Law School (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

I said I did it alone because of a grudge!
No one put me up to it!
Stop taking wrong guesses.
Please excuse me.
I'm on my way now.
I'm here.
I just arrived.
It's the table under a beach umbrella
with a lit candle.
You promised you'd find him,
so keep your promise.
Is that my son?
Man, look.
You found my son!
Hey, grab your seats.
Sol, come on.
Look at the time. It's an ungodly hour.
You have no time with your internships,
so just give me an hour.
I start at the prosecutors' office,
so I couldn't even sleep.
You were snoring all night.
Joon-hwi is going there with you,
but he's not complaining at all.
Did you stay here all night?
I looked through
the precedents of jury trials,
but not many of the cases I found
were ruled acts of self-defense
in both regular trials and jury trials.
Jurors also rarely rule a case
for self-defense.
Only one case was ruled self-defense?
Which means jurors also have
a strict interpretation of self-defense.
Sex crime suspects are often acquitted,
and self-defense is rarely ruled.
Isn't that disadvantageous for Ye-seul?
Then a regular trial may be--
What if Ko Hyeong-su
uses his judiciary connections?
At least the judge can't rule as he likes
in a jury trial.
Let's go.
Come on in. Come on.
Come in.
So? Did you find anything
we can work with?
His attempt to distribute the video
has to be a fact
for this to be self-defense.
But Ko Yeong-chang insists
he took the video with consent
and was trying to delete it
to destroy our argument.
So we have to prove his argument is false.
Did he ever blackmail you through text?
He planted a spy cam in her alarm clock
then had the nerve to insist
he did it to keep her safe.
We may see it as a sign of a crime,
but he'll say it was love.
He's as sly as his father.
If you recorded him
when he blackmailed you…
Why are you blaming her?
Who does that in a relationship?
He even made spy cam videos.
When you found out,
you should've texted him
to delete it right away.
Should've been more thorough
as a law student.
She did the best she could.
If you had this,
why didn't you report him?
The police and the prosecution
already asked her that a million times.
Then you should've answered better.
Your statement at the police
differs from that at the prosecution.
The consistency of a victim's story
is important for sex crimes.
I think it's unfair
to find someone guilty
from consistency alone.
What if they lie well?
Even if they do it with consent,
they can later stick to the rape story.
That's not what we're saying.
-What I meant was--
-I'm sorry.
It's all because of me.
I mean, the evidence of his assault
doesn't prove that
he recorded the spy cam videos.
If someone can be this violent,
doesn't it show
he's capable of recording--
Did you go to dreamworld
in Yangcrates's class?
Analogical reasoning doesn't apply here.
Wait, it might work on the jurors
if we show these.
Before we do that,
they'll see these first.
Let's eat gimbap before we proceed.
Don't let what Sol said get to you.
Both she and Ji-ho can be
too straightforward and mean.
It's all right.
What she said is right.
You should go to your internship.
-I mean…
I'm trying to be a human rights lawyer,
but this world won't help me out.
How can every single office turn me down?
Even so, I can't believe you're going
to the greedy Park Geun-tae's office.
What would you learn there anyway?
So what about you?
Did you find anyone who'll take you?
Hey, at least I took this guy.
But you? No, thank you.
I'd turn you down first.
I got scared that you might come.
My gosh.
-Hello, this is Park Geun-tae--
Move your beat-up car right now!
This is where I park my bike!
Prof. Kim wanted to see me!
Shut your mouth
and move your car right this instant.
Prof. Yang is certain
about your plagiarism.
But I began to doubt it a little
after I heard your story.
I agree that you were smart enough
to write a paper on that subject
back in middle school.
But what if you're so smart
that you can hold out like this
even after copying his paper?
You said you began to doubt…
if I really copied his paper.
If you began to be doubtful,
it means
Prof. Yang's conviction is dangerous.
My goodness.
Everyone named Kang Sol is rude.
-What is it?
-Attorney Park, grab a seat.
I get scared when you call me
Attorney Park, Prof. Kim.
Just call me Geun-tae.
Attorney Park.
Have you heard of Bad FaMa?
-What perm?
-Bad FaMa.
Yes, what kind of perm?
I was really excited about coming here,
but why are we assigned
to Jin Hyeong-u's office?
All I did was sit in his trials.
Do you think he'll recognize me?
Gosh, I'm really scared.
Joon-hwi, wait.
Are you okay with this?
What's not to be okay with?
