Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s03e19 Episode Script

A Diplomatic Solution

In the nation's largest city,
the vicious and violent
members of the underworld
are hunted by the detectives
of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
Mama, what kind of tea did you want?
I don't want any tea.
What'd you put the water on for?
Well, what kind of tea have you got?
Well, you like chamomile.
I got some of that from
the last time you were here.
The last time I was here,
you were doing
construction on Eli's room.
- You finally finished that, huh?
- Yeah.
All I gotta do is try and get him
to come home for spring break.
Okay, I'm going into the office
today for just a little bit.
And then I'll be back,
and we can have lunch, all right?
Can you manage on your own?
You're leaving me alone
to fend for myself?
How will I ever manage?
What's a poor, old lady to do?
Just keep your phone close by.
Oh, I will because I'm
gonna call all my friends
for the party that I'm
throwing while you're gone.
Do it. Do that.

What's with the summit?
- Guy that's not Thurman?
- Mm-hmm.
Head of NYPD counterintelligence.
Oh, yeah?
Detective Stabler.
Have you met Chief Nowak before?
I've heard the name. Nice to meet you.
Everybody gather up.
The UN called for an emergency
General Assembly this week.
Now, there's no end in sight in Ukraine,
so the members are gathering.
They're all coming,
diplomats and staff included.
That means added security and gridlock.
- And overtime.
- Not for us. Take it easy.
Even with hundreds of extra personnel
assigned for the event,
the State Department
is asking for more manpower
as a precautionary measure.
Intelligence is hearing
chatter of targeted attacks.
So because of our expertise
in surveillance and protection,
we're uniquely suited.
For what?
High-profile transport.
That's right. Now,
this is your assignment.
Diya Laghari, minister of
external affairs for India.
Although the prime minister
was supposed to come himself,
he's not well.
He sent Laghari as his proxy.
I've read about her.
She comes from this powerful
political family in Delhi.
She has big ambitions back home.
And now she's giving
the prime minister's speech at the UN.
So Laghari is not just VIP.
She's one of the centerpieces
for the UN's assembly this session.
What's so special about her speech?
Well, India has mostly remained
neutral in the Ukrainian war,
but if her speech is
for or against Russia,
it drags China into the mix,
and global tensions rise.
According to ChatGPT.
Okay, so Madame Laghari is ours.
No, Madame Laghari is yours.
The rest of the team will be
responsible for her entourage.
When's she coming in?
This afternoon by private plane.
You'll transport her to the consulate,
where her security will
take over from there.
I gotta make a call.
All right, the first
thing we're looking at
is the itinerary. As
you can see, she's

[SIGHS] Hey, Mama. It's me.
I can't make lunch. Something came up.
Can't be helped.
Um, I got some leftover
risotto in the fridge.
Just zap it for about a minute or so.
It tastes great.
And that's what I got for you.
All right. I love you. Bye.
- You got a sec?
- Yeah. What do you got?
I have that court date today.
I can't miss it.
- Jack's custody.
- Yeah.
If it ain't one thing, it's another.
Anyway, I know you can handle it.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
I got you, Sarge.

Your vehicle's the second SUV.
Madame Laghari's is
right in front of you.
And the support staff's
in two other SUVs.
No. Change of plan.
She'll be riding in my vehicle with me.
Copy that.
We're not here to talk to the reporters.
Get them into the cars.
Madame Laghari.
I'm Detective Stabler from the NYPD.
Where is my car?
Right out in front.
- Vehicle's ahead.
- Back up. Back up. Back up.
Is India planning to
support Russia in the war?
Is India still receiving
weapons from Russia?
Please move back.
Diya, please tell us
your plan for the speech.

Does India stand for Ukraine or Russia?
Welcome to New York.
How was your flight?
Is there water up there?
Afraid not.
You didn't bring me any water?
Madame, I was ordered to
provide you with protection,
not refreshments, so.
What did you say your name was?
Detective Stabler,
it's nice to meet you.
Pleasure's all mine.
My flight was good.
And how is your day going?
Well, it'll be a heck of a lot better
once I deliver you
safely to your consulate.
Thank you for asking.

