Lawless Lawyer (Mubeop Byeonhosa) (2018) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

Go ahead.
The Thai acupressurist.
It was me who Mom! We'll take a short recess.
An Oh Ju changed his mind.
You get him back here.
Make him testify in court.
Secretary Kim has found us a ship.
Don't forget our money.
Of course not.
The APB has only been lifted off for you and me, so what about Secretary Kim? Hi, Secretary Kim! Thanks to Sang Pil, we don't have to smuggle ourselves out of the country.
You know Boss, we shouldn't come back to this darn country ever again.
Was it Cha Moon Sook? Remove it, Secretary Kim.
Remove it! You scum! An Oh Ju.
An Oh Ju! Oh, gosh.
Now that hurts.
You weasel, who ordered this? Couldn't you come a little sooner? Darn it.
I should've never gotten involved with you.
Anyway, I hope you make it out alive.
Seok Gwan Dong.
Seok Gwan Dong! Wake up! The trial.
How is it going? It's in recess.
Cha Moon Sook ordered the hit to stop you from testifying.
I know that too, Bong Sang Pil.
Can I still get an opportunity to testify in court? Yes.
All right, then.
(Final Episode) Judge Cha.
What's going on? I told you not to call me.
The thing is I couldn't get rid of An Oh Ju.
Bong Sang Pil showed up out of the blue.
I'm sorry.
Find An Oh Ju immediately.
I had no idea what to do earlier.
I couldn't think of the right answer.
I was trying to buy time.
Avoiding it won't solve the problem.
By the way, how did you know Judge Cha would try to win me over to her side? I figured she'd do that based on what Attorney Bong and I know about her.
You mustn't trust her even for a second.
That woman, Cha Moon Sook.
What happened with An Oh Ju? Well, don't worry.
What Cha Moon Sook wants will not happen.
What does that mean? Are you saying An Oh Ju will testify in court? That's right.
You'll definitely see him in the courtroom.
It's about time you made up your mind.
What will you do? An Oh Ju That man, An Oh Ju, will actually appear in court? Look, Nam Soon Ja.
This is your last chance.
This time, you'd better choose which side to take very wisely.
- Good work.
- Thank you.
Here you go, sir.
I'll be off, then.
Judge Geum Kang is entering.
All rise.
Hello, everyone.
Hey, stand up.
What are you doing in this honorable court? Yes, Your Honor! All right, then.
Everyone, please be seated.
All right, we'll begin the trial.
Attorney, please give us your plea.
An extremely unfair ruling was made recently.
Apparently, some people's prison labor is worth A man spent 49 days in prison and got 24.
5 million dollars deducted from his fines.
- Gosh.
- That's crazy.
- Hey, Bong Sang Pil.
- Yes.
Are you writing a novel or what? Can you prove it? Can you bet on your law license? Yes, I'll bet on my license.
I'll shut down my firm after this trial if I lose.
If that's the case, you won this trial.
Court dismissed.
- How did it go, Boss? - Would you like some of this? Come have a seat here.
Keep doing what you were doing.
It looks like you guys can handle trials as attorneys.
I'm curious about something.
What if Cha Moon Sook keeps denying what she did? What's going to happen then? What do you think? She'll end up with a heavier sentence.
In court, whether the person is remorseful or not is the most important factor in deciding his or her sentence.
Then let's say there's a witness but no evidence.
What will happen, then? You can think that testimonies are just like evidence.
People's statements can be accepted as evidence as well.
But people can lie when they're bribed or threatened.
Testimonies can be tainted just like forged evidence.
Just like how we verify the credibility of evidence, we must thoroughly check and make sure all statements are consistent and that the facts check out.
In other words, you just need a credible witness.
That's correct.
That's why we're trying to persuade An Oh Ju to appear in court.
Then we'll have to bring An Oh Ju no matter what.
That's right.
We'll also have to make sure the trial can be seen by many people.
That way, Cha Moon Sook won't be able to get her way.
I'll meet up with Reporter Yu Kyeong Jin and talk to her about it.
Sure, okay.
What are you going to do? I have to go somewhere now.
I'll see you all later.
Why did you tell Scorpion not to spill out Cha Moon Sook's name? Because my goal was to make Nam Soon Ja say it herself.
Oh, right.
