Law School (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

When will your attorney get here?
They already seem half-hearted.
She's already in a tight spot.
-I'll go outside and check.
I apologize.
No way.
What's going on?
Prof. Yang is defending her?
Is that allowed?
Your Honor.
In order for the defendant
to be fairly judged
by the Court and the people,
I would like to request a jury trial.
"A counsel shall be appointed
from among attorneys-at-law.
In special circumstances,
courts other than the Supreme Court
-What's up?
-may permit the appointment
of a counsel
who is not an attorney-at-law."
Special defense counsel.
-This sounds--
-It won't work.
What? Why not?
They won't approve this.
I bet many judges don't even know
about this.
This is their chance to learn.
Why won't they approve it?
It was only relevant
back when there were few lawyers.
It cost a fortune to hire a lawyer then.
Nowadays, there are so many of them.
Public defenders too.
The chances are very slim.
As you've heard, all the public defenders
who were appointed have quit.
Well, I need my prof's
permission first anyway.
Prof. Kim will say yes, obviously.
What? I'm not talking about Prof. Kim.
Mr. Yang Jong-hoon is currently
being tried for murder--
All defendants are innocent
until proven guilty.
Law professors are not permitted
to practice law.
Based on Article 31
of the Criminal Procedure Act,
I've been appointed
as her special defense counsel.
There have been no precedents for decades.
That does not mean the clause isn't there.
With all the practicing attorneys,
it is no longer--
It was deemed relevant by the Court.
What are her extraordinary circumstances?
The victim's father is Assemblyman Ko,
a presidential candidate.
No one wants to represent Ms. Jeon
because Assemblyman Ko
is a powerful man.
So she chose me in order to exercise
her right to defend herself.
Yang Jong-hoon?
The Court approved it?
The judge approved it?
The presiding judge and I
used to work closely together.
The public defenders kept quitting,
so he was all stressed out.
How do you know that?
All right. We can't help it, then.
Any lawyer would be up for this?
If I can't take this case,
it means no one will.
Why would we destroy our career
by defying Ko Hyeong-su?
Ye-seul wants me to represent her.
So you'll quit teaching?
This is…
I've been told that they normally
would not approve this.
If you were the judge,
would you deem her circumstances
-I would.
please help her so her reasonable request
won't be denied.
You want me to help her?
If this gets approved,
it'll set a precedent
for law professors practicing law
as public defenders.
Students can assist them
and learn what it's like
to work as a criminal defense attorney,
You always emphasized the importance
of giving students
firsthand experience.
This will make it happen.
I can tell that there's something.
If it's copied, hand it over.
What happened? Tell me.
Knowing you, you'd never ask anyone
for such a favor.
But I could express my opinion.
You're requesting a jury trial?
I do not understand why that is necessary.
The defendant has pleaded guilty.
No, she only admitted
to causing the victim's injury.
I'll prove that she acted in self-defense
and, therefore, is not guilty.
A jury trial?
Yang Jong-hoon, that prick…
A jury trial could work
in Yeong-chang's favor.
If Yang is found guilty,
the Court will be criticized
for appointing a murderer
as a public defender.
And the jury won't rule in their favor.
Not a chance.
So it's up to you.
And? Another pain in the butt?
It's not a big deal.
Small problems can be a real nuisance.
This guy is Yang's student?
who burned himself to death? It's his son.
He burned himself to death?
TOYGOODTOY? That toy company?
I'll take care of it, sir.
When I saw Prof. Yang enter the courtroom,
I couldn't believe my eyes. It was unreal.
I am glad that he's representing her, but…
Isn't it a bit much though?
I mean, he's losing his own trial.
He should worry about his own trial.
Prof. Kim is at the restaurant.
Count me out.
I have an upset stomach,
and I have to go home.
I'll call you later.
She would never say no to free food.
Did she actually fail?
Her stomach is upset.
She is upset, not her stomach.
She's upset because she failed.
Why else? This is so unlike her.
Oh, that's my sister. See you. Bye!
Okay, bye!
My cutie-pie!
-Is it good?
Ice cream on this cold day?
-Are you stressed out?
Why am I studying law
when I'm not smart enough?
-Are you that stressed out?
I'm not smart like Dan, you know.
She must've struggled too.
She did.
You didn't live with us,
so you probably don't know.