Coming up on a crosswalk.
Keep your distance.
Black hoodie at my 3 o'clock.
Go! Go!
Are you all right?
What just happened?
Are you all right?
Both of you stay here.
Put it out on the air.
Stay with her.
OCCB unit requesting 10-13.
Vehicle in the motorcade
has just been bombed.
You okay? Are you all right?
Driver's dead.
Look at me. Look at me.
You're gonna be okay.
I just need you to take my hand.
Take my hand.
I need you to apply pressure right here.
Everything's gonna be
fine. Help is on the way.
Help is on the way.
I ordered FD and a bus.
We got a two-minute ETA.
All right.
Have Patrol lock down the street.
We need ESU, bomb squad, FBI.
Nobody gets near that vehicle.
I'll be back in a minute.
Whoa, whoa.
My assistant she's in that car.
Please, is she okay?
Madame, you need to stay in the vehicle
until we secure the area.
Stay in the vehicle.


Our person of interest
is a white male, 40s,
6 feet, black hoodie and jeans.
Fled north on Froedtert
to parts unknown.
Description's out on
our suspicious hoodie,
but he's gonna be one
of thousands in New York.
So what do we know?
Getting names of everyone
drivers, aides, running
background checks now.
We're interviewing any and all people
who saw what happened, see what
they saw before the bombings.
I'm checking traffic
cams and CCTV to see
if they have footage of our guy.
Madame Laghari wants
to go to the consulate.
That makes two of us,
so I'm gonna go with her.
By the time we get to the consulate,
maybe we'll have something, right?

Yeah, she's here.
Call you back.
Are you okay?
I'm all right. I just need a moment.
Who are you?
Her security escort,
Detective Stabler, NYPD.
Who are you?
I'm her security.
Do you know who is
responsible for this attack?
It's an ongoing investigation as of now.
Why weren't you at the airport?
I was protecting the ambassador.
I'm head of security.
Uh, uh, uh.
This house is sovereign
Indian territory,
and I didn't invite you in.
Veer, he has to stay.
Detective, can we talk in private?
He's just doing his job.
Now, can I get you some water?
No, thank you.
You really took charge back there.
Thank you.
I need to know how Sita is doing.
She's just arrived at the hospital.
But I'll get updates for us.
Yes, Diya.
Please put this in the safe.
Can I ask you what's in the case?
It's the prime minister's speech.
He wrote it down so there'd be no chance
of it being hacked into.
I'm to protect it with my life.
Sounds like a very important speech.
Chief minister of Bihar on line one.
Excuse me.
So are you it for security
or are there other personnel?
- I have two other men.
- Great. That's not enough.
I'm gonna put officers out front.
Bomb was an M-12 demolition charge,
otherwise known as military C-4.
Looks like it was secured to the
underside of the manhole cover.
It's possible to lift up and attach it,
but if you don't wanna be seen,
you would come from below.
We also found cell phone fragments,
indicating the bomb was set off
remotely, likely from nearby.
And likely by our missing hoodie dude.
CCTV shows him getting
on the seven train
after the explosion, but
after that, he's in ghost.
We need to head to the
Second Avenue subway station.
Easiest way to get under
through the subway station
is by way of the sewers.
Hey, guys.

Hey, Jet.
I'm gonna stay here until backup arrives
and then head in. Where are the boys?
Headed into the sewers
under the crime scene
to look for clues
about our bomb suspect.
All right, that's good. Anything else?
Background checks came back clean
- on Laghari's aides and drivers.
- Okay.
- Excuse me.
- Hold on a sec.
- Detective Stabler?
- Yes.
Madam Laghari wanted me to tell you
she appreciates all your help,
and she'll reach out shortly.
Excuse me, what does that
mean, reach out later?
Where is she?
Jet, I'll call you back.
This is not the OT I was talking about.
Manhole covers should be this way.
Hey! Hey, wait!
Hey, we just wanna talk.
Hey, hey.
Don't move or we'll shoot.
You might be the police up there,
but down here
I'm the sheriff.
All right, man. Relax.
We got real badges. You wanna see them?
Organized crime.
Should be investigating the IRS.
They're the perfect organized crime.
They took my house.

