Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s04e03 Episode Script

End of Innocence

In the nation's largest city,
the vicious and violent
members of the underworld
are hunted by the detectives
of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
We need to talk.
I don't think that's such a good idea.
You did the other night.
You are married.
- How's Mom?
- We've been looking at
long-term care facilities for Mom.
You OK?
Officer Bashir is with
the Hate Crimes Unit.
It wasn't a hate crime.
It was an assassination.
A high-caliber round.
Now they're trying to
cover up their tracks.
Well, looks like we found our bomber.
We found one, we'll find the other.

Something I could get you?
My friend Liam says you
have the best party favors.
I'm sure I have exactly
what you're looking for.
Watch the counter for me.
Follow me.
Beautiful, isn't it?
It is.
Built on an AKM receiver?
Not available in the States, obviously,
but offers the same
caliber as the Dragunov
and a range up to a thousand meters.
Longer, with smaller grain ammo.
You have cartridges in stock?
We don't sell bullets.
Nothing that leaves my
shop can be used to kill
in their present condition.
Need a 9-millimeter.
SIG Sauer.


- Papa! Papa!
- Papa!
- Karim!

Hello there.
Well, you look like hell.
I almost got blown up last night.
What's your excuse?
- Oh, now stop it, you two.
- OK.
Come on, honey, just sit down.
I can't. I got to get to the office.
[SCOFFS] You're just like your father.
The two of you never take
any time for yourselves.
Even Batman sleeps.
Not enough.
When's the last time you
talked to Sharon and Dee?
Mm, been a while.
Well, they want to know how
bad it's gotten with Mom.
Joe Jr. too.
You're in touch, right?
Well, kind of difficult
seeing how he's still overseas.
He's in New York. Been here for months.

He got discharged.
Not a story for me to tell.
I'm surprised you haven't connected.
Yeah, me too.
so I was thinking about having
a big dinner, invite everyone.
I'll cook. You don't
have to do anything,
just show up to your house.
It'll be easy.
You want it here?
Well, I can't have it in my hotel room.
What's the occasion?
I thought it'd be a
nice send-off for Mom.
- Like a Last Supper?
- Don't be an ass.
I meant before she goes
to that place you found.
I didn't find the place.
She found the place.
She wants to go. I don't want her to go.
I don't want her to go either, I guess.
And I don't care who found it, but
I don't want to have this discussion.
We're near the end.
You know that, right?
When do you want by
the time you get into it
- Bye, Ma, I love you.
- By the time you want
to talk about it, it'll be too late!
I don't know what's worse,
nearly dying in an explosion
or being called to the carpet
for almost dying in an explosion.
It's the second one.
You know, this reminds me of something.
When we got in that fight
after Academy graduation.
Can't believe that was 15 years ago.
I can't believe we got away
with just a slap on the wrist.
So, uh, how bad do you think?
Either we're off the case
or they force us to work together.
Mm. So lose-lose.
I think they just prefer if
things stopped blowing up.
I guess we better play nice then.
I'll have my team process the warehouse.
And I know you're short a guy,
so I'm happy to lend you
Officer Bashir in the interim.
I appreciate that.
Send them in.
So what we have is
these guys that correlate to
All right, body in the warehouse.
Belonged to Ahmad Mahmoud,
known explosives expert
that Interpol had their
eyes on for quite a while.
They didn't pick him up?
No, they were nice enough
to make him our problem.
Well, he's nobody's problem anymore.
Guess his partnership with
the shooter was conditional.
Tying up loose ends.
Bomb maker, Asher Klein.
OK, so how do we know the
imam wasn't a loose end?
Wh-what's that supposed to mean?
I'm just asking a question.
We're assuming he's
a target in all this.
What if he was something
they were trying to cover up?
He was murdered.
Yeah, but you don't know why.
Maybe this is the why.
It would answer a question
that's been bothering me.
I mean, why blow up a mosque
and draw all that attention
just to kill him?
Mugging gone wrong, hit and run.
There are simpler ways to kill a guy.
Unless there was something at the mosque
that they were trying to
get rid of at the same time.
The bombing wasn't
just to cover the kill,
but to dispose of evidence.
Evidence of the imam's involvement?
- Or how they're using him.
- Hey, tell you what,
Sam and I will go, check out his office,
see if we didn't miss anything.
Sorry. Had an interview.
Yeah? Looking for a new gig?
No. On the "TODAY" show.
Don't let me interrupt.
We get anything from the warehouse?
Shaw's team is still processing it,
but we do have forensics
back from that slug
you pulled from the mosque.
Guns leave microscopic
tracings on rounds
like ballistic fingerprints.
That we know.
What I've never seen before is this.
According to the markings,
this particular gun
has had a hand in four different murders
over the last two years.
They have no markers in common.
They even have different calibers.
Kind of suggests different shooters.
- Rental maybe?
- You can rent guns?
Oh, yeah. There's a big
black market for weapons
you can't find in the States.
Guns for hire, literally.
Look, I got a CI that
might be able to point us
in the right direction.
Great. You and Jet run down a lead.
Actually, um, there was another avenue
that I was thinking of
pursuing first, if that's OK?
Vargas can handle that.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah.
Are you sure?
Because you haven't seemed OK
since you got back from
Whelan's memorial in D.C.
Neither has Reyes.
Listen, these things happen.
No judgment here.
But when it starts to
get in the way of work,
then it becomes my problem.
And I got enough problems.
You get me?
I got you.
Handle it.
Hey, what's going on with you?
This guy just waltzes in here
and you just hand him the keys.
Well, look, we're just
torturing ourselves
letting that desk sit empty.
And, honestly, I blame myself
for letting it go on this long.
Not that easy for me to just let go.
You know, it's not just Jamie.
You're sleeping in your car, Bobby.
Not talking about this.
Well, I'm not blind and
I know what's going on.
You know, don't drag Jet into your BS.
- It's not healthy for anyone.
- Oh, OK.
And you would know all about that.
This is none of your business.
Stop making it my business.
Luis told me you could
help with party favors.
Follow me.

