Lawless Lawyer (Mubeop Byeonhosa) (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Nice to meet you.
I'm Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
What? Who's that? What is he doing here? This is the broker who set the hitman up with the very person who solicited to murder Mayor Lee Young Soo.
- What? - Really? Let's go, Judge Cha.
Seriously? Who on earth is that man? I'm sorry about earlier, Judge Cha Moon Sook.
I don't remember inviting you today.
The star of a party is always the unwelcomed guest.
Why did you ruin my father's unveiling party? I know you want to destroy Wu Hyung Man with the trial and make An Oh Ju the mayor with your power.
But it will never happen.
Are you trying to frame me or something? As long as I get to stand before the court, innocent people won't be murdered by law anymore.
You took after Jin Ae a lot.
You're bold and reckless.
Don't ever talk about my mother again.
Do you think you're the first one to come to see me like this? I will show you the end of it.
For the first time.
That lunatic! He must be completely out of his mind.
How can he ruin such an important event? Yes, then I'll interrogate the broker first.
Prosecutor Kang.
We're ready to start the interrogation.
- I'm sorry, Mom.
- It's okay.
Yeon Hee.
Try to make Judge Cha feel better.
That jerk.
Well The broker won't say anything that could cause problems for us.
So many hitmen, whom you don't even know, shut their mouths for good in the past.
From their eyes and nostrils to their ears, they voluntarily closed all the holes in their bodies and jumped into water or onto train tracks and ended up in the other world.
All of them jumped to death voluntarily.
That's because you're lucky.
I'm sure you've already heard, but I know why that jerk, Bong Sang Pil, showed up.
He wants to track down those who killed his mom.
He obviously wants to get revenge on them.
He sure is Jin Ae's son.
He became a lawyer and showed up.
He came at me so recklessly, so I wondered who he could be, and it turns out He wants to take revenge for his mother's death from 18 years ago.
What a filial son.
Everyone feels the same way about their parents.
Don't belittle such sentiments.
My gosh, Judge Cha.
You're incredibly understanding toward lowly people like us.
What's that called? You're like Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy.
I saw your father's statue in court earlier.
It looked just like him when he was alive.
For a moment, I thought he came back to life.
I think I should take you to a very special place today.
Please allow me.
I must take you there on a day like today.
Yes, I think it's my duty.
- My gosh, Attorney Bong! - Enough.
Stop it, guys.
You're incredibly gutsy and brave.
Against that powerful judge, Cha Moon Sook - You were like this! - Like this! That was amazing.
Stop overreacting.
That was nothing for him.
That was the most thrilling moment in my life so far.
What a dynamic adventure! Don't get too excited.
That could get us in trouble.
- I'll go talk with Jae I.
- That judge learned her lesson.
Oh, where are you going, Boss? - We wanted to - Guys! Let's order fried chicken and beer.
- Fried chicken and beer! - Fried chicken and beer! I thought you were after An Oh Ju to prove Wu Hyung Man's innocence.
But why is your target Judge Cha now, not An Oh Ju? Judge Cha's father, Cha Byung Ho.
He worked as a judge for 37 years in Kiseong.
He used the law in whichever way he wanted.
He was like an all-powerful king.
Her father's money, power, and the complete trust of people of Kiseong were all inherited to her.
Like you said, Judge Cha has everything.
Why would she want to make a man like An Oh Ju the mayor? To have more.
And An Oh Ju is gladly getting blood on his hands for her.
Are you expecting me to believe that theory of yours? Not believing it doesn't change the truth, Jae I.
After you.
Your father and I ate very often here.
To me, this place means a lot more than home.
This chair.
He always sat here.
My father liked sundaeguk? I'm surprised.
He ate the soup on its own, and the same goes for rice.
He always ate them separately.
He was such a noble person, you know.
He always ate very neatly.
You probably have more memories with him than I do.
No, that's not true.
Not at all.
You're his daughter, and I was just his loyal servant.
You see, I just faithfully obeyed his orders, that's all.
"Oh Ju.
" "Will you be able to do it?" He asked me that question so many times.
And every time he asked that question to me, I never, not even once, said I couldn't do it.
In this country, money and law can make anything possible.
As you know, I have money.
Aren't I right? And you know how to use the law, so How impudent.
How dare you use my father to try to instigate me? You try to eat with me on the same table? You should be licking the liquor spilt on the table.
You're just an object I inherited from my father.
What are you thinking? You probably feel like you have Kiseong in the palm of your hand now that you're going to run for mayor.