I heard you summoned An Oh Ju as a witness.
Do you think he'll come? The APB on him has been lifted, but he still can't leave the country.
He'll get caught eventually.
Actually, there's something I want to ask you.
Will you bring Attorney Ha's mother to court? That will depend on how Cha Moon Sook responds.
Yeon Hee.
I had no idea I'd end up jeopardizing your career like this.
You should've apologized to Judge Cha and begged her.
What is this mess? Answer me.
Look at yourself.
Yeon Hee.
Judge Cha dumped everything on me.
I just did what I was told to do.
What did you say to me, Mom? You told me to go higher than where Judge Cha is.
How will I be able to do that when my mom is an ex-convict? Do you think it's possible? Yeon Hee.
Forget Bong Sang Pil.
He's useless.
I'll meet Judge Cha in person and beg her on my knees.
She's the only person who can get you out of here.
Yeon Hee, Yeon Hee! What kind of bomb did you bring today? I brought the truth, not a bomb.
Everything will be revealed in this trial.
You mean Nam Soon Ja's trial? Correct.
All the ugly things Cha Moon Sook has been concealing will be revealed.
Hearing that is making me wonder how hard you and Attorney Bong must've had to work for the trial.
I have a favor to ask.
Please bring other reporters to court.
We'll need foreign reporters as well.
Foreign press too? We need to bring outsiders to make sure that the truth isn't manipulated in any way.
Okay, got it.
I'll see you in court, then.
All right.
Madam Nam, how are you feeling? What brings you here, ma'am? What kind of question is that? She's obviously here because she's been worried about you.
What did Bong Sang Pil say to you? Did he say that An Oh Ju will appear in court as a witness? Pardon? There's no way An Oh Ju will come to court.
He's fully aware of what will happen to him if he comes to court.
He absolutely can't come.
Bong Sang Pil is fooling you.
He's telling you complete nonsense.
Madam Nam.
Don't believe anything Bong Sang Pil tells you.
He's not the one who sincerely cares about you.
I think you have her completely.
I don't trust her.
Pardon? An Oh Ju and Nam Soon Ja both need to be incapacitated.
I understand, ma'am.
(Lawless Law Firm) Okay.
- Really? I understand.
- Gong Jang Soo, chief prosecutor.
Both requested as witnesses.
Cha Moon Sook summoned Go In Du as a witness.
Judge's authority.
The two want to collude and corner Nam Soon Ja.
She has no reason to back down.
She'll reduce An Oh Ju and Nam Soon Ja's credibility To cast doubt on the witness' testimony.
Hello? You complete the final picture of this court.
I always created my own court.
Nothing will change.
An Oh Ju never intended to take the witness stand.
And he never will.
This will be your last trial as a judge.
Your Honor.
Reporter Yu, it's an important day.
We trust you'll help us out.
You're guaranteed a scoop today.
- Look forward to it.
- Thanks.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Are you okay? Are you two on different pages today? Yeon Hee saw the state I'm in and still can't get away from Judge Cha.
She's well and truly caught.
It all depends on what you do today in court.
Make up your mind.
Don't let Cha Moon Sook control you.
Witness, introduce yourself.
I'm Gong Jang Soo, the investigator on Nam Joon Ja's case.
Kill her? Yes.
You won't take me seriously? My word is the judge's word! It's the judge's order! The video of Nam Soon Ja ordering murder.
How likely is it that it was faked? The NFS concluded that the clip shows no signs of being tampered with.
Your Honor, I submit the NFS report as evidence.
Defense, cross-examine the witness.
Your Honor.
I believe this video kick-started the investigation.
That's right.
Where was it from? Chief Prosecutor Jang Sa Ik gave it to the team.
The chief prosecutor gave it to you? That's correct.
I believe you were a detective for over 30 years.
How common is it for someone like the chief prosecutor to report a case? It almost never happens.
Where did the chief prosecutor say he got it from? He did not say so.
Is it common for one to hide the source? Defense.
Stick to facts surrounding the case.
The witness' personal experiences have nothing to do with this trial.
Then I request Chief Prosecutor Jang Sa Ik as a witness as he provided the video evidence.
Request accepted.
Chief Prosecutor.
Take the stand.
You refused to swear in as a witness.
Where did you get the video of Nam Soon Ja ordering the murder? From an anonymous informant.
