Law School (2021) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

Is that my son?
Man, look. You found my son!
Hey, let me meet him.
He said not to look for him.
He doesn't have a father like you.
Damn. What?
Just be satisfied with that.
What? With this?
But what about our deal?
He's doing well. Isn't that enough?
As of this moment,
we don't know each other. You got that?
I can't… Let go!
Let go! Damn it!
This isn't what you promised!
Just this photo? That's it?
What about Lee Man-ho?
That jerk…
That jerk…
He's insisting he must meet with you, sir.
Me? Why?
Tell me. Say it!
Tell me!
He said he doesn't know
what he'd blurt out if you refused.
Blurt out what?
He said he'd tell you in person, sir.
That psycho.
I can't believe
you're actually relaying this message.
Who cares what that scumbag says?
Must I deal with his bullshit?
Understood, sir.
He's just a piece of trash
that should've been dumped
a long time ago.
Say it. Tell me!
Step aside. Take him to the OR.
Just a moment.
-Take him.
-Tell me.
Just a moment.
-Blood type?
-Since it's rare--
-I have the same blood type.
The first hearing of Jin,
the first prosecutor who was to be tried
for publicizing facts
about a suspected crime,
ended in less than five minutes
as Jin, the defendant in this case,
has requested a constitutional review
questioning the constitutionality
of Article 126 of the Criminal Code.
A constitutional review?
What a bummer.
I expected no less from Jin.
He's questioning
the constitutionality of the law?
It infringes on the public's right
to know?
So Article 126 of the Criminal Code
is unconstitutional?
If the judge accepts his request,
the trial will be put on hold
-until the Constitutional Court decides.
You can read this together.
You'll find it helpful.
It seemed like
you wanted to be tried in court.
You'll be charged, as you wanted.
Officer Cho did a great job writing
the first draft of the criminal complaint.
He deserves a compliment.
-For real?
-Well, it was…
You can definitely count on Ye-bum.
Hey, Seung-jae.
I'll go.
You drafted the criminal complaint
against me?
I wanted to praise you,
but it was quite disappointing.
You passed the exam,
so I had higher expectations.
You worked so hard
for nothing.
My, this is such a bad photocopy.
It looks terrible.
They're used to the ones that I make,
so they can't read this.
I can read it just fine.
He's obviously determined.
Guys, I told you to return to the office
Do you think you can slack off
-because you think I'm a joke?
Who'd take you seriously?
Jeez, let's go.
Hey, about that…
By the way, where's Prof. Yang?
07P 4295
11:25 A.M., OCTOBER 5, 2020,
07P 4295
This is Yang Jong-hoon.
Give me a second.
Let me call you back.
Now that Joon-hwi knows,
Jong-hoon will also find out soon.
You're going to turn yourself in?
Don't you think it's too late for that?
Why didn't you do it
right after the accident
if you were going to do it anyway?
You're right.
Then you didn't have to accept my argument
that I was feeble-minded.
But thanks to that,
you became a chief prosecutor.
And the bribes…
I mean, you received that "gift" as well.
Oh, dear.
Right, the reason I wanted
the chief prosecutor title…
I had totally forgotten about it.
I wanted to make sure
shameless scumbags like you
would never be able to disgrace the law.
But look at this.
I should've made you rot in jail forever,
but just to cover up what I did,
I let you stand right before me now.
What about Assemblyman Ko?
Mr. Lee, can you hear me?
Oh, please don't get up.
-It's an arrest.
-Epinephrine, 2ml.
-And the defibrillator.
-Got it.
Undress him. Quick!
Charge to 120 joules.
Cleared. Shock!
Charge to 200 joules.
Cleared. Shock!
One more time. Charge to 200 joules.
Cleared. Shock!
Hurry up, will you? Jeez.
What the hell? What happened?
Who did this?
Crap! I just got my car washed yesterday.
This car should be scrapped, not washed.
He decided to represent Lee Man-ho
knowing the risks
just to put his name on the map
as a lawyer.
So I'm sure he expected this much.
They'd better remember my name after this.
Who's calling? Goodness.
Hello, Lawyer Park Geun-tae speaking.
Yes, speaking.
The disciplinary committee will make
the final decision tomorrow.
