Law School (2021) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

The entire trial process
has come to an end.
Lastly, we have
one very important final step.
It's a process called
reaching the verdict.
A question from Juror No. 4.
"What does it mean to have this proven
beyond a reasonable doubt?"
I'm not sure how little
of reasonable doubt we can work with.
Please explain this in a simpler way
for us to understand.
Okay, here's the thing.
If the prosecutor brought enough,
if not perfect, proof,
and it is not reasonable to suspect
that the defendant may be innocent,
you should decide on a verdict of guilty.
However, when you find her guilty,
if you cannot clearly conclude her guilt
on common sense,
it means there are reasonable doubts left
on ruling the defendant guilty
for her crime.
Which means the prosecutor's presentation
was not enough to prove her guilt.
So, in that case,
you must find her innocent.
Do you understand?
Defense counsel.
Is it possible for you to explain this
in an easier way?
Now, please look at this screen.
Here are 50 puzzle pieces.
Let's put the puzzle pieces together.
What could this be?
I put some puzzle pieces together,
but you'd think these gray puzzle pieces
are still in pieces.
You're still doubtful.
There is room for reasonable doubt.
Let's put a few more together.
Well, that long droopy thing in the front
kind of looks like an elephant trunk.
But it seems too early to conclude.
It still seems doubtful.
There is still room for reasonable doubt.
Let's put together a few more.
Now, what do you think?
Do you have any doubt
that this is a picture of an elephant?
No, right?
In that case, there's no reason
to put the rest of the pieces together.
This is proof beyond reasonable doubt.
Let me go. Let go!
Darn it, hey!
You. Tell me.
Tell me!
Why did he make you do this?
I have no idea.
I just do as I'm told.
Open it.
You want me to kill you?
It's the same person.
What is this?
What? What's with this?
In the end,
did I end up falling into your trap?
You can't risk your life to set up a trap
just to catch the real culprit!
How did you lose your anklet?
My gosh.
Don't you care about your death?
This is all you want to know?
-You go check on Byeol.
Darn it.
When I gave you
my blood,
I never imagined I'd see a day like this.
Okay, now. Where should I inject this?
-You should've left me to die then.
-Exactly. Right?
I never imagined I'd get caught in a trap.
I thought I should do it for you
as an insurance plan. Darn it, man.
It'll happen in a flash
if I inject it into your vein.
I'll need your cooperation.
This looks good.
Why did you kill him?
He helped you crawl out of prison
instead of rotting there forever.
There was no need to kill him.
You're right.
Why did I care
so much about my darned son?
My gosh, man.
Stop making me talk, okay?
If you inject it there,
you can't cover it up as suicide,
saying I killed myself because
I was scared that I'd be found guilty.
I'm very bad with my left hand.
That's insane.
I haven't thought it out that much.
Okay. That's a very good idea.
Yes, what?
What do you think? I'm home.
He's not home!
That jerk.
Darn it.
I'll kill you.
Damn it.
It's taking a while.
It seems like Juror no. 2
will take the lead in the decision.
It won't be acknowledged as self-defense.
You didn't bribe them, did you?
As if it was not enough to dig up
Ko's back.
My principle is to play by the rules
no matter how harsh
we tear each other apart in court.
I need to take a nap.
In my opinion,
I don't see a need to drag this out.
Why are we beating around the bush?
Let's not get too self-conscious
about what others think
and share our opinions to reach a verdict.
No. 4 lady.
If you're going to sleep, go home.
My gosh.
I would've left if I could have.
They told me to shut up and stay
until you're done
even if I'm an alternate.
What can I do?
Then stop snoring, will you?
You're interrupting us.
You're dragging this out
yet you can't seem to reach a conclusion.
Isn't it obvious?
I say it's self-defense.
Do you think it's easy
to call something self-defense?
-Were you out while the prosecutor talked?
-My gosh.
If we accept her case as self-defense,
everyone will claim that
and assault cases--
What the heck are you saying?
Didn't you hear what my daughter-- I mean…
What that girl who's her age said?
