Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s03e08 Episode Script

Whipping Post

In the nation's largest city,
the vicious and violent
members of the underworld
are hunted by the detectives
of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
My husband's a dangerous man.
We can give you
protection if you need it.
I can take care of myself right now.
Financing, mob connections.
It explains everything.
Agent Leonetti and I worked a number
of high profile racketeering cases.
It's good to see you again.
It's nice to see you, Tia.
I could sure use a drink.
- Where you at?
- I'm outside your door.
Are you going to let me in?
You opened up an investigation
when I told you to wait.
I will not be undermined. Is that clear?
Very clear.
It's time for everyone to move on.
- End on a high note.
- Wait, end?
Stabler's not a good
alliance for you anymore.
It's time for you to
go to the next level.
Mm. We've been on the Moon.
Mankind has walked on the Moon,
and this is still the cutting edge
of coffee-making? I don't get it.
Some say the Moon landing was
a hoax to spook the Russians.
Yeah, well, some people are morons.
What's up, colleagues?
Moon landing, real or not?
Who says there's even a Moon?
Sergeant Bell.
Oh, no, leave it open.
Around here, a closed
door sends a message.
You're closing the OC Task Force.
Why wasn't I consulted about this?
Because it wasn't your decision.
Ayanna, congratulations.
The commissioner approved your
promotion to deputy inspector.
You have a new desk
waiting for you at 1PP.
You do know what a big deal this is?
What about my detectives?
They'll be reassigned.
I get a say in that.
Of course.
Hey, what about all of our open cases?
I mean, who's gonna handle those?
We'll hand them off.
If you want to be part of
the process, fine by me.
Just don't open any new ones.
So this is a done deal?
Not for at least a week.
What's going on in there?
The end of days.
Good morning.
Do you have any aspirin?
I've got
Advil and
Coconut water. It's my mom's.
That'll do the trick.
You want some toast?
Was the couch okay?
The couch?
- The couch.
- Yeah.
I sleep there all the time.
That's fine, that's fine.
- Coffee?
- Espresso.
There you go.
I've never had this
much Grappa in my life.
I'm Italian, and I'll never
drink Grappa again ever.
- Well
- That's how much I had.
We're celebrating.
Yeah, we had a good time, I think?
- You don't remember?
- No, I do.
I remember some things.
- The important parts, I guess, yeah.
- Good. Mm.
Except her name.
Whose name?
You said there was a woman
you were in love with.
I did?
Love shouldn't be complicated.
Love affairs, yes.
They can get messy.
But love, that's different.
I'm happy for you.
I booked a flight, by the way.
No reason for me to stay.
Is there?
Detective Stabler.
Teddy Silas.
Carl, how about a wave for the camera?
When's the casino gonna open?
One too many, Pearl?
Some creep posted it
right after I got a
call from the hospital.
You know nobody stopped to
help her till the EMTs arrived?
What do the doctors say?
The doctors, I don't know,
these idiots won't tell you anything.
They just run tests,
run tests, run tests.
So what can you tell me about the club?
Some celebrity safe space we belong to,
but, uh, I never trusted it.
She's not gonna be responsive right now,
but you can see her.
Detective Stabler.
What can you tell me about
what's going on in there?
I can't say for certain
what entered her system,
but based on the labs we have run,
pretty confident something is in there.
The rest I'm not at liberty to say.
- I understand.
- Excuse me.
This was a message.
What do you mean, a message?
Everyone in my family is a target.
Constantly getting death threats.
People hate success in this city.
Who do you think is responsible?
I don't know. That's why I called you.
I just, uh
I just don't know who to trust.
You call your father?
Pearl trusted you,
even after everything that happened.
And I want what's best for her.
So please, find out who did this, okay?
So Teddy's convinced Pearl was targeted
to send a message to the family.
She gave us a thumb drive
that has the potential
to bury that family, and 48 hours later,
there's an attempt made on her life.
So what are you thinking?