You want to hide the person's identity.
Why would you, a chief prosecutor wish to take the stand to protect this informant? Could it be that this person is more powerful than you? Attorney Bong.
You should watch your manners.
You're in the sacred witness stand so answer on your conscience.
What are you getting at? In the previous hearing, our witness said this.
The dead victim said someone's name.
It sounded like someone high up.
"It sounded like someone high up.
" I'm trying to find a common thread between the testimonies.
You provided the prosecutors with evidence on An Oh Ju's illegal campaign funds.
You said then again it was from an anonymous informant.
Who is this anonymous informant who would give the chief prosecutor such crucial evidence? Who is this informant that you're trying so hard to protect? I will not answer.
That informant's identity will be revealed in court today.
You'd better stay until the very end.
That is all.
We'll begin the questioning of the defendant Nam Soon Ja.
Defendant, take the stand.
I have a question for you.
Do you know clearly what this trial is about? It's about the illegal detainment and abetting the murder of a Thai acupressurist.
Did you yourself order the acupressurist be killed? Answer.
Did you solicit to murder? Yes.
I did it.
- She did it? - How could she? The defendant just admitted to soliciting to murder.
Are you aware what the penalty is for that? According to Article 31 Clause 1 of the Penal Code, and Article 250 Clause 1 of the Penal Code, soliciting to murder receives the same sentence as murder.
Did you know that? Yes, my attorney told me.
Since the defendant admitted her crimes, questioning her further seems pointless.
Prosecution, if you won't cross-examine, then we'll end her testimony here.
- I will cross-examine.
- Not so fast.
Your Honor.
The defendant admitted her guilt.
What more do you need to ask her? Well, there's one important question left.
Carry on.
Did you do this all on your own? That concludes the testimony of Answer me.
Did you do this all on your own? I was following orders.
What? All I did was follow those orders.
That's right.
I didn't do this on my own.
You're saying that it wasn't your idea to commit murder.
The witness at the last trial mentioned a name.
Is it that person who - ordered the hit? - Mr.
Yes, it's the same person.
Why haven't you mentioned this person up until now? Defense Attorney, do not lead the witness with your questions.
I was scared.
What were you so terrified of? Power.
Power? If you have power, the truth and the lies can be covered up.
Is that person of power in this very courtroom? Yes, that person is here.
The most powerful person in all of Kiseong.
It's Judge Cha Moon Sook.
What? Guys, just write what you heard! Go ahead.
You heard the woman, so write it down.
Come on.
Order! Order.
Keep order or I'll hold you in contempt.
The stenographers will erase what the witness just said.
Judge Cha Moon Sook.
Did you order the hit? I'll ask you again.
Judge Cha Moon Sook.
Did you order the hit? If neither side wishes to ask more questions, then we'll conclude her testimony.
The defendant may return to her seat.
Regarding this case, there's a brave witness who is willing to come forward.
As the presiding judge, I'll allow this witness to testify.
Attorney Go In Du.
Please take the stand.
What information will you share with us? I was the legal adviser for former Mayor An's Ohju Group.
I'm here today to reveal the crimes committed by Nam Soon Ja.
She pressured An Oh Ju to add the land she owns into the Golden City district while posing as one of Judge Cha's closest ally.
So that's what she was doing when she referred to me in the evidence video presented by the defense.
That's right.
Your Honor, I have evidence to back up my claims.
The area set to be developed as a part of the Golden City project was changed to include her land.
During this process, did An Oh Ju and Nam Soon Ja obtain a significant amount of financial gain? Yes.
A huge shopping mall is set to be built there, so the plus-value alone is at least 10 million dollars.
You, Go In Du, your land is part of that area too.
What you own is right next to mine! That's a groundless claim.
Defendant, please sit.
Here's the man who'll clear all of this up for us.
I call An Oh Ju to the stand.
Will the defense and the prosecution please approach? What does the prosecution say? We already requested him as a witness too.
All right.
Do you really think that I won't be able to squash his testimony? Judge Cha, no matter how you hide the truth, it will always be revealed.
You'll soon find out why I had An Oh Ju step inside this courtroom, Your Honor.
I'll allow the witness.
I'll take the oath.
I, An Oh Ju, swear by my conscience that I shall give the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
If any of what I say is a lie, I will accept the charges of perjury.
