ha.
The reason I gathered you all here together, my brethren, is this: I had a kid.
Yeah, we know.
Looks like Stanwood.
What you don't know is, I screwed up my first batch pretty good.
Not surprising.
And I don't wanna repeat the pattern with my new boy.
This is my last shot to get it right.
You know what I mean? So what are you telling us? I'm steppin' back.
Wait, this is a goodbye speech? I don't want another Donnelly out there spending the rest of his life running around trying to recover from his old man, okay? So I'm out.
What do you mean "out?" ♪ I'm steppin' down as leader of the Brotherhood.
Don't panic.
I'm leaving you in very capable hands because Stabler is taking over.
- No, no.
- What kind of BS is this? Hey, it's the right move.
I thought this through, okay? It benefits everyone.
More like you got yours, and now you're gone.
That's exactly what it sounds like.
That's not what it likes.
Listen up, okay? This thing of ours was passed down to me.
Now I'm passing it down to you.
There's nobody better than Stabler to take over.
- Frank - It's a done deal.
You're the new leader of the Brotherhood.
Don't screw it up.
♪ Hey, what was that in there? I gave you the keys to the family car.
Don't wrap it around a telephone pole.
Frank, I don't know what you're considering, but I'm not really ready for this, and neither are they, for me.
Listen, forget those two, okay? Day you start bringing the money in, they'll be buying you Cuban cigars by Christmas.
What if I don't want it? You ever consider that? What do you want, Stabler? You know, I like the extra money and all that, but you saw their reaction.
They hate this.
So you sayin' no? I'm sayin' we need to think about it.
You're gonna love it, all right? Believe me, being the boss of the Brotherhood, closest you'll ever get to playing God.
♪ Father God, I pray you release this spirit of vengeance from my heart.
I need strength that I can't find.
Take this burden from my hands.
♪ Hey, we got the street cam footage from the corner at Norman.
- That our shooter? - Time stamp adds up.
This was seconds after the shot at Stabler.
Can we get closer? The picture's washed out 'cause the cam was super dirty.
It's not much, but it's the only shot I have.
Enough for facial rec? Do I not live for a challenge? - [PHONE RINGS.]
- What's up? So I got some news for you.
Donnelly's steppin' down.
Stepping down from the Brotherhood? Uh, yeah, and guess who he gave the reins to.
- No.
- Yeah.
What the hell is this guy's play? I have no idea.
I mean, I usually can read the guy, but this time, I'm I just don't know.
All right, come in.
We'll figure it out.
♪ Whoa.
- Mm-hmm? - Stabler.
Got something you're gonna wanna hear.
- Uh, your assassin - What about him? He's a she.
Your hit man is a woman.
♪ So what do we know about this hit woman? Name's Natalie Dumont, - goes by Belladonna.
- Belladonna? Deadly nightshade.
She's 34, lived for ten years in Italy Puglia to be exact.
What's her history? Born in Ohio.
Her dad was an army ranger.
Her mother was Ugandan.
Both dead.
I pulled her service record and was able to match her photo with the facial rec from the security cam on Norman.
She enlisted at 19, did two tours in Afghanistan.
Then she went AWOL.
Been connected to several mercenary units ever since.
Girl is metal.
- We gotta find her.
- Before she finds you.
I have somethin': burner phone Webb bought yesterday.
Call log only shows one number.
So that's what you were doin'.
- You took Webb's phone? - I was careful.
So is there any way to triangulate where that number is now? I can get you a general area down to a couple square miles, which you'll then have to scan with this: stingray unit.
If you're close enough, it can locate a phone down to a few feet.
I'll give you a tutorial.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
♪ Make a left.
Okay, the signal's getting stronger.
It's coming up.
Make this right.
Wait for ESU.
Yeah, I wouldn't have it any other way.
Here it is 546 Russell Street, apartment 104, and I put the security app on your phone.
♪ Are you in? NYPD, Natalie Dumont.
She's been casing my entire family, not just me.
- How do you know that? - I just found a file.
It's got everything in there all my personal data, my my misconduct file.
Got a picture of Eli in school and Kathleen coming out of her building.
Okay, doubling up security on Kathleen as we speak.
Got a street cam hit on her.
Looks like she's headed east towards a warehouse at 1821 Bedford Ave.
There's some sort of show happening there.
- You can't be a lone wolf - Copy that.
♪ [YELPS.]
NYPD! Get out of the way! Move, move! Out of the way! ♪ - [KNOCK AT DOOR.]
- Yeah, come in.
Hey, Pastor, come on in.
- Mr.
- Yeah.
Yeah, thanks.
Thanks, Hugo.
So you came to talk about the foundation? No.
Okay, so what can I do for you then? You can tell me why you killed my father.
- You murdered him.
- Get that gun out of my face! Is that what my father said to you? Huh? I don't even know who your father was.
Tobias Riley.
- I don't know that name.
- Don't you do that.
Derrick! What are you doin'? - I'm righting all wrongs.
- Your brother is confused.
It's the clearest my head has been in a long time.
Hey, Derrick, give me the gun.
You don't know what you're doin'.
Keep talkin' sense into him, Nova, 'cause you know how this ends.
You don't realize what losing him did to me - what you did to me! - Put that down, all right? So do you share these sentiments? I have no idea what he's talkin' about, Mr.
Just just please.
Let me talk to him.
You leave her out of this.