Before I start thinking anything,
I'd like to retrace her
steps, starting with the club.
Robert Silas called me as
soon as you left the hospital.
Why's he calling you?
Well, he heard from Teddy that
you were gonna be investigating,
and he's worried you might be biased.
What he's worried about is,
he's the head of a very dirty family,
and Pearl's not one of them.
Well, we can't take on
any new cases right now.
So I need you to hand this off.
What exactly did you
and Robert talk about?
This has nothing to do with Robert.
But I do need to talk
to you about something,
so maybe we can get a drink later.
What's up?
Let me know.
Hand it off.
Whelan, grab a coat.
Let's roll.
What's up?
If anyone asks, this was the handoff.
You find anything on that
thumb drive Pearl gave us?
Most of the financials
are heavily encrypted.
Gonna take a little bit of time.
Are we under some kind of
deadline to get things done?
Are you?
Do I need to be under a deadline
for you to do what I tell you to do?
No, I just
I thought I was sensing
something in the air.
That's all.
Detectives, I'm Gil. I'm
one of the managers here.
Would you mind if we move this
conversation off the floor?
Last night, one of your
members, Pearl Serrano,
she collapsed outside after dining here.
Yes, we called the paramedics.
How is she doing?
Was she alone?
I'm afraid house rules prohibit me
from giving out information
about who our members dine with.
Okay, Gil, Mrs. Serrano is in
a coma at Saint Benjamin's, so
if the cause of that started here,
we will find out who she was here with,
with or without your help.
Subpoena the entire clientele list?
- And employees.
- Mm-hmm.
Spouses too.
She came in for a drink. Just herself.
She does that sometimes.
Wasn't here long at all.
Security footage.
What's going on? What's wrong?
There's nothing here.
Last night's completely erased.
That doesn't look suspicious at all.
Someone had to do it manually.
- Where?
- Here.
Who was the last person in here?
The bartenders come
in to count the cash.
Jace Porter worked last night.
He's one of our new bartenders.
And he never showed up today.
You want me to do what?
- The G-6, send it to Berlin to get Dr. Schneider.
- Why?
'Cause he's the best
hematologist on the planet.
He can tell us what's wrong with Pearl.
Can you put the damn phone down, please?
Look at this conspiracy theories.
It's a Russian plot. We're next.
- Is that Twitter?
- Pearl's lying in a hospital bed,
nobody can tell us what's wrong,
and the trolls are out
here making it worse.
Forget that.
You need to divest her
of her casino holdings.
What are you talking about?
Let me ask you something.
Have you thought for one
second who stands to gain
if, God forbid, the worst happens here?
Her family can claim
ownership of her assets.
And they will, believe me.
How could you think
something like that right now?
When are you gonna
start thinking like that?
You need to understand something.
When it comes to business,
some of the last people
you can trust are family.
So we need to protect ourselves.
Divest her of her holdings
until we know what's happened,
or I will divest you of yours.
Jet found a ton on this guy.
- Oh, yeah?
- Did a year at Rikers for assault,
and then arrested
three times for drugging
women's drinks at Bowery bars.
I guess the nightclub
didn't bother to do
a background check
before they hired him.
Guess they were going for a type.
That's our type.
Jace Porter?
Who are you guys?
Detective Stabler. Detective Whelan.
How you doing today?
What do you want?
Just want to talk. How you doing today?
Look at this.
Deca-Durabolin, Winstrol, clenbuterol?
Jesus, you really hate
your liver, don't you?
- Those are legal.
- Okay, Mr. Legal,
you're supposed to be
at work today, correct?
They sent the cops because
I didn't show up for work?
You know anything about some erased
security footage from the club?
- No.
- You work last night?
Do you know Pearl Serrano?
Flunitrazepam. It's a
fancy name for Rohypnol.
Is that legal?
Date rape drug?
You know Pearl Serrano?
You just assaulted a police officer.
Can he fit in the back seat?
We're could always strap
him to the top of the car.
One, two, three.
