Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s03e07 Episode Script

All That Glitters

In the nation's largest city,
the vicious and violent
members of the underworld
are hunted by the detectives
of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
We all know that Henry's death
Paved the way for your
casino to move forward.
Did you have anything to do with this?
I would never do anything
that would jeopardize your trust in me.
You know how your husband and
his family run their business.
Are you asking me to spy
on my family, take me down?
To help you see things.
I have some very important
information to share.
You kidding? I'm excited.
Good. Me too.
Oh, look, how beautiful.
Not as beautiful as you.
You know, it just warms my heart
to see two people in love.
Looking for a special occasion?
Uh, we're we're getting married.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
I'm Kevin, this is
Amy. What's your name?
- I'm Jay.
- Jay.
Jay will be our first point of contact.
Solid tip from a CI puts Jay's store
at ground zero of our
operation this afternoon.
Means we need eyes on the inside,
and that'll come from a young couple.
How'd you two meet?
Uh, I have this pug,
Louie, and I take him
to the dog park every day.
And Kevin was kind of just always there.
Only, um, he didn't have a dog.
It actually took him a while
to work up the courage to ask me out.
I guess I took pity on him.
That's adorable.
So is there anything in
particular you're looking for?
Person we're really looking
for is Mikeal Abramov,
Israeli national, based in Europe.
His international crime syndicate
has been on the NYPD's radar for months.
I'm talking drugs,
guns, human trafficking,
all bankrolled by gold
he smuggles in from Sudan.
Once he gets the gold to
the States, he melts it down,
he makes jewelry out of it,
and he sells it to local businesses
like Jay's at 80¢ on the dollar.
- So he's laundering the gold?
- Yeah.
And then he takes that
money and he launders it
through his other businesses.
We shut off the gold valve, the guns,
drugs, human trafficking, all dries up.
When's the wedding?
Oh, we're still deciding.
Yeah, her, uh, her parents
don't want to contribute, so.
Maybe if you would ask for that raise,
they wouldn't have to contribute.
You're really gonna bring
that up again, are you?
That's really cute.
They're having their first fight.
Wait till they have kids.
Leader, I got a subject
fitting the description
of a courier carrying a duffel.
Yep, that's definitely her.
I'm alerting the happy couple.
Could you excuse me for a moment?
She called him Elliot, bro.
- So maybe she's Vice.
- Nah.
She reeks federal.
Possibly a foreign agency.
You're both wrong.
Tia is actually Alice George,
a CPA from Long Island,
unmarried and looking
for her next adventure.
So mystery solved.
So she didn't tell you
she was coming to town?
What, working the same case?
I would have told you
that, but, you know.
Undercover work, that's
her specialty, so.
What was your relationship
like with her in Italy?
Oh, I've never seen that face before.
Sorry about that.
What did I miss?
Detective Stabler was
telling me about the work
you guys did together overseas.
Oh, boy.
I hope you didn't tell her the truth.
Agent Leonetti and I worked a number
of high profile racketeering cases
and we had some big busts.
When I let him tag along.
It's good to see you again.
It's nice to see you, Tia.
Agent Leonetti, it's usual
courtesy for an outside agency
to check in locally
so that we don't have
confusion like we had earlier.
I know, and I'm sorry.
My office will transfer the case files
so you can see what we managed
to get on Abramov so far.
I was just having to move so fast
after we learned he was in town.
Abramov is here?
My ROS unit received reliable intel
that Abramov is coming
to town for 48 hours
to reset some pipelines
and receive a big shipment.
If we can catch him with that gold,
it's silly not to combine
resources on this, right?
Sorry to interrupt.
Jay's in the chair right now,
so whoever wants first crack.
Thank you very much.
We'll be right there.
You ready?
Joint operation with a foreign agent?
There's gonna be rules.
I have to get this cleared first.
She can watch.
This is my case.
Look, you're in New York.
It's our case.
But if you behave yourself,
I'll see if you can tag along.
Hey, great job in the store today.
I do hope you and Jet make up.
- Italian police.
- I knew it!
Well, since you're the one
who set up the deal with him,
anything you wanna tell me?