You here because of the explosion, huh?
That was loud as hell.
Whoo-hoo. [LAUGHS]
But we ain't had
nothing to do with that.
Yeah, tell us about that.
Listen, man, you hear
strange things down here.
Real strange.
It could be a high rise going up,
a new construction,
or a water main break.
Well, it was a targeted explosion.
I think they used the
sewers to stage the attack.
How long have you lived here?
About 45 years now.
You know, over 35 people
habitate this space.
And over 2,000 people around the city
call this tunnel their home.
You guys want a beer or
snack or something like that?
No, I'm good.
So you're patched into
the grid illegally?
Society drove us down here.
They wanna bury us so they don't see us.
So we take what we need to survive.
You feel me?
Look, I'm sorry for your circumstances,
but can you help us?
Man, some guy came down
here a couple of days ago,
lugging duffel bags a few times.
Real ugly, trolly-looking guy.
Said he worked for the city.
Didn't speak much English.
What then?
We're gonna need this picture.
Oh, we gonna need to
make a little trade, man.
You know, I used to be a trader.
You know that, right?
Well, how about we trade
that I don't bust you
for siphoning Con Ed?
That's pretty good, right?
Madame Laghari don't.
You left without notifying me.
That's not how this works.
I can't keep you safe like that.
I had to come and see Sita.
I couldn't wait for your permission.
Would it help if I said please?
I understand.
Sita, this is the detective
I was telling you about.
Thank you for helping me.
How are you feeling?
I've never been better.
[CHUCKLES] Well, New
York is usually friendlier
to its visitors, so I
just want to apologize.
- Sita!
We were going over the travel manifest,
and I noticed that there
was a last-minute replacement
for Madame Laghari's driver.
Why was he replaced?
I don't know.
I I make all the travel arrangements,
including drivers.
And the driver of my
car, the one that Diya
was supposed to be in, he
You were supposed to be in that car.
You were supposed to be in that car.
- Sita.
- Um
- But I wa
- Sita.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Excuse me.
- Sita
- I'm so sorry.
- Mama?
- Don't get mad.
- What's wrong?
- I went out for a walk, and
and now I I don't know where I am.
I found her in the yard.
- Hey.
- Hey. You at your station?
I'm actually at Stabler's apartment.
He asked me to stay with his mom
until she gets used to a uni being here.
I'll be back at the office in 30.
No, we don't have 30.
What do you need?
I'm sending you a photo now.
We need you to run a facial rec ASAP.
Can you do it?
I should be able to if
you give me a second.
Send it.
Oh, this is gonna be tricky.
You can't work your magic?
For magic to work, you
need both energy and intent,
and this has very little of either.
Hold on.
Well, this looks promising.
He has a looks like a deck
of playing cards in his pocket.
No, Russian cigarettes.
My first boyfriend got to like 'em
when he was stationed in Korea.
Afterwards, we would share one.
You know, when we
I can still taste them sometimes.

Hey. Court over?
Thank God because it was getting ugly.
You still with Laghari?
I just dropped her off at the consulate.
She got away from me.
I'm heading back to the office now.
Where are we with the original driver?
Uh, Vikram Patel.
Well, Mr. Patel is one lucky man,
having missed a date
with an exploding car.
Yeah, lucky or part of a bigger plan.
Jamie and Reyes are
on the way down there
to question him now.
Okay. Hey, Ayanna?
This custody fight?
This, too, shall pass.
What's the matter?
Just doesn't seem right
wearing another man's pants.
Yeah, well, my apartment
was on the way here,
and we had to change after
the New York City sewage tour,
so stop complaining.
Just don't feel like myself.
Mr. Patel? NYPD.
Mr. Patel?