How will you reveal the truth pertinent to this case? My entire life of 50 years is in fact living proof.
Can you elaborate on what you mean by that? Before that, I'd like a glass of water.
Since the days when Judge Cha Moon Sook's father, Judge Cha Byung Ho, was alive, I've been like her family's loyal dog.
- What? - A dog? The defense attorney is hindering the trial by asking the witness questions that are - completely unrelated to the case.
- That's not true.
An Oh Ju's testimony is absolutely necessary for us to gauge the credibility of the defendant's statements.
Please allow the defense attorney to continue, Your Honor.
You may continue.
Witness An Oh Ju.
The former mayor of Kiseong, Lee Young Soo, the owner of Daejak Gallery, Choi Dae Woong, Detective Wu Hyung Man, the union president for Golden City who is said to have gone missing 18 years ago, and Lawyer Choi Jin Ae.
You confessed to me that you either murdered or hired others to murder all aforementioned people as per Judge Cha Moon Sook's order.
Is it true? Yes, it is true.
Judge Cha Moon Sook, who's sitting up there now, gave me the orders directly.
Like a hound, I killed whomever she asked me to get rid of and buried whomever she wanted me to bury.
Here's a recording of the phone conversation with the witness' statement.
I'd like to submit it as evidence.
From the testimonies we've heard, it seems highly likely that the witness was the defendant's accomplice.
Defense Attorney, have you ever doubted his credibility? They could've coordinated their stories in advance to frame an innocent person.
Please have a look at this photo.
Attorney Bong Sang Pil.
How dare you bring a manipulated photo to court as evidence? Fine.
We'll say that the photo of you was manipulated.
An Oh Ju.
That photo was disclosed recently through the media.
Are you the man in the photo? Yes, it's me.
Then what about that person inside the car? Who is she? It's the judge who's sitting in the judge's bench at the moment, Judge Cha Moon Sook.
So that means the photo wasn't manipulated, right? - Attorney Bong.
- Let me change the question.
Could you please tell us about the situation? Well, Judge Cha Moon Sook who's sitting up there now hit someone with her car.
She called me right away and told me to take care of the body.
How can we believe what the witness is saying? They're just his words.
How can you prove it? Your Honor, do you really think that there's no way to prove his claim? What do we have here now? A testimony that lacks credibility and a manipulated photo.
What else is there? We have someone who can prove it right here in this courtroom now.
Attorney Ha, is this a joke or what? It's that lady over there.
It's the victim, Noh Hyun Joo, the acupressurist who used to work at your residence and was known to have been abducted and killed.
That photo was taken by her at the scene.
Noh Hyun Joo is the only witness of the case, which happened 18 years ago.
And she's my mother.
She's her mother? The person who ordered the abduction of my mother was Judge Cha Moon Sook.
It was your doing.
Judge Cha attempted to kill Ms.
Noh several times.
We rescued her and have been protecting her.
All because of you, Judge Cha Moon Sook! What do you say now? Are you still going to claim that you're not guilty? We will take a recess here.
Judge Cha, sit down.
Sit back down! Judge Cha, please tell us the truth! What's the truth? Tell us the truth.
- Please tell us.
- Judge Cha, this isn't right.
- Tell us! - We want the truth! - Please say something.
- Judge Cha, tell us the truth! - Tell us! - What's the truth? How about now? Still? Do you think that you'll never be judged even if you've committed crimes? The prosecution would like to examine the new findings and put in a request to amend the indictment, so we'd like you to stop the trial procedures.
I used to be the mayor of this city, you know.
Let me have a smoke at least before we leave.
- Bad news.
- What is it? An Oh Ju got away during transfer.
- What? - The police are chasing him.
What is he thinking? I have an idea.
Kwang Soo, stay with Attorney Ha.
Attorney Bong, be safe.
An Oh Ju, drop the gun.
Why would I do that? An Oh Ju! Is that you, Bong Sang Pil? Listen up, Sang Pil.
An Oh Ju.
I know what you're thinking.
Was the great An Oh Ju a coward who just runs away? You can't die here.
Let the law punish you for all the crimes you committed.
What, "The law"? "The law"? My whole life I slaved away for the men and women of the law.
Look what happened to me.
