Lawless Lawyer (Mubeop Byeonhosa) (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

(Previously on "Lawless Lawyer") I'm more like a problem solver.
The best problem solver who's a licensed lawyer.
It's not like judges are always right! I'm a lawyer.
Are you the owner of this place? You fraudulent jerk! It means I'll fight using the law.
I'll fight for my clients, with the law as my weapon.
(Always push forward.
) Therefore, I find the defendant not guilty.
Chairman An is no longer a gangster like you.
He's a businessman, a successful entrepreneur.
What is the client being accused for? Murder.
He's being accused of killing Mayor Lee Young Soo.
Detective Wu Hyung Man, let me make you a free man.
Can you call me Mom like you did when you were a kid? Mom.
Are you cut out for the job of mayor of Kiseong? - I'm truly honored! - I see that you're out for blood.
Do whatever you want.
Who are you guys? Who are you Gosh, you worthless thugs I need to be compensated for this.
Get the money ready.
Anyway, isn't he coming to get me? Did you forfeit the trial to come here? I didn't give up on the trial.
Let me quote Mike Tyson.
"Everyone has a plan" "until they get punched in the mouth.
" - Are you all right? - Is this for real? Are you really Sang Pil? Sang Pil! This fight will become yours and mine.
I found it.
What would you like me to do about the lawyer and her son? Kill them both.
I don't trust the living.
Who are you? I am Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
The trial begins now.
Judge Cha Moon Sook.
Arrest everyone involved in the case immediately.
(Episode 3) I've never been in such a disorderly courtroom my entire life.
Attorney Bong Sang Pil, give a full account of your being late.
On his way here, he helped me - in trouble - Not you, Ms.
I want Attorney Bong to answer my question.
Yes, Your Honor.
Those who don't want me to be on this trial Would you mind if I got back to you later? Your Honor, the attorney is bleeding a lot.
Can he be excused to get emergency treatment? The court will be adjourned momentarily.
It's done.
Fortunately, the wound isn't deep.
I see.
Thank you.
There's so much blood on your shirt.
I knew you were overdoing it.
I haven't used my fist because I wanted to win with the law, so I'm not as good as I used to be.
I think being an action movie actor suits you better than a lawyer.
It's a lawyer's job to show up and save his client when there's any danger.
like an action hero.
By the way, why did those thugs kidnap me? I told you that you'd go through many things if you work with me.
Watching that action movie today was enough, so I hope something like this won't happen again.
What's that look? Is there something else I don't know about the trial? I'll be arrested during the trial.
What? What "Arrested"? The trial will resume.
Yes, we're coming.
I might not have a good lawyer, but at least my judge is qualified.
If you defend me well, she'll make a fair decision, so please - Do a good job, please.
- Presiding Judge Cha is entering.
- All rise.
- Do you really think so? - Don't you know Judge Cha? - What do you mean? Now, please be seated.
You don't know anything, do you? We'll resume the trial now.
Your Honor.
There's something I'd like to ask you before we resume the trial.
- What is it? - We'd like a new judge.
You arrived 30 minutes late, and that's the first thing you're saying as soon as you arrive? Yes, Your Honor.
We'd like to request a recusal.
Really? First, I'd like to hear your reason.
If the complaint isn't legitimate enough, there will be consequences for you.
Please proceed.
One of the judges in front of me committed misconduct that significantly disgraced the judiciary as a whole and court.
Who's the judge? I prepared something.
The Golden City! The Golden City.
Sir, I just found out that Bong Sang Pil showed up in court.
Seok Gwan Dong, that idiot.
Tell him to come here now.
You pervert! Many people complimented him for taking public transit to commute to work.
Who knew he was doing it to secretly record videos like this? Isn't this utterly shocking? Your Honor.
He's slandering the entire justice department.
This has nothing to do with the case.
He's treating the associate judge like a defendant.
I guess you didn't know because you're not in charge of it.
It's already all over the police intranet.
And articles about it will be published today.
Please go back to your seat.
One more thing.
I would also like to ask that you, Presiding Judge Cha, be recused for choosing an assistant judge who acts this way.
No! Your Honor, that can't happen.
Absolutely not! Hye Rim, your poor dad Do you want to drag me out of the judge's bench? Your Honor, you either chose the associate judge, fully knowing that he doesn't qualify due to his misconduct, or just found out about it, which is also wrong.
