Lawless Lawyer (Mubeop Byeonhosa) (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

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) (Episode 2) Hello, it's nice to meet you.
I'm Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
Do you know me? Don't we all start off as strangers? Attorney Bong Sang Pil? I want to represent you, so you should switch lawyers.
Is this how lawyers get clients these days? I see you're in desperate need of work.
I was quite famous in Seoul.
It's a shame because I already have a decent lawyer.
Did you see that man killing your mom with your own eyes? Yes, I did.
I saw that.
Hyung Man, grab a hold of that kid.
I need to get something out of him.
Let go! Let go of me! Detective Wu Hyung Man, let me make you a free man.
Do you even know who my lawyer is? Of course, I do.
Go In Du.
He's the best lawyer in Kiseong.
He's a retired judge after 25 years on the bench.
He's still extremely influential.
Now, he's a legal advisor to Oh Ju Group.
You know him very well.
Go told me that he's 100 percent sure we'll win the case.
"100 percent"? You see, trials are not about probability.
I don't know what that means.
I'll let you in on one of my trade secrets.
Lawyers who are sure that they'll win always lose no matter what.
You shouldn't have believed his bluffing.
That old man lied to you.
- Let's get going.
- Gosh.
My goodness, is she your sales partner? I must say, she's easy on the eyes.
Get up already.
Oh, she's our paralegal.
She's very capable, so let us handle your case.
What are you doing now? Don't you have any pride as a lawyer? In this day and age, lawyers must do more than just defending people.
- Aren't I right? - Does that mean you have another job or what? I'm more like a problem solver.
The best problem solver who's a licensed lawyer.
I came to ask you to teach a lawyer a lesson.
Bong Sang Pil.
"I'll be sure you get compensated monetarily" "for all the tears you've shed.
" My goodness, he must be good at what he does.
Well, you ignore all the laws that exist in this country.
Why are you suddenly interested in this lawyer? Well, there was a little incident.
I've been thinking hard, but I don't understand why a successful lawyer in Seoul chose to move to Kiseong.
I can't stop thinking that something is fishy.
The letters themselves mean "silk" and "castle".
A city built with silk, Kiseong.
Don't you get a whiff of money? Silk What? What I'm saying is, this city is like paradise to lawyers.
And for people like you and I, Kiseong is such a great playground.
Then what do you think it is to lawyers that are loyal to us? It's like a field where you can collect money left and right.
You're right.
I moved to Seoul to make it big, but you've done a better job here.
My gosh, I should've just stayed here as well.
You and I are in different leagues now.
We've known each other for years.
I'd really appreciate it if you let me work with you again.
Goodness, what's he saying now? Chairman An is no longer a gangster like you.
He's a businessman, a successful entrepreneur.
But you never know what can happen in life.
If you ever need someone who's skilled with knives, please call me.
Then I'll get going now.
Detective Wu who's charged with the murder of Mayor Lee Young Soo will stand his first trial.
Due to Mayor Lee Young Soo's absence, a mayoral election will take place in Kiseong as well during the upcoming by-elections.
More than ever, the public's interest in It's most likely that he'll be found guilty.
You want to snatch the case? Yes.
Aren't there too many pieces of evidence? It's suspicious.
There's no evidence whatsoever to prove Detective Wu not guilty.
I know that too.
Anyone can tell that Wu Hyung Man is a murderer.
Be honest with me.
What's the real reason you want to work on this case? - "The real reason"? - Yes.
Gosh, I'm hungry.
Let's eat something.
Thank you.
Gosh, I'm starving.
Meet me in the judge's office.
Here, it's yours.
Actually, jerks like Wu Hyung Man would give us more return on investment than any other clients would.
Let's say I get him acquitted.
The word would spread all over Kiseong in no time.
Then rich prospective clients, who have done many bad deeds, will flock to us with fat bundles of cash.
Are you saying you're doing it for publicity? What? Well, winning the trial will be like winning the lottery.
If we lose, we'll just get paid, and that will be it.
You're actually a lot worse than I thought you'd be.
Do you know how expensive this suit is? To you, court is where you can scratch off your lottery ticket, and you see clients as mere bundles of cash.