From now on, An Oh Ju Me, An Oh Ju will take over! You won't be able to shoot me! Do you hear me? You talk about the law.
The people you loved.
What happened to them? Your mom.
Choi Dae Woong.
You lived in pain your whole life.
Shut your mouth, you worthless scum! Your Your mom will be looking down on you and feel such pain.
No, Sang Pil.
Pull that trigger and you lose to him! Yes, Sang Pil.
Let's end it here.
Pull the trigger.
Pull it.
- Shoot.
- An Oh Ju! An Oh Ju.
For the past 18 years, I lived each day in the pain of death.
Do you think I would listen to the likes of you? I won't get your dirty blood on my hands.
I will take you down with the law.
Will you hide behind the law to the very end? Bong Sang Pil.
This is the seaside where I was born.
It's my mother and my father.
The fish market.
This is where I was born.
It's right that I die here.
With your great law, you can judge Cha Moon Sook.
That's my final request.
Did you hear me, Sang Pil? (Cha Moon Sook, Judge) Cha Moon Sook, you're under arrest for abetting murder.
You have the right to an attorney and can defend yourself.
Don't touch me.
The only person who can take me outside is me myself.
So step aside.
Judge Cha Moon Sook was arrested in her residence today.
In Nam Soon Ja's trial in which she was the presiding judge, the truth about her crimes came out, shocking everyone.
Prosecutors investigated the charges and found others who were involved.
The scope of the investigation has expanded.
Ohju Group's legal counsel and head attorney of Jeongeum Law firm, Go In Du worked in Kiseong for decades.
He's suspected of bribing judges to get lower sentences for his clients.
Editor-in-chief Han of Kiseong Daily is suspected of receiving a gift of a trip worth 200,000 dollars to lobby for The Golden City.
Prosecutors had him brought in today as well.
Kiseong's Chief Prosecutor Jang Sa Ik suffered being questioned on charges of bribery - and abuse of power.
- Hands off me.
This case is so huge it's being called the Cha-Nam gate, and influential people Here, Sang Pil.
Are you ready? Yes.
I'm ready to reveal my past.
(Request to reopen Choi Jin Ae's suicide investigation) You can take my past now.
There's quite a lot.
I want you to add this charge to what you have on Cha Moon Sook.
This should be enough to get you to reopen the case.
My mom's case was where it all began.
Okay, Sang Pil.
It started as revenge but ended with justice.
It's okay.
I'll start over.
A fresh start.
You were a smart kid.
You'll do fine.
You aren't like me.
I will watch how you do all the way.
Yeon Hee.
I really didn't want to see you guys.
Why did you want to see me? You finally left the bench and became a mere human being.
How do you feel now? "A mere human being"? "I left the bench"? Did I? Where am I, Jae I? I've seen ugly faces and inner sides of people for the past 40 years.
I've reformed and judged them the whole time.
What you did to me It's just stupid.
Your greed and hypocrisy drove a lot of people to tragedy.
I'll just bring you to face the law for those people.
As a human being, you should've asked for our forgiveness first.
I'll give you one last chance.
Bong Sang Pil and Ha Jae I.
You will eventually forgive me.
It's you who will be suffering if you don't.
She doesn't know how things are going now.
Cha Moon Sook still believes that the world revolves around her.
Cha Moon Sook has never lost her power since she was born.
To be more exact, she doesn't even have the awareness about her power.
(Noh Hyun Joo) Moon Sook is my friend.
I told you that for a reason.
I wanted to be prepared.
Attorney Choi.
Thank you for giving me this.
It will eventually help my friend.
Your son seems quite reliable.
How old are you? I'm 10 years old.
Your eyes are sparkling.
You will amount to something when you grow up.
Sang Pil, you must be flattered.
This is my daughter.
She looks smart.
She's pretty, isn't she? For our children, I'll reveal the truth.
Now that you say it, it feels like I did the right thing.
What are you doing? I was thinking about old times.
Do you think we met when we were young? We lived near each other.
At a place like the stationery store downstairs.
I'm not sure.
I went to the stationery store a few times.
(Choi Jin Ae Law Firm) (Closed) What do you want to buy? - Why? - It's closed.
If it's something I have, you can borrow it from me.
No thanks.
No way.
Why not? We could've met.
Bong Sang Pil.
