Lawless Lawyer (Mubeop Byeonhosa) (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

Yes, Detective Gong.
Jae I.
Attorney Bong is being transferred to a hospital now.
What do you mean? Bong Sang Pil.
Please Sang Pil, Sang Pil! Sang Pil.
Sang Pil Sang Pil.
Please wait outside.
(Operating Room) Attorney Ha, what happened? What's going to happen to Attorney Bong now? - Gosh - My goodness, Attorney Ha.
It's okay.
You all know how strong he is.
He'll be okay.
He'll be fine.
You pushed my father out in the blink of an eye.
And now you need me? All Kiseong citizens are well aware of Judge Cha Byung Ho's achievement.
And now, we need his esteemed daughter, Judge Cha Moon Sook, to follow in her father's footsteps and serve the people.
It will be the chance of a lifetime to redound to your father's honor.
I was able to grow Ohju Group to what it is now because of my frugality.
And What's the word? Right, being hungry for success.
In my opinion, those two were the biggest contributors.
And I'd never spend or even touch money that is not mine.
A public official should never do such a thing.
My gosh.
I must say, the people of Kiseong chose the perfect mayor.
- I'm truly impressed.
- Are we done now? Yes, thank you.
Great! Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Great work.
Gwan Dong.
- Gosh, because of this - Goodness, no.
- Please! Don't.
- Please accept it.
My goodness.
It's from the city's expense account, so you have nothing to worry about.
Just put it in your pocket.
And you see Judge Cha doesn't call meetings with The Seven as often these days.
She seems a bit different.
Don't you think she's changed a little? I've been feeling that too, but I don't really want to ask.
Mayor, there's something I have to report to you.
Judge Cha.
- What is it? - Bong Sang Pil was stabbed.
He's unconscious now.
Really? Okay.
Bong Sang Pil got stabbed in the stomach? Did you plan it? I'm sorry, sir.
I didn't think to do that, sir.
I know very well that you're not that clever.
I'd never do anything without your permission, sir.
I'm thinking there must've been someone in prison who wanted to kill Bong Sang Pil.
I mean, if he dies in the hospital before the verdict is announced, the investigation will stop as well.
Wouldn't it be perfect for us? Aren't you happy, sir? So that means, besides me, there is someone else after Bong Sang Pil as well.
In other words, Cha Moon Sook must've hired another hitman on top of me.
Aren't I right? Don't worry too much.
Did the surgery go well? Yes, he passed the critical stage.
He'll regain his consciousness soon.
See? I told you he'd be fine.
Thank you, Doctor.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- He won't die! - Keep it down.
You cannot go in.
Let her in.
She's his attorney.
I got my visiting permit via fax.
Let's go in.
Only Attorney Ha is allowed in.
Are there too many of us? - Why did you guys follow us? - I want to see him.
If she ends up with even a small cut, I'll kill you.
Don't worry about anything.
I'll protect you no matter what.
I don't need anyone to protect me.
Just in case something happens.
- Bong Sang Pil.
- I'll run to wherever you are.
Okay? Why didn't I know back then? You tried so hard to keep me safe.
You mean so much to me.
I promise I'll be really good to you from now on.
I'm going to do everything I haven't been able to do for you so far, Sang Pil.
You really mean it, right? Sang Pil.
Answer me first.
Did you really mean what you just said? It's me, Bong Sang Pil.
Sang Pil.
Thank you for coming back to me.
Do you know how scared I was? If you scare me like that once again, I'll Sang Pil.
I want to punch you, but I can't.
Thank goodness Sang Pil regained his consciousness.
He'll have to be hospitalized for the time being, right? Yes.
I applied for bail so that he doesn't have to return to the detention center right away.
Tae, look into the insurance payout.
I need to find out what's really going on.
Got it.
And what's going on with tracking Seok Gwan Dong's burner phone? That's It's probably not doable, right? It's nothing hard.
I'll make it happen! - Great.
- That's the spirit! Geum Kang and Geum Ja, try to track down the witness.
He may have fled already, but we should still try.
Of course.
We'll go to the end of the world if we have to.
Hey, you and I are in agreement for a change.
- Great! - Great! Go, team! Geum Kang, what kind of law firm is this? You idiot! - We're - We're fighters.
We fight for our clients.