I have a question.
You may not ask anything that can hinder
the fairness of the trial. Keep it short.
The prosecutor said self-defense can be
used as a means of pardon for criminals.
But is it right to consider defense
against injustice,
meaning anything illegal, as a crime?
If there are an assailant
who beat up an elderly man
and someone who assaulted him
while trying to stop him,
should they both be considered criminals?
Then who would ever try to save
an elderly man from an attack?
Ms. Jeon Ye-seul is sitting there
as a defendant because she tried to stop
the distribution of her spy cam video.
All she did was try to defend herself
from an awful crime.
If that's considered a crime,
then should we just let someone
violate our rights?
Goodness, she sounded like a smart girl.
I wonder who her parents are…
Here are beverages for you.
You want to clear your father's name
by making me a defendant?
I told you to stop messing with me.
Why do you think I sat in on this trial?
What you see isn't everything.
But how would you know
the substantial truth
that even your father didn't know
until he died?
You need to learn about it
if you want to work in law.
You said you believed
that I had written it.
I believe that
you were good enough to do so.
Is this a joke?
Why didn't you say it back then?
If you could've written that,
why would you copy my uncle's paper?
I began to have reasonable doubt.
And then I thought,
"Did she do it because of her mom?"
Why are you bringing her up?
She asked me to tutor you
on the Civil Code
at the beginning of the semester.
She offered me as much as I wanted
to quit the study group and tutor you.
I'm not even her son,
yet your tiger mom
made me feel suffocated.
-I didn't want to tutor you,
but wanted to help you breathe.
Is that why you asked me
to join the group?
As I studied with you,
I knew you were born with that legal mind.
If I'd been the school,
I would've accepted you
even without that paper.
-What are you--
-Trying to ask
is if you don't feel guilty.
Not everyone speaks up
just because they feel guilty.
But you should.
Admit to what you did
and ask for the best.
From my experience,
you're someone who could face it.
Are you okay?
How do you feel?
I heard your head clears up
the first time you do meth.
If you're curious, give it a try.
You didn't let him inject that
because you got curious, right?
Though you could've had him way before?
You overestimate me.
Wait, I never knew you could smile.
It's the drug. That's frightening.
He's the one who visited Ki Du-seong.
He is Choi Jae-cheol. He worked
for an ankle monitor manufacturer.
He was imprisoned for embezzlement,
and met Lee Man-ho in prison at that time.
So that's why he could take
the ankle monitor on and off.
Once Lee sues the keyboard warriors
and makes a fortune,
they were going to split it in half.
Darn it!
Choi Jae-cheol is the bridge
between Lee and Ki Du-seong?
If Lee Man-ho instigated Ki Du-seong
to kill you through Choi Jae-cheol,
he'd be the one who killed my uncle
and instigated your murder.
My gut feelings are right.
The jury reached a verdict.
And now, the verdict
for case 2020-GH 311…
on causing grievous bodily injury
will be announced.
The jury have unanimously decided
to accept the defendant's case
for self-defense.
-All right!
As previously stated,
the verdict of the jury
only has an advisory effect
in the judge's decision.
I will announce the ruling.
Case 2020-GH 311…
What happened?
Come in! Damn it.
Stop any articles on Yeong-chang
from getting published.
And move him to a hospital
in a rural area.
-Don't let any reporters find him!
-Yes, sir.
Right, the ruling
of the Bad FaMa case just came out.
The articles on Bad FaMa
covered up the articles
on Ko Hyeong-su's son.
And it's all thanks
to Assemblyman Ko Hyeong-su.
Why is it thanks to him? I made it happen.
I played a good part
as a member of the jury.
Didn't you just stay silent?
Come on.
I knew it'd be ruled self-defense.
Didn't you say you were doubtful?
Although it's pretty late,
you all have done well,
so please eat up.
Especially you…
-Thank you.
The tab is on the dean tonight,
so let's eat until we all blow up.
-Yes, ma'am.
-All right.