Either case, I believe it's enough reason for your recusal.
Presiding Judge Cha, please make a fair decision that befits your reputation.
We'll first have to check the validity of the video clips, but if they're real, I'll pass him over to the disciplinary committee, and I'll also exclude him from the judge panel.
You should, of course.
The fact that I wasn't careful enough in selecting my associate judges cannot call for a recusal, but I'll seriously consider putting together a new panel of judges.
Your Honor.
Attorney Bong should be arrested immediately.
For what reason? The men who caused a ruckus in the courtroom earlier are all his employees.
In order to hold us up and delay the trial, he brought his employees here and caused a disturbance.
What he did immensely dishonored the trial.
Hence, according to Article 61 of the Court Organization Act, he must be arrested immediately.
Please arrest Attorney Bong Sang Pil immediately.
Court adjourned.
Bong Sang Pil Why you I was right, wasn't I? Why did you demand a recusal? That would never happen.
You'll find out soon.
Do you have any complaints, guys? Not at all.
I've felt insecure about never having been behind bars.
- Now, I can be confident.
- That's right.
I'm excited to go back as well.
It'll boost my confidence.
Take care of the firm for just three days, okay? Ha Jae I! What are you thinking Gosh.
- How nice.
- It's nice here.
Take a seat.
You can do it! (Ministry of Justice) An attorney challenged the presiding judge and got arrested.
I'm ashamed that I'm friends with you because you work with those people.
Were we friends? That's what I wanted to ask but couldn't.
You're definitely brave.
That I admit.
I guess I'll see you again in court sometime in the future, Yeon Hee.
- I should get going.
- Yes, I really hope we meet again.
I want to fight against an attorney who knows what he or she's doing.
Do you think lawyers are just people who fight against prosecutors? I think that lawyers are people who fight prejudice.
I'm off.
To fight.
All that lawyer can do is run his mouth.
Are you saying he beat all of you to a pulp when you're skilled with knives? He doesn't use a knife, but he does everything else with bare fists.
You and that mouth of yours.
You're giving excuses now? If you don't even squeal, I'll forgive you for everything.
Pardon me? What was his name again? That guy.
Bong Sang Pil? I heard that someone very influential got his back.
Who is that? It's Choi Dae Woong of the Dae Woong Gang.
It's one of the top three gangs in Gangbuk District.
Rumor has it that he was the one who groomed Bong Sang Pil into a lawyer.
Is that right? Why are you suddenly curious about Choi Dae Woong? I'm more curious about that.
None of your business.
I'm going to give you a big project soon.
You'd better not make any mistakes this time.
"A big project"? (Hope Correctional opens up a bright future.
) - 1, 2.
- Hook! Try to punch me now.
Come on.
It's your turn.
Be quiet.
I didn't mean to kick you that hard earlier.
I'm sorry.
I never knew beating someone up could be that heartbreaking.
Same here.
I sprayed the fire extinguisher on your face, you know.
Don't even worry about it.
We can understand everything, you know.
Being back here is making me reminisce the old days.
I must say, it's not bad.
Aren't I right? I feel the same way.
It's like coming home after a long trip.
- Really? - Yes.
Guys, you were all great actors in court earlier.
Keep up the good work.
- No problem.
- Were we good? Let's fight! - Lawless lawyer! - Lawyer! By the way, what are you going to do now? What can I do? Where I go is the right path.
I came here with a goal.
Pardon? - Did you come here on purpose? - Yes.
Go eat somewhere else.
I do not eat with lawbreakers.
Let us join you since we're locked up here together anyway.
Do you even know who I am? Director of Finance at Kiseong City Hall, Mr.
Oh In Cheol, right? The late Mayor Lee's safe-keeper who controlled all money in the City of Kiseong.
You're the gentleman who laundered the money Mayor Lee Young Soo pocketed.
You jerk.
How dare you blabber like that.
You wouldn't accept my visits, so I came in here to talk to you.
I'm Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
What? You came in here to see me? I'm in a bit of a hurry.
Many lives hang in the balance with that trial.
Get lost.
I don't deal with lawyers.
I hate people like you the most.
You ruin others' lives by sweet talking.
You're not wrong, but lawyers also salvage a life that seems hopeless.
Stay away from me.
