Lawless Lawyer (Mubeop Byeonhosa) (2018) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

So Attorney Bong took Attorney Ha's mom to safety while no one was watching.
Could he be more amazing? We were all worried that your mother had died once again.
Congratulations, Attorney Ha.
Thank you all for your concern.
So all we need to do is act as if her mom passed away.
Act? That we're good at.
Jae I, I'm so sorry about what happened to your mom.
You know what? Forget about the law.
Let's just get our piece of Cha Moon Sook.
Why don't I walk up behind her and drag her by the hair like so? I guess acting isn't for me.
Guys, that's enough joking around.
Let's focus at the screen.
Since Nam Soon Ja was arrested, so stage one is complete.
It's not like we can add wind to the fire.
Boss, should we send them a fan instead? What are you talking about? It's not much, but I'd rather pour fuel over the fire.
Now that we've broken Nam Soon Ja, we can go after Cha Moon Sook.
Not yet.
We have other goons to take care of.
- Gosh.
- Oh, please.
The little fish won't matter once we catch the big fish.
Think of when you take a dump.
It's much better to pee at the same time.
Did you have to say that when I'm eating? Take that! When I was young, I used to go fishing often with my uncle.
This is what he'd always say to me.
"Whenever you want to catch a big fish," "use the smaller ones you've caught as bait.
" So Nam Soon Ja's the bait you'll use to catch Cha Moon Sook? That's right.
Don't you know who I am? No, I don't know, so just answer my questions.
Detective Gong, let's be civil about this.
She's innocent until proven guilty.
This is a conspiracy.
The police should follow the truths and facts, not harass and threaten an innocent citizen! Threaten? Just you wait and see! I'll get out here in an hour and come for all your jobs.
This is a conspiracy.
I've been framed! Please sit down.
Did you say, "conspiracy"? You're just as Chief Prosecutor Jang described.
You play hard and fast with a feisty spirit as you bite people like a venomous snake.
Do you know how close Chief Prosecutor Jang and I are? Ms.
Nam, saying that won't work with me.
The proof is too damaging to say that you were framed.
What? What's this proof? Isn't it proof that I'm innocent? Get rid of her.
Toss her in the sea so no one finds her.
You want her dead? Yes.
Do you not take me seriously? This This isn't real.
Someone's framing me! This is entrapment.
I've been framed.
This man killed him and pinned it all on me! So this is the one who killed the Thai acupressurist? That jerk! This scoundrel framed an innocent woman! Fine.
Then what's his name? His name? Judging by the relationship, I'm sure you know his name.
It's not like I remember every name I come across.
Anyway, I want my phone call.
Prosecutor Chun, please allow it.
We'll turn off the cameras, so make that call.
Judge Cha.
Judge Cha, it's me.
I'm currently being questioned by the prosecution.
- What? - Haven't you watched the news? That thug has framed both you and me.
What are you talking about? I'll tell you everything when I get out, so please tell me his name.
I'm going to kill that When do I ever remember names of worthless people? Sorry? Try and figure things out with Attorney Go.
- I'm sure he'll get you out.
- But I have trial to preside.
But Judge Cha Honey Honey! Honey! Honey Honey.
- Honey.
- It took me too long.
I'm sorry.
Finally, my family is back as a whole.
My mom and my dad.
This notebook you sent me.
I've been having a blast with it.
You didn't write the ending though.
And what may that be? The end of Cha Moon Sook.
Try your best writing that final chapter.
I'm curious of it too.
You took Jae I's mother away from Jae I twice.
I'll never forgive you for that.
I had nothing to do with that.
Also, is the Thai acupressurist really her mother? I didn't expect to hear you spill all the answers anyway.
I admit that there's something I didn't count when sending you that notebook.
You and Jae I getting together.
Your relationship with her is what will bog you down.
Don't you think it could be the opposite? It'll be the biggest flaw in your elaborate plan.
You not anticipating our relationship.
Hey, what's going on with Nam Soon Ja? Prosecutor Cheon Seung Beom is in charge of the case.
Nam Soon Ja is doomed now.
Nam Soon Ja has been caught, but An Oh Ju fled, and we don't know what he'll do.
And we must not get caught in the trap Cha Moon Sook set up.
What brings you here? I heard you're in charge of a case I'm interested in.
