Lawless Lawyer (Mubeop Byeonhosa) (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Bong Sang Pil! No! Sang Pil, run.
Run away! Run away, now! Drop that knife.
Attorney Bong.
If she gets a single scratch anywhere on her body, I'll kill you.
Sang Pil, that's enough! Sang Pil, stop! Stop! Stop it! Get up! Stop it! - Let go of me.
- Stop! I'll tell you.
I was ordered to kill Mayor Lee Young Soo.
Darn! By An Oh Ju.
I'll show you how he has gotten away with all the dirty things he has done.
There's no need to go all the way to court.
I'll show you here.
Ha, are you all right? Look at me.
Jae I! All right.
We should get you out of here first.
(Prosecution Service) (Episode 4) The witness in the mayor's case changed his testimony? You seem busy.
Was Prosecutor Kang caught off guard then? My goodness.
All right.
It's an important trial, so keep me updated.
What brings you by? I thought the chairman of Ohju Group was too busy to make visits.
It's really nothing.
I was passing by, so I thought I'd pop in and tell you something, Chief Prosecutor.
Why would I want to know about how thugs are doing? Chairman Oh will be running for mayor in this by-election.
You cheeky boy.
The grown-ups are talking here.
An Oh Ju! Keep your goons in line.
I apologize, Chief Prosecutor.
Did Judge Cha really appoint you as the next mayor? Are you sure you're not getting ahead of yourself? Goodness.
You're one of the people who know her very well, so how could you say that? Despite my shortcomings, she wants me to sacrifice and devote myself to the city of Kiseong.
Sacrifice and devotion? You? A cow would laugh at that.
You and your jokes.
Anyway, it's just that during my campaign, I might need to know about the law and discipline as well.
She thought you'd be a great mentor for that, so she personally told me to seek you out for advice.
Is that so? Is that what she said to you? What about the broker? I'm still discreetly tailing him.
How's Ms.
Ha? She's relaxing, so don't worry too much.
Are you all right? Why did you do it? The doctor gave you a sedative, so you'll feel drowsy.
Get some sleep.
Are you all right? Why did you get all worked up? If it weren't for me, something bad would've happened.
You seemed like a different person today.
Are you the attorney representing Detective Wu Hyung Man? Come with me.
Judge Cha, take a look.
That man Judge Baek, what do you think? I'm not sure.
This afternoon, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of a moving subway.
(Kiseong District Court) The police is trying to identify the man and is questioning Attorney Bong and Attorney Ha, who were at the scene.
The body has been Before he committed suicide, he confessed to the murder.
Are you saying another man killed Lee Young Soo? That's right.
Did you record his statement? No, it all happened so fast that I didn't get a chance to.
As of this moment, all we have is your word.
Detective Wu's alibi has been proven.
I guess you haven't been following the trial.
To my knowledge, it's still being evaluated.
Doesn't this bother you at all? How can there be a pile of definitive proof? That's because he's the one and only suspect.
Anyway, tell me about this so-called real killer.
Was it really a suicide? You could've pushed him onto the rails or persuaded him to Watch what you're saying.
Also, if you're going to arrest us, provide us with a warrant first.
We don't need to be here.
Let's go.
Collect the security footage and see what happened yourself, instead of jumping to conclusions.
The deceased's cell phone wasn't with his belongings.
Did you take it by any chance? The investigator thinks he's a murderer and the prosecutor thinks he's a thief.
He's not the classroom ball.
Stop kicking him around.
She's right.
I can't believe you'd think I'd steal anything.
It's just that you're not like other lawyers I've encountered.
Meanwhile, you seem overly invested.
Why are you obsessed with Detective Wu's trial? A lawyer wants to win trials.
Do we need a reason for that? At first, I was curious, but now I'm very interested.
I'll tell you when I win.
The reason, I mean.
Who knew that you'd one day represent me? I know you kept it a secret on purpose.
An Oh Ju.
He said that name before dying.
Chairman Oh of Ohju Group.
Sang Pil! My goodness.
I'm Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
Oh, right.
Aren't you the lawyer for Mayor Lee's trial? I heard a lot about you.
It's funny how you instantly recognized me.
This is Kiseong, and I know everything that goes around here.
I used to be good friends with Mayor Lee.
Since you're on the case though, I feel awkward actually talking to you like this.
