Lawless Lawyer (Mubeop Byeonhosa) (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

(Police) My gosh.
Hello, Officer.
You know why I stopped you, right? Let me see your license.
Sure thing.
I should cooperate.
Let's see.
What are you doing now? Oh, these bills are a bit too crisp.
Are you trying to bribe a police officer now? No, it's not that.
Stop trying to be sneaky.
Get out.
Wait, hold on.
Gosh, this man I said, get out.
Goodness, cut me some slack, will you? Come this way, please.
Gosh, I'm sorry about that.
There's a traffic monitoring camera up there.
This spot should be safe.
- What is this? - Come on, you know what it's for.
You tried to express your gratitude toward me just now.
When? I couldn't close my big fat wallet, so I was taking a few bills out, that's all.
Gosh, seriously.
Are you kidding me right now? All right, then.
If that's the case, I'll be sure to give you the highest penalty.
Give me your license.
Oh, my driver's license.
Sure, no problem.
Let's see.
Here you go.
(Attorney Bong Sang Pil) I see that you're a lawyer, but so what? Sergeant Park Mun Seong in Traffic Enforcement at Northern Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency.
Who are you? A client hired me for a bribery case, and I just obtained evidence number seven, which I'll use for the litigations.
No, not that one.
Over there.
This evidence proves that you've been demanding bribes in return for letting traffic violations slide.
The excessive regulation and threatening requests for bribes made my client shed tears.
I'll make sure he's compensated monetarily for the tears he shed.
My goodness.
Please don't be like this.
I'm a busy man.
Please issue the ticket quickly.
The one with the maximum demerit points.
Sang Pil, where are you now? I'm coming to rescue the gangster accountant.
Please don't kill me.
You want to live? You jerk.
I've been telling everyone that you're such an amazing accountant.
How many buildings did I buy with the tax money you saved me? Think about it.
How can I not be attached to you? You made it.
Yes, what's the situation now? Don't you hear the scream? Wait, hold on.
Just a second.
Wait for me.
- Who's that? - What's going on? - What's happening? - Who's that guy? - What does he want? - Hello.
Please just be natural.
Why are you guys just standing around? Get that rat! - That jerk! - Come here! You little If you lay even a finger on me, you'll regret it.
I'm that man's See this guy beaten up to a pulp? I'm his legal representative.
He's a lawyer, Boss.
Why would a lawyer set foot in this place? How gutsy.
I'm aware that there's a problem between you and my client, and I'm here help you two solve the issue step by step through my legal guidance.
Stop going on about the law, will you? Do you think this is court? Whack him! I knew that it'd be hard to talk to you guys, but go easy on me, please.
Well, if that's the case Yes, you over there.
Let me start with you.
What did you just say? You piece of How dare you punch him? You jerks! - You little - Wait! All right, everything I do from now will be considered self-defense.
That will be the case only if you can walk out of here in one piece.
What are you waiting for? Whack him! Wait, hold on.
I guess you guys don't know.
This suit is from a high-end Italian brand.
I wouldn't want it to get wrinkled up.
Now that I've taken it off, you guys can come at me all you want.
- I'm ready.
- You little You scum.
What did you just say? Listen up.
If you use that, you'll get locked up for five years.
If you drop it now, it'll be reduced to two years.
Dropping it will be considered a mitigating factor.
You'll end up with a lighter sentence than even those who never used their tools from the beginning.
What on earth are you doing now? Whack him already.
Wait! Have a look at this.
What's your problem This shows the financial records of tax evasion you've committed while running your company for the last five years.
Take a look at this evidence here.
You'll be charged with assault and harassment, which can put you behind bars for 7 years and 3 months.
If attempted murder is added on top of that It'll depend on the judge, but the minimum would be 17 years.
If I report you to the National Tax Service for tax evasion, they'll collect two million dollars from you.
The total amount of money you lost because of my client is 800,000 dollars.
Do you really want to lose two million dollars and end up in jail because of the 800,000 dollars? You've had to forcefully take money from many people and do other shady things to earn your money.