NYPD, Mr. Patel.
We just wanna ask you a few questions.

The deceased was Vikram Patel.
He was meant to be the
driver of Laghari's car,
but we know why he
didn't show up to work.
And the driver who took his place?
Also deceased.
His name was Amir Ghosh.
We searched Patel's phone,
and he'd been messaging
an anonymous contact with the route
that Laghari's car was to take.
Patel sold the info.
Now, Ghosh was just assigned
to replace the driver.
He was an innocent.
He wasn't meant to die.
When Stabler made the switch,
the bomber's plan fell apart.
None of our intelligence reports
have flagged any threats
or tensions in India.
So this is about Laghari.
Somebody doesn't want
her to make that speech.
Hey, where are we with
that photo from the sewer?
Working on the facial rec
with some help from the FBI.
Right now, all we have is that he smokes
a brand of cigarettes
that can only be bought
from Russia, Pravda filtered.
Got all that from this picture, huh?
I didn't.
Your mom did.
Also, she wanted me to tell you
she doesn't need a babysitter.
- Thanks for telling me.
- Okay.
Hey, so if we're talking Russian imports
that get around the
embargo, then our mystery man
has to have a connection.
I know someone else who does too.
- Might help us narrow it down.
- Okay. Go. Take Jamie.
Actually, this one I gotta do alone.
I'm gonna check in with Laghari.
See if she can shed any
light on any of this.
I'm not quite sure I
understand the question.
I'm asking you to help me with the why
so I can try and figure out the who.
That's just it, Detective.
The why is vast as the world
and as complicated as its politics.
Okay, do you think the speech
had anything to do with it?
I'm sorry. I cannot comment on that.
Do you believe this was
personal or political?
To borrow from your
own country's cliche,
- all politics is personal.
- Okay.
But if I were to twist your
arm, what would you say?
Well, I can think of
one or two spurned lovers
who'd love to see me blown up.
But I don't think they have the
expertise nor the connections
for what happened here.
Okay, so we've eliminated
angry boyfriends.
And politically, you don't seem
to be taking this seriously.
If you're asking me if this
is an international incident,
I would say perhaps.
But go and ask half a dozen countries
if they were involved.
Well, could it be a rival
from home who's targeting you?
I'm just a diplomat.
But ambition is always a target,
especially in politics,
especially if you're a woman,
and especially if you're
fighting for a place
on the world stage
from what is soon to be
one of the most populous
nations in the world.
Is there any name that comes to mind?
Someone that would have
logistical connections here
to pull off this attack?

You ask me if a name comes to mind.
If it did
I would never speak his
name without concrete proof.
You're still here.
As far as the consul is concerned,
you failed to protect our diplomat
when you let her go to the hospital
without U.S. assistance.
Let's go. [GRUNTS]
Now, look, I'm still here,
and she is still alive.
Now, I'm leaving.
I'm leaving.
And I'll be back.
I am here for you.

You're still doing the setup commitment?
I'm surprised after the whole
potato chip casserole debacle.
Having a commitment's
what keeps me coming back.
You should try it.
How have you been, Mikhail?
I've been good.
How you been?
Tammy and the kids are good.
Grab us some seats, front row.
Not here for the meeting.
I need to talk to you.
Police business.
So you've got time to show
up here, press me about work,
but you don't have time for
a meeting or your program?
What do you need help with, Bobby?

Who sells those around here?
Pravda filtered.
There is only one
place that sells these,
but he won't admit it to you.
Who are you looking for?
Guy who may be tied to
the bombing yesterday.
I have a name for you.

My contact says a man
named Ivan set off the bomb.
- No last name.
- That's it?
Says he's former Russian paramilitary,
hired to do a job in the sewer
near the Second Avenue
subway construction site.
As a former Russian militia member,
there's gotta be some State
Department advisory on him.
Tie his work experience
to his first name.
Find a picture of him
and cross-reference that
with the facial rec
from the blurry photo
using the FBI'S new AI tech
to get some good detail.
And I got him.
Ivan Ostrowski, Russian immigrant
who moved to Brighton
Beach three years ago.
- Last known?
- Yes, it is.