Where's our man of the day,
Professor Yang?
He's probably catching up with someone.
My perfect winning rate
on jury trials was destroyed,
but why is the night air so refreshing?
I didn't know
you loved your students that much.
You applied to be her special attorney
and won her case.
Did you turn it into a jury trial
because you knew
I always take jury trials?
And you knew I'd stop Prosecutor Jin
from trying to pull a trick.
Don't be so happy though.
During the appeal--
I know you very well
you won't lodge an appeal.
You'd think it's a waste,
an abuse of the right to appeal.
Yes, Ko Yeong-chang is a huge jerk indeed.
But if Ko Yeong-chang asks for an appeal,
I don't have the courage
to ignore it as abuse.
The woman I know you to be
probably does have it.
You turned down someone that cool?
There's the guy
who got lucky thanks to you.
I'll pay you back
for causing damage on my reputation,
so see you around. Bye.
Aren't you coming?
The dean rarely buys us a meal, you know.
Do you think Assemblyman Ko
really wanted Bad FaMa
to be found innocent?
Do you think he wanted
to introduce a bill to abolish
defamation by publicly alleging facts?
I doubt it.
You've worked with him in his office.
You know that he's a man
who wants to work with legislations
that would help out his career
more than the people.
And you played a part in helping him
find something for his career.
I was desperate.
Isn't that what you wrote
with your bloody nose?
That she did it out of desperation
as it's a matter of the kids' survival.
So did I take part?
I gave him the Lee Man-ho Act, too.
The Lee Man-ho Act?
He was the key member
of the Judiciary Committee.
No one else could've passed it.
Was it Kang Dan?
Prof. Yang told me later
that a student at Hankuk University
proposed that bill.
Let's go inside.
We're keeping everyone waiting.
Kang Dan is…
my sister.
I was trying to say
we should both be careful.
Why do you turn a cautionary measure
into a careless mistake?
Seo Ji-ho is a nobody. Why did you take
the case to the prosecution?
In his father's death, we obviously--
We played a part in it?
Hey, Mr. Choi.
Do you think we were the main culprits?
I didn't leak it because I wanted to.
My superior at the time, Seo Byung-ju,
despised leaking out suspected crimes.
-Then why…
That's the reason why you should never
stab me in the back.
Actually, the one you stabbed
in the back is not me.
I guess you haven't heard.
The real culprit was caught.
He was caught trying to kill me.
What the heck are you…
I never imagined I'd get caught in a trap.
I thought I should do it for you
as an insurance plan.
Jae-cheol spilled everything.
He said you killed Seo Byung-ju.
Are you allowed to question me
at such a late hour?
It's not like I want to be here.
I'm not done with the questioning.
Darn it.
Come on.
You tried to kill Jong-hoon?
I'm pleading the Fifth
until I get myself a lawyer.
And Seo Byung-ju.
Did you really kill him?
I refuse to state anything.
Hey, let's go for another drink!
Tell Yangcrates to come!
My head is too clear. I came home.
The real culprit
is caught.
The real culprit who killed Prof. Seo?
That's how Lee Man-ho made his alibi?
How dare he mess with the ankle monitor?
That's what money does.
Shouldn't Jae-cheol be considered
as an accomplice?
I wouldn't call him an accomplice,
but an aider.
That's way too weak.
I mean, he messed with the anklet.
Look at how happy you are.
Weren't you pondering
why you wanted to be a lawyer?
No, seeing Ye-seul getting found innocent
made me realize
that I was born to be a lawyer.
I will…
just go home, then.
Why? You said no one's home.
My roommate went home, so stay with me.
She went home?
Are you concerned?
Why? Are you jealous?
Don't be so cute.
Wait, you left with the slippers
from the restaurant?
No matter how out of it you were--
It's not because she was out of it.
Hey. When did you come home?
I have something to say, Dad, Mom.
Something to say?
No! Have you gone insane?
Prof. Yang won't let this pass.
He's only giving me time
as Joon-hwi asked him.
No, you can't do that.
