Lawless Lawyer (Mubeop Byeonhosa) (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

(Episode 9) Put your hands up.
I'm warning you.
Raise your hands! Bong Sang Pil, that idiot.
- Throw it there.
- Sure thing.
Hey! You're under arrest for murder.
You have the right to have an attorney and the right to defend yourself.
At a redevelopment area in Kiseong, a grotesque murder has occurred.
At an abandoned building in Chilhyeon-dong of Kiseong, a nephew stabbed his uncle and then dropped him from the roof ending his life.
Attorney Bong, the suspect, is an ex-convict and is a known member of the deceased's gang known as the Dae Woong Gang.
Judge Cha, Bong Sang Pil has been arrested! I see you're already watching it on the news.
It's nothing to fuss about.
It only adds to the shocking nature of the crime.
Doesn't it appear to be An Oh Ju's doing? Did you know about this in advance? Gosh, forgive me.
I'm only worried that this might backfire on you.
Judge Cha, I'm sure you heard about Bong Sang Pil's arrest.
Meet me at my residence now.
Things seem to be going exactly the way you want, - but you don't look satisfied.
- What? Good job today.
You finally earned your keep around here.
Thank you, Mr.
Choi Dae Woong I honestly wouldn't have minded a friend like him.
It's too bad.
Do you know that thing people lay out at funerals? - Yes, I do.
- Make sure to send one of those.
Yes, sir.
Hello? Mayor An, Judge Cha is in an extremely bad mood.
So, I heard.
Was it you who got on her nerves? We're not the heroes here, just sidekicks.
Why don't you know your place? You do remember what you said to me? Whatever.
Just cut to the chase already.
Do you not get what I'm saying? Get over here immediately.
Tae, I'll head over to Attorney Bong.
I'll come with you.
Geum Kang, call if something happens.
Sure thing.
Hold on! They're making their way up here.
- Who are? - I think they're cops.
They're heading up here with boxes.
- What? - Darn.
Detective Gong.
Following the murder of Choi Dae Woong, we have a warrant to search and seizure Lawless Law Firm.
Touch anything in this office, and I'll make you pay! Arrest them all! If anyone impedes this investigation, arrest all of them.
Attorney Bong didn't do it.
You know that very well yourself, sir.
Attorney Ha.
I'm a prosecutor, not Bong Sang Pil's friend.
We'll investigate and find out whether he's really guilty or not.
Please begin the search and seizure.
- Let's get started.
- Let's go.
I knew he'd get himself in trouble but murder? What do you think you're doing now? Don't jump to conclusions, Kang Yeon Hee.
He was caught red-handed on the scene.
I'm not jumping to conclusions.
It's just how the situation is now.
As a prosecutor, you'll regret saying what you just said.
If we find any evidence here, we'll have to interview you as a witness.
You know that, right? Fine, go ahead and interview me all you want if you need me.
We don't have much time.
We should go and see Sang Pil.
You must stay calm and collected at times like this.
You're the only one who can help him now.
I know.
I got worked up like that intentionally.
The trial began the second he got arrested.
I showed them that we feel he's being falsely accused because I'm Sang Pil's attorney.
What is it? An anesthetic, sir.
Let's wrap it up.
Hey, Geum Kang.
Attorney Ha, we have a big problem.
- They found a box I've never seen, - Geum Kang.
and there was an anesthetic in it.
Wait, just a moment.
An anesthetic? - I'm being arrested now.
- Geum Kang.
My gosh.
We don't have important roles here.
- He really doesn't know anything.
- Yes.
- Attorney Ha.
- Gosh, these two are so loud.
- It's not that.
- Don't worry.
They're not arresting you.
They're taking you as a witness.
Just tell them what you know.
I'll head back as soon as I see Attorney Bong.
Now, we know for certain that he's caught in a trap.
Jae I.
You went alone and this happened.
Are you happy about that? Is this what you wanted? I'm sorry.
I have a favor to ask.
Take care of my uncle's funeral for me.
You'll be able to do it yourself because I'll make it happen no matter what.
It looks like Mayor An has forgotten about the days when he was a nobody.
I mean, look at what he did to Bong Sang Pil.
Who made him the mayor of this city? I know that he talked back to you even back in the days, but how shall I put it? Shall I say, he's even more obnoxious now? Anyhow, I'm pretty sure my instincts are accurate.
If you find out anything unusual, report to me right away.
Yes, ma'am.
- I told you that we know nothing.
- That's right.
You two must've coordinated your stories before coming here.
