Lawless Lawyer (Mubeop Byeonhosa) (2018) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

(Episode 15) Jae I.
Jae I! Sang Pil? I see he scurried over.
This is why I needed an extra body.
Sang Pil seems to be highly agitated.
You make sure she doesn't go anywhere.
Yes, sir! Don't you dare think about using me to blackmail him.
Sit down.
Shut up! Gosh, what should I do with this wench? - Sang Pil.
- Bong Sang Pil! Where are you hiding Jae I? Why do you want to know? You said you have something that you want to protect.
I also have things that I must protect, you little punk.
Hey, An Oh Ju.
You're already a broken plate.
I don't have the power to glue back the broken pieces together.
In fact, no one does.
So just accept it already.
My goodness.
Killing me is your end goal, isn't it? I came all the way here in person like this to give you a chance to do just that.
Look at you.
I must say, you have quite a nerve.
You're doing all this to save your woman.
I'll grant you your wish.
You can't beat me, you little rat.
On your knees.
I told you to get down on your knees.
That's strange.
My boss has a gun.
- What did you say? - You didn't hear a gunshot, right? Is he dead? You stay right there, or I'll teach you a lesson.
I told you to stay I'll look after Ha Jae I for you, so don't worry.
I'll count to three.
I'll count to three.
Just to three, okay? One.
An Oh Ju! Jae I.
Hey, what is going on here? I'm sorry, Boss.
She kicked me here, so my hip bone and ribs are You idiot.
You ruined the highlight of my day.
Jae I.
Cha Moon Sook sent this to Sang Pil.
In other words, she used him to get rid of you.
What's this? That notebook will help you make your decision.
(2016, Go In Du) You.
You said you have evidence that can destroy Cha Moon Sook.
I never had such evidence from the get-go.
Attorney Ha Jae I.
(An Oh Ju) (An Oh Ju, Killed Kim Ho Sik, Choi Jin Ae, and Noh Hyun Joo in 2000) So you're saying Cha Moon Sook planned everything You were nothing but her faithful tool.
You see, we can't undo what has already happened anyway.
Am I right, An Oh Ju? Did you know about this from the get-go? I'm asking you if you've known about this all along, you punk.
You two, do you know of a way to take down Cha Moon Sook? "A way"? We do, of course.
But it depends on your decision.
What is it? It involves you appearing in court.
Come to the courtroom and prove all of Cha Moon Sook's wrongdoings.
Look at this punk.
You know that the police are on the lookout for me now.
You're doing this to put me behind bars, aren't you? You see, you're bound to be caught eventually.
Why would the untouchable An Oh Ju be worried? And you know that my end goal is taking down Cha Moon Sook.
Dying by a bullet isn't exactly my style.
Let's do this my way.
Hey, you.
Attorney Ha Jae I.
There's one bullet inside this now.
Take it.
All right.
One of us is bound to die in this game anyway.
I said, take the gun.
This is my style.
Take it if you think you can handle it.
Take it! Shall we do this? Get ready, Bong Sang Pil.
It'll be okay, Jae I.
Go hide somewhere.
All right.
I've been waiting for this day as well.
Darn it! - Gwan Dong.
- Yes, Boss.
Fine, I'll testify in court.
What can you do for me in return? A plea deal.
It'll be the best way to help you get your sentence mitigated.
If you decide to cooperate, your charges will be dropped so that you can appear in court.
Are you saying you'll cancel the APB on me? That's right.
How can I trust you? All you have to do is testify in the courtroom.
We'll have to end this game right there and then.
That was a long break.
Bring it on.
I knew talking to you would be useless.
Enough! Stop, Sang Pil.
Bong Sang Pil.
That's enough.
If you do it, everything you did will disappear.
Stop it.
Stop it.
- Bribery! - She didn't do it! - Serving justice! - That's what she did! Cha Moon Sook! (We believe in Cha Moon Sook) She fights for justice! - Cha Moon Sook - There she is.
- She's here.
- Cha Moon Sook.
- Cha Moon Sook, Cha Moon Sook.
- Cha Moon Sook, Cha Moon Sook.
- Judge! - Good luck.
Bring justice back to Kiseong's court.
- We believe in you! - That's right.
- You'll win.
- Cha Moon Sook.
- Cha Moon Sook, Cha Moon Sook.
- Lock up An Oh Ju! - Do what you can for us! - Cha Moon Sook, Cha Moon Sook.
- We believe in you! - We trust in you.
- We're right behind you.