What happened to handing it off?
I did hand it off. To Jamie.
Oh, that's what you thought I meant?
Beefcake in there was
running a roofie ring,
and we shut it down.
I mean, he confessed.
He was spiking the
drinks of what he called
famous people,
celebrities, sports figures,
and when they start acting goofy,
would text his girlfriend,
she'd come down and record them,
and then they sold the
footage to the tabloids.
Did he confess to drugging Pearl?
Well, he lawyered up.
Okay, so we don't know what he did?
A lot of things around
here we don't know.
But look, we've been
working the Silas family
- ever since Henry Cole.
- No, you broke your word.
Labs came back on Pearl.
No Rohypnol in her blood at all.
- Not even alcohol.
- Mm.
She wasn't drinking?
Lab said whatever was in her system
didn't come from something she drank.
Well, then, what is the bartender doing
erasing the security tape?
His girlfriend's social accounts show
two other club members
acting out that night.
Jace had targets.
They just weren't Pearl.
Thanks, Doc.
So what you get?
Pearl's doc confirmed that there was
an unidentifiable substance in her blood
not tied to any known medical condition.
So if she was the target
and it didn't happen in the club,
how did it get in her system?
Hey, Jet, can you pull up the
post of Pearl leaving the club?
Pearl, how about a wave for the camera?
When's the casino gonna open?
It's like it hit her out of nowhere.
And do you have a post of her entering?
God, people do love to post about
the rich and famous, don't they?
She enters, she's fine.
She leaves, she's not.
Freeze it.
What's the difference in these images?
Guys, I'm lost. What are we looking for?
The scarf.
There's something about the scarf.
Something about the scarf.
Jet, I want you to go
down to the hospital.
See if the scarf is with her belongings.
I'm gonna get a test.
Got it.
Where are you going with this?
Oh, it's a hunch in
search of a second opinion,
but if I'm right, we need to
get into Teddy's apartment.
So you think Teddy had
something to do with this?
Or he's a target.
So to be safe, let's protect
him for the time being.
Mr. Silas, Detective Whelan and Reyes.
Right. Yeah, you have news?
- Come in.
- Thank you.
Uh, with your permission,
we'd like to have
our forensic people take
a look in your apartment.
What for?
It's possible the substance
used against your wife
could have originated here, and if so,
- you could be in danger.
- Wait.
I go to Stabler for help,
he's making me a suspect?
No. No one said you're a suspect.
You're searching my apartment.
Seems like it.
It's for your safety.
You tell Stabler I trusted him,
but if he's gonna send his lackeys by
to kick me out of my own house,
I don't feel safe anymore.
I was in the shower when you texted.
What time's your flight?
What the hell happened to your room?
Looks like Fashion Week blew up.
I swear I didn't have this
much when I first packed.
Did you get my text? Make sense?
Uh, "Do you remember the ascot murders?"
The Caligari family, yes.
- Yes.
- What about them?
Remember how those murders went down?
They had poison laced
into their clothing.
One was an ascot.
It took months to figure out.
It was you who came up with the theory.
There's a young woman
named Pearl Serrano.
She's a part of a very powerful
family here in New York.
They've got mob ties.
She was at a club.
Put on a scarf, collapses,
and she's now in a coma.
What kind of business?
Right now, they're building a casino,
and Pearl's been pointing fingers
at some very high level associates.
So they found out and they
tried to take her down?
It's a theory.
I know you long enough to
know better than to doubt
when you have a theory.
The toxicology report came
back, it was inconclusive,
so the lab is now analyzing the clothes.
are you asking me to stay?
Hey, Jet, you got it tested already?
I could tell you all
the favors I called in,
but it won't make you appreciate me
any more than you already do.
Atropa belladonna, gets its
name from the Italian words
Beautiful lady.
I was gonna do that.
The plant is high in toxic chemicals
solanine, hyoscine, and atropine.
It's also called deadly nightshade.
I-I just Googled it.
So that's what was on the scarf?