Dad started gambling on top of everything,
so Mom had a really hard time.
Dan got very upset
every time she saw Dad give Mom
a hard time.
He took all the money you sent
and went gambling.
Why didn't you tell me back then?
Mom told me not to tell you.
She was afraid you'd do something to Dad
if you found out.
I still wanted to tell you,
but Dan also told me not to.
I see.
I had no idea.
Will you keep studying?
You won't give up, right?
Oh, did you find out your grades?
Hey, did you find out your grades?
Sauce or no sauce?
You can eat whichever one you prefer.
We should talk about the jury trial
before the food comes out.
Is a jury trial really a good idea though?
Aren't Ko Yeong-chang's arm
and leg paralyzed?
Wouldn't the jury feel bad for him?
It would still be better
than just leaving it up to the Court.
An accident left the chief judge's son
paralyzed from the waist down.
That won't do Ye-seul any good.
-Judges are humans too.
But how do you know?
Right, there are many judges
in her family. Gosh.
I wish I was born into a family like that.
Your family's rich.
Nouveau riche.
Not like this prestigious family.
Did you hear anything else?
Not a single case has been ruled
self-defense in that court.
Then this will be the first.
In my next life, I want to be born as you.
Ye-seul has to tell them what he did
to prove it was self-defense,
so she should press charges too.
I don't want to press charges.
Why not?
Ye-seul, I understand how you feel.
I don't, so tell me.
He may have to live with a disability
for the rest of my life.
Right, I understand, but--
You'll ruin the trial
just because you feel guilty?
You'll ruin my first case
as a public defender?
Change your mind.
Prof. Yang, wait…
Just a second. Prof. Yang.
Just do what your heart says.
I'm sorry.
-For putting you through this.
-I know.
I don't want to miss out on tangsuyuk.
Let's go have some tangsuyuk.
Everyone's busy trying to help Ye-seul.
Oh, right.
I practically lived on this
while preparing for the judicial exam.
There were days
when I ate nothing but this.
Try it.
Do you know why I took
the judicial exam ten times?
Take a seat.
Where should I begin?
The second time I took it, I was so close.
And I felt that I'd pass it
if I studied just a little harder.
When I realized that wasn't the case,
I had already invested so much time in it.
"I can do this.
I've just had some bad luck."
I couldn't give up
even after wasting my youth.
It was like a drug.
Do you know how I gave up?
I didn't know what else I could do,
so I kept hanging on. Then I had a dream.
In the dream,
I stole the exam paper and answer sheet
and ran away.
But I didn't even feel guilty.
I was fixated on passing the exam.
I couldn't run no matter how hard I tried,
so I went berserk and started bawling
like a crazy man.
I know it was just a dream,
but I was ready
to sell my soul to the devil
if I could just pass the exam.
Oh, right.
Ms. Oh will pick up the copies soon.
Wait here.
I'll tell you the rest when I'm back.
Wait, okay?
This isn't good.
I put that up there
so you wouldn't do this.
Let's go. I'm here to see you anyway.
So what's up?
My uncle never used to check
his blood sugar often,
but he checked it every day
just before he passed away.
You should've cared about him
when he was alive.
Your uncle's diabetes
had gotten a lot worse.
His blood sugar was totally out of whack,
so his doctor told him to check it daily
for two months
and that he'd be hospitalized otherwise.
Then he started checking it regularly.
Did his doctor give him
a blood glucose logbook?
A logbook?
2:08 P.M., OCTOBER 5, 2020
What is this?
She refuses to write "Kang Sol B" on this?
Okay, fine.
Hey, roomie. Why do you want
to drink this anyway?
Why are you drinking water
as if it's booze?
And what was that sound?
What is this?
It's booze.
Because of your grades?
Oh, my grades?
My darn grades.
To make up for the warning
in the first semester,
I studied so hard in the second semester.
I'm telling you, I studied really,
really hard.
You know that.
"You can do it"? Whatever.
That's like giving false hope.
Guess what my 1L GPA is.
Hey, what?
Are you worried that I might've failed?
Come on. Why would I be worried?
You're mean.
I was worried sick when I was checking it.
Just tell me.
It's 2.02.
Are you relieved to hear
that it's over 2.0
and I don't have to retake 1L?
I was so excited.
I was totally stoked.