You'll give it all to the government when it's done nothing for you? How can we trust that he'll not report us to NTS? Who's going to guarantee it? I'll guarantee it.
What's going on? Hello, Boss.
What? "Boss"? Dae Woong, were you behind all of this? That capable accountant told me that he wants to work elsewhere, so I just introduced him to a smart lawyer, that's all.
I'll announce the verdict.
What the defendant did to protect herself and her child from domestic violence doesn't fall within the range of what is considered appropriate.
What she did can't be accepted socially, and therefore, it can't be considered self-defense.
Therefore, the defendant is sentenced to 20 years in prison.
Ha! Your Honor.
That's more than what the prosecution asked for.
How dare you question the verdict? She was beaten and treated horribly throughout her marriage of 10 years.
But she killed her husband, didn't she? It makes me so furious.
She ran away to a shelter, but he tracked her down and trampled on her until her ribs broke.
Then he whipped her with his belt too.
She deserved that! Which law firm are you from anyway? She was stabbed with a knife too.
It happened while she was trying to defend herself! Are you taking her side because you're a woman too? Are you? Answer me.
This is precisely why you women can't go far in this field.
All you do is show up in court reeking of your perfume.
Why are you just standing there? Get her out of here.
It's not because I'm a woman.
This verdict is wrong.
I'm way above your league.
No one can challenge my verdicts It's not like judges are always right! Attorney Ha Jae I is suspended for six months.
My gosh.
Look at you! Your condition is worse than I heard it was.
A suspension isn't enough.
She should lose her license! Her law firm must be held responsible too.
I get that I was wrong to punch you, but your judgement was way off, so I don't regret my actions.
Attorney Ha! I was going to go easy on you since you're a girl, but you asked for it.
I'll put you jail for assaulting a judge! - Sir, please reconsider.
- Attorney Ha! Write an apology on the Lawyer's Association website under your real name.
- Hold on.
- That day Don't.
Sit back down.
Look at her! I did nothing wrong.
As a lawyer and as a woman, I'm really annoyed.
Understood? Are you the attorney, Bong Sang Pil? Yes, that's me.
Here you go.
Who sent this? I don't know.
I'm just a delivery guy.
(Your employment has been terminated.
) (April 2, 2018, Daehan Law Firm) The trial of Detective Oh, a murder suspect in the killing of mayor of Giseong Lee Hyun Soo, will be held at the Giseong District Court.
The presiding judge will be Judge Cha Moon Sook, who is known to have turned down the appointment for Supreme Court three times.
Detective Oh has been denying all allegations.
Boss, it's me.
I want to open a law firm in Giseong.
Is this the time you've been referring to? Someone sent me this.
Is this why you're going there? No, that's not the only reason.
Then what? Is it because of her? Yes.
Take the boys.
I'll keep funding I appreciate the offer, but I'm going alone.
You sure are stubborn.
Like mother, like son.
I'm sorry, sir.
It really hurts to hear you call me that today.
Sang Pil! Yes, Uncle Dae Woong.
Let's drink.
I want to be as just as you, but it's too darn difficult to live like that.
What do I tell him? I'm sorry, Dad.
"Time cures everything.
" That's said by those who haven't suffered in life.
(Episode 1) (Welcome to Giseong.
) I've never seen fog like this before.
It's like I'm up in the skies.
After my mom died, my clock stopped.
Listen to me very carefully, okay? Don't ever come back to Giseong.
Don't trust anyone from here.
Do you understand? Don't trust anyone.
The world of judges has been dominated by men.
According to a newspaper in Asia that's the equivalent of "Dimes", there's a female judge of worldwide reputation in Giseong.
She's Judge Cha Moon Sook, and she's joining us today for the first time in a while.
Hello, I'm Cha Moon Sook.
- Thank you for having me.
- I didn't know she was acknowledged by the newspaper.
What's wrong? Does hearing it in Giseong make her name carry more weight? Oh, gosh.