- Lawless - Lawless - Lawyers! - Lawyers! We're the only ones that can help Attorney Bong, so let's work together.
- Yes! - Let's go! Judge Cha wants my attorney to get me acquitted, but you're trying to kill me.
It doesn't look like you two see eye to eye.
What's wrong? You didn't know? She wants me to win this trial.
This guy is Dae Woong Gang's number two, Kwon Man Bae.
He and Bong Sang Pil almost got into a fight at Choi Dae Woong's funeral.
It looks like he got one of his underlings in the prison to do it.
Those idiots.
They think Bong Sang Pil killed their boss.
Because Choi Dae Woong died, this guy is Dae Woong Gang's number one now.
Do you actually think he was the one who whacked Bong Sang Pil? Do you think it makes sense? He should be thanking Bong Sang Pil.
Well, if he thought that Bong Sang Pil killed his boss, he'd still try to get his revenge.
What did you just say? "Revenge"? Then will you avenge for me if I get stabbed and die? Of course, Mr.
The three seconds you hesitated showed me how you really feel.
How dare you try to fool me? Thugs never seek revenge.
Thugs these days aren't even real thugs.
Notions such as revenge and loyalty are long gone.
You idiot.
Then let's say someone whacks Judge Cha Moon Sook.
Will you do nothing about it? You punk.
I think I've been way too nice to you these days.
No, don't get me wrong, sir.
I'm sorry.
Taking revenge against someone for Judge Cha Well, I must say that it is an interesting question.
As for that punk, Bong Sang Pil, I'm working on taking care of him.
What are you up to these days? You don't report to me anymore.
Because of that jerk, the company handover process is stalling.
I may not always repay kindness, but I always repay those who are a nuisance.
A nuisance? With Ohju Group, I thought everything had been taken care of.
Things have been sorted out, but we still have loose ends to tie up.
Are you mistakenly thinking that Kiseong is yours now that you're the mayor? Goodness.
Don't I have enough authority now to take care of things like this at my own discretion? Judge Cha.
This is the only way to prove my innocence.
Look at this.
It's quite nice.
How's the wound? It was enough to hospitalize you, but you're still alive.
You scum! Stop it and let go.
Let go.
Let go! You talk big about either killing me or not, so it'll be a shame to see you die first.
Take better care of yourself.
Just so you know, I had nothing to do with this incident.
Stop beating around the bush, and say what you want and get lost.
I came to see you out of the goodness of my heart.
Would it kill you to be more polite? You never know.
I might be the one to help you find the person who stabbed you.
Just look at you, Bong Sang Pil.
Wherever you go, no matter what air you breathe, you're surrounded by enemies.
Live a more exemplary life, why don't you? Like me.
Judging by the look on Bong Sang Pil's face, he seems to be clueless of what happened.
My goodness.
If it isn't Prosecutor Cheon Seung Beom.
How's the case against Bong Sang Pil going? You should head in first.
Yes, sir.
I can't believe I'm on the mayor's radar.
It must mean I'm doing my job right.
Well, thanks to you, the succession of my funds came to a halt.
Even though I forget everything else, I will never forget your name, Prosecutor Cheon Seung Beom.
Is that so? What business did you have with Bong Sang Pil? My goodness.
Nothing gets by you, does it? I doubt it was a friendly visit.
You seem very interested in his case.
It's not that I'm personally interested.
As the mayor of this city What he did is unacceptable in the eyes of humanity.
- He killed his own flesh and blood! - That's right, sir.
Please make sure that he gets the sentence he deserves.
What I mean is that I don't want him ever roaming the streets of Kiseong again.
Sure thing.
I do hope that you never sit across from me in court too.
Of course.
Good day! Bong Sang Pil.
Lift your head up.
We spotted him on the prison's closed-circuit TV.
Is he the one who stabbed you? No, it's not.
You're wrong.
What? My attacker was shorter and skinnier.
Is that so? We have no choice but to believe the victim.
Get a closer look at him.
- This is the guy.
- I'm certain it's not.
Detective Gong, please leave with the suspect.
Yes, sir.
Do you believe that I killed my uncle too? I don't believe in the living.
I only trust the deceased and the evidence, and the evidence says that you're the killer.
One thing is bugging me though.