Be careful.
M40's great, but I was
thinking of something
a little more un-American.
- A Sako, maybe?
- Hmm.
We don't sell bullets here.
Nothing leaves my shop
that can be used to kill
in their present condition.

He's armed.
How much is this?
Worth every penny.

Are we dealing or gossiping?
Your sponsor.
My son doesn't trust him.
I'm coming back there.
That'd be a mistake.
He's a criminal. I
don't trust him either.
You're escalating.
Just get out of there.
Go. Go. Go.
How you know him?
I met him while I was in the bing.
Hey, come on.
- Go.
- OK.
My son doesn't like you.
And I don't like people wasting my time.

Am I wasting my time?
[SIGHS] Guess we're done.
Drop it now.
Hands behind your back.
Turn around.
Bobby, stop!
Imam was old school.
Everything's paper.
Got anything?
Applications for refugee status,
flight manifests, real estate records.
Real estate?
Yeah, the charity
didn't just fly refugees
out of Afghanistan.
It found them temporary housing.
Stacy, what what's wrong?
- Uh, it could be nothing.
- What? What is it?
One of my ESL students
didn't show up today.
The school said his son is missing too.
He's never missed a day. No explanation.
What's the name?
Jamal. Jamal Karzai.
His son is Karim.
He's eight years old.
Flight manifests.
Yes, sir.

Ah, here he is.
So according to these,
Jamal's made multiple trips
to and from Afghanistan
in the last six weeks.
He went back?
How many times does a
refugee have to escape?

Hello. We're looking for Jamal.
Um, over there.
I cannot help you. Sorry.
- She's scared.
- Yeah.
But of what?

Wait, is that a stab wound?
I have no idea, but there are sutures.
They're torn open.
Central, we need an ambulance forthwith.
We got a male with severe
lacerations to the stomach.
Man's burning up.
Please. Please.
What the hell is that?
I have to go.
- To go where?
- They have him.
My son.
They'll kill him.

