Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s03e06 Episode Script

Blaze of Glory

In the nation's largest city,
the vicious and violent
members of the underworld
are hunted by the detectives
of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
On the floor, now!
We've got some gangsters
who are posing as cops.
No! Get off him!
Vaughn, what are you doing?
So robbing, raping, and now murder.
Police! Don't move!
It's Dante.
We were in the same foster home.
- We were brothers.
- Who's the white kid?
Vaughn Davis.
What happened in that house,
I think it's why he's doing this.
What happened in that house?
All right, I need tight
groups, head on a swivel.
His crew has a lot of firepower.
Captain, on your mark.
10-4. Moving to positions.
On my signal.
Go, go, go!
Two up! On the left!
We have a warrant!
Two, right!
Room clear, room clear!
Back is clear!
Show me what you got, guys.
Come on, guys.
Hey, put your hands up, Ray.
Come on, is this all you got?
Come on, show me something.
Come on, Vaughn.
You got to hit him! Let's go!
Hit him!
You okay?
Graceland for dirtbags.
Thank you, Captain.
We'll take it from here.
Aren't you supposed to
answer "Detective Reyes?"
That has such a nice ring to it.
It's nice to see you again, Little Ray.
Sorry I'm not home.
Where are you?
I'm with you in spirit.
Dante gave you up,
and I'm pretty sure the rest will too.
It's only a matter of time.
Times have changed, my man.
The crew I have now is tight,
and we're gonna turn up the heat.
What do you mean by turning up the heat?
I got all the money I need now,
enough to last a lifetime.
So what's next ain't about getting paid.
It's personal.
Because it's about payback,
especially to that bald
pig that shot Dante.
You mean me? You want to meet me? Where?
Just tell me where.
We don't have to meet
because I'm gonna take
care of this right now.
You come after my brothers,
I come after yours.
And I don't stop.
Time to start killing cops.
Everybody out.
- Everybody out! Out, now!
- Let's go!
- Let's go! Come on!
- Get out of here!
All teams move out now!
Where's Jet?
- Jet!
- Move! Let's move!
Come on.
Go! Let's go! Get out of here!
You okay?
Must not have wired it right.
No, he was watching us.
He knew we were gonna make it outside.
- The car!
- Oh!
Everyone all right? You all right?
Hey, get the bomb squad back in there
to check for secondary
devices and call FD.
- What's in your hand?
- Camera from the chandelier.
We'll get better tracing
data from orders to providers
if I can find out who bought it.
You stayed in there with a
ticking bomb to grab that?
Get Vaughn's photo out
to the state police.
If it's all right, I'd like
to get back to the hospital,
see if I can get anything
outside of Dante now.
You think he set us up?
Look, any information
you get from him now,
the DA is gonna say it's biased
because of your relationship.
Let Stabler do it.
With all due respect, he
was able to get the address,
but Dante will tell me things
he won't tell anyone else.
But what good is it if
we can't use it in court?
You really think you can get more
information out of him than I can?
I do.
Your call.
All right, if he can help
us catch a cop killer,
then I'll just deal with the DA later.
We got to alert the captain.
Vaughn shows his face between
here and Florida, we'll get him.
Yeah, I think you're right.
Let's head back to the city.
- I'll call Lillian.
- All right.
Hey, hey. You good?
- I'm fine.
- Good. Hey, gutsy move.
Thank you.
- Don't ever do it again.
- Okay.
There's no going back now.
We are at war.
You sure you really want to do this?
After all the cops done to me?
Hell yeah.
It's about damn time.
They deserve everything
that's coming now.
Man, I told your partners
everything I know.
Look, I'm gonna be real with you.
There was a bomb at the house.
A bomb?
Yeah, and when we arrived,
Vaughn detonated it.
So if you sent us there knowing
I didn't know anything about a bomb.
Look, I was trying to help.
Is everyone okay?
We got real lucky.
You need to know that I haven't
spoken to Vaughn in years,
not until right before I got out.
And I didn't know he
was rolling like that
till I got to his crib.
Look, B, I know it's messed up.
But you know I'm not down
with that violence at all.
- But
- You were brothers.
So you had to go along with it?
Isn't that how it's always been?
Vaughn wants to kill cops now.
Work with me to find him,
and I'll do all I can
to make sure you good
when you get out of here.
It's like back in the day, right?
Get over here.
Let me out!
Stop! Stop!
Let go!
Shut up.
Let go of me!
We're done.
We've been done.
Vaughn wants to kill cops now?
What makes you so sure?