Who's worse? The evil detective who killed the mayor of Kiseong? Or the shady lawyer who wants to get that jerk acquitted just because of money? What about the former lawyer who's judging the defendant that hasn't even been proven guilty? Gosh, what a mess.
Hey, Ha Jae I! I don't feel good about leaving the mayor position vacant at the moment.
It's an important role that supports you and the City of Kiseong, so you should take a good look at the candidates and make your decision.
I obviously have a plan.
Have you decided whom you'd like to see running for the election? Who do you think it is? Isn't it Chief Prosecutor Jang Sa Ik? Wrong.
Then is it the editor-in-chief of "Kiseong Daily", Han Tae Kyeong? If it's not him either Then who else is there? Let's see.
Oh, is it someone who's not in Kiseong? Of course not.
Are you thinking Me? Would you like me to run for the election? Are you cut out for the job of mayor of Kiseong? Are you being serious right now? My gosh.
Goodness, this is I can't believe you chose me.
My gosh.
I'm I'm truly honored! You've been trying to act like a businessman for the last 15 years, but you haven't changed one bit from the time you were a gangster.
You should get into politics.
That suits you better.
Right, I I understand what you're trying to say, ma'am.
I'll do my best, Judge Cha! You can leave it to me, ma'am.
By any chance, does Chairman An know who actually killed Mayor Lee Young Soo? How would Chairman An know who killed him? Even if Kiseong is in the palm of his hand, how would he know? Had he known who did it, he would've whacked the killer already, right? I mean, his friend is locked up here.
Of course.
Anyway Is there any favor you want to ask Chairman An or anything you need to give to him? Jae I! - Help me with this.
- Sure.
No clothes can be heavier and more uncomfortable than this.
No one looks better than you do in the judicial robe.
You're talking like everyone else does.
I can't handle the weight of that robe.
About that lawyer Is he trying to take the case? Yes.
Bong Sang Pil doesn't follow the basics, but it's hard to ignore him.
And you'll be conducting Wu Hyung Man's trial, you know.
Have you gone through the case report? There's a ton of evidence that shows Wu Hyung Man is the killer.
But there's one thing.
It's a murder case, but he has no motive.
There are a lot of cases without a motive.
Random killings happen often as well.
I know that, but there's something that bothers me.
Like what? I think I'll have a better idea after meeting Wu Hyung Man.
All right.
I know that you need answers when you're curious about something.
Jae I.
Wasn't it your birthday recently? Shall we head out together? Ms.
Cha, I love this dress.
That looks pretty on you.
What about this one? - It's so pretty.
- Try it on.
How do you know my style so well? Can you call me Mom like you did when you were a kid even if it's just while you're in Kiseong? Mom.
I like it when you call me that.
I missed it.
I thought you'd join the Supreme Court.
I had no idea you'd stay as a judge here.
This place is my cradle and grave, so why would I leave? You're just like your family who's been loyal to this city.
My father Well, I'm still nowhere near his level.
Judge Cha, we should go.
My gosh.
Look who it is.
Aren't you Jae I? My goodness! It's been so long.
How many years has it been? Gosh.
Hello, ma'am.
What you did was beyond generous.
Thanks to you, my Yeon Hee became a prosecutor.
- Really? - In order to become successful, one should have at least one rival, even though that rival isn't much of one.
Did you have to say that? Judge Cha, you always seem to adore Jae I over Yeon Hee.
You and your jealousy.
Anyway, people like me and Prosecutor Kang need ordinary people like you around us.
So be proud of yourself.
So who knows which word goes in the blank? How dare you try and ruin my Yeon Hee's future? Is it that hard to give her a full score? What will you do if she doesn't make it into Seoul University? Ms.
Nam! We're in the middle of a class.
Jae I, it's all right.
Why are you letting her treat you this way? You impudent little wench.
How dare you talk this way? Why you You little brat.
You're the one being rude here.
I get it now.
You're Ha Jae I, my daughter's rival at school.
I'll call the cops on you.
"The cops"? My goodness, this is hilarious.
Don't you know who I am? Please leave.
You I'll keep you in mind.
Ha Jae I.
You're on my blacklist.
What are you looking at? I'm off.
You're a lawyer, right? I guess you succeeded too.