Hello, we're from Hankuk Law School--
Are you here as an intern?
Yes, my name is Cho Ye-bum.
Han Joon-hwi.
We meet again.
Take a seat.
I knew you seemed familiar.
I saw you in court.
So you're in a study group
with Jeon Ye-seul?
We are, but we aren't very close.
"We aren't close."
You'd know a law firm like ours
has very good information.
I believe your study group
is helping her defense.
I did it against my will
because of Prof. Yang's order,
and I got out before I came here.
You got out?
That was unnecessary.
One second.
I said take it down now.
I'll send the money then.
You'll be dismissed right here
as of today.
-But here's a guarantee.
As soon as you pass the bar exam,
you can start at our law firm right away.
Seung-jae is here right now.
Where do you think I am?
I'm at the Prosecutors' Office.
Mr. Yu.
Have a seat.
You two both seem very flustered.
This law student, a future officer,
committed a serious crime
and hacked into people's computers.
He had the nerve to hack
professors' laptops for test questions.
Do you know what's funnier?
Mr. Yu's hacking incident
became the smoking gun in proving
defendant Yang Jong-hoon's alibi.
But I don't buy that as the prosecutor.
Shouldn't you have this case reassigned?
-You're in charge of Prof. Yang's--
Do you think I'll make some kind of deal
with this suspect,
who's Prof. Yang's student?
If you're suspicious,
you can question him,
Officer Han Joon-hwi.
You're an intern here,
so I'll let you question the defendant,
although others only let you sit in.
Let's see
how good you are, Mr. Second-Round Passer.
You're right.
Can assemblymen's offices
really recruit interns from law schools?
It's unusual, but I'm sure
he put it out because he could.
He's on the Judiciary Committee, too.
He's working very hard
even after his son got hurt.
Anyway, you're going to apply for this?
I know you didn't make it at a court
or the Constitutional Court, but this is…
I don't care for big-name firms,
and the National Assembly
sounded fun as the legislative.
-Do you want to join me?
You couldn't find an internship
and couldn't sleep.
I was looking for precedents
of jury trials--
I'm not sure if they'll take you.
I may be desperate, but I can't go here.
-No, I can't.
-You can't what?
You still need an internship?
An internship with Assemblyman Ko?
Are you aware that prosecution questioning
can be used as evidence?
My statement remains the same
as what I said to the police.
Let me clarify a few things.
Why did you turn yourself in?
Yes, you've been hacking
since the first semester.
Why at this point…
Go ahead.
I was afraid…
I could turn an innocent man
into a murderer.
Do you mean
you might not have turned yourself in
if that didn't happen to Mr. Yang?
Would you have continued
if you hadn't been caught?
I could have.
If his innocence could've been proven
without your testimony,
you may never have come forward then.
Do you only feel guilty when someone dies?
What you did not only led to mistrust
of Hankuk Law School's grading system.
You also caused a relative sense of loss
to your fellow students
who study until the point
they look like zombies.
Shouldn't you have been tormented
by such reasons?
Go easy on him.
Bring him some water.
"I needed to stop
Mr. Yang from becoming a murderer."
Is that your conscience?
Or did Mr. Yang find out
about your hacking problem,
and you couldn't help but do--
-I am here…
on behalf of the prosecutor.
Just answer my question.
On the day of the incident,
did you really overhear the conversation
Mr. Yang had on the phone
with Mr. Seo Byung-ju…
in his office closet?
Are you all right?
Joon-hwi seemed like
a completely different person,
as if he's possessed by Prosecutor Jin.
We have so much history.
How can he be so harsh on you?
If I hadn't done that…
I know.
If it hadn't been for you,
you think I would've done that?
So it's better that you do it?
It's better to get bitten
by a crazy dog from another family.
If your own pet dog bites you…
it really breaks your heart right here.
Some credit is due.
Officer Han Joon-hwi,
you've done very well.
You're a born prosecutor.
I should learn from you.
So there are two Kang Sols
at Hankuk Law School.
You want to be in the judiciary,
so why do you want
to come and work for me?
I want to experience
the process of lawmaking.
Passing the Lee Man-ho Act
to turn a crisis into an opportunity
was very impressive.
If you let me work with you, not for you,
then I'll be extremely useful.
All right. You got the job.
You're rather shameless, aren't you?
How dare you come here.
I barely managed to pass my year,
so it's tough to find an internship.
And you're supposed
to keep enemies closer.
Because I've been helping Ye-seul.