I'll die if you get kicked out.
I've never imagined you
as anything else than a judge!
Honey, do something.
I apologize for comparing you to Byung-ju,
so please do something.
Yes, I'm your wife.
Please help save me.
If she gets kicked out of the law school,
I'll die.
I'd rather have you quit.
But not our daughter.
Our daughter can't get kicked out.
No, please.
I'm going to sleep.
No, honey.
I got you a change of clothes
from your room.
When I asked Prof. Yang about Kang Dan,
he refused to say another word.
She volunteered at a children's home
during high school,
and she must've looked after
Lee Man-ho's son.
I'm glad I gave you that bill
and sent you to Assemblyman Ko.
What does she want to do now?
She only did Ko Hyeong-su good.
Thanks to you,
I began to trust the law again.
Yes, let's focus on her innocence,
just how she was found innocent.
Gosh, I'm just glad
she was found innocent.
Mom, did you get home all right?
Yes, I got home just fine.
But some jerk destroyed our CCTV.
We don't need it anymore.
Lee Man-ho won't live across from you.
What do you mean?
He was the real culprit
of the murder case at our school.
He'll rot in prison forever.
Goodness, that's frightening.
You and Byeol can sleep in peace now.
Anyway, Mom.
I really wasn't sure about Juror no. 2.
How did you unanimously…
No, never mind.
You can't disclose the discussion.
Of course, I can't. If I do,
they told me
I'll either be fined or locked up.
I'm going to sleep in peace now.
Good night. Great work today.
What happened
with Juror no. 2 is…
Should we consider
his violation of her rights
continued even after he dropped his phone?
That's the key issue.
The Supreme Court precedents say
it's very difficult
to prove that continuity.
It should be difficult.
She still made him paraplegic.
She should be punished in some way.
But I wouldn't say imprisonment,
more like probation.
It wasn't your fault.
It wasn't your fault.
She really isn't helpful.
It wasn't the defendant's fault.
Stop talking! It's not self-defense!
-Darn you.
Doesn't this look exactly like
how Ko Yeong-chang
reached for his phone in the footage?
Prosecutor, you thought the continuity
of his violation ended here.
Is that really the case?
If he reaches out to pick up this knife,
it means
his injustice against me continues.
Because of that fear…
this was all I could do.
You really hit me.
Shouldn't we consider the violation
to finally end at this point?
We should say the continuity stands.
I say it was self-defense.
Prosecutor Jin will have a tough night.
Ye-seul was found innocent,
and the real culprit was caught.
And Mr. Choi went to the prosecution
to share his witness account,
so he's probably furious.
This is probably
the worst day of his life.
What about you?
Why can't you sleep?
Do you think…
Prosecutor Jin will be indicted?
He said something weird.
Something weird?
That what I see isn't everything.
That my dad died without knowing
the substantial truth.
Are you sure Lee Man-ho is
the real culprit?
Yes, sir.
These are the shoes he wore.
These are the same model.
And the soles.
The soles are the same as those
of the sneakers he was wearing.
The medical examiner said
the needle mark you see here
is the same as the one on this syringe.
Seung-jae said this is made in Germany,
and not often used in Korea.
On top of that, Choi Jae-cheol destroyed
all of his alibis.
Jae-cheol put the anklet on
instead of him
at the exact time of the incident.
It means Lee Man-ho is the real culprit.
There's no reason to lose heart.
Persuade Jae-cheol
and make it look like you caught
the culprit.
But the thing is,
Yang Jong-hoon contacted him first, so--
Then find out
how he contacted Choi Jae-cheol.
You'll find something.
I stopped articles on Lee's arrest
from getting published.
Hand it over to Reporter Choi
and let him publish the exclusive report.
Tell him to walk back his remarks.
No, I don't want to do an interview.
He took this and walked back his remarks?
Yes. He won't pick up my calls.
I'm thinking of visiting him.
He's a wasted chance.
Why do you think Prosecutor Jin took Lee
to the prosecution that quickly?
