Le chalet (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

TODAY PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION Do you drink alcohol, take drugs? A bit of alcohol, like everyone.
No drugs.
In a few words, can you tell me what they’re blaming you for? No, because I don’t understand it myself.
They’re accusing me of wild things but I didn’t do anything.
How long will this whole circus last? Mr.
Genesta, you mentioned a young woman named Adèle to the investigators.
I’d like you to tell me more about her.
She lived in Valmoline? Yes.
She was pregnant.
She came to live there with her fiancé, Manu.
- I’ve already said all that.
- Manu.
Emmanuel Laverne? That’s him? Yes.
The problem is that no one, apart from you, has seen this young woman in Valmoline.
So what? Do you think I made her up? Is that it? Why would I invent someone who doesn’t exist? To dodge the responsibility of your actions.
Look, I’m not crazy.
I’m not crazy.
She was there, with us.
She even gave a speech the first night.
She lived at the chalet with Alice and Manu.
There must be a way to prove it, like with a fingerprint, some hair… So, you say that Manu and Adèle came to live in Valmoline.
When? Do you remember the date? It was late June.
A few days before we arrived with the others.
The village is just behind, over there.
You’ll see it when we cross the bridge.
Wait, can you stop here? - Are you still nauseous? - No, I just want to enjoy the view.
We’ll be happy here.
Rest, zero stress, clean air.
Do you like it? It’s beautiful.
It’s quiet.
Feels like we’re alone in the world.
If there’s ever any mail, this is where I live.
I’m retired now.
There’s no more mailman here.
No more mailman, no more baker, no more priest.
No one left.
Oh, yeah.
You’ll have to pick up your mail in the valley, like Philippe.
You’re so handsome.
I’m so happy to see you after so long.
- And you must be Adèle.
- Hello.
Come in.
You’re not too tired from the trip? We’ll have plenty of time to chat later.
Come see your bedroom.
Come on, Manu.
I can’t take this anymore.
Since the work began, nothing matters but the chalet.
Let me introduce myself.
Muriel Personnaz, Philippe’s sister.
Welcome to Valmoline.
TWENTY YEARS EARLIER So this is your famous chalet.
- It’s enormous.
- Let’s go see the rooms.
- I hope there won’t be too many hikers.
- It’s always a possibility, but Philippe said there hadn’t been anyone for a year.
You’ll see, we’ll be happy.
You’ll be able to write in peace.
It’s a really cool place.
You were right to insist.
- Mom? - Yes? - Can we take any room we want? - Wait, we’ll look at them together.
- Let’s go.
- Okay.
Let’s go.
Let’s go! It’s not a four-star hotel bed.
But at the price your childhood friend is renting it to us, we can’t complain.
Well, dusting and cleaning required.
Wait, wait.
Children? Dad and I are going to rest.
We’re shutting the door.
Okay, Mom.
Not too much noise, please.
So, do you like this chalet? It’s a shame it’s in such a state, but I’m sure we can make it nice.
Maybe this is what we both needed.
A real change.
Normally, everything is okay.
Muriel and Christine checked on it this morning.
- But if there’s the slightest issue… - Everything looks great.
- Right, Adèle? - It’s perfect.
Pardon me, I have to pee.
- And how is your mother? - She’s fine.
Too bad she doesn’t come anymore.
Even for your wedding.
You know her.
She won’t come back.
For her, Valmoline is over.
I know.
I understand.
And… she finds it deplorable that I’m getting married.
She’s ten weeks pregnant, so for Christmas.
- Girl or boy? - We’re letting it be a surprise.
I’ll let you get settled in.
If there’s any problem… There won’t be any problems, thanks.
- Then we’ll expect you for dinner.
- Okay.
- 7:30.
- 7:30.
Thank you, Philippe.
Are you okay? - Yeah, I’m fine.
- Yeah? - He didn’t get on your nerves too much? - No.
He looks happy to see you.
He’s obviously fond of you.
Then what is it? It’s okay.
I’m just tired all of a sudden.
It’ll pass.
It must have cost quite a bit to renovate this chalet.
Are they rich? Look, I don’t know.
They have land.
They’ve had to borrow.
All right.
All right, here we go.
Are you there? It’s me, Françoise.
I’m with Julien and Amélie.
Well, it doesn’t matter.
We’ll come back.
- Our cousin really lives here? - Yeah.
You told me he received the Fields Medal.
You know what that is? It’s the Nobel Prize for mathematicians.
He was a great researcher before he stopped everything.
Hello, Alexandre.
You should have stayed in the valley with your children.
Thanks for the welcome.
I’d like to introduce you to Amélie and Julien.
I’m not joking.
This village is not for you.
Why do you say that? - There’s something rotten in the air.
