Lawless Lawyer (Mubeop Byeonhosa) (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

Get up.
Boss, Attorney Ha, Judge Cha held an urgent press conference.
I'll be officially accepting ("I will not succumb to maligning forces.
") the candidacy of chief justice of the Supreme Court.
For this country's judicial justice, - I, Cha Moon Sook - You! How dare you sentence my son to death? Who do you think you are? Judge! Judge, oh no.
Hang in there, Judge Cha! Judge! Hurry.
Hurry up! Hurry.
The assailant turned out to be the father of a man recently sentenced to death by Judge Cha.
Because of this incident, people will forget about the recent photo of her.
It looks to be a premeditated attack Who says that people can't get lucky? So far, it's either been the law or money, but now she even has luck on her side.
Are you taking her side? Of course not.
Anyway, shouldn't you head to the hospital immediately? Let's say I went.
Do you really think that the lucky Judge Cha will thank me for coming over to see her? Still, I should show my face though.
This is why being the mayor of Kiseong is a tricky job.
- Sir.
- Who is it? Ms.
Nam, is that you? Where are you? So how's Judge Cha doing? Stop fooling around and get your butt over here! I'm not deaf, you know.
I'll be there.
I'm going.
The assailant turned out to be the father of a man She's done so many awful things, but at least she's getting paid for some.
That's right.
If you keep doing bad things, it'll come back to haunt you.
I couldn't feel better.
No, it's the opposite.
Judge went from being a suspect to a victim because of this.
- Kwang Soo.
- Yes? Check the internet for videos of the incident taken from a different angle.
- Yes, sir.
- Ones taken by bystanders.
Yes, sir.
You know how good he is with his hands.
What? Are you saying that he's a member of our family? How stupid are you? That's not what I meant! I'm saying that there's nothing he can't find on the internet.
- Cha Moon Sook, Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook, Cha Moon Sook! Mr.
- Mr.
Mayor! - Sir.
What is Judge Cha's condition? Please help Judge Cha! Mr.
Mayor! She must be asleep.
Nam, how is Judge Cha? My heart was racing at a million miles an hour.
The doctor said that she would've gone blind had it hit her a few inches lower.
She was incredibly lucky.
My gosh.
I mean, I just can't believe it! Goodness.
Mayor An.
Yes, Judge Cha, I'm here.
As the mayor, make an official statement saying that I haven't regained my consciousness yet.
An unconscious state? Right, of course.
- Soon Ja.
- Yes, ma'am.
Have Editor-in-chief Han and Chief Prosecutor Jang see me tomorrow morning.
Yes, ma'am.
- Run along now.
- Yes, ma'am.
Please get well soon.
Take good care of her.
Doesn't Judge Cha think that you're the one who leaked the photos taken 18 years ago? Judge Cha has put a sharp knife to my neck.
We both are hiding our real faces behind our masks.
If we so much as blink the wrong way, we'll be completely done for.
Still, I finally think it's coming to an end.
It's the mayor! - Sir! - How is Judge Cha? We'd like a comment.
I'm afraid that Judge Cha is still unconscious.
How will you proceed? Please say something as the mayor.
Kiseong is known to be a great city to live in thanks to it being one with the lowest crime rate.
To know that something this heinous happened tears me up inside.
I, An Oh Ju, as the mayor of Kiseong, will punish the man responsible for this.
That I'll do.
Okay, I got one.
Here's a video taken by a bystander.
Put it up on the screen.
I, Cha Moon Sook How dare you sentence my son to death? Pause.
She already knew he was coming for her.
Are you saying she let herself get injured? She had time to get away from him, but she didn't.
She used this to her advantage.
Are you saying she made that call in that short window of time? She's one scary lady.
I'm shaking in horror.
I had no idea until I joined this law firm.
The people of Kiseong have been fooled all their lives.
She always thinks ahead, so it's more than plausible.
Judge Cha is overcoming a crisis with a crisis.
The assailant turned out to be the father of a man recently sentenced to death by Judge Cha.
He was arrested at the scene.
Meanwhile, the past photos of Judge Cha are being questioned by the public of their authenticity which adds weight to the possibility of them being fake.