- We believe you! - We support you! - Judge Cha! Yes, boss.
Is Attorney Ha safe? Yes.
We're on our way.
That's great to hear.
The protest here just ended.
We'll come over.
Okay, see you soon.
Do you think An Oh Ju will take your offer? He only has two options.
He goes down on his own or takes Cha Moon Sook with him.
He's the only witness who can harm her.
You're right.
His life as Cha Moon Sook's dog itself is evidence.
The notebook will help him make a choice.
Cha Moon Sook's blade will become a boomerang and attack her instead.
I'll see to that.
You won't take up his deal, will you? He's a real snake.
Just look at his face.
He looks like this.
Who can guarantee he's not working with Cha Moon Sook? Look at her face.
She looks like this.
They're on the same side.
Yes, boss, you might think I'm stupid, but my instinct is right.
They're up to something.
If you believe them, you'll go under.
That old friend of yours that you really liked.
That attorney.
Choi Jin Ae? That woman.
Go away.
Pardon? - Then - I get it.
Go away.
You just bark when I say and bite when I say.
You're my dog.
After all that You'll go down.
Instead of Bong Sang Pil, with these hands, I'll drag down Cha Moon Sook.
I'll do it.
Putting Judge Hong back up there will just ruin everything.
There's word that Chairman Jo Young Joon's already cutting ties with him.
He cares a lot what the public thinks.
You know the media's making a huge fuss about how we're being paid to give lower sentences.
I think that you should be the one to sentence Nam Soon Ja.
Use this case to cement your chances at becoming Chief Justice.
I'll think about it.
Leave for now.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Okay.
Judge Cha Moon Sook from Kiseong will soon attend her appointment hearing.
The nation is interested because there's talk that Judge Cha will run for president after her stint as chief justice Her as president? I just want to leave this country.
Let's go to Hawaii.
Can you afford to? As if.
Will your leaving help? Then what? She might become president.
There's nothing we can do.
Why aren't Attorney Bong and Jae I back yet? Did something happen on their way back? I doubt that.
My gosh.
- Oh dear.
- Attorney Ha.
- Jae I.
- Are you hurt? I'm fine.
Attorney Bong came right over.
Look at all this blood.
Are you hurt, Attorney Bong? I'm okay.
There isn't a day that goes by quietly.
I'm just furious.
We should use that fury to put Cha Moon Sook on the stand.
- Okay? - Yes.
Give the order whenever you need us.
It looks like your late father is helping you.
I came straight over to Kiseong.
What do you mean? I saw the news.
This trial is a great opportunity.
Of course, you're behind it.
You are just like your father.
Am I? It's the best trial as your last in Kiseong.
I'm sure it will work in your favor at the hearing too.
(Lawless Law Firm) Did you guys protest really hard? Ready? 1, 2, 3, 4.
- Come on, come on - Moon Sook, Moon Sook.
- Come on, come on - Moon Sook, Moon Sook.
- Come on - Be quiet.
Cha Moon Sook took on Nam Soon Ja's trial.
It worked.
We did it.
We helped you achieve something.
I feel so good.
The public sentiment swayed even her.
Attorney Bong, you must win this time.
It'll be her last trial as a judge.
It should be.
She sat up there for way too long.
As an arrogant judge.
She'll come down very soon.
To celebrate our success, - we'll go out for some cold beer.
- Sounds good.
Will you join us? No, you guys go ahead.
- Yes, boss.
Let's go! - Let's go.
We did it.
Beer, beer.
What are you going to do? Wouldn't it be better to just take Bong Sang Pil's offer? If you're that afraid, you can run off first.
It's not that I'm afraid.
I'm trying to think of you.
I will stay with you until the end.
Is that true? That's so typical of you.
Let go of me.
I can't see out the window.
I'll go and bring Cha Moon Sook right over to you.
I don't believe this.
She hired bodyguards.
That's unfair.
This isn't your style.
Why would she be afraid of us? It's me.
I heard all about your little notepad.
You used Bong Sang Pil to get rid of me.
But know this.
If you really thought of me as your pet dog, you wouldn't have used me like this.
You have no right raising a dog.
Just remember that I'm always in your near vicinity.
An Oh Ju.
If you wish to threaten me, do it face to face.
Come to my residence, if you have anything to say.
What did she say? That's right.
This is more your style, Cha Moon Sook.
- Hello? - Bong Sang Pil.
Is Judge Cha really presiding over my trial? You come here immediately! Right now! I need to go.
To Nam Soon Ja? Yes.