Yes and it's not the first
time poison-laced clothing
has been used in an
attempted plot to kill.
Sasha Krupin, big Kremlin critic,
had Russian FSB officers
put some in his underwear
back in 2020 to take him
out, and look at this.
Former Mafia enforcers
all convicted and serving
life sentences mysteriously
died from the same poison
back in Sicily four years ago.
You don't say.
If you dig a little deeper into
that article, her name's in it.
Detective Stabler declined to comment,
but it was his theory
that solved the case.
- It was a scarf.
- It was.
So we think the mob went after Pearl.
You find anything on the thumb
drive that can confirm motive?
I'm working on it.
Oh, someone didn't finish the job.
We need to move fast.
This is Detective Stabler
regarding Pearl Serrano
Stellar work, by the way.
You know, I forgot to mention
I have a Dutch passport,
so working overseas
isn't a problem for me.
That's great. Thank you.
Offer still stands.
I called the hospital. Pearl's awake.
Follow up with Toxicology.
I'll talk to her.
Hey, Doc. Pearl Serrano.
Did she get moved to another room?
Oh, you just missed her.
What do you mean I just missed her?
A private ambulance company showed up,
said they were with her family,
and they transported her out.
Where did they take her?
Sorry, I don't know.
Once she leaves the hospital,
we have no idea where they go.
Good luck.
T, you're not gonna believe
this. Get ready to move.
I made a call to the NYPD
liaison at the hospital
who heads up hospital security.
He did us a solid,
checked out the
ambulance visit database.
Good. What you got?
Ambulance that left with Pearl,
headed to 32nd Ave and Linden Place.
Jet, you're amazing.
I know.
And humble.
You sure Jet got us the right address?
She's never wrong.
- Hi.
- Hi, Eva.
How you doing?
I'm good. Can I help you?
We're looking for Pearl.
She's actually not here.
We have reason to believe
her life is still in danger.
Look, you're her sister.
You want to help her? Let us in.
Okay, just wait here.
I told you not to let anybody in.
I'm sorry, but they're
cops, and they wouldn't
take no for an answer.
How'd you find me?
How are you feeling?
Well, I woke up in the hospital
not knowing what happened to me,
and the doctors told me I was poisoned.
So how do you think I feel?
I asked Eva to pick me up.
I don't trust anybody else.
Who do you think did this to you?
You think Teddy might have
had something to do with it?
I don't want to believe he did.
But I don't know.
Well, if he wants to find you,
don't you think your sister's
is the first place he'll look?
Well, it's her friend's
place, and she's out of town,
so he won't know that I'm here.
Well, the scarf you wore
the night you collapsed
was laced with poison.
Do you recall anyone
touching it at the club?
Ever leave your sight?
Um, no, it was delivered
by a dry cleaners,
and I put it in my purse,
and the purse never left my side.
Who's your dry cleaners?
Well, thanks for your
time. I appreciate it.
Doorman from her building said it wasn't
the normal delivery person.
Do we know who it was?
Well, doorman had him sign in.
Put down the dry cleaning
company as "Belucci."
In relation to Luca Belucci, you think?
Castellammare soldier out of Sicily?
I have a contact here in New York.
We can find out.
Let's find out.
Ciao bella, come stai?
- Bene, bene.
- Good.
Andiamo. Come here.
Please, sit.
Federico, antipasto and
Grappa for my friends
No Grappa.
Detective Stabler and
I are here on business.
Something serious?
What do you need from me?
We're working a case involving
someone we are all familiar with.
Luca Belucci.
He's a bad seed.
He in town?
When Luca's in town, everyone knows it.
So is he in town?
Yes, he's here.
And do you know where we could find him?
His cousin Francesca has a dry cleaning
and tailor shop on Broome Street.
When Luca's here, he stays with her.
Upstairs apartment.
But Tia
We didn't hear it from you.
Grazie mille.
You know the dry cleaners on Broome?
I want to get a warrant first.
Pearl ID'd him. We have probable cause.