But, you know,
seeing myself like that
made me feel so pathetic.
I'm at the bottom anyway.
Like a loser, I got all excited about
going up a tad bit from the rugged bottom.
You guys at the top must think
I'm like the most ridiculous joke ever.
I went through all that trouble
to get into this school
just so I could make
you smarty-pants shine.
Look at you.
You're trying hard not to laugh at me.
You're drunk. Let's go.
That's what you're doing.
Dan is the one who belongs here, not me.
I should've kneeled before the dirty money
instead of her.
I'm off.
-Make sure you catch…
Not me!
The real killer.
Oh, Kang Sol A plus.
It makes no sense
that you're Kang Sol "B".
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I have the same name
as yours.
Get up.
Yes, I should.
To help Ye-seul prove that
it was self-defense and be acquitted,
I must study the precedents.
"The defendant… It is unfair…"
"It is unfair…"
The mock trial class for September 25th
was canceled
and was moved to Saturday the 26th
from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., right?
Yes, it was moved to September 26th.
-Why do you ask?
Oh, nothing.
Did you contact him?
Why am I here?
I'm so hungover.
Come out if you're hungover.
So, you wrote this with Prof. Seo
when you were in middle school.
Then you submitted it to the contest,
not knowing that he had
submitted it to Harvard?
Had I known about it,
I would not have submitted it
to the contest.
It says we co-wrote it,
but I actually wrote most of it.
You were interested in this topic
when you were in middle school?
I was interested in infringement
of fundamental rights.
This law, where our right to know
clashes with defendants' rights,
only exists in Korea,
so I wanted to dig deeper.
So, you submitted what you wrote
back in middle school to the contest
after entering college.
I wanted to submit it back then,
but only college students were eligible.
Obviously, many years have passed
since then.
And you submitted it
without checking the new cases
and theories that have been introduced
since then?
No one was indicted for it
during those years, so there was
no criminal case to refer to.
And no theoretical controversies either.
But there was a notable civil case.
It examines whether the law
only exists in Korea
and if there are similar criminal cases
in other countries,
so I didn't include civil cases.
Since I never wrote about them,
I didn't need to update it.
I was confident
that it was a well-written piece.
You sure come from a family
of law professionals.
Prof. Yang,
would you like to say anything?
Anything else?
My middle school friend
also goes to Hankuk Law.
If you still don't believe me,
you can ask him.
-You mean, Seo Ji-ho?
He can verify that I actually wrote it
in middle school.
I feel like I just got punched
in the face, big-time.
She refuted all the reasons
why I was suspecting her,
and I had nothing to say.
How embarrassing is that?
I'm beginning to think that
maybe I was wrong.
Let's just ask the vice dean.
He must know the truth
since he's her father.
Oh, right.
He said he'd cooperate and stay out of it.
He won't do more than that.
You know, about Sol B…
She even mentioned Ji-ho.
They must've cut a deal of some sort.
-What about Seung-jae?
I haven't heard from him since then.
His wife went through a lot to conceive,
so I'll wait until the end of the week.
Before your next trial, I'll--
Can I borrow your car?
Hey, where's mine?
You didn't get one for me? You're so mean.
Like I knew when you'd come.
It's hot.
This had better get rid of my hangover.
Hey, I can't find any cases
that are similar to Ye-seul's
-for the life of me.
-I told you there's none.
-Well, in case you missed something.
What's this?
The ones that are circled.
Look. 227, what the prosecutor mentioned.
OCTOBER 4, 2020 227
What is this?
-You know me.
Of course. You rock!
What a relief.
-My gosh.
-Give it back.
Where are you going?
To see the one who'd be thrilled.
Right, you do deserve all the spotlight.
Thank God I didn't fail.
You can drive, right?
What? You want me to file an appeal?
I've given up,
so they'll reduce your sentence.
I'll file a petition asking for leniency.
I'd really appreciate that, but…
I told you you're wasting your time.
I said I did it alone because of a grudge!
No one put me up to it!
What a waste of time.
Someone beat me to it and met him already.
I don't know who it is.
Oh, I know who it is. It's Yang Jong-hoon.
431R 5326
Something's fishy.
Doesn't the plate look fake?
431R 5326
The person who ordered him to kill you
at the detention center
must be the culprit.
431R 5326
60R 6356
431R 5326
Are you all right?