The one whom you interviewed before me
is also helping her out.
If you give the job only to her,
won't people get suspicious of you?
People may think
you're trying to bribe her
to find out what our defense strategy is.
Do you think
I'll fall for such a petty trick?
I couldn't care less about your strategy.
Get lost.
Assemblyman Ko will be interested in this.
How did you…
Prof. Kim asked if you'd be willing
to take me with that document.
Well, to the point that she'd offer this?
Jin played a smart move.
He made you go after Seung-jae,
then he'll sit back and comfort him.
I wasn't thinking.
He got the best of me.
You're after the culprit.
It had no fingerprints.
Width, 13 cm, length, 30 cm.
They're for a shoe size of 275 mm.
Someone who could stab the stomach at once
would have to be a doctor or a nurse.
-You'd have to know your anatomy.
It was for organ trafficking.
Like a history of organ trading.
The real culprit
must've wiped the fingerprints.
Why didn't he destroy this?
Why do you think Ki Du-seong gave me those
instead of pointing to the culprit?
Your gut feelings could be wrong.
It means
there is someone who instigated my death
behind the real culprit.
Is she asleep?
Mom, get up.
Stop avoiding me.
You're avoiding me
because of the notarized document, right?
You know who Ko Hyeong-su is.
And that he approached Byeol's dad
to shut Dan's mouth, right?
-You knew.
-So what if I did?
He was about to lose his organs
because of his gambling debt.
So I begged her
to help me out just that one time.
I did that…
because I didn't know
what that would mean for her.
So why are you doing this to me?
Why are you doing this to me?
I heard you were assigned
to Prosecutor Jin.
Don't bring Seung-jae up. What about Choi?
He deleted the photo of the toy.
Which means he's emotionally shaken.
Keep knocking on his door
until he opens up his heart.
I'll look for a lead
to publication of suspected crimes
next to Prosecutor Jin.
How did it go at the law firm? Doing okay?
Fired? You got fired? Over what?
Because of Ye-seul?
Where's Ji-ho? Is he okay?
I'm not okay.
You were there for a few days.
Did you hear anything on their strategy?
Did they ask you anything?
In return, there is something
we want to hear from you.
They wanted me to say
that Ye-seul was dating Joon-hwi.
Their argument is that
Ye-seul was two-timing him with me.
They'll try to prove that to the jurors.
And they'll want to do that through you,
people I study with every day.
It'd be a jackpot
if they get it out of his roommate, Ji-ho.
Then they shouldn't have fired him.
If they hold him down,
it'd look like a deal.
The credibility plummets, too.
That's false witness anyway.
You're fired because…
I don't know if I'll say yes or no.
Hey, Ji-ho.
Didn't you catch Ko Yeong-chang
at Ye-seul's dorm
and make him sign a note?
Don't answer that.
Is there anything suspicious
in your text with her?
I need to shut him up. Stop talking.
Starting now,
we will begin the pretrial hearing
of the jury trial
for case number 2020-GH311.
Your Honor.
May I request that the prosecution
do something before we begin?
I hope you won't play dirty
and emphasize that I'm currently
getting tried for murder charges
to the jurors of this jury trial.
Play dirty? What do you think of us?
Cut it out.
We won't do that.
Please begin.
This trial ends in a day.
Can you reduce the number of witnesses?
We selected only the ones we need.
Then let's do it over two days--
The jurors may get contaminated.
Are you suggesting
we'll try to bribe the jurors?
No, not you, prosecutors.
I meant the victim's father.
He put pressure on attorneys
to get her locked up,
so I ended up sitting here.
Who knows what he'll do to the jurors?
Defense counsel.
Please begin.
He can't be tried in this state.
That's why I want to show them
my situation!
Keep it down.
It was about time
I needed to bring up something big.
Then she brought a present from you,
Prof. Kim.
How could I turn her down?
I had no choice but to take her.
The abolition of defamation
by publicly alleging facts
and claiming punitive damages
through a civil case?
It may not be as big
as the Lee Man-ho Act,
but it'll be a big issue.
I can draw attention, too.
If you want attention,
you should have a press conference, too.
If you do it
on the day of the Bad FaMa jury trial,
it'll be the best timing.
Prof. Kim.
About the abolishment
of causing defamation by facts.
I don't think you should hand over
your important and hard work
to a man like Ko Hyeong-su.
I don't have to do the internship,
so if it was for--
Why would she do that for you?