It's an honor.
I think of it as encouragement for me to devote myself to the law and justice.
This train will arrive at Giseong Station shortly.
To those getting off at Giseong Station, have a nice day.
Thank you.
(Daeho Stationary) The office on the fifth floor is occupied by a loan shark.
They've been preying on locals.
Gathering from the tricks they use, they're low-class thugs.
Look at this! What a sweet ride.
It's shiny.
With a fresh coat of wax, we could get 40,000 dollars.
- Let's take out that loan.
- Nice! What can we throw to cold, hungry wolves? Sorry? Are you thinking about driving them out? This is where I'm setting up my office.
But this is a 40-year-old building.
It could collapse any day.
Sang Pil, I'll get the tools and follow you! Where should we go? - Haeundae! - Haeundae! Where should we go? - Hawaii! - Hawaii! You're also going to - Jeju Island! - Jeju Island! I'm also going to - Hawaii! - Hawaii! We have a customer.
- Hawaii! - Hawaii! Enough already.
- Hawaii! - Hawaii! You are all crazy.
So, you're our first customer today.
How much do you want? I don't think you're not that desperate.
Well, everyone has their own little story anyway.
Geum Kang Is it your name? Nothing has changed here.
(Bong Sang Pil) (Bong Sang Pil) (Bong Sang) Why did you engrave my name here? I'm going to come back here at any cost.
I'm sorry, my son.
Because I have no money, we have to move again.
It's okay.
I heard it's a life experience.
My son! I almost forgot.
- Mom! - Yes? Look at this! Sang Pil, what's this? You're a lawyer, and lawyers must always win.
Bong Sang Pil, you're so smart.
When I grow up, I'm going to be a lawyer too.
Are you sure? But, how can a lawyer fight? A lawyer has no sword or gun.
If you're a lawyer, you have to fight with the law.
With the law? In court, a lawyer is a person who has to fight only with the law.
That's what a lawyer is.
- With the law? - Of course.
With the law.
You in a suit! What are you here for? Didn't you come here for money? You all need to move out from this place.
"Move out"? Be quiet! Where do you want me to move out from? Move out of this office.
"This office"? (Daily installment loan) Did you see ghosts or something at sea? Why are you acting up in my office? I hoped you could understand me at once.
But it was not that easy.
Don't you agree? Close the door! What's this? Are you kidding me? (Ha's Photo Studio) Welcome.
Look who's here.
Are you Attorney Ha? What were you doing? I was doing what I always do.
The noodles are so soggy.
I don't know how you eat it.
When you reheat it, it's even more tasty.
And it's quite filling too.
Aren't you curious why I came home in all of a sudden? No, I'm not.
Dad Even if I got fired from my job, you wouldn't mind that much.
Jae I Later, there will be a trial by Judge Cha Moon Sook.
Do you want to go with me? Should I? What did you do with Sang Pil? I'm still constipated.
I might have to get an endoscopy.
Tae! Sang Pil.
- You were so slow.
- Are you okay? - We worked everything out already.
- Really? Sir What should I call him? When I'm absent, talk with Mr.
Tae, the director.
"The director"? Is he that famous director? What's going on? Mr.
Bong decided to hire all of us.
Dae Woong Gang, the Giseong Branch! From today, I'm going to serve you, Mr.
What? Welcome to the city of fog, Giseong! - Welcome! - Welcome! (Daily Installment Loan) I know why you came home.
Dad, what happened was I'm sorry.
I'm embarrassed to meet Judge Cha.
She'll understand me.
Good for you.
Do you still have bitter feelings about Yeon Hee? I heard dads love their daughters so blindly.
But how unfortunate to have you as my dad.
We don't need another blind lover in our family.
I guess so, since I love you so blindly.
Please stand for the judge.
Please be seated.
I can see that many people came today too.
This city is the most righteous city in the nation.
Because the citizens of Giseong have a lot of interest in the law, I'm always nervous.
Today's case is about a married woman, who feared for her life after putting up with years of domestic violence, and killed her husband.