I forgot my place for a moment.
Judge Cha, please kindly forgive me just this once.
Did you just ask me to forgive you? The only person I can forgive in the entire world is myself.
When are you planning on telling her? She's so loyal to Cha Moon Sook, not knowing what she did to her mom.
Seeing that makes me wonder if I should tell her.
She needs to see Cha Moon Sook's true colors first.
Without that, she won't believe me.
That won't be easy.
She's like a mother to her.
She'd abandon either Cha Moon Sook or me.
She'd choose between the two.
I thought that Ms.
Ha was just a part of your revenge.
But now, I think she's more like the last piece of the puzzle that completes your plan for revenge.
(Missing Person) Mom.
- Mom.
- Jae I.
Jae I.
Jae I.
Why are you here? My mom.
Help me find my mom.
She took a lot of photos here.
Jae I.
I will find your mom for you.
Don't worry.
Okay? - You're here.
- Hey.
What did you get? I bought some groceries.
What will you cook? Jae I.
Shall we talk? Oh dear.
What do you want to say? - Jae I.
- Yes? That law firm.
You should quit.
What do you mean? If you're working there to protect this studio, I'd rather close this place down.
- What? - The deposit will cover the debt.
Don't work with Bong Sang Pil.
It was an important day.
It meant so much to Judge Cha.
But he made a mess.
You know that if she hadn't found you, if I'd lost you after I'd lost your mom I'd have died a long time ago.
We have to be good to Judge Cha.
We must stay away from those who cause trouble to Judge Cha.
Okay? Judge Cha, Attorney Ha's here.
(Kiseong District Court) If you're busy, I'll come back later.
It's fine, you're a special guest.
I can't send you away.
Why won't you ask anything? I'm pretty sure you're here for a very clear reason.
Is everything true about what you said with Bong Sang Pil? That's what you're here to ask.
Jae I.
Do you think that punishing someone according to the law is a privilege? People don't think about the crimes they committed and blame me, the judge.
I'm surrounded by enemies.
The more people I sentence, the more enemies I make.
Punishing someone with the law is not a privilege to me.
It's more like a penalty.
Judge Cha.
I'm sure that is what fuels Bong Sang Pil.
Because of a sentence I don't remember giving, he hates me and decided to be my enemy.
(Attorney Bong) Jae I.
How much do you think you know about Bong Sang Pil? Lend me your newspaper.
Pay for it.
It doesn't cost much.
- Hello.
- Hi.
(Cha Byung Ho Statue Unveiled) Cha Byung Ho's statue was unveiled at Kiseong Court yesterday.
People say the ceremony was more solemn than any before.
Cha Byung Ho was one of Kiseong's eminent judges, famous for his strict and fair rulings "More solemn than any before"? The unveiling of his statue urged legal professionals to think about justice My goodness, ma'am.
You always give me too much.
What do you live off of? Stop being silly and eat up.
You need to get out there and revive our economy.
Like you saved your company.
An Oh Ju, the son of Kiseong.
Day and night, he thinks about the city.
Do you want more rice? The best city in Korea to live in.
The most upright and righteous city.
An Oh Ju will create that city.
Candidate 8, An Oh Ju.
Candidate 8, give me a hug.
- An Oh Ju.
- An Oh Ju.
- An Oh Ju.
An Oh Ju.
- Come on.
- Get back to work.
- Get going.
Hey, you.
You're pretty good.
I hired people to write things online.
They'll start rumors, spread gossip that must be spread, and cover up things that work against you.
I hired exactly 100 part-timers, so they're called The Hundred.
Don't hire part-timers.
Make them full-timers.
Give them insurance and a severance pay too.
Guarantee them a decent pay package.
That way they'll work wholeheartedly.
You're a real businessman.
You're so generous.
How dare you come here? What are you doing here? Are you campaigning for him? I'm the chief organizer of the campaign.
This must be a comedy show.
He hired someone like you? My goodness, Mr.
We might become friends if we keep meeting like this.
So, the broker you brought over.
It's all fine.
It would've been nicer if you'd chosen another location.
Today I came to give you this.
What's that? The phone of the hit-man who killed Mayor Lee Young Soo.
An Oh Ju told me to kill the mayor.
I showed up with the broker yesterday.
I expected it to be on the news.
Is this how visitors are treated in Kiseong? You ruined everyone's party and soured everyone's mood.
Why are you so shameless? You must be curious to see what's inside.
Have a look.
What will I find in an empty shell? I won't find a single cent.