You're under investigation
by the prosecution,
so they're leaning toward expulsion.
But I'm going to push
for permanent exclusion.
I'm sure you know the difference
between expulsion and permanent exclusion.
It means you can never apply
for law school again.
The fact that you were the culprit
behind such unethical hacking
means that you are not qualified
to work in law.
All right.
You can resent me all you want
for not asking the school for leniency,
but let's keep in touch.
Shouldn't you pick it up?
Permanent exclusion
will be deemed excessively harsh,
so it'll be a mitigating factor that could
get you probation instead of jail time.
Prof. Kim used to be a judge,
so she knows the drill.
I guess she was really fond of you.
I came to ask what will happen with me.
My results will also come out tomorrow.
You'll be fine.
I'm not sure.
Unlike you, the professors aren't really
fond of me. So who knows?
I'm off.
You're here.
Because of Lee Man-ho?
He died.
Lee Man-ho is dead?
Who stabbed him?
Ki Du-seong, the guy who stabbed you.
He's also being treated
at this hospital now.
But he said it happened
while he was trying to defend himself
from Lee's attack.
He's insisting he acted in self-defense…
Was he always like that?
Hold grudges and all?
Well, we accused him of murder.
Do you want to see Ki?
You can't, if you go alone.
Lee Man-ho is…
This is all your fault, Prosecutor Yang.
Because you wanted to know
who ordered me to kill you.
Lee Man-ho was the one
who ordered you to kill me?
That scumbag attacked me
as soon as he arrived in jail
to get back at me for betraying him.
You should've made sure
he would be kept away from me.
That asshole stabbed me,
and I nearly died.
He died.
Lee Man-ho is dead.
I didn't think he'd even die.
So what?
I felt like he was going to kill me.
He brought it upon himself.
Have you checked whether that's true?
Yes, it is true that Lee
had a knife on him.
Even the last time he was in jail,
he secretly kept a knife
to protect himself.
Although he never attacked anyone then.
He got arrested again
because Ki ratted him out,
so it's understandable
that he had a grudge against Ki…
What? He's dead?
-What about the trial?
-Oh, it ended hours ago.
I guess you didn't see my text yet.
Prosecutor Jin has requested
a constitutional review.
The kids are flipping out.
-But it'll likely be rejected.
-It'll be accepted.
What? It'll be accepted?
Yes, if it's Judge Oh Jun-hyeop.
There you are. I was wondering
why you weren't at the trial.
Sounds like you heard about how it went.
I heard Lee Man-ho is dead.
Go speak with Ki first.
I heard he almost got stabbed first.
If Lee had planned to stab Ki
to get back at him,
then why did he call me right before that
and ask me to visit him?
He did?
He said he'd tell me
who ordered him to kill Seo.
He was ordered to do it?
You've clearly lost your touch
as a prosecutor.
He obviously said that
hoping to get his sentence reduced--
He waged a knife fight
when he wanted a lighter sentence?
In the heat of the moment--
You said the same thing about me.
Don't trust your gut
as it has proved unreliable.
Investigate thoroughly.
Will do.
Ki's room is that way.
Do not miss anything.
It's possible that someone put
both Ki and Lee up to it.
Look, we dropped the charges against you.
Just go teach your students.
-Don't let anyone toy with you.
Don't be like me.
Someone's toying with me now.
Prof. Yang.
I heard Lee Man-ho died.
-Who did this?
-Ki Du-seong.
-Ki Du-seong?
-He claims that Lee tried to kill him.
Why would Lee try to kill him?
According to Ki, Lee was the one
who had ordered him to kill me,
but he ratted Lee out.
That's why Lee wanted him dead.
Jeez, I don't believe that.
Ki Du-seong lies every time
he opens his mouth.
That sly jerk has even tried to manipulate
his attorney.
I'm being bashed for representing Lee,
but Ki's become a hero.
I heard you visited Lee in prison.
Yes, once. But…
About that… Hey, Sol.
Tell him about our visit.
This is an important call.
Park Geun-tae speaking.
He's not at the academy?
Are you relieved now that
you don't have to defend a criminal?
People are petitioning the Blue House
for the legitimacy
of my self-defense argument, I hear.