Still, one from a dump can't make it up high.
I wish you luck.
Judge Cha, it's time.
Okay, I'll see you around.
You too.
Have a good day.
- Judge Cha! - Judge Cha! - Mom.
- Mom! Hi, Young Chul.
How have you been? I've been good.
Wow, that is a lot of presents for a lot of children.
This is In Ho.
She's Na Ri.
And this is smart Yoon Soo who gets good grades.
- What's this? - What a lovely moment Sir, this is a little something - from the judge.
- Thank you, as always.
Please don't mention it.
- Bye! - Bye! Mom will be back, so be good.
- Bye! - Bye! - Bye.
- Bye, guys.
Thank you so much.
We got a great story, so thank you.
We'll see you next time.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Judge Cha, what a great interview.
The reporter was more than satisfied.
I'm glad.
By the way, can I ask about the next mayoral election? There's a rumor that you have your eyes on someone.
Who said that? They all have such big mouths.
One word from you and he or she'll be a shoo-in.
That's why everyone wants to be on your good side.
Oh, please.
Can't they just leave her out of this? Judge Cha, I'm sure you're exhausted.
I'm actually looking for a talented masseuse to hire.
- Good day, ma'am.
- You too.
Do you remember every single name of the children? Yes, everyone born in Kiseong is my child.
I'm married to Kiseong.
The fact that Judge Cha has been visiting the orphans of Kiseong for 10 years was reported by the foreign press.
She was voted as Most Admired Woman of Power and was won first place as Best Future Leader by a huge margin.
It's a title she has been holding for years.
Meanwhile, Kiseong's "542 dollars"? What's this? 542 dollars? It's for the suit you ruined with ketchup the other day.
- So? - It's a limited edition that I had to wait six months to receive.
It can only be cleaned at the office in Italy.
So I charged you for that and the round-trip air fare.
It's worth two months of your pay.
When my suspension is lifted in six months, I'll pay it back all at once.
Sounds good.
Just so you know, Detective Wu's case isn't different for me.
My principles haven't changed even after I started to work here.
I see.
Article 1, Section 1 of the Attorneys-at-Law Act.
"Attorneys defend all basic human rights" - "and strive to seek justice.
" - No way.
Even lawyers like you know the Attorneys-at-Law Act.
My goodness.
Lawyers are businessmen though.
Unlike doctors, we don't get public insurance.
However, they make laws saying that we should seek justice.
- Isn't it ironic? - Don't you have any pride for being a lawyer? Of course I do.
I'm a lawless lawyer.
It's fitting.
You don't care about the law.
No, that's not it.
It doesn't mean that I don't care.
Boys? It means I'll fight using the law.
I'll fight for my clients, with the law as my weapon.
That's who I am.
(Always push forward.
) Were you proud to come up with that? Good job, boys.
That was awesome! A lawyer should always fight with the law.
You should keep that in mind.
All right, then.
Let's investigate.
It's not even our case yet.
Doing our homework will make it our case.
- Mr.
- Yes? - Release Droney.
- Yes, sir.
"Droney"? Who's Droney? Look, it's hovering! Droney, happy hunting.
No way.
It's really heading out! I've only seen this on TV.
It's like you live in the future.
Anyway, I'm curious about Attorney Bong.
I'm talking about our boss, Mr.
Bong Sang Pil.
May 13, 2013, That was when I was given a new life.
He gave it to me.
You'd be dead if it weren't for me.
Sir, am I still alive? I thought I saw my life flash by.
Sir! If this is all that you're made of, - go back to your hometown.
- I'm sorry, sir.
If I see you one more time, I'll kill you myself.
Come on.
Bring it on! I only stayed in the gang so that I could serve Bong Pil.
No matter where he ends up, I'll be there with him.
And I will serve you both.
Count me in! Sir! That hurts! You twisted it! This is the where Wu Hyung Man supposedly killed the victim.
What are you doing? Isn't it strange that he was stabbed to death in a refrigerator that many people come in and out of? This is a crime scene.
We know that already.
Who might you be? If you touch anything in there, you'll be arrested for impeding an investigation.
Why are you here? Me? I'm - Do you know her? - Who gave you permission? She's Prosecutor Kang Yeon Hee.