She wouldn't give it up for you.
Exactly. Why would you do that?
I'm sure she has a plan.
Just go do your internship.
Prof. Kim.
You record my lectures, right?
What? Of course.
Why did you give that bill
to Assemblyman Ko?
What about the time
when Lee Man-ho came in?
I need to blow up this issue
so that the media will stay away
from reporting on his case.
The contents look
very meticulous and thorough.
It looks excellent.
Right, do you know a website
called Bad FaMa?
I heard it's a website that exposes
parents who don't pay child support.
Why do you ask?
I heard
the defamation suit is a jury trial.
When's the trial?
It's on the same day
as Yeong-chang's trial.
Is that so?
There are 41 candidates who expressed
their interest in becoming a juror.
Among them,
40 people sent back the questionnaires.
You'll find information
such as their gender, age, job,
education, family relations,
and other basic information.
Supplemental questionnaire…
Come on.
You should be the most invested in this.
-That's not helpful.
-What are you saying?
About half of the ruling
is decided from the jury selection.
The battle here is the most furious.
To find jurors
who'll rule in Ye-seul's favor…
Give it a good try.
Prof. Yang--
Prof. Yang.
What's with him?
He volunteered as an attorney
to turn this into a jury case.
How can they give this to us
two days ago, not even two weeks?
It's in our hands now,
so we'll make good use of this.
This might be better for her.
If we got this two weeks ago,
Ko's side would've run background checks
and had more information than us.
You're right. I wouldn't put it past
Ko Hyeong-su to bribe the jurors.
Getting favorable jurors is important,
but will the jurors like
Prof. Yang's style?
You're right.
The prosecution brought a star prosecutor
who won every single jury trial she had.
She captures the jurors with her charms.
Her name even means "juror," Bae Sim-won.
Don't try to teach the jurors.
You can't press on them
or push them like your students.
And that face.
Don't make that face before the jurors.
Don't. You have to present yourself
looking very sharp.
Jury trials are different
from criminal trials.
To get on their good side--
I'm not going to do that.
Facts and legal principles--
That's not all.
Are you going to ruin Ye-seul's trial?
In order to persuade the jurors
who have good ethics
but minimal legal principles,
your impression and attitude matter.
The more you seem likable,
the easier it is to persuade them.
That's why Prosecutor Bae
is good at jury trials.
She's your biggest enemy.
So was Jin Hyeong-u.
But you never turned him down.
Back in the training institution--
You turned me down coldly.
Long time no see.
It's great to see you, my friend.
Sure, nice to see you.
He turned me down ages ago.
I wouldn't hold a grudge to this day…
No, I would. I liked you that much.
You look the same, Jong-hoon.
But this fight isn't that hard.
I can leave my grudge out of this.
A fight in a courtroom?
You mean a dispute.
We'll have to see if it's hard or not.
You're all here.
Hey, Prosecutor Jin.
You heard that Prosecutor Ha's mother
passed away this morning, right?
I did.
And that you'll be covering for him.
It's my first time at a jury trial,
so I'll learn a lot.
She's the prosecutor
for the jury trial today.
These are probationary officers
from Hankuk Law School.
Nice to meet you. Learn a lot.
You probably don't know
because you're only doing trials.
This is the guy whom the defendant
two-timed the victim with.
Special Attorney Yang Jong-hoon
better be ready for this trial.
May I have a word with you?
The hearing will continue.
There was zero possibility that
it was an injection instead of drugs.
Did you say
the needle stabbed his stomach?
There was no record
in the first autopsy report.
That's why I disagreed,
to summon and check with the examiner.
Sadly, he couldn't be reached.
That's why that autopsy report was used,
which could've left out the information.
The examiner
who conducted the autopsy again
also did not see
a needle mark on his stomach.
He wouldn't care
if he came to tamper with the case.
Even if he did, he couldn't have
seen anything after the first autopsy.
Yu Seung-jae…
won't speak as you wish he would.
Do whatever you want.
This is doubly annoying.
Why are we putting on a show?
He's doing this
on the day of his son's trial.
Bad FaMa's trial is today, too.
That's why this feels even worse.
Not only is he making use
of the proposal from Prof. Kim.
He's also slyly using Bad FaMa.
Bad FaMa might be using
this bill proposal instead.
It abolishes defamation by facts
then offers claiming punitive damage, too.
Prof. Kim worked very hard on this one.
Why do you think
she handed over such great work to him?