You're trying to get my friend's murderer a non-guilty verdict.
Another suspect in the case was known to be very close to Detective Wu.
Is that what Wu Hyung Man said? They probably met in passing, and he's blowing it out of proportion.
Soon, Judge Cha will get to the truth anyway.
That truth was just buried.
What do you mean? The killer died.
Just now.
Right before he died, he told me who gave him the order to kill.
I'll tell you.
I was ordered to kill Mayor Lee Young Soo.
Is that so? Aren't you curious as to who ordered the hit on Mayor Lee Young Soo? Why do you ask? Did that jerk say my name, An Oh Ju, or something? Did he? These days, people don't even believe those who are alive.
Who'd believe what a dead guy said? For someone who works in the legal system, you aren't very good at distinguishing those false claims.
Most people tell the truth when they're faced with death.
I heard that you're a very capable lawyer, but you don't seem to know a thing.
I should do something for the late Mayor Lee so that his soul can rest in peace.
By the way Mr.
Have we met before? Is it because I've heard so much about you? You look very familiar even though you aren't from here.
I'm pretty sure we've met before.
Right? Yes, I knew it.
When did we meet in the past? I'm originally from Kiseong as well.
Is that right? I'll see you around.
(Prosecution Service) Although Chairman An Oh Ju started with nothing at a fish market, he later founded Ohju Group and made it big on his own.
He recently announced that he'd like - Turn it off.
- to become a politician You can get sick of even the nicest compliments.
I'm tired of hearing about it.
Meanwhile Sir.
There's something I need to tell you.
When did they put this on you? Watch where you're going.
Bong Sang Pil set up a trap, and we totally got caught in it.
I'm sorry, sir.
Do you know what it means when he put a tracker on you? Yes, I do.
It means that he got involved in the trial to get me from the beginning.
Thank goodness that guy What was his name? The hitman.
Thank goodness he died.
What would we have done otherwise? I'll be sure to sort out the situation, sir.
Throw the body in the sea, somewhere far from here.
You know what to do.
What were you staring at? You startled me.
I know the doctor said that you'd be sleepy, but you're sleeping way too much.
I woke up a while ago.
You kept looking at my mom's photo.
Oh, I was just thinking that's what your mother looks like.
I was quite thrown off by what happened earlier, but after getting some sleep - Do you feel better now? - No.
You're making me cringe.
I mean, you drove me home.
It's giving me the chills.
- Jae I.
- Dad.
Are you Ms.
Ha's father? Are you Attorney Bong? My gosh.
I've heard a lot about you.
I should've introduced myself to you sooner.
I'm Bong Sang Pil.
He totally changes when he's with elders.
He's like a different person.
Please come in for a cup of tea since you came all the way here.
- Dad.
- We can't just Shall I? Then I'll come in for a few minutes.
You knocked off the accumulated interest for us.
Thank you very much.
What? Really? Two of his employees came by a while back and apologized.
They also compensated us for all of the damaged things and even reduced the interest for us.
Didn't you know about that? Why didn't you tell me? Well Are both of your parents doing well? My mother raised me alone, but she passed away when I was young.
My gosh, I shouldn't have asked you that question.
No, it's okay.
My mother was a lawyer too, like Ms.
Your mother was a lawyer? I must say, she raised her son very well.
She was very different from me as a lawyer.
I still have a long way to go to become like her.
Jae I lost her mother a long time ago as well.
You're in the same boat.
I want Jae I to become a judge that represents the City of Kiseong like Judge Cha Moon Sook.
That's my dream.
I'm sure your mother would've hoped the same for you.
- Come on! - Hurry up already.
- Hello, Boss.
- Hello, Boss.
Hey, guys.
Where's Mr.
Tae? - He's inside.
- He's inside.
- Don't go overboard, guys.
- Okay, Boss.
- Kwang Soo.
- Hello, Boss.
This is the dead hitman's phone.
You can unlock this phone, right? When did you get this? - Before the cops showed up.
- You rock.
It's a new model.
It's locked with the fingerprint scanner.
It'll take me three days if I use the program.
That's too long, right? Yes, that is too long.
- Let's do it manually.
- Okay.
- What about the broker? - Geum Kang is watching him.
Right now, that broker is the only way we can get Wu Hyung Man out.
Unless we find some clues on this phone, that is.
First, I'll try to unlock this.