Because I gave Lee Man-ho the punishment
he deserved,
which the law had failed to do.
Are you sure he attacked you first?
Jeez, can you not gauge the situation?
Public opinion is already on my side.
Don't waste your time checking the facts.
Just admit that I acted in self-defense
so we can be heroes together.
You're the one
who can't gauge the situation.
If you're going to pull this on me,
I must dig and check the facts.
It's no fun to be toyed around with
in the court of public opinion.
Is Prosecutor Jin just lucky or what?
Judge Oh's doctoral thesis.
"The law on publication of facts
of suspected crime should be abolished."
It's almost identical
to Prosecutor Jin's argument.
-Can't we request a new judge?
-It's not related to the case.
It's just the judge's opinion,
so the request won't be accepted.
Then what now?
Prosecutor Jin's request will probably
be accepted since they agree on this.
Then the trial will be put on hold
until the Constitutional Court
makes its decision.
That's right.
Talk about a string of bad luck.
-And the thesis advisor was…
-Prof. Kang Ju-man.
It was my dad.
He asked me if I was relieved now
that I don't have to defend a criminal.
You should've snapped at him and asked,
"Must you make me feel even worse?"
I thought I'd be relieved.
I am relieved.
He never repented, even post-release.
What's with that conflicted look?
Shouldn't we tell his son?
I mean, his father died.
His son?
He was looking for his son.
That's why he moved to my area.
I thought you were looking for your son.
And you wanted him to see this?
My gosh!
Why don't you just bring me the photo?
-What photo?
-Let me use your phone.
You know phones aren't allowed in here.
-Darn it.
-Oh, right.
They knew we were visiting you,
so they were extra strict.
They're usually not like this
with attorneys.
Who do you need to call?
Choi Jae-cheol?
He got out on bail.
His big shot lawyers
showcased his repentance
and his contribution to catching you.
Damn it!
Let me make a quick call.
Hand me your phone!
We don't have our phones now!
That scumbag.
Get me the photo.
The photo of my son.
-Photo of his son?
I think it was a recent photo.
That means the person who gave it to him
knows where his son is now.
Right, the person who gave him the photo
must know.
Guys, did you hear?
Lee Man-ho. He's dead.
It's all over the Internet.
Professor, about Lee Man-ho…
Even if Ki had betrayed him,
he would've never caused
such trouble in jail.
This is his son.
I found it at his place.
Look at the date on it.
It was taken recently.
He would've behaved himself for his son.
If anything,
he would've begged you to help him
get his sentence reduced
like you did with Ki.
I wonder who gave him this.
There's something strange.
I called Detective Oh on my way here.
He said they didn't find the photo
when searching his home.
The person who gave him this photo
must be very thorough.
I got the impression that he wanted
to call the person who gave him the photo.
The moment I saw this photo,
I realized my hunch was wrong.
I think he killed my uncle
and tried to kill you as well
because someone put him up to it.
Someone ordered him to do it.
And you think Lee's son was the reason
why he did it?
What if the person who gave him the photo
used his son to--
To instigate him?
-I think so.
-I think so.
Who would've been most shocked
had your uncle turned himself in?
And you.
Who would've taken the biggest hit?
The person who used Lee's son…
To instigate Lee.
Then got rid of Lee,
who could pose a threat later on.
-Who could it be?
-Who could it be?
07P 4295
07P 4295
07P 4295
The kid didn't die on the spot.
He was still alive after the accident.
From the standpoint
of criminal psychology,
don't you think he would've instinctively
got out of the car and checked the boy?
Right, that's true.
Most people would get out and check first.
How did I miss that?
Hey, it's me.
It's me.
You scared me!
What's going on? What are you doing here?
I was hoping to find clues.
Have you found anything?
No, nothing.
What about you? What are you doing here?
What? Oh…
Don't tell me you're here for the photo
of Lee's son,
which even the cops have failed to find.
Of course not.
I was looking for you.
To ask you something.
Me? This late? You knew I was here?
You even have the flashlight on.
The fact that someone took the photo
after giving it to him
means that the person
doesn't want to be exposed.
If this person had something to do
with the hit-and-run as well,
maybe this person was in the car too.
Someone who would've taken the biggest hit
had my uncle turned himself in.
