Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s02e22 Episode Script

Friend or Foe

1 In the nation's largest city, the vicious and violent members of the underworld are hunted by the detectives of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
I know what I'm doing is right, but it just feels like betrayal.
The only people looking out for cops are other cops.
I know you think I took your money.
I will have repayment.
You're outta time.
People steal $2 million from us, and you just let that slide? Detective Stabler, man, you've been greenlit.
Tell me why you killed my father.
- You murdered him! - Derrick! Preston Webb is not your business he's mine.
Nova's undercover work has led to a discovery of a relationship between the Marcy Killers and Congressman Leon Kilbride.
So your father was shot by his partner? Yeah, to cover up a dirty shooting.
How's your search for the truth going? Long, complicated, painful.
All right, so what is it this time? Well, I wanna talk to you about your guns.
What guns? You know that time when I walked in on you, and you were filing off the serial number to one of 'em? Filing? I never filed numbers off guns ever.
I saw you, Gus.
Well, you either have a bad memory, or you're a liar, son.
Yeah, I thought you'd say that.
But these here prove that you're the liar, Gus.
What's that? These are slugs that I pulled out of that tree that we used to do target practice on with that pearl-handled .
38 of yours.
You remember when I was a kid? You dug them out of the freakin' tree? Yeah, and they're a match to you and to that gun that you shot my father in the leg with and then planted to frame that innocent kid.
And your father got a Combat Cross for that.
So what? You framed an innocent kid, Gus.
If your dad could hear this he'd be sick.
If my father were here, I'd be telling him the same thing I'm telling you.
Huh? What, now you're on some sort of mission? No mission.
I'm just doing my job, Gus.
- Donnelly.
- Frank? Hey, how you doin'? Something you need to know about Elliot Stabler.
What's that? He's not one of us.
Your partner's undercover, Frank.
He's making a book on bad cops.
Don't make me say it again.
Watch your back.
All right, prima donna, here is your coffee.
Ah, you know what, hon? I'm not gonna have time for breakfast now.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- Who called? - Ah, this guy, you know, from downtown.
We're still leaving tonight, right? I mean, I'm all packed.
I got the baby almost all packed.
Belize or bust.
You know what? I got a couple loose ends I just need to tie up, so maybe better off if we just push till tomorrow morning, right? Frank.
Couple small things.
Love you.
What the hell is going on? Stabler's undercover.
No, wait, what? What are you talking about? He's been investigating the Brotherhood for the IAB and the OC Task Force since the beginning.
The lying prick is gonna burn us all.
So what do we do about it? I think we do what we always do with a rat.
Exterminate 'em.
Hey, what's up? Hey.
Stabler just the guy I'm looking for.
Everyone's got attitude today.
- What's going on? - Eh, don't worry about it.
They wake up pissed off, and it's all downhill from there.
C'mon, I wanna talk to you.
Got one of my contacts hunting for Webb, so we should have something on him soon.
All right, good.
Just want you to know, we're gonna find a new deal with him.
- I know, I know.
- Okay, all right.
How's this been for you, this whole experience? What, the 3-7, or the other thing? The other thing.
You know, good people, great money.
- Yeah.
- What more could you ask for? Not much.
I trusted you with the thing that is closest to my heart.
- Well, besides your family.
- Yeah, but I mean, I kind of entrusted them to you, too, right? Yeah.
Yeah, gonna miss you, Stabler.
And the Brotherhood, but mostly you.
We'll see each other, man.
Eh, it won't be the same, you know? Frank, everything's gonna be all right.
Ever thought about what you're gonna do, like, when all this is over? Not really.
You should.
'Cause the end sneaks up on you.
Hey, Ayanna, it's me.
I just had an interesting conversation with Donnelly.
What'd he say? It's not what he said.
It's how he said it.
What do you mean? He's cagey even for Donnelly.
But he said that he would help look for Webb.
I think I'm gonna take him up on that offer.
All right.
Stay close.
As soon as we have something, be ready to move.
- Yep.
- In the meantime, the judge just signed a warrant on Kilbride.
I'm about to take him down.
Been working hard on that.
Congrats and good luck.
Tell me you know something.
Our people are out looking.
Hugo's checked all the safe houses.
I'm calling every single one of his numbers.
So far, nothing.
Well, look, he knows the police - are looking for him, right? - Yes.
So maybe he's just being smart.
Maybe he's just laying low until the heat blows over.
It'd be a good strategy.
- I know he'll reach out to you.
- Wait, me? Yes it would be too dangerous to try to contact me, and you're his VP.
You're his most trusted employee.
He loves you, Nova.
I love him too.
I mean, you've become like family to the both of us.
When Preston contacts you, you tell him to meet me at the Gowanus Canal.
He'll know what that means.
Can you do that? Of course.
And as soon as he reaches out to you, you call me so I'll know when.
Yes, I'll call you right away, but But what? What if he doesn't call? He will.
He would never leave his daughter without a father.
He loves her too much.
We need to see Congressman Kilbride.
Ladies and gentlemen, this firm is under investigation by the Organized Crime Task Force and agents of the federal government.