I apologize for not recognizing you.
I'm Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
You must have a lot of time on your hands.
If you're investigating a case that isn't yours.
I never failed to steal something I set my mind to.
Whether it's a case or a person.
Does Detective Wu Hyung Man really have no alibi? If he did, why would the prosecutor and I be working so hard? Oh, right.
Goodbye, then.
You must not have that many cases.
Shall I find you a good paralegal? You will face me in court over this case.
I don't need a new paralegal.
It's a crime scene, so assist your prosecutor well.
Let's go, Ms.
- Why are we here? - There he is.
Aren't you Attorney Go In Du? - Talk to my secretary.
- I'm Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
I don't recognize you.
What do you want? Toss me Detective Wu's case.
What? I know this isn't right of me, but I really need to represent him.
I heard that many lawyers have a hard time getting cases.
I feel real pity that you have to go to such extents.
I'm embarrassed for you.
Rome had Roman laws, and Kiseong has Kiseong's laws.
Unless you want trouble, get lost while I'm playing nice.
Go ahead.
I have far to go to become anything like Chairman An.
You paid for his sick wife's treatment and hired him a lawyer of my caliber.
If you make sure he rots in prison for a long time, I'm more than willing to pay your expensive lawyer fees and more.
Chairman Ah, I have one question.
Does that detective really have something that could harm you? I took a good look at it, but he doesn't.
So, some man who can provide his alibi will be in court.
How will you deal with that? Don't worry about that.
It won't work.
He won't say anything in favor of Wu Hyung Man.
Give him my message.
If he has something to say, tell him to come to me personally.
Is this your son? Which school do you go to? Kiseong Grade School? Get your hand off him.
That depends on what your mom does.
If your mom will stand down, I can't do anything to you.
Let's go.
- Are you awake? - Yes.
Weren't you afraid of those men? I'm not afraid of bad men at all.
I must get it from you.
You're so brave, Sang Pil.
What did you pray for, Mom? I prayed that you'll become a great lawyer.
Why don't you go home? The first hearing's tomorrow morning.
I'll go straight to court.
You work so hard.
How did you know that the detective doesn't trust his lawyer? I'd like to know how you noticed that.
I suspected it when I first saw him.
I was sure when I saw him again.
- "Again"? - I visited him.
I knew you were a good lawyer, but you're better than I expected.
Wu Hyung Man doesn't have a motive to kill Mayor Lee.
You don't think he's the real murderer, do you? I think you can figure that out yourself.
Let's begin the trial.
(First trial of Mayor Lee's murder) Your Honor.
The blood on the weapon is that of Mayor Lee Young Soo's.
I present NISI's official report stating so.
They also found the defendant's prints on this weapon.
I'm Min Young Jae, an investigator for the prosecution.
You found the evidence with the defendant's traces.
Where was it? In Detective Wu's locker.
We found the mayor's blood on his pants.
Also, the footprints found on the scene matched those made by the detective's shoes.
The defendant's prints found on the murder weapon.
The victim's blood found on the defendant's clothes.
The defendant's footprints found at the scene.
All the evidence say that Detective Wu Hyung Man is the killer.
Defense, you may cross-examine the witness.
I will not.
Can the next witness come forward? The defendant says he was with you at the time the murder occurred.
But in the statement you gave to the police, you said you did not see him on the day of the murder.
Is that correct? Yes, that's right.
That's all.
Defense, you may cross-examine.
I don't have any questions right now.
What are you doing? It's called persuasion.
I'll make them prove your alibi before the trial's over.
Don't worry.
Can I really trust you? Please, be quiet.
Attorney Go In Du? I'm leaving.
Kang Ho Il, the witness.
Didn't you request he be brought in? I did.
Why did you bring him in if you won't ask questions? You didn't request for any other witnesses, did you? You don't even have any evidence.
I really don't like your attitude towards this case.
I'm working on the evidence.
I'll submit whatever I find when I find it.
The next hearing will be in three days' time.
They say this is a tea whose scent will last 100 years if it gets infused into your clothes.
This smells lovely, Judge Cha.
Rather than the smell of tea, I prefer the smell of money.
Prosecutor Kang.