(Lawless Law Firm) No one's talking about Judge Cha's photos anymore.
I read that her followers spent the night outside the hospital she's at, holding candles.
Them and those loyal to her will help her win this game.
She's presided over thousands of trials.
If you study them, you'll see that there were crimes beyond our comprehension.
There are even those that seem too cruel to be true.
That experience has led to her to know how humans operate.
She's now at the level where she can manipulate others.
She knew what would happen if she used the attack to her advantage.
What will her next move be then? She went from suspect to victim, but will she be satisfied? Kwang Soo, we're heading out.
Yes, sir.
My gosh.
Judge Cha, how are you doing? I can't believe this.
It's all right.
I'm fine.
- Can you help me sit up? - Yes, of course.
Chief Prosecutor Jang, how did you deal with the my assailant? He's in a holding cell at the Kiseong Police Department.
I'll make sure he gets the maximum.
No, don't do anything for now.
Sorry? Yes, ma'am.
Editor-in-chief Han, gather some reporters.
Where, ma'am? - Soon Ja.
- Yes? Bring me my clothes.
But you're not fit enough to be out and about.
What's going through your head? Was it premeditated? Do you regret your actions? Do you have anything to say to Judge Cha? - Cha Moon Sook, Cha Moon Sook! - Here she comes! - Cha Moon Sook, Cha Moon Sook! - Judge Cha! - Cha Moon Sook! - How's your injury? Please say a few words.
- Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! - Judge Cha, how are you doing? - Well This incident I understand why this happened because of my verdict.
What exactly do you mean by that, Judge Cha? The sentence I issued was fair, but his son's death penalty must've made him lose his reason.
I can understand how devastated he must be as a parent.
Does that mean you'll forgive the assailant? Should an act done out of parental love be legally punished? I don't want him to be punished in any way.
- My gosh! - Let's give her a big hand! I'm so sorry, Judge Cha.
Please forgive me.
Let's applaud her.
- Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! - Judge Cha, I have a question.
Wasn't it intentional that you didn't try to avoid the attack? - What's the matter with him? - What's he saying? What's his problem? To me, that sounds like you're saying I intentionally made myself the victim.
Am I right, Attorney Bong Sang Pil? Yes, ma'am.
It did detract the media and public's attention from the case from 18 years ago.
Those photos were manipulated.
- Yes! - That's right! I already gave my answers at the press conference.
No more questions, please.
- Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! People will go on about how kind and forgiving she is.
She managed to turn a crisis into an opportunity.
- Cha Moon Sook! - Cha Moon Sook! You accurately predicted her move.
I'm going back to the office.
You can call it a day.
I'll see you tomorrow, then.
Let's go.
We hope she can recover and return to court very soon.
- We're rooting for you, Judge Cha! - We're here for you! I'll teach you whenever we have time so that you can be fine on your own.
Gosh, you startled me.
You didn't even hear me coming in? What were you thinking about? What brings you here? I bought all this on my way home, but it's too much food for me, so I stopped by to eat with you.
- Come on in.
- All right.
Oh, my gosh.
Attorney Bong has gone back into his cave, hasn't he? - Geum Ja.
- I know what's going on.
You see, men do that sometimes.
What should you do when that happens? Don't do anything.
Just give him some time and space.
Well My dad has no idea what kind of person Cha Moon Sook really is, and Attorney Bong feels like he's distancing himself from me.
Well As for your father, he'll find out the truth about her with time, so I don't think you should be worried.
I can't figure out what Attorney Bong is thinking.
Are you trying to upset me or what? Just leave him alone.
Leave him be until he walks out of his cave.
Geum Ja, you're like a dating coach.
To be honest, I'm a little jealous.
But what can I do? You two look so cute together.
So cheer up, please.
Okay? - Okay, I will.
- And eat more too.
I have the right to know more about you, because you're my man.
If you really love my daughter, please let her go.
Boss, did you want to see me? - Kwang Soo.
- Yes, Boss.
Jae I's mother - is alive.
- Sorry? Are you sure? Yes.
Does Attorney Ha know about it too? Her mother asked me to keep it from her for now, so I haven't told her.
Don't tell her until I tell her myself.
Okay, Boss.
You told me to end it with Jae I.