- Then I'm going too.
- Really? I'm participating in the trial as your co-counsel.
I had that idea too, but I thought it'd be too difficult for you.
Cha Moon Sook's the presiding judge, so we need to pressure her.
Pressure her? So Jae I, what are you doing here? I guess the guilt is preventing you from looking into my eyes.
What on earth is going on? Please have a seat.
I'll be in court as his co-counsel.
Is she serious? She'll defend me in court? The contract you signed was with Lawless Law Firm.
Also, she'll give us a strategic advantage.
What strategy? Think about it.
What better card is there to agitate Cha Moon Sook? Jae I, about your mom I didn't know it was your mom at first.
I know.
That's why I'm not going after you, but Cha Moon Sook.
All right then.
Let's get ready for your next trial.
I'll be presiding over your mom's trial.
What? Does that mean I can finally stop worrying, ma'am? I see that all the worrying really got to you.
I feel terrible about your mom's case too.
However, the evidence is quite strong.
Judge Cha, my mom has been your aide all her life.
If you could There's only one way.
You must get her to admit to all her crimes in my court.
Are you telling her to take all the blame? I'm sure you know that I'll be the next chief justice.
Also, you said that you wanted to be by my side.
So choose.
Have your mother admit to her crimes and wrap this all up, or let her take you down as well.
I'm a woman who is in the public eye.
I can't protect everyone that has been loyal to me.
You must understand that if you wish to be with me.
All right? Editor-in-chief Han will testify on behalf of the prosecution.
What? Editor-in-chief Han is on the prosecution's side? His testimony will add weight to the video evidence.
Even after all the favors I've done for him, he's throwing me under the bus! Members of The Seven all use each other anyway.
You're both guilty, but he's putting it all on you.
You can't just let him.
You've never been the one to let others run you over.
That piece of scum.
While he trailed behind me in hopes of getting a rake-off, he still spoke ill of me for being under-educated.
Darn! That little rat.
Darn it! I knew you were a courageous attorney, but you're also invincible.
Lawless and invincible, isn't that a perfect combination? Yes, it's perfect.
That reminds me.
I need to see Kwon Man Bae.
Are you calling him as a witness tomorrow? Yes.
He's been holding out, but I'll get my answer today.
So have you made up your mind? You want me to testify in front of Cha Moon Sook.
- Yes.
- That's the reason why Sang Pil let you live.
Is that so? I'm grateful.
You only need to say what you saw and heard.
All right.
Can I make a phone call? It's my mother's birthday today.
Judge Cha, it's me.
Do you trust that weasel? No.
Then what's your plan with him? He'll never testify in the way we want him to.
Then what should I do with him? You'll be coming to court instead of him.
Show yourself and make Judge Cha sweat.
You can count on me to have your back with the rest.
I already know that you will.
I'll make sure you come out soon.
All right.
Then I'll see you in court.
Yes, sir.
(Kiseong District Court) Is it finally beginning? We endured so much just to get to this point.
Are you confident? Of course.
I came this far, didn't I? You, me, and Cha Moon Sook.
We're all standing on the tip of a blade.
You can never let your guard down with her.
As the presiding judge, she'll definitely come prepared.
Let's see this through, Jae I.
Have a seat.
I know it's hard.
I already know where you stand with me, so why are you trying to confuse me? I've thought about it, and you obviously did all of this because you care about me lot.
You're figuring that out now? Still, you committed a crime, and you must stand trial.
Are you saying all of this just to antagonize me? Your daughter's worried sick about you.
Think of her first when you make your choice.
To be honest, she comes first to me, even before you.
That's totally understandable.
All moms would feel that way.
Will you continue to protect Yeon Hee? Seok Gwan Dong does an alley-oop! Give me that 5,000 dollars.
Here you go, Boss.
How about we bet I'll do it again if you lend me the money.
- Really? - Yes, Boss.
And I wanted to ask you if you've been checking on what's going on with the trial.
Secretary Kim called me earlier and told me that he managed to plant one of our guys in the audience.
He also said he'd give us updates, but I forgot to tell you.
All right.
This time, the bet is 10,000 dollars.
Yes, Boss.
Is a three-point field goal allowed? Yes, go.
Take it all, you jerk.
The judges are entering.
All rise.
(The second trial for confining) (and soliciting to murder a Thai acupressurist) We'll begin the trial.
Get rid of her.
Toss her in the sea so that no one can ever find her.
You want her dead? Yes.
Do you not take me seriously? My words equal the judge's words.