In an attempt to blame the police
for pointing at you
with poor investigation.
And will they simply agree
it was their fault?
I think Prosecutor Jin
wants to blame the police.
The police got furious saying
they could've righted the wrong
if he didn't leak out his suspected crime.
Were they Detective Jang and Oh?
I'm going to meet with them.
Good luck.
Which floor is Prof. Yang's office on?
At the exact time of the incident,
your ankle monitor location
appears at this cafe
next to Attorney Seo Byung-ju's office.
But the one who was here with the anklet
wasn't you, but Choi Jae-cheol.
Right? Do you know what this means--
I demand a cross-examination
with Choi Jae-cheol.
This is Attorney Song Ki-joon,
Choi Jae-cheol's counsel.
You can talk to him.
Darn it.
You want us to testify
that Prosecutor Jin leaked
his suspected crime to the media?
Are you insane?
He did piss me off, but why would I
mess with a prosecutor?
Detective Jang, Detective Oh,
this is a matter of your honor.
According to his media source,
the police turned a talented law professor
into a murderer
because of the poor initial investigation.
Prosecutor Jin told the media
even before we transferred his case
to the prosecution.
Man, that jerk.
And that jerk
leaked my dad's suspected crime
before he was found guilty,
then he ended up setting himself on fire.
Please help me out.
Helping out Seo Ji-ho
is the right way to apologize to me.
I still see my dad on fire in my dreams.
I can't believe this.
Ko's case got covered, and the number
of the supporters skyrocketed.
Do they have enough trust in him
to give him money?
This is doubly annoying.
Why isn't she coming?
It's awkward to be here alone.
Hey, where are you?
I had to come to school first.
The head supporter?
Why is he holding that toy up?
That's so cheap.
I have the documents he requested.
Kang Sol B had to stop by the school
before she got here.
She doesn't need to come.
-If it's about the plagiarism--
-I did plagiarize.
I could've written that paper myself,
but I copied his.
Why are you telling us now?
Han Joon-hwi said
he helped his uncle write that paper.
He did?
I thought I needed to tell you the truth
and ask for the best
in order to avoid getting kicked out.
And the vice dean?
I told him yesterday.
I had to stop him from resigning.
But you don't look ashamed.
I'm sorry.
I look more shameless
with a guilty conscience.
Will you really be like this?
You need to get me a good lawyer
from a big firm like Hyeongseol!
That's not what you promised--
Hello? Hey…
Darn it.
Is it okay to leave them alone?
Criminal Procedure Act Article 255.1.
You need to do that.
You did that to me, too.
You seem to do it often.
Withdrawal of prosecution.
We have more than enough evidence.
The more you hold out, the more severely--
Why are you in such a rush?
I have to find myself an attorney first.
Let's take this slow, okay?
Be my guest.
Take him.
There's something more important
than my confession.
I can't believe
a smart guy like you missed that.
Motive for the murder?
Why did he kill him?
He's an organ trafficker and a rapist.
He can do worse.
He said it was because of his son.
His son?
Did Seo Byung-ju hurt him?
He found him feeble-minded
and even got him a job after he got
released, so why?
Gosh, you can now start giving lectures
with that textbook.
Prosecutor Jin withdrew your indictment.
Congratulations on the dismissal
of your label as the Law School Murderer.
Couldn't you thank me and say
I did a great job
even if you don't mean it?
Don't get your hopes up.
Just be grateful
your name was made known in return.
But he could still say thanks.
"Great job, Park.
You had a tough time
dealing with a cranky client…"
Who cares if he's cranky?
He's much better
than a jerk like Lee Man-ho.
Even public defenders
abhor the thought of defending him.
Abhorrence is a stretch.
-I'd do it if he pays me enough.
You go ahead and do it.
He's the guy who tried to kill
your client, but just do it.
-You don't even have an ounce of loyalty.
His indictment is canceled,
so he's not my client anymore.
I need to see you.
I thought we were all done.
Presidency, my foot.