I'll do as you say.
But there's one thing I'd like to ask you.
This notebook.
You sent me this, didn't you? (Cha Moon Sook) (An Oh Ju) No, it wasn't me.
Pardon? You're not the one who sent me this? That's right.
So, you're in Mr.
Jo's family.
What a small world.
I'd love to brag about it, but he'll yell at me if I do that.
This is for you.
Jo sent this to congratulate you on your recovery.
It's a set that consists of a brush and an inkstone traditionally - used by Chinese kings.
- My gosh.
This was my father's favorite thing.
The public opinion about you has completely shifted.
And your decision helped him further solidify his position within the party.
I just do what I think is right, that's all.
I know, of course.
Whenever I talk to him, I praise you like there's no tomorrow.
Oh, Chief Prosecutor Jang.
Come on in.
I see that you have a guest.
I've heard a lot about you, Chief Prosecutor Jang Sa Ik.
It's nice to meet you.
Chief Prosecutor Jang and I will work very closely together from now on.
Let Mr.
Jo know.
Sure, I will.
You tell him.
Why do I have to tell him? - It's - Make me a cup of tea.
What brings you here? Hello, sir.
- What's up? - The thing is Whenever you guys are all fidgety like this, things that drive me up the wall happen.
Tell me.
What is going on? What's the matter? Just tell me.
Well You should see this, sir.
("Ministry of Construction Puts the Golden City Project on Hold") Good grief.
- Hey, you.
- Yes, sir.
What is your job? Answer me.
You couldn't stop them before they published this ridiculous article? Why are you even here? It's not just the article, sir.
It's actually happening.
The project has been put on hold.
Put on hold? - Hey, come here.
Get over here! - Yes, sir.
- Call Attorney Go In Du now.
- Got it, sir.
Hey, I signed all the papers and sent them in.
What's the problem? Why was it put on hold? The Ministry of Construction wants to go over some legal issues.
Judge Cha has already sorted that all out.
I think that's the problem, sir.
It looks like she has decided against the project.
What? - She's not answering our calls.
- She's decided against it? You didn't answer my calls.
What on earth are you doing here? Answer me! Judge Cha and I were discussing an important matter.
I asked you to go over all the legal issues with the Golden City a long time ago.
What have you been doing? Read the newspapers, will you? The project has been put on hold.
I know you have no interest in the civic matters, but Take your fight outside.
I worked so hard to make sure all pieces of land that you own under other people's names, would be included in the Golden City project.
Do you know how much trouble it caused? Even though you're aware of that, instead of awarding me for it, you put on the breaks before I even got started.
I see you're well aware.
It's just like you said.
I only suspended the project because it could cause trouble later.
What did you just say? The Golden City was my promise to the people as mayor.
Your promise? That's a joke even a dog would bark at.
It's not like you became mayor all on your own.
Judge Cha, are you trying to ostracize me now that you swallowed Ohju Group up in one bite? Wasn't donating Ohju Group to the city of Kiseong a promise you made as well? It's the same as promising me the entire company.
Hey, you.
Have you and Judge Cha been fornicating behind my back? Hey.
Hey! It's "communicating", not fornicating.
You idiot.
Let's say the dog you raised suddenly came and bit you in the neck.
At that moment, there would be nothing you could do.
I, An Oh Ju, have been following your orders all this time.
However, I won't anymore.
Now I'll do it my way.
I'm going to do whatever I want.
You wait and see.
I said I got it.
You know who I am, don't you? Mayor An will solve everything.
Okay, bye.
Sir, well my brother-in-law wants to put up a building in Kiseong, but City Hall is being annoyingly meticulous.
If you could put in a good word Stop the car.
Sorry? Stop the car, you idiot.
Has being my tag-along, made you want to order me around too? No, I wouldn't dare You weasel.
Does City Hall seem that easy to you? Am I your underling? Am I supposed to clear up your mess? You idiot.
You piece of scum! You, wait right there.
Sir, I'm sorry.
I'm truly sorry! I was wrong.
I'm so sorry! I was wrong.
I'm so sorry, sir.
Don't you dare ask for anything like this again.
I won't.
Know that this is your last chance.