It's her order! You got that? The video you just watched is evidence that shows the defendant, Nam Soon Ja, giving an unidentified man a kill order.
I'd like to bring Mr.
Han Tae Kyeong in as a witness.
Editor-in-chief of Kiseong Daily, Mr.
Han Tae Kyeong.
What's your relationship with the defendant? I've known her since I was just a reporter.
How would you describe her? The video clip that you all just watched is nothing.
You've only seen the tip of the iceberg.
She always bragged about how close her family is to Judge Cha Byung Ho's family and acted all entitled.
Have you witnessed any specific incidents? When I visited Judge Cha's residence in the past, I witnessed her being abusive verbally and physically, as well as worse things at times.
According to the maids there, Ms.
Nam Soon Ja's such abusive behaviors were quite notorious.
Your Honor, I'd like to submit a statement from one of the maids that work at the residence to back up what the witness just told us.
What's the statement about? It's about how the defendant, Nam Soon Ja, belittled and insulted the Thai acupressurist on a regular basis.
What are you doing? Pick them up.
Are you going to thank me just once? Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you, ma'am.
I believe that this case is the outcome of the defendant's such behaviors.
That'd be all, Your Honor.
Defense Attorney, you may question the witness now.
Han Tae Kyeong.
Do you know to whom Ms.
Nam was referring by "the judge" in the video clip? I believe that was all explained during the prosecution's questioning.
You may ask a different question or return to your seat if you don't have any questions to ask.
Then I'll ask a different question.
Witness, you are a media powerhouse who is very influential in Kiseong, right? That's what people say.
The witness is a powerful media figure.
I'd like to know why he's stayed close to Ms.
Nam Soon Ja, who doesn't even have a real job, for 35 years.
Could you please explain to us? Attorney Ha, why are you asking such a question? What would the reason be? Since the defendant is close with Judge Cha Moon Sook, you probably thought maintaining a close relationship with her could help you generate financial gains.
No, that was never my intention.
Defense Attorney.
Please refrain from making unconfirmed claims.
You were the first journalist in Kiseong to receive the Korean Journalists' Award.
Can you swear on it? Why should I swear on my honor because of such a ridiculous claim? I've already given my oath as a witness.
Is the defendant too far below your league for you to do that? I don't judge and categorize people like that.
According to the defendant, you've taken a lot of kickbacks using your relationship with her.
"Kickbacks"? If there were any kickbacks, she must've taken them herself.
Will you not regret saying that? Why would I regret According to the defendant and the staff at the residence, you were always servile to the defendant and treated her as if she was above you.
Why did you treat her like that? Was it your way of showing your loyalty to her? "Loyalty"? What? "Loyalty"? I guess you don't know much about Nam Soon Ja.
That woman She's very She's extremely crude.
She has no class.
- What did you say? - She brags about her rich family - to gain favors from people! - What? Do you have proof? It looks like you've been holding grudges.
"Grudges"? No, not at all.
According to one of the statements we obtained, the witness threatened the defendant on a regular basis because he felt that he got the least out of the Golden City redevelopment project even though he worked the hardest when the project was underway.
What? I threatened you? - Hey.
- What? - Hey.
- "Hey"? I published so many articles about Golden City for you! - How ungrateful.
- So what? - Gosh.
- You got a ton of kickbacks! It's not true.
What I said earlier was just a mistake.
Your Honor.
We just witnessed that Mr.
Han Tae Kyeong might have committed a crime in the past.
Also, his statements don't seem consistent, so it's highly likely that he's not being truthful.
I'd like to question the next witness, Your Honor.
Witness, proceed to the witness stand.
I heard you mentioned that there's something you must tell all of us here in this courtroom regarding the case.
I took care of the murder of the Thai acupressurist.
You took care of it? Are you saying that you killed the acupressurist? Yes, that's correct.
As far as I know, you have nothing to do with the acupressurist.
Then why did you kill her? Because I was ordered to kill her.
Who gave you such an order? The defendant keeps claiming that she never ordered the murder.
Then did someone else order you to murder the victim? Yes.
It looked like the defendant, Nam Soon Ja, was taking orders from someone who's above her.
Who could that be? The victim did say someone's name as she was dying, and it sounded like someone who holds a high post.
But the thing is, I don't really remember the name.
All right.
Court Guard, arrest the witness immediately.
He's under arrest for the murder of the Thai acupressurist.
Prosecution, please investigate who the accomplice he mentioned could be.
Yes, Your Honor.
Court adjourned.