I warned you.
Sir, you have a delivery.
What's this? Let's see.
There's no information of the sender.
- Open it.
- Yes, sir.
What is this? (Death) Some weasel must have found out I'm running for mayor and is trying to threaten me.
Anyway, let Bong Sang Pil be for now.
Yes, sir.
Once I'm mayor, I can easily get rid of him.
Yes, sir.
(Judge's Chambers, Cha Moon Sook) It seems you're here on business today.
How did you know? It's written on your face.
You're here to ask me for a difficult favor.
- That's right.
- What is it? I wanted to apply for a continuance.
Attorney Bong went to jail when he had just barely taken over this case.
He'll need time to prepare for trial.
I'm not granting your request.
- Ma'am - Walk with me.
He only pointed out the misconduct of the assistant judge.
He wasn't trying to come after you.
He needs time to prepare for the trial.
If he's in prison You can do it.
- Sorry? - If Attorney Bong can't, you do it.
You're a lawyer too.
You seem comfortable like a long-term inmate.
I'm known to command a whole stage.
Didn't you see it at the office? A shot from every angle is killer.
My request for a continuance was denied by Judge Cha.
Did you ask her personally? The trial is the day after you're released from prison.
Did Did you get in this mess not knowing that? You're briefing our schedule now.
You seem like a real paralegal now.
You don't have time to prepare for the trial.
Do you get it? I have you, Attorney Ha.
Now you call me a lawyer.
Be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you've ever acted like a paralegal.
What? You've been sticking your nose in everywhere as if you're the attorney which has been annoying.
To confront a problematic judge like that in court isn't easy.
You did a good job.
Do you need anything? What do I need? Let me see.
- Well - Forget it.
I'll see you.
I believe in you, Jae I.
I heard you had the best hands in the country, and I can tell by just watching.
She applies perfect pressure.
You probably know that Judge Cha is the face of Kiseong.
I don't know who she is, but she's getting smile lines.
How could you know that? You know, getting rid of them is the trend these days.
How can be a judge if I do what everyone else does? I'm sorry.
That was very ignorant of me.
I should take a nap.
Of course.
I'll take care of a few things then.
I see he hit the big three.
Embezzlement, breach of duty and out-of-country assets.
He violated Article 5 of the Specific Economic Crimes.
That means he'll at least get 10 years.
He'll get life if he's unlucky.
Look at you.
You've become an expert on law yourself.
So can you make it go away? We'll have to make sure that it does.
I'm only taking this case because it's you.
Of course.
I know you enough to realize that.
I'll have the victim write a petition for non-punishment and get him out on probation.
There's really nothing I can't do.
He wanted advice on his out-of-country assets.
Tell him to set up a corporation.
Not in the States, but somewhere in Europe.
This is a piece of property that you won't be disappointed with.
All the tax has been paid for.
(Registration Certificate) It's Yoon Soo this time? And this is smart Yoon Soo, who gets good grades.
Like always, I don't need to worry when I give you a task.
You're so meticulous.
Are they using that photo to make Judge Cha Byung Ho's statue? I still can't believe that I was the Cha family's exclusive photographer.
You always mention that.
He only smiled in front of my camera.
It was such an honor.
He pretty much paid for your law school tuition.
That's kind of stretching it.
It was the money you and Mom made while taking photographs every day.
Yes, and Judge Cha Byung Ho paid for his photos.
Anyway, I'm going to support Judge Cha Moon Sook until her very last trial.
Did you take care of Golden City? When have you ever seen me not do anything perfectly? There's still so much to do.
Who else would do it other than me? Goodness.
What are you doing? Are you seeking credit? I apologize.
Whenever you see a gap, you always try to slither up.
Leave if it's too much.
Don't you dare exploit my trust.
Judge Cha, when have I ever To be honest, you're closer to Ha Jae I anyway.
It's upsetting.
- What? - Who's more important? Me or that cow? Shut that pretty mouth of yours.
Just know this.
The person I show my feelings to is at a disadvantage.
You must've finished your service and are on your way home.
I bet you're exhausted.
Judge Cha is asleep.
Call again tomorrow.
You're trying to show off your power, aren't you? Anyway, that's not why I called.
I need you to schedule a meeting.
I must speak with the judge about something important.
What is it about? Why would you want to know? Let's hang up.
