Lawmen: Bass Reeves (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Part IV

dramatic music ♪
[PARKER] I need a man with
a good gun and a straight spine.
You up for the task?
I wouldn't be sitting here
in my Sunday best if I wasn't.
[PARKER] Well, let's make it official.
Billy Crow. Wanted in connection
with a stagecoach robbery.
I can help you with that, Deputy Reeves.
You Billy Crow?
I know where they hid the money
they took from that stagecoach.
We might investigate this, Bass.
I ain't asking.
You gonna shoot me?
But they will.
[BILLY] Thank you, Deputy.
Make it out of here,
how do I get to do what you do?
[BASS] About that Billy Crow,
he not a bad soul. Just confused.
And when before the throne ♪
I stand in Him complete ♪
I'll lay my trophies down ♪
All down at Jesus' feet ♪
dark, suspenseful music ♪
Jesus paid it all
All to Him I owe ♪
Sin had left a crimson stain ♪
He washed it white as snow ♪
No trouble here, ma'am.
But there you go,
looking just like trouble.
That's a pretty fire-
on-the-mountain you got there.
Pretty as I've seen.
Bet you wanted for killing.
No, ma'am. Nothing so bold.
Just introducing.
Introducing what?
- Whiskey.
- Well, that ain't no sin.
Lord knows I say howdy
three times a day myself.
Don't see many friendly faces
up this way.
Not looking to see any.
Ain't as friendly
as I used to be, either.
No shame in taking care.
And I see you take plenty
good care all on your own.
Those who are gracious
to the poor lend to the Lord.
And the Lord will fully repay them.
You know God's works
and His Good Book, too?
Can't read a word.
Never learned to,
but know it all by heart.
That your boys there?
Devil's own, more like it.
[SIGHS] Good Lord knows I tried, though.
Still can't harden my heart to 'em,
even when they break it.
Thought I spied a creek snaking by.
Yonder down bottom.
- Hog wallow, mostly.
- Hmm.
Didn't see any razorbacks up this way.
Mm. 'Cause they so wily.
Little like those Indians.
You see any of them either,
Mr. Joe Gamble?
No, ma'am.
There you go, then.
See to that crick
and haul me back a bucket.
I might see to rustling us up
something proper.
That'd be welcome.
foreboding music ♪
[WYLIE] Who the hell are you?
I say again, who the hell?
Oh, stop all this wake snakes now.
I done told you, this here's Joseph.
Joe Gamble. He knows the Good Book
and done more chores today
than either of you.
[WYLIE] Yeah, well,
he better know to toss
that blue lightning tucked in his belt.
And that, I won't say again.
[BASS] Not the first
- to draw on me today.
- You want to bet I'm the last?
- [DARRELL] Come on.
- [WYLIE] Come on, Joe.
- [DARRELL] Supper! [LAUGHS]
And then, see,
it ain't no tiny mule at all,
it's just that little
Mexican feller Hidalgo.
Goddamn it, Darrell.
You cackle like a girl
done up in her Sunday best.
You hurt my head
with your silly caterwauling.
Don't be profane under this roof.
Might see about
Might see about giving
that silly head of yours
a right real hurting, huh?
You finally grow a pecker
under them skirts?
Now, now, we've got us a guest.
It can't be like this.
- No. No. No.
Now see what you done there, Wyles.
Now look what you gone and done. Aw.
Haul these fool boys of mine
off to bed, will you, Joe?
Their bad ways done cost me
one ear already
and a hundred sleepless nights.
Wonder he still even has a nose.
Get your rest. I got 'em now.
dark, haunting music ♪
- [BASS] Stop.
- Hey.
What the hell?
Aw, come on.
soaring, triumphant music ♪
While I draw this fleeting breath ♪
When mine eyelids close in death ♪
When I rise to worlds unknown ♪
And behold Thee on Thy throne ♪
Rock of Ages, cleft for me ♪
Let me hide myself in Thee ♪
- [BROOM] Thank you, choir.