Then her plan was…
Bad FaMa will benefit from this, too.
A strong political figure
is swaying the media, too.
Prof. Kim came up with a good plan.
Prosecutor Jin? All of a sudden?
Yes, the investigating prosecutor
just lost his mother.
Anyway, that sly man.
The only thing he told us
was to come and sit at his trial,
and it was Ye-seul's trial.
Prof. Yang also found out about it
just now?
I'll call you back.
What is this? What happened?
I slipped on a staircase
while handing out flyers.
I'm fine.
Why didn't you tell me?
You came here to be a juror like this?
They said I'll get 60,000 won
just for showing up.
I can't even make 50,000 won
for handing out flyers all day.
That's odd.
I didn't see your questionnaire.
I forgot to turn that in.
Is it too late to hand that in?
I was busy, so I forgot to turn it in.
I'm sorry.
I'm so nervous.
I should've taken a calming pill.
What if I get dropped?
It'd be great if you do it,
but this is done randomly.
If you don't make it,
watch Ye-seul's trial.
I really want to make it.
Of course he should.
He stopped me from defending her
to be a juror.
If you look so desperate,
there's a chance they'll drop you.
-So try to look indifferent.
Don't say or do anything to stand out.
Prof. Kim, I have to talk to you.
And don't appear to be
strongly opinionated.
Try to remain uncertain and vague.
Once you get selected,
you can show your claws
during the deliberation.
I see.
Did you all get your numbers?
Did I miss anyone?
Me! Over here! Coming!
I should run. Okay.
I hope he gets dropped.
You can do it!
I brought my contract,
so let's wait here,
and if he gets dropped,
let's join the counsel.
You said she won't be found innocent.
You saw the reporters out there.
Assemblyman Ko is interested in this case,
and so should I.
My gosh.
If you handed over that awesome bill to Ko
to use it in Bad FaMa's favor
for the trial…
I think it's really wrong.
Assemblyman Ko is trying to use
Bad FaMa's trial
to raise his approval ratings,
but you're using him for Bad FaMa's trial,
so how are you different from him?
You should be different
from a guy like Ko Hyeong-su.
I should be.
It has started.
Speaking the truth
must be protected
under our freedom of speech.
It is unconstitutional
to criminally punish a person
who has spoken the truth
to protect the reputation of someone
built upon falsehood.
Article 307.1 of the Criminal Code
and Article 70.1
of the Act on Information Protection
can punish individuals
for publicizing facts.
I wish to abolish
defamation by alleging facts
and put an end to this unfair suffering
as the victims
are turned into perpetrators.
Once this bill passes,
defamation cases like Bad FaMa's,
held today as a jury trial,
will no longer be subject
to criminal penalties.
It's different from the deal we made!
Darn it.
-I will stop this.
-I came to find my son here.
Questions, please.
I believe a related bill
has been proposed already.
But it's me.
I'm not just proposing this.
I will make sure it passes,
just like the Lee Man-ho Act.
Eleven years ago,
you called me an asshole, judge.
You must be relieved
the criminal statutory limitations
and the civil statute of limitations
have expired.
But I'll make sure these people
who are within the statutory limitations
are punished,
and I'll file for compensation, too.
Look, that's not the attitude of a thief,
is it?
I'm showing the bitterness of the law.
After Lee Man-ho's release,
I came to know
that he is preparing to sue
those who have criticized him
for defamation.
I was appalled.
If he sincerely reflected on his actions
and wanted to atone for his crimes,
how could he do anything like this
as a human?
-Damn it!
-I wish to have
this bill passed as soon as possible
because of Lee Man-ho.
When you call a wicked man wicked,
it would be absurd for anyone
to be charged criminally.
Don't you think Lee Man-ho
will sue you for defamation?
All I did was state the truth.
I must
pass this bill before he does that.
Even if he sues me,
I won't back down
and will, rather, face it gladly.
I will show Lee Man-ho, that wicked man,
what justice looks like.
Where are you going?
Oh, well…
You aren't on your way to the court,
are you?
Will you come with us?
Why would I go there?
It's already shameful,
so why are you two going?
Assemblyman Ko and I worked hard
to make sure the trial stays quiet.
Let's go watch it quietly.
People are already saying
Hankuk Law School is the hotbed of crime.
Only if they're both found guilty.
If they're all innocent,
this will be an amazingly valuable lesson.
So you're insisting on going there?
Assemblyman Ko is at the court, too.
Come with us.