How can you two know nothing? Let me explain, Detective.
All right.
This guy here was born that way.
He just doesn't know anything.
As for me, I know other things, but nothing about this case.
In other words, we're not the same.
But neither of us knows anything.
- Hey! - Hey! It's not like I can lie to the detective here.
- Aren't I right? What do you know? - You wench.
- Hey, be quiet.
- Sorry.
Then why was an anesthetic found in the office? - That's what I'm saying.
- We don't know.
It's Bong Sang Pil's, right? - How would we know? - What? Do you know what will happen to you if you don't tell us the truth? They're here as witnesses.
If you treat them like suspects, we'll have to file a complaint to the Human Rights Commission.
- Attorney Ha.
- Human Rights Commission, yes.
Mister, you heard what our attorney just said, right? Goodness gracious.
Please refrain from things like that as they can be perceived as threats.
I think we were as cooperative as we could be today.
Get up.
Let's go.
Mister, Attorney Bong didn't do anything wrong.
I'll let you go today.
But since you also work for Lawless Law Firm, we'll need your interview soon as well.
Let's eat, guys.
We haven't eaten all day.
We can't work if we don't eat.
I never felt that way when I used to have to go to police stations often, but with Attorney Ha there today, I felt so proud and supported.
Hey, Attorney Bong has been arrested.
How can you talk about such things now? Why aren't you guys eating? Eat up.
- Yes, let's eat.
- Yes, enjoy.
Sang Pil must be utterly devastated now.
His uncle was like a father to him.
He taught him to never hurt anyone in this tough, cutthroat business.
He practically raised Sang Pil.
- Kwang Soo, you should eat first.
- Yes, you should.
Eat up.
By the way, why do you think an anesthetic was found in this office? - I feel wrongly accused.
- I know.
It's strange, isn't it? - Guys.
- Yes? Yang Don.
Where did Yang Don go? I know, right? I haven't seen him for a few days.
- The thing is - Yes.
He's gone off the grid.
What do you mean? It looks like he canceled his phone service and ran away.
Hey, you should've managed the guys under you better! I found out about this just now.
Who are you to lecture me? Don't worry too much.
The trial hasn't even begun yet.
Let's eat.
Sit down.
- Okay.
- Let's eat, guys.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
- Come on.
Eat up.
- Okay.
My gosh, Judge Cha.
My feelings are hurt.
How can you celebrate alone with this wine? Could I have a glass too? Come on, let me have a glass.
It's nothing difficult.
You know what? When a hound bites someone without the owner's permission, the hound gets euthanized.
The same goes for you.
Bark and bite only when I tell you to do so because you're my dog.
Got it, ma'am.
But you see, Judge Cha Judge Cha.
I'm doing all of this to help you bury your past as your loyal dog.
Why can't you see it? Why? (Attorney Bong Sang Pil) I thought you had it with me.
What brings you back? I'll be defending Bong Sang Pil.
Of course.
I expected you to.
You didn't come here to say that though.
I have a favor to ask.
A favor? That's interesting.
Let Attorney Bong coordinate his uncle's funeral.
Because of some worthless thug, you're here bowing down to me.
Bong Sang Pil is still a suspect.
Only the chief prosecutor can order his release.
You know that, so why come to me? It's obvious that he won't allow it, which is why I came to you.
His last remaining family member was murdered.
At least let him have a proper goodbye.
What will I get in return if I agree to this? Name your price.
Clear Bong Sang Pil's name.
Jae I, show me how good of a lawyer you are.
Win his case.
I'm sure you have a reason for this, but my priority must be Attorney Bong right now.
I'll look into your intentions once the trial is over.
I'll be the presiding judge, so impress me in person.
Chief Prosecutor Jang, have Bong Sang Pil released.
Thank you for coming.
You have some nerve coming when Boss died on your watch.
- Sir! - Sir! What do you think you're doing? It's all right, Attorney Ha.
Are you saying he's not at fault? Attorney Bong was framed.
He was caught in a trap.
Shut up and bring me the scum that killed Boss.
Attorney Bong! You piece of scum.
How dare you kill Boss? Do you suspect me too? Shut it.
He's my uncle.
At least let me pay my respects.
You have 10 minutes.
Thank you for raising me.
Please rest in peace.
Uncle, I'm so sorry.
Hold on.
Kwang Soo, listen to me carefully.
Things won't end with just me behind bars so don't leave Attorney Ha's side.
I won't.
If she's about to do something dangerous, you must stop her.
Don't worry, sir.