Yes. I'm going in there with you.
Tia, you're not.
Who is this new Elliot
following all these rules?
This is not the cop I remember.
Same cop, different rules.
You're really gonna make me watch?
You can hold this too.
Well, at least put on a good show.
Hey, Jay.
Should I get a lawyer?
Are you asking my advice?
Have a seat.
I've never been arrested before.
Well, I got to tell you,
from where I'm standing,
you seem to be holding up pretty well.
But if you want a lawyer,
then I'll get you a lawyer.
I just hope he's not very good.
Why shouldn't he be a good lawyer?
Well, if he's good, he'll
probably get you bail,
and that's gonna be awful for you.
Why would that be awful?
Well, Abramov has to know
you're in custody, right?
The chance that no one
noticed the police foot chase
in front of your store
in broad daylight,
didn't alert him?
Nah, he's got to know,
especially with him being in town.
Abramov is here?
Yeah, I mean, how do you
think he's gonna react?
Gold is gone.
We're not giving back that money.
I just buy the jewelry
from his couriers.
I don't know where it comes from.
No, Jay.
Let's not do that.
Why do you think we
were in your store today?
Because we got a court
order to tap your phones,
and we had an informant,
former coworker.
They told us everything
that you were doing.
Was it Sarah? Janet?
I'm not at liberty to say.
But look, you're asking my advice
Give me names.
Or hope that if you get out,
we get to Abramov before he gets to you.
So how'd I do?
Who was it?
Sarah or Janet?
Neither. I didn't have an informant.
Let's go, ladies!
And no bathroom breaks today.
I didn't know you were coming.
Because I didn't want you to know.
Just like you didn't want me to know
you've been skimming off the top here.
What? No.
- I haven't been skimming. I
- Hey, hey.
I have my eyes here,
and I make them tell me everything, hmm?
Now, listen.
You've been a tremendous
asset for me this year,
so perhaps you've always deserved more.
But if you really wanted extra gold,
all you had to do was ask, man.
You can ask me now.
It's okay, don't worry.
Just just be polite.
"I would like "
I would like more.
More what?
You see?
It wasn't that hard, huh?
Okay, give him what he wants.
I didn't take anything.
I didn't take anything!
- I did
- Come on! Move!
Joy, right?
Huh, right?
Thank you, Joy.
Thank you, Joy.
Still in European time?
I'm making coffee.
Oh, great, yeah.
Yeah, email it to me, I'll look it over,
and then we can meet up
Intelligence reports.
Clock is ticking, and I know
you're a workaholic just like me.
Come on in.
Updated intel from the
contacts the jeweler gave us.
- Mm.
- What?
- Nice place.
- Oh, you think?
Mom sleeps there.
She's been on a month-long
tour staying with the grandkids,
and that's Eli's old room.
He's in college now.
- College.
- Oh, so you're a lonely bird.
I'm an empty nester.
I'm an empty nester, yes, I am.
And, uh, how are you adjusting?
You know, I mean, I
don't miss him playing
his music loud at 2:00 a.m.
I meant since, uh, Kathy.
I'm sorry I, uh, I
didn't hear in time and
I know.
And you called, and I got your messages.
Sorry I didn't call back. I
just didn't have the words.
I didn't know what to
Didn't know what to say.
So thank you.
You two were special together.
You're special.
Want some coffee?
- Coffee.
- Cappuccino?
- Coffee.
- Coffee.
So what's, uh, what's the intel there?
Ah, surveillance photos,
a couple of new addresses.
Since we're in a sharin' kind of mood,
do you want to tell me what
you're really doing in the States?
Look, I've been where you are.
Obsessed with a case.
So I know.
I know.
I had him.
Two years ago.
An associate of his came
to see me with information.
I offered protection
to have him testify,
but before it got approved,
Abramov killed the man's
wife and two children.
After that, the whole thing fell apart.
It was my fault.
No. No.
We have 48 hours to catch this monster,
and I'm not leaving without him.
You had my back when I was
over there, I got your back now.
Do you have a plan?
Yes, I do.
No, you don't.
You didn't let me finish.
Setting up a new connection
at Abramov's circle?