So you think I killed your father, too, this Tobias? Is that why you ingratiated yourself to me, huh? Ate from my table? Look, Mr.
Webb, my brother is under a lot of stress.
He's he's not thinking straight.
Carmen made her own bed, and that is fine! - Stop! - Mr.
Webb, you will answer to us and to God! - [GUNSHOT.]
- Ah! Stay down.
- You shot me.
- I said stay down, Derrick! - What the hell just happened? - Everything is under control.
Get him out of here to our doctor now, - and this never happened.
- Understood.
Oh, Grandma! Be careful, there's oh, there's broken glass.
I know there's broken glass.
You think I don't see the broken glass? Come on, Grandma.
Let's get you to the couch.
Oh, why don't you just wrap me in Bubble Wrap and drop me off at the nearest antique store? You know, Joe would never stand for this, not for a second.
Where is he? Where is Joe? Here, let's get you to the couch.
Wha wha Let's sit down first, and then we can talk about Joe.
♪ Jesus.
Natalie Dumont.
Boy, you and I, we've been through a lot, haven't we? You know what the crime is? We never got the chance to talk.
Get to know each other.
So I'll start.
Here's the situation.
There's an army of feds outside who want to talk to you about a string of murders like Ilya Efremov, not to mention your recent attempt to orphan my kids.
I'm an orphan.
You learn how to survive.
See that? Right now, all of a sudden, we're sharing, we're talking.
I'm gettin' to know you a little better.
But I'm actually here to help you.
♪ Why would you wanna do that? You have something I need.
That's a nasty cut on your neck.
But you're the one who's incarcerated.
Cooperate with my investigation, and your future could look a whole lot better than it does right now.
Cooperate how? Let's talk about Preston Webb.
♪ Belladonna's confession along with what Jet got from the burner phone gives us everything we need to close the book on Preston Webb.
We gonna move on him tonight? No better time than the present.
You took down a professional hit woman.
With Nova's compiled evidence, we'll be able to sweep the Marcy Killer organization.
The only thing left is a dirty cop lookin' to set me up.
- We'll get Donnelly.
- Yeah.
Take care of your face.
Derrick, look.
- I just - No, you look, Carmen.
You should've let me kill him.
Derrick, you're not a gangster.
You're a pastor, a man of God.
Am I? I turned to the church, to the love of God so maybe I could, you know, understand the pain of losing a father, and to help others in pain.
That's who I wanted to be.
That's who you are.
You think I'm not in the same pain? It's why I chose this work, Derrick.
It's why I put on a badge.
But you laid the truth at my feet and expected me not to act on it.
That was a mistake.
Look, Preston Webb is not your business.
He's mine.
What's this? Bus ticket to Chicago.
You goin' home.
♪ [SIGHS.]
- What? - How much is in that? 2 mil, give or take.
You knew this day was coming.
Now it's here, okay? So, you know, we gotta go.
Where are we going? Hmm? I got us new passports, new names, and a private plane to Belize.
Frank, we cannot just up and leave, all right? - [SIGHS.]
- What about my mom? - Honey - What about your family? We are building a life here.
We can build a new life there, a better one.
No, you promised.
You promised that Junior was gonna have a family with all of his cousins, all of his step-brothers I know, but do you want him to grow up not knowing his dad like you did? Is that what you want? All right, we got one shot to make this work so we can get away clean.
All right, that means nobody can know, and it's not forever.
Once the heat dies down, then, you know, we can come back and visit.
When? When are we coming back? Whenever you want.
Christmas? Yeah.
I can make that happen.
- Is that a promise? - I promise you.
♪ What's our new name, Donnelly? Better be a good one.
♪ You doin' okay? Feels like a question I should be asking you.
- Thanks for taking 'em in.
- Of course.
- I love you, Dad.
- I love you too.
- [SIGHS.]
- Sorry I scared you.
I'll try not to let it happen again, okay? Hmm.
- Dad.
- Hey.
- What happened? - I got in a scuffle.
It's nothing.
You should see the other guy.
But there is a hole in your bedroom wall.
A what? We'll talk later about it.
Mom? [KNOCKS.]
Elliot, what are you doing here at this hour? Couldn't let the day end without seeing my best girl, could I? You really think that's gonna work for you, huh? It used to.
- What's that? - Mm, it's nothing.
- It looks worse than it is.
- It looks pretty bad.
Elliot, I just want us to be home, where we belong.
I know.
I know.
Can we have that? Soon.
♪ Get some beauty sleep not that you need it.
♪ - Jet, hey.
- Hey.
You probably should invite me in.
Yeah, you're probably right.
It's kind of a wreck, but yeah, come on.
- Whoa.
- Oh, yeah.
- Dude.
- Mm.
- You know how to party.
- That's my reputation.
This wasn't exactly a social gathering, though.
Yeah, I can see that.
What's up? You're on my way home, so I thought I'd stop by and give you the news in person.
- Ballistics? - Yup.
She ran the slug that you found in that tree.
It matches the slug they pulled out of your father's leg in that shooting 40 years ago.
♪ [SIGHS.]
Those slugs came from the same gun that was owned by my father's partner, Gus Hanson.
So your father was shot by his partner? Yeah to cover up a dirty shooting.
♪ Sorry.
It's okay.
I asked for information.
You got it for me.
I appreciate it.
I'm still sorry.
- Want some help cleaning up? - No, I got it.
I got it.
No, you don't.
But thank you for letting me off the hook.
Good night, Jet.

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