These offices are shut down until further notice.
Have you take a seat for me, please.
We have a warrant.
Ma'am, put that down, please.
What's this about? Congressman Leon Kilbride, you are under arrest for bribery, money laundering, and racketeering.
Cuff him.
Ayanna Ayanna, tell me this is not happening.
Denise, I warned you.
Look, I told you to look for work elsewhere.
Babe, look, I'm just trying to do my job.
I hope you're happy.
I'm sorry.
What's up? Hey, got a location on Webb.
- Where? - This house up in Harlem is under construction, and I guess some drug dealers and squatters are using it as a motel.
He's hiding out there.
Where are you getting your intel from? From this CI I saved from a five-year bit at Rikers.
He owed me, so I'm gonna call the guys for backup.
What's the address? 130th between Fifth and Lenox.
All right, I'll see you there.
- Hey.
- Donnelly has a lead on where Webb is.
I'll text you the address.
All right, copy that.
Do not go in until we arrive.
I'll see you there.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Where's everyone? - On their way.
Webb inside? Nobody's come in or out, but I know the lying bastard's in there.
We'll wait for backup.
I told you they're coming.
C'mon, let's take him down.
When you say take him down, you mean we're gonna arrest him? Yeah.
Come on.
I didn't wanna do this, man.
Stabler! Hey, Stabler.
Hey, talk to me.
Where are you hit? Okay.
Thank God.
I feel like I've been trampled by an elephant.
What happened? Who shot you? Parnell.
Webb? There is no Webb.
Donnelly set me up.
That means you're blown.
All right, we gotta get you the hell out of here right now.
No, wait a minute.
They think I'm dead.
They think I'm dead.
You're right.
We can use that.
Yeah, I'll put it out on the radio buy you some time.
Never see a dead man coming for 'em.
So any news? No updates since the distress call.
There's no way he made it.
They probably took him to Morningside.
It's close and they got that new trauma unit.
I'll call over there and find something out.
Wait, no, no, no.
No, leave it alone.
So what's our next move? Our next move is no move, all right? We lay low.
No phone calls, no texts, nothing, all right? - We clear? - Yeah, boss.
Hey, easy, man.
I'm a cop.
So am I.
That's for the three shots that I took.
You're gonna tell me where Donnelly and Bolton are.
I got nothing for you.
20 feet south of McCutcheon's.
I got a little present for you.
He's handcuffed to a fence.
You'll be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life, Stabler! Date's over.
What the hell? Over here.
Good cops will be here in two minutes to pick your ass up.
Hey, this is Stabler.
Bolton's at 125 North Avenue.
All right, we rounded up the entire Brotherhood.
Anyone talking? You know they'd take a bullet before they turn in Donnelly.
- Where's Stabler? - At Donnelly's house trying to get intel from Bridget.
Hey, I just got a hit on Webb.
I loaded his image into the NYPD surveillance cam network, and I think we got him for sure this time.
Facial rec's a match.
This is in West Brooklyn, and a John Doe just turned up a block away African American male, mid-50s.
Where? Gowanus Canal.
Stabler, what is going on? What do you mean? What happened to Frank? I don't know.
That's what I came to ask you.
- Okay.
- Hi.
- Oh, God.
- All right.
Come in.
Come in.
Oh, God.
I haven't heard from him.
He left last night.
No phone call, no nothing.
You know, this isn't like him.
Hey, come on.
He tell you where he was going? I don't know, he said he had to, um, he had to take care of a few things.
You guys going somewhere? He didn't tell you? I mean, that's what I'm saying.
He's not telling anybody anything.
I'm worried about the guy.
The only thing I know is that he got a phone call the other day, and ever since then, his whole demeanor has changed.
I did not sign up for this.
Someone has to tell me something, okay? I have a baby.
We're supposed to be going to Belize.
We're supposed to get a fresh start.
- You have to help me.
- I'll help you.
I'll help you.
I'll help you.
So who called? - I don't know.
- Okay, okay.
You gotta find him.
I'll find him.
I can't live without him, Elliot.
Yeah? We found Preston Webb.
- Where? - In the Gowanus Canal.
He's dead.
Frank Donnelly? Yeah.
Don't be a hero, pal.
Just wanted to let you know, Detective.
You don't wanna go down Atlantic.
Take Springfield and stay on residential streets, and, uh, you might wanna switch cars.
Thanks, brother.
Where are we on the Webbs' financials? I'm knocking down firewalls, tracing offshores and wire transfers from account to account literally all over the planet.
Right now I'm focusing on transfers to an account in Italy.
All right, well, whatever you can find on Cassandra, let me know.
Oh, my God.
What? Preston Webb didn't put out the hit on Stabler.
Then who did? May I have a moment alone, please? Of course.
Cassandra Webb, you're under arrest.
For what? For the murder of your husband, Preston Webb.
I didn't kill my husband.
And the solicitation of murder of a sworn officer of the NYPD, Detective Elliot Stabler.
We know you hired Belladonna.
That's absurd.
Turn around.
Why don't you read me my rights while I say goodbye to my husband? Sure.