The hitman who killed Mayor Lee is dead now, and the one who hired the hitman wants to become the next mayor.
The situation is quite urgent now, Kwang Soo.
Hiding like this is making me feel as if I've become a detective.
I'm on a stakeout.
This is fun.
What's the matter with him? He's losing it.
Yes, Boss.
Detective Geum Kang here.
He's yelling and losing it.
My goodness.
Oh, you want other guys to relieve me? The hospital mortuary? Got it.
Yes, Boss.
A mortuary? Did someone pass away? Is it okay for Chairman An to become the mayor of the city? He'll have to do it if I tell him to.
You're right.
You're the one who makes that call.
Be polite to him when he becomes the mayor.
I'm a bit concerned though.
Shall I say that it's a bit reckless to put him in that position? Or would be more accurate to say it's a bit frightening? What is this now? Are you trying to drag him down even before he's elected? Me? My gosh.
Not at all, ma'am.
From the accident in the subway to everything else, there's definitely something suspicious about how Bong Sang Pil has been causing a scene all over the city.
What lawyer can be that devoted to his client? I don't think he's doing that just for the trial.
That's what my gut is telling me.
Chairman An's looking into it.
This is what he meant by analog? - Hey.
- Sir? - Have you ever seen a body? - Never.
Should I bow to it? - Don't tremble.
- Should I burn incense? This is the guy.
So we need his thumb, right? No, sir.
Let me do this.
We must not disrespect the dead, but you can't get blood on your hands.
What? Hey, hey, hey.
What are you doing? Don't we need his thumb? You're so frustrating.
Geum Kang, go and stand guard.
Yes, sir.
Why didn't I think of that? You're the boss for a reason.
You're so smart.
Someone's coming.
- Hide somewhere for now.
- Hide? We have to hide.
- Where should we hide? - In here.
Get his thumbprint.
- Me? - Hurry.
I'm sorry.
Is it done? It's done.
Thank you.
(Daeho Stationary) I think Cha Moon Sook wants to make An Oh Ju Kiseong's next mayor.
Someone like An Oh Ju is running for office? Is that possible? For as long as Cha Moon Sook's around, nothing is impossible.
Okay, Sang Pil.
I get the situation.
- Take care.
- Bye.
Sang Pil told me a lot about you.
I see.
I'll see you around.
He owns a gallery? What was the owner of a galley in Seoul doing here? You'll find out.
How do you know him that you two would discuss Cha Moon Sook? Do you suspect her too? I'm even curious as to what you'll say next.
I want to know your hidden past.
Attorney Bong.
You don't suspect just anyone, do you? Choi Dae Woong came all the way to Kiseong? Because of his minion's trial? Is that it? Yes.
I'm sure of it.
Okay, bye.
Bong Sang Pil and Choi Dae Woong? Why are all those fools so interested in this trial? I got the hitman's call list.
- Okay.
- He didn't save any names.
List the ones he called the most before he died.
I'm sure there's a connection to An Oh Ju in there.
The deceased's cell phone wasn't with his belongings.
Did you take it by any chance? Who do you think would be most upset to hear I have this phone? Who else could it be? It would be that guy.
Shall I brag about it, then? Ms.
Ha, see you in court.
Goodbye, Boss.
I'm pretty sure we've met before.
Right? Yes, I knew it.
When did we meet in the past? I'm originally from Kiseong as well.
My mother was a lawyer too, like Ms.
Gwan Dong.
Yes, Boss.
When it comes to money, the giver gains power.
The recipient will be my slave forever.
- Do you get that? - Yes, Boss.
Giving cash to fools who don't get that gets us results right away, doesn't it? Yes, Boss.
What is it? The witness of Wu Hyung Man's trial just called us.
What? The witness? Chairman, he's here.
My gut told me that we should avoid being seen together, so I asked you to come here.
That's fine, sir.
Let's get to the point.
Did you saw something in the warehouse that Mayor Lee was killed in? Yes.
Mayor Lee Young Soo went in, and someone else went in soon after.
I don't know who it was, but I'm sure that it wasn't Wu Hyung Man.
Are you? How is that? He was taller than Detective Wu and thinner.
The crucial thing is, Detective Wu has a limp.
The man I saw walked just fine.
If that's all true, poor Wu Hyung Man was framed.
