Lawless Lawyer (Mubeop Byeonhosa) (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

Who is it that you got the notebook from? It's Cha Moon Sook.
(Cha Moon Sook, Candidate for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) Cha Moon Sook called me into Kiseong.
(The Seven) She's using me to get rid of her people who know her secret.
An Oh Ju.
(An Oh Ju of Ohju Group) She needed my vengeance to get rid of him.
Cha Moon Sook knows about people's desire and how to take advantage of it better than anyone.
But Cha Moon Sook is at the end of your vengeance.
Knowing that the point of my sword is aiming at her, she chose me.
Cha Moon Sook.
Chief Prosecutor Jang, how did it go? An Oh Ju is completely doomed.
She made me come to Kiseong so that she could use me as her weapon.
Her enemies and those I needed to avenge overlapped.
Cha Moon Sook is one scary lady.
However, this time, I saw her cards first.
Now, I must use it.
That's right, Boss.
Where's Attorney Ha? The phone is turned off.
Please leave a message after the tone.
You can't look for her here.
She disappeared 18 years ago.
(Episode 13) Hey, Attorney Ha Jae I.
Why did you want to see me? You'd better tell me where you took my mom to.
If you don't, I'll destroy you.
Well Your mom died 18 years ago.
Why are you asking me about her? No, she was alive.
The acupressurist who was working for Cha Moon Sook was my mom.
Really? Are you serious? Then that means a poisonous thorn is stuck right under Cha Moon Sook's fingernail.
An Oh Ju.
Even you didn't know about it? Judge Cha and I are enemies now.
Didn't you know? Then find my mom.
I'll represent you in court.
What? What did you just say? You have no one around you now.
You'll hit rock bottom without my help.
Hold on.
So, Ha Jae I's mom is alive, and Cha Moon Sook abducted her? Hang on a second.
That means the only witness of the murder from 18 years ago is still alive.
Right? Hey.
What? I received an appearance notice from the prosecution? What are you talking about? Hey, you made it.
Do you already need me, Bong Sang Pil? - I need to tell you something.
- Go ahead.
Kwon Man Bae betrayed the family.
What did you just say? I think it started way before Boss passed away.
I bet Cha Moon Sook approached him first.
- Cha Moon Sook? - Yes.
Some of the guys who attacked me at the hospital were Man Bae's underlings.
Kwon Man Bae? Scorpion, there's something I want to ask you.
Why did my uncle send you to Kiseong? Dae Woong visited me in prison the day before he passed away.
He told me that I'd have to keep you safe if anything happened to him.
Then what are you going to do now, Scorpion? Scorpion.
Will you help me? You little How gutsy of you.
How dare you try to kill her! Are you out of your mind? You probably don't even see me as a human being because you're used to having everyone at your feet.
Until when do you think you can mooch off Cha Moon Sook? What? What did you just say? My gosh, you've obviously been keeping a lot of resentment bottled up inside.
You witch.
You've completely lost your mind.
Gosh, why couldn't I see through you sooner? Keep a watchful eye on this woman.
Got it? Who sent you? Please leave if you finished what you had to do.
What? You piece of Don't you know who I am? Who are you? I know every single person in this business.
Then, you can keep on without knowing who I am.
What did you say? There's only one person who can give me orders in the entire City of Kiseong.
Is that so? You must be the new thug who replaced An Oh Ju.
You must be this confident because you were chosen.
You'd better not call me a thug ever again.
You're scaring me.
Just keep a watchful eye on that woman.
Welcome, Bong Sang Pil.
I was expecting you.
(Cha Moon Sook) Did you stay late just to wait for me? I'm honored.
I know that you're connected to what happened to Jae I's mother.
Right, I knew you'd bring it up.
Go tell Jae I.
They should resolve their family matters within themselves.
I clearly told you.
I know everything.
Jae I's mother.
Where is she now? Do you have evidence to prove that it was my doing? Then bring it.
If I committed a crime, I should be rightfully punished.