Right, so what do you want from me this time? I heard that one of the evidence is a video clip.
Did you get it from Chief Prosecutor Jang by any chance? Did you plant bugs in my office or what? Gosh, of course not.
How do you think it ended up in Chief Prosecutor Jang's hands? Have you thought about that? Are you trying to say Judge Cha is behind it? That's right.
Why do you think Judge Cha had such crucial evidence to get Nam Soon Ja convicted? So are you saying even Judge Cha is connected to the case? I'd like to say this to you instead of answering your question.
You must try to find the hidden truth in this case with the eyes of an owl that see through the darkness, sir.
Are you saying Cha Moon Sook probably won't take on Nam Soon Ja's trial? Yes.
She'll probably send another judge whom she can trust.
Then there's only one person.
Nam Soon Ja's trial has been assigned to you.
But I heard that the defendant is someone who's very close to you, ma'am.
That shouldn't affect the verdict.
Be fair and square.
I understood, ma'am.
What a rare sight.
Guys, let's give him a big hand.
Why are you guys applauding me? This isn't even a big deal.
I just got a sudden urge to know more about the law.
- Is that right, Geum Kang? - Yes.
Kwang Soo, we work for a law firm, you know.
We should read the law books at least once.
- My gosh.
- Study, you punks.
You'd better not get abducted again.
Well, Attorney Ha.
I have a question for you.
How would you define a good ruling? Reading this is making me curious.
Very much so.
Good rulings are the ones that even common people like you, who have never studied the law, can understand.
If people who don't know the law can't understand, wouldn't it be a bad ruling? You sure are an attorney.
Why are you so cool? Jae I, you're incredibly articulate.
Gosh, I'm already sad about letting you have Attorney Bong.
So you're saying I don't need to read this difficult book at all, right? Thank goodness.
I was getting a huge headache.
Hey, just use it as a pillow.
That suits you much better.
They're preparing for Nam Soon Ja's trial today, right? Yes.
They must've met by now.
I'll leave it in your hands.
See you later.
I'll see you later, Boss.
- Don't slack off.
- Okay.
- See you later, Kwang Soo.
- Bye.
What about you, Prosecutor Cheon? I think we should look further into Evidence Number Four.
Is that really necessary? Let's just get a statement instead.
I think that should be more than sufficient.
All right.
We've covered everything, right? Then let's wrap up here for today.
Yes, Your Honor.
Let's do that.
Oh, boy.
Where did the time go? Should I get a new watch? My watch is not accurate.
You should get a new one.
Is that really you, Madam Nam? I almost couldn't recognize you.
What brings you here, Bong Sang Pil? We've never talked one-on-one like this before, have we? Are you here to persuade me to hire you as my attorney or what? I have no interest in representing you.
Then why are you here? What about you? Why did you agree to meet with me? Say whatever you have to say and get lost.
I want to make a deal with you.
"A deal"? You and me? I have nothing to say to you.
I know that you've managing Cha Moon Sook's borrowed name accounts.
You're her safe-keeper.
I'm not sure where you heard such a groundless rumor, but I don't have anything to do with that.
That's too bad.
It could've been the last string of hope that could get you out of this swamp.
Do you think that there's a lawyer in Kiseong, other than me, who understands your situation? Cha Moon Sook is behind all of this.
You must've figured out that much by now.
Don't you dare try to damage her reputation.
She'd never do such a thing.
All right.
Do whatever you want, then.
Go ahead and keep holding on to that rotten rope.
Oh, right.
Take some time and ponder on what happened to An Oh Ju, whom everyone thought was invincible.
Boss, let's go.
I managed to book a room at a motel.
It's in the outskirts of the city, so it should be safe.
Noh Hyun Joo was the only card we could use to put Bong Sang Pil and Cha Moon Sook behind bars.
What can we do? We already lost that card.
Just forget about it now, Boss.
What did you say? You sneaky bat.
Could you forget about it if you were in my position? People talk about power and politics, but nothing is more honest than these guys.
Since we have these, there are many countries where we can live a luxurious, comfortable life.
Shall I look into our options for stowing away? You traitor.
Are you suggesting that I live as a fugitive for the rest of my life? This can't bring me down.
Had that been the case, I would've been beaten up to death a long ago.