Why did you come to me instead of going to the police? I know you two are very old friends.
I grew up in the Kiseong Fish Market and know that much.
In order to save my friend, I have to pay you, is that it? Well I just want a small amount by your standards.
In six months' time, people will start moving in here.
On each floor, I'll let you set up your vending machines.
That's too much.
Come closer to me.
Yes, sir.
This building is the seventh one I built in Kiseong, you know.
That's why I called it Chilseong Building.
The problem is, you won't get to see its completion.
What a pity.
Gwan Dong.
Gwan Dong.
You fool.
- Seok Gwan Dong.
- Yes, Boss.
There might be things like a video or something.
Go to where he lived and search every room including the toilet.
- Okay? - Yes, Boss.
If news gets out that a man fell out of this building, people will say it's cursed, and it will become an issue.
Get rid of the body somewhere far away.
I'm off.
Yes, Boss.
Come on, everyone.
Let's start off with a drink.
Is this the start of your campaign? You know how Korea works.
The people come first, companies come second, and politics come third.
I'm already in the second tier in Kiseong, but it looks like I'm about to go into the third tier.
I know I don't have to actually say this, but please support Chairman An the best you can.
With our combined force, there's nothing that can't be done.
You'll be elected as mayor for sure.
Once you get elected, let's get The Golden City well on its way.
It's sad to see it be on the back burner for 18 years.
My bank is ready to provide the money.
Just become mayor, and it's all yours.
- Mr.
Bank President, I'm grateful.
- No problem.
They say being addicted to politics has no cure.
Do you even know what politics is? I'll develop The Golden City, feed the mouths of Kiseong people, and win the trust of Judge Cha.
That's more than enough for me.
Those who don't know anything politics got involved in it and made this country a mess.
Chief Prosecutor Jang, if that's your concern, you can help Chairman Oh with his campaign.
- Great idea.
- Sounds perfect! - Cheers! - Cheers! Now, with Mayor Lee gone, we still have an empty seat.
Who will fill it, I wonder.
Unlike other cities, the mayor of Kiseong gains extraordinary wealth and power.
And as Judge Cha's right-hand man, that's double the threat.
What will you do with Ohju Group once you're elected mayor? My goodness.
Nam, you sure have a way of poking me where it will hurt the most.
Now I choose politics over money.
Since I decided to dedicate myself to the city of Kiseong, I'll have somebody else take over.
I'll live the rest of my life assisting Judge Cha and dedicate everything to Kiseong.
I'm not asking to be mayor for free.
I put together a few dried yellow corvina for all of you.
Go home and grill them on a briquet fire and enjoy it with your sons and daughters.
Let's drink some more then.
There you go.
Soon, Judge Cha will get to the truth anyway.
For as long as Cha Moon Sook's around, nothing is impossible.
Attorney Jang, sorry for calling so late.
Do you still work at the bar association? I have a favor to ask.
It's information on a lawyer.
You know, If I become mayor, I'll put the plans of The Golden City into motion and fill about 100 safes No, I'll fill about 1,000 of them like this.
I mean, there's a reason why you chose me as mayor and not Chief Prosecutor Jang.
Aren't I right? Since you're supporting me though, I'd appreciate it if you pushed me along a paved highway and not an unpaved road.
Judge Cha I'll be announcing my candidacy at the Kiseong Fish Market.
If you come and show your support in public I set the table for you, so you should eat by yourself.
Just this once.
Please, just this once.
Grace us with your presence.
Are you asking me to stand at a stinky fish market and blabber on like a common peddler? - Judge Cha - My word is final.
I understand.
By the way, what about the video evidence that surfaced during the trial? What will you do with it? If Wu Hyung Man's alibi is proven, wouldn't that be the end of the trial? Why is that your concern? Just because I selected you as mayor, do you think you're really my right-hand man? My apologies, Judge Cha.
My courtroom is sacred.
No one can intrude.
- I blame you! - I told you not to call.
- Until when? - Did you forget that I told you to lay low until we find you a boat? Are you kidding me? - I'm hanging up.
- Hey! Is that the broker? Yes, sir.
A real man shouldn't make a big fuss like that.
Is he calling again? He must be worried of losing his life while waiting.
The call is coming from the hitman's phone.
But he's dead.
Check to see who has his phone.
I'm sorry that I'm not the hitman.