Will I, Gwan Dong? No, sir.
It belonged to a dead man, so deal with it appropriately.
(Myungshin Law Firm) Do you know he has a criminal record? What? I didn't.
He seemed to know a lot about you but you don't know anything.
It's my fault.
I should've told you sooner.
One of my juniors owns a law firm.
I got you a job.
Call when you're ready.
I don't like seeing you work with a man who's hostile towards me.
Where were you? You ignored my call.
Without our paralegal at her desk, the law firm hasn't been functioning properly.
I'm not your secretary.
Who did you meet with to develop this tone with me? No personal conversations.
Got it.
Then let me brief you on where we're at with our trial.
Only two hearings remain until the trial of Mayor Lee's death.
We handed over the broker connecting An Oh Ju to the hitman to Prosecutor Kang, but we can't just sit around watch it play out.
You want the broker to name An Oh Ju at the hearing.
In what world do you think he'll mention An Oh Ju? We must make it happen.
We'll pull it out from him if we have to.
Do you recognize this man? He's the broker we saw with An Oh Ju's secretary.
He was questioned before me.
For what crime? He's a repeat offender of criminal use of drug.
He got off scot-free though.
Tell me everything about him from his underwear size to his associates.
Any weak spots? His life can't get any worse.
People like him don't have weak spots because they have nothing more to lose.
Everyone in this world has something to lose.
We all have someone we wish to protect in our hearts.
(4th hearing of Mayor Lee Young Soo murder) What's going on? Wasn't that broker indicted? He's here as a witness for the prosecution.
The prosecution's witness? He's not a suspect, but a witness? That's right.
What can he possibly say to help the prosecution's case? Wait.
Did you already know about this? So how's the hearing going? The broker is at the court.
That's not what is important here.
- Which side called him? - The prosecution, sir.
Nothing's going to happen if he keeps his mouth shut on the stand.
I made sure that'll happen.
You pulled out all the stops.
Won't you regret that tone when I actually win this election? Even if you become the president, I wouldn't be fazed.
I know very well that all you care about is Judge Cha and Prosecutor Kang.
I'm actually here to talk about that.
I don't want you anywhere near my daughter.
Even I can't look at her without being blinded by her light.
Got it? I see you're a mother too when it comes to your own.
Do you know Jo Beom Jin, also known as the hitman? I don't.
Are you sure? I see.
Did you hire Jo Beom Jin to murder Mayor Lee Young Soo? I didn't.
I did no such thing.
My bad.
I made a mistake.
Let me rephrase.
I forgot that you're actually a known broker.
Did someone hire you to connect him or her to hitman Jo Beom Jin? Attorney Bong was at the scene of Jo Beom Jin's death.
He's delaying this court with groundless suspicion.
The defense attorney will only ask necessary questions.
Escort her.
You're an acclaimed broker of the underground scene.
However, your rap sheet is clean.
Yes, that's right.
That means you're good at your job or you leave no loose ends.
- Is that correct? - Don't answer that.
Your Honor Attorney Bong, please return to your seat if you have no more questions.
To reveal the true nature of this trial, I will only ask one more question.
Four years ago, you were almost indicted for criminal use and possession of drugs.
- How did you get out of it? - Witness, you don't have to answer.
Attorney Bong, return to your seat.
You committed crimes Are you at peace with your mother knowing all the details? Objection! The defense attorney is asking unrelated questions to throw this whole court off.
I'm giving you a warning.
(Oh, you're helping someone.
) Answer me.
Who did you connect the hitman with? - Your Honor.
- Attorney Bong, I warned you.
You listen to me.
You may be a witness now, but you'll be in the suspect's seat next.
That seat right there.
The defense attorney will return to his seat! I heard your mother is suffering from a heart disease.
Do you want to become a criminal in front of her? Attorney Bong, I warned you.
I hold you in contempt of court.
Tell me who gave the order.
Tell me now.
Attorney Bong, I warned you.
I'll answer.
You don't have to.
I introduced the hitman to someone for a fee.
That someone is the secretary.
Whose secretary are you talking about? Chairman An Oh Ju.
I didn't know he'd kill Mayor Lee.
I really didn't know.
I did wrong, and I'm so sorry.
That'll be all, Your Honor.
I'm sorry.
I'm truly sorry.
(Defense Attorney, Defendant) I'll deliver the final decree at the next hearing.
Even someone like a broker wants to be a good son to his mother.
We all have someone we want to protect.
I don't want to chase him in front of his mother.
We'll wait until they part.