I don't want to die
before I clear my name.
I'm sorry.
We must catch the killer.
One of my uncle's belongings is missing.
His pen?
Oh, isn't that pizza?
Who bought this?
Oh, Seung-jae ordered it for us.
Where is he? Why only send this?
He was here.
Seung-jae was here.
He should've waited a bit to say hi.
He's in shock because his grades dropped.
I get it though.
He always got an A plus on everything.
Maybe that A plus was the problem.
"The problem"?
Do you know something?
Say nothing.
Let's not talk behind his back.
I'm just curious. That's all.
Then ask him directly.
She's right.
He bought us this pizza after all.
What did I even do?
Like Seung-jae wrote here,
let's help Ye-seul return to school.
Do you know
why I asked you to come here?
Come closer.
I'm sorry.
Then beg for my forgiveness.
Beg until your limbs feel numb.
You did this to me.
And what? Self-defense?
Because that bastard suggested it?
Ko Yeong-chang, the victim,
recorded spy cam sex videos--
Hey, let's just call them
"spy cam videos."
He says the camera wasn't hidden,
and he was going to delete them,
not spread them.
Bullshit! He wrote a novel.
I wrote a novel too.
I'd call it a blatant lie, not a novel.
Sum up their arguments.
Right, I should.
The two of them were in a relationship
for over three years.
They prepared for law school together,
but only Ye-seul got in.
Those are facts.
Ko insists that
Ye-seul two-timed him
after getting into law school.
Apparently, with me.
They insist that Ye-seul
witnessed my uncle's murder.
Prof. Yang's threats stressed her out,
so Ko persuaded her to testify
against him.
Gosh, that's just ridiculous.
So, she decided to do it,
but I blackmailed her into walking back
her statements to help Prof. Yang.
You "blackmailed" her? How?
I heard that jerk, Han Joon-hwi,
threatened you that he'd tell others
about me stopping by every night.
So, you betrayed me and walked back
your statements, which means
you were ready to break up with me.
I was going to delete our videos.
Why did you try to stop me?
I will…
pray for your recovery.
You can pray in jail!
This is bullshit.
I can't believe they're buying this.
I hope Seung-jae buys my story.
Why would such successful lawyers
want to waste their talent--
This is well-crafted bullshit.
Should I have added more details?
I heard Ko got rid of his phone, laptop,
and even his dash cam,
and he's saying he never installed
the spy camera.
-Was the camera hidden or not?
-Did he intend to disseminate it?
We must emphasize
that he was abusive to her.
Oh, not that.
If the media covers this,
it'll become fake news.
Fake news?
I did this around the time when I had
to wear sunglasses to your lecture.
I thought something had to be done.
There's a medical certificate.
And I recorded him saying
that he'd never do it again.
This proves that he was abusive to you.
So you want to press charges?
I'd like you to only use them
to prove my innocence.
I know he hurt me,
but he's paying for it already.
Let's get the facts straight.
He's not paying for what he did to you.
While committing the crime,
an accident happened.
It's his own fault, not yours.
Assemblyman Ko used fake news
to make his opponent take his own life…
Can you give us a moment?
We must win the trial to make sure Ye-seul
won't fall victim to fake news.
Assemblyman Ko has done this before.
This time, he's colluding
with all the hotshot lawyers
to help his son.
The sad thing is that it works.
Why do you think Dan left?
She became a whistleblower
so he could be punished
for his corruption.
But she gave in
and accepted the dirty money.
Have you heard from her since then?
She will contact me
if that is why she left.
Prof. Yang,
I want to prove that Ye-seul acted
in self-defense
so I can teach Assemblyman Ko a lesson.
I really want to show him
that he can no longer
use fake news and weasel out of things.
Oh, this is…
Dating violence could become a key issue.
Study jury trials first.
There is a small myoma.
But considering the location and the size,
I think we can just monitor it.
The cervical cancer biopsy results
will be out within a week.
Your baby's doing well?
Yes, thanks to you.
I feel bad because I can't breastfeed
my baby as often as I want to.
I heard you're pregnant.
I told him not to tell anyone
until it's considered safe.
I guess Seung-jae told you.
I'm not surprised. He's very fond of you.
I want to respect his decision
to study law for our baby's sake.
-Please take good care of him.
-Gosh, of course.