And now, we will begin
the jury selection process.
If a juror candidate
makes a false statement
in the selection process,
you may be fined up to two million won
according to Article 60
of the Act on Citizen Participation
in Criminal Trials.
Now, please take a look at the screen.
Once you are seated
in the jury seat on the day of the trial,
judges, prosecutors, and defense counsel
will ask you many questions.
That's the end of my internship today.
It took a toll on my heart.
His darned press interview
began to trend on the Internet,
and it drew people's attention
to Bad FaMa's trial, but…
And he successfully made people
forget his son's trial.
Is this locked?
This session isn't open to the public.
You can't come in.
Why are you so curious?
Prof. Yang will do a good job.
I heard Prosecutor Bae Sim-won
or someone is invincible.
I hope we only get jurors
who'd rule in Ye-seul's favor.
I hope he makes use of the selection
we came up with after a thorough analysis.
A civil servant in his 50s
with a 28-year-old job-seeking son,
the same age as Yeong-chang.
We should dismiss him.
He'll be more empathetic
toward Ko Yeong-chang.
He has a 26-year-old daughter
who's a flight attendant.
Aren't dads more concerned
about their daughter than their son?
Yes, you might be right.
Let's keep him here.
An OB-GYN doctor couple in their 50s.
They have a 21-year-old daughter.
They'd be in our favor.
Joon-hwi, where should we sit?
I mean, we came with Prosecutor Jin.
You're working for the prosecutor
so you want to sit there? Go ahead.
It's not that we will. If we can--
You do that.
-Where's Ye-seul?
-She's here. I should go.
Hey, two-timer.
It wouldn't help her
if you're seen with her.
I can go, right?
Just go be with Jin Hyeong-u.
Come on, I didn't mean
I absolutely want to do that.
Aren't you doing your internship?
Are you allowed to be here?
Let me get you coffee.
No, I'll get it myself.
She shouldn't wear heels, right?
Be thankful that she's not wearing
red lipstick and mascara.
Have you seen Sol A?
What about me?
It's about Bad FaMa.
What about Bad FaMa?
Where's Ye-seul?
Over there.
Good luck on your internships.
When you have time,
you should come and watch the trials.
How many interns are here from our school?
-A total of seven, ma'am.
-I see.
So what's your internship like?
Do any of these exemptions apply to you?
How old are you?
I'm 74.
You don't have to do this
if you're over 70.
It'll be really tough for you to sit there
all day long.
All day long?
Yes, all day long.
Yes, sir.
I can't do it.
All right.
How do I become this juror or whatever?
I'm not kidding. How do I become one?
You have to raise your chances.
My 7-year-old daughter
has a grade 1 disability
due to brain lesions,
and she is unable to move on her own.
-I asked my mother to look after her--
You should go be with your daughter.
Excuse me, Candidate 37, please be quiet.
Yes, okay.
Make sure you get Candidate 37!
He asked me not to play dirty.
Don't be disappointed
if you don't get chosen at first.
Do you know anyone who has suffered
or caused grievous bodily harm?
Her fiancé's mother was hit by a car
then became paraplegic.
It's grievous bodily harm.
The prosecution will choose her.
Let's avoid her.
My boyfriend's mother was hit by a car.
We have much to do for the wedding,
but he makes me do everything
using his mother as an excuse.
If her future mother-in-law is disabled,
she'll be more annoyed.
"Why did she get into an accident?"
She's on our side.
I see.
His mother must be heartbroken
for taking up her son's time.
My nephew fought with a thief
then was imprisoned
for making him lose his sight.
If he tried to stop a thief
from coming in,
he might think imprisonment was unfair.
He probably claimed self-defense.
-Do you think his punishment is unfair?
-One second.
He said the investigation was fair.
He should be punished
if he made him lose his sight.
But imprisonment doesn't seem fair
since it was a thief,
so I think probation sounds fair.
You're right.
Then he won't agree with self-defense.
It might've been different
if it were his son.
Ye-seul is a stranger.
Among assault, injury, fraud,
sexual assault, murder,
and attempted murder,
which crime do you believe
is not punished harshly enough?
It's sexual assault, isn't it?
She's right. It's rape.
Look, the question asked
what she thinks of criminal punishment.
She said it's too light
then put "rape" in brackets, too.
Please make it.
It's not light.
Criminal punishment for sexual assault
is as severe as that of murder.
Trespassing upon a residence and rape
get you 8 to 13 years in prison
and murder gets you 10 to 16 years.