Do you know if someone else
was in the car with him?
If we know where Prof. Seo was
before the accident…
Fellow passenger.
Why did you do that?
I was on my way back from a funeral.
The funeral.
Why didn't I think of that?
Is everything okay?
My uncle hated people who drink and drive.
There must've been a reason
why he drove that night.
Maybe he had to give someone a ride.
"Let me leave this hell."
"Let me"?
How come it's not "I want to"
or "I will leave this hell"?
Let me leave this room.
Then what about me?
Someone else was in the car.
Another passenger…
M, A, T, E
"M, A, T, E." Ko Hyeong-su, perhaps?
The accident occurred
in Jurae-dong, right?
That's his district.
What brings you here at this hour?
I heard you almost got attacked
by Lee Man-ho.
Why do you think he died?
Lee Man-ho?
He got the punishment he deserved.
He killed my dear mate
and even tried to frame you
for the murder.
But now that he's been busted--
Do you know that he was looking
for his son?
Let go! Damn it!
This isn't what you promised!
Are you interrogating me now?
For thinking you were the killer?
Apparently, someone else was in the car
with your dear mate on the night
the Jurae-dong hit-and-run accident
took place.
Someone else was in the car?
Are you hoping it was me?
You're barking up the wrong tree.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
I have an important meeting.
You see, the Seo Byung-ju I knew
would've never driven off like that
after hitting a kid with his car.
55J 5757
He certainly would not have
just fled the scene
if he got out to check and saw
that the boy was still alive.
So what's your point?
55J 5757
Unless someone in the car
told him not to get out.
So don't waste your time here.
Go catch that person.
So you believe someone else
was in the car with him.
Are you sure though?
I'm sorry, sir.
What's your problem?
55J 5757
Who are you?
I'm Lee Man-ho,
Prof. Seo Byung-ju's new driver.
I'd like to speak with you
regarding the hit-and-run case.
I'll take you to your destination
safe and sound.
It's okay.
Just call it a day.
55J 5757
I couldn't steal the original file,
so I made a copy in secret.
It's the dashcam footage
of the Jurae-dong hit-and-run.
He scrapped the car,
but has secretly kept the footage
for some reason.
What hit-and-run?
You know that Mr. Seo caused a hit-and-run
in Jurae-dong a while back.
I know that you know about the accident.
It's all recorded in that footage.
What do you want?
If someone else was in the car,
find out who--
Did you attend a funeral
on September 10th, 2008?
How many years ago was that?
How would I remember?
Are you afraid it'd raise suspicion
if you remembered?
This nutjob.
If someone else was in the car with him,
I want to know who it was!
I asked you all to gather at the scene
of Prof. Seo's murder
so we can take one step closer
to the truth
behind the death of Lee Man-ho
as well as the hit-and-run case.
Prof. Seo was the driver
in the hit-and-run.
But someone else was in the car with him.
Lee Man-ho was the only person
who knew about it,
and he had some kind of deal
with that person.
Then they had a falling-out
for some reason,
and if that person ordered
the murder of Lee Man-ho…
Sounds like we're speculating here.
Do we have evidence?
-Let's find it.
-Let's find it.
Jinx! You guys… Sorry.
If someone else was in the car with him,
then the hit-and-run is still
an unsolved case. Solve it.
If Prof. Seo was on his way home
from a funeral,
they must've gone to the funeral together
or met there.
A funeral.
Then shouldn't there be a guest book?
That's right!
The person's name must be
in the guest book.
-Nice one, Ye-seul.
-You're right.
-Going through the names in it--
-But whose funeral?
An endocrinologist
at Hankuk University Hospital.
It was his middle school friend's funeral.
Right, Ko went to the same middle school.
If they signed the guest book
on the same day…
Then I'd say it's highly likely.
Detective Oh, I have a favor to ask
regarding the hit-and-run case.
Yes, they're after
the funeral guest book now.
If both of them signed the guest book
on the same day…
Guest book? Whose funeral?
I'll call you back.
I hear that Yang Jong-hoon is suspicious
of Lee Man-ho's death?
He mentioned the possibility that
both Lee and Ki were ordered to do
what they did.
He said the person behind it
is toying with him.