- Rotten? But you always said this is one of the last preserved places on earth.
It’s not nature that’s rotten.
It’s men, as always.
You see, children? That’s a real misanthrope.
I’m not joking.
Look at what men do to animals in this forest.
Give it to the park ranger.
He knows who did that.
Thanks a lot.
You scared her.
On the other hand, my dear, look.
You can also find this.
This is a real gift from the forest to those who know how to see.
I’ll teach you how to find them if you want, since apparently your mother is too stubborn to listen to me.
Françoise, take good care of yourself and your family.
Come on.
Let’s go.
- Coming? - The squirrel is sweet.
Coming? - Leave it alone.
- It’s dead.
We’ll come back soon.
- Our cousin’s cool.
- Yeah, great.
And Green Meadows the 18th.
- The 24th.
- Hi.
Can I get you anything? A Get 27 with crushed ice, please.
Sorry, we don’t have that.
Wait, Christine, I’ll take care of it.
We don’t have Get 27, but I brought back a very nice vodka from Annecy.
- Would you like a Bloody Mary? - Sounds great.
- Help yourself to the tomato juice.
- Okay.
- Serve yourself a drink.
- Not while I’m working, thanks.
Hi, I’m Muriel Personnaz, the boss’s daughter.
Nice to meet you.
You’ve already met my brother, Philippe.
He gave you the key to the chalet.
Ah, yes.
- Welcome to Valmoline.
- Thank you.
Jean-Louis Rodier.
Writer and unemployed.
Mostly unemployed.
Come see.
Hold on, I’m busy.
What’s with him? What is this shit? Adèle? Are you there? I’m ready.
Wait, I made you breakfast in bed.
I’ve got to many things to do to stay in bed.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Like what? For starters, I want you to show me the village, tell me about your childhood… - Yeah.
- …and show me the spots where you’d go for walks with your beautiful, intelligent, wonderful Alice.
- Shall we go? - But… Look.
It’s still there.
That’s crazy.
Alice and I built it together with help from her dad, Milou.
It took us a whole summer.
More than 20 years ago! We would come here and have a snack, read.
We spent dozens of hours here.
Moreover, it was here that Alice kissed a boy for the first time.
- It wasn’t you? - Oh, no.
You finally came.
Oh, hi, Alexandre.
You scared us.
- You must know what you’re doing.
- Sorry? What should I know? You must be confusing me with someone else.
This is Adèle, my fiancée.
It’s her first time in Valmoline.
Did you see his eyes? Who is that guy? The ogre of Tom Thumb? We used to call him Bluebeard.
He’s the hermit of the village.
He talked to me as if he knew me.
That’s weird, right? - Did Philippe tell him about me? - I don’t think so.
He’s always been weird.
He was actually a great mathematician.
I’m going for a walk.
Françoise? Yes? It’s done.
Your line is connected.
You won’t have to use the bar phone anymore.
- Thank you.
Do you have the number? - Yeah.
It’s so strange to see you again, after all this time.
I’ve often thought of you.
Of what would have happened if you’d stayed.
I want to thank you and your father for the chalet.
It’s a great help to us.
- And I had an idea.
- Oh, yeah? What? If we fixed up the chalet a bit, there’d be enough space to accommodate about 15 hikers, no? We’d just need to add a few extra rooms, repaint, renovate the kitchen.
Place a few ads in the regional newspapers.
You’re right.
It’s not a bad idea.
I could talk to my father.
Jean-Louis and I could do the work.
That doesn’t scare us.
I love your energy.
You haven’t changed.
- It’s you I should have married.
- Wait.
Let me be very clear, Philippe.
I’m married and I love my husband.
Okay, okay.
As long as you’re on the same wavelength.
- What does that mean? - Nothing.
Nothing at all.
- Hello? - Hi, Mom? It’s me.
I finally have a line.
You can call me whenever you want.
- Great.
- Got a pen? - It must be here.
- Yes.
I wonder if you could make me a bookcase for my office.
Will you leave me alone? Can’t you see I’m busy? What’s going on here? - This is a carpentry shop, isn’t it? - No, a cabinetry shop.
I’m a cabinetmaker.
- Are you at the Chalet des Glaces? - Yes, we arrived a few days ago.
Your wife and my wife were good friends when they were little.
I didn’t know that.
You must be my daughter Alice’s age.
- I’m 13.
- Exactly.
- Are you a good student? - I do okay.
- Could you help me with math? - Sure.
- Offer him a glass of lemonade.
- Yeah.
- See you later.
- See you later.
- You don’t mind? - Not at all.
It will make him review too.
- So what can I do for you? - I need a bookcase for my office.
I made you a diagram with the dimensions.
Looks pretty straightforward.
How about solid pine? I’ve got recycled planks.
Yeah, great.
Thank you.