He's a petty man who fired us
over a personal matter
after his son's trial went down the drain.
It's not like I wanted to work there.
I would've been done with my internship
after a few days.
Gosh, should I have acted crazy
and held out?
What was that?
-Hop in.
My gosh.
She said she's more shameless
with a guilty conscience,
then made the dean and me speechless.
But she felt guilty.
Her conscience?
Of course, she should feel guilty.
But wait.
You're glad that she felt guilty at least?
You can't stand people like Sol B.
I can't stand her.
I read her cover letter all over again,
but it didn't say anything
about winning an award with that paper.
Didn't she attach the certificate?
Well, she did.
But we only acknowledge awards
given by chancellors,
governors, mayors, or ministers.
This award was given
by the Asia Human Rights Law Association,
so it wasn't taken into account.
So this paper
didn't affect her acceptance?
This time, I'll leave
even if you rip this up.
We haven't reached a decision
on your daughter's punishment.
It's all my fault.
I'd like to take responsibility
for causing this scandal.
Han Joon-hwi came to see me,
asking for favorable arrangements
for Kang Sol B.
If that's what this resignation means…
Please punish her by the rules.
It looked like
Vice Dean Kang was set on resigning.
You should talk to him.
Did things go well with Prosecutor Bae?
She won't appeal.
I mean, you and I go way back.
That's why you should run.
Why won't she lodge an appeal?
In that case, I'll visit you next time.
Prosecutor Bae insisted that
it's an abuse of the right to appeal.
What? An abuse of the right to appeal?
-Get her on the phone!
-I already talked to her,
and she told me to tell you
it'll be a better choice for Yeong-chang
for you to drop this case,
and how you should be grateful that
Ye-seul didn't sue him for dating abuse.
Prosecutor Bae, you…
I need to see Prosecutor Jin!
-You were fired from Ko's office, too?
What about the internship?
What will you do?
-I can find another law firm.
-The accusation.
My key witness backed out,
so the detectives who worked
with Jin stepped up.
The ones for your dad's case?
No, for Prof. Yang's.
Their words aren't the smoking gun,
but it can show how Prosecutor Jin
had been leaking information.
Why do you think
Prosecutor Jin attended Ye-seul's trial?
By chance?
Why do you think I sat in on this trial?
Who benefitted the most
after Prosecutor Jin
leaked your dad's suspected crime?
The toy company
that had been competing with your dad's.
CEO Cho Tae-yeong of I-bit
is Ko's head supporter.
You should know the substantial truth
to get into law.
The substantial truth.
Then did Prosecutor Jin do that
upon Assemblyman Ko Hyeong-su's request?
What? The most effective angle
in taking photos of a partner's affair?
What kind of an angle…
It's more about your speed than the angle.
Take the photos
as soon as you kick open the door.
Cameras are slower,
so use your phone camera.
Please come to my office
for further consultation.
The address.
Yes, sir.
Why am I here?
You got fired from your internship.
Do it here.
Here? I freaking hate it.
I freaking hate you, too.
I'm only doing this for you
because Prof. Yang asked.
What? Prof. Yang?
Was Assemblyman Ko behind you?
Did he take money from I-bit's CEO--
If you don't want to see him
get dragged out, take him outside.
Tell me!
You can't do this here. Hey.
Calm down and come.
-Let me go!
Calm down for now.
Come on out. Come.
-Let me go!
-That's enough.
-Let me go!
-Enough is enough, really.
Will you go back inside?
You're saying I'm out?
Tell him you persuaded him to leave
and get the kudos.
Okay, then. Try to calm down.
You knew, didn't you?
Why didn't you tell me?
I knew you'd do this.
You know nothing good can come
from doing this,
but you'd still do it.
So you're Seo Ji-ho's roommate?
Tell him to get a grip and wake up.
I'm sorry to tell you this
right before my internship is over.
I don't think
I can work for you anymore.
I plan to do everything I can
to help Ji-ho prove your guilt.
And it'd be a conflict of interest
to stay here
and share the same office.
Prosecutor Lee.