You guys are pretty good.
You got rid of Han Tae Kyeong and managed to manipulate Judge Cha.
I'm so relieved.
It's a bit earlier to be relieved.
The cards are still in play.
What? Cards? The best card is for you to mention Cha Moon Sook.
Take the stand at the next hearing.
Say that Cha Moon Sook put you up to it.
I can't decide on that just now.
Why not? I need to make some calculations of my own.
Bong Sang Pil and Ha Jae I have Cha Moon Sook cornered? Yes.
Bong Sang Pil What on earth is he planning? If things stay on track, we have a fighting chance.
- But - You're right.
Nam Soon Ja's the problem.
We can't leave her as she is.
We need a backup plan.
Her attitude has shifted.
An Oh Ju.
I need to know if he has come to a decision.
Will you take him off the wanted list? Yes.
I'll talk to Prosecutor Cheon.
It'll be better coming from me.
Okay, thanks.
I need you to not take public action against An Oh Ju.
What? You don't want me to prosecute him? Yes.
That look tells me you have a reason.
Am I right, prosecutor? Before I give you the reason, there's someone you should meet.
She's the Thai masseuse who worked at Cha Moon Sook's residence.
You must be surprised.
Thank you for coming here.
There's one more thing you should know.
She is my mother.
Your mother? Cha Moon Sook almost killed me.
Sang Pil and Attorney Ha are the connections that I told you about.
This is the reason I can give you.
I'll take it from here.
There are no guards here.
Isn't she a cunning witch? It could be a trap.
Shouldn't you just leave? You stay here.
Yell if something happens and I'll come right over.
My goodness, that scared me.
Come and sit down.
Let's talk face to face.
Say what you want to say.
Even if it's a threat.
Are you causing this fuss because of Sang Pil's notebook? You should've trusted me, not him.
Forget about that.
I'd like a reason for me not to kill you.
Just one.
An Oh Ju.
Sang Pil thinks of you as an enemy who killed his mother.
And yet you believe him and try to attack me? Think of when you worked for me.
This is nothing compared to that.
You'll end up doing as I say.
That's how you've lived.
That is your life.
(Cha Moon Sook Expected to Pass Hearing) I warned you clearly not to use me in your plan for revenge.
I have no intention of playing along.
Are you saying you won't drop the charges against An Oh Ju? However, one thing bothers me.
The video that I used to charge him.
It might have gotten me there, but once in court, it could've backfired against me.
Because it was taken without consent in a forceful situation.
It's true that I charged An Oh Ju in a hurry with evidence that wouldn't hold and that hurts my pride.
That's why I'll prosecute him myself.
I'll find concrete evidence, not use what's on the internet.
This trial is very important to me.
Thank you.
That's your problem.
An Oh Ju, it's me.
I did what I said I'd do.
Did you really? Bong Sang Pil, you're so determined to get your own way this time.
It's your turn.
If you want to live, you'll have to make a decision.
What did Bong Sang Pil say? He says he'll remove the bell on my neck.
The bell? Did he remove your name from the wanted list? Why? It won't take long to figure it out.
I'll find it out once I appear in court.
(Lawless Law Firm) Attorney Bong.
You're here.
You look as though you didn't sleep a wink.
What's wrong with your tie? Look at your face.
You look tired.
My gosh.
We've come at the wrong time.
We'll come later.
They're the type to keep going even when we're here.
It's good to have someone around you when you have a hard time.
I wouldn't have been able to come this far without Attorney Ha.
Me neither.
All right.
We'll see you later.
What's wrong with the door? Go, go! Get to your work! - Just go.
- Okay.
Prosecutor Cheon came to see me last night.
Really? How did it go? An Oh Ju is free now.
It's a temporary thing though.
Do you think he'll appear in court? I guess he has no choice.
(Lady Justice, Cha Moon Sook) The autobiography you wrote has become the talk of the town creating a sensation in the field of publication.
Did you expect to receive such an enthusiastic response? No, not at all.
I didn't expect people to listen carefully to my story.
I've received more than what I deserve.
I'm just grateful for that.
How did you feel when you wrote the book? Well I just retraced the course of my life and published a book with it hoping it would help everyone in the world.
I guess that's how I felt.
(Cha Moon Sook's Book Publication Party) I heard your books are all sold out.
It's a must-read book for young people without a dream.
You're off to a good start for chief justice.
I'm very glad to hear that.
I like it when you're honest like that.
It sounds like I wasn't honest before.
Hey, Cheon Seung Beom.