Do this again, and you'll disappear into oblivion! The notebook wasn't from Attorney Ha's mother? No.
Then who sent it? Who could it be? I need to know.
Does that mean you have someone in mind? - I know.
- Wasn't she pretty? Why are you so late? We went out for lunch.
We ate so fast that we almost burned our throats.
- Attorney Ha isn't back either.
- You're right.
- It'll be just us this time.
- Sorry? We're doing it the old way.
Who are we going after the old way? Seok Gwan Dong.
Seok Gwan Dong, that scum.
He's dead meat.
Are you all ready? - Yes! - Are you ready? - Yes! - Let's go! He's the one who murdered my uncle.
This time, our job is to erase him for existence.
I'll do to him what he did to my uncle.
Do you mean that Are you willing to get blood on your hands? "Mr.
Aide, please have a drink.
" Say that.
Gwan Dong, you're out of booze.
Is that so? All the booze is gone? If that's the case, get some more! Here's your money.
Take this.
What are you doing? Stop it! Have you lost it? I gave you money, so bring me my booze! An Oh Ju, you gangster punk.
I'm Seok Gwan Dong, you jerk.
Gwan Dong, it's been a while.
Bong Sang Pil, is that you? What brings you here? What's with the pity party? Is this how you blow off steam? What the heck did I do? Kwang Soo.
Cheer Gwan Dong up.
Yes, sir.
I'll come to you.
Here, look.
I'm coming.
See? Just look at me.
What now? Gwan Dong.
Bong Sang Pil, you freak.
Look forward to it.
What? You idiot.
You - Sir, oh gosh.
Take him out, guys.
- Yes, sir! Don't take too much care of him though.
Drop him if you want.
He's barely human anyway.
Don't worry about carrying him.
It's okay to even drag him.
Bring him here.
Over here.
Get him inside.
- Gosh.
- Push him in.
Is he still asleep? Gwan Dong, wake up already.
Wake up.
Wake up! He's up.
What? What is this? Where do you think you are? You're Bong Sang Pil, aren't you? What do you think you're doing? - Let me down! - Let you down? If I do, you'll fall down 10 stories.
Should I let you down? - Gwan Dong.
- It's actually 15 stories.
- Goodness.
- Hey! You worthless jerks.
I know you're lying.
Where am I? What is this place? Fine.
Drop him a few inches.
- More.
- Stop! Gwan Dong.
I'll do to you what you did to my uncle.
What? Are you saying we're at the rooftop? Hey.
What did you do after you hung my uncle from the roof? Answer me.
Answer me if you don't want to fall to your death.
What did you do next? We stabbed him.
We stabbed him! He was stabbed, but it wasn't me.
It wasn't me! Bring me a knife.
- What? No! - Here you go.
I'm sorry.
Gosh, I'm sorry.
Sang Pil, please.
I'm sorry.
So you stabbed him first.
Then what? Then you hung him off the rooftop.
All we need to do now is untie his hands.
Like this.
Right? No, don't! Remember what you guys did to my uncle? I'm going to do it to you guys today.
Is Mr.
Seok not here yet? No, sir.
We tried to call him, but his phone is off.
Hey, Secretary Kim? - Lower it.
- Hurry up.
Bong Sang Pil! Why are you doing this to me? It's not like I wanted to do it.
You're well aware of that.
I just did what An Oh Ju ordered me to do.
Do you actually expect me to believe you? I mean, it's you.
Shouldn't you know yourself better? Evidence.
I have evidence to prove it.
I recorded everything in case An Oh Ju dumps everything on me.
They're on my phone.
Please believe me.
- Don't kill me, please.
- Stay still, or you'll get hurt.
Another analog method.
That worked.
I know you want to get back at me, but you got the wrong person.
You should get back at An Oh Ju.
But still, what you did cannot be forgiven.
Gwan Dong.
Please, no.
Hey, cut it.
- Okay, Boss.
- Wait, no! Gosh, I'm in so much pain I'd love to kill you with my own two hands, but An Oh Ju will probably take care of you in my place.
You know that he's very different from me, right? Let's go, guys.
- Yes, Boss.
- Yes, Boss.
Goodbye, Seok Gwan Dong.
Let's go.
By the way, how is he going to get back up here? You heartless punks.