- Hey, hey.
- Yeah.

C-4, M1-12 discharges.
Guys, he's our bomb maker.

Police. Don't move.
Put your hand on the
counter, and don't move.

I have to admit, Ivan, your rap
sheet reads a bit like Tolstoy.
Thank you.
That wasn't a compliment.
It's long and repetitive.
Multiple assault and weapons
charges, even homicides.
Those were dismissed.
Well, maybe, but this time,
you've crossed the Rubicon.
Attempted assassination
of an Indian diplomat?
I had nothing to do with that.
Well, that stack of C-4
in your basement, uh,
tells another story,
as does this picture
of you at the crime scene.
But it's true.
You don't seem like the political type.
So who put you up to it?
Mickey Mouse.
I want my lawyer.
I can't imagine the people
who hired you are gonna be
too thrilled that you missed.
Let me guess.
You can protect me.
Well, you know, if you talk.
Stranger things have
been known to happen.
Ivan, you don't seem to be comprehending
how much trouble you're in.

It's you who has no idea the
trouble you're in, Detective.
You think Russia is buying this?
Who exactly is this
suspect you have in custody?
Well, Russian, and that's about all
I can tell you right now.
But the investigation of Veer
has yielded no connections.
- Are you aware of any?
- No.
I can only assume my country will not be
too eager to investigate him.
Is there something in that speech
that you're gonna say
that would threaten
the Russian government?
As I've told you before,
I'm just a diplomat.
And as such, diplomats
advise, politicians decide.
I can tell you nothing in
the speech is incendiary.
- It's an olive branch.
But you're just a diplomat. Yeah?
Ivan's computer has a file
on it with names, faces,
and locations of
certain targeted people,
including Patel, who's
dead, and Madame Laghari,
who is supposed to be dead.
Is there anyone else in
that file we can get to?
Yeah, you're gonna wanna get back here.
Leland Johnson.
He's in Ivan's to-do file.
Works security at a
military factory upstate.
Factory making what?
Sensitive technology used in some
of our most dangerous weapons.
The CEO said they were
robbed three days ago.
By a security guy?
They don't know.
He called in with the
flu, never came back.
Now he's on a Russian kill list.
- So what'd he steal?
- These.
Highly sensitive and
lethal semiconductors.
Precision microchips used
in supersonic missiles,
armed drones, even automated vehicles.
Makes almost any device more precise.
It's at the heart of what the FBI
is calling the Tech Cold War.
And these new prototypes
that were stolen
are a game-changer if they
end up in Russian hands.
So where do we find this guy?

Hold positions.
I got Veer, take him in?
- No, hold on.
- He's got diplomatic immunity.
It'd be a waste of time.
Jet, you getting all this?
Yeah. Do you want us to tail him?
I know where he'll be.

Guys, we got eyes on Leland.
It looks like they did
the drop in the stairwell.
Let's take him down.
Hey, Leland.
Leland Johnson. Let's talk.
Uh. What?
Just the man we wanna see.

Sergeant, did I hear right?
We're dealing with some kind
of illegal arms trade here?
Well, the suspect
stole $10 million worth
of semiconductors
from a military factory
- where he worked upstate.
- 10 million?
He made ten times that much
selling them on the black market.
To who?
Well, they were intended
for the Russians at first,
but at the last minute,
there was a new bidder.
This is Laghari's head of security.
So you're saying India is
making a military play here?
Or he was operating as a rogue agent.
So the guy who planted the bomb, Ivan,
was also after the seller, Leland.
It seems like Russia
didn't like being outbid.
We need to recover these chips
before they leave U.S. soil.
Well, we have a diplomatic
immunity issue there.
Not if we get it revoked.
And what you uncovered
should be more than enough
to sway the ambassador.
Well, Chief, I suggest
you hold off on that call.
So we don't give Veer a heads up.
Police, open up.
We have a warrant to
search the premises.
Hey, hey.
What are you doing here? Get out.
- You have no jurisdiction here.
- We do now.
We know about the chips, Veer.
Why don't you save us time
and tell us where they are?
Your warrant means nothing.
You can't touch me nor my things.
They can.
The ambassador waived your immunity.
On what grounds?
Trafficking in stolen
U.S. military hardware.
Put your hands behind your back.
Do as he says.
Put your hands behind your back.