You want me to bring evidence? Those who are actually innocent never say that.
So, it should be one of these two.
You've either gotten rid of all evidence already or have found someone who's willing to be punished in your place.
I'm not sure if you remember, but I said something to you a while back.
I asked you if you thought you were the first person that came here to speak with me in person.
And I said I'd show you the end of it all.
You must remember that too.
Jae I's mother will find her way back to Jae I no matter what.
Of course.
She should.
I hope so too.
The other people who came to speak with you in person must've failed and given up like this, because they didn't know you inside out.
Let me ask you one thing too.
What is it that you want? Justice or revenge? A burning sense of justice won't do you any good.
Just getting your revenge is more than you can handle.
- Hello, Boss.
- Boss, you're back.
Where's Attorney Ha? She went to the police station right after meeting An Oh Ju.
She couldn't file a report though.
She must be frustrated.
- Where is she now? - She went home.
I should go to her place.
Wait, Boss.
I heard Scorpion got released.
I know.
I met him.
I'll be back in a bit.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- See you.
- See you later, Boss.
Who's this Scorpion? He's number three of Dae Woong Gang.
He's also the one who stabbed Attorney Bong in prison.
I see.
What? Really? He was loyal to Boss just as I'm loyal to Attorney Bong.
So he stabbed Attorney Bong out of vengeance.
- Geum Kang.
- Yes? If I'm stabbed, will you get my revenge? Yes, of course! Right? An Oh Ju is refusing to cooperate with the police.
His attitude will be what strangles him by the neck.
Keep stacking up justifiable reasons for his subpoena so that you can serve his arrest warrant.
Yes, ma'am.
Judge Cha.
Just like you ordered, I handed over the wench to them.
Ordered? Sorry? You're the one who hired her in the first place.
Even so, I'm not holding you responsible for doing so.
That's right, ma'am.
It's late, so you must be tired.
You should've just called instead.
Anyway, good night.
You too.
Did you know already? That she's my mom? Jae I, I Now I don't trust you anymore.
I'd rather be alone.
Where were you? You weren't picking up.
I met with An Oh Ju.
Jae I Right now, there's no person I can't meet, and there's no place I can't go.
There's nothing else I can do! Please believe me and wait a little more.
Just go.
Fine, don't trust me.
(Ha's Photo Studio) I might actually be deceiving you anyway.
However, I do worry about you, and I won't let anything bad happen to you.
I'll never stop looking out for you.
At least believe that.
(Ha's Photo Studio) Ms.
Nam, it's me.
I hear you're rarely in your office as of late.
You never know when they'll come for me there.
Anyway, there's something I want to ask you.
What? It's about Judge Cha's acupressurist.
How's she doing? Why do you ask? Are you trying to have her report back to you? Are you kidding me? I don't have time for that kind of stuff.
She's at work right now massaging Judge Cha.
Why? Ms.
Nam, you and I are on the same boat.
Since that's the case, we need to row in the same direction.
Of course.
Have some faith in me.
Like you said, we're a unit.
A unit glued together by money.
- Right.
See you then.
- Sure.
The same boat, my foot.
I've checked and yours is already sinking, you idiot.
Ha Jae I was right.
Chief Prosecutor Jang said that you should soon cooperate.
Everything they're saying is an outright lie.
There's a recording of you ordering the hit on someone's life.
That vermin Seok Gwan Dong fabricated the voice recording! Just think about it from my perspective.
What do I have to gain by ordering the hit on the head of a gang? What are you yelling at me for? Well, it's Mr.
Han, I wasn't yelling at you, per se.
Please write something in your paper that makes me look innocent.
We're way past using the media now.
It has to go through the prosecution now.
See you.
Judge Cha is ostracizing Mayor An? That's right.
No matter what he does, she won't ever take him back.
He's doomed.
What about the loyalty he's shown all these years? Do you think she'll care about that? She's already replaced him with another thug.
That's why you need to match her pace.