I think he studied a bit of law.
"How good are you at persuading others
at meetings and work
to agree with your opinions?"
He said he's very good.
He's a wild card.
What do you think
has the weakest punishment?
Assault and injury, of course.
And it's not indicted upon objection.
You don't get punished
once you settle the case.
What makes no sense is
how domestic violence
can't be indicted upon objection.
Defense counsel, any questions?
No, Your Honor.
The prosecution and the defense counsel
will now make requests
to have candidates evaded
for reasons and no reasons.
2, 18, 24 TO BE EVADED
The number 2, number 18,
and number 24 candidates
are dismissed from their candidacy.
-Number 38.
-Number 5.
Number 37.
Yes! I'm right here.
Number 37, you seem to have hurt your leg.
Will you be all right?
There's not a problem.
I have a question
for candidates 5, 37, and 38.
Let's say
my girlfriend cheated on me
while she was dating me,
then I asked her to break up with me.
But she couldn't accept it
and ended up causing grievous damage
while she continuously pestered me.
Should I request
to have her severely punished?
Or should I ask for mercy?
If you were once in love with her,
you should ask for mercy.
What are you talking about?
By the way,
how did you end up dating a girl like her?
Don't worry.
You won't have to ask
for a severe punishment.
The law will make sure
she gets punished for what she did.
Isn't that right?
Exactly. A man needs to date a good woman.
I also think what she did
is too cruel to plead for mercy.
Yes, that's exactly what I said.
Okay, please maintain order.
Defense counsel, questions?
I don't have any.
And I will continue to ask no questions.
Candidates 5, 7, 11, 37, 38,
46, 58, and 76
are chosen as the jury.
In case one of the jurors
is unable to carry out their duty
due to sudden illnesses and so on,
we will select a reserve juror.
According to Article 31.4
of the Act on Citizen Participation
in Criminal Trials,
I will not disclose
who the reserve juror is.
The selection process is concluded.
Drink some.
Your trial will begin soon.
You'll have a tough time in there.
Brace yourself.
It's not your fault
that Ko Yeong-chang ended up like this.
You had to be examined for rape
because of him.
Just remember that.
The prosecutor offered to suspend
his indictment.
Don't try to stop me.
I don't know about you,
but I can at least talk.
I examined Ye-seul
against the president's order
and even came here as a witness.
Go ahead.
It wasn't easy for me
to appear here as a witness.
If you can be found innocent
without an account from his witness,
I don't want him to stand there.
-I want to shut his mouth
and get his indictment suspended.
Don't mind her.
She's just frustrated, that's all.
I heard you're a certified
digital forensic examiner.
I am.
Could I find out the hour
in which my client had seen this video?
Until the hearing ends.
please don't let him be a witness…
Dear members of the jury,
in accordance
with Article 27.4 of the Constitution,
we hold to the presumption of innocence.
Which means the defendant of this trial
is presumed to be innocent
until she is found guilty.
Therefore, the defendant has
no obligation to prove her innocence.
The prosecutors must prove
she's guilty as charged
only to the extent
that will not arouse reasonable suspicion.
What the heck is he saying?
I request the members of the jury
to rule on her case
solely on the evidence presented
and investigated in this court
according to the Principle of Adjudication
Based on Evidence,
Article 307 of the Criminal Procedure Act.
You must rule on her
solely on the evidence…
…presented and accepted in this court.
Man, this is as good as a closed trial.
It's Ko Hyeong-su's power.
Everyone is at Bad FaMa's.
The defendant, Jeon Ye-seul,
had been dating the victim
for three years.
They both aspired to get accepted
to Hankuk Law School in the year 2020,
but only the defendant was accepted,
not the victim.
After her enrollment,
the defendant did not have enough time
to meet with the victim
due to the murderous amount of studies.
She had something going on
with a guy in her study group.
Doesn't that mean she two-timed him?
The victim, Ko Yeong-chang, found out
she had been two-timing him.
On December 5th, 2020, around 9:00 p.m.,
he asked her to break up with him
in the back
of the Hankuk Law School building,
but the defendant
refused to accept their breakup.
The victim, who was drunk,
called her filthy
then tried to delete a video of them
since he wanted to break up.
Then the defendant assaulted the victim
in a fit of anger.
The victim hit his head on the ground
and was grievously injured.
Goodness. Unbelievable.
Of course, the defendant probably
did not devise a plan to cause harm.