This won't stand.
It'll stand 15 to life in Leavenworth.
- Military hardware?
- Mm-hmm.
That's what this was about?
- We hope it's still
here. We need to find it.
Excuse me. Hey. Stop.
- What is that?
- That's mine.
Given what's happened
in the past 48 hours,
the prime minister said
the speech can wait.
I've been summoned to come back home.
Thank you for saving my life.
If you'll excuse me, I have to
finish my travel arrangements.

Found it in a crawl space,
but no semiconductors.
Could he have offloaded them already,
- somewhere we can't get to?
- Yeah, maybe.
My car has arrived,
unless you need me to
change my travel plans.
I don't think that's necessary.
Chief, I'm gonna drive
Madame Laghari to the airport.
You tasked me with her safety.
I wanna see it through to the end.
- Madame?
- Please.
Thank you for driving me.
- And I'm sorry about Veer.
- Mm.
I hope you know he doesn't
represent my country.
Speaking of your
country, is it true that
it relies on Russia for its arms?
Why do you ask?
Well, I'm thinking that India
gets those semiconductors,
and you don't have to worry
about Russia or China anymore.
Are you suggesting that
Veer is working on behalf
of the Indian government?
I'm suggesting
That you both are.

What is this?
Delivering that speech
was not the reason
why you came here.
But returning home with
those semiconductors, well
Were those the orders given to you
or did you do it of your own volition?
Because it sounds rather ambitious.
Veer had his immunity revoked.
- I didn't.
- Yeah, but I know the details.
I could recommend you being charged.
Which I can get out of.
But do you really wanna be connected
with an international incident
where United States
military hardware was stolen?
I mean, how's that
gonna work out for you?
I didn't know anything at
all about this until today.
I thought I was coming
in to deliver a speech
on behalf of my country,
and that is the truth.
I don't know what the truth is.
But I will protect my
country's interests.
Then perhaps yours.
And what are you offering?
A diplomatic solution.

They're all there.
We can't thank you enough
for helping us recover these.
Thank you, but it was Detective Stabler
who realized that Veer had hidden them
in my briefcase without my knowledge.
Well, it wouldn't have been
possible without your cooperation.
I have a plane waiting.
- Please excuse me.
- Good luck.
It's a great story.
Of course, I didn't get
this job by being naive.
She gave up Veer so she could get away.
How'd you know that?
I didn't.
I just don't trust politicians.
Hey, um, thanks for
sending in the cavalry.
Yeah. Just following your orders.
- Mm.
- Can I ask?
Were you protecting her?
It was the only play I could
see to get the chips back.
And no, you can't.
There'll be no repercussions.
I mean, you okay with that?
Yeah, there will be.
She's going home empty-handed.
It's not gonna be pretty
when she gets back there.
Trust me.

Out here, honey.
This better?
- Ooh.
- Hmm?
That's nice. Thank you.
What are you doing?
Um, I was just making a wish.
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Can I ask you what it was?
Well, no, then it won't come true.
[SIGHS] I got the names
of two really nice places
that we can go look
at when you're ready.
This must be hard for you,
looking for a place [CHUCKLES]
To put me out to pasture, huh?
I just want you to be taken care of.
Do either of them have walking paths?
I'd like to keep up my walks.
Well, if they don't, then
we'll just keep looking.
Want you to be happy.
All I've ever wanted
is for you to be happy.
That's my only wish.


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