Yes, sir.
I couldn't protect my mom.
What happened again? My name was mentioned during the hearing.
Bong Sang Pil, that little weasel.
He's splashing filth my way.
I'm sorry, sir.
Until this is resolved, you'll make sure you're never spotted.
Go somewhere far and stay hidden.
Yes, sir.
Bong Sang Pil, that rat! Sir, let me discreetly take care of him.
You idiot.
What's important right now isn't gutting Bong Sang Pil.
Me being elected as mayor matters more.
Yes, sir! Once I'm elected as mayor (Kiseong Mayor By-election Candidate Approval Rating: Week 1) Bong Sang Pil is a dead man anyway.
Get it? Yes, sir! Bring it here.
Put it away now.
You have few left.
- Eat up.
- Eat up, guys.
You should drink all.
This is for the baby of our team.
(Newsline Kiseong) - This is delicious.
- Do you like it? Do you think she'll let us prove my innocence? She's trying to kill me with the law.
Why are you bringing up Judge Cha Moon Sook Hey.
Cha Moon Sook and An Oh Ju are colluding together.
Didn't you know? Enough, Wu Hyung Man.
Jae I.
How much do you think you know about Bong Sang Pil? ("Expensive Lawyers Get the Rich Acquitted") This is really good.
That was good.
Were you born with that fighting spirit, Attorney Bong? I must say, your plan succeeded.
You've managed to grab my attention.
That wasn't my goal, but I'm glad to know I've managed to grab my enemy's attention.
But were you not able to arrest Chairman An's secretary? Or is it just not on the news? We're trying to track him down at the moment.
So he's gone off the grid.
I wonder who gave him the information.
Someone must've told him.
Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to run away so quickly.
Are you suspecting that someone in my team did it? Or are you suspecting me, the prosecutor in charge? Not you, of course.
I know that you're not like your mother.
Bong Sang Pil.
What are you trying to achieve through the trial? You'll be disappointed if I tell you.
Unlike you, I'm not fighting for a just cause.
Whether it's for justice or out of your sense of duty, the one who uncovers the truth will win.
Even if that involves losing the trial, that is.
Before the last hearing, I'd like to promise you two things.
I'll make sure I get Wu Hyung Man acquitted.
Then what's the other one? I'll let you protect justice even if you lose the trial.
Hey, did you come alone today? Where's Bong Sang Pil? I'm not here because of the trial.
Then why are you here? It's not like we have other things to talk about.
Please tell me what you know about Judge Cha Moon Sook.
You know that I worked with An Oh Ju for a long time, right? Yes, I'm aware.
There was someone who always gave him orders.
But he never revealed the mastermind behind him.
Are you saying it's Judge Cha? Come to think of it, Cha Moon Sook is the only person who can be above An Oh Ju in the entire City of Kiseong.
It was a lawyer's office even back in the days.
That was many years ago.
A female lawyer used the office space by herself.
I think she had a son.
But then, she took her own life.
And her son went missing after that.
I see.
Thank you.
No problem.
Come back anytime if you have other questions.
Okay, take care.
- Goodness.
- Hey, wipe here too.
- Got it, sir.
- Wait, hold on.
What's this here? Is it blood? - Hello.
- Hello.
- Mr.
- Hello.
You moved here from Seoul with Attorney Bong, right? Yes.
Why did you guys decided to move to Kiseong? Attorney Bong was doing well for himself in Seoul.
That's Did you know Bong Sang Pil before he moved here? No, I met them the first day they arrived.
It was fate.
Otherwise, how could he have found a loan shark like me? Attorney Bong found you? Well, not exactly.
He came to this office and met me.
But it's the same thing.
He kept saying that he has to get this office space Hey, enough.
Get back to cleaning.
Go over there and clean the desk.
- Make it very clean.
- Okay.
Clean thoroughly.
(Suicide of Lawyer Choi Jin Ae) ("Human Rights Lawyer Takes Her Own Life") ("Human Rights Lawyer's Unfortunate Death") ("Reason Is Being Overworked") Golden City.
"Human Rights Lawyer Takes Her Own Life".
("Human Rights Lawyer Takes Her Own Life") April 17, 2000.
That's the day Mom went missing.
This looks much better.
See you later.
- See you later.
- See you later.
- Where is she going? - Gosh, look at this.
She left as soon as she got here.
Where are you, Attorney Bong? (Mr.
Tae) Attorney Bong.
I'll get the rent deposit back and pay you back in full.