He always does a good job, doesn't he?
Right, what's going on with Ye-seul?
If Assemblyman Ko is involved,
it won't be easy.
They won't have it easy either
now that Prof. Yang is her attorney.
Well, what about his own trial though?
Seung-jae seems very worried about it.
Yes! Cho Ye-bum.
Nice, the Prosecution Service.
I'm excited.
Oh, Hyeongseol?
You want to get this confirmed?
Bok-gi, you're…
Well, I want to be a human rights lawyer,
so I don't like those big law firms.
Will they want you?
Hey, isn't that the law firm
Ko Yeong-chang hired?
-If you go there--
-I won't be able to help Ye-seul.
-Hey, how could you--
-Hold on. What is this?
Your name isn't here.
Is this an error?
You didn't get it?
Go ask them.
She aced the final exam even after
switching to Prof. Moon's class.
The vice dean gave her a lower grade.
Rumor has it that
he deliberately penalized her
after people found out
she was his daughter.
Oh, Prof. Yang has posted a notice.
All Hankuk Law students are invited
to attend the final hearing
of Prof. Seo Byung-ju's case
which will take place today at 2 p.m.
What does he want to show us?
He's clearly losing.
Clearly, he has something to show us.
Do you know anything?
We shall find out.
Ye-seul has to testify again today.
I wonder if she'll be okay.
Why don't you call her
instead of just worrying?
-Every crisis is an opportunity.
Seriously, don't!
Headed to the Court, right?
What is this?
I don't have the courage
to be on the witness stand.
Make sure Prof. Yang gets it.
I'm here.
I told you this is faster
when the traffic's bad.
Where's Seung-jae?
We're sorry for making you testify twice.
-No matter what the prosecutor--
-What do I do?
The flash drive…
As you can see, all the numbers match.
However, this date on the logbook
is different from the one
on the glucometer.
Right, by one day.
Which date is the correct one?
The handwritten entry in the logbook,
of course.
The date could've been entered wrong
on the glucometer.
According to this logbook,
the blood glucose level of 227,
which the prosecutor mentioned,
was recorded the day before the incident.
We must verify that the logbook
and the handwriting
-are indeed--
-You doubt it.
Then let's check one more thing.
That information is saved
on the glucometer.
Take notice that it says it was recorded
on September 26th at 11:30 a.m.
The mock trial class for September 25th
was canceled
and was moved to Saturday the 26th
from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., right?
In the audience,
we have students who attended
the victim's mock trial class
on September 26th at 11:30 a.m.
It went on for three hours as the class
the day before had been canceled.
Hence, the victim was not able to check
his blood sugar during that time,
which means this was actually measured
at 11:30 a.m. on the 25th,
the day before the class.
It doesn't rule out the possibility
that the logbook was manipulated.
11:30 A.M. SEPTEMBER 26
to prove that everything in this logbook
was recorded by the victim himself,
we'd like to bring in a witness.
Who is the witness?
The victim's personal driver
who happens to be in this courtroom now.
We'd like to bring in Mr. Lee Man-ho
as a witness.
Mr. Lee Man-ho already testified.
So did Ms. Jeon Ye-seul,
but the Court has approved your request.
-This is different!
-How so?
Mr. Lee Man-ho is a sex offender.
He is not a credible witness…
Are you arguing that
he is far less credible than Ms. Jeon?
I ask that we take a recess.
Joon-hwi never lets us down.
Thanks to him,
high blood sugar has been ruled out.
Let's see.
The missing laptop, out.
The one-way flight ticket, out.
High blood sugar, out.
And his request to bring in Lee Man-ho
as a witness. What timing!
If the prosecutor questions
Lee's credibility as a witness,
it means everything he said
when testifying against Prof. Yang
can't be trusted either.
While making Ye-seul seem more credible.
So, the prosecutor realized
he was digging his own grave.
It's not enough.
They must prove that it was sugar,
not meth,
in order to invalidate
Prof. Yang's fingerprints and DNA.
Why aren't they asking you to testify?
You really didn't see it?
I saw it.
You've never seen the logbook
and Seo Byung-ju didn't write that, okay?
I would never commit perjury.
If I get caught, I'll go to jail.
Ending up in jail again
is what I fear the most.
You seem to have serious trust issues.
Why did I help you out
when you put me behind bars?
