Lawmen: Bass Reeves (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Part V

When you see ol' Mr. Sundown,
you never see the sun come up again.
[TATE] He done Gurney in the worst way.
You gonna tell me you locked
him up tight like I told you?
Aren't we something now?
Tell Jennie about our plans
for Indian Territory.
The townships.
A poetic turn of phrase.
Your mama would tan your hide
if she caught you.
She'd likely whup us both.
Silas Cobb.
Fancy hisself a horse trader.
Think I'm gonna marry you.
Don't get yourself killed.
Maybe we'll talk again.
Easy, Cobb.
But how about I trade you that
dark-hearted bastard Jim Webb?
- No.
- Look out!
Should've aimed high, Billy.
Finally got blood on your hand.
grim music ♪
Want me to read the message to you?
It's clear enough.
Five men, armed,
including Webb.
Don't think you'll be
talking him out today, Bass.
Maybe not.
Or maybe Webb's got more sense
than hate for me.
quiet, intense music ♪
Come on out, Webb!
Me or somebody else,
law won't ever stop.
[WEBB] My wrath is the mightiest
of storms, Bass Reeves.
The Lord is my shelter.
Tell your men to lay them irons down.
Keep your hand on it.
Come on out, Webb!
You can drown in your own blood
or have that day in court.
Choice is yours.
tense, suspenseful music ♪
I'll fetch a doctor.
From where?
He keeps looking at me.
It's not gonna get any easier.
End the man's pain.
Take his boots.
Go on.
Take your shot.
soaring, dramatic music ♪
Dundy Carnival.
Saturday and Sunday.
Dundy Carnival. Saturday and Sunday.
you catch all those bad men
by your pretty little self?
You got finer clothes than me.
Maybe I ought to get deputized.
He ride by night ♪
Drawn fast to the firelight ♪
Ain't no peace to be found ♪
When the sun go down ♪
Why can't we hire a hand to do all this?
So you don't get spoiled.
Mama, I'm serious.
I reckon Daddy makes enough now.
I don't mind the time
with you, it's just
How was your time with Delcia?
- Fine.
- Don't lie to me.
You've been meeting that Arthur boy.
Why don't you like him?
Doesn't matter. What matters is
you do what I tell you.
That's what you always say
when you don't want to answer.
You better fix that lip
if you want your daddy
to take you to the carnival.
Better behave when he's here,
better behave when he's gone.
When will I be old enough
to just be, Mama?
slow, dramatic music ♪
For the murder of William Hicks,
we find the defendant guilty.
[PARKER] After a patient
and deliberate investigation
of your case
by the petit jury which tried you,
they have been constrained
by their conscience
and their oaths as honest men
and good citizens
to pronounce you guilty
of the murder of William Hicks
in Indian Territory.
You forgot that the eye of God
was fixed upon you.
When you return to the solitude
of your prison,
let me entreat you
to seriously reflect on your offenses.
Bring to mind all
the aggravated horrors,
the mortal struggles
and the dying prayers
of your murdered victim.
And may God
have mercy on you.
Bass, I asked nice for you to save
some outlaws, for the rest of us.
Good to see you, Ike.
How's that former outlaw turned
peacock working out for you?
I wish every posse man
was as good as you.
I had my moments.
Seven hundred and fifty-two dollars
and seventy-five cents, Mr. Reeves.
It'll be square, Florence, like always.
I got a prisoner here
named Jackson Cole.
Arrested in Atoka for horse thieving,
but before the thieving,
seems he put a mess of lead
into a fine gentleman
running for State Senate down in Texas.
The family is demanding
he swing down there,
and they got the sway
to move mountains up here.
Should've stuck to thieving.
Likely so.
But this order comes from on-high,
you are to deliver the prisoner
Jackson Cole to the Red River,
and turn him over to the Rangers.
I ain't been home for 41 days.
This comes from Judge Parker himself.
You take him.
[CHUCKLING] Ain't you heard?
I have been relegated to pushing papers.
You might as well put me in skirts,
and call me Florence.
You insult her with the suggestion.
I'd give anything to marshal again.
You want to take that up
with Judge Parker?
Be my guest.
You ride out tomorrow.
Your letter is "N."
Hey there, stranger.
You're home.
Who are these heathens at my table?
Hey, Bennie.
I picked out the dress
I'm gonna wear to the carnival.
You want to see it?
Come on, Daddy.
Oh-oh-oh. All right. [GRUNTING]
I'm coming.
They're all asleep.
'Cept us.
'Cept us.
We got some catching up to do.
Yes, ma'am.
That we do.
How's it feel not to be
pregnant for a change?
Who says I'm not?
Just what I need
another child paying me no mind.
Know what I missed the most?
gentle, dramatic music ♪
[BILLY] Morning, Mrs. Reeves.
Why is he here?
I'll be gone a week.