He shot at us.
I'm talking about what happened after.
Jet was scared of you.
I'm taking you off the street.
Am I suspended?
Desk duty.
Until when?
Until we get you through this.
Stabler and I talked.
We think it's the best course of action.
Dr. Pearson
schedule a time to sit down with him.
The department shrink?
My shrink.
I'd rather keep this off your record.
He's expecting your
call, so call him today.
He's in bad shape.
He's septic from the wound in his side.
His kidneys are shutting down.
- Can he speak?
- He's heavily sedated
to give his body time to recover.
Obviously, we're doing
everything we can.
Any idea what caused it?
Well, that's the interesting part.
There's scar tissue around the wound
as if it's been there a while.
It feels constructed.
I don't know how else to say it.
- So it's not an injury?
- It's more like a pocket,
like you'd find on a pair of jeans.
And the sutures were recently
opened, then sewn shut.
Probably the source of the infection.
I assume that he couldn't
have done this to himself.
The pattern of the sutures,
it was definitely someone
with medical training.

This was inside him?
Left behind.
Obviously, they missed it.
It's an emerald.
- How do you know?
- Next to Colombia,
the emeralds of the Panjshir
Valley of Afghanistan
have the highest clarity.
It's my birthstone.
OK. So this guy had a
A pocket sewn into his side
used for transporting precious gems.
Smuggling ring using refugees as mules.
That's beyond gross.
And they were using the
imam's refugee charity
in order to cover up their operation.
That's why they blew up the
mosque to burn their paper trail.
So he was in on it?
- Not necessarily.
- Yeah, it's a mess over there.
I mean, our pullout from
Afghanistan was so rushed,
it didn't just allow the
Taliban to regain power.
It gave rise to a bunch of smaller gangs
that wanted in on the action
opium fields, mineral
deposits, caches of weapons.
There's plenty to go around.
So one of these gangs saw
an opportunity and took it?
Exactly, I just
I think the imam found
out what they were doing
and they killed him to cover it up.
Fits their MO.
Whoever they are, they've got the boy.
Probably using him as
collateral against the father.
So we need to find out everything
we can about Jamal Karzai.
OK, can you run one of your searches?
What's it called? both: Pattern of Life.
There was someone we met earlier today
I think we should talk to.
She was, uh, scared
enough to know too much.
Get to it.
We just want to talk.

My brother, he
died a few weeks ago.
He had the same thing.
Did he have a wound in his side?
The men, they they came for his body.
Do you know who they are?
No. Maalek,
he never told me anything.
When he started working
for them, he moved out.
Refused to talk.
He was trying to protect you.
He was so sick.
You know, one time I
overheard him on the telephone.
He called their doctor,
said he needed help.
But the doctor,
he wouldn't see him.
All right, well, do you
remember the doctor's name?
We found two licensed
medical practitioners
with the last name Ahmadzai.
Yeah, one's a surgical resident
at Brookside Hospital.
And the other operates a cash and gash
out of a building in Bushwick.
What the hell's a cash and gash?
That's just my name for it.
Plastic surgeon who works on the cheap.
Answers my next question.
Which of them to check out first?
That's the one.
I'm gonna need an address on the gasher.
Good afternoon. I'd
like to see Dr. Ahmadzai.
I'm afraid we don't do hair plugs.
Uh, why don't you just go get him?

Where's the kid? Where's Karim?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, we know about Jamal.
We know you sewed him up.
I don't know anything
about a kid, I swear.
All right.
Got you something.
Candy bar.
I'm starting to think
that you have a soft spot for that kid.
He's quiet.
I like quiet.
And I like getting what I pay for.
We have problem?
No problem.
No problem at all.