To help you out,
I even said that I was the one
who leaked the info about Yang's charges.
You benefited from my testimony.
How dare you question my credibility
as a witness?
Get lost, will you?
Don't you dare tell me what to do!
I don't report to you, do I?
Since Mr. Lee Man-ho isn't here
at the moment,
I must dismiss the counsel's request
to bring him in as a witness.
Give your closing statement.
Recently, Mr. Yang told me
that he became a law professor
to make sure there are
no more prosecutors like me.
When I heard that,
I became even more convinced
that he is the killer.
In a world without prosecutors like me,
the likes of Mr. Yang,
who take advantage of the laws
can get away with anything, even a murder.
Pick up.
If what Mr. Yang
put in the victim's coffee
was indeed sugar, not a drug,
and if the real killer
took the empty sugar packet
to frame Mr. Yang for the murder,
then the killer should know that Mr. Yang
had fed the coffee with sugar
to the victim
because the killer must've seen him do it.
The cup and the sugar packet
had Mr. Yang's prints all over them,
so the killer left them there as evidence
and drugged the victim.
But among those whose shoe prints
were found at the scene
everyone, except for Ms. Jeon Ye-seul,
has an alibi proving that
they weren't able to witness
Mr. Yang feeding coffee to the victim
between 14:05 and 14:15.
And with Ms. Jeon too, we could not find
any evidence related to methamphetamine.
-Mr. Yang may have told--
-No, I did not.
Defendant, Yang Jong-hoon, lost his temper
upon finding out that the victim,
Prof. Seo Byung-ju,
was the real culprit
behind his only cold case.
On a spur of the moment, he drugged
the victim's coffee, which killed him.
He killed a precious life
because of his personal grudge,
and it cannot be forgiven.
Moreover, Mr. Yang is a law professor
who teaches criminal law,
so what he did should rightfully
be condemned.
Ergo, I request that he be sentenced
to 20 years in prison.
Defendant, please give
your closing argument.
Defendant, please give
your closing argument.
"Make sure no one ever suffers unjustly
even if you end up losing 99 perps."
The late prosecutor Mr. Seo Byung-ju
hated this saying the most.
"What about all the innocent people
who end up
suffering unfairly
because of the 99 perps?"
He said it is a prosecutor's duty
to make sure no one,
not even one person,
ever suffers unjustly.
However, he caused
a hit-and-run that killed
an innocent victim.
Then his life and career as a prosecutor
started to fall apart,
and he passed away.
One thing I'm sure of
is that Mr. Seo would not want
anyone else to suffer unjustly
because of his death.
The investigation began
with me pegged as the killer.
They only looked at evidence that put me
at a disadvantage and ignored the rest.
They completely dismissed the possibility
of it being a premeditated murder.
They shouldn't have focused
on the shoe prints to begin with.
If the goal was a perfect murder,
the killer mustn't have left
any shoe prints
to avoid becoming a suspect.
Would anyone be foolish enough to leave
shoe prints if it was premeditated?
Oh, I'm doing this because I do not wish
to leave a trail as a defendant.
I never imagined
I'd be tried as a defendant.
I always thought I'd be sitting here,
until I joined the law school.
Defendant, please be seated.
You made me a defendant. And for that,
I loathe you more than Mr. Seo.
But killing someone out of anger
and leaving my prints…
I'm not that foolish.
You think the killer had to have seen me
adding sugar at the scene
to take the empty sugar packet?
The killer could've witnessed it
without being at the scene.
What if there was a camera hidden
somewhere like the one in Ye-seul's room?
The killer was watching my uncle
waiting for the perfect time.
Then when the job was done, the killer
took the sugar packet and the camera.
He had this pen during the mock trial,
but it's gone.
It wasn't there
when he was first found dead.
The victim's pen was nowhere to be found
on the day of the incident,
but the police wasn't interested.
And he dismissed the possibility
of methamphetamine being injected.
This needle mark here looks different
from these insulin injection marks.
You're right.
It looks like a thicker needle was used.
-What about the location?
-The upper abdomen.
The fat layer under the skin
around that area isn't that thick,
so it's not an ideal area
for insulin injections.
A deep injection into this spot here
would release the drug
directly into the stomach.
Then why did the police just assume
this was from an insulin injection?