No, that is too risky.
Well, it's riskier to just pick him up.
We don't have anything to
charge him with that'll stick
before he leaves the country.
Either we turn someone on the inside,
or we catch him doing something dirty.
What do you propose?
I've spent months working my channels
to get close to his operation, so I know
he always needs new buyers
for his supply chain.
I set up a meet, we expose
him, we take him down, basta.
Well, your face has
been all over the news
after the Brotherhood trial,
so I can't send you inside.
- All right, I mean
- Send me.
Send me.
Can you wire him up,
set up surveillance?
Whatever you need,
including online identity.
Why haven't I heard
back from your office?
Probably time zone difference.
And I know they're swamped.
If we're gonna do this,
we need all hands on deck,
- so get moving. Where's Jamie?
- He's running an errand for me.
He'll be back in 30.
Mrs. Silas.
Detective Whalen.
Excuse me?
Detective Stabler really wanted to come,
but he got caught up in a case,
so he sent me to talk to you.
Well, I was very clear
with him on the phone
that I'm only interested in
his help because I'm sharing
Very sensitive information.
Yeah, he told me everything.
He also told me to tell you that when
you're talking with me,
you're talking to him.
Well, then, Detective Stabler,
I will reach out at a later date.
And I'm very disappointed.
It's about your husband, right?
I got a little back story before I came.
Girl from Queens picks
herself up by the bootstraps,
marries the most eligible
bachelor in New York,
and suddenly realizes what
she's gotten herself into.
Her penthouse becomes a prison.
But it's Teddy who should
be behind bars, isn't it?
Detective Stabler tell you all that?
Am I wrong?
'Cause if I'm wrong, then I'm sorry,
and I'll be happy to relay
your message back to the office.
I have to be very careful.
My husband is a dangerous man.
He had something to do with
Henry's death, didn't he?
Look, we can give you
protection if you need it
I can take care of myself right now.
Here's a thumb drive.
It explains everything
financing, mob connections,
the undocumented labor,
all the way back to Macau.
Oh, and you can tell Detective Stabler
I've been keeping my eyes open.
So I'm Abramov now.
Nice to meet you.
My friend, I am Christos Georgalas.
The pleasure is mine.
I measure a man by what he drinks.
What are you having?
I'm your guest.
Whatever suits you.
I'm almost done setting
up your online profile,
personal history, family,
that sort of thing.
Do you want me to text you the details?
The point is, you knew
she was on a rogue mission.
I knew she was following a lead and late
in reporting to her superior.
She's a good cop. I'll vouch for her.
All right, what's so special about her
that you're willing to
put yourself on the line?
There was a time in Italy that I just
didn't want to do the job anymore.
I was burnt out, and she just
she helped me get my mojo back.
And we got close.
Kathy loved her. Hey, how'd it go?
Fill you in on that later.
- Great suit.
- Thanks. That's all Rocco.
Hey, I got a wedding
coming up, can I get a card?
I'm retired, kid.
This is a favor to Elliot.
Okay, we got ten. You prepared?
Don't I look it?
The most important thing:
don't force the issue.
He may already think
the police is on to him.
All right, we're gonna have ears on you
the whole time, but
if something happens,
what do you say?
Would anyone like dessert?
I forgot to say I'm sorry, by the way.
At the jewelry store.
That thing I said about
your parents not paying.
I was just trying to
ad-lib some character.
- I didn't mind.
- Oh, yeah, you did.
You did.
Look, yesterday was awkward.
Let's just admit it and move on.
My parents didn't pay for my wedding.
Just struck a nerve, that's all.
Wait, you're married?
I was 20.
Huge mistake.
My dad still won't talk to me.
Anyway, we should probably, um
My friend, the beach is a paradise.
When you come to Donousa,
you will be my guest.
The fish, so fresh.
- The women
- Even fresher?
More delicious.
You've been vouched for.
Your business, your father
and uncle started it, right?
That's right, yeah.
And you, London School of Economics,
six years in the Greek
Army, never been married.
- Yeah.
- Christos, I do my homework.
If I may, my father used to say
"In America, the streets
are paved with gold,
but someone has to do the paving."