He tried to blow us up.
He was on the phone before it happened.
We heard him say it.
Anyone get it on tape?
- No.
- Tape?
I mean, I can put out a
department-wide warning,
but maybe Vaughn was
just interested in you.
You did kill one of
his crew members, right?
No, I actually shot one of his crew,
but I arrested two of
them, so maybe Vaughn
has something out for me.
But he did try to blow up a number
of law enforcement
officers in the house.
Now, to me, that's a problem.
I also think he has a
connection in the department.
I mean, the tactical
gear what is that?
- Elliot.
- No, no, what's going on?
Why is it every time a
cop is either in trouble
or being investigated in
the city, you're involved?
Even when we know it's a bad guy,
you still look at this
department for suspects.
I'm looking for leads.
You want a lead, well, figure this out.
How's it gonna go over once
we tell every man and woman
with a shield that Elliot Stabler
thinks they're targets now?
I don't give a damn what they think.
I'm just trying to do
the right thing here.
- What he's trying to say is
- Look, I know what he meant.
I'm gonna run this up
the chain on my end.
But my gut is telling
me we need to keep this
at a whisper right now.
And if you need more resources
to help you find this guy,
just give us a call,
especially if you're not getting
the help you need right now.
I can manage him.
You really shouldn't have
backed me up like that.
I mean, people are gonna
start to think that you care.
We got what we wanted.
Jet, got a theory.
I need your help.
Vaughn's got a connection
to the department.
That's how he gets his
uniform, shields, whatever.
I just need you to dig into his record.
You know, maybe he
got busted, turned CI,
and used that pull in
order to get supplies
from someone on the job.
Got it?
All right, you and me. Let's roll.
Where we headed?
Great, love it.
You get anything?
Vaughn's call at the house
didn't last long enough to trace.
Camera came from Amazon,
shipped to a PO box, unregistered.
Okay, what are you saying?
That I almost died for nothing.
I don't have time for this.
I'm already late for a bail hearing.
We've got a crew out
there targeting cops,
so we don't have much time, either.
You got one minute.
Your client, Manny,
is part of this gang.
Well, we'd like to have him on board.
Now, we've got another
gang member, Dante.
And if we get information from
him first, then all bets are off.
Just get us a name, address,
somewhere we can get Vaughn.
As I said before, my
client Manny does not know
this Vaughn person from the foster home.
Well, your client left
his DNA at a crime scene
where a young woman was murdered.
He's also a member of
this crew that attempted
to blow up a dozen cops.
Now, I don't need to tell you,
if he doesn't work with us,
he's gonna be an accessory to all that.
Then offer me something.
Or what am I supposed
to do tell my client
you asked nicely, so
cough up some information?
And we're waiting for an
offer from the DA's office.
But in the meantime
If time is that important,
I'll expect something big
for my client in return.
Good luck, Detectives.
Who sets their alarm for one minute?
She does.
Any luck?
Dante was a bust.
Well, Manny's lawyer claims that
he doesn't know anything about
Vaughn in any foster home.
We know that's not the truth.
How do you know that?
When the sarge and I
went there the other day,
we spoke with Leonard, and he
definitely knew who Manny was.
- Leonard was still there?
- Yeah, he was hey.
And there were kids inside?
Stabler, were there kids inside?
I need you to just call Jet and see how
my theory's working out there.
Hey, Reyes.
Sorry, I got another call.
Let me take this, and I'll
meet you back at the office.
- Cool?
- Yeah, yeah.
I'm telling you, the kid's like Jeter.
Same stance, same bad speed.
He's got a future.
Eddie, he's seven. It's tee ball.
Greatness starts when it starts, bro.
Excuse me, Officer.
Shots fired! Shots fired!
What do we know?
It was a straight-up ambush, black van.
- Didn't get a plate number.
- Everyone okay?
Yeah, the officers took a couple rounds,
but thank God for their vests.
Hey, just to confirm, you said you saw
three individuals in the car?
At least. It happened so fast.
Are there cameras on the street?
Yeah, where are we with the cameras?
Uniforms are going business to business,
see if any security cameras
were facing this direction.
You'll never guess what we
found littering the crime scene.
Well, based on your tone,
I'm assuming MAC-10 shell casings.
Yeah, littered all over the place.
So this was Vaughn's crew.
Yeah, hey
Sarge, can I give you a call back?
Yeah, go.
Jet, what's up?
You should have me investigate
your theories more often.
Well, thanks. What do you have?
Vaughn was in the police
academy just over a year ago.
- New York?