What do you think this is? What? A disposition not to institute a public action? Why would you knock over the table I set like that? That's the result of much thoughtful consideration.
How could you exempt a criminal like An Oh Ju from indictment as a prosecutor? An Oh Ju's suspicion of instigating murder is not being pursued due to the lack of evidence.
I'll carry out a corroborative investigation.
Then what about the election donations? What is the source of the material? What? You jerk.
Are you saying the materials are fake? I need to find out the source before the investigation.
I'm not going to say it twice.
Prosecute him again.
Just do it before you get fired.
An Oh Ju's case.
I don't know what it has to do with you, but you have no right to do this.
What did you say? I'm not the one who cleans up the table you set.
I don't want to use the case to get promoted or to receive directions from anyone.
That's my notion of a prosecutor.
("The Day of the First Female Chief Justice is Drawing Near") Can you believe this? Gosh.
Attorney Bong, take a look at this.
It's ridiculous.
Lady Justice? It's hilarious.
Thank you.
So are you getting ready for the confirmation hearing? I answered all the written questions submitted.
All I need to do now is attend the hearing and answer your harsh questions.
It says your property is 600,000 dollars.
Is that true? There are no secrets in this world.
They will disclose all your secrets.
I've worked as a judge for 35 years.
But I don't even own a house in Kiseong.
I'm renting a house owned by the foundation.
By the way, what if they ask you about the photo from 18 years ago? What would you tell them? Congressman Park, why would you bring that up now? Congressman Park.
I've been plagued by the photo.
I believe you all know that.
We do.
The people were more upset than I was with the unproven case.
I'm just grateful.
You just can't pull the wool over the public's eyes now.
May I propose a toast? Let's just drink.
Have some.
Thank you.
You should've trusted me instead of Bong Sang Pil.
To Bong Sang Pil, you're just an enemy who killed his mother.
You'll eventually do as I command.
You've spent your whole life that way.
Boss, we're all set to go to court.
We can leave now.
The judge is entering.
All rise.
(The third trial for confining) (and soliciting to murder a Thai acupressurist) Please be seated.
We'll now begin the third trial.
Your Honor.
The defendant, Nam Soon Ja would like to make a testimony.
Is she allowed to do so? Yes.
Let her give testimony.
I'll tell you one thing.
Do you think Cha Moon Sook will keep her promise? What do you mean? Cha Moon Sook.
She will never protect you or your mother.
She'll only use you two again.
Don't be fooled by her, Yeon Hee.
Go ahead.
Will you continue to protect Yeon Hee? I'm not saying this because she's your daughter.
I believe in her talent.
So think of her when you make your choice.
Choose correctly, and I will forever be in your debt.
You must think wisely.
The moment you confess and take the blame for her, this trial will be over.
The Thai acupressurist.
It was me who Mom? - Ms.
Nam! - Mom! Security! Help! What's going on? - Move.
- Mom? Mom, wake up.
She's out cold.
- Ms.
- Call an ambulance.
- Ms.
- Guys, hurry up! Gosh.
Have a medical team check her.
We'll take a short recess.
Bong Sang Pil.
I've changed my mind.
An Oh Ju! You're on your own now.
Good luck.
Attorney Bong, what is it? An Oh Ju changed his mind.
He's not testifying? I should meet him in person.
I'm leaving the trial to you.
Sang Pil, you get him back here.
Make him testify in court.
Secretary Kim has found us a ship.
Don't forget our money.
Of course not.
The APB has only been lifted off for you and me, so what about Secretary Kim? Hi, Secretary Kim! Thanks to Sang Pil, we don't have to smuggle ourselves out of the country.
You know Boss, we shouldn't come back to this darn country ever again.
Was it Cha Moon Sook? Remove it, Secretary Kim.
Remove it! I'm sorry about this.
You scum! Don't you dare! An Oh Ju.
An Oh Ju! Oh, gosh.
Now that hurts.
You weasel, who ordered this? Couldn't you come a little sooner? Darn it.
I should've never gotten involved with you.
Anyway, I hope you make it out alive.
(Judge Cha Moon Sook) (Lawless Lawyer) Nothing stands in Cha Moon Sook's way now.
I don't trust Nam Soon Ja.
My best option is to incapacitate Nam Soon Ja and An Oh Ju.
Let me ask the defendant.
Did you order the murder? Yes, I did.
I was the former mayor of the city.
Could I at least get one last smoke? He fled while in transit.
What's his game plan? I have an idea.
Your Honor, there's one important question left.