I've been a judge in Giseong for 30 years, but the moment of announcing a verdict is still very difficult.
I will announce my verdict.
The legal interests that are infringed by domestic violence can't be superior to life.
Any violence can't be obstructed by murder.
However, I have a different ruling.
Because of violence by men, whose physiques are superior, women can't find any ways to deal with such violence.
A woman, who has been tamed by constant violence, usually gives up her life for the sake of her children.
To get away from inhumane violence, the defendant had to make such a radical decision.
And I'm not capable of finding her guilty.
This case is about a human being, who feared for her life and had no other choice in order to stay alive, thus deeming this as self-defense.
Therefore, I find the defendant not guilty.
It was impressive as expected.
Judge Cha is like the Mother Teresa of Giseong.
I knew it.
She's incredible.
She hasn't changed at all for such a long time.
Dad, talent must be important in this area.
Who are you getting a call from? No one.
There'll be a customer in the photo studio.
You should meet Judge Cha to say hello.
On the way home, get some groceries and take your time.
- Dad! - I heard about you.
I heard you've been disbarred.
I wasn't disbarred.
Unfortunately, I was just suspended.
As a lawyer, you should've legitimately dealt with misjudgment.
- I didn't know you'd use violence.
- I know.
I should've dealt with it elegantly, but I guess I'm too energetic.
It's a good thing that you're energetic.
It means you have a pure heart.
Judge Cha, you were inspirational today.
When did you get here? Is it because of that incident? She was daring enough to punch a judge.
I believe that the judge made a mistake.
Don't feel defeated just because you were suspended.
Holding back when you shouldn't is the same as losing.
You know that, right? Of course.
Ma'am, we should go.
- That's right! - Run along! - What are you doing? - I'm taking the photos down.
They're not in business, so move along.
- What do you mean you can't? - Dad! Darn! - Dad! - Pay back the loan.
You can't hold out.
Stop it! Girls should step outside.
Despite my looks, I'm known as a gentleman in this line of work.
"Girl"? What Do you want to get beaten up by one? You have me trembling.
Lady, step outside.
My concern is only with this nasty debtor.
"A nasty debtor"? Are you thugs or loan sharks? I get that spicy food has its appeal, but due to tighter laws, some details can't be discussed with third parties.
- "Laws"? - Yes.
You see, I'm a lawyer.
Get it? "A lawyer"? That means you understand the law.
Then you should step outside.
I don't want to violate the information privacy law.
Did you borrow money from those jerks? - It's - Tell me! Since you're a lawyer, you can explain to your dad what's going on.
We'll be back soon.
Pay your interest.
Let's go! - Sure thing.
- I got myself a radish.
What's going on? What on earth is this? (Daily installment loan) - Good job.
- We're throwing these away.
Sure thing.
Be careful over there.
- Hurry up.
- What is all this? - Over here.
- You should've cleaned them sooner.
I'll do it right away.
- Shut up while you work.
- Yes, sir.
- I'll clean this up.
- This is unbelievable.
Why is it so dirty here? Focus, will you? Check if you have them.
Put those up there.
Sir! Wait! You can't just barge in here! Are you the owner of this place? Your first words to me seem to have thorns in them.
Unpaid interests doesn't justify vandalizing or larceny.
Darn it.
I can't file charges for assault with a few pieces of paper.
You're very clever with your use of violence.
The law was revised this year.
An interest rate of a financial contract can't exceed 24 percent.
Did you think you could get away with 45 percent? Fine.
Article eight of registration of credit business and protection of finance users.
I will revise it.
An interest rate could be unfair, but that doesn't give you the right to not meet the repayment deadline.
I bet this isn't a registered business.
Should I call the police? Call 1332.
Call the contact center of the Financial Supervisory Service.
All advisers are busy at the moment.
Not willing to repay money that was properly lent by accusing it of being illegal is audaciously immoral.
In this case, you're also blackmailing us.
What? I heard you got suspended for punching a judge.