You probably shouldn't talk to me, but you can't hang up either.
That's one huge dilemma.
I wonder what you and the hitman talked over so many calls.
Anyway, I hope we could do the same.
Don't forget to take my calls.
Bong Sang Pil.
The video evidence submitted by the defense won't be admissible in court.
- May I ask why? - It's the court's decision.
It was hard to recognize the man in the video as Wu Hyung Man.
Since we can't prove the identity of the man or that he's the defendant, she's not allowing the video to be submitted.
Is the perverted judge also included in that decision? There won't be a change of judges either.
His alleged crimes couldn't be confirmed, so there's no reason for dismissal.
Understood, Judge Cha.
That's it.
I'll see you at the next hearing.
Then it would be useless to formally object with an expert's analysis on the video then.
The sufficiency of my evidence isn't the issue.
You just won't accept it.
Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
- I have to give you a warning.
- "A warning"? If you continue to mock the court with forged evidence and a fake witness, I won't let it slide.
"Forged evidence and a fake witness"? You tend to come to your own conclusions.
Look, Attorney Bong.
Are you verbally attacking the judge now? Take back what you just said before you get arrested again.
You definitely won't be able to reject the evidence that I'll submit at the next hearing.
See you.
The situation is extremely unfavorable to you now.
How can you be that relaxed? I'm just relieved, knowing that the trial is going as I expected.
- Pardon? - Chairman An Oh Ju ordered a hit on the former mayor, Lee Young Soo, so that he can be elected for the role.
What do you think? Does my theory sound plausible? Chairman An is surely capable of doing that.
Do you think it's a story I made up? Or could it be true? Ponder on it.
That's complete nonsense.
Why are you telling me this? Because you and I are enemies fighting against each other for the truth.
- The phone has been turned off.
- Judge Cha Byung Ho's - Please leave a message - statue unveiling ceremony - after the tone.
- will be held today.
Judge Cha Byung Ho has always topped the annual survey of the most respected public figures in Kiseong for the last 20 years.
His daughter, Judge Cha Moon Sook, was ranked number two on the list.
She's currently the chief judge of Kiseong Prosecutors' Office.
Is Ms.
Ha not in the office? - Her phone is off.
- Judge Cha rejected - She went to visit Wu Hyung Man.
- the Supreme Court's offer to work for her hometown, - She went alone? - Kiseong, which earned her - Is there a problem? - respect of many citizens.
- I'll call you later.
- Okay, Boss.
I heard the hitman died.
Can you guys really get me out? We have Mr.
Kang's statement, which confirms your alibi, as well as the video clip.
Attorney Bong went to find out if they could be used as evidence, so don't worry too much.
- And I was just wondering - Well Do you think Cha Moon Sook will make it that easy for us? What do you mean by that? Do you think she'll let us prove my innocence? She's trying to kill me with the law.
Why are you bringing up Judge Cha Moon Sook Hey.
Cha Moon Sook and An Oh Ju are colluding together.
Didn't you know? Enough, Wu Hyung Man.
- What - What's with that face? Are you saying she really has no idea? Get up, Ms.
Let's talk outside.
You two work together.
Didn't you tell her? The Judge Cha that I know isn't someone whom people like Wu Hyung Man can dare mention.
Have you thought deeply about Judge Cha? What do you mean? You may think that you know her better than anybody else does, but you could be wrong.
I don't doubt the people I trust.
Judge Cha rejected both the evidence and the witness.
She rejected both of them? Even Mr.
Kang's video clip? That's right.
She'd never do that.
What you know about Judge Cha is all a lie.
Aren't you Jae I? Ha Jae I, right? Detective Gong Jang Soo? Here you go.
So, you're an attorney now.
Your mother would've been very proud of you.
I haven't found my mom yet, but I'm always grateful for everything you did.
You didn't give up.
That's my job, you know.
Detective Gong.
I still haven't given up on finding my mom.
Of course, you shouldn't.
Yes, I'll leave right away.
Jae I, I have to rush to the scene.
- Oh, okay.
You should get going.
- I'll be in touch.
My mom went out to buy me a harmonica to replace my broken one, but she never came back.
But when I blew into it the next day, I found out it wasn't broken.
The guilt will follow me everywhere all my life.
My mom, who I thought would always keep me safe, vanished like that.
To this day, I still can't come to terms with it or believe it.