So honored to introduce Mr. Edwin Jones,
a brother and visionary
who's traveled far
with hopes for our future.
[EDWIN] Thank you, Pastor Broom.
So good to be called on today.
- Amen.
- Amen.
So good to stand before
all these fine families here,
reminding me of my own back in Chicago.
Celeste, my dear wife.
Little Henry and Helen, too.
You know, it's a hard road I walk
that takes me so far away from them.
[WOMAN] Hallelujah.
- But one worth every step.
I'm no pastor,
but I do bring a good word.
- Praise God.
- Amen. All right.
[EDWIN] A promise.
But first I ask,
who here owns their land?
Don't be shy now.
Revel in what you have.
The Lord wishes you
to prosper in all things,
- as your soul prospers.
[MAN] Yes, He does.
That is my promise to you.
- A place where we all prosper.
Where we no longer borrow
or beg from white folk.
[MAN] No, sir.
Where only God owns the sky above us.
And we all own the land below that.
- Yes, sir! Yes, sir.
My dear friend here will
show you of what I speak.
And if Pastor Broom raises no quarrel,
Esme will pass the plate, too,
since even Eden's trees
sprouted from a tiny seed.
Mama, can I run with Delcia
down to the water?
For a spell.
But, young lady, church is
no place for all that skin.
Oh, Lord.
Aren't we something now?
Esme, please invite
your friend for a visit.
If she can ever escape
all those sweet embraces.
Your mama would tan your hide
if she caught you.
- She'd likely whup us both.
And then shoot you.
We don't have long.
Delcia's bad at secrets.
I tried my hand at one of them
poems you're always on about.
You did, now?
- A whole poem?
- Not so hard.
"How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth
and breadth and height
my soul can reach,
- when feeling out of sight."
You didn't write that, Arthur Mayberry.
That's Miss Barrett Browning,
a nice English lady.
Well, I could have written it,
if she hadn't gone and done it first.
slow, wistful music ♪
That's all love is, anyway.
Something feeling good
and perfect for the first time,
just all over again.
And again.
And again.
dark, suspenseful music ♪
[BASS] Get these two locked up tight.
You done ruined my hat, Deputy.
Not much use for it soon enough.
We ride at first light.
Good thing you rustle grub
better than you wager, Tate.
I told you Bass would bring
'em back without a scratch.
Well, with not so many, anyways.
And at least no bullet holes.
Bass takes pride in that.
[RAMSEY] Least they get
some kind of judgment.
Least they ain't just gonna
up and disappear.
'Cause when you see old Mr. Sundown
you never see the sun come up again.
[BASS] That's enough.
Old Mr. Sundown.
Now, he was a slave catcher.
He sired some whelps
on these three Kongo sisters
he brought back in chains.
Sickly, the whole lot.
He cooked and ate 'em up.
It's said he roam the dark even now.
Finding fresh slaves.
Some say he building
a plantation with skin and bone.
A dark, dark church,
full of hell's music.
He ride by night ♪
- That's enough.
- Drawn fast ♪
To the firelight ♪
He ride by nigh ♪
Billy, read him a verse.
Leviticus 26:6.
"I will give peace in the land,
and you shall lie down
and none will make you afraid.
I will rid the land of evil beasts,
and the sword will not
go through your land.
You will chase your enemies,
and they shall 'fail'
by the sword before you."
You okay?
Yes, love. Just a fright.
Nights get so quiet out here.
Quiet without Daddy.
- tense, percussive music ♪
[TATE] Get him, Bass, come on.
Get him!
Come see what else he done.
[TATE] Goddamn.
Should've shut him up sooner, Bass.
You gonna tell me you locked
him up tight like I told you?
Like I always tell you?
And you gonna tell me that your
old Mr. Sundown did this thing?
[CHUCKLES] Oh, no, Deputy.
I done it.
And you know it.