Now's the best time to arrest An Oh Ju and hand him over to her.
How can you be sure that she's your mother? I've met her a few times and she's been helping me.
I confirmed it before she got kidnapped too.
Jae I, I'm afraid this might be quite tough.
Everything's circumstantial.
Also, her officially being from Thailand makes it even harder.
I'm aware that there's nothing much you can do.
If she really is Noh Hyun Joo, I can't sit back and do nothing.
I'll try everything I can possibly think of.
Thank you, Detective Gong.
Can you not tell Prosecutor Cheon just yet? I'll tell him when I have more evidence.
Is there anyone that you're particularly suspicious of? I checked with An Oh Ju, and he is on the complete outs with Judge Cha.
That means it can't be his doing.
Then who? Judge Cha must've ordered someone else.
This may be a possibility, but there's the man who stabbed Attorney Bong in prison.
He's called Scorpion, and he was released from prison recently.
Why do you suspect him? It's because I heard he was still in Kiseong.
I'll look into him.
Thank you.
Have a great day.
Yes, it's me.
How's Jae I's mother? Don't worry.
She's safe.
Her being there is already a threat to her safety.
What's the reason for going to this length? There's someone who can't find out this just yet.
So please Don't.
This will be more comfortable for you.
The man with the scorpion tattoo will keep you safe.
A scorpion tattoo? Yes.
I cannot let you get into a dangerous situation.
No, I absolutely cannot tell you where Scorpion is.
- Mr.
- Stay away from dangerous places.
If you don't, Sang Pil will kill me.
I must meet someone.
Otherwise, I'll go crazy.
I'll go with you, Jae I.
If you want to meet Scorpion, I'll come with you.
- Be careful, Kwang Soo.
- All right.
Gosh, those two.
What is going on? Goodness, I really hope things can go back to how they used to be.
There's so much tension here these days.
Long time no see, Man Bae.
Sang Pil, it's you again? You couldn't even save Dae Woong's life.
We have a business to run here.
If you, troublemaker lawyers, walk in and out of here like this, we'll get no customers.
Where's the guy called Scorpion? Did you abduct my mom? Hey.
I got released from prison only a little while ago.
Why would we abduct your mom? If you're here to talk nonsense, get out this instant.
I'm going to ask you one more time.
This woman.
Did you abduct her? No, I've never seen that woman, miss.
Scorpion, please tell us if there's anything you know.
Hey, Tae Kwang Soo.
You little What do you think you're doing now? I'm sorry.
Let's go, Jae I.
He won't tell us anything anyway.
- Let go.
- Bong Sang Pil.
Do you think this is your turf or what? - Answer me! - Enough, okay? You little I said, enough.
You jerk.
- You piece of - Boss, calm down.
Please, Boss.
Look at you.
You're all grown up now.
I hope we never cross paths again, Scorpion.
Get out this instant.
Where's my mom? Get out! Let's go, Jae I.
Let go.
Let go of me.
Let go.
Come on.
Jae I.
Follow her.
I have to go somewhere.
Yes, sir.
Judge Cha Moon Sook, who forgave Oh Yang Seob, the man who attacked her for issuing a death penalty for his son, will soon be attending the hearing for her appointment as Chief Justice.
It looks like it'll go through without any oppositions.
If Judge Cha is appointed as Chief Justice Mr.
Any word from Gwan Dong? No, he's nowhere to be found.
It looks like he left Kiseong for good.
My goodness, Attorney Bong.
We'll fall in love at this rate.
Are you stalking me or what? We don't have that kind of relationship, you know.
Oh, right.
Did you know that Cha Moon Sook's new hound is strolling around the town as if the entire city is his? What? He's at Ohju Nightclub, which is just outside the city.
It was your stronghold back in the days.
Did you call me to give me intel or what? Of course not.
If you want to know more, go there and find out yourself.
If I go there and find out that you lied, I'll teach you a lesson.
I'm hanging up.
What? This brat.