Don't add to your charges, or you'll get your license revoked.
How did you know that? Did you do a background check on me? I only do that with women I'm interested in.
Why you obnoxious jerk! Be a bit gentler.
I'm not one to step into this place easily.
The victim won't settle.
Detective, wait! I want to press charges on that loan shark too! You lot! Is this how you've been doing business? You guys have nothing, but you leech onto those who are worse off? What else could we do? We had to make a living.
Also, Ha's Photo Studio That's enough.
They only wanted to feed their mouths too.
I'm sorry.
We only agreed to become members of this gang because you promised that we'd make a living.
Do you know what this is? She's the lady in a blindfold.
I saw her at my trial.
Sit down.
This place will no longer be a loan office.
We will be a law firm.
"A law firm"? That's right.
He's a lawyer.
- What a joke.
- That's hilarious! Hold on.
It's the truth.
He's not kidding! From this day on, you'll be living completely different lives.
You, who have been breaking the law, will join me and go around it.
Simply speaking, you'll now defeat the law.
We've been ignoring the law for quite some time now.
Don't ignore it any more.
Beat it.
- Yes, sir! - From now on, he's Attorney Bong.
- Yes, sir! - Yes, sir! (Choi Jin Ae Law Firm) Mom, where were you? Sang Pil? What are you doing here? I told you to stay home.
I came because I missed you.
You can't be here.
Listen to me - very carefully, okay? - Mom? This is your uncle's address.
This is him.
Since when did I have an uncle? If anything happens to me, go find your uncle in Seoul.
Got it? What about you? Listen to me very carefully, okay? Don't ever come back to Giseong.
Don't trust anyone from here.
Do you understand? Don't trust anyone.
Remember what I said.
Don't ever come back here.
All right? (Daeho Stationary) Hey, Ms.
Just do your job and focus on your trials.
Why would you overstep your boundaries and risk your life? Shut your mouth.
Where's the memory card? There's no such thing.
You don't have it? Are you sure? - Answer me.
- I don't have it! All right, okay.
If you say so, I should believe you.
Are we good now? It's all right.
But I'm wondering It looks like there's someone else here.
Kiddo, come on out! Your mom will be in trouble if you don't come out.
Shut it! My son isn't here.
I said your mom will be in deep trouble if you don't come out.
I can't promise you that she'll be okay.
I'll count to three.
Just to three, okay? One.
Leave my mom alone! Sang Pil.
No, let go! No, don't do this! Stop, please! Let go of me, you jerks! - You're a good boy.
- Don't lay a finger on my son.
- You're cute.
- Don't touch him! Don't touch me.
Let me ask you one last time.
Where's that memory card? I don't know.
Really? Well, if that's the case This kid didn't even do anything wrong, right? No.
No, don't.
Don't! Don't hurt him! Please, no Okay, I'll give it to you.
Yes, sir.
Where are you now? I found it.
What would you like me to do about the lawyer and her son? Hey, kiddo.
Did you swallow it? Open your mouth.
Open your mouth! You little Look at this kid.
I must say, your son is Goodness.
I'm an impatient man.
I can't wait until he poops it out.
- Hey, give me a knife.
- No.
- Hurry up.
- No, don't.
You can't do that! Let go of me, please.
Don't do that! Let go! Please Don't hurt him! - Let go.
- No, don't hurt him! No! Sang Pil, run.
Run away! - No, Sang Pil.
Run! - Gosh, this woman Mom.
Mom! Hey, turn on the lights.
(Daeho Stationary) He's gone! I think he just slipped out.
- Just now - Come on.
Let's go find that kid.
Look in every nook and cranny! Yes, sir! Detective, those men killed my mom.
What? Some men killed your mom? Who are they? That man! Did you see that man killing your mom with your own eyes? Yes, I did.
I saw everything.
Hyung Man, grab a hold of that kid.
I need to get something out of him.
Detective Wu, did something happen? No, it's nothing.
Continue along.
Hey, I can't find it anywhere.