Which means we have
enough for a warrant.
Don't worry about it.
It's not like Sicily.
I got a friend. I'll make a call.
We'll have it before we're across town.
You got a friend?
It's exactly like Sicily.
We'll take the front.
You guys secure the back.
Copy that.
Know how to use this?
The numbers are in English, but the
Hey, Luca. NYPD.
Back out the way.
Get out of the way!
Police! Don't move! Don't move!
You're telling us you decided to travel
all the way from Sicily
to New York for a suit.
No one fits a silhouette
like my cousin Francesca.
Right, because it's so difficult
to find a decent tailor in Italy.
Clearly neither one
of you would understand
when it comes to fashion.
Well, what I consider fashionable
is seeing you in an orange jumpsuit.
I can get you fitted
for one if you'd like.
This guy's name ever
come up on a thumb drive?
Not yet.
So earlier, you asked
me about a deadline.
It sounded like you were
fishing for something.
I wasn't.
Okay. 'Cause, you know, one
thing I don't want in this office
is for there to be rumors spreading.
Am I clear?
Yeah, absolutely.
You know what I think?
You were sent here to do a job,
- and that job was to kill Pearl Serrano.
- Ah, come on.
You delivered a scarf laced with poison
from your cousin's cleaners.
So I delivered it.
I didn't know there was anything on it.
So why'd you run when we
came knocking on your door?
Where I'm from, you see men with guns,
you either shoot back, or you run.
Or because Pearl is still alive,
you thought we were the
guys sent to whack you
because you botched the job.
Mr. Belucci, not another word.
Excuse us.
This is Ms. Gleeson, his lawyer.
Unless you're charging my
client, we're out of here.
He can go.
I'm sure we'll see you again.
I want Reyes and Jamie following him
everywhere he goes, but discreetly.
That lawyer, she was at
the groundbreaking ceremony
of the casino in September.
I think she represents Teddy Silas.
You sure?
I'd like to see him deny it to my face.
Let's take a ride.
So I spoke to my girl at 1PP.
Our unit.
If we're really being shut down.
Rumors are true.
My girl wouldn't lie.
It makes no sense.
We're killing it here.
I know.
The Russo take-down,
Vaughn and his crew.
And not to mention the Brotherhood
before we even got here.
Maybe we're just too good.
Maybe somebody got nervous at the top,
and they worried that we
might come after them too.
What's up with you and your
conspiracy theories today?
You know how many turn out to
be true when you really look?
Or, get this, it sounds
even crazier, budget cuts.
It could be as simple as that.
You're a detective.
You gotta keep every possibility
open until proven otherwise.
Are you serious?
You're accusing Teddy of being involved
with what happened to his wife now?
No, I simply want him
to explain why he shares
the same lawyer as Luca.
I share a lawyer with
a Democratic senator.
Doesn't make me blue.
Italian proverb.
It means it's good to trust,
but it's better not to.
Who are you?
Interpol, Rome.
What the hell's going on here?
What's going on here,
your family has Mafia ties,
and I'm here to tell them
how they fit together.
- What Mafia ties?
- We met your friend Luca Belucci.
- Who?
- Business associate, to be more precise.
But your lawyer will tell
you since you both pay her
to cover your asses.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Luca Belucci, I know that name.
What is he he has
something to do with Pearl?
- You're not talking to them.
- Does he know where she is?
- You're not talking to them.
- If they know where she is
Go. I'll handle this.
Detective, you are beyond
wearing out your welcome.
My place, my rules, as you well know,
and I want you gone now.
Or I can call my lawyer,
who, as you can guess,
has a direct line at 1PP.
I was very impressed
with you back there.
Why? I didn't get anything.
You translated my Italian perfectly.
My Italian's not that bad.
You got everything you need now.
It's time for me to go.
I like having you here.
You go back to your life,
I go back to my hotel room,
finish packing. Catch
the flight tonight.
As you wish.
Want me to put in a call to Fazio?