I told you, I don't know anything.
So I'll tell you what I know.
If Jamal Karzai dies,
that makes you an accessory to murder.
If that boy dies,
I'll personally make sure that
you never see the light of day.
it says you were born in Kabul?
- Yes.
- Mm-hmm.
Were you there during the pullout?
No, but I still have family over there.
Oh, do you?
What do you think they would say
if they knew what you were doing?
You're Muslim, right?
- Yes.
- Practicing?
God does not judge you
by the oaths you speak
But by your intentions.
I thought you'd like to
see a few of your victims.
This young woman had a
restraining order against her ex.
He rented from you because
he couldn't legally own a gun.
Because the courts
knew he would do this.
This young man worked a fast
food job to help his family.
He was killed in a botched robbery
by a parolee that couldn't
even pass a background check.
But he could rent a gun from you.
Three more victims, all
shot dead by the same gun.
I'm not responsible for these people.
- Or for my clients.
- Cut the BS.
You know exactly what your clients do
once they leave your shop.
And you make a tidy
profit off it, blood money.
So what if someone ran
off with your investment?
You must have records, names,
addresses, phone numbers.
Not for me to know.
They put a deposit down,
they come back with the guns.
They always come back.
She can't help us.
Yeah, we should get her son
down here to say goodbye.
We get nothing, we give nothing.
- Isn't our problem.
- Yep.
Where is my son?
They call themselves Al-Tamarud.
A man named Ghani is running
things here in New York.
Where can I find him?
I don't know. I never met him.
Where'd you meet Jamal?
I only see the couriers
once they step off the plane.
And then what?
They make me do it right there,
no anesthesia.
I undo the sutures,
remove what's inside.
Sometimes the pouch rips.
I do what I can with what I have.
I give them antibiotics,
sew them back up,
then they put them back
on a plane the next day.
The next day?
Son of a bitch, that's why
Jamal said he had to go.
Nice pull, quoting the Quran.
You're the one who gave
me the three choices.
That's the one I chose.
- What's up?
- Maalek Abdullah.
Made six trips back and forth to Kabul
until the trips abruptly stopped.
Mm-hmm. When he got sick.
Then Jamal Karzai started
going a week later.
[SIGHS] These poor
guys, they're expendable.
One dies, another takes over.
Jamal made three round trips
with another scheduled for tonight.
Well, if Jamal's a
no-show at the airport,
then time is up for Karim.
And we still have no idea
where to find this Ghani guy.
I remember him.
I remember all of them.
Him, I don't like.
Most of them,
they buy things from my shop.
This one,
he buys nothing,
only comes for the guns,
to cash out lottery tickets
he doesn't even buy from me.
This man, he costs me money.
Lottery? You mean Powerball?
No. No.
We don't have the tickets,
but we do have the dates the
shooter was at the bodega.
You use the CCTV timestamp to pinpoint
when the scratch-offs were cashed in.
Then Vargas ran it through
the Gaming Commission database
right back to when and where
the tickets were purchased.
The when is around the
same time every night.
BOTH: Where?


Give me 30 on pump number
one and five scratch-offs.
- 30 on one.
The scratch-offs, which ones?
Where's the lady who is
usually here at night?
Joanne? Out sick.
Which ones?
Just a couple off the top.

Head's up. Unscheduled delivery.

Allow me.
- Hey!
- Do not move!
Do not follow.
Police! Drop your gun!
Drop your gun!
Drop your gun now!
Back up!
Shots fired. Perp fled.
Gray sedan, headed north on Dowling.
Victim down. Send paramedics.