Where did he hide the memory card? That kid swallowed it.
Get it out before I take care of him myself.
It's important.
Then what about the woman? Bury her with the kid.
All right.
Hey, did you guys tie her limbs properly? Yes, we did, sir.
Hey, it's over there.
Make a left.
What's this? Let go! You little brat.
You're so dead.
Get back here, you rat! - Hurry! - Stop! - Run! - Stop Come at me all you want, you jerks.
- Mister.
- Hey, wait.
Take this and buy yourself something to eat.
Choi Jin Ae! What did you just say? Say it again.
Who? Choi Jin Ae.
How do you know Jin Ae? She's my mom.
Your mom and I cut all ties with each other a long time ago.
My mom died.
Those men killed my mom right in front of my eyes.
All right.
Let's eat.
Uncle Dae Woong.
Yes? You're a gangster who earns money by beating people up, right? Yes, you're right.
Then, please teach me how to fight like you.
Why? Do you want to get back at the guys who did that to your mom? Your mom has been keeping away from me because I was in a gang.
But you want me to make you a gang like me? I'll never do that.
I promised my mom.
I told her I'll be a lawyer when I grow up.
That's a good idea.
Try to be a lawyer and don't think about anything else.
But my mom told me not to come back to Giseong whatsoever.
But I'm going to come back to Giseong when I get stronger.
All the truths are here inside.
Sang Pil! You promised me.
You told me you'll be a good lawyer like me.
You have to keep that promise.
I'll be watching over you.
I mean it.
(Giseong Police Station) (Homicide Team 2) Let go of me! - Mr.
Tae! - Yes.
What's this? Why are you here to see me? I'm not visiting you.
(Interviewer) I'm here to interview you.
You're interviewing me? What for? It's an interview for the position of a paralegal.
I chose you as the prime candidate for the position.
Hey Do you know what kind of job a paralegal does? Can you see this? I'm a lawyer too.
Your father is liable to me for debts.
But, there's no way for him to pay the debt.
One option is to make you sign the disclaimer of your body.
That's too ungentlemanly of me though.
So, work hard as a paralegal, and settle your debt fairly and squarely.
What did you say? You want me to be a paralegal? - Hello, I'm a lawyer.
- I see.
You got suspended by knocking out a judge, and now you're jobless.
You run an illegal loan company, and you do illegal background checks.
You're trash.
It might be refreshing to punch a judge out of anger because you didn't do your job as a lawyer and lost your case.
But what happened to your client? Watch what you say to me.
You don't have the right to judge me as I have no idea whether you're a lawyer or a gangster.
I saw many lawyers like you, those who regard their clients as not human beings, but as their meal tickets.
I'm not a good lawyer, but I'm a lawyer that someone might need.
You must be helpful to those who are wealthy and guilty.
They're the people who are likely to need the best legal service.
Why did you become a lawyer then? You should've become a gangster.
Why did you study law? You need to know the law if you want to violate the law.
Didn't you know that? Well, I'll be the one to ask questions from now on.
I'm here not to visit you, but to interview you.
And I might become your employer.
I'll give you an option.
If you do a good job as a paralegal, your suspension will end.
Then I'll hire you as a partner in my firm.
Me? Why? Why would I become your partner? A woman who has a loud voice and is as violent as you, is perfect for the position of my paralegal.
I'll inform you with the result of the interview right away.
- Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
Ha Okay.
You may go.
You have quite the backer.
Where did you find him? Congratulations! You got the position as my paralegal.
What the Darn.
My gosh.
You told Judge Cha? At a time like this, who can help us except Judge Cha? Why did you do that? Goodness.
Because of that photo studio, I sent my daughter to jail.
And I had to tell such an embarrassing story to Judge Cha.
Let's close the studio.
I won't agree with it.
I'll close it.
So, I can pay all the debts.
What about Mom? What are you going to do about Mom? You said you wouldn't move the studio because if we do, Mom won't be able to find us.
Jae I I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
In order to make sure you graduated from law school, I loaned some money.