How dare he hang up on me? I guess I'll find out whether he's lying or not when I go there.
You see, what I know is wherever Kwon Man Bae is, we'll find Noh Hyun Joo.
We have to bring her.
Got it, sir.
And I have to head back to the office now to pick up something.
You don't need to come with me.
I think that change is always accompanied by challenges.
If I become the chief justice, I'll endure all the pain that comes with ending the old era and do my very best to reform the law of this country on the solid foundation of justice.
That'd be all.
Thank you, Judge Cha.
Thank you very much.
- Madam Nam.
- Yes, ma'am.
About my borrowed-name accounts Close them.
All the bank accounts under the orphans' names.
Close all of them.
You'd like to close them? Why all of a sudden Is it because of the upcoming hearing for your appointment? My gosh, I should've already thought about that.
You've worked so hard to manage those accounts for me.
Put a few of them under your name as well as under Prosecutor Kang's name.
Yeon Hee too? My gosh.
Judge Cha, no one cares about me as much as you do in this entire world.
I promise you I'll continue to stay loyal and devoted to you.
I'm at your service, ma'am.
Well What should we do about the acupressurist? The acupressurist You still don't know who that woman is? Who is she? Mr.
Ha's wife.
Jae I's mom.
Sorry? What How Are you talking about that woman who died You brought a woman, who was vying for an opportunity to stab me in the back, right to my private residence.
Judge Cha.
I'm really sorry.
What a talent you have.
You made a dead woman come back to life.
No, ma'am.
I really didn't know that she was Jae I's mother.
Judge Cha.
I'm telling you the truth.
Please believe me.
Judge Cha, please Judge Cha.
What's wrong, Mom? What's going on? Yeon Hee.
Judge Cha is giving us a ton of money.
What can we do to repay her kindness? Just keep doing a good job of looking after her.
Yes, I know.
I should, but I made a very big mistake.
If I can't make up for it A mistake? Because of Jae I's mom Jae I's mom? Yeon Hee.
Listen carefully, okay? You and I will have to do anything, anything that she tells us to do.
Only then, you can be safe.
There's so much money here.
How can he leave all this cash just piled up here? You guys have done nothing wrong.
I feel bad that Mayor An has kept you guys locked up here.
Come to me.
I'm your daddy from today.
Seok Gwan Dong.
You sneaky rat.
I thought you fell off the face of the earth.
Is this where you've been hiding? Yes? Mr.
Hey, go ahead and shove that pile of cash in your mouth.
Sir, please don't kill me.
Please spare my life.
I'm a busy man, but I do have time to put a bullet hole through your head.
Please don't kill me.
Please don't kill me, sir! No, Oh Ju! Oh Ju.
Oh Ju! If you do this, you'll let Bong Sang Pil beat you.
You'll lose.
You'll lose to Bong Sang Pil.
What are you talking about? Bong Sang Pil is keeping his hands clean while you cut off your hands and feet.
By making you kill me, he will make you a murderer.
This is all part of the picture Bong Sang Pil wants.
Save me, boss.
Don't kill me.
Who is there to serve you? It's me.
Don't you need me by your side? Just this once.
Forgive me this once.
Forgive me this time and I'll serve you well.
Are you done talking? Boss.
Boss! Save me! Stuff your mouth with cash.
I will, boss.
Save me.
Save me.
I don't want to die like this.
I'll stay at your side.
I'll stay with you until the end.
I don't want to die like this.
You're like a snake's tongue.
Should I just shoot you? - Should I? - Don't kill me! (Courthouse) - Ma'am.
- Yes? Where are you going? What did you to with the accounts? I dealt with them so that no borrowed-name accounts exist that can be connected to you.
- Let's talk on the way.
- Yes, ma'am.
I liquidated everything and put the case somewhere safe.
You needn't worry about the hearing.
You have nothing to prove or explain.
The public believes you will pass with flying colors.
We'll have to see to find out.
(Kiseong District Court) I will take you to your destination.