Then What are you going to do, then? Well, I have to make everything go back the way it used to be.
Go and pick up a can of soda and a pack of cigarettes for me.
Got it, Boss.
Today, the disciplinary committee decided to dismiss Mayor of Kiseong, An Oh Ju, from his post due to his misconduct that disgraced the city.
As of today, An Oh Ju is no longer the mayor of the city.
In the past 3 months, the city of Kiseong lost 2 mayors.
One was murdered, and the other one was ousted as he's suspected of a crime.
Attorney Ha, long time no see.
I heard that you've been staying in Kiseong.
That's right.
I took on an important trial.
Judge Cha.
You killed my mom, didn't you? You completely destroyed my family.
It looks like you've forgotten about all the help you got from me.
Help? Shut your mouth, you hypocrite.
- Jae I.
- Don't even call my name.
I'll take you down with everything I have.
What's the matter with her? Boss, is this The only thing that will tie Bong Sang Pil down is right there.
Ha Jae I.
She's my final card.
If it goes wrong, it's really over.
Whether I live for a day or for a minute or a second, I'd rather be true to myself.
I will live life in a way that befits An Oh Ju.
What? - Is that true? - Yes.
My mom is alive.
That's such a relief.
Did Bong Sang Pil plan all that too? That's why I ask that you trust us and give us some time.
There's something Attorney Bong and I must do.
You want me to pretend I don't know for now? That your mom's alive? Yes, Detective Gong.
Dear prisoners and prison guards.
I wish you have another great day.
How have you been, Bong Sang Pil? An Oh Ju.
You sound great.
Being a fugitive suits you.
Enough about that.
Have a look at this.
Isn't this the woman you miss however much you look at her? What are you up to? Considering all that trouble you're causing, I just had to take a look at your surroundings.
You dirty scum.
You turned me into this.
Did you just call me a scum? Putting me back to where I was, is another thing on your to-do list.
Understand? Attorney Bong.
Jae I.
Is everything okay? What? Yes.
I'm with Detective Gong.
Are you? Is Mr.
Tae there? Mr.
Tae? Yes.
Why? It's nothing.
I'll see you back at the office.
Let's go.
What's going on, Mom? Yeon Hee.
Are you here as my daughter? Yes.
Talk to me.
I need you to talk to Judge Cha in person.
Judge Cha Moon Sook? Go and pass her my message.
Welcome, Prosecutor Kang.
Help my mom.
Yes, I heard what happened to her.
She spent her whole life serving you at your side.
- You know that.
- Yes.
It's such a pity.
Why did she do such a thing? I just don't understand why she did what she did.
I need you to pull some strings.
There's nothing I can do right now.
I visited her today.
There's a Cha Byung Ho Foundation sponsor ledger.
She said she needs to pass it to you.
Since your mother is cornered, she's threatening me in such a sweet way.
How dare she? Your mother provided a bad choice and a worse choice.
You need to persuade your mother.
Being a good prosecutor means surviving the pain of cutting out your own flesh.
If you want an answer, tell her this.
She must admit to her crime and pay the price.
It'll be the biggest flaw in your elaborate plan.
You not anticipating our relationship.
Judge Cha.
I'm so sorry to make you come here.
Judge Cha.
We must find the thug and soon.
If you let him roam, he could cause you trouble.
I answered that already.
Judge Cha.
You need to clear my name.
I did everything for you.
I cleaned up for you.
It's just as you said.
You did it all.
What did I do? Pardon? Aren't you afraid of me? I know everything you did.
My father's foundation's ledger.
What do you think you can do with that? It will only add to your charges.
Judge Cha.
Trust Go In Du for now.
That's your best bet.
Judge Cha.
Judge Cha! Kwang Soo.
I think Scorpion was attacked.
What? Attacked? I think word got out.
I'll be right there.
- Welcome.
- Hi.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
You're cold as ice as an attorney in court, but when you must fight, you turn into fire.
I'm not afraid if I'm with you.
Don't like me too much.
- I'm spoken for.
- Too bad.
You stand out even though we're holding weapons.
Was that a compliment or a diss? Listen up.
He's the best of the bunch.
I know that.
His every movement is so smooth.
All those compliments make me think you want me to do all the fighting.
You'd better take your share, okay? - Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
- Let's go inside.