A bookcase.
What did you say? What did you say? - It’s good.
- No, it isn’t good.
If you want to work here, don’t insult the customers.
Understood? Understood? Linear equations in one variable aren’t actually that complicated.
Who cares about linear equations? Come on.
I’ll show you something.
- What? - You’ll see.
Come on.
- You need help? - No, I’m good, thank you.
You must take care of yourself.
Manu filled us in.
Manu exaggerates.
I’m not sick.
I’m just pregnant.
- Do you have children? - No.
Has this chalet always belonged to your family? Yes.
My parents and my grandparents lived here.
But the village went downhill in the ’80s.
We would have sold it, but with the closure of the sawmill, no one was interested anymore.
And no one has lived here since? Not really.
It was too complicated to renovate it properly.
It was a money pit.
- Why did you change your mind? - That’s Philippe.
He’s gotten it in his head to revive the village.
He wants to shame everyone who deserted Valmoline.
He’s imagining the abandoned houses transformed into luxury lodgings and a gourmet restaurant that we’d build above.
You don’t seem to have much faith in it.
I don’t know.
People won’t flock here just because it’s beautiful.
You’ve seen it.
It takes hours of driving to get here.
That’s why people left when there wasn’t any more work in town.
Okay, it’s beautiful, very calm.
Too calm.
And then a village without businesses, without a school… it’s not a real village.
- How long has the chalet been uninhabited? - Twenty years.
My parents tried to rent it, but tenants didn’t stick around long either.
Do you remember them? Not really, why? I think each house has its own personality, depending on the people who’ve lived in it.
Excuse me, I must go take care of groceries.
With our boys arriving this evening, we have to be well stocked.
Here, we just need to put this.
Do you remember what it was like before the renovations? That was a shed, the downstairs bedrooms were a barn, and the rooms were above.
But do you remember when there were still people here? Yes.
I was 13, and a family came to live here.
Do you remember them? I remember the son.
He’s about my age.
His name was Julien.
And the parents? The parents I don’t remember.
- Were you and Julien friends? - Yes, we hit it off.
He’s the boy Alice kissed in the hut.
It’s funny how it’s coming back to me.
They didn’t stay for very long.
A month, maybe two.
They left without even saying good-bye.
Just like that, suddenly? You didn’t know why? No.
We never saw them again.
Alice never heard anything either? No.
She felt betrayed.
She was inconsolable.
This cabin is so cool.
- Did you build it? - Yeah, with my father.
Once we even slept here with Manu.
- Are you two dating? - No, he’s my best friend, that’s all.
He lives in the city but spends his vacation here.
- When does he arrive? - In two days.
- They might just be passing by.
- Who’s “they”? There’s nobody there.
Let’s go.
There’s nobody.
- I’ll take this stupid cabin apart.
- If Manu catches you… - I’m not afraid of him.
- Only when he’s not around.
- Shut up! - Let’s go.
There’s nobody there.
Is someone there? Is that you, Alice? Alice, is that you? What do you want, Sébastien? I was just sitting quietly reviewing my math.
And Alice.
Have you spoken with Alice? She can tell you about Adèle.
What? What’s the matter? She didn’t talk to you, is that it? Does she also say I’m fantasizing? That’s impossible.
I don’t believe you.
Wait… She’s not dead? She’s okay? Tell me that she’s okay.
How long have you known her? We’ve known each other since forever.
Alice is special.
She has something… She’s not like all the other girls.
Seems like you’re very attached to her.
We’re really great friends.
She didn’t tell you? We dated when we were 15, and when I saw her again with that chef asshole, I Yes? I could tell that she hadn’t forgotten me.
We both couldn’t resist.
Because there’s always been something between us.
Something… Something magical.
Reviewing your math? You were touching yourself, weren’t you? Get out of here.
- Don’t talk to me like that.
- Leave her alone.
- Reviewing your math, huh? - Let her go.
Who are you? You guys get out of here.
Leave, Sébastien.
We’ll see you again.
You’ve got to be careful with him.
He’s a snake.
Mom? Dad? Dad? “I live in Valmoline and I take care of the bar.
There’s little chance that will ever change.
” The TER from Grenoble with a destination of Chambéry Challes-les-Eaux is arriving on track 1.
Stand back from the platform edge.
I don’t understand.
I can’t find Gaspard.
He must still be nursing his hangover.
No, I walked past his house.
His SUV isn’t there.
You went all the way to his house? You really wanted some, huh? Stop it.
I don’t sleep with Gaspard, thank you very much.
You should.
It would do you good.
He promised me he’d come with me to run some errands.
He’s probably sleeping in a ditch between here and Chambéry.
Alice! - How are you? - Fine.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- How are you? - Fine.
You’re so handsome! And you look so fit.