- Don't worry, sir! - Don't worry, sir! You helped me say goodbye to my uncle.
Thank you, Jae I.
Hang in there.
I'll soon clear your name.
Stay safe.
Well, let me ask you one thing.
You want to know if I really killed my uncle.
I figured out the answer back at the funeral home.
Are you perhaps Attorney Choi Jin Ae's son? He was a clever, little boy.
Yes, I am.
My mother is Attorney Choi Jin Ae.
Her case still haunts you to this day, doesn't it? How could I ever forget it? I'll ask one more.
You working with Noh Hyun Joo's daughter, Ha Jae I Is that just a coincidence? Don't tell me that someone of your caliber believes in coincidences.
You recommending me to Prosecutor Cheon wasn't a coincidence either.
There you are.
How have you been? Why not me but my uncle? Curious, are we? Answer me.
Answer me.
Answer me, you piece of trash! Bong Sang Pil, you're the highlight of this little show that comes at the end.
When I eat a meal, I always leave the most delicious side dish to the very last moment.
I eat the other dishes one by one and save that for the last.
Anyway, if you wish your people no harm, you'll rot in there without even making a peep.
Got it? Judge Cha told my attorney to clear my name, but you clearly want me dead.
It doesn't seem like you two are on the same page.
What? Didn't you know that she told my attorney to win my case? No one can dare to understand the depth of Judge Cha's words.
Still, shouldn't you at least be aware of it? Shouldn't you? An Oh Ju! Sang Pil, congratulations on passing the bar.
For our beloved friend, Bong Sang Pil, cheers! - Cheers.
- Cheers.
Don't let being an attorney get to your head.
Act like you're better than us, and you'll pay.
Sir, come on.
I'm an attorney who's still a part of this gang.
No, don't you say that.
Boss wants you to leave the gang life behind for good, and I agree.
That's upsetting to hear.
What will you do about it though? Anyway, just don't live like us.
"Live like us?" What's wrong with our lives? Tell me! Sirs, I love you both! I love you too.
Inmate 6109, keep moving.
I feel safe having a bodyguard.
My boss's orders are the law to me.
It's an abandoned building ready for redevelopment.
They chose it on purpose.
There aren't any security cameras nearby.
Let's look for another entrance.
- Let's check over there.
- Okay.
The scene has been cleaned in record time.
I doubt we'll find any shoe prints.
Uncle Dae Woong! (Kiseong Milk) We finally have a witness.
Let's keep looking around.
- Are you all right? - Yes, I'm good.
Hey! Prosecutor Kang stopped by.
Hello, Judge Cha.
Can you beat Jae I in court? The murder weapon with Bong Sang Pil's prints was found.
You had more evidence at Wu Hyung Man's trial too.
Still, you lost.
Meanwhile, Bong Sang Pil and Ha Jae I won.
That couldn't be Prosecutor Kang's fault.
Mayor An I won't lose this time.
Of course not.
This time, Prosecutor Kang Soon Ja, please.
Who are you to butt in when we're talking about a case? Leave my schedule open this weekend.
Yes, ma'am.
You must have something important that day.
I want to go horseback riding.
Yes, ma'am.
Judge Cha told my attorney to clear my name, but you clearly want me dead.
You two aren't on the same page.
What's odd is odd for a reason.
- Don't you agree? - Sorry? Yes, of course.
Bong Sang Pil Something about him just keeps bugging me.
Even a sturdy embankment may come down crumbling because of a tiny hole.
The hole in this case seems a lot bigger, but I just can't see it.
During the search and seizure of the law firm, an anesthetic was found.
An Oh Ju must've planted it in advance.
Is there a witness for the trial? There was one in the vicinity around the time of the incident.
He'll testify for the prosecution though.
It won't be in favor for me then.
I'll be prepared.
Whose phone call did you receive before leaving that day? Seok Gwan Dong called from a burner phone.
We won't be able to trace the number.
Probably not.
There must be a hole in this trap, and that I'll find.
Also, I'm asking for a trial by jury.
Is it because of Judge Cha? Yes.
If the jury unanimously finds you not guilty, Judge Cha will have no choice but to consider them.
So don't you worry.
I'm not worried.
You shouldn't worry either.
As if that's possible.
How can I not? Didn't you know that I rule in here? I'm a lawless lawyer, remember? Don't do anything while you're in here.
I'm ordering you as your attorney.
I'll make sure to obey you.
(Prosecution Service) You need to win this case no matter what.
It'll be preposterous if you lose to Jae I.
I have a convincing witness.