- Yes, sir! Boss! Boss! Power should be flaunted when you're at the top.
That is true responsibility.
Dae Woong might have gotten me where I am, but that's not good enough for me.
- You scum.
- Son of a witch.
I used to serve you.
Let's consider this your will.
Don't you think he's too young to leave a will already? Kwon Man Bae! Darn it.
Bong Sang Pil, that fool.
- Come at me, you jerk! - How dare you? Come on.
- Boss! - Watch it.
What do you want? Get down on your knees.
On your knees! - Keep looking down! - Darn! Kwon Man Bae, why did you betray Boss? Sang Pil, where are your manners? You betrayed my uncle and the rest of your gang.
Respecting you as a senior is a waste of my breath.
I hate that tongue of yours.
It's been that way ever since you passed the Bar.
I studied my butt off so that I could fight with the law.
People like you though make me deviate from my path which is super annoying.
We handle traitors in our own way.
Kwang Soo.
Let go! Man Bae, the choice is yours.
Will you let Scorpion handle this his way or face me in the eyes of the law? You know very well those two options have very different outcomes.
May I handle him then? Sure.
Who am I to go against your will? Thank you, Scorpion.
This is ridiculous.
I mean, your arm Sang Pil.
What's going on? Are you hurt? Well Scorpion was in danger.
I had to help.
Sang Pil, do you know what I think when I see you this way? Are you talking about the fighting and the injuries? Lawless.
It makes me realize how hard it is for people like us to fight with the law against those with money and power.
Still, we're lucky.
At least we're lawyers.
That's why we have to put on a good fight.
You're right.
It only seems like a flesh wound.
Unbelievable! - What was that for? - Tell me.
Did you win? What do you think? You went there with your gloves on, so it's obvious.
Did you just approve of me? It's not a bad feeling.
Here's your coffee.
Thanks, Jae I.
I like how it's not that sweet.
That reminds me.
Did you look into Judge Hong? Cha Moon Sook called him to Kiseong.
He's the messenger between her and the party leader.
We'll get rid of Judge Hong and have Judge Cha preside the trial.
At Nam Soon Ja's trial? Yes.
I'm going to take Cha Moon Sook down when she's in her robe.
You're going to give her an ending that perfectly suits her.
All right.
I'll look into Judge Hong a little more.
The money will lead us to something useful.
I knew I could count on you.
- Let's do this.
- Let's do this.
You did it all.
What did I do? Do you think that there's a lawyer in Kiseong, other than me, who understands your situation? I won't go down like this.
He's the one I need.
Guard! - Guard.
- Hey! - That hurts! - I want to make a phone call.
- Go back to sleep.
- Shut up.
Let me call Prosecutor Kang Yeon Hee! It's urgent.
(Lawless Law Firm) (Lawless Law Firm) Prosecutor Kang, what brings you by so early? Didn't you know that I'd be stopping by? You're here to relay your mom's answer.
She agreed to accept your offer.
So, what do you have with you? It's the ledger of Cha Byung Ho Foundation my mother kept.
How can I trust that you won't use this against her? Don't trust me if you don't want to, Prosecutor Kang.
Know this though.
She'll get the sentence she deserves.
Not more and not less.
Is that so? My mom had two choices.
A bad one and a worse one.
I guess she chose the former.
Yeon Hee.
What was she doing here? Did her mom give you an answer? Yes.
She gave me the ledger.
The ledger? Boss.
- Hi.
- Hi, guys.
Nam Soon Ja took the bait.
- The bait? - Yes, we got her! This is the ledger for the Cha Byung Ho Foundation.
It's a list full of corrupt money transaction.
- I didn't know you knew that.
- Of course I do.
Cha Moon Sook's name isn't in here.
Of course we can't find traces of her.
There's one thing we can be sure of though.
I think I know what is.
She's telling us that she has proof of Cha Moon Sook's corruption.
It's a signal.
That's why we need to do make a proper deal with her.
Did you authorize the protection around my residence? Between the Thai acupressurist and you being a candidate for Chief Justice, I was too worried about you to do nothing.
Thank you, Mr.
An Oh Ju is still on the run which is a problem.
You never know what a thug with nothing to lose will do.
Keep this at your house for protection.
I'll show you how to use it.
(Nam Soon Ja) All right.