She should be working as an attorney, but because of her incompetent dad She'll be reinstated as soon as the suspension is lifted.
Don't worry No, please don't be like this.
I want her to quit first thing tomorrow.
- But Judge Cha Moon Sook - I was also there that day, and that was extremely rude.
I'm disappointed in you.
I'm hugely indebted to her family.
The fact that Jae I is working with you makes me uncomfortable.
There's no reason why the food truck owner would commit suicide.
It's certainly not because of money.
He has no debt at all.
But you know that we did find a harassing payment reminder in his pocket.
I called the loan shark's office and asked about it, and they said they never sent anything like that.
What's wrong with you, seriously? Then there must've been another reason why he had to commit suicide.
We must re-investigate it.
There are so many things that seem odd.
For goodness' sake.
You know that the higher-ups want us to close the case.
Can't you see what's going on? Detective Oh.
This is what you asked for.
But why are you digging this up? Because of your mom? No, there's just something that I'm curious about.
I was in charge of this case.
The suicide of Lawyer Choi Jin Ae.
Really, Detective? She was such a great lawyer.
The best lawyer I've ever seen.
My mother was a lawyer too, like Attorney Ha.
I must say, she raised her son very well.
She was very different from me as a lawyer.
I still have a long way to go to become like her.
(Choi Jin Ae Suicide Case Report) Thank goodness I made a copy of the report.
As soon as the case was closed, The original file disappeared.
It disappeared? I think there's something more to this case.
Do you think it might not be a suicide? That's what my gut tells me and Attorney Choi She was not the kind of person to abandon her young son like that.
He was a really smart kid.
I still think of him.
You look terrible.
Is prison life tough? You jerk.
I will kill you.
Let's be gentlemen, shall we? To kill me, you need to get out first.
Bong Sang Pil said he'd get you out.
What did I do wrong? - What? - Knowing too much about my dirty past is your crime.
Trusting you and opening up to you was my crime.
You scumbag.
- You - Come on, sit back down.
Be a gentleman.
You know, covering up a crime is hundreds of times harder than committing one.
Power is what makes it possible to do something that hard.
And I have that power.
Bong Sang Pil wants revenge against those who killed his mom.
You and I are two of them.
Do you want to put him in charge of your life? I can't believe I'm hearing you of all people say that.
He at least said he'd get me out.
He said he'll kill me after taking me out.
Forget about it all.
Have a look at this.
This is Where did you get this? That's it.
That look I see now is the look you used to have when you looked at me.
Give me that.
Give me that.
Your only way out is in my hands.
Let's survive.
You and me both.
I didn't think your secretary would be mentioned in court.
That wouldn't have happened if I'd been in charge.
Then you should've done your job right in the first place.
I can always make up for it now.
You'd better do that.
It's me, darling.
Are you okay? When this trial's over, I'll be a free man, so until then Chairman An paid the medical bills that were in arrears.
He's been - visiting me regularly.
- What? Honey.
I Darling.
Darling, what's wrong? - Doctor, she passed out.
- Honey.
Honey, are you okay? Honey.
Sir, 5205 refused to see you.
Do you like paintings? I used to be a thug, but I love paintings like these.
Everyone wishes to live for a long time.
Ever since Bong Sang Pil became your legal consultant, you've been accomplishing everything you wanted to.
In a seemingly legal manner from the outside.
You definitely aren't here for the paintings.
The boss of Dae Woong Gang, the largest gang in north Seoul.
Out of the five major crimes, you didn't commit murder or robbery, but you have an affinity for violence.
You brought a full resume so I can't deny anything.
So, why are you here to see me? Bong Sang Pil worked for you as part of your gang.
Why did he suddenly move to Kiseong? Did you give him an order? An order? It seems that you came here not knowing our relationship.
What do I not know? Do you know this, then? His mom, Attorney Choi Jin Ae.
She's not on the family registry, but she was my sister.
Sang Pil's my nephew.
He's the only relative I have.
Sang Pil's return to Kiseong, her mother's hometown and where his mother died, was purely his decision.
He risked his life on it.
Do you think it's a coincidence that you met Sang Pil as soon as you went back to Kiseong? What do you mean? Don't you think the timing's too crazy to be a coincidence? If it's not a coincidence, then What else would it be, then? Hi, uncle.
She came over, like you said.
Sang Pil.
Don't trust anyone, especially over there.
I've watched her for a long time.
I trust her.
Okay, then.
Stay safe, both of you.
(Civil Rights Lawyer Commits Suicide) You fool.
Go! Did you call the police? I told you not to.