No, you needn't today.
You did a lot.
Go home and rest.
I will deal with Jae I's mother.
Jae I's mother? Didn't she die 18 years ago? Oh.
That's right.
You're right, ma'am.
I must've lost my mind.
Know just one thing.
I will protect you.
Boss, you're ruining your health.
You have nowhere to stay.
You care that much about me, do you? There you are.
Did you find out about Kwon Man Bae? Bong Sang Pil was right.
He's using a nightclub as his base.
Right after I left the fish market, that nightclub was my first business in town.
You can take it back after this deal succeeds.
Bong Sang Pil's helping you out.
Boss, no.
How's the masseuse? We're keeping her safe.
Don't worry.
Don't keep her safe.
Pardon? She died 18 years ago.
She hid her true identity.
No one will know if she disappears.
Get rid of her.
Toss her in the sea so no one finds her.
You want her dead? Yes.
Do you not take me seriously? What I say is what Judge Cha says.
It's Judge Cha's order! Do you get it? Yes, ma'am.
You should listen to me from now on.
This is a warning.
I hope we get along well, ma'am.
Okay, thanks, Scorpion.
- Get ready to go out.
- Where to? Kwang Soo, you have to stay really sharp from now on.
- Shall I call the boys? - No.
We can't take too many people.
Then I'm not going either? Okay.
- Did you get what I needed? - It's in the trunk.
- There's no time.
Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
- Here.
- Watch the office.
Yes, sir.
Take care.
They left me behind and just won't utilize me.
I'm so talented.
Get rid of her.
Toss her in the sea so no one finds her.
You want her dead? Yes.
Do you not take me seriously? What I say is what Judge Cha says.
It's Judge Cha's order! Do you get it? When the tiger leaves the den, someone else comes out to play.
What shall I do with the masseuse? You should do what Nam Soon Ja wants.
I'll do it right away.
Watch things go down yourself.
Don't leave it to the underlings.
Yes, ma'am.
We'll start when Man Bae arrives.
Is this it? Just us three? Nothing in life really lasts.
It was just yesterday when I controlled the fish market and then the whole of Kiseong.
Who'd have thought I'd end up like this in just a day? Boss, you aren't dead yet.
Cheer up.
You fool.
You should just keep your mouth shut.
Sorry, boss.
Isn't this his club? It's where they're keeping Jae I's mom.
She's here? - Yes.
- Then we must get her out.
- No, wait.
- What? - Someone else will come soon.
- Who do you mean? He should be here by now.
There he is.
Isn't that An Oh Ju? Boss, how much of this did you plan? What are you staring at? You should be begging for your life.
Why are you so calm? Aren't you afraid? - Do it.
- Yes, sir.
Boss, I think you should come over.
- What for? - Mayor An's here.
- You finish up.
- Yes, boss.
Look at this.
All you fools Something was happening in Kiseong that even the mayor didn't know about.
Right, Man Bae? A mayor who lost his teeth and is on the run is still a mayor? A rookie shouldn't talk like that to a seasoned pro.
You must think that Cha Moon Sook has your back.
If you do that, you'll end up helpless like me.
So hand over the woman.
Do you think I'll let you take over my first mission? Do you think I'm that weak? I like your fighting spirit.
How are preparations for your hearing going? The law decides everything and the people will judge.
You don't need to prepare.
You're spotlessly clean.
We at Kiseong kept you to ourselves for too long.
I am so relieved to have you at my side.
- Gwan Dong.
- Yes, boss.
- Look for the woman.
- Yes, boss.
- Secretary Kim, you too.
- Yes, sir.
- Down.
- Out of my way.
You fool.
Do you see this? Man Bae.
Can you fight? Boss, there she is.
Get them! This is just crazy.
Darn it.
Stop! Stop! Stop him! - Oh no.
- Stop him! Hey! Boss.
What now? That was our only way out.
Oh dear.
A card we could've used just sank into the sea.
See you around.
Sure, sure.