That's great to hear, and I can't wait for the trial.
Remember how you were humiliated last time and pay them back in double.
Make sure that Bong Sang Pil and Ha Jae I can never hold their heads up again.
Chew and pound on them until they're flat on the ground.
All right? Gosh, I didn't hear you over there.
I'll get going then.
(Choi Jin Ae Suicide Police Report) (Missing Person) You working with Noh Hyun Joo's daughter, Ha Jae I Is that just a coincidence? Don't tell me that someone of your caliber believes in coincidences.
It's not a coincidence, but a well-planned game.
Bong Sang Pil, are you telling me to unravel this mystery? (Lawless Law Firm) How about some coffee? I'll get us some.
Who is it? Hello, sir.
I thought you went to Seoul.
Is this where you've been staying? I'm staying at a colleague's.
Dad, have a seat.
Coffee, at your service! - Hello, sir.
- Hello.
It's good that I brought us some coffee.
I'll leave you to it then.
You should go to Seoul.
I saw the news about Bong Sang Pil.
I'm defending him.
What? He's innocent.
- He was framed, Dad.
- Do you hear yourself? I didn't put you through school so that you could defend a thug! It's not because he's Sang Pil.
I'm defending my client who's innocent.
I took the case because I know that.
Jae I, please rethink this.
Also, Dad, he's the man I love.
I love Bong Sang Pil.
I didn't know you were here, Scorpion.
Did you really kill Dae Woong? Answer my question.
Did you kill him or not? I didn't do it.
It's a misunderstanding.
Are you trying to fool me? No.
I'll prove it at the trial that I'm not the one who killed him.
What if you can't prove it? Then you'll die by my hands.
("Weapon with Fingerprints of the Thug-Turned-Attorney Found") (Choi Dae Woong of Dae Woong Gang, Attorney Bong Sang Pil) If you show up again, I'll kill your daughter first.
Mom Mom I don't want to live like that anymore.
Then what are you going to do? Is there anything you can do? I'll open a law firm in Kiseong.
Is it because of that girl? Yes, Boss.
Who gave you that notebook? From what I know, there's only one person who'd send this to me.
You met Sang Pil as soon as he moved to Kiseong.
Do you think it was a coincidence? Oh, there she is.
Jae I! My gosh.
You look great, but I don't love your outfit.
I should've put together one for you.
- Really? I've been too preoccupied.
- It's okay.
Who are you to criticize Attorney Ha's outfit? Anyway, we just need to wait - for Sang Pil to get acquitted now.
- Exactly.
We'll be counting on you.
- Okay, let's go.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Yes.
Oh, aren't you Attorney Ha's father? - Hello.
- Dad.
You must be here to watch the trial today.
We'll head in first.
What? Have some manners.
We should go in together.
Gosh, you're so tactless.
Go in already.
No, it's okay.
We're all here to root for my daughter.
Let's go in together.
- Yes, sure thing.
- Oh, okay.
You're finally back in court as an attorney, but you look awful.
Why? How do I look? An attorney's attire can help them with their pleading.
My gosh! You should definitely change into this.
This is so great.
I'm not here to root for Bong Sang Pil.
Then why are you here? I'm here as a fan of Attorney Ha Jae I.
You got me there.
Bong Sang Pil.
I must say, being in court as a defendant suits you better than being an attorney.
Being framed and ending up in this prisoner's uniform is more honorable than being hypocritical in that judicial robe.
You'll have to wear this uniform yourself very soon, Judge Cha.
Didn't you tell me that you won't let the law kill any innocent people, as long as you can be in the courtroom as an attorney? But what are you going to do now? Your life is in my hands now.
My life is in the hands of the law.
It's not up to you to decide.
Besides, the person who cherishes my life more than I do is my attorney.
I also hope that Jae I wins this trial.
She told me.
I'm not interested in knowing whether you really meant it or not, but I do want to know why you said such a thing.
(The first trial for the Choi Dae Woong murder case) There she is.
She's his attorney.
(Defense Attorney, Defendant) Don't be nervous.
I'm not nervous at all.
You're one fearless lawyer, Jae I.
I can't believe this is making you nervous.
I told you, I'm not nervous.
Now that I'm sitting here, I'm realizing the utter importance of an attorney's role.
Sitting here, I can see how much my client is relying on me.
The judge is entering.
All rise.
Please be seated.
We'll now begin the first trial for the Choi Dae Woong murder case.
Prosecution, tell us your reason for indictment.
According to Article 250 Section 1 of the Penal Code, I indict the defendant, Bong Sang Pil, for murder.