- Give him a bottle of water.
- Got it.
- Okay.
- Good.
- Enjoy your water.
- I hope the water cheers you up.
We're off.
- Let's go.
- All right.
No, don't leave me here Do a good job with editing what we recorded today.
- Okay, Boss.
- What should we do with his phone? Look through everything on it, especially things about An Oh Ju.
We'll make sure not to miss a single thing about An Oh Ju.
You know the drill.
You sure trained me well.
Who should be the first to hear this great news? The answer is obvious.
Let's go, guys! - Yes, Boss! - Let's go! What's What's happening? Why was the Golden City project put on hold? What's going on? Gosh, I heard you.
Just have a seat, woman.
Just tell me already! They say it's easy to miss what's right in front of you.
Madam Nam.
You didn't know when you work so closely with Cha Moon Sook? Goodness! My money! Gosh, my money Enough! Stop talking about your money, will you? I get so upset when I start thinking about how much I'll lose.
Gosh, what should I do now? What should we do, Mayor An? Goodness.
I asked you to come and meet me, thinking you'd know more than I do, but it doesn't seem to be the case.
If I can get my money back, I can do anything with you.
Is that so? You and I are similar in that way.
You can't go in there.
- Get out of my way.
- I said you can't go in! - Let go.
- What's going on? That's Bong Sang Pil.
An Oh Ju! Hey, An Oh Ju.
I'm here to deliver great news to you.
Look who's here.
Aren't you the infamous butler, Nam Soon Ja? What? "Butler"? You little - How dare you.
- From what I know, you two can't be chatting like this.
Is Cha Moon Sook aware of this? The fact that you two met up.
You rude punk.
Shut your trap, will you? I'm glad I came in person to deliver the news to you.
I got to find out that you two are actually close.
This is getting interesting.
Actually, I'm just realizing that Seok Gwan Dong isn't here.
Aren't you curious? Why are you asking me about Gwan Dong? You'll find out the details through the news tomorrow.
Look forward to it.
It'll be a very special gift.
I'll kindly inform Judge Cha about your relationship later on.
That crazy punk.
What's he saying now? Hey, peddler.
My gosh! If you keep roaming around as you please, I'm going to shoot a bullet into your head.
You got that? Nice! Awesome! We did it! What? Did you guys find something? Boss, you're back.
Boss, we just finished going through Seok Gwan Dong's phone.
- Really? - Yes.
He didn't lie to us, did he? No, he told us the truth this time.
His phone will be invaluable to us.
Take a look at this.
You see, I'm holding two trump cards in my hand now.
I just have to decide which one to use and what to get in return.
You're absolutely right, sir.
Let's start with Choi Dae Woong.
How many of his guys did he bring? Just one, sir.
I heard that he's very brave.
He sure is gutsy.
Did he come alone to protect his guys? Anyway, it seems like the universe is helping me.
Go there now.
That scum, Choi Dae Woong, should be Yes, sir.
An Oh Ju's face and voice.
This is concrete proof.
I'll send this and Seok Gwan Dong's recordings to the prosecutor.
- Don't.
- Sorry? Let's disseminate them on the Internet first.
I told you that we must find out who the notebook belongs to.
Yes, you said that.
That's what we have to do before we take An Oh Ju to court.
Got it, Boss.
- Follow me.
- Okay.
See you later, Boss.
Hey, have you found out where Gwan Dong could be? I found his car parked outside a lounge in Kiseong, and after reviewing the security camera footage, it looks like it was Bong Sang Pil's doing.
It was Bong Sang Pil? All right.
Sir, you should watch the news.
- Put it on.
- Yes, sir.
A video, which shows Mayor An Oh Ju soliciting to murder, has been causing controversy since it was posted on the Internet.
A shocking video clip that shows a man, who is speculated to be Mayor An Oh Ju, ordering to kill Choi Dae Woong was posted on a website earlier today.
Also, a voice recording of a man admitting Mayor An's solicitation of murder was posted as well, which will further ignite the controversy.
It's not like I wanted to do it.
You're well aware of that.
My gosh, what's this? What do you think? It's Gwan Dong's voice.
- Who did this? - I did.
Did you? - Gosh.