I felt your beating heart,
and you felt mine.
Can I kill this crazy old fool, Bass?
- He's a goddamn blight.
You ain't no law here.
This here's hell.
Until God say otherwise,
I'm the only law there is.
sinister music ♪
soft, atmospheric music ♪
[BASS] Good to see you safe, Minco.
Set to grab a few more for Parker
and then clear out
before the cold set in.
It's already cold.
Long days?
Too long.
Ready to ride for home.
Got anything for me?
Day back,
saw a white man guiding
two Paints and a palomino,
west to Checotah.
Small eyes, bigger mouth.
Silas Cobb.
Fancy hisself a horse trader.
Not even a white man's law against that.
It is when the
horses you're fixing to trade
are stolen.
Need more rifles?
I need a week off this horse
and my own bed.
Figure I sweet-talk Cobb
into a pair of cuffs.
Don't talk long.
I saw your name staked out
on the Dead Line.
Big bounty.
Men gunning for you.
For you, too.
soft, dramatic music ♪
Keep your eyes open.
That's easy, akana.
I don't sleep.
Go out back.
Keep an eye on something
that ain't got a dress on.
We done paid our taxes twice over.
I ain't here for that.
But I do have business.
Honey, we do plenty kinds
of business here.
intriguing music ♪
[BILLY] You're gonna read all
about me in those pages one day.
Heck, might even pen them myself.
Is that so?
Gonna waste ink on a man
who lurks out here in the dark
while his friend's inside
having all the fun?
I said I was looking for Silas Cobb.
Said I don't know such.
And we're not so particular on names.
You know everybody.
Give me a door quick,
or I start busting them all.
Last door on the right.
He come alone?
People come here so they don't
have to be alone.
dark, suspenseful music ♪
Go on down and give word
to my man outside.
Don't raise a fuss,
and we'll be saddled up
before anybody know the better.
Everybody already knows.
[WOMAN] [LAUGHING] Oh, yeah, baby.
[MAN] Yeah.
- Like that? You like that?
- Yeah.
[MAN] Oh, yeah.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Oh, wait.
Easy, Cobb.
- No need to dance.
Get some clothes on,
and let's leave these folk in peace.
[SILAS] Holy hell.
Bass Reeves got the jump on me
through the goddamn window.
Least you're known to be
a reasonable Black bastard.
I said easy,
but hard is just fine.
Won't say it again.
I'm afraid you got
the upper hand, as it were.
I'm not pigeon-livered.
But how about we make
a deal here anyway?
An easy arrangement?
Say I trade you a real outlaw,
that dark-hearted bastard Jim Webb.
Heard you might've
crossed a path or two.
That thing's older than you.
[BILLY] What do you know about it?
[SIGHS] Got an eight-inch
barrel, .44-caliber cartridge.
Loaded up, weighs three pounds heavy,
and you best account for it
if you draw fast.
Aim a bit high, I'd say.
Either way, it bucks like a bronco
and is only good for a hundred steps.
Beyond, you better switch to a rifle.
Or pray.
You learn all that in there?
In there.
Out here, I'm hoping
for some peace and quiet.
Think I'm going to marry you.
Baby, I get married
a dozen times a week.
I'm Billy Crow.
You want to know my name, it's two bits:
one for the house and one for me.
Three bits, and you can
call me any name you want.
Hey, don't you want to know how it ends?
Oh, they all end the same.
Don't get yourself killed,
maybe we'll talk again.
Fix them good. They won't bite.
Deputy Reeves, I done told you all.
We had a deal, fair and square.
Our deal was, I wouldn't shoot you
and I'd tell Parker you sang.
Where's my deal, Deputy?
I don't get dirty for free.
I ain't his wife.
Whoa! Put the gun down.
exciting music ♪
Oh, no.
- Look out!
- Hey, stop.
Goddamn son of a bitch.
You shot me dead
like a dog in the street.
You're not dead. Not yet.