Who did you get your personality from? Pardon? Is that a compliment? I worked really hard to help this rookie prosecutor today.
Attorney Go, you've been working this district for 25 years.
I doubt you ever cut anyone slack.
Sometimes your modesty is annoying.
I'll leave you to talk then.
Thank you for the tea, Judge Cha.
I'll look forward to the next hearing.
Good luck.
In Du, what are you doing? Is this trial a joke to you? I'm only helping you so that you can make an easy decision.
Get down on your head.
Yes, ma'am.
Get up.
You should've at least put up an act.
What if your attitude makes him switch lawyers? I'm sorry.
You know very well how I keep this court in order.
Have you forgotten the old days now that you're better off? - Is that it? - No, ma'am.
Let me keep my pride as the presiding judge.
Don't make me look so pathetic.
I'll do better.
You can count on me.
What now? Why are you back? I told you I'm not switching lawyers.
I enjoyed your trial, but how can you say that? Someone was sentenced to five years in prison for stealing five bottles of sesame oil.
Meanwhile, a head of an investment company led 27 people to suicide by robbing them of their money, but he weaseled his way out and only got probation.
- So what? - Answer me this.
In these two cases, was the judge bad or was the lawyer incompetent? Or could it be the result of a meticulously thought-out plan? "A plan"? Watch this.
It's all going as planned.
He doesn't suspect at thing.
I'm only going to pretend to represent him.
After he's found guilty, I'll just say that we'll win with an appeal.
He'll fold like paper.
So Chairman An, don't you worry.
So what if your lawyer is the best closer in the city? He has no intention of winning this case.
Go In Du, you pig.
You don't seem that surprised.
What? Why you Who the heck are you? It's safe to assume that Chairman An is An Oh Ju.
But this is odd.
He could easily have you killed, but he wants you in prison instead.
He must have a reason to keep you alive.
I'll only say this.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Please sign the contract.
I'll be your legal representation.
Is this a plan too? Are you after the money? If not for money, then why would a lawyer bother? How much do you know to get involved like this? I'm more suspicious of you.
What are you really after? My gosh.
I don't trust you, so get lost.
- Right? - Hey, get lost.
That's hot.
What's this? - Are you all right? - Stop him! Guard! Are you okay? The letter was written on purpose.
I'm sure it means something.
Right? What letter is it? Isn't it obvious? It's a Chinese character.
- What an idiot.
- A Chinese character? Yes, but it's still only one letter.
What are you saying? A lawyer should always fight with the law.
You should keep that in mind.
You don't trust your lawyer, do you? What? Why don't you trust a local lawyer of this city? Whether I trust him or not is none of your business.
Get lost.
You applied for retirement from the police force.
It's so that you can nurse your sick wife.
Right? So what does this mean? It means to fight.
I'm on a date with your mom.
Then it means a lawyer who fights.
Jae I.
I said I'd buy the house back after you pass the bar.
It's gotten too expensive.
We shouldn't have sold it back then.
I hear this area will be redeveloped.
It'll get even pricier then.
You only sold this place because it reminded you of Mom.
Just keep the photo studio open.
It looks like it'll pour.
It also rained a lot that day.
Jae I, where are you off to? To buy a harmonica.
I need it for school tomorrow.
Then I'll go.
It's pouring outside.
I'll come with you.
No can do.
The stationery store is quite far.
I'll get one right now.
Your dad will be out soon, - okay? - Okay.
Give me a kiss.
Mom, hurry back.
I won't be long.
That was the last time I saw her.
I thought that I would be able to find her if I became a prosecutor or lawyer.
Do you think she's still alive? Could she be miraculously alive? I wish she would come back to us, even if it's just her remains.
It's the last trace of her.
I heard what happened.
They say you almost died.
Can you guess who ordered the hit? Who do you get your information from? As a lawyer, I have many clients here.
Where people live, word travels.
I'm warning you.
Don't seek me out again.
Aren't you going to switch lawyers? Get lost already.
Your wife I heard she's in ICU now and that she could die any day.
You have to get out of here as soon as possible.
You little Hey, how dare you! Who are you, really? Who put you up to this? The scar on your arm Do you remember the kid that gave you the scar? What? Shouldn't a detective have better memory? Or is it just something that you don't want to remember? Then what about the woman? Bury her with the kid.