Why did Mayor An come to visit you? I'm curious.
He wanted to know who stabbed me and came here to ask in person.
You should be greatly prepared for my trial.
You see, my lawyer is far more persistent.
You know very well that I get excited when I go up against someone like me.
I'll see you in court.
Doesn't Bong Sang Pil scare you? He's a known thug and a murderer.
The trial isn't over yet.
I can already see the verdict, so what's the point? An attorney who judges its own client before the trial is over.
A prosecutor who thinks she won based on what she can only see.
Who is more problematic? - What? - Someone asked me that once.
Now I know how it feels to ask that.
You've never once trusted anyone fully who isn't you.
I also bet that you've never wanted to risk your whole life to save that someone.
An attorney shouldn't get emotional over a trial.
To a suspect who's 100 percent innocent, the trust of his lawyer means the most.
You should know that.
Jae I? I'm glad to hear that Bong Sang Pil is doing much better.
Do you really mean that? You really think I'd want Attorney Bong to die in prison? I feel like you mean the exact opposite.
My gosh, Jae I.
You've changed a lot.
Don't think that you're past will be erased if you get rid of Sang Pil.
My past? What do you mean? What do you know? Don't assure yourself the past has been completely erased for the past is what shapes the future.
That's interesting.
I'll look forward to seeing you actually prove that.
We will now begin Bong Sang Pil's bond hearing.
Defense attorney, make your case.
Two days ago, the defendant, Bong Sang Pil, was stabbed in the prison he was confined to.
His killer is still among the inmates, so by sending him back, you'll be exposing him to the same threat which is why I ask he be released on bail.
Prosecution, make your case.
We still don't know whether his life was really threatened or he injured himself purposely in order to be released on bail.
Are you implying that he stabbed himself? Or he may have asked someone to stab him but miss vital organs.
Prosecutor Kang, watch what you're saying.
At a hearing presided by you, Judge Cha, he insulted this court and purposely had himself be held in contempt.
It's not a far-stretched theory.
Prosecutor Cheon, what is your opinion on the matter? The defendant is strongly denying all charges brought up against him in court.
If he's out on bail, he might find the opportunity to destroy evidence.
Then I'll make my decision.
I agree with the logical assumption made by Prosecutor Cheon regarding Bong Sang Pil's opportunity to destroy evidence.
Therefore, I dismiss the application for bail presented by his attorney.
The application for bail was denied.
Of course.
Judge Cha would never allow it.
You did great though, Attorney Ha.
How are you feeling? I'm not sure.
I've never had anyone visit me this often at a hospital, so I'm not used to this.
You're obviously fine now.
No, I haven't fully recovered yet.
Gosh, the carp here are as big as sharks.
And pigeons these days are the size of hens.
- I'm tiny, but they're gigantic.
- Boss! - What? - Boss.
Hey, the Lawless Law Firm family! - My gosh! - Boss.
- What's wrong? - Are you okay? That scared you, didn't it? - Gosh! - Gosh, seriously.
Boss, thank you so much for showing up alive like this.
I've been feeling horrible, thinking that you ended up like that because of all the bad deeds I've done.
I'm sorry, Boss.
We all missed you very much, Attorney Bong.
I'm sorry I worried you guys.
- Don't say that! - Don't worry about it.
We should have drinks to celebrate our reunion.
- Great idea! - Let's grab a drink.
You dimwit.
How can a patient drink? When else would you have a drink? Give us some privacy, will you? We'd like to spend some alone time.
- Oh, right! - My gosh, yes! - You guys just can't take a hint.
- No problem, Boss.
- Have a good time.
- See you later.
Thanks, guys.
My gosh, this feels so nice.
I wish we could walk together.
I'm sorry I'm making you push me in a wheelchair.
You must be realizing how much you really need me.
Yes, I am.
Aren't you ill? Why are there handcuffs on your wrists? Oh, that's - He's just - It's because one of my teammates punched me by mistake.
Don't talk to people like that.
You never told me even though I kept asking you.
So you were a member of Dae Woong Gang? I have the right to know more about you, because I'm your attorney.
Is that all? And because you're my man.
Thanks, Jae I.
You're such a great acupressurist.
Pardon me? Oh, thank you.
- Do you have any family? - No, ma'am.
You seem to have been through a lot.