This is what a father should do to his daughter.
I'll take care of everything.
So, don't worry.
Ha Jae I! Go away.
I don't want to talk to you now.
Then, you might not want to hear this news either.
I vouched for you.
- What? - Judge Cha asked me to do it.
It was her request to me.
If that is true - I want to - Don't thank me.
I had no choice because Judge Cha asked me.
All right.
- Dad! We're home.
- What? We're here now, Dad.
That was fast.
That's good enough.
(Lawless Law Firm) - Goodness - Hello.
Congratulations with your first day of work.
Your first day was supposed to be a week ago.
It doesn't matter anyway.
Well then, are you prepared? I'm going to work as much as the debt that my dad has.
Reduce the debt according to my daily wage.
What about the overdue interest accumulating even at this hour? I'll pay everything as soon as possible.
You're so quick.
When do you think this work makes me scared? I'm sure it's when someone takes out a loan and disappears.
It's when a debtor is too motivated like you right now.
Is that so? "Lawless Law Firm's king of lawyers".
It suits a lawless person like you.
You shouldn't say such things to someone who does legal service.
- Geum Kang! - Yes, sir.
Well Follow me.
I'll tell you about the first case that our law firm will take.
See you later.
Take care.
Here you go.
Thank you.
(We trust in you, who is starting a new life.
) We're here.
Get out.
Are you seeing anybody? Is that what you want? Seeing your reaction, I guess you aren't.
Investigating the case must be an excuse you made.
You're showing your true colors as we're left alone.
We're here for an outside duty.
I'm here to pay off my dad's debt, and I'm against dating my coworkers.
Dating your coworker? That's uncomfortable.
I guess you decided to consider our law firm as your workplace now.
Personally, I hate lawyers like you.
I hate those who pretend to be lawyers.
What's with the casual language though? Maybe it's because you punched me, but I feel comfortable with you.
I see you're keeping it up.
Fine then, Attorney Bong.
Ha, we already seem to be on the same page.
This trial will be a piece of cake for you, except for three things.
Ha? First, the client already has a lawyer.
It's called professional courtesy.
I don't steal clients.
It won't be easy since the lawyer used to be a respected judge.
I'm surprised you know some big words.
Second, the prosecutor on this case is one of the best Giseong has to offer, Prosecutor Kang Yeon Hee.
That doesn't give me an excuse to reject this case.
What's the third? The presiding judge - is Judge Cha Moon Sook.
- Really? So it's her case.
What is the client being accused for? Murder.
He's being accused of killing Mayor Lee Young Soo.
Read it.
(Daeho Stationary) We're here.
We're employees now.
Sir, how have you been? I called to notify you of my arrival in Giseong.
Gwan Dong.
What brings you by? I came to teach a lawyer a lesson.
What? "A lawyer"? (Mayor Lee Young Soo Murder Case Report) Why do you want to defend this client? The prosecutor's office have definitive proof.
You said you weren't interested, but it seems you got a handle on this case already.
Do you owe the client a favor? Do I owe him a favor? Hello, it's nice to meet you.
I'm Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
Do you know me? Don't we all start off as strangers? Attorney Bong Sang Pil? I want to represent you, so you should switch lawyers.
Is this how lawyers get clients these days? I see you're in desperate need of work.
I was quite famous in Seoul.
It's a shame because I already have a decent lawyer.
Did you see that man killing your mom with your own eyes? Hyung Man, grab a hold of that kid.
I need to get something out of him.
Let go! Let go of me! Detective Wu Hyung Man, let me make you a free man.
(Lawless Lawyer) Hand over Detective Wu's case.
I guess I was wrong.
You're worse than I thought.
You're a piece of trash.
Tell Bong Sang Pil that he has two options.
He can either forfeit the trial or give up breathing all together.
Bong Sang Pil doesn't follow the basics, but it's hard to ignore him.
Are you cut out for the job of mayor of Giseong? I'll do my best, Judge Cha! I'm her son.
I'll kill you from outside the prison walls.