Let go of me, you brat! That female lawyer you jerks killed I'm her son.
You're You're that lawyer's son? As you can see.
You said you want to know the real reason why I want the case.
I'm going to get you out of here so that I can kill you with my own hands.
I can't get my revenge on a dead body, you know.
You're a complete lunatic.
I'm going to make sure you stay alive just so that I can kill you.
Not here.
Out of this place.
You You little Officer, Officer (Ha's Photo Studio) Stay inside, okay? I'll get the umbrella for us.
Open the door.
- Come out.
- My gosh! Bong Sang Pil.
Have you made up your mind? I can't die here.
We can talk more when I'm out.
I want you to take my case.
You made the right decision.
Then we'll do things my way from now on.
But are you Are you 100 percent sure that you can get me out? Don't worry.
I'm willing to risk my everything to make sure I get you out.
You know that I'll be a detective again once I'm out of here, right? I guess that's true.
You'd better keep your promise.
I have to get out of here.
You'll have to pay me with your life.
(Daeho Stationary) Mom.
Are you doing okay? Look at me.
Be brave.
Be a brave boy.
Gosh Is this your office? And is this where Jin Ae died? Wu Hyung Man's trial I just got the case.
Really? Will you be okay with just Mr.
Tae's help? I'll bring a few guys who can help you No, it's okay.
So is this the beginning? No.
It began 18 years ago.
With my own hands I'll judge and punish those jerks with my own two hands.
- Sang Pil.
- Those scums who killed my mom All of them Every single one of them.
I'll get out the ones that are in jail now, and I'll put those who aren't locked up now behind bars, with my hands.
With my own two hands! I'll be sure to give them a real taste of misery.
What brings you here at this hour? Wu Hyung Man got himself a new lawyer.
It looks like Bong Sang Pil will defend him at the next trial.
They say that those who are bound to be doomed can only come up with ideas that would kill them.
We can't let a cornered rat bite a cat.
Aren't I right? Hey.
Yes, Gwan Dong.
Let's work together on something.
I got the Wu Hyung Man case.
Meet me in court.
He got the case? Excuse me, Miss.
Can I ask you something? Pardon? (Attorney Bong Sang Pil) - Aren't you this guy's girlfriend? - Sorry? Why are you dating a guy like that? It only got you in this mess.
What's going on? Gosh, what are you doing now? Who are you guys? Who are you No! Who are you guys? Let me go! You can't do this! My gosh, being in court is making me a bit nervous.
- Guys! He's here.
- There he is.
- Hello, Attorney Bong! - Hello, Attorney Bong! I must say, this isn't really a pleasant sight.
I'm sorry.
They wanted to watch your first trial in the city.
By the way, where's Ms.
Ha? The trial will begin in 20 minutes.
- Please enter the courtroom.
- My gosh! - Let's go.
- Where did she go? - Where are you going? It's here.
- Go in.
When will you get here? The trial is about to start.
Hey, Bong Sang Pil.
Can't you hear me? Turn off the music! Can you hear me now? Your voice sounds familiar.
After you took my accountant away from me, my business was immensely hindered.
Why are you in Kiseong? And why do you have Ms.
Ha's phone? Right? Why do you think I have your girlfriend's phone? Miss, you tell him.
Tell him that you're still alive.
Gosh, you worthless thugs You need to be taught a lesson! Bong Sang Pil! I need to be compensated for this.
Get the money ready.
I can tell that it is my paralegal indeed.
You'd better get here immediately.
Every 10 minutes, your girlfriend will lose an organ inside her body.
Do whatever you want.
- What did you just say? - She's not my girlfriend.
She's just a paralegal.
You picked the wrong hostage.
The trial will start now.
I have to go.
Hey! Aren't you Sang Pil's girlfriend? What? Why would I date him, you moronic thug.
If you're going to kidnap someone, do your homework first.
Anyway, isn't he coming to get me? He told me to do whatever I want.
Bong Sang Pil, that disloyal jerk.
(Attorney Bong) I see you're still a decent man, seeing as to how you called me back.
I've changed my mind.
The trial's about to start, but you just ruined my mood.