Why he Has he gone crazy? This thug just (Mayor Lee Young Soo Murder Case File) (Kiseong Police Department) It's most likely that he'll be found guilty.
You want to snatch the case? Yes.
Aren't there too many pieces of evidence? It's suspicious.
I trust you, Ha Jae I.
(Bong Sang Pil, lawyer) - Let's take a photo.
- Okay.
- What's this? - He said it's for you.
"He"? Who's that? - Hey.
- Okay.
- Dad, put this on.
Hold this.
- Okay.
Ha Jae I.
Run away.
- Your mother saved my life.
- Hurry! Where should I start explaining, Ha Jae I? Take good care of the patient for me.
I will.
Get some rest.
Thank you.
I took that detective's wife's portrait.
That's it.
I'll take one more.
Just a moment.
Brush your hair.
The woman was ready to die, but the husband wasn't.
Could you take one of me with my husband? Don't be silly.
He took care of his wife for five years.
I can't believe that someone like him would kill another man.
Who are you? Hello.
I'm Attorney Ha Jae I.
I'm defending your husband.
- Is that so? - Please, don't get up.
I'm so sorry to say this on the day we first meet.
Please help my husband.
He would never kill anyone.
Please help me see him get cleared and freed before I die.
This hall stinks.
Be quiet.
Oh, dear.
- Enjoy your meal.
- You too.
Eat time you have some of this soup, you wonder why you're in with these common criminals, don't you? I don't know anything, so get lost.
I never asked if you knew anything.
You forged the mayor's seal to embezzle Someone tipped me off about your corrupt behavior.
The trial's being processed.
You admitted to the charges which is why you're in here.
However, compared to what you used to do, I think the amount is way too little.
There should be at least one more zero.
Why you little You'll be released just around the time the mayor's death will be wrapped up.
That's my guess.
Shut your mouth! - What's going on? - Watch it.
- Let it go.
- What a temper.
You're the one who sent in the tip about yourself, right? - What? - You did that to end up in here, right? To live.
- How dare you keep - But do you think this place is really safe? Which is your real facade? What? I met your wife.
Why did you go there for? I wanted to find out what you're really like.
Tell me the truth.
Is it true you were with the witness, Mr.
Kang, who was at the first hearing? Yes.
Yes, I was with him, I'm sure about that.
Then why won't he testify to it? (Game Arcade) Do you want to play? Are you Mr.
Kang? I'm Attorney Ha Jae I.
An attorney? I'm defending Wu Hyung Man.
Can I ask you a few questions? Is an attorney allowed to barge in and ask questions? Sorry.
Can you please help? If it's about the trial, please leave.
I told the police I don't know anything.
The day Mayor Lee Young Soo was murdered, You were with Wu Hyung Man, weren't you? I said leave.
I know Detective Wu had given you a hard time prior to that.
But you can't put away a man who isn't guilty for murder.
He's not guilty? Did that jerk say that? Miss.
Look at this and tell me he's not guilty.
- Go.
- Please help me, Mr.
Darn it! I said get out.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
I asked you to get me out, and you end up here instead? You wouldn't know I'm in this mess trying to get you out.
What are you talking about? If you don't get it, just eat up.
Did you say her name was Ha Jae I? Your paralegal came to see me.
Good for you.
You have an attorney for a paralegal.
She's doing her job, then.
I said get out! I'd just love for that detective to die.
- Mr.
- Don't come here.
- Please.
- Go.
Kang, please Please help me out.
Pass the ball.
Kick it.
- The ball.
- Pass the ball.
Pass the ball.
The ball.
We asked.
Boys, let's go.
Yes, boss.
They're trying to kill him.
- Fight! - Come here, you jerk.
- I'll teach you a lesson.
- What's your problem? Come here, you little Break it up already! Bong Sang Pil.
That rat Break it up! Calm down.
- What happened? - He's hurt.
I know that it was your choice to come in here, but I'm sure you're not having the greatest time here.
Isn't Chairman An Oh Ju involved in the mayor's death? I obviously came here intentionally because I know about it.
Tell me.
Who are you, really? Ohju Group The company grew a lot during Mayor Lee's term.
The company's assets and revenues grew by five times.
It was because Ohju Group got all the main projects for the city.
There are two things that I want to know.