- Put in a good word?
- No.
I'm gonna get a slap on
my wrist no matter what.
- He knows who he's dealing with.
- So do I.
Goodbye, Elliot.
Whoever it is you're in love with,
she's a lucky woman.
Reyes, what's up?
- Double check everything?
- Triple.
Registered to the Office of
Luca and Teddy's attorney.
Jamie's got eyes on him.
Parking garage.
Teddy, drop the bat.
Drop the bat.
He tried to kill my wife.
Where the hell's the bus?
Guys are saying they're
stuck in traffic.
Three minutes.
- Is he dead?
- Not yet.
- I hope he dies.
- Do you?
Because right now, it
looks like you hired him
to kill your wife, and
then when he failed,
you tried to kill him to shut him up.
Right now, you're one breath away
from being charged with
first degree murder,
so if there's anything else you
want to tell me, now's your shot.
I know I'm not a good person.
I'm not a good husband.
But I love my wife. She's my world.
And I did not hire that man to kill her.
So why beat his brains in?
When you told me that we
shared the same lawyer,
I came here to confront him.
"Did you poison Pearl?"
He didn't deny anything, so
I had to.
You don't believe me.
It doesn't matter.
Pearl is pregnant!
Luca's trying to say something.
Luca, it's Detective Stabler.
Can you hear me?
Luca, can you hear me?
Yeah, what?
Are you Catholic?
Yes, I am Catholic.
I can do that.
In the name of the Father
and Son and the Holy Ghost.
May Christ who was crucified for you
Bring you freedom and peace.
May Christ who died for you admit you
into his garden of paradise.
May Christ, the true Shepherd
Acknowledge you as one of His flock.
May He forgive you your sins
and set you among those He's chosen.
In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
That the truth?
Sarge, Robert Silas is gone.
Well, that's where I'm going now.
You heard from Pearl?
I did.
She's doing good.
She's good.
The baby?
Good, good.
So is she gonna come see me?
She didn't say. I don't know.
You told her what I did for her, right?
You told her that I did this for her?
I did, Teddy, yes.
But I'm here for another
reason, and I gotta
Say something to you that's
gonna be very hard to hear.
Your father was the one who
Your father was the one who
paid to have your wife murdered.
- How do you know that?
- Luca told me.
We tried to arrest him, he split.
Any idea where he might go?
No, I don't. I'd like
to go back to my cell.
- Teddy.
- I would like to go back to my cell.
Thank you.
He's a dangerous man.
Only you can put a stop to it.
Robert Jr.
Wanted us to name his
grandson after him.
And we were going to.
To honor him.
Elliot, can I?
You can close the door.
I wanted to discuss this
with you outside the office,
but you know, time has become a thing.
Always is, right?
What's up?
I'm taking a promotion.
Deputy inspector.
That's great.
Taking the job is gonna change
some things around here now.
Oh, I know.
You know what?
About the promotion.
About the task force being broken up.
You knew?
You work in a place filled
with detectives, you know.
I've known for a while.
Wait, wait, so everybody knows?
I don't know about that.
I haven't said anything.
You'd have to ask them.
Well, why didn't you ask me about it?
Look, we're friends.
I figured when you were
ready, you'd come to me.
If not, you know, none of my business.
So you're okay with this?
Oh, no.
No, not by a long shot.
Just wish you'd told me sooner.
Well, I was still trying to decide.
There you go.
Maybe I could have helped you decide.
So that's what your
little attitude is about.
My little attitude?
I'm not the one keeping secrets
that's gonna screw with people's lives.
And because you feel
guilty about your decision,
don't place the little
attitude thing on me.
Okay, well, maybe you were just pissed
because I didn't ask
for your permission.
Okay, this task force
was started because
of what happened to my wife.
My heart and soul are in
this place, and you knew that.
So either you chose to ignore it,
or you decided that it didn't matter.
But, hey, you're the boss, so
it's your prerogative, right?
Thanks for the drink.
So you all knew?
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