- You did great.
What a beautiful sound.
- Hi, Attorney Ha.
- Hi.
We got him good.
Why didn't you tell me? I was going to later.
Attorney Bong, follow me outside.
What's up with you? What's this with the mayor? Why didn't you tell me? - Jae I.
- Weren't we working together? Is there something I can't know? I'm sorry.
Right now, there's nothing I can tell you.
A video file of Mayor An instigating murder Chief Prosecutor Jang, welcome.
It caused an uproar.
A voice believed to belong to - You asked for me? - Mayor An - Welcome.
- Ordering a murder surfaced on the internet today, causing a stir.
He acted like a total lunatic.
I knew this would happen.
It looks like more trouble for you.
A mad dog should be shot and maimed before it bites.
Make sure to break An Oh Ju completely.
(Mayor An Oh Ju's Campaign Funds) You just have to follow my lead.
I should surround myself with people that look the part.
Bong Sang Pil, that nutcase of a jerk.
Should I just crush him dead? Secretary Kim.
Yes, sir.
Find Seok Gwan Dong this instant.
Search every little rat hole you can find.
Do it now.
- She has a temper.
- Right.
- Hello.
- Where's Attorney Bong? Attorney Ha.
Is something wrong? - Did Cha Moon Sook - No.
That's good to hear.
Can you spare me some time today? Could we have lunch together? Of course.
I'll book a place.
It's nicer seeing you here.
- Please sit.
- Okay.
I chose this restaurant because you're from Thailand.
Is that okay? I'll eat anything.
How long did you live in Thailand? Were you born there? I was there a long time.
A very long time.
Where do you stay now? This is on the house.
Thank you.
In the motel alley opposite the station.
I see.
Eat up.
You too.
What's wrong? Are you okay? Jae I.
Jae I.
What's the matter? Shrimp.
You're allergic to shrimp.
There's shrimp? - Call for an ambulance.
- Okay.
Jae I.
How do you know I'm allergic to shrimp? (Madam Nam) Get her an ambulance.
Are you all right? Drink some water.
To the left.
Don't look at me.
Look at the camera.
If you don't mind, can I have your name? Mama.
Mama? I'll come right now.
(Jae I) I'm sorry I left so abruptly.
Are you okay? Hello? Attorney Ha.
No one knows I'm allergic to shrimp.
No one but my mom.
I'm in Cha Moon Sook's residence right now.
I'm going out.
- Okay.
- Shall we come too? - He's up to something.
- Yes.
- What could it be? - I don't know.
Judge, your masseuse is here.
I will get ready while you drink your tea.
I don't want any tea.
I'll start at the neck.
How long do you think I'll put up with your spying? The man who saved you must've warned you never to return to Kiseong.
Cha Moon Sook.
Do you Do you know what kind of life I had because of you? For 18 long years I Yes.
You should've accepted your fate.
What? I should've what? Madam Nam.
You're pure evil.
You lunatic.
Put that down! How dare you? Get in here and drag her out! Get her out.
- Cha Moon Sook.
- You psycho.
- Have you lost your mind? - Cha Moon Sook.
Are you okay, Judge? She's crazy.
My goodness.
- Is she okay? - Hurry, get some water.
(Inn) In the motel alley opposite the station.
I think Cha Moon Sook already knows who you are.
You can't go in there again.
Let's use the situation.
You want to reveal who you are? Madam Nam got me the job.
Let's give Cha Moon Sook a reason to get rid of Madam Nam.
No, you can't do that.
It's too dangerous.
I risked everything when I became her masseuse.
I would do even worse.
If I can live with Jae I like I used to.
Attorney Bong.
Let me help you.
Help me help you.
How come you're here? Jae I.
Did you know already? That she's my mom? - Jae I, I - You knew all along and didn't tell me? How could you do that to me? How could you hide that? Jae I.
Ha Jae I! The phone was turned off.
Please leave a message - Jae I.
- A fee will be incurred.
Her phone's been off for a while.
Something has happened to her.
(Kiseong District Court) Where's my mom? Jae I.
You can't look for her here.
She disappeared 18 years ago.
Cha Moon Sook.
Tell me.
Where'd you take my mom? This thing called family.