Your father was a smart man.
You okay?
Isn't she just delicious?
What is your name?
It's Joy. Okay, Joy.
Don't be late tomorrow.
We have a lot to get done, okay?
- So
- Oh!
Sorry, it's just, I told
you, it drives me crazy.
Are we in business?
Uh, maybe.
Probably, yeah.
I'll get back to you about timing.
Why wait?
No time like the present.
Pushing too hard.
But you will have to wait.
We'll be in touch.
You almost got made in there.
I had to take a chance.
You said if we couldn't catch
Abramov doing something dirty,
then we had to have someone
on the inside turn on him.
But there's a girl in there.
Has to be a part of his
jewelry-making operation.
I get her to talk, she's our way in.
Why do you think she's
a part of the operation?
Her hands were green.
If you're iron deficient
and you work with gold,
it stains the skin.
Think you can get her to talk?
I think so.
You have to.
We have no other option.
Yes, I thought that was you.
No. No, no, it's okay, please.
No, don't be afraid.
Can I ask you something?
Do you like your job at the restaurant?
Because I get the sense
that you're a little uneasy
about the whole thing.
I can't talk.
Why? Because of him?
If you're in any
trouble, I can help you.
I'm here with other officers as well.
We know about your boss
and how dangerous he is.
I saw him have a man killed.
Who? Where?
In the factory, where I work.
I don't know his name.
He was the one who made us work all day.
No food.
Not even water.
Can you tell me about this factory?
It's more than just a
jewelry-making factory.
He smuggles girls in to do the work.
They abuse us.
He said if I tell them when
someone was stealing from him,
he would let me work at the restaurant.
Make extra money.
I have a daughter back home.
How many of you are there?
12, sometimes more.
Can you tell me where this factory is?
I can't.
We're blindfolded when they bring us.
Wait. Wait, wait, wait!
Whoa, sorry, sorry, sorry.
I didn't mean to startle you.
I think I can help. Reyes?
Yeah, she's police, don't worry.
It's okay.
Joy, if you can tell me every detail
of that van ride that you remember,
like how long it was,
sounds you heard, smells,
I think that I might be able to help.
Just just start from
the very beginning, okay?
They picked us up from JFK.
We drove for maybe one hour.
We were driving slowly for a long time.
Maybe 10 miles an hour.
When we got there, I
couldn't see anything.
I could only hear the
sound of a foghorn.
I see a sign on the building.
The letters L-I-T-A-N.
There's a Metropolitan
Plastic within the radius.
- Last five letters
- L-I-T-A-N. Yeah.
All right, let's see what's around it.
What else?
There's a property
next to it that's owned
by a holding company,
Monte Cinto Holdings.
Monte Cinto.
ROS intelligence reports.
They mine gold in China,
Russia, and Northeast Africa.
It's a front company.
Which means that's probably where
- they're holding the girls.
- Jet.
Get the address? Already done.
- That was impressive.
- Thank you.
If you're ever thinking of
moving to Italy, come see me.
Team 3, clear.
- Any sign of the women?
- They must have been moved.
It looks like they pulled out, Bell.
All right, all clear.
All clear!
You smell that?
What do you got?
Is that a ?
There's too much
cross-contamination in this place.
I mean, we're printing
around the furnace,
see what we can find, but
they probably used gloves.
All right. Get back in here.
I want you off the streets for now.
- We still don't have anything?
- Nope.
All we can do is tie Abramov
to a building with a skull
in the furnace, which he's gonna claim
he knows nothing about.
A bigger problem is, now
he knows we're on to him,
and he's gonna run. Caspita!
Okay, well, we're still waiting
on dental analysis, so we got that.
What's up, Jet?
Forensic analysis came in.
Particles of gold dust
found in the factory
and on the skull of our John Doe
traced back to a mine
in Abu Hamad, Sudan,
which is in Northeast Africa,
where Monte Cinto has its gold mines.
Well, we know Sudan's
in bed with Abramov.
Maybe that's how he's getting his gold
into the States undetected.
The only way to do that
is to control the flights
from point to point.
Yeah, government security clearance.