The defendant, Bong Sang Pil, asked the victim, Choi Dae Woong, to meet him at a soon-to-be demolished building in Sinjeong at around 4pm on May 9.
At the scene, he tied the victim with ropes and threatened him.
The victim didn't give in, so the defendant stabbed him, which critically injured him.
Then he pushed the victim off the roof and killed him.
On the rope tied around the deceased and on the murder weapon, we found prints belonging to Bong Sang Pil.
In Choi Dae Woong's system, we found traces of procaine.
Procaine is an anesthetic not carried at local pharmacies.
On the day of the incident, we searched the suspect's law firm.
There, we found procaine.
The first evidence is the procaine.
Suspect Bong Sang Pil dosed the deceased with procaine, incapacitating him, and carried out his crime.
This indicates premeditation on his part which makes this a more heinous crime.
Here's the MOA with H Company regarding the Golden City redevelopment.
See? Why keep a person dangling when this was the only course of action? My goodness.
Gosh, thank you.
Could you pose for a photo, sir? Once every part of the area is cleaned, - start on the redevelopment.
- Sure thing.
- All right.
- This way, sir.
- I'll get going then.
- Thank you so much.
This way.
Gwan Dong, it's almost time for Sang Pil's trial.
How good of an actor is this witness we planted? He'll take the stage soon, sir.
Is that so? You probably know this, but tell him to act naturally.
Have him behave naturally like water streaming down a river.
- All right? - Sir, please state what you saw on the day of the incident.
It's quite a deserted area, so I was probably the only one there.
I was out on a walk when I saw a man on the rooftop.
What did you see? That man throwing a dead man off the roof.
Are you sure it's him? Yes.
That'll be all, Your Honor.
Defense Attorney, please cross-examine.
You just said that you saw Bong Sang Pil throw the deceased off the roof.
That's right.
I see.
There was quite a distance from where you were, so how can you be so sure? Because I saw it with my own eyes.
Could you be mistaken? No.
- I'm sure.
- Then, please look at this photo.
Do you remember this billboard? It was on the rooftop of the building in question.
Yes, I think I remember seeing it.
What color was the billboard? You can answer since you saw it.
I think it was red.
Are you sure? Yes, it was red.
Sir, what color is it now? It's white.
Given this, are you still sure of what you saw that day? - Well - Please answer.
A man's life is at stake.
Can you truly be sure of what you saw that day? Objection.
Whether he remembers the color of the billboard isn't the issue here.
When we come across shocking events, it's in our nature to focus solely on that.
This is to verify whether his testimony is credible, Your Honor.
All right.
The jury will objectively take claims by both side into consideration.
That concludes the questioning of this witness.
We're now in recess.
(Court) You're the nephew of the late Choi Dae Woong.
From what age did he raise you? It was at the age of 10, after I had lost my mother.
In 2010, assault charges were brought up against you by the prosecutor standing before you.
Yes, that's right.
The gang you were affiliated with at the time - was led by Choi Dae Woong.
- Yes.
The defendant's prior crimes is not a subject of this hearing.
It leads to the defendant's motive.
Objection overruled.
I will allow it.
Why did you suddenly move to Kiseong? Was it a sign of betrayal? - No.
- I have a witness stating that Choi Dae Woong wasn't fond of your move to Kiseong.
Do you care to elaborate? The defendant played a crucial role in the business operated by the deceased.
So him suddenly moving to another city must have put a damper on Choi Dae Woong's plans.
So maybe, it was the late Choi Dae Woong who betrayed you and came at you first.
You were only acting in self-defense.
That's not true.
Who has the most to gain following Choi Dae Woong's death? It's the defendant, Bong Sang Pil.
- Objection.
- Overruled.
The uncle who wasn't pleased with his nephew's decision followed him to Kiseong to interfere with his plans.
The spiteful nephew retaliated with premeditated murder.
Also, the nephew tried to use his uncle's death to claim an insurance payout, which is nothing but cruel and atrocious.
Are you kidding me? His heinous actions are a crime against humanity.
All right.
Mayor, the trial is going in our favor.
There's no need for you to worry.
You can never be sure with a trial until the very last moment.
Yes, of course.
Do you know how a cuckoo builds its nest? A cuckoo as in the bird that chirps like this? Cuckoos don't have their own nests.
They lay their eggs is another bird's nest.
When theirs hatch, they chuck the other bird's eggs out of the nest.
That's one cruel bird.
So only those who survive its cruelty get a chance to fly.
I see.