It looks like Judge Cha really likes your acupressure massages.
She rarely asks her therapists such questions.
Judge Cha, I asked Mr.
Ha to come for tomorrow's photo shoot.
All right.
By the way, what has Mayor An been up to in the last few days? I haven't heard a word from him since he stormed out that day.
He seems to think that he's become a person of influence.
Like I told you before, no one is as loyal to you as I am.
- Don't let him into my house.
- Pardon? Got it, ma'am.
I'll pass the message along.
Judge Cha.
I'm here.
What are you doing here? I never asked you to come.
Get out.
You're not allowed in here for the next little while.
It's Judge Cha's order.
Hear me out first.
I figured there might be a misunderstanding in regard to what happened to Bong Sang Pil.
I've been worried, so I came to speak to you in person.
Why are you still here? Get out this instant.
- Yes, ma'am.
- You should leave the room as well.
Me too? Wait, just a second.
Good job today.
Thank you Why aren't you picking them up? Thank you, ma'am.
Are you thanking me for only one bill? Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you, ma'am.
Listen carefully.
If you leak anything you saw or heard here, not only you, but your family will also be hurt.
Oh, right.
Did you say you have no family? Yes, ma'am.
Then I'm going to track down everyone you know, including your friends and relatives, and hurt them all.
Do you understand? Yes, ma'am.
I'll never forget that.
Goodness, why is this in my way? There's something I want to show you.
Who gave you this? A woman.
I think she knows your uncle.
- My uncle? - Yes.
She told me he helped her get into Judge Cha's house as her acupressurist.
And he gave her these photos.
Bong Sang Pil.
So it wasn't your doing? Gosh, it definitely wasn't me.
I figured you'd suspect that I did it.
I'll find out who did it and report to you right away.
You see, reporting after doing the deed is a way of showing me that you defy my authority.
Whoever did it dared to touch your prey without your permission.
I'll find out who did it and bring that jerk to you.
Please forgive me after that.
An Oh Ju, you're incredibly sneaky.
You came here to check on me because you were worried you might get in trouble.
But you're acting like you're begging for my forgiveness.
Well, I'll get going, then.
Goodbye, Judge Cha.
I'm home.
She hasn't picked up her photos yet.
I work as an acupressurist at Judge Cha Moon Sook's private residence.
Pardon? I'm fighting against Cha Moon Sook.
Just like you are now.
(Ha's Photo Studio) Hey, how could you still be in bed? Oh, my.
Are you going somewhere nice? You only wear that tie on special occasions.
Mom got it for you for your birthday.
I have to take photos of Judge Cha for the cover of her autobiography.
Is that why you're wearing that tie? Jae I.
I'm not sure why you have misunderstandings about her, but I'd like you to respect what I do.
See you later.
Make sure you eat something.
Hold on a moment.
We're ready.
Judge Cha.
Could we move that porcelain jar elsewhere for a few minutes? Why? It suits Judge Cha, and it looks great there.
We should listen to the photographer.
Sure, go ahead.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll move it, then.
Nam, you should stay out of the frame too.
My gosh! Oh, no.
Gosh, I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry, ma'am.
Goodness gracious! Do you know how much this is worth? I told you to just leave it there! I'll compensate you for this.
I definitely will, ma'am.
You'll pay for this? Do you even know how much this is valued at? - This goes for 100,000 dollars.
- Pardon? - 100,000 dollars? - Gosh, don't make such a fuss.
Please clean up, and we'll continue the shoot.
I'll clean this up, ma'am.
My goodness.
Judge Cha, you're incredibly understanding and kind.
I'd kick him out immediately if this happened to me.
Goodness, you're such a handful.
Why are you standing there? Come in and help him clean this up.
Didn't you hear me? Good grief.
Gosh, it's okay.
You can take care of this ourselves.
You don't need to help.
Here, take this.
I guess you've given up on finding Jae I's mother.
It's been a long time since I started just believing that she'd be alive somewhere.
Jae I must take after her mother.
She's very stubborn.
I'm sorry.
I sincerely apologize on her behalf.
Hurry up already.
Judge Cha is waiting.
Yes, we're almost done.
Let's hurry.
About that acupressurist Can we really trust her? I mean, you know nothing about her.
That's true.
Jae I.