Prosecutor Cheon Seung Beom.
Why did you want to see us? I wouldn't want to see you for no reason.
I guess something good just came up.
Cha Moon Sook appealed against the court's decision.
No matter how hard she tries, she will be sentenced to life in prison.
Everyone would think that way.
Even Cha Moon Sook's attorneys.
You said you weren't interested in promotions.
But you've got promoted so quickly.
The Special Unit of Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office? Gosh, that's not a place to go for a promotion.
It's just that the country wants me to fight fiercely to survive.
Bong Sang Pil.
Let's go back to Seoul.
Seoul? Why? And you, Attorney Ha.
I want you guys to work with me in the Special Unit.
I will obey your orders.
I should go if Attorney Ha is going.
Hey, Cha Moon Sook.
Aren't you going to greet me? I'm your senior in here.
Hey, you're still like that? - Make sure to keep your ears open.
- Shut your mouth! Do you see the sign over there? The installments can be spread out for 12 months.
- Please take a look at this.
- It's 12 months.
- Please read this.
- 12 months.
The judge is entering.
We'll now begin the trial.
Your Honor, I'd like to bring Mayor An Oh Ju in as a witness.
Cha Moon Sook ordered the murder.
It's nothing worth speaking of.
Court adjourned.
Do you still think you're innocent, Judge Cha Moon Sook? - Cut! - It feels great, doesn't it? - It feels amazing.
- It's refreshing, right? The law is not far away.
Who are we? We're fighters.
We fight for our clients with the law.
- Lawless - Lawyers! (Daeho Stationary) The law is not far away.
Please take a look.
(To celebrate the villain's downfall) It's not a restaurant.
It's a law firm.
Yes? Gosh, we're busy today.
It's a good deal.
You can get legal counsel on an installment plan.
Isn't it nice? Illegal! No, omit that.
It's not much, but I hope you like it.
Let me pour you a shot.
Come have a seat.
I'd like to make a toast.
Who are we? The villain of Kiseong, Cha Moon Sook.
- Good.
- And An Oh Ju.
We're Lawless Law Firm who dealt with them.
Now we should expand our business across the city of Kiseong.
Hey, Geum Kang! You startled me.
The 12-month installment plan.
It was a great idea.
Gosh, you startled me.
All right.
Cheers! - Cheers! - Cheers! - Cheers! - Cheers! Have some.
By the way, Attorney Bong and Attorney Ha.
Are you really going to Seoul? Yes, it was a last minute decision.
Something important just came up.
I won't forget you guys even if I go back to Seoul.
Kiseong is my hometown after all.
We'll come by often, so don't be upset.
No Lawless Law Firm will always push forward.
Kwang Soo will start studying to get into law school.
The path my boss took is the path I'll take too.
Boss, I love you.
Lawless! Lawless.
You have one heck of a loyal brother.
Is this for real? Are you sure? Really? That's so cool of you! My dream guy is a lawyer.
Should I start calling you Attorney Tae then? Hold on a second.
If Mr.
Tae becomes my brother-in-law, does that mean I'll be higher than him in rank? Geum Kang.
Hey! I'm at your service.
All right.
Do eat.
Kang, am I getting married? You two make a great couple.
Let's dig in.
Stop at a rest area.
I'll take the wheel.
I can't let you drive the entire length of this bumpy road.
I see I'm always at the top of your mind.
Of course.
I've been watching you for years, haven't I? This is nothing.
How does it feel to leave Kiseong with the woman who made you come here? I feel like I've achieved everything.
Revenge, justice, and love.
You lucky man.
Of course.
I'm the luckiest man alive! Wait, hold on.
Slow down.
Sang Pil, don't be scared for there will be more hardships.
Isn't that what I said to you? All right then.
Let's get going.
Let's go.
- Push forward.
- Straight ahead.
(Supreme Prosecutors' Office Republic of Korea) Hello, sir.
Bong Sang Pil, Ha Jae I, welcome to Seoul, the land of the lawless.
"The land of the lawless"? I'm only targeting the corruption committed by high government officials.
I see there's a lot to eat at this buffet.
We should arrest all hypocrites who deceive people by abusing their power and have them stand in court.
This is a city that needs a lawless lawyer too.
Then let's get started, the lawless way.
- Let's fight! - With the law!