Where are you? What are you going to do? Until I bring back Ms.
Ha, don't let the trial begin.
Okay? You can count on us, sir.
How's it going? Bong Sang Pil is on his way to you? Yes, sir.
Tell him he has two options.
He can either forfeit the trial or give up breathing all together.
I'll make him forfeit both.
I see that you're out for blood.
I have your back, so do whatever you want.
You don't have to teach anyone that scratching luxury cars will bankrupt you.
However, there are still those who don't know it's illegal to kidnap and assault people.
Look at you.
I see you've upped your style.
Who's your stylist? You're dripping of swag.
Then is your mom the one who dressed you? What, you jerk? No lawyer would come all the way here just to teach you a lesson.
I can see she's still in good shape.
Did you forfeit the trial to come here? What could I do when my employee and debtor is in trouble? Also, I didn't give up on the trial.
Judge Cha Moon Sook will now enter.
All rise! Please be seated.
I heard the defendant switched legal representation.
That's correct.
Are you Attorney Bong Sang Pil? No, it's not.
Attorney Bong left the courthouse right before the trial started.
Did you see him? Where did he go? I guess he felt too pressured to be here.
Where is Attorney Bong? Well Please explain why you're in his seat.
I'm his associate.
Last time, you caught me off guard.
That's why I came prepared today.
You should brace yourself for what's to come.
Let me quote Mike Tyson.
"Everyone has a plan" "until" "they get punched in the mouth.
" You're his associate? Isn't the defendant only being represented by Mr.
Bong? You see I just joined as - Defendant! - Yes? Is that man telling the truth? What? Well Article 112, Protocol 3 of the Attorneys-at-Law Act states that impersonating a lawyer is a felony.
Yes, I do know that! That's the body of a gangster, not a lawyer.
Are you really a lawyer? Is this unidentifiable man pretending to be a lawyer? Officers of the court, please arrest him.
- Defendant.
- Yes? What are you doing? Do you not care if this is your last hearing? That's not it, Your Honor.
Due to the absence of the defendant's lawyer Come on out! Where are you? Where's that conman? Me? Who else would I be talking about? I want my money back, you conman.
Your Honor, I'm killing this man today and going to jail! You fraudulent jerk! Quiet! Listen to me! Stop it! You thug! Order! Are you all right? Is this for real? Are you really Sang Pil? Yes, and I'm really a lawyer.
Sang Pil! Why you Let's go.
You jerk! "I'm on my way.
Keep stalling.
" What do you think you're doing? I want order in my courtroom! If not, I will hold you all in contempt.
Listen to me! Move out of the way.
It'll be over soon.
- Who do you think you are? - Are you a thug? Please take a seat, Your Honor.
Do you have a death wish? You don't have to thank me.
I only saved you because I need your services.
They took me because of you, so of course you should come.
You don't have to be sorry.
You did save me after all.
Besides, I wouldn't have let them have their way.
She was stabbed with a knife too.
It happened while she was trying to defend herself! Why are you just standing there? Get her out of here.
It's not because I'm a woman.
This verdict is wrong.
She looks like she was fired.
Hiring her as a partner is out of the question then.
Should I hire her as a paralegal? I want loans collected from all shoddy debtors.
- Right now? - Yes.
This one is especially bad.
Ha's Photo Studio.
Ha's Photo Studio? Yes, sir.
You little brat.
You're so dead.
Let go of me! You - My leg! - Hurry! (Ha's Photo Studio) What happened to my mom happened to yours too.
What are you looking at? This fight will become yours and mine.
What fight? Are you talking about the trial? Sure.
Step on it before it's too late.
Hey! Come at me! You thugs! What are you doing in a sacred court of law? Where are you? I found it.
What would you like me to do about the lawyer and her son? Kill them both.
I don't trust the living.
Who are you? I am Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
The trial begins now.
Judge Cha Moon Sook.
(Lawless Lawyer) Beware of people who use your trust.
I trust you, Ha Jae I.
I think that lawyers are people who fight prejudice.
Isn't Chairman An Oh Ju involved in the mayor's death? Have you heard of "The Golden City"? Don't you smell the stench of crime already? I am so sorry.
Where should I start explaining, Ha Jae I?