"Toying with him"?
That nutjob.
He's digging into the hit-and-run again
with his students.
They're trying to find out if someone else
was in the car with Seo that night.
What's with that tone?
Do you think I was with him?
You're a presidential candidate.
If you aided and abetted
a DUI hit-and-run…
I went to the funeral
the day before the accident.
Yang Jong-hoon, that nutjob.
He still thinks he's a prosecutor.
How dare he try to sound me out?
There's no way someone else
was in the car.
I'm having a hard time believing
that Byung-ju committed a DUI.
And he was giving someone a ride? No way.
Just accept Ki's claim
that he acted in self-defense
and close the case.
Self-defense? That's--
Just give the public what they want.
Earn their support now
so you can be better prepared
when you get into politics down the road.
Right, that reminds me.
I'll make sure your request gets accepted
so you can defend yourself
in the Constitutional Court soon.
Just be prepared.
I also plan to propose the bill to abolish
the law on publication of suspected crime.
Thank you, sir.
Don't mention it.
That's what friends are for.
55J 5757
It's me.
Remember Shin Woo-seop,
my friend who died in 2008?
Call his wife.
Life feels so futile.
He was a doctor.
Who knew he'd be the first one to die?
Gosh, they had such strong liquors
at the funeral.
We should've called a driver.
I told you that I couldn't wait for one.
This is my district.
I know this area well.
They never look for drunk drivers
on this road.
-I don't want to see you again.
-Goodness. Why are you so on edge?
This meeting is very important.
I can't be late.
Help me out just this once.
Yeah, I'm on my way!
07P 4295
If we get stopped, I'll deal with it.
Just hit the gas.
07P 4295
07P 4295
Let's just go.
Go. Now!
You don't want to ruin your life, do you?
Go. Just go!
07P 4295
This area is being redeveloped,
so there are no cameras here.
That was not caught on camera.
Hey, have you gone mad?
We should go back.
-Let go!
-Hey, no! Don't!
-Let go!
-Hey, listen to me!
We can't go back there now!
07P 4295
Byung-ju, get it together.
I must go back there.
You drank and drove.
And if that kid is dead,
you'll go to jail.
Do you want to die?
Prosecutors who end up in jail
get tortured by inmates.
What about your family?
What will happen to them?
Get out.
I'll drive.
You didn't see anything, okay?
Get out. Now!
07P 4295
07P 4295
Sir, should I take you home?
I'll go to the hospital
to see Yeong-chang.
Yes, sir.
-Jeon Ye-seul!
-Answer my question.
Did your dad order you
to make me lie in court?
Don't drag my dad into this.
Soon, he'll have command
over the entire country.
Is that why
he tried to control me as well?
Come to your senses, will you?
You're a nobody.
Who cares that he tried to control--
Take care.
Hey! Damn it!
God damn it!
The disciplinary committee
just made its final decision.
Winning the dissertation contest
did not affect your admission.
And it happened before you were admitted,
so the school has decided not to take
disciplinary action against you.
But Mr. Kang feels responsible
for what happened
and keeps insisting that he should resign.
I don't think I can stop him.
You haven't published this, have you?
No, why do you ask?
Can Sol use this?
For the Asia Human Rights
Dissertation Contest.
Don't touch my laptop.
-She should write it on her own.
-She doesn't have time.
She has a lot to do
to prepare for law school.
Then don't bother.
You can't even do that for your daughter?
-Forget it, Mom.
I don't agree with Dad anyway.
I don't think Article 126
of the Criminal Code is unconstitutional.
I was wondering
why you weren't publishing it.
Looks like you let your student use it.
Judge Oh Jun-hyeop
wrote it on his own.
I was his advisor.
So it'll go to the Constitutional Court.
I'm going to help Ji-ho.
I'll prove that it's constitutional.
You were his advisor,
so you'll argue it's unconstitutional.
If I win,
think about why you must do this
and reconsider your decision.
-If I lose, I'll do the same,
and think about why you must do this.
About Judge Oh Jun-hyeop…
He and I share the exact same view
on Article 126.
The similarity is truly striking.
Look at this.
This sentence is exactly the same
as what I wrote.
Happy now?
The trial has been put on hold,
but it doesn't mean I won.