What about the carnival?
Sweetheart, I'll take you
twice next year,
twice the year after.
slow, tense music ♪
You knew all last night
and didn't breathe a word.
What do you want from me?
You wonder why your children
don't recognize you anymore?
I have a duty, swore an oath
Like the one you swore to me
when we married?
You may live out there
beyond that Dead Line,
but we live right here.
You know I love you and
them kids like nothing else.
Telling us you love us
ain't the same as showing us.
Billy's waiting.
How many pianos could you buy
if I was still trying to farm?
Buy me a whole orchestra
and a church choir too, Bass.
All that pretty music
couldn't mend the hearts
you're breaking.
See you in a week.
I can ride in circles
for a bit if it'd help.
Only thing is to get it done.
Sooner we get going,
the sooner I get back.
Miss Ann.
You wish you could quit
laying eggs all day
and do something fun, huh?
[SIGHS] Me, too.
Still want to go to the carnival?
Why don't you ask Arthur to take you?
I thought you didn't like him.
Let's give someone else
a chance to be a gentleman.
gentle, optimistic music ♪
So, why'd you do it?
So I could sleep.
What kind of heart do you carry
to take a man's life and sleep?
A peaceful one.
That supposed to be funny?
Not particularly.
So, you're just crazy?
go scout the pass up yonder.
That boy gonna talk
all the way to the river?
Safe bet.
Oh, Captain, Captain ♪
Don't you know my name? ♪
Oh, Captain, Captain ♪
Don't you know my name ♪
Well, I used to be the porter rode ♪
Well-a ♪
On the southbound train ♪
On the southbound train ♪
Well, I used to be the porter rode ♪
Well-a ♪
On the southbound train ♪
What you smiling about?
All these things in the world
we never known about.
Ever think about them?
How you gonna think about
things you don't know about?
[CHUCKLES] That's the whole point.
If we not wondering about
what we missing,
we'll miss it all.
Sally Reeves, you about
the strangest girl I ever met.
And that's why you sweet on me.
[MAN] Come on over. Welcome.
- Let's go see the elephant.
- [MAN] Gather round.
- Don't be shy.
Can you feel the growing darkness?
The light of Reconstruction
quickly sets,
and the forces of oppression
gather to put us back in chains.
I ain't never been arrested
by a Negro before.
Didn't arrest you.
Just seeing you from here to there.
Fair enough.
- Still
they ain't giving us no badges in Texas.
What do you think, Bass?
Can we make it to Limestone Gap
before the storm hits?
Not likely.
Looks like someone will be
strung up soggy.
Soggy or not,
I ain't ashamed of what I done.
Spoken like a dead man.
And you speaking
like a fool, Billy Crow.
You know, you've been
treating me like a rented mule
since before we returned to Fort Smith.
Now, if there's something you
want to say to me, then say it.
When you started riding for me,
you asked if you had the grit
to be a deputy marshal.
slow, somber music ♪
- Yeah?
- You don't.
Figured you would by now.
Now, if I missed the mark
in learning you more,
I'm sorry.
But every day is a lesson.
And each one of them is hard.
Come on.
Are you giving up on me?
I never give up, Billy.
[MAN] Take a shot right here.
I'm gonna see an elephant
in the wild someday.
You dream big. Big as any elephant.
Excuse me, you need to get
to the back of the line.
Sally. Just a little girl.
A little girl with no manners.
The back of the line is for you.
You got some nerve, toad.
Now get to the back or I might
just pull that hateful
tongue right out your mouth.
Show you what happens when
little girls speak out of turn.
Clementine, there you are.
tense music ♪
Mighty strange, this feeling.
Riding to my death.
But if anyone delivers me,
it might as well be you.
Suppose when a man
see the reaper coming,
he look for the things in life
that give him a little bit of comfort.
We both Negroes,
we know the world in the same ways.
You take a life with no regret,
we ain't close to the same.
Oh, you must have killed folks.
Ain't none of them had it coming?
Ain't for me to decide.
Yeah. That's our problem.
We always having somebody else
decide for us.
Only, I don't trust none of them
deciders to do us right.
- You sound like Sugar.
- Who?
My grandpappy.
Felt the same way, and never
got the taste of freedom.
slow, dramatic music ♪
You know, I was there, in Galveston,
when Granger read
the emancipation papers.
I reckoned you served.
Yeah, back then [CHUCKLES]
thought I was a part of
history right when it happened.
But history, see,
that's when somebody wins.
Like when David slayed Goliath.
Yeah, I figured out pretty quick
that day in Galveston,
wasn't no history being made.
Just a white man reading words.
They always just reading words.
Kids, come say hello to your Aunt Esme.
- [KIDS] Aunt Esme!
I apologize for calling without notice.
Then again, I was hoping
to be invited over by now.
I was at that carnival today.