Boys! Gwan Dong.
Yes, boss? - Secretary Kim.
- Yes? Let's go.
An Oh Ju refused to appear.
We'll execute an arrest warrant tomorrow.
He committed a crime.
It's only right.
He should be punished.
You favored him more than he ever deserved.
He should pay up.
Isn't that how the world works? That is justice.
You can go now, chief prosecutor.
Yes, ma'am.
How did it go? An Oh Ju was here.
An Oh Ju? It almost went wrong, but we got it done.
I'll change my number.
Don't ever call it again.
You should move to Seoul.
Yes, ma'am.
You can sit up now.
Now I'll tell you the most important bit.
You're the only witness of the murder Cha Moon Sook committed 18 years ago.
You will die again.
Cha Moon Sook won't end it with an abduction.
She'll choose a way out with which she can bury Nam Soon Ja with.
You must die so she can hide her past completely.
No one knows that Cha Moon Sook has such a weakness.
I will use that.
Then I will set the stage for your death.
But I wish that you'd rather back out now.
I must go all the way.
You must be careful, ma'am.
Come with me.
What will you do now? Don't you smell it? Smell what? This fishy smell.
This reeks of Bong Sang Pil.
Did we just get played again? Jae I.
I'm coming over with your mother.
Come to the address I'll text you.
- My mom? - Yes.
Wait just a bit, Jae I.
Bong Sang Pil.
Is this true? Thank you, Attorney Bong.
Jae I.
I finally got to say it to you.
I missed you so much.
Attorney Ha.
Is she going to be all right? I asked Attorney Bong Sang Pil not to tell you about me.
And I asked him to leave you.
I thought that was the only way.
I couldn't stand that you were planning a dangerous revenge with him.
I'm sorry, Jae I.
And I feel bad for Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
It's all right.
I'm sorry.
Attorney Bong, I have something to tell you.
I'm very disappointed.
I didn't know you'd deceive us like that.
Hey, he didn't deceive you.
You haven't done anything important in your life.
You'll never understand how he feels.
Am I right, Attorney Bong? I had to keep it to myself this time.
I had no choice.
I knew something was going on but didn't know it was this big.
You're the best.
- Attorney Ha.
- Hey.
Sang Pil.
- Jae I.
- Sang Pil.
What's wrong? You've completely fooled me.
- Jae I.
- Bong Sang Pil! Gosh, stop her.
Get off me! Wait.
I'm sorry.
Jae I.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Sang Pil, I need to talk to you.
Make yourselves comfortable and do your jobs.
What if they have a big fight? I know.
What should we do? Jae I.
Thank you for helping my mom come back, Sang Pil.
I'm sorry, Jae I.
Too bad.
There's no room left for you between them.
You're getting me all riled up in a whole new way.
I know that.
I'll never have an attorney brother-in-law in my life.
Don't worry.
I'll never let you die alone.
Mind your own business.
As a woman, I'll succeed in my career.
With my lawless sword.
That's so cool.
I forgot that you were a woman.
Hey! I'll carry them.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Don't worry.
I'll see you again soon.
I know.
Sang Pil will take care of it.
Choi Dae Woong told me this.
That you're fighting against the enemies who're too big for you.
It's like bringing a knife to a gunfight.
Choi Dae Woong told me this.
That you're fighting against the enemies who're too big for you.
It's like bringing a knife to a gun fight.
And that even if you sacrifice yourself, you will make a small hole with the knife.
With the small hole, you'll win the gun battle.
That was his last words.
I felt the same way.
To protect the knife, I would do anything.
Boss, I'm afraid we should go.
You may leave now.
Scorpion will take good care of you.
Thank you.
Attorney Bong.
Please take good care of Jae I.
Don't worry about her.
It's Cha Moon Sook who sent you the notebook? Yes.
Cha Moon Sook has had this plan to use me to get rid of The Seven who know her ugly past.
Since she'd sent me the notebook.
She joined hands with the representative of the party and drew in real life gangsters.