First, I shall skillfully handle
the Constitutional Court.
But I am excited.
Thanks to this,
I may end up writing a new history
of the Criminal Procedure Act
and the Criminal Code.
"A new history"?
Someone died because of the info
you had leaked.
Your dad? That wasn't my fault.
Toxic chemicals in toys
pose a serious threat to kids' health.
When I heard that cancer-causing chemicals
were found in the toy,
I had to inform the public
before its launch.
What about the truth? You said he died
without knowing the truth.
Because of I-bit CEO Cho Tae-yeong
and Ko Hyeong-su,
you didn't verify whether it was true
even though you were a prosecutor.
-If you'd done--
-What's the use of talking about it now?
If it's ruled unconstitutional,
all of that is pointless.
A new history…
You will write one.
I'll make you become the first prosecutor
to be charged
and punished for publicizing
a suspected crime.
And you'll have to live with that
until you die.
You know, Prof. Kang Ju-man who testified.
The renowned constitutional law scholar.
I think he supports my argument.
Tell him I'll visit him soon.
I met with Shin Woo-seop's wife.
She lost the guest book while moving.
But she remembered
that Prosecutor Seo and Assemblyman Ko
didn't come on the same day.
She remembers that?
It was over a decade ago.
It was her husband's funeral, after all.
Can you see if you can find
my uncle's friends
who were at the funeral that day
and also knows Assemblyman Ko?
It's not easy to track down the guests
without the guest book.
We jumped through hoops
to track down a few.
Three of Seo's friends
who were at the funeral with him.
But they're giving doubtful answers.
I asked him to join.
We owe you one anyway.
Not anymore.
I testified against Prosecutor Jin.
Prosecutor Jin, that man…
Who knew he'd try
to get the law itself abolished? Jeez.
Darn it.
What if they have it out for me now?
Let's hear the "doubtful" answers.
Well, they all went
to middle school together.
Two of them said they only saw Seo
at the funeral,
but one of them said Seo and Ko
drank together that day.
They drank together?
He has early-stage Alzheimer's.
But the thing is, the two who said
they only saw Seo that day
are both saying Ko came the day before
as if they've signed a pact.
They also said Seo and Ko
weren't even that close.
I wonder how they remember something
from over a decade ago so vividly.
They didn't even hesitate
and sounded very sure.
Maybe Assemblyman Ko contacted them
before you did.
All his friends who saw him
and my uncle that day.
If he did, that means
he knew what we were up to.
What? So even Ko Hyeong-su
has it out for me now?
Could you submit this?
"Bodily harm, sexual assault,
unlawful surveillance"?
You'll file charges against Yeong-chang?
Even for incitement to perjury?
But you didn't actually commit perjury.
But it can be punished if the attempt
reached commencement stage.
No, that does not apply to perjury.
Oh, how about coercion?
She was coerced into perjuring herself.
That and attempted perjury.
What was the article number?
Joon-hwi and Ji-ho would know it by heart.
They have all articles and sections
So do I.
Article 234 of the Criminal Code.
It's 324.
Well, anyway, we may be able to get him
charged with attempted coercion.
I'll look into it.
I want to get Assemblyman Ko too,
for inciting coercion.
Assemblyman Ko?
Do you have to do that?
Let's eat.
I heard you never eat with your students.
You're no longer one, as of today.
I've been permanently excluded.
Mix it.
-One jjamppong, please.
You should ask him too.
Prosecutor Jin wants me to testify.
Right, you don't deserve an attorney.
You're on your own.
Be prepared for the witness examination.
My answers may help you or be used
against you depending on your questions.
Yes, sir.
I'll eat this because
Seung-jae ordered it for us,
but I feel bad knowing he got expelled.
Don't want it? I'll eat it.
-Let me try the jjajangmyeon.
-Hey, I never said I didn't want it.
The guest book info got leaked.
Who leaked it?
Oh, where's mine?
I want lots of pickled radish.
What's going on?
There's a rat among us.
A rat?
Just confess. Let's not waste time.
"Confess"? Come on.
That's not necessary.
As long as the person switches sides now.
Everyone here will be in this together
until the very end.
Even if they signed the guest book
on the same day,
it doesn't prove that
they were in the car together.