He wants to help you investigate my case.
I'll send him there. Good luck.
Happy now?
Yes, thank you.
I'll do a good job.
Prof. Yang.
Prof. Yang.
Why did you refer me to Mr. Park's--
He'll take Lee Man-ho's case.
Help him during your internship.
Cheers, guys. Cheers.
Over here.
You already got drunk without me?
Yes, your friend
feels really frustrated right here,
and feels like her head
is about to blow up.
So I got drunk.
Because of Lee Man-ho?
Hey, you know,
I really have no idea
why the law should protect
those scumbags like Lee Man-ho.
Do you know, Joon-hwi?
Do people who pass
the second-round judicial exam know that?
I'm jealous of you.
You could be a future prosecutor.
How are prosecutors different?
They're different.
You won't have to worry about
what you can do to reduce the sentence
for a scumbag like Lee Man-ho.
Quarter him to death!
Punish him severely!
You can do that.
I was really thankful
that Lee Man-ho disappeared
from the house across mine.
But why the heck is Prof. Yang telling me
to help defend him?
How does this make any sense?
It makes no sense.
-We're late!
In this lecture today,
I'd like you to have a discussion
as future officers in law,
freed from your stress over grades
and your bar exam.
Stop acting like you're a sinner.
You got me, Ji-ho, and this girl
fired from our internships.
Think of everything we did to help
and be confident.
"Why do I want to be a lawyer?"
We didn't exactly get fired
because of you.
"What kind of lawyer do I want to be?"
When you work for justice
and the benefit of your client as lawyers,
you'll face this problem first.
Can we defend bad people?
And of course, by bad people,
I mean atrocious criminals
who committed a serious crime.
Now, can any of you
answer that with confidence?
can you each give me an answer?
Can you defend a bad person?
Article 12.4 of the Constitution says,
"Any person who is
arrested or detained shall have
the right
to prompt assistance of counsel."
But I still don't think
I can defend a bad person.
Why can't you do it?
I feel like I'll become a bad person too
while defending a guy like him.
Then don't take the bar.
Prof. Yang.
You cannot turn down a client
just because he or she is a bad person
denounced by the whole world.
Even bad people
have the right to be defended.
If you're afraid
defending him will make you bad,
Attorneys-at-Law Act Article 24…
Attorneys-at-Law Act Article 24,
Duty to Maintain Dignity.
Paragraph One, attorneys cannot
do anything to damage his or her dignity.
Paragraph Two, attorneys are prohibited
from concealing the truth
or making false statements.
If we can maintain our dignity,
there is no reason
to not defend them.
Back then,
if any attorneys stood on your side,
you may not have ended up
going to a juvie.
You don't care
how it'll go down in history,
but you only seek the judicial truth?
I see.
Ye-seul, what do you think?
I'm not sure yet.
I don't know if I have a right
to defend the good or the bad.
May I…
provide you the answer?
What were you thinking
when you got me an attorney?
It's not like you'll find out anything.
I'm sure you're aware
of his obligation to keep silent.
I know that very well.
So I want to hear it from you.
You murdered Seo Byung-ju
because of your son?
Did I say that?
I didn't have a drop of alcohol,
but I can't seem to remember.
And your insurance plan?
You said you let me live
as an insurance plan.
That means
you'll be put in an anxious position
once I die and disappear.
That could mean someone might be
involved in this murder.
For example, it could've been instigated
by someone, a murder by contract.
I see.
You'd rather die than go to prison,
but you needed to find your son.
So you killed him as you were told,
then blamed me.
Yet you're nothing but a ticking bomb
to the instigators of your murder,
so in case they try to get rid of you,
you hoped that I'd stay alive.
I'm alive and well,
and it looks like they abandoned you.
So now, tell me something.
What should I tell you?
You know what.
Your sentence will drop significantly
if it's instigated by another.
What did he say?
My gosh.
There was no use in acting as your driver.
Hop in.
I'd like to ask you
about Lee Man-ho's son.