If only they hadn't grown apart
after the acceptance and rejection
into the school…
They were so deep in love
that they would've been married by now,
so much so that they agreed to film
a video of their private moment together
and cherish it forever.
The victim barely escaped death
from a fatal brain injury
and became paraplegic.
Therefore, we applied
Article 258 of the Criminal Code
and indicted her
for causing grievous bodily harm.
What she said isn't her charge
but a big fat lie! A lie!
If it were fun enough to make me laugh,
I would've called it a novel.
But it was pretty lousy.
-Defense counsel.
-I accept the warning.
Before I came into the trial,
my colleague gave me a good nagging.
She said I have to get on your good side.
She suggested that
if you don't find me likable,
my client would suffer or something.
-Is that the case?
Since I was sitting across from you,
I could see your confusion
when the judge informed you
of the presumption of innocence
and ruling solely
on the evidence presented here.
To put it plainly,
the presumption of innocence is this.
You may remember me from the news
as a defendant on trial
in the law school murder case.
However, I made a special request
to the judiciary
to take up her case as an attorney.
They did not hold to any prejudice
and presumed I was innocent
because I haven't been found guilty
at my trial
and accepted my request.
They presented
that a defendant shouldn't be treated
as a criminal.
If any of your family or friends
suffered from grievous bodily harm,
would you blindly judge
against the defendant
just because she's charged with that?
Or since a person's life is at stake,
would you try to make a fair judgment
apart from your personal feelings,
solely grounded on the evidence?
If you just nodded,
you understood what it means
to rule only on the evidence presented.
There are no jurors who are advantageous
or disadvantageous to the defendant.
There is only advantageous
or disadvantageous evidence.
We just need you to make a decision
solely on the evidence.
Even if you know anybody who suffered
from domestic violence or dating abuse,
please do not show
any pity or sympathy for her.
The fact of the incident is this.
The defendant
was in an abusive relationship.
The accident happened
as she tried to stop the victim
from spreading their spy cam sex video.
We claim self-defense in accordance
with Article 21 of the Criminal Code.
Is this really his first time
at a jury trial?
It's his first time as counsel.
Look at how he turned
all of our hard all-nighters into nothing.
But I really want to give credit
to Attorney Yang.
He had the jury and the judges
completely under control.
Did you see the prosecutors
and Ko's attorneys?
Especially how Prosecutor Jin looked grim.
-Let's go for lunch.
-Yes, sir.
I'll be testifying later.
There's no need to sit with him
and cause a misunderstanding.
Let's go.
What did you say?
Prosecutor Jin's case
isn't transferred yet, right?
It got transferred to be indicted.
You surprised me.
So what? They'll acquit in that case.
That's why you should…
You just put a straw in my drink
then expect me to betray Prosecutor Jin?
You did that to my dad.
What happened to your dad is…
Fine, I honestly had no idea
that the toy my son loves so much
was made by your father.
-If I had known--
-You know that now.
So testify that he slipped it to you.
I can't!
I can't do it.
What if my career as a reporter ends?
Will you take responsibility?
Let the living live on.
I'll give you something more interesting.
-What do you think about this?
-Let's talk about it later.
All right, everyone.
-Say something.
-We're in front of the sacred court.
We shouldn't make a fuss here.
Let's do this later.
-One second!
-Mr. Ko!
You want to write a piece on Ko?
I'll help you report huge exclusive news,
Mr. Choi.
It's been received very well.
They're more excited than the time
when you passed the Lee Man-ho Act.
What about Yeong-chang?
Attorney Song told you not to worry.
Tell him to end it soon.
I'll be at Bad FaMa's court after lunch.
-Damn you.
-Hey, you!
Assemblyman Ko Hyeong-su.
You can't do this to me!
Let go…
That's not enough to kill him.
Damn it.
-Choke him harder!
-Stay away.
Is the defense counsel not here yet?
Don't come closer.
Kill him.
Subtitle translation by Eun Sook Youn
How this ended up in my hands…
I thought she looked familiar.
-I never forget a face.
-Tell me!
For what reason did he make you do that?
Shouldn't you be suspicious of it?
Why do you think
Prosecutor Jin attended Ye-seul's trial?
By chance?
Actually, the one you stabbed
in the back is not me.
My apologies.
The victim wanted to be here,
so I brought him.
I'll gladly be called a rapist.
Are you saying you were raped
though you actually had sex with him?
I resign.
I can no longer represent Ms. Jeon.
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