Forensics was able to pull a clean
fingerprint off the drink can.
We ran a print and facial analysis
through all our databases.
Nothing turned up.
Interpol, on the other hand,
gave us a match.
He's got a different look now, but
That's him.
You get a name?
[IN DUTCH] Matthijs,
Peter, André, and Johan,
all with the surname Van Der Meer.
So no one knows his true identity?
Just that he's a professional assassin
likely responsible for dozens of hits.
European law enforcement agencies
have had some close calls,
but he's still on the loose.
Man's a ghost.
Dangerous ghost with
the screws tightening.
All right. Gotta go.
Thanks for the info.
- Just got off with the hospital.
- Karzai?
Yeah, he's conscious,
trying to check himself out.
OK, call them back. Tell them to stall.
- We're on our way.
- OK.
The man, he had a gun.
He was blindfolded.
Where'd they take him?
A building.
A new building, unfinished.
Please, Karim.
We're doing everything we
can, I promise you that.
But first, so what time did you get
back to your place with your son?
They abducted Jamal and Karim
from the housing complex at 9:30.
He says it was about a
15-minute ride to the building.
That we can work with.
The concept of time is elastic
when someone's in a traumatic situation.
So, uh, start with the building address.
Estimate maybe 15 miles
an hour with traffic
and a 20-minute drive.
That gives us
A really big radius.
But now
now we pull up any unoccupied
buildings under construction.
How many does that leave us?
Yeah, we can't send
units to all of them.
What else can he give us?
Well, he was blindfolded.
He remembers being in an elevator.
So we know that the
building had levels to it.
If he doesn't know what
the area looks like,
maybe he can tell us
what it sounds like.
He says he heard elevated car traffic.
A bridge?
Staying within our radius
puts us by the waterfront.
Still leaves 12 buildings.
What else did he hear?
The hiss of hydraulics.
A bus maybe. Or a garbage truck.
There were kids.
- School bus.
- That narrows it down.
Cheering he says he
heard cheering and shouting.
- Concert maybe?
- No.
There aren't any stadiums in the radius.
- The Hole.
- The what?
It's a famous streetball court.
They got games there every day.
Down to four.
Any sign of life at
those four buildings?
Running utilities analysis.
Water and electricity are
shut off at all but one.
Usage compatible with human
activity at a site in Brooklyn.
Send me an address.
We're heading there now.
All right, you keep
eyes on the building.
You, you're with me.

The operation is compromised.
It's over.
I want my money.
The job is not done.

They tracked you here.

Drop your gun!
Drop your gun now!
Where's Ghani?
I just want Karim.
Police! Drop your gun.
- Where's the boy?
Hey, Karim.
It's OK.
You're safe now.
Stabler, drones just caught
a figure moving on the roof.
Stay with him.

You all right?
Thank you, Detective.
Case wouldn't have been
broken without you and Sam.
Got a good gut.
You were right to trust it.
And trust you.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I just, um
I just wanted to say I'm sorry
for a lot of things.
Me too.
I haven't been myself for a while.
So I'm
talking to someone.
I was hoping you and I could start over.

As friends.
I'd like that.

Hey, Elliot!
Hey. So you got my message, huh?
Maybe you should respond
next time, you know?
Like, a little thumbs up, OK.
Who's staying with Mom?
Kathleen, or, uh help
me out here, Maureen?
One of your damn kids.
Thought the brothers
Stabler could use a break.
- Did you?
- Well, I did.
Or were you thinking
that this brother Stabler
needed a break?
Ooh, you got me, Detective.
- Yeah, I need a break.
- Mm-hmm.
Forgot how hard it is
to take care of someone
other than myself, right?
And I can barely do that.
You look a little bit less like hell.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Batman get his guy?
- He did.
- Ah, good.
Maybe now you get some damn sleep.
That should help you.
I got us a booth here in the back.
Who's the other beer for?
This crazy bastard.
Long time no see, big bro.
Come here.
What the hell's the matter with you?
How long you been in New York?
Uh, I don't know.
- I come and I go.
- Uh-huh.
- Business, you know?
- And you don't call?
You don't check in on Mom?

Is that it?
Is that what you do?
Please don't be mad at me.
Please don't be mad at me.
I ought to kick your ass like
I did when we were kids, huh?
You never kicked my
ass when I was a kid.
I kicked your ass. OK.
All right. All right, enough.
You want me to take
care of your leg work?
- Whoa. Whoa.
Mom hits harder than that.
- That was a good one, eh?

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