- Yeah, but he got kicked out.
Evidently, there was some drama involved
because his record was sealed.
What's that mean, drama?
What kind of drama?
I think that's where you take over.
Copy, thanks.
What's up?
Name's Bobby. I was looking
for Leonard. Is he home?
What's your name?
You need to leave
before I call the cops.
Already here.
Mind if I come in?
I told you, Leonard's not home.
Know when he'll be back?
Who's this?
He's just sleeping.
Where'd he get these?
Do you have them, too?
Those are cigarette burns.
You want to know how I know?
'Cause I have them too.
Did Leonard do this to you?
Has he hurt you in any way?
Does he touch you when
you don't want him to?
Hey, you're not in any trouble.
I'm gonna help you.
Okay, I got some friends coming
from the department right now.
He will never touch you like
that ever again, I promise.
Hey, hey, you okay?
Those guys in the ambush,
they're doing okay?
They're shook up, but they're fine.
You know, we train them for so much,
but you can never prepare
them for psychopaths like that.
You know, the way things are now,
it wasn't like that
when I first started.
I mean, you got to understand that.
Well, you know, bad
guys are still bad guys.
But I hear what you're saying.
I pulled his sleeve when you
talked to me on the phone,
but I can tell you
everything you need to know.
What do you got?
Vaughn, cocky, lazy.
Enjoyed the idea of having a shield
but not necessarily working to earn it.
And I'm seeing that
more and more these days,
these millennials or
whatever you call them,
Gen Z. Proud card-carrying member.
So Vaughn had an attitude problem.
Yeah. I run a tight ship here.
You get out of line,
you're gonna get corrected,
first by your superior, then me,
and then your classmates.
Corrected how?
It starts with a talking
to and then a write-up.
And I heard a rumor about a
Brillo bath in extreme cases.
A classmate isn't pulling his weight,
the other classmates
lure him into the showers,
and they scrub him down with Brillos.
You know, sends a message.
I heard the higher ups
shut that down years ago.
Officially, they did.
But unofficially, it
still goes on, right?
And not without your permission?
Vaughn was a problem
that we couldn't correct.
When he found out he was
gonna get kicked out, he quit.
And he promised that we all
were gonna be sorry someday.
What about classmates of his?
Anyone he's still in contact with,
someone in the department now?
Nah, he became a pariah
after the Brillo incident.
But there was one guy
that he was tight with,
and then he dropped out afterwards.
Fink, that's his name
- Paul Fink.
- Can you pull his file?
What are you looking at over there?
We all over the internet.
Cops are pissed.
- They're coming for us.
- Good.
It's what we want.
Maybe we just lay low for a while.
And what, wait for them to catch us?
All right, what if
Miles and I just lay low?
Look, we want to lay low, all right?
At least just until
Now you can lay low all you want!
What'd he do now?
Who's that?
Paul. That's why you're here, right?
What'd he do now?
That boy's always getting into trouble.
So Paul Fink does live here?
When I let him.
He here now?
He's down at the pool hall,
probably losing money like he does.
Are you gonna tell
me what this is about?
'Cause we got rent due.
And I can't have him go to
prison until he pays his share.
Where's the pool hall?
Hey, where are you?
Oh, yeah, sorry.
I was following up on a
lead, and I didn't want
to check in until I knew more.
Okay, well, if you can't get
it, don't waste your time.
I need you here.
10-4, making it quick.
With the stripes? Okay.
Double or nothing.
- Nah.
- Come on.
Luckiest game of your life, you schmuck!
Looks like he ran the
table on you there, Paul.
That was a lot, huh?
Detective Stabler,
that's Detective Whelan.
Listen, guys, I don't
know what's going on.
Hey, we're just talking. We're just
- Ugh!
- Hey!
You okay?
That was impressive.
Not really. I was aiming for his leg.
Assaulting a police
officer, you know what that's
gonna get you now, right?
I'm gonna mention a name to you.
You help us out, I
forget the whole thing.
Vaughn Davis.
- Vaughn who?
- You know him.
You both washed out of
the academy together.
Paul, the silent treatment is only
gonna get you assault with a
deadly weapon and resisting arrest.
Okay, okay, I know him.
But, like, I don't know him.
I have no idea what that means.
Not a clue.
Paul, we don't know what that means.
You know, they got
cameras in that place.
So maybe a jury says it's not assault.
I'm done talking.
Wait. Let me give it a shot.
- He's done talking.
- Let me give this a shot.
He said he's done talking!
Let me give it a shot, one shot.