She tried to cover up the past and make up a new future.
Cha Moon Sook.
Now we will have a showdown with Cha Moon Sook.
(Judge Cha Moon Sook) (Mayor of Kiseong, An Oh Ju) I didn't know we had this.
This is amazing.
Cha Moon Sook would think her plans are going without a hitch by now.
What's next? It's simple.
We'll pretend to dance to her tune.
I can dance well.
So what's her tune? That's too old-fashioned.
Stop it.
Why? It sounds cool.
The big picture begins now.
I just cast a big net to catch them.
We will have to pick up fish caught in the net carefully.
Without losing a single fish.
When there's a lot of fish in the net, there must be one struggling to get out.
Don't you think it would be easiest to pick that one up first? Sure.
Which one will struggle most desperately to get out of the net first? Nam Soon Ja.
Don't you think? Jae I, bingo.
Prosecutor Kang, have a good day.
Teach bad guys good lessons.
Have a good day.
Nam Soon Ja, step out.
What do you think you're doing? We got a tip-off with a video.
A video of your mother.
What? A video? Step out of the car.
- Detective Gong, what is happening? - Wait a moment.
What is going on? What do you think you're doing? My daughter, Prosecutor Kang, is right here witnessing everything! Ms.
Nam Soon Ja, you're under arrest for the kidnapping, confinement, and conspiracy to commit murder.
What? Conspiracy to commit murder? - Detective - You have the right to an attorney.
- Yeon Hee - Let go of her! Don't you dare! - What is this? - Take her! - Mom! - Let go of me! You're making a huge mistake! Let go.
Let go of me! Take her! - Yeon Hee, Yeon Hee! - Mom.
- Yeon Hee - Mom! Yeon Hee! - Let's head out.
- Yes, sir.
Yes, Mr.
Mayor An, a warrant for your arrest has been issued.
- What did you just say? - Ms.
Nam was just arrested.
Chief Prosecutor Jang told me.
All right.
Mayor An Oh Ju is still off the grid.
- Really? - Yes.
Sir, An Oh Ju is on the run.
We'll put out a BOLO and trace his vehicle.
You're coming at me with the law, so what can I do? Bong Sang Pil and Cha Moon Sook, it's not over until it's over.
Gwan Dong, start the car.
Yes, Mr.
I mean, Boss.
The current mayor and his aide are both being hunted by the police which is an unprecedented event.
Mayor An is suspected of conspiracy to commit murder as well as a violation of election law.
His aide Seok Gwan Dong is a suspect of murder.
The prosecution already had condemning evidence and has been building a case against them.
Moving on.
An unemployed woman in her 50s has been arrested by the police for the murder of a Thai acupressurist.
For 35 years, in Kiseong, she has been collection commission for her services as a broker.
She's also said to be complicit in many illegal activities.
This notebook you sent me.
I've been having a blast with it.
You didn't write the ending though.
And what may that be? The end of Cha Moon Sook.
Try your best writing that final chapter.
I'm curious of it too.
You took Jae I's mother away from Jae I twice.
I'll never forgive you for that.
I had nothing to do with that.
Also, is the Thai acupressurist really her mother? Where's the proof? I didn't expect to hear you spill all the answers anyway.
I admit that there's something I didn't count when sending you that notebook.
You and Jae I getting together.
Your relationship with her is what will bog you down.
Don't you think it could be the opposite? It'll be the biggest flaw in your elaborate plan.
You not anticipating our relationship.
(Lawless Lawyer) I'm finally going to untie the knot that's been stuck for 18 years.
I'll bring you down with whatever I have.
The judge of Kiseong is me.
You're trying to break a rock with eggs.
Just you wait and see for the rock will be cracked soon.
She's signaling you that she has proof of Judge Cha's corruption.
Starting today, I'll be officially defending Ms.
Nam Soon Ja.
There's only one thing that can stop Bong Sang Pil.
It's Ha Jae I.
An Oh Ju!