Had the killer planned to drug
the victim's beverage,
it would've been done in secret.
Why is that?
Because the victim
would've resisted strongly otherwise.
Had the killer forced the victim
to take a lethal dose,
there would've been clear signs
of struggle.
There were no signs of struggle
or any defensive wounds.
If the killer had installed a camera
and managed to leave no prints,
he or she would've opted for an injection
as it's faster.
If you drug someone's beverage,
on the other hand,
it'd depend on the person,
but it could take up to 30 minutes.
But in case of an intravenous injection,
it only takes a few seconds.
Even if it's not an IV injection,
it rarely takes more than ten minutes.
If the killer injected the victim
with methamphetamine
at around 14:25
after Kang Sol B and I left,
it closely matches
the estimated time of death as well.
Shoe prints.
A hidden camera and an injection.
The prosecution should have
suspected these
and should not have ruled out
such possibilities.
You must not only hear and see
what you want to believe.
You shouldn't be foolish enough
to let the killer
roam free blinded by your false belief
that I'm the killer.
Do you really think I am the killer?
Don't you have a reasonable doubt now?
In dubio pro reo.
Please remember that.
Are you done?
This smoking gun will prove my alibi.
At the time of Prof. Seo's death,
Prof. Yang was in his office.
He called Prof. Seo as soon as he arrived
and made sure he had recovered
from the hypoglycemic episode
after drinking the coffee with sugar.
A student who had sneaked into my office
around the time of the incident
to hack my laptop
and ended up hiding in my closet,
recorded this statement
to help me prove my innocence.
I tried to persuade him to testify,
but failed.
But today, he mustered up the courage
to deliver this to me through Ms. Jeon.
-Ms. Jeon Ye-seul.
Is it true?
-Yes, he gave it to me before I came here.
No need. I don't plan to submit it anyway.
-Why not?
Luckily, I was able to get my hands
on this smoking gun,
but this is considered inadmissible
at the moment.
Submit it.
Your Honor, I request
this piece of evidence be approved
and verified in this courtroom.
Regardless of this,
the Court's decision is…
That's what I want to know.
Over the course of this trial,
I did my best to invalidate the evidence
submitted by the prosecutor,
who launched the investigation
under the assumption that I am the killer.
The law scholar who testified
that there was sugar at the scene
is here today with an appeal letter
asking the Court not to question
the credibility of his testimony.
A student who lost his father
because of a prosecutor
who publicized mere allegations
is sitting over there, with faith
in the presumption of innocence.
Mr. Seo's frustrated nephew,
who's decided to take matters
into his own hands,
is also waiting to hear the decision.
The prosecutor
failed to prove that I am guilty
beyond all reasonable doubt.
Hence, I should be found not guilty.
As a professor who teaches criminal law…
…I never tell my students
that the law is just.
What makes the law just
are the judges' decisions based
on the presumption of innocence
and the law of evidence.
That is what I tell my students!
I hope the Court
shows the future law professionals
what it means
to make a truly fair decision.
Please show them by example.
I rest my case.
If I am found guilty after this,
I will submit this to the appeals court.
My, I had no idea you'd use it like that.
I learned a lot from you.
"In dubio pro reo." A defendant may not be
convicted when doubts remain?
I guess you're feeling confident.
Pulling this trick on me.
Shall we go to the judge's office
and see what's here?
We'll also show the judge the video
you watched during my closing argument.
So, you're deliberately barking up
the wrong tree.
Seo Ji-ho is the one barking up
the wrong tree.
If you don't want your student to be hurt,
persuade him to drop the case.
Man, I have to say,
Yang Jong-hoon is really something.
His closing argument almost got me.
It is a tough battle for Jin Hyeong-u.
Oh, Yang has been appointed
as a special defense counsel for…
What now?
Go away. Go!
Let's talk in private.
-Where are you going?
-Hey, Kim!
-Spare me a minute.
I'm busy.
It's about your son.
My dad made this toy.
You wrote that it contained
a cancer-causing chemical.
You had your bag stolen?
Then what was that flash drive earlier?
Gosh, he tricked us.
How's Seung-jae?
Did he say anything unusual?
He seemed down,
as if he was going somewhere far.
Somewhere far?
-He's not picking up.
-I know.
Seung-jae? Is that you? Oh…
Isn't this Yu Seung-jae's phone?