One shot, smart guy.
Look, I'm gonna lower
the volume here, okay?
I just have a question I
know you're gonna answer.
And if you do, maybe I can help you out.
On a scale of 1 to 10,
how pissed is Maria,
your girlfriend?
How do you know Maria?
Now, look, we're gonna
book you for assault.
It's gonna happen.
If you give me a name,
a place Vaughn frequents,
someone he rolls with,
I'll smooth it all out
Maria, assault, all of it.
Otherwise, you're on your own.
The person you want to talk to
is a guy named Nate Reynolds.
Him and Vaughn got real
tight after the academy.
I have no idea who you're talking about.
Well, what was your number doing
on our guy, Paul's phone?
What about Vaughn Davis?
Well, that's the guy the Department says
is targeting cops now, right?
Paul thinks that you and Vaughn Davis
were tight once upon a time.
What, me and Vaughn?
I never heard that name till today
when the department
put out the heads-up.
And I don't know who
this Fink guy is, either.
Well, he knows you.
Well, how many dirtbags
know the name of cops, huh?
I mean, it comes with the territory.
Are you really trying to come at me
with your reputation right now?
Let me ask you then.
Who'd you piss off to
ride the desk right now?
Why don't you ask the woke watchdog
committee that dimed me out?
And for what, doing my job.
I got a hearing coming up.
It won't last.
Are we done here?
You think he's lying about Vaughn?
I think he's lying about Vaughn.
You gonna say something?
Nothing to say.
Nobody wants to hear me talking
about dirty cops anymore.
I'll tell you what.
You got a hunch.
Tell me what it is, I
promise you we'll follow it.
- I told you what I think.
- Tell me again.
Reynolds is lying.
So what do you want to do about it?
Whatever it takes.
Ayanna Bell.
Nate Reynolds, narcotics detective.
He's on modified duty riding
a desk out of Brooklyn South.
Mean anything?
No, who is he?
That's what we're trying to find out.
He's got a connection
to a known associate
of Vaughn Davis, and
when we asked Reynolds
about it, he lied to us.
- So what do you want to do?
- Well, everything.
Pull his file, put a tail on
him, check his phone records.
Let me check with IAB first,
make sure he's not on
their radar already.
- And if he isn't?
- Uh, sit tight.
I'ma call you back in five minutes.
What'd she say?
Sit tight.
You have your extra manpower.
Thank you.
You riding with me?
- What?
- Our lunch, remember?
I can't do this lunch right now.
I just got you extra help.
It's one hour. That's all.
Lillian, I can't.
Canceling last minute on top brass
is not a good look, Ayanna.
You know what else isn't a good look?
Letting a cop killer get away.
Okay, so we got the bodies that we need
to hunt down Vaughn's crew.
- I'm putting you at point.
- On it.
All right oh, also,
have you heard from Reyes?
Where the hell is he?
Where are you?
Bell is freaking out.
When do you get back here?
I'm on my way.
Hurry up.
What are we doing?
Going for a little ride.
I doubt that's what Bell
meant by sitting tight.
Is there a problem?
Relax, this is on me.
Get out your phone and record this.
Patience. Patience.
We got him.
He's dropping the gear off for Vaughn.
Right, and?
And he's gonna lead us to Vaughn.
Or that gear will bring Vaughn to us.
I mean, Vaughn is not
coming until Reynolds
gives him the okay, right?
Make a call.
Have someone follow
Reynolds while we wait.
But we're not even supposed to be here.
Better to ask for
forgiveness than permission.
Who is it?
I don't speak
How you doing, Leonard?
What what what is this?
You know who I am?
A cop, I'm hoping?
I don't look familiar?
Oh, my God.
It's so good to see you again.
What are you doing here? What is this?
That was me at the house earlier.
That was you?
Why'd you run?
I don't know what those boys
told you, but they're lying.
They are troubled kids, all of them.
You know, that's funny because
that's what you used to tell us.
You know?
It was all a plan just to keep
us weak so we wouldn't fight back.
You mean the roughhousing?
Oh, come on.
You were boys.
You needed to get that energy out.
Are you still upset about that?
That's not what I'm talking about!
Does it look like that's
what I'm talking about?
I'm not talking about that
or the burns or the alcohol.
I'm talking about what you
did to us behind closed doors.
Don't you
please, just don't deny it.
Are you sure?
I mean, that's just what
Vaughn, Dante, Manny,
that's what they told you.
I mean, you didn't see it.
Do you know it's true?
Because I never did
anything to you, did I?
Why not?