It turns people into fools.
Look at you and your mom.
What? Yes.
I know what it's like.
That's why I didn't have a family of my own.
A family becomes a lifelong weakness that you can never get rid of.
Just like you now.
Stop talking nonsense, Cha Moon Sook.
You will never know what a family means.
Where's my mom? Tell me.
Tell me.
Tell me! - Take her! - Yes, ma'am.
Let go! Get your hands off her! - Who are you? - Let her go.
Let go.
Let go! I'll take her away.
- What shall we do? - Leave them.
Cha Moon Sook.
She's very agitated.
Escort her well.
- Where's my mom? - Let's go for now.
- Where's my mom? - Ha Jae I! Where's my mom? Come with me.
Jae I.
Did you not tell me so you could use her to get your revenge? Nothing you can say will make me tell you anything.
I can't forgive you.
It was all for revenge.
You watched me and brought me to your firm.
Attorney Bong.
Revenge was your only focus.
Now I don't trust you anymore.
Why did you bring me here? Chief Prosecutor Jang is going to expose your campaign funds.
What'll you do now? You're completely cornered.
Chief Prosecutor Jang, that jerk.
I bet he's getting back at you for losing his place to you.
Why don't you go tell your daughter, Prosecutor Kang Yeon Hee? I know.
I did it already.
I gave her a heads up.
But a guy named Cheon Seung Beom took the case.
Cheon Seung Beom? That jerk is a vicious prosecutor who even kicked out the bank president.
I know.
There might be a way out though.
Don't be too discouraged.
Look, Madam Nam.
If you want your money back, you'd better play along with me.
Of course.
There's nothing more important than money.
Well What happened 18 years ago.
You can't forget that you were there.
Okay? After Cha Moon Sook strikes me, you're next.
Are you threatening me now? Think about it.
Bong Sang Pil, that jerk didn't mess with you before.
It means he's planning something special for you.
What? Did you think you'd be able to save your own neck? (Lawless Law Firm) Okay.
Just keep checking.
Attorney Ha's mother is still out of contact.
And she's not home.
We'll soon launch the investigation on the suspicion of An Oh Ju's.
That's good news.
Please take good care of it, Prosecutor.
By the way, I don't think you're here just to tell me that.
Chief Prosecutor Jang got me with this.
The documents to blow An Oh Ju's head off.
Did you provide him with that? (Sources of An Oh Ju's campaign funds) Did you do that? Unfortunately, I didn't.
Are you saying there's someone else who wants to mess with An Oh Ju? I just found out there's one more person.
Thanks to the document you just showed me.
Who is it? This document just dispelled all my doubts.
Your doubts? Who is it that you got the notebook from? It's Cha Moon Sook.
(Court of Law) Cha Moon Sook called me into Kiseong.
(List of successful candidates) (Bong Sang Pil) (Cha Moon Sook is having a talk with Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
) (Cha Moon Sook) (An Oh Ju, in 2000, Kim Ho Sik, Choi Jin Ae) Are you thinking about driving them out? This is where I'm setting up my office.
But this is a 40-year-old building.
It could collapse any day.
She's using me to get rid of her people who know her secret.
Detective Wu who's charged with the murder of Mayor Lee Young Soo will stand his first trial.
She made me come to Kiseong.
I'm setting up a lawyer's office in Kiseong.
Detective Wu Hyung Man, let me make you a free man.
And she tried to use me as her sword.
Who are you? I'm Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
Chief Prosecutor Jang, how did it go? An Oh Ju is completely doomed.
An Oh Ju.
She needed my vengeance to get rid of him.
Cha Moon Sook knows about people's desire and how to take advantage of it better than anyone.
But Cha Moon Sook is at the end of your vengeance.
Knowing that the point of my sword is aiming at her, she chose me.
Cha Moon Sook.
(Lawless Lawyer) It's one of the two.
You destroyed the evidence or found someone to bear your cross.
Will you help me? Did you take my mom? I told you to stop.
Calm down.
I'll use Cha Moon Sook's weakness that no one knows about.
Take care of my borrowed-name bank account.
Get rid of it.
Throw it into the sea so it can never be found.
Are you serious? That's justice.
Please believe me and wait a little more.