What? By the river?
Where is it?
-What's the matter?
-I think Seung-jae--
Isn't Seung-jae the one
who hacked the laptop?
It's him, right? Tell us.
-The smoking gun--
I told you to ask him directly.
Hey, let's go.
Try to gauge the situation
before you run your mouth.
Wait up!
Jeez, I can't even talk?
Come to the parking lot.
Can we talk?
No, I have a prior engagement.
Call before the sentencing date.
Not after that.
Yu Seung-jae!
Prof. Kim.
You punk.
You could've turned your phone off
to avoid my calls.
Why throw it away by the river?
I thought something had happened…
I'm sorry.
Drink up.
I should turn myself in sober.
Do you know what your grandparents
said to me most often?
"You must listen
to both sides of the story."
I needed a family who'd always
take my side no matter what.
So I told myself…
I should be a father who always
takes his child's side no matter what.
I told that to myself.
Is that why you scratched me off the list
for the court training?
Ms. Oh doesn't think
you plagiarized the paper.
That people forgot how smart you are
and jumped to conclusions.
Then all's good, right?
All's good?
What's the problem?
Your name isn't on that list because…
you don't qualify.
A law professional who's smart
but doesn't qualify.
Nothing's more dangerous than that.
No matter what happens to Seung-jae,
let's all remember this.
We must help Ye-seul return to school.
Stop trying to shut me up.
Ye-seul, don't worry. I promise you…
-Joon-hwi and I--
-Why rope Joon-hwi into it?
Must you be so obvious
about not feeling confident?
It's not that.
My point is, we should all join forces
and do this together.
Mr. Lee.
Do you see this girl gloating here
after hurting my son like that?
Have you no shame?
You should apologize to Yeong-chang
and reflect on what you did.
Mr. Lee.
They're saying she cheated on him
with you.
You should stay out of this.
What's the matter, sir?
What have you been doing
to manage the law school?
What a disgrace to Hankuk University.
A professor is being tried for murder,
and a student for aggravated assault.
You should've attended the trial today.
If Prof. Yang is found not guilty,
you'll be embarrassed of getting worked up
in front of the students.
I'm sorry for what happened to your son.
you should not let this girl set foot
in school again.
Why are the professors and the students
trying to protect this criminal--
Let's wait and find out
whether she is a criminal or not.
Are you all here to help Ye-seul
prepare for her trial?
Yes, ma'am.
Let's go.
Kang Sol!
"Special defense counsel, self-defense."
I heard that was all your idea.
Running your mouth like that--
I will not regret it.
I'm not Kang Dan
who regretted accepting your offer.
Do you also like to install spy cams
like your son does?
I really want to know how you found out
that it was my idea.
The dean got on the wrong side
of the president and Ko Hyeong-su.
Do a good job, or she'll be the first one
on the chopping block.
I can't believe she provoked them,
counting on you guys.
You all heard that?
Let's see if we can find
a lower court case
like Ye-seul's
that was ruled self-defense.
I'm out, as of today.
I'm starting at Hyeongseol tomorrow.
Why Hyeongseol?
It's a great opportunity for Ji-ho.
I'm okay.
Don't worry about me.
Just do a good job and seal the deal.
Good luck to you too,
but Hyeongseol won't be easy.
Must you be so mean?
When they're doing your reference check,
I'll tell them you're a jerk.
You can't do that to your study mate.
Just don't join Ko Yeong-chang's counsel.
I feel like we're losing
a thousand soldiers,
but show them what you can do.
I'll do a good job.
Do you really want to threaten me
with a reference check
in front of Ye-seul?
God, that jerk!
I can't stand him.
I'm not jealous, you know.
I found a case.
I'm here.
I arrived just now.
Subtitle translation by: Liya Choi
Prof. Yang gave it to me
and said it's my uncle's.
Why do you think
he purposely gave it to me?
It means someone instigated
the culprit to kill me.
-It's different from the deal we made!
-It means he started to get agitated.
How dare you come here?
You want to write an article about Mr. Ko?
I'll help you report exclusive news.
The prosecutor offered to suspend
his indictment.
You won't be able to control Seung-jae
as you want.
Prof. Yang found it out only now?
Therefore, according to Article 258
of the Criminal Code,
the defendant is indicted
for grievous bodily harm.
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