Like what happened with my uncle, An Oh Ju might try to turn the tables.
The trial is important, of course.
But you matter more to me.
I know what you're worried about.
I'm not really sure how to explain this, but I don't think that lady would fool me.
Not just because she gave me photos of Cha Moon Sook.
For some reason, I think she's telling the truth about every single thing.
Kwang Soo! Attorney Ha, I'm here.
Of course.
I'm the person who had her ID photos taken.
I'll come to Lawless Law Firm at 11pm tonight.
I hope we can talk alone.
Sure, that's no problem at all.
I'll be waiting.
You made it.
I was waiting for you.
Is this your desk? Yes.
And here are your photos.
Thank you.
- Would you like some tea? - Sure.
Ha Jae I.
First, I'd like to ask you a few questions.
Did Mr.
Choi Dae Woong really give you those photos of Judge Cha? I'd also like to you ask you why you gave me those photos.
You must know how menacing and dangerous Judge Cha is.
Why are you doing these things voluntarily? I'm sorry.
I bombarded you with too many questions, didn't I? I actually found those photos at Judge Cha's residence.
I said that I got them from Mr.
Choi because I was worried you wouldn't trust me.
And it is true that Mr.
Choi got me into her residence.
The reason I'm doing this, fully knowing what Judge Cha is capable of doing I'm doing this because I want my life back.
I'm ready to give up everything I have if I can reclaim the years that I've lost.
The years you've lost? I didn't come here to talk about things like this.
The relationship between Judge Cha and Mayor An is turning sour.
- Pardon me? - It looks like they will have a problem soon.
I should get going now.
If you don't mind, could you tell me your name? I just don't know how to address you.
Everyone at Judge Cha's residence calls me Mama.
I see.
It sounds like there's a conflict between An Oh Ju and Cha Moon Sook.
What do you mean? The lady who works at Judge Cha's residence gave me the information.
I know that lady wouldn't lie to me.
If you can't trust her, just trust me instead.
So, a chasm is forming between the crocodile and the crocodile bird.
The same goes for you.
Bark and bite only when I tell you to do so because you're my dog.
Where to, sir? You stay here.
I'm going alone.
Pardon me? Okay, sir.
We just arrived at the hospital, sir.
Wait there.
- My gosh, Mr.
- Yes, hello.
Gosh, you must be tired.
I have to talk to him about something, so please wait outside.
Oh, well Yes, sir.
Do it.
Judge Cha Actually, no.
Do you remember what you said to me? You must have a lot on your mind to come and see me at this hour.
Did Judge Cha really tell your attorney to clear your name? Oh, that? You should've asked her instead of coming here to me.
You came to the wrong guy.
Who the heck are you? Sir, Bong Sang Pil isn't alone.
What do you mean? He has company.
It's Mayor An.
What? Mayor An? Judge Cha, what should we do? Are you sure about this? I'm none other than An Oh Ju.
We know, Mayor An.
There's no one here that'll show you the appropriate respect.
One's cuffed to the bed, and one's an old man.
This isn't even a job considering how easy it is.
What? An old man? You, Bong Sang Pil, it's every man for himself.
They're crawling everywhere.
I've been saving the most delicious until last, so I can't have others taking what's mine.
I'm only helping because I can't have you die here.
Just you know that.
Today doesn't seem like the day.
If you die until this is all sorted, I'll kill you again myself.
That'll never happen until I end your life, so don't worry.
Seeing stars yet? Bong Sang Pil, let's go.
Just go.
Get lost.
Who has the power to go to this length to kill us both? There's only one person that comes to mind.
Bong Sang Pil, consider this your lucky day.
(Sunghan General Hospital) You have some nerve growling like that.
I'm grateful for the protection, but you should eat.
We're busted.
What about you? I'll eat once I'm done.
Then we'll head downstairs and quickly polish a bowl of soup and rice.
- We should go.
- Right.
It's delicious.
So, a chasm is forming between the crocodile and the crocodile bird.
A crocodile that can eat anything that crosses her mouth at any time.
It's Cha Moon Sook.
- Get the door! - Yes, sir.
Attorney Ha! - Did anything happen? - No, sir.
Sang Pil! Jae I - Get the first aid kit.
- Yes, sir.
Oh no You're okay.
I'm glad.