I have nothing to tell you.
I'll talk to you later.
Who was that?
I'll tell you later. Who was that?
So did Lee Man-ho really say
he killed Prof. Seo Byung-ju
because of his son?
That's enough for now.
I'll call you again.
All right.
Will you prosecute him?
Should I write up a draft?
Hey, come on!
How is she this strong?
Let's just go see him.
Let's go see him first, then…
What are you doing? Push her!
I'm not going!
I'll puke
as soon as I see Lee Man-ho's face.
Then go puke after you see him.
Hey, Bok-gi!
This is dereliction of duties.
I can't count this as your internship.
Sol, just come with us
and just sit there, okay?
No, you go! I don't want to go there!
If only it wasn't for Prof. Yang…
I hate you, too!
Why did he put me up for this?
How can he ask me to defend a guy
who almost killed him?
That's why this draws attention.
And I took it because it's great publicity
without paying a dime.
Prof. Yang defends people like Ye-seul
instead of bad guys!
Tell me about it.
We might be stoned to death
while defending Lee Man-ho,
a guy everyone wants to avoid.
And you want to be a human rights lawyer?
I did something for you that you asked
for during Ye-seul's trial.
I do one for you, and you do one for me.
That's not the same as this!
You'll make me go deaf!
Go yell at Prof. Yang instead!
You can't even squeak before him.
Of course, I can squeak before him!
I'm good at it!
You don't plead the Fifth
when you're with your attorney.
He'd have no excuses to make.
Let's go.
Why are you so pissed?
You'd be the most thrilled that I'm here.
It'd be the best if I were not here.
You finally said something.
You ask him.
Ask him what?
I thought you were looking for your son.
-And you wanted him to see this?
-My gosh!
Goodness. This isn't easy.
Are you having trouble?
Do your thing. Stop minding me.
Man, I can't do this.
I need to shower with cold water.
Don't get anywhere near my desk.
-Hey, he's here.
You're the first to be charged for leaking
suspected crime. How do you feel?
-Please say something!
-Say something!
-A word!
Hello? Prosecutor Yang.
I have something to say. Come see me now!
Let us begin the trial
of case number 2021-GD523,
with Jin Hyeong-u as the defendant,
for publication of facts
of suspected crime.
You can't see Lee Man-ho today.
Was he in the ambulance?
The defendant, Jin Hyeong-u,
is not allowed
to publicize suspected crime
before the indictment as a prosecutor.
However, in September 2016,
during the investigation
of Defendant Seo Gi-yeol's
suspected crime,
he disclosed this information
to reporters Choi Jung-hyeok
and Kim Hyeon-jae
at an unspecified location
before the indictment had been made.
What's your opinion
regarding your charges?
Your Honor,
there is no precedent of an indictment
for violating Article 126
of the Criminal Code.
That article was as good as dead.
However, I stand here
as the first one to be indicted
to have a chance to share that
Article 126 of the Criminal Code
is an unconstitutional clause
which hinders the people's right to know.
I request an adjudication
on its constitutionality.
Choi Jae-cheol's bail request
was processed,
and he was released this morning.
But Lee Man-ho…
-What happened?
-Stabbed with a knife.
And the OR?
I'll check.
Hey. Hey! Wake up!
I can't…
I can't go down…
I can't go down alone.
What about Lee Man-ho?
Damn it.
That jerk…
That jerk…
What about that jerk?
That jerk…
No. Tell me.
Say it! Tell me!
Subtitle translation by: Eun Sook Youn
-Who stabbed him?
-Ki Du-seong, the guy who stabbed you.
Ki's become a hero.
Accept the claim he acted
in self-defense and close the case.
Just give the public what they want.
I request Ms. Jeon to join in.
Why don't you accept it?
The moment I saw this photo,
I realized my hunch was wrong.
I think he killed my uncle and tried
to kill you as well
because someone put him up to it.
How did I miss that?
Don't trust your gut
as it has been proven to be unreliable.
Investigate thoroughly.
Someone's toying with me now.
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