Let's stay far away until it dies down.
The day you came over, I told you, didn't I? Yes.
Not to get revenge.
A man should cry when others aren't looking.
You won't get it now, Sang Pil, but in this cursed world, law betrays you and so do people.
Revenge only calls for more revenge.
My gosh, Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
Are you working at this late hour? My gosh, Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
Are you working at this late hour? What are you doing here? I came here for a reason.
I wouldn't come for no reason.
All right.
So this was your mom's office? You have a good memory.
I knew it.
I thought the address seemed somewhat familiar.
The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime.
Just like this.
Did you not get sick after eating it? You've been somewhat extraordinary since you were a kid.
You know? Do you remember? This.
You were squeezed in the cabinet.
You were hiding in there holding your breath.
Gosh, stop it.
Just stay seated.
I'm scared.
You know that I killed your mother.
An Oh Ju.
I can just kill you right here now.
Just like you killed my mother.
You want to take revenge on me with the law, right? That's why you became an attorney and came to Kiseong.
Gosh, let go of me.
Let's talk like gentlemen.
You have law, and I have money, you know? Oh, right.
I also have law.
I have Judge Cha Moon Sook with me.
Gosh, what's wrong with you.
Now that you saved my life, I'll never forget your kindness.
I'll see you on my home ground next time.
Oh, that's right.
You should go to Wu Hyung Man.
He might have a change of heart.
Where's the judge? You can't get in here without my permission.
I'm too old to get your permission.
Chairman An, let's be frank.
We are not in the same rank.
I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth.
And you were a servant who reeked of fish.
We can't be the same.
You must've been dying to say it the whole time.
You and I were the same that we both are servants of this family.
My gosh, are we the same? I'm running for mayor now.
So we will end up in the same rank soon.
What did you say? Now that you have some money, you want an important title.
Gosh, you've changed a lot.
Don't worry about me.
Now that I think of a political career, you'd think I'm a grasping social climber or something.
But I'm doing this to make more money.
There's nothing more important than money for me in this world.
That's where we're the same.
Except for that, we're not the same at all.
Oh, she's new.
You can't just let anyone in here like this.
You'll be in trouble if you bring in anyone.
Don't worry.
She's a naive blind woman.
What are you doing? Just go.
You can't trust me? You try to lay your hands on everything.
Then why did you let the trial go like that? If the fact that they got the secretary's name creates grounds for a crime, then it wouldn't be your courtroom.
You can cover up my sin.
That's your real power.
People are not stupid.
Don't be mistaken.
Of course, I know that.
Actually that's why I'm walking on eggshells.
The Internet, social media, and all that.
And there's no one who'd refuse to take money.
That's one thing that's never changed.
The same applies to you.
You can't say that people are all the same.
That's very offensive.
I'm sorry.
(Always push forward) I heard you got suspended for punching a judge.
How did you know that? Did you do a background check on me? If she gets a single scratch anywhere on her body, I'll kill you.
That's enough.
Sang Pil, stop! What are you looking at? Oh, I was just thinking that's what your mother looks like.
Have you thought deeply about Judge Cha? Judge Cha is like my mother in my heart.
I know that.
But my mom told me not to come back to Kiseong.
I have something to do here.
I thought you went home already.
Why are you working late when I didn't even ask you to? It's not like you.
I got curious about this place.
You suddenly developed love for your workplace.
I guess I was like that too.
I wanted to clean and dust the office and clear my desk before the hearing.
It's a place of many secrets.
This office, I mean.
It was also the office your mother practiced law in.
The day your mother committed suicide and the day my mom went missing are the same.
(Kiseong Police Department) You know what that means, don't you? Tell me, Sang Pil.
(Cha Moon Sook) (Interview with Chairman An Oh Ju) (The Seven) (Human Rights Lawyer Commits Suicide) (Noh Hyun Joo) Why are pictures of my mom and me up here? Tell me.
What's the true reason why you came to Kiseong? An Oh Ju murdered my mother in front of my eyes in this very office.
The person who ordered the hit was Cha Moon Sook.
What? Also, what happened to me and your mother going missing were the aftermaths of her orders.
(Lawless Lawyer) What happened to me and your mother going missing were the aftermaths of her orders.
Trusting someone so blindly was the mistake.
I'm sorry.
You always said that you wanted to be by my side.
It's nice to meet you, Prosecutor Kang Yeon Hee.
The men and women of power in Kiseong, The Seven.
They're whom we're up against.
There's only one more important thing left to say.