Why did An Oh Ju get rid of Mayor Lee? And why did Wu Hyung Man get framed for the murder? I don't know whether that detective killed the mayor or not.
But I do know the answer to your first question.
Mayor Lee Why was he killed? Have you heard of "The Golden City"? It's the biggest redevelopment project in Kiseong's history.
The plan failed once 18 years ago, but it's starting again.
"The Golden City"? This will be our campaign office.
Our campaign office.
We'll open the office here.
Are you running for office? Are you cut out for the job of mayor of Kiseong? Then the big project you mentioned was The mayor position has been vacant for a while, and they need it filled.
I should fill the position, don't you think? And I want you to be my campaign director.
Does that mean you'll forgive me, Boss? I'll forgive you, and I'll even make you my campaign director.
What will you do for me in return? Boss, I can do anything to help you get elected as mayor.
This is precisely why I say that you just don't get it.
Don't say, "I can do anything.
" "Boss," "what can I do" "to please you?" You should've asked me like that.
Boss! Even if I have to get blood on my hands, I'll do whatever it takes to make you the mayor of Kiseong.
Now, we're talking.
Do a good job.
Mayor Lee was against The Golden City project, so that's why he got rid of him? I'm not sure why you got involved in this, but I'm going to live very quietly when I get out of here.
And I don't know you anymore.
So An Oh Ju is trying to become the mayor of Kiseong? Young lady, what is your problem? I asked her to bring me here.
What is this about? You know that my husband did terrible things to you because of me.
This won't change anything.
Please leave.
Please forgive us just this once.
Sir, just this once - If it weren't for me - Gosh.
You know that he would've never done things like that.
All right, fine.
Please sit.
Why aren't you taking her to a hospital? Mr.
Kang, you can't get Detective Wu's trial out of your mind, right? What? You said you want him to be punished with the death penalty right away.
Then why do you keep worrying about him? No! Your Honor, that can't happen.
- Absolutely not! - Your Honor.
Attorney Bong should be arrested immediately.
That was because I wanted to see him getting the death penalty You're torn.
You're feeling guilty about framing him as a murderer.
Guys, let's go! - My gosh! - Nice, we're free now.
Let's go home.
Thanks to you, we could enjoy our stay.
Don't come back ever again.
Okay! Take it easy, Officer! - Take care.
- You heard that, right? He sincerely wished us well.
Did you hear that? By the way, you couldn't persuade Director Oh.
What will you do now? I know I came here empty-handed, but I won't leave with nothing.
Just wait and see.
Oh, my.
You came to pick us up.
- Shouldn't you be at the office? - It's before my work hours.
There's no extra pay for starting early.
You know that, right? You're talking as if I've been getting overtime pay.
I'm speechless.
I was just wondering Did you get things like tofu for us by any chance? That'd be useless because it won't purify you.
Why would I bother? - Lawless, Lawless! - Lawless, Lawless! Ms.
Ha, you're the best! Boss, I'm so excited to eat normal food.
So we're getting jajangmyeon instead of tofu.
I'll eat it since you got it for us.
Since you're all black inside, this won't even show.
- Boss.
- Boss.
My gosh.
- One for all and all for one! - One for all and all for one! - We're free! - We're free now! The breeze feels so nice! - Boss! - Just go in the water! - Come on.
- All right, here we go.
- 1, 2, 3! - 1, 2, 3! Mr.
Kang decided to testify for Wu Hyung Man to prove his alibi.
Does that mean you believe that he's not guilty now? Yes, I do.
His alibi checks out.
I want his wife to see him getting acquitted.
We have to make it happen.
But this is the beginning of what attorneys fear the most.
Defending an innocent person and losing is much worse than defending someone who's guilty and losing.
It can make you extremely anxious.
Right, that's why we must fight and win with the law.
With the law.
- Let's go! - Hey, guys.
Wait! - Hey, no! Don't! - Here we go! - One! - No! - Two! - Don't do this! - 3! - 3! - Ms.
Ha! - Ms.
Ha! Get over here! Are you in a good mood today? Bong Sang Pil.
You're one impressive jerk! You just punched your attorney when you're locked up here.
Why did I get punched? An Oh Ju wouldn't scare me and just end it at that.
Had he wanted me gone, he would've killed me a long time ago.
Like what he did to Mayor Lee? You're the only one who'd threaten me with my life now.