We're done.
Did you get my message? Starting today, I'm officially your lawyer.
Do you know what my signature means? Of course.
You, Cha Moon Sook's confidante of 30 years, is finally cutting all ties with her.
That's exactly right.
Now, tell me what you can do for me.
I won't let you be punished for what you haven't done.
Everything you did was ordered by Cha Moon Sook anyway.
You're right! I didn't do any of it.
I was only following orders! Who am I to make those decisions? I'm nothing but a silly little housewife.
She signed it faster than I expected her to.
She took out an insurance plan by signing me on.
Can we trust her until the very end? All right, let's go.
Now that we have the case, we should go meet with our dear enemy.
- Prosecutor Cheon Seung Beom? - Yes.
I've actually been wanting to ask you this.
How do you and Prosecutor Cheon know each other? How do we know each other? I'm sorry, Boss.
You beat up seven guys to a pulp, and they're all hospitalized now? Well, they attacked my friend here first.
It's all my fault.
Sang Pil didn't do anything wrong.
Be quiet, okay? I'm sorry, Boss.
You punks are still wet behind the ears.
"Boss"? Don't even.
You guys have obviously watched too many gangster movies.
Then what? Are you saying it's okay for punks like us to get beaten to death? Sang Pil.
I told you those jerks almost killed him.
What would've happened if I hadn't shown up? Isn't this considered self-defense? Self-defense.
Self-defense? It doesn't apply to every situation.
Eyes down.
I heard you're number two in Dae Woong Gang now.
Why did you hit him? Sir, isn't this considered coercion? You seem to be very interested in the law even though you're a thug.
He's studying to become a lawyer.
What? A lawyer? Hey, you didn't know that there was a security camera there, did you? Even though you did it alone, it's still considered assault.
You even used a baseball bat.
So it's assault with a weapon.
I'll make sure to put the guys at the hospital behind bars as well.
I don't want you to feel victimized.
Okay, that sounds fair.
Those of you in Dae Woong Gang, you'd better watch out.
Thugs don't scare me at all.
Nothing can stop me.
Prosecutor Cheon hasn't changed one bit.
So that's how you two met.
Now that he's in Kiseong, we must accomplish our goal.
Come in.
Hello, sir.
Bong Sang Pil.
What brings you here today? I, Bong Sang Pil, am Ms.
Nam Soon Ja's attorney as of today.
What? Many surprises are waiting for you, sir.
You two.
Who are you, really? As you know, we're lawyers at Lawless Law Firm.
You see, if you're using me to get your revenge, I won't let it slide.
From what I know, your goal is realizing a just society.
Am I wrong? I don't think Sang Pil wants to use anyone to get his revenge.
I've already confirmed it.
I'm relieved to hear that.
If you're here to fish for information, I have nothing to say.
I don't think he came all the way here to show his card to his enemy either.
We'll be meeting in the courtroom soon.
I just wanted to tell you not to be nervous.
We know each other, but the trial has nothing to do with that.
Let's be fair and square and uncover the truth together.
We always go straight, whereas he always stays neutral.
I like that.
That's why I trust him, but I personally hated him at your trial.
How do you think I felt? Whenever I think about that day Hey, Geum Ja.
I'll be there shortly.
Was that Geum Ja? She's tailing Judge Hong at the moment.
She's tailing him? It's about time I got used to the Lawless Law Firm style, you know.
Nice one, Attorney Ha.
It seems that Bong Sang Pil is becoming more like a real lawyer now.
You rarely open up like this, sir.
I thought that he was holding nothing but grudges in his heart.
Grudges Both Bong Sang Pil and Ha Jae I went through tragedies because of what happened 18 years ago.
Both of them? Please have a look.
(Missing Person) Bong Sang Pil's mother died on the day that Ha Jae I's mother went missing.
What's up? Honey.
My gosh.
Are you really going to be like this? How can you kick me out? Oh, my goodness.
What is going on? Is that apartment yours? Do you own it? You promised me that you'd put it under my name.
Hey, that was a while back.
The situation is different now.
Things change all the time, and so do our feelings.
Do you think it's unfair? Then why didn't you make me sign something back then? Gosh, you little Goodness! I guess I've been too nice to you.