Saw Sally.
- With a boy.
- Arthur.
Think it's okay to let them
wander on their own?
You think it's okay to ask me
how I'm raising my daughter?
That's rich.
You so sheltered here in Van Buren,
you forgot about the world we live in?
Sally can take care of herself.
She got spirit, no doubt,
but Black folks have been disappearing
up and down the Territory.
You've been listening
to too many campfire tales.
That's what you think.
You really haven't changed.
Not nearly as much as you.
You got anything stronger than water?
- This cover ain't gonna hold!
dark, suspenseful music ♪
To the light!
[ESME] Our friend Samson Flowers
from Chattanooga
up and vanished in Red Fork.
He started working a deal
that would allow us to lease land
from former Cherokee slaves.
Samson took the train
to Indian Territory to broker the terms.
Months go by, and we don't hear a word.
Then, one day,
a letter arrived from Buck Thorne,
the Freedman he was supposed to meet.
When Thorne arrived at Red Fork,
Samson's bag and clothes
were still in the room
he'd rented for the night,
but he was nowhere to be found.
The other hotel guests,
they told Thorne about hearing
thundering hooves in the night.
One man claimed he saw a rider
with the eyes of the beast.
We never saw or heard
from Samson ever again.
Even traveled to Red Fork ourselves
to retrieve his effects.
dark, ominous music ♪
Y'all smelled sulfur in his room?
Wasn't a campfire tale, Jennie.
It wasn't some story I just heard.
Samson was flesh and blood.
A man I knew, like I know you.
Now, sure, it wasn't a haint
or a duppy that snatched him up,
seem to me
Black folk are facing things
scarier than that.
Let's get to that carnival.
Wait, wait.
Go on.
Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves.
Much obliged if we could take shelter.
No English.
- Tell them we're lawmen.
- Yeah.
- She's a wise woman.
- Pásale.
Oh, she's, uh, she's talking
about death. It's
It's close now.
She's prognosticated your future.
tense music ♪
You remember when Sug got caught pissing
in Mrs. Reeves' flower garden?
I thought for certain
she'd chop his johnson off.
Oh, Lord, I remember her face.
"Get your vile wretchedness
out of my sight this instant."
Now, when are you gonna introduce Edwin
to that husband of yours?
Bass would have to stay home
longer than a few hours.
Word already floating around Fort Smith
about how your husband
dressed as a tramp
to snatch the Dolliver boys right out
from under their own mother.
Sound like you hear more about
Bass's dealings than I do.
All I hear is Edwin
chattering about him.
slow, contemplative music ♪
[BILLY] Digame.
Hey, Bass.
She says she wants
to clean your thoughts.
Tell her thank you,
but no.
After Granger rolled through Galveston,
my regiment started going
to plantations throughout Texas,
carrying the word that we was free.
That's when we came across
the Rockrose Plantation.
James Neblett, the owner.
Sheriff was there, the posse men.
somber, dramatic music ♪
Neblett said his slaves
had taken up arms.
They didn't even check for weapons,
they just took his word.
We thought he was burning
his cane field.
But he was burning his slaves.
And they wouldn't even let us
close enough to bury the bodies.
Ten years later, I'm out the service,
I move back to Texas,
and Neblett is running
for state legislature.
Promising to pass laws
to set things back to the
way they was before the war.
And I already seen what that
evil man done to one plantation.
Not again.
You have fun?
Best night of my life.
Hello again.
dark, suspenseful music ♪
What's this?
Shouldn't talk to my sister like that.
- Says who?
- Me.
You're awfully tough when
it's four of y'all, and two of us.
Back your monkey face up.
tense music ♪
We're in it now. In it bad.
We're fine.
We have to tell somebody.
It's over.
That's your mama?
slow, dramatic music ♪
Sure you had a good time?
Seem mighty quiet.
I'm just tired.
Saw an elephant and a fire breather.
Yes, ma'am. It-it was something.
You took Sally out in public
wearing those pants?
That just happened when he fell
in the House of Terrors.
slow, somber music ♪
Billy, saddle up.
We're riding out.
suspenseful music ♪
Wake up in the morning ♪
Well-a ♪
- With a cup and a pan ♪
- With a cup and a pan ♪
Well, I wake up in the morning ♪
Well-a ♪
- With a cup and pan ♪
- With a cup and pan ♪
Well, you say anything
about it, well-a ♪
- Got trouble out the man ♪
- Got trouble out the man ♪
Well, you say anything
about it, well-a ♪
Every time you come back,
you bring less and less of you.
Oh, you must have heard the
stories about Black men disappearing?
Let there be no doubt that we still
need to fight.
dramatic music ♪
[ESAU] You have a family?
What would you do now to protect it?
This thing weighs just as much
as the chain.
That bounty on you? Pays the same,
dead or alive.
atmospheric music ♪
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