Not even for a day.
I can probably relate to that better than anybody else can.
I went through something similar.
Attorney Bong.
Judge Cha is like a mom to me.
I know.
If I'm being fooled by Judge Cha, prove it to me.
Make me believe it.
Try to persuade me.
Until you do that, I won't believe in anything you say.
Jae I.
Let's get a piece of toast.
I'm hungry.
I think you're addicted to carbohydrates.
This isn't even considered carbohydrates.
Can you pay for mine? - We'll pay separately.
- Okay.
Jang Soo, this is an obvious case.
He took his own life.
Let's go.
- Wait, hold on.
- Why don't we get some naengmyeon? Why did he jump to death on such a beautiful day? Take him.
Do you think that everyone who died here commits suicide? That's Suicide Rock.
At least 20 people jump off that rock and die every year.
Even if that's the case, you need to investigate the case properly.
We found a harassing payment reminder in his pocket.
This is pretty much the same thing as a suicide letter.
Hey, that's Gosh, forget it.
I heard you were reprimanded years ago for raising objections to a case that was concluded as suicide.
Old habits really do die hard, don't they? Let's go.
Why do I have to be here now? Sir, please try to Goodness, why should I? - What is this nonsense? - He was the one who Then tell Mr.
Park to come here.
I'm telling you if you get locked up again, you won't come out.
- Why can't he - He's just someone Mr.
Park knows.
(Attorney Choi Jin Ae Suicide Case) (Missing Person) (Missing Person) (Noh Hyun Joo) Jae I.
(Noh Hyun Joo) Your mother saved my life.
That's why I need to protect you from everything and anything.
(Daeho Stationary) (Lawless Law Firm, Bong Sang Pil, Attorney-at-Law) Are you sure that the broker put An Oh Ju in touch with the hitman? I've gone through the call history.
The broker, the hitman, and Secretary Kim talked on the phone so many times leading up to the murder, but they suddenly stopped talking altogether.
So the broker didn't just arrange the stowaway.
That's right.
I bet he was also the one who introduced the hitman to An Oh Ju.
- Where is he now? - Geum Kang is tailing him.
- Ms.
- Hello.
Where are you guys going? Oh, you should just stay at the office today.
We can go by ourselves I don't want you to get into harm's way again.
I asked you to prove it to me.
So I will go wherever you go.
Hey, Ha Jae I Boss.
I just caught up with him.
Where are you? Okay.
We're almost there.
Don't do anything to scare him.
Just keep an eye on him Okay.
So you found him while tracing his call history? How did you get the dead hitman's phone? Did you really Step on it, Kwang Soo.
Are you really going to act like this? You know we can't use evidence we obtained illegally.
Ha, isn't it time you get used to how we do things? I said step on it.
Ha, hold on tight.
Why should I He let his guard down.
This is our chance.
- Wait.
- Pardon? - Wait a bit.
- Look.
Two brokers exchanging hand signals.
They're thorough.
It's his mom.
"His mom"? I don't want him to flee in front of his mother.
Let's wait until they part.
Yes, Boss.
Did you hear back from those I invited to the statue's unveiling? All the VIPs agreed to attend.
No one would dare refuse if they want to continue doing business in Kiseong.
Do you have the details on Bong Sang Pil? His mother was a civil rights lawyer.
Choi Dae Woong was her brother, and she committed suicide.
"Suicide"? It happened 18 years ago here in Kiseong.
- Her name was - Stop.
Was her name Choi Jin Ae? Do you know her? I'm pretty sure we've met before.
I'm originally from Kiseong as well.
The fool Wu Hyung Man, that fool Hyung Man, grab a hold of that kid.
Then what about the woman? Bury her with the kid.
For 18 long years, you did well to deceive me.
- You're cute.
- Don't touch me.
Bong Sang Pil.
He didn't die and came back as an attorney.
You came back to Kiseong did you now? Who are you? Get out.
- Come on.
- Hey, hey.
- Get out.
- I said get out.
Get out of the car.
Hold on tight.
Stop! Welcome to the unveiling of the statue of Cha Byung Ho, the father of Kiseong City.
It looks like he's still alive.
(Congratulations) (Cha Moon Sook) Everyone! It's as if Cha Byung Ho is alive and well, and he has returned to Kiseong! Applause! Stop.