I see that you still have good instincts.
- Detectives sure are different.
- What? Don't be too upset.
I'm your attorney now, you know.
I told you that I'll get you out.
You little Or Should I kill you here? What? Your life belongs to me now.
An Oh Ju isn't the only one pulling the strings.
What? He's just a puppet too.
A real puppet master exists.
What are you talking about? It's the presiding judge on your case, Judge Cha Moon Sook.
Attorney Bong is released today, right? Yes, I came from a meeting with him.
I'm sure he's not sorry for his actions.
Jae I, I worry that you trust people too easily.
- Me? - You should be aware of those who will abuse that trust.
(Chairman An) Judge Cha.
A witness will testify in court to verify Wu Hyung Man's alibi.
- Really? - He's too much of a liability.
I'll take care of it myself.
I don't know if that's necessary.
Is that so? Are you saying you'll kill him yourself with the law? It's called "killing by law".
She takes the case of who she wants to kill and does it with the law.
That's Cha Moon Sook.
In this trial, our opponent is the judge, not the prosecutor.
Are you trying to fool me? Remember this.
The only person that can change the outcome of this trial is an attorney.
The only crazy fool who can clear your name is me.
Don't forget to pay back your loans.
- Have fun.
- Sure.
- Did you find anything? - Where is he? You startled me as well.
Wu Hyung Man doesn't use the front door.
You'll never find him there.
Do you have a camera at the back entrance too? - Yes.
- Why didn't you tell us sooner? Here it is.
Darn it.
He always used the back entrance.
He'd come in, draw this half-way, and hand me the money.
Then the camera couldn't have caught much.
That prick.
- Are you reporting me again? - Hello? I know you have your camera on.
Give me that! - Get over here.
- What did I do? You're always picking on me.
Geum Kang, you punk! It's here.
He recorded it! You're our lifesaver! That's right.
I know.
He changes color like a chameleon.
- What is it? - Then don't talk about it.
It's nothing.
Yes, of course.
Why did An Oh Ju cast you as the male lead in the murder of Mayor Lee Young Soo? I already told you.
I don't know.
I didn't quite get it, but I think I get it now.
What is it? Before he becomes mayor, he wants to wipe off all the dirt from his body.
You rolled with him in the fish market for 20 years.
He knew I had dirt on him, so he got to me first.
Those with weaknesses have the most to worry about.
An Oh Ju, that scumbag.
Here comes Judge Cha Moon Sook.
All rise! March 22, 2018, on the day of the incident at around 11pm, you were with someone.
Do you remember him? - Yes, I do.
- Who is it, and where were you two? I was with Detective Wu at the arcade I own.
Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure.
Your Honor, as you just heard, the witness just proved the defendant's alibi.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
Prosecution, you may cross examine.
Let me ask the witness.
Did Attorney Bong - threaten you? - Your Honor! Or did he promise you something in return? - Your Honor.
- Or - was it both? - Objection! The prosecution is slandering both the witness and me.
The prosecution will watch its words.
My apologies.
Your Honor, I submit this witness statement written by the lead detective as evidence.
Carry on.
You were questioned as a witness, were you not? Yes, I was.
You stated that you weren't with the defendant at the time.
- Yes, that's right.
- Then I'll ask you again.
Did Attorney Bong threaten you of offer you a compensation - Your Honor! - Why has your statement about that night completely changed? Back then, I lied.
This is the truth.
I was with Detective Wu.
How can we trust the words of a man who already lied once? We have a video as proof.
Your Honor, this evidence was never disclosed beforehand.
We only persuaded the witness last night, and we found the video just 30 minutes before the trial.
I apologize for not informing you.
Your Honor, the prosecution won't accept this.
Shouldn't you watch it first? Your Honor! Fine.
I won't watch the video just yet, but I will accept a transcript of the contents of it.
Once the video has been authenticated, I will decide on whether it's valid.
You know, Bong Sang Pil's a cute one.
What do you think will happen? Judge Cha Moon Sook will never accept that video as evidence.
Sorry? Enough of this.
Run along and find the one that used the knife.
Take him out to sea and sink him deep underwater.
Yes, sir.
Watch where you're going.
It's too early to celebrate.
The video is fuzzy, but you can still make out the people.
It'll be accepted as evidence.