Meet Fabio.
Fabio, this is Manu.
- Hi, Fabio.
- The famous Manu.
I’m so glad you’re here.
Laurent? Hold on.
- Adèle is up there.
- I can’t wait to meet her.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Here, give me that.
- Did you have a nice trip? - Very good.
- Hello.
- Hi, Dad.
How are you? Very well.
- How are you? - Hello, Father-in-law.
This is my future business partner, Olivier Salvet.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
- His partner, Mathilde.
- Delighted.
And Léonore.
Laurent told me about you and your interest in our renovation projects.
- Yes.
- Hold up.
We’ll have plenty of time.
Here’s Sébastien, always running late.
- Hello.
- Fabio.
So, guys! - Oh, wow.
- Hi, guys.
- Sébastien.
- Philippe.
- How are you? - Fine.
- Doing well? - Hi.
It’s been a while, huh? Yeah! - How’s it going? - Fine.
This is Maud.
She’s an actress.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Manu.
- Maud.
This is my partner, Fabio.
- Hello.
- Yeah, hi.
And Sébastien, a childhood friend of Thierry and Laurent.
And of you too a little, right? Hello.
- See you guys up there.
- Alice, Fabio, I’ll take you.
- Who’s riding with whom? - Thierry, are you sitting up front? Try to keep up, guys.
You know the way? Are you okay? I’m that close to asking you to turn around.
- No, don’t do this to me.
- You lied to me.
I’m sorry.
I didn’t tell you everything, but I haven’t lied to you.
Don’t split hairs, please.
Philippe told me that Sébastien has changed a lot.
Sure, right.
After my father died, I vowed never to set foot in Valmoline again.
Why did you both make me change my mind? I wanted to see where you grew up.
Isn’t that natural? And I don’t want anyone but you as witness to my wedding.
So if you leave, I’ll cancel everything.
That’s blackmail.
You’ve changed too, huh? My life would be over.
It would be your fault.
No big deal.
That makes you laugh, huh? But he has no reason not to give me shit.
Don’t worry, he came to see his buddies.
He won’t bother you.
Can you explain why you hate him so much? He’s the biggest asshole I’ve ever known.
Remember what you used to call him? The snake.
Jean-Louis? Jean-Louis? What are you doing? Nothing, I wanted you to help me move some furniture, because I want to start painting… Three words in a week.
Who can top this? Don’t worry, it will come.
What do you know about it? You know how to write? You think this is easy? Go ahead, take my place.
You’ve already written a book, a good one.
I wrote about what happened to me.
Thirty years of life all at once.
But nothing has happened to me since.
So, nothing more to write.
There you go.
Jean-Louis, stop that.
- Is your life so shitty with us? - No, it has nothing to do with you.
You live with a failure, Françoise.
I’m worthless.
I’m unable to write.
I know it.
We’d better go back to civilization.
At least I could find a real job, because your silly cottage scheme won’t work either.
If you want, I’ll help you up after.
How would I tell your life story? I don’t know.
My life is so uninteresting.
Oh, don’t say that.
You’re obviously a passionate young woman.
If you could do what you want, what would you do? I don’t ask myself that kind of question.
I live in Valmoline.
I take care of this bar, and there’s little chance that will ever change.
- Have you traveled before? - Yes.
A bit.
With the school.
It must be nice to be a writer.
You’re free.
I wrote a book.
That doesn’t make me a writer.
A writer must be able to write at least a second book, and I can’t even start it.
I’ve been trying for two years.
I have no idea, no subject.
A great empty white space.
Would you like to be my subject? The book would begin like this: “I live in Valmoline and I take care of the bar.
There’s little chance that will ever change.
” It’s a nice start, isn’t it? You’re making fun of me.
No, I’m not making fun of you.
I’m sincere.
Good evening.
What do you want, Étienne? Come here.
I’m taking you to a new club in Chambéry tonight called the Tiffany.
Apparently it’s really great.
What do you say? No.
I think I’ll stay here.
I don’t feel like going out.
Did you say that because of him? You’d better leave.
Thanks for not falling for his little game.
- Is he your boyfriend? - Not at all.
Are you crazy? Forgive me, I didn’t mean to intrude.
In any case, he seems to care about you.
And I can understand that.
This mountain is sublime.
She got pregnant really fast, huh? Well, yeah, it happened a little quickly.
But it’s all good.
You really haven’t changed at all.
It’s always all good, never bad.
The guys that are always smiling, always positive like that, it’s weird.
One day we find their entire family buried under the terrace.
What, you don’t think I can be a good father? Of course I do.
I’m kidding.
Are you okay? Damn.
I’d like to give a toast to Valmoline.
We dated.
She was really into me.
I don’t like this chalet.
Subtitle translation by Nathalie Lesage