Unless someone witnessed Ko
getting into Prof. Seo's car.
The cops said they'd look into it.
The dashcam footage from the car
would be solid evidence.
Prof. Seo probably got rid of it
for that very reason.
That's the first thing I'd get rid of
if I were in his situation.
Hey, I told you not to pour the sauce
over it.
Only you like to eat it that way.
I like it too. We'll pour it on this one.
Come on.
Was I too harsh
when I said he's on his own?
You can represent him.
Well, I don't feel confident
that I can do as well as you did.
Oh, Attorney Park Geun-tae called me.
Looks like Ye-seul has toughened up.
She's filing charges.
Well, about the deaths of Seo Byung-ju
and Lee Man-ho,
I think they're both connected
to Lee's son.
Remember? I was fuming mad that day.
When your son asked what you were up to,
you should've stopped
your atrocious action then and there.
I couldn't believe he still did it
after talking to his son on the phone.
What are you trying to say?
Hey, James.
Hi, Prof. Kim, were you worried about me?
It's okay. Nevermind.
Say hello to Prof. Yang.
He's my colleague at law school.
Hello, Prof. Yang,
it's nice to meet you.
This is his son.
Come take a seat.
Is this your first time here?
-Yes, sir.
-I see.
The vice dean, who had your back,
has resigned,
and Yang Jong-hoon has returned to school.
I bet you're not pleased, Prof. Jung.
I'd like to…
help you out and give you
all the support you need.
This is…
She needs to be taught a lesson.
She's the biggest troublemaker
at Hankuk Law.
But the dean is very protective of her.
The dean?
She'll be gone after her two-year tenure.
The president is the one
with the real power.
Speak of the devil!
Sit, it's okay.
Yes, sir.
Prof. Jung Dae-hyeon here
will teach those troublemakers
a serious lesson.
Good luck.
I'll do my very best.
Someone else was in Uncle's car
at the time of the accident?
If Ko Hyeong-su was in the car
with Prof. Seo,
he probably took the footage instead of
letting Prof. Seo get rid of it.
Being in the car at the time of
a DUI hit-and-run could ruin his career.
What if he's holding
onto the dashcam footage?
Maybe he kept it to threaten Prof. Seo
with it if needed?
So you think Ko Hyeong-su
has the dashcam footage?
Prosecutor Jin leaked the info,
ordered by Ko Hyeong-su
to help the CEO of I-bit.
You're filing charges
against Ko Yeong-chang
for coercion and even Ko Hyeong-su
for inciting him?
Please do not forgive my betrayal,
stay true to your values,
and make sure
you get Ko Hyeong-su punished.
Dan reported his election law violation.
He bribed Seo Byung-ju to cover it up,
instigated Prosecutor Jin
to leak Seo Gi-yeol's alleged crime,
procured funds for the head supporter,
ordered Lee Man-ho to kill Seo Byung-ju,
and ordered Ko Yeong-chang
to coerce Ye-seul into perjuring herself.
He also ordered Ki Du-seong
to kill Lee Man-ho.
Why did Lee Man-ho agree to carry out
Ko Hyeong-su's order?
Assemblyman Ko was the one
who sent Lee's son to the US.
Because of his son?
Let's call it a day.
Okay, sounds good.
It's not like we can solve this
by racking our brains now.
And Ko Hyeong-su is certainly
not an easy one to beat.
There's a way.
A way to prove that Ko Hyeong-su
is a total scumbag.
The open constitutional review hearing
for the case of Jin Hyeong-u,
the first prosecutor in the country
to be charged
with publication of facts
of suspected crime, will begin soon.
The open hearing has begun, sir.
Prepare for the press conference.
I think you should see this first, sir.
I assure you that I will only state facts
about Assemblyman Ko Hyeong-su.
He proposed a bill to abolish the law
on defamation by publicly alleging facts,
so he won't take legal action against me
if this is all true.
He can sue me if any of the things I say
is false.
A few years ago, one of his campaign staff
reported him for spreading false news
against his opponent in the election.
But during the investigation,
he bribed the whistleblower
to drop the case.
Feeling guilty about giving in
and turning a blind eye to the truth,
she sent this letter
to the prosecutor in charge.