You have the right to remain silent.
Everything you say can Don't worry, baby.
Mama will take care of everything just like always.
If you can't afford one, one will be provided for you.
- Yeah, Jet.
- Sarge wants an update.
I'm tailing Bridget.
I still think that she and the baby are the bait that's gonna lure Donnelly out.
- How 'bout on your end? - Donnelly's still under the radar.
Where are you? Outside a medical building.
She and the baby went in about 20 minutes ago.
Uh, yeah, I got your medical building - pediatrician appointment? - Yeah, I guess, or OB-GYN.
Wait, there's no pediatrician in that building.
So what's in the building? Infectious Diseases, Immunization Specialists, Travel Medicine.
Travel Medicine? I'll get back to you.
Get out of the car, Frank! You son of a bitch.
Frank told me.
You came into our lives pretending to be a friend, a brother! You practically delivered my baby! He's named after you, Elliot! He has your freaking name! The whole time you were sneaking around our backs, selling us out to whoever the hell you work for, for what? Huh? So you can be all righteous like nobody's better than you? You know who's better than you? Frank Donnelly! Do not go after him.
Please, Elliot! Elliot! Do not! Do not go Elliot! - What the hell you doin'? - Come on.
Donnelly's running.
I'm in pursuit.
We'll send backup to intercept.
Not yet.
Have Jet GPS me.
I'll radio when I have him.
Stabler! Track him.
That blue blip will not leave my sight.
Frank! It's over, Frank! Take a look around.
It's the end of the line.
Let me take you in, Frank.
Take me in for what, an ice cream cone? No way.
Didn't want it to end this way, man.
Yeah? How'd you think it was gonna end? Let me ask you something, Stabler.
Why? I had to.
I took an oath.
- So did I.
- No, you didn't.
You took two, Frank one, when you became a cop, and the second, when you stopped being one.
Ah nobody cares about cops except other cops.
I told you that.
We're all we have.
You're right.
You threw that all away.
I gave you something I never gave anybody else, okay? I let you into my family.
I named one of my kids after you.
I set you and your family up for life! You threw that all away! Frank, you were a good cop.
You were a decorated officer.
You took a wrong turn.
Yeah, so now what? You're gonna make an example out of me, huh? Put me away for 99 plus 1? Nah.
I can't live like that.
I gotta take you in, Frank.
No, you don't.
Frank You broke my heart, pal.
Frank! Hey! Yeah, Sarge? Hey, you sitting down? Eh, close enough.
What's up? They're giving you the Combat Cross.
Stabler, you still there? Yeah, I'm still here.
I don't want the Combat Cross.
It doesn't matter if you don't want it.
They want it.
It's happening.
You have no choice.
What if I just don't show up? When has that worked out for anybody ever in life? I don't know, man.
It's hard for me.
Look, Elliot, it'll be a small ceremony.
I know.
I know.
I know.
Just be me and my family and the ghost of my father.
Yeah, well, whether your father is let in will be up to you.
Okay, thanks.
The Combat Cross is awarded to officers who perform acts of extraordinary heroism, engaging an armed adversary under imminent hazard to life.
Detective Stabler came under fire in the line of duty while conducting a joint investigation into two criminal organizations: the Marcy Killers Members of our own 3-7 Precinct who called themselves the Brotherhood.
It means a lot.
Detective Elliot Stabler.
You performed above and beyond the call of duty.
Your selfless conduct is exemplary of valor and heroism, and you're a credit to the department and to the shield.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you, sir.
- Glad you came.
- Glad you came.
Baby Thank you.
Serrano? - Mm-hmm.
- I'm Detective Elliot Stabler.
Do you have a second? It's about your son.
Yes, I do.
My father was a police officer, Joseph Stabler.
He and his partner framed your son for a crime he didn't commit.
Let's talk.
Babe? "Ayanna, this isn't working for either of us.
I need time to figure it out.
I took Jack.
" So how long you staying? Might be for good.
What about your job? I turned in my badge.
My work is done.
I just got an alert.
Cassandra Webb's charges have been reduced.
Reduced how? She's no longer a person of interest in Preston's murder.
Could've been anyone, I guess.
Yeah, I guess so.
Mama, I told you to give me a few days before you and Eli came home.
I know what you told me.
Are you just not gonna listen? You're gonna do whatever you want? Apparently.
What the hell went on here? I had a disagreement with someone.
Well, that's some disagreement.
How's your arm? Ah, you know, I tripped and sprained it, and the doctors put all this damn dressing on it.
I think that makes 'em feel like they've done something.
Who's who's Frank Donnelly? Why would you ask me that? Oh, I heard Ayanna talking about him in the restaurant.
Who is he? A friend.
He was a friend and a cop a very good cop and a corrupt one, and he killed himself, leaving behind a wife and little baby.
And, uh, I feel responsible in some way.
And that's why they gave you the medal? Yeah.
Oh, honey.
You know, life is so damn complicated messy the choices we make and the reason why we make 'em I know.
Well, it hasn't changed much in 40-odd years.
They're really very beautiful medals.
Now you know the price.

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