Just so you know, Kiseong is my nest.
I'll kill those that don't line up beneath me.
(Ha's Photo Studio) We're here.
Why did you follow us here? We need to be at least a group of three to feel safe.
Don't you know that? Gosh, this is pretty.
Give me a second.
I'll quickly gather only what I need.
- Sure thing.
- Sure.
I had no idea we still had photo studios like this here.
May we help you? I'm here to take an identification photo.
Gosh, this is pretty.
Give me a second.
I'll quickly gather only what I need.
- Sure thing.
- Sure.
I had no idea we still had photo studios like this here.
May we help you? I'm here to take an identification photo.
I see.
Jae I, she wants to have her ID picture taken.
We're closed now.
I urgently need an ID picture.
Can I take one? My father isn't here now.
Please visit us tomorrow.
You can take it though.
I really need it today.
Jae I, if you know how to do it, just take one for her.
The other studios would be closed already.
Please come this way.
You should take off the sunglasses.
I'm sorry.
Please lean your head slightly to the left.
To the left Here, let me help you.
Please look at the camera, not at me.
In 1 and 2.
What did you do to my mom? Did you kill her? I'm sorry.
What's wrong? You look a lot like my mom.
You can't say such a thing to a young lady like her.
- I'm sorry.
- No, I didn't mean it.
- I'll take it again.
I'm sorry.
- Okay.
It's done.
The photo will be ready soon.
By the way, did you come to the funeral of Detective Wu Hyung Man? Do you remember me? Yes.
Please wait for a moment.
You even take photos well.
Jae I, I'm here.
What are you doing? I'm printing out a photo.
We have a customer.
Did you take the picture? Excuse me, your photo It's been a long time.
You were newly-elected when my father was alive.
And you're the representative of the party now.
How time flies.
Time has changed a lot of things.
And Kiseong have made a lot of progress.
Thanks to you, a virtuous woman.
And you've become humorous.
If you have anything to tell me, you can talk to him from now on.
You're going too far.
I haven't said anything yet.
Politics is a war in which you should fight smiling.
He said it was a war fought smiling while hiding your sword.
That's what my father said.
I feel sorry for your father.
Now that enough time has passed, we should move on.
You pushed my father out in the blink of an eye.
And now you need me? All Kiseong citizens are well aware of Judge Cha Byung Ho's achievement.
And now, we need his esteemed daughter, Judge Cha Moon Sook, to follow in her father's footsteps serve the people.
You're talking about my father to get rid of my excuses to refuse your offer.
Thanks to you, I will never be able to trust people.
It will be the chance of a lifetime to redound to your father's honor.
And it will be a good chance for me to apologize what I did in the past.
Please propose to me in a way that will convince me to accept, for someone who has no wants.
So you're giving me a half yes today.
Drink your tea before it gets cold.
You're smiling but look tired.
Losing someone you cherish.
It hurts.
Since you cut off my hand, I should cut something of yours off too.
Obviously, I should probably target someone who's very dear to you.
Sang Pil.
Can't you just try to live a happy, normal life with that lady from now on? I'll deal with An Oh Ju and Cha Moon Sook.
Is it that Uncle Dae Woong was preparing something? Will you be okay with just Mr.
Tae's help? I'll bring a few guys who can help you.
How dare you kill him? Do you suspect me too? What if you can't prove it? Then you'll die by my hands.
You came to the photo studio the other day, right? Hello.
What brings you here? I work as an acupressurist at Judge Cha Moon Sook's private residence.
Pardon? Choi Dae Woong, who is in your case, brought me to you.
Choi Dae And Choi Dae Woong gave me this picture.
I'm fighting against Cha Moon Sook.
Just like you are now.
Follow me.
I heard it from Man Bae.
There was evidence submitted in the trial.
You lied to me.
The trial isn't over yet.
You punk! You got good at making excuses, now that you're a lawyer.
Are you scared? You should know very well what Dae Woong meant to me.
You punk! Are you ignoring me? Scorpion.
You punk.
You punk! What are you doing? Guard! This is the only way to prove my innocence.
Just go.
This doggone world no longer follows the law or has people we can trust.
Revenge only brings more revenge.
(Lawless Lawyer) What do you know? Don't think the past has been completely erased for the past is what shapes the future.
The trial may be important, but you're more important to me.
You scum! He's a crocodile that can eat anything that crosses his mouth at any time.
By reporting after doing the deed, you're challenging my authority.
I guess I'm awake from my sweet dream now.
Who has the power to go to this length to kill us both?