We'll likely see a fierce debate
during this hearing today,
especially given that Assemblyman Ko plans
to propose a bill to abolish the law.
The prosecution and the media
are closely watching
how his announcement may affect
this hearing.
TOYGOODTOY, which used to be
the number one toy company,
-went bankrupt due to publication
-What is this now?
of unverified allegations.
The CEO died by suicide.
The reporter confessed that he wrote
the article based on what he had heard
from a prosecutor, who has now
been charged according to Article 126.
I found this while investigating
why he leaked such info.
It's a photo of Assemblyman Ko Hyeong-su,
who the prosecutor is close to,
and CEO Cho Tae-yeong of I-bit,
TOYGOODTOY's competitor,
who's also Assemblyman Ko's
head supporter.
Hey, we're dealing
with Prosecutor Jin here.
Don't we need Prof. Yang
to go up against him?
Well, I'm not trying to undermine
my roomie though.
I heard Prof. Kang Ju-man
is testifying for Prosecutor Jin.
Sol B is actually having a showdown
with her dad?
Prof. Kang isn't here yet though.
-What's Prof. Yang doing there?
-No idea.
He's supporting Prosecutor Jin?
I'm certain that someone else
was in the car with my uncle.
He wrote this note before he was murdered.
It reads, "Let me leave this hell."
It implies that
someone else was there with him.
Who could it be?
"M, A, T, E."
Damn it!
We will now commence the hearing
for Case 2021-HG817,
a constitutional review
of Article 126 of the Criminal Code.
First, I'd like to make sure
the attorneys are here.
Mr. Jin, you will defend yourself today?
Yes, Your Honor.
I'm sorry.
I'm resigning,
so I won't be here
when the hearing happens.
I see.
Then is there anyone you can recommend?
You filed charges against me
for violating the law
that you think is unconstitutional?
Had you been indicted back then,
you could've requested this review sooner.
Article 126 of the Criminal Code
infringes on the public's right to know.
Although its objective is fair,
it fails to employ appropriate methods,
minimize damage,
and generate balanced legal benefits.
It is unconstitutional and violates
the principle of proportionality.
Ergo, it should be abolished.
I will dare say this to the man
who will have command
over the entire country soon.
Don't waste your power on trying
to control a nobody like me.
Make them take down that video at once.
And sue them all for defamation
by spreading false information…
Then they'll try to prove
that it is not false information.
These brats…
They're ganging up on me to bait me?
Yang Jong-hoon.
That bastard…
Then we'll ask you some questions now.
Yes, I have a question
for Mr. Jin's witness.
Except for this case,
no one else has been charged
with breaking this law.
You believe that is why Article 126
should be abolished.
Could you please explain it
in more detail?
What would've happened had the facts
about Lee Man-ho's sexual assault case
been published
through the proper channels?
He would not have been ruled
"feeble-minded" so easily,
and we could've prevented the verdict
which the public at large deemed unjust.
Politicians who applaud
publication of allegations
involving their opponents
and lash out when it happens to them
should no longer be allowed
to take advantage of this provision.
The law exists, but no one has ever
been punished for violating it.
It means that the law is dead.
But we can't even bury it.
We're wasting our energy
trying to revive the dead law.
No other countries have such a general
and broad provision
against publication of suspected crime.
Regarding similar cases
in other countries, Ms. Erica Shin,
a lawyer and comparative law expert
at Harvard
who was also selected as a witness,
will virtually join us and tell us more.
Are we ready for this video call?
He betrayed us to help Prosecutor Jin
and even organized
an international video call?
What's all this fuss about?
They won't win anyway.
Hello, I'm Erica Shin.
Subtitle translation by: Liya Choi
What I'm really curious about
is Ko's response,
but why is he as quiet as a mouse?
That's what the jerks want.
I have a plan in my mind.
Did Sol serve time in juvie?
For school violence?
My case will be ruled
self-defense for sure.
I bet Ko ordered you to do it.
You're a prosecutor,
so you shouldn't be treated as a minion.
What is it that you want to hear?
The string I'm holding on to
should not be a rotten one, you know.
Why did you want to see me?
Let me tell you.
Since I'm the one who asked him
to call you over.
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