How dare you lay a finger on a judge? That woman is a potential threat to Judge Hong, but she'd be a well of information for us.
I think she's the perfect person to help us.
(Kim Nu Ri, Kim Na Hyun, Lee Ju Hyun) He got divorced less than a year ago, and he's gone through 3 girlfriends in the past 6 months.
My, that's impressive.
They say that all men are fickle-minded.
Jae I, let's never change.
Friendship forever! Friendship forever.
Kwang Soo, we should do it too.
Friendship forever.
That's it.
(Lawless Law Firm, Ha Jae I) I'll make sure you're monetarily compensated for all the tears you've shed because of Judge Hong.
Sorry? I beg your pardon? A jerk like him does not deserve to be forgiven.
Make him give you a fat chunk of cash as compensation so that he deeply regrets what he did.
This lady here is an amazing lawyer.
Aren't you furious? Jerks who have no manners should be taken to court so that they can learn their lessons.
She'll get you a huge compensation package.
Thank you.
You said I can give you this instead of paying you, right? Yes, I'll go over it.
(Registration Certificate, Owner Hong Woo Seok) So Judge Hong took a bribe and made an unfair ruling.
(Name: Hong Woo Seok) - Yes.
- This has all the details.
I'll make sure you win the lawsuit.
A huge compensation package! You can do it! Long time no see It's been such a long time I've been waiting for you For so long, my darling Let go of me already.
In my dream I kept waiting for you Mayor An, Mayor An.
Mayor An.
I'm I'm sorry, okay? - What are you sorry for? - I'm sorry.
Oh Ju.
I'm so sorry.
- Give me an answer - I said I'm sorry.
- Say something - Let's talk it out.
- Let's talk it out.
- What do you think you did wrong? So, Go In Du.
Read this.
What does it say? Read it! Mayor of Kiseong, An Oh Ju.
Yes, that's correct.
Give Cha Moon Sook this message.
Next time, it's her turn.
Do you get it? Gwan Dong.
Say cheese.
That'll do.
Judge, the date for your hearing is set.
The representative of our party has high hopes.
I cleared out everyone around me.
Everyone but one.
After Nam Soon Ja's trial, I will sort that out too.
Then I must wrap this trial up nicely.
Just the way you like it.
Don't feel too much pressure.
Do as you always do.
Abide by the law.
But Judge Cha.
Nam Soon Ja hired a different attorney.
She changed attorneys? Why are you telling me now? Is it Bong Sang Pil? Yes.
Judge Cha.
If you betray me, this is what happens.
(Daeho Stationary) (Lawless Law Firm) Cha Moon Sook.
I didn't think you'd come here on your own accord.
If you're right, Nam Soon Ja ordered the murder of Ha Jae I's mom.
But you're going to defend her? I don't get it.
Just like how we can never understand you, you will never understand our pain even if you're born again.
Jae I's putting up with it all, despite the sheer agony.
Do you get that? Are you saying that she accepted your decision? I told you before that this isn't just a defense.
It's judgement.
I'm the judge of Kiseong.
Don't you get that you're throwing eggs at a boulder? Is that so? Fine.
Keep watching.
That boulder will split open soon.
Will it? You will end up losing both to me and to the law.
(1st hearing) (Detainment and instigation of murder of Thai acupressurist) - Look.
Good luck.
- Good luck.
Mom, are you okay? The judge is here.
All rise.
Be seated.
I'll begin the trial on detainment and instigation of murder of the Thai acupressurist.
Prosecution, opening argument.
I'd like to say something before official procedures begin.
What's that? I request a change of judge.
I wish to avoid this judge.
What are you doing? Attorney Bong.
Didn't you request for a change of judge once before? Yes, I did.
Just like back then, I have reason to believe you will give us an unfair sentence.
If we just weren't in court Let's hear why.
I'll hear you out, and if your reason isn't good enough I'll acknowledge what you said if you put your attorney title on the line.
Getting my client a fair trial is my duty as an attorney.
Will you put your title on the line or not? Yes.
I'll put my title on the line.
If I can't prove it, as soon as this trial is over, I will close my firm.
(Judge Cha Moon Sook) Judge Cha.
What is it? Well Attorney Bong requested a change of judge.
Did he? Okay, you can go.
Attorney Bong.
Do you know you are insulting our judiciary system with your actions? I do.