What happened? How did you get here? Something happened at the hospital.
I thought you'd be in danger too.
Shouldn't we call an ambulance? - No, don't.
- Sorry? Don't.
I'm good.
It's all right.
Prosecutor Cheon, it's Attorney Ha Jae I.
Bong Sang Pil is here.
Please come quickly to Lawless Law Firm.
What do we do? We're out of ointments.
How so? We should go to the pharmacy! Hurry.
You shouldn't have come here in this state.
My heart nearly exploded on my way over here.
I was so worried about you.
I made a promise, you see.
What promise? I will always protect you.
That's what I promised myself.
You're unbelievable.
That's the kind of promise you make with me.
Are you all right? Sang Pil.
What's wrong? Who did this? Please tell me.
I'll move out with the guys.
Who did this to you? I'm glad you say that.
Who would dare to do this to me, An Oh Ju? Who do you think it is? Bong Sang Pil.
You rascal.
You must've been surprised, Jae I.
Get up.
I'm still a patient.
Right, a patient.
You're an escaped convict.
- Gosh, it hurts.
- I'll take him.
- He's sick.
- Prosecutor Cheon.
We should take Sang Pil to the hospital now.
Since you called me immediately, I won't make a thing of him escaping from the hospital.
And we still need to settle a few things.
Thank you, Prosecutor Cheon.
Let's go.
- Okay.
- Yes, sir.
Sang Pil.
Sang Pil.
Before Choi Dae Woong died, he was looking for a Thai woman.
A Thai woman? Yes, ma'am.
But she seemed to be Korean.
She did? I'm telling you this as it's weird that he went to Kiseong to find her.
Did you say your name was Mama? Yes, ma'am.
It's a good name.
A scuffle broke out in a hospital in the middle of the night.
- Hey.
- Attorney Bong, the suspect in the murder case of Choi Dae Woong Well Call Editor-in-chief Han now.
Tell him to make sure my name won't be mentioned in the case.
Yes, sir.
The mayor shouldn't be involved in a brawl of bullies like you.
It will only jeopardize the administration.
As your aide I can't take this anymore.
You better watch what you're talking about.
When I was a thug in Seoul, I would always get my own way.
But after I became your aide, there's nothing I can do.
What did you say? Please forgive me.
Politics suit you better.
Can you prove yourself as the mayor of Kiseong? About Ohju Group's blind trust Everything is going smoothly without any problems, right? Forget the blind trust.
You should just donate it to my father's foundation.
What do you mean What is it? Don't you trust my judgment? I lost my reason in front of you.
It's okay.
Never mind.
Pardon? You just woke me from my sweet dream now.
I'm so sorry.
Please forgive me.
Why would Judge Cha make me mayor? My money.
My hands and feet.
She'll take them all and get rid of them.
Is that it, Cha Moon Sook? Let's go, Attorney Ha.
Let's go.
You look pretty.
What do you want from me? (The 2nd hearing of the murder case of Choi Dae Woong) Are you all right? Yes, I'm okay.
What's wrong? Did something happen? You might be surprised during the hearing.
I guess you have your ace in the hole.
I knew it.
I will prove your innocence no matter what.
The judge is entering.
All rise.
Please be seated.
We'll now begin the second trial for the Choi Dae Woong murder case.
Your Honor.
We want a witness to be summoned.
I didn't hear anything about a witness for the accused.
We have a new witness.
What's the opinion of the prosecution? We cannot accept it.
We have no prior consultation.
We just found the witness this morning, so we failed to follow the procedure.
If this is about the reliability of the witness, I believe his position will guarantee his reliability.
Who is the witness? He's the Mayor of Kiseong, An Oh Ju.
Judge Cha Moon Sook.
I, Mayor An Oh Ju, will speak the truth with my name.
Bong Sang Pil who's sitting right over there isn't the culprit.
(Lawless Lawyer) Did you make a deal with An Oh Ju for me? We just share the same interests.
If your mom is alive, will you go back to what you were? Cha Moon Sook and I are already at war.
An Oh Ju, how dare you.
It's now going to be twice as difficult for you, so what's your plan? The day you stand in Kiseong District Court is the day the law of Kiseong crumbles.
We're now at total war.
Uncle, I'm sorry for going against your dying wishes.