Stop! Stop the car! Watch out for the people! My goodness! Die! What's going on? Not this way! My gosh.
Over here! Watch out! Hey! Keep up! - I'm in here! - Go away! Watch out! My late father only knew about law, justice and rulings.
Everything else, he knew nothing about.
He demanded the same from me.
He said a judge should care for nothing else.
That I should stay in the back and not crave power or a title.
He taught me to look out for the powerless and weak.
He said that was a judge's duty.
I always try to follow his teachings.
I am doing only what is right, yet you have given me such overwhelming praise and reverence.
(Congratulations) Cha Byung Ho! Cha Byung Ho! Give me that.
Cheer for Cha Byung Ho! Cheer for Judge Cha Byung Ho! Cheer for Cha Byung Ho! - Hooray! - Hooray! Cheer for Cha Byung Ho! - Hooray! - Hooray! Okay, so I am so honored that my company, Ohju Group was allowed to commission Cha Byung Ho's statue to be displayed in Kiseong Court.
Dear Judge Cha Moon Sook, whom I respect and revere, as well as the people of Kiseong, I hereby announce that I intend to run for mayor of Kiseong.
Even though I lack in many ways, - I will do my best - He went and did it.
- to serve Kiseong.
- She told him not to this.
Please allow me to do so.
I'm An Oh Ju, a son of Kiseong.
If it's to become mayor, I will give everything to the city.
An Oh Ju.
- An Oh Ju.
An Oh Ju.
- An Oh Ju.
An Oh Ju.
- An Oh Ju.
An Oh Ju.
- An Oh Ju.
An Oh Ju.
- Mayor of Kiseong, An Oh Ju! - Mayor of Kiseong, An Oh Ju! - An Oh Ju.
An Oh Ju.
- An Oh Ju.
An Oh Ju.
(Unveiling Ceremony of Judge Cha Byung Ho's Statue) "Unveiling Ceremony"? What are we doing here? Are you - An Oh Ju.
An Oh Ju.
- An Oh Ju.
An Oh Ju.
- Mayor of Kiseong, An Oh Ju! - Mayor of Kiseong, An Oh Ju! - An Oh Ju.
An Oh Ju.
- An Oh Ju.
An Oh Ju.
- An Oh Ju! - Step aside! - Move away.
- What is he doing here? What's going on? What are they doing at the unveiling ceremony? Everyone, can I have your attention please? Nice to meet you.
I'm Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
What? What is he doing here? I came up here to tell you something.
I'm sorry if I was rude.
All right.
Prosecutor Kang Yeon Hee? Where are you? This is the broker who set the hitman up with the very person who solicited to murder Mayor Lee Young Soo.
Now, it's Prosecutor Kang's job to uncover the truth.
Hey, Bong Sang Pil.
You're on a roll today.
Let's go, Judge Cha.
Sang Pil, that's enough.
Jae I.
Brace yourself and follow me.
Why are you doing this? There has to be another way Judge Cha.
Judge Cha.
How dare you hijack my father's unveiling ceremony like that? Do you expect to run for mayor after this? Bong Sang Pil.
I've discovered Bong Sang Pil's identity.
But the name of a person I do not wish to remember came up.
The attorney that you trusted and cared for.
Choi Jin Ae? That attorney.
Pardon? - So - I get it.
Just go.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm sorry about earlier.
Judge Cha Moon Sook.
I don't remember inviting you today.
The star of a party is always the unwelcomed guest.
Why did you ruin my father's unveiling party? I know you want to destroy Wu Hyung Man with the trial and make An Oh Ju the mayor with your power.
But it will never happen.
Are you trying to frame me or something? As long as I get to stand before the court, innocent people won't be murdered by law anymore.
You took after Jin Ae a lot.
You're bold and reckless.
Don't ever talk about my mother again.
Do you think you're the first one to come to see me like this? I will show you the end of it.
For the first time.
(Lawless Lawyer) How much do you think you know about Bong Sang Pil? She'd abandon either Cha Moon Sook or me.
She'd choose between the two.
Please forgive me.
The only person I can forgive is myself.
What do I not know? Do you think it's a coincidence that you met Sang Pil as soon as you went back to Kiseong? The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime.
I know who killed your mother.
If he doesn't talk, we'll drag him out of this room.
I'll answer.
That's all, Your Honor.