Why not what?
Why didn't you do anything to me?
Was there something wrong with me?
No, you were perfect.
It's perfect little angel.
I would never want to hurt you.
Boys come to me broken.
I just try my best to
provide comfort, a home.
You destroyed them.
You keep destroying them.
It has to stop.
it's just gonna be my
word against theirs.
A caring man who gives up
his home and time and money
to raise children no one wants.
Is anyone besides you
gonna really believe
I'm guilty of anything?
You're right.
They probably won't
believe me or those boys.
You're going to work with me.
I see you and Vaughn are tight,
much more than you let on.
So we'll start there.
Now, according to Detective Stabler,
you assaulted him with a deadly weapon.
He said that?
Attempted murder of a cop.
Now, that's some serious time.
Tell me what you know about Vaughn Davis
and where he is, and I
may be able to help you.
I already gave you Reynolds.
And I'm so appreciative of that.
But this is extra
credit, so think harder.
Or I'm gonna find a special seat
for you on the bus to Rikers.
It's your choice.
Vaughn has this place he goes to.
An old rundown apartment.
He meets someone there
from time to time.
- Who?
- Some creepy old dude.
I don't know, I guess he's
known him since he was a kid.
Always weirded me out.
I think they got some funny
stuff going on between them.
What funny stuff?
You know, like that stuff.
Where is this apartment?
Is that Vaughn? I can't tell.
Let's find out.
Open the door slowly.
Show me your hands.
Show me your hands!
Slowly! Hands! Hands!
One foot at a time.
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car.
What did I do?
Get out.
Don't move.
Am I under arrest?
Who are you?
I'm Harrison.
What are you doing here?
Some guy just paid me 300
bucks to just park here.
- I didn't do anything wrong, did I?
- Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Who?
What did he look like?
Uh, about my size.
He walked into the arcade.
Asked me if I wanted to make 300 bucks.
I think we found Vaughn.
On the count of three, you ready?
- Yeah.
- One, two, three.
10-85, shots fired
at 10th and Prospect,
require immediate backup.
Active shooter.
Split up?
Cover me.
- You set?
- Yeah.
You hit?
I'm good. I'm good.
You see him?
Reynolds, I need help.
Well, you better get here
because if they get me,
I'm giving you up.
It's Bell. Are you here?
I'm sorry. I went off grid.
I had to find him.
He couldn't hurt any
more boys like that.
I'm gonna make sure he
doesn't hurt anyone else.
Go ahead and tell her what you told me.
About Vaughn.
Vaughn still comes here,
so they could be alone.
Do you know where Vaughn is now?
The last time we spoke,
he told me he was gonna
go out in a blaze of glory.
- What took so long?
- On the ground!
- On the ground!
- Get on the ground!
- Ground!
- On the ground!
- Ground!
- On the ground now!
Don't move, don't move!
- Got him?
- Got him.
Oh, look at this.
Of course this dirtbag
has one of our vests.
A good cop always wears the vest, right?
What would you know about that?
You're no cop. You washed out, right?
- I would have made a good cop.
- Uh-huh.
- Just like you.
- Yeah.
Did Reynolds rat me out?
He didn't have to.
Yeah, no, when we picked up Reynolds,
we also picked up his phone.
- Do me a favor, all right?
- No.
Tell Ray he was the lucky one, okay?
He was the lucky one.
Hey, your sergeant called me.
She was worried about you. Are you okay?
How'd you know I was
coming to the hospital?
Well, she told me about Leonard.
And you weren't answering your phone.
And I knew you would want to tell Dante.
Hey, I know what this all means to you.
Yeah, but I got to tell him.
I got to be the one to do it.
I mean, Leonard will
never hurt another boy
like he did ever again.
You want to wait out here, or
Bobby, Dante's not in there.
What, they put him in ICU?
I mean, where is he? That's great.
No, I guess Dante got a
blood clot during surgery,
and they didn't see it right away.
And it traveled to his head, and
He didn't make it.
He's dead, Bobby.
I didn't get to tell him.
I didn't get to tell him.
It's okay.
It's okay. He knows.
I didn't get to tell him.
Hey, I was just about to leave.
You get my text?
They processed Vaughn,
and they found the van.
Good work today.
You know who was good? Whelan.
Couldn't have done it without him.
So what are we drinking?
For emergencies.
Not even opened.
I just don't feel much
like going to a bar tonight.
To good cops.
The best.
Detective Stabler.
Detective, sorry for the late call,
but I didn't know where else to turn.
I have some very important
information to share.
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