Some get acquitted these days because a confession didn't include "I".
It's not over until it's over.
We need to catch the real killer.
- "The real killer"? - Yes.
We can only win when we present the real killer.
Sang Pil, you're an attorney, not a detective.
Sir, we put on the tracker.
He's not taking his usual route.
The video must've made him desperate.
"A tracker"? Are you following someone? Ms.
Ha, let's get going first.
You guys can take my car.
So he'll take us to where the real killer is? Yes, but he doesn't know that.
- Who is he? - He is Chairman An's chief secretary and right-hand man.
Is Ohju Group involved with Mayor Lee's murder? We'll know soon enough.
Thanks to your great and honorable daughter, Judge Cha Moon Sook, I've been given a shot at becoming the mayor of Kiseong.
Is he the legendary Judge Cha Byung Ho? Judge Cha Moon Sook's father? Gwan Dong.
Yes, Boss.
A human being becomes useful once in their lifetime.
When I was your age, this old gentleman said that to me.
I'll remember that, Boss.
I think the time in your life is right about now.
Who'd have thought that you would ever head the campaign thing that would make me mayor? You're right, Boss.
So, both you and I cannot miss this opportunity no matter what.
- Look.
- Okay.
Do you recognize him? Him? He's one of Kiseong's famous stowaway brokers.
- "Stowaway"? - Yes.
Do you remember the construction company CEO, who disappeared after going bankrupt? Hey, there are more than one of those guys.
Anyway, this guy helps you take your wife, kids and even mistress abroad.
For the right price.
Why is An Oh Ju's secretary meeting a stowaway broker? That's Don't you smell the stench of crime already? He's out.
What's with this unexpected physical contact? He's on the move.
Let's begin.
Yes, Boss.
You block his escape route from the outside.
- "His escape route"? - Yes.
He's at it again.
That really hurt.
How can there be no elevator? My legs hurt.
Doesn't Attorney Bong carry any weapons? A knife, metal bar, baseball bat.
I never saw him use a weapon for as long as I served him.
I hate whatever ruins my suited look more than anything.
Whether it's a person or a weapon.
Who Short track speed skater, Kim Dong Sung, won the gold this way.
What am I blocking? Sorry.
No! Why did you meet Ohju Group's chairman's secretary? Who's that? The suited guy you met in your office.
- He's a secretary? - You really don't know? I really don't, I don't know anything.
We'll see if you don't know to the very end.
Boss, he's really getting too heavy.
I can't hold on much longer.
Well done.
Let him go.
- Go! - Wait, wait.
I'll talk.
Please, I'll tell you.
You should've spoken up sooner.
He wants me to send someone to China today.
- Who? - I don't have an identity.
I only got a photo.
- It's on my phone.
- Your phone? Boss.
We agreed to meet each other here.
- He's coming here? - Yes.
- Hey.
Put him down.
- Okay.
You should've talked sooner.
Boss, I think that's him.
Hey! Stop! - Stop right there! - Hey! - Stop.
- Don't move! - Stay there! - Hey! Come back! Stop where you are! Nice one, Ms.
Bong Sang Pil! Hey! I am so sorry.
Who are you? Stop it! What's wrong with you? Bong Sang Pil.
Who ordered you to kill the mayor? Let go of me.
It was Chairman An Oh Ju, wasn't it? Who are you? You needn't tell me here.
You'll end up confessing to it in court.
Bong Sang Pil! No, run.
No! Hurry! Drop that knife.
Attorney Bong.
If she gets a single scratch anywhere on her body, I'll kill you.
You jerk! Stop.
Sang Pil, that's enough! Sang Pil, stop! Get up! Stop it! - Let go of me.
- Stop! I'll tell you.
I was ordered to kill Mayor Lee Young Soo by An Oh Ju.
I'll show you how he has gotten away with all the dirty things he has done.
There's no need to go all the way to court.
I'll show you here.
Look at me.
Jae I! (Lawless Lawyer) What you know is all a lie.
I don't doubt the people I trust.
My gosh.
If I'm being fooled by Judge Cha, prove it to me.
Aren't you curious as to who ordered the hit on Mayor Lee Young Soo? - Judge Cha - My courtroom is sacred.
No one can intrude.
You punks.
How dare you interfere with this trial? Jae I.
I need to protect you from everything and anything.