He's gonna need a doc, Bass.
He's gonna need one bad.
Let me go.
No, I'll ride.
Don't leave me.
It's late.
Even for you, Deputy.
Who got plugged, law or outlaw?
Both die about the same, and
my man will, too, without help.
Then hold him.
gentle, somber music ♪
I helped him
write something sweet
to his wife over in Jenks.
Didn't know nothing else to do.
Not that he thanked me.
Most dying men ain't grateful.
- Reckon not.
- His wife's name?
Said it was Grace.
Give me the letter.
Should've aimed high, Billy.
[BILLY] Had it coming, the way I see it.
Course he did.
Still don't make it right, do it?
Don't rain on me like that, Bass.
Silas Cobb was a drunkard,
an adulterer, a thief,
but a man all the same.
The second I called out his name,
that man was my responsibility.
Our responsibility.
Look at it.
Think of each one as a man's life.
One we're either saving or taking.
Law says we get to make the
choice 'cause we got the badge,
but only God know if we're right.
Good thing, too, 'cause I sure don't.
And if I don't, what the hell
could you know about it?
Want to get us paid or not?
[EDWIN] Is it true
he speaks Native as good as any?
That he makes his arrests
out in the Bad Lands,
deep in the Territory?
Places no one else will go.
Men no one else wants to trifle with.
It doesn't seem to bother him
much, and neither do those men.
How many has he sent
to their Heavenly Reward?
Bass would say one is too many.
Tell Jennie about our plans
for Indian Territory.
The townships.
A poetic turn of phrase.
But sadly, as you once told me,
there is no paradise,
no Zion over the next hill.
If we want it, we will have to build it.
Choctaw, Seminole and the rest
might have a say.
I do want to believe it, though. I do.
But pretty pamphlets and flowery
phrases don't plow fields.
And they sure don't hammer nails.
Most days, I can't keep a fence
from falling at that farm.
You are forthright.
But I'm not making idle promises.
I am not selling fool's gold.
What I am proposing
will require work and sweat,
blood and treasure.
slow, somber music ♪
You killed him dead, or Bass done it?
Finally got blood on your hands
and a haint hiding in your heart.
You ain't sleeping sound no more.
Oh, there he go.
How bad a good man
got to be, Billy Crow?
How bad?
Better to kill a man and live with that,
than give ole Mr. Sundown his blood due.
Better that, Billy Crow.
Better that.
Billy the Killer Crow!
You can kiss them
peaceful nights goodbye, boy.
- Billy the Killer Crow!
- Put them hands up.
I see it in your eyes.
tense, dramatic music ♪
slow, somber music ♪
Evening, ma'am.
I heard you and your horse
both a ways off.
Even the quiet carries
clear and far out here,
just like church bells.
You come with word on Silas?
Yes, ma'am.
I take it he's dead, then?
- Sorry to say.
- And I take it
he died in the company of a woman?
They did seem familiar.
So, you the man that done him?
Bad deal all around.
My debt is this letter.
Silas's last words to you.
That's right kind, but
kind of sad, too, don't you think?
Silas eager to tell me things
he'd never say when he was here.
Not that he was here overly much.
Hard on a household.
I know.
Let me get something nice
for your horse.
Thank you.
You best read that letter quick.
They say ole Sundown rides
on nights like these.
slow, somber music ♪
This thing out here
been so, so hard.
God didn't give me the tongue
to tell it well.
But at least He gave me you.
My heart
hurt when we apart.
Only stars to guide me home.
Guide me to you.
dark, tense music ♪
You wonder why your children
don't recognize you anymore?
I have a duty. Swore an oath.
[SHERRILL] You are to deliver
the prisoner Jackson Cole
to the Red River,
and turn him over to the Rangers.
You ride out tomorrow.
Black folks been disappearing
up and down the Territory.
Bring to mind all the aggravated horrors
and may God have mercy on you.
slow, dramatic music ♪
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