I have cause for reasonable doubt.
May I prove it? This trail has nothing to do with me.
However, as a judge, to preserve my honor, I will give you a shot.
You should be grateful.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Let's hear why you have reasonable doubt.
What you see here are photos of one of the best villas in Kiseong.
The market price was three million dollars.
My goodness.
The owner of this villa is you, am I right? Is this it? Is there a problem with a judge purchasing a villa these days? There's no problem at all with a judge purchasing a villa these days.
However, what if you got the villa worth 3 million dollars for just 100,000 dollars? What? Who said that? What are you talking about? It's obviously groundless.
This is the sale contract for the villa worth three million dollars.
And it says 100,000 dollars instead.
If you take a closer look, you can find Judge Hong's signature on it.
Is that right, Your Honor? I think it's done.
Come here.
Attorney Ha Jae I.
So you want to defend me? I'd like to make a tempting offer.
Well Don't you need the evidence to get rid of Cha Moon Sook? What? We need to talk, just the two of us.
Okay? Now.
If you don't come, I'll go to your father.
An Oh Ju.
An Recently, there was the ruling about labor in jail.
The penalty was reduced by 24.
5 million dollars after 49 days in jail.
The man who got the special favor is Chairman Kang Il Ho of Kiseong Construction.
And the one who made the ruling is Judge Hong Woo Seok who's sitting right over there.
- Bong Sang Pil! - Just be honest.
Didn't you cut a deal for your ruling? Recently, there was the ruling about labor in jail.
The penalty was reduced by 24.
5 million dollars after 49 days in jail.
The man who got the special favor is Chairman Kang Il Ho of Kiseong Construction.
And the one who made the ruling is Judge Hong Woo Seok who's sitting right over there.
- Bong Sang Pil! - Just be honest.
Didn't you cut a deal for your ruling? Do you think you can make up stories in court like that? I feel bad for my client.
Even though I'm a competent lawyer, I can't afford to give you a fancy villa like that.
Regardless of my defense, the ruling is highly likely to be based on his personal feelings.
So I'd like to file a judicial recusal, Your Honor.
The prosecution shall reconsider the case that the defense counsel just described.
We will file a judicial recusal.
Okay! Where's Attorney Ha? She got a call and left during the trial.
- Go find her.
- Okay.
Give me the phone.
Attorney Bong, do you think Nam Soon Ja is innocent? You'll come to know if you keep your eye on the trial.
You filed a judicial recusal.
Do you have anything to say to Kiseong District Court? The Court must be fair no matter what.
In order to have justice in Kiseong District Court and recover its reputation, I want the most righteous judge in Kiseong to take the case.
Is there any judge you have in mind? Where did you get the evidence of Judge Hong's corruption? I'll tell you that later.
- Where did you get the document? - Please answer the question.
Is there any judge you have in mind? By the way, where's Attorney Ha? I know.
It's her.
- I'll see you in the office.
- Okay.
- Good work.
- Thank you.
Jae I, where are you? Where did you go during the trial? Hey, Bong Sang Pil.
You look good on TV.
Right? Where's Jae I? I'm calling you to tell you that.
I warned you.
I won't care about the law if you mess with her.
That's enough.
Just come over here.
An Oh Ju! Come on out! Come here, you crazy scumbag! Welcome.
Bong Sang Pil.
Where did you hide Jae I? Ha Jae I? Do you want to know? Do you? Hey.
If you have something to protect, I have my own thing to protect too, you jerk.
Hey, An Oh Ju.
You're already a broken container.
I don't have the power to stick them together.
No one does.
Just admit it.
My gosh.
Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
Do you care about Ha Jae I that much? Do you? Isn't my neck that you want? I'm here to give you the chance.
Look at you.
What a wiry man.
You want to save your girl.
I'll grant your wish then.
You're no match for me, you idiot.
Kneel down.
I said kneel down.
I'll take care of Ha Jae I.
Don't worry about her.
I'll count to three.
Bong Sang Pil.
(Lawless Lawyer) Cha Moon Sook used Bong Sang Pil to get rid of you.
Stand before the court and prove Cha Moon Sook's guilt.
Let's do it An Oh Ju's way.
Either you or I will eventually die.
That's what I'm saying.
There's no turning back now.
Stop it.