Or diplomatic immunity.
Sudanese consulate?
- I'll drive.
- No, no, I'll drive.
This is New York, you're
gonna get us killed.
No, no. You drive too slow.
Well, this time I'll drive faster.
If Abramov tries to fly out on an A1,
he'll be assigned a
diplomatic clearance number.
But then the flight numbers on
the manifest become public record.
No, If he thinks we're on to him,
he's gonna go underground.
It doesn't matter. We're closing in.
We're gonna get him.
I knew you'd never quit.
What, going after Abramov? Hell no.
No, back in Italy, when you
said you were burned out,
but you can never quit.
You were born for this job.
It's what I admire about you.
I don't know Mikeal Abramov at all.
Why would I?
Well, maybe because he smuggles
a lot of gold out of your country
with the help of public officials.
Traces of gold from your region
were found in a murder scene with ties
to a human trafficking
ring that Mr. Abramov runs.
So you think I have
something to do with it.
No, not you personally.
But we have reason to believe
the embassy has been asked
to help in Abramov's travel.
Unknowingly, of course.
So would you like if I
called my prime minister
to ask if that's the case?
If you think it would help.
You went to Queens College?
It's a good school.
I just sent my kid off to Colorado.
What brought you to New York originally?
Yeah, well, you're in the right place.
Look where you are, right?
In a position to help people back home.
That's why I do my job.
I'm trying to help people.
People that are hurt, being exploited.
Mr. Deng, if we don't stop this man,
a lot of people, especially
young women, will suffer.
I understand.
As I'm sure you also understand the risk
I will be taking in providing you
with very sensitive
government information.
Which is why I will
have to ask you to leave.
But if you don't mind, I
would like to exit first.
So you can have time to discuss
where you might need to go next.
Thank you for your help.
It's a flight manifest.
Abramov's flight leaves in 45 minutes.
Let's go.
Five minutes out from
the airport, Sarge.
Where are you?
We should get there at the same time.
Where are we on backup?
HIS and ESU are in transit.
Looks like they're
about four minutes out.
Yeah, we're landing at about 1:00.
No, because we are taking
off earlier, that's why.
You too.
Yes, sir.
There he is.
We have to move. Move, move, move, move.
You said you'd be ready, huh?
Come on. We have to move quicker.
Come on, we don't have time.
Cops, cops! Get your guns!
- Show me your hands!
- Drop your weapon.
Drop your weapon!
Man down!
Hey! Cover me!
No! No, go inside.
Start the engine. Go inside!
Go, go, go.
Take us out of here.
Mikeal Abramov, you're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
If you give up that
right, anything you say can
and will be used against
you in a court of law.
Turn around.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you can't afford one, one
would be appointed for you.
You haven't been answering my texts.
You know I do that when
I'm trying to think.
And what was that precious
mind thinking about today?
- Huh?
- Going away somewhere.
Paris, maybe. Someplace warm.
I love that.
Hey, maybe we can ask my
dad if we can borrow the jet.
He's not gonna mind.
What if we never came back?
To New York?
New York, the casino,
your father, all of it.
- I'm serious.
- Yeah.
We have the money. We can start over
What's going on with you right now?
You never feel that way sometimes?
We are this close to opening
a billion dollar casino
in the greatest city in the world.
No. No.
No, I don't ever feel that way at all.
What, is it that time
of the month for you?
Is that what this is?
Why don't you just take a warm
bath and try to relax, all right?
I know it's a lot of pressure, but
You don't know the
pressure I'm dealing with.
Kind of late for you, isn't it?
You never sleep after a big bust.
Too much adrenaline.
Yeah. Good work today.
You too.
Felt good working as a team again.
So when do you leave?
Are you trying to get rid of me already?
No, I'm
Just worried about you.
And, I mean, I know you got a lot
waiting for you when you go home.
Partly why I don't want to go back.
What's the other part?
I mean, there's still
cleanup work to do here,
so I figured I should stick around.
Make sure you don't
take credit for my work.
You at home right now?
'Cause, uh, I could sure use a drink.
Well, where you at?
I'm outside your door.
Are you going to let me in?
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