Le chalet (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Not very lucky, huh? We’re the kings of the world.
Do you realize that? We got through! We’re all alive.
That’s a crazy trick.
Tonight we’re gonna have a crazy party.
I don’t know, shouldn’t we call for help, the police…? There’s no reception here.
We’ll call up there.
- Let’s take a selfie.
- Wait, wait! I’m going to take a selfie! I’m immortalizing this.
Hold on.
Yeah, he’s really changed.
- Damn.
- Okay, let’s not linger.
- No reception? - Get in the car.
Seriously, I wish I’d gotten your faces.
Come on, sweetie.
Do rocks often tumble like this? No.
But after the winters we’ve had, the rock is unstable.
It’s not because we failed to report it.
- Do you have reception? - No.
- No one? - No.
I thought cell phones worked in the village.
Yeah, must be out today.
Étienne must be calling the police on the landline.
Good, so let’s not get discouraged.
Let’s have a drink.
Nothing works anymore.
No cell, no landline, no Internet, nothing.
The landline makes sense.
The cable goes under the bridge deck.
The cell phones I don’t understand.
Usually only storms affect them.
How will we pick up Tiphaine’s parents this weekend? Don’t panic.
The important thing is that there aren’t any victims.
We’ll inevitably find a solution.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES No dress, no parents.
My wedding is completely screwed.
Don’t be silly.
You have the essentials: the wedding rings, the witnesses, and most importantly, the future husband.
I don’t have a dress either.
It’s no big deal.
And where are your parents? They died two years ago.
I’m sorry.
I didn’t know.
How many are we for dinner? Twelve? - Plus Mathilde’s daughter.
- Right.
Thirteen then.
- Is there a pantry? - There.
- I’ll help you, Chef.
- Great.
- No need to be formal with me.
- Okay.
- We’re lucky to have a chef.
- We’ll see.
We have enough to hold out for a few days.
We’ll see if there’s meat next door.
Hearts of lettuce, Roquefort sauce.
Will your daughter eat anything? I’ll make her pasta.
They really went all out.
- Where is the relay? - Three miles as the crow flies.
- Why? - Manu’s right.
If anyone’s familiar with them, we could take a look.
I can try and look at it.
Because you have the skills for that? You install telephone relays? - No, but he’s an electronic engineer.
- Yeah, okay.
In this case, you’re right.
A relay installer would be better, but… Okay, it’s settled.
We’ll go tomorrow.
Who’s in? Thanks.
- Me.
- Me.
Me too, then.
It’s at least a two-hour walk both there and back, even if it seems close on the map.
Shall we take off around 8:00 a.
? Sound good? - Yeah.
- Okay.
I’ll come.
I know a good shortcut for those who aren’t afraid of slopes.
And don’t forget, kids, we have a wedding to prepare for.
Come on, Étienne, let’s leave the kids alone.
- Have a good night, Philippe.
- Good night.
- Good-bye.
- Bye.
- Bye, Dad.
- Good night.
To the newlyweds.
We don’t know if it’s because of the relay.
- Cell phones here aren’t dependable.
- Might as well try.
I’m more counting on Gaspard.
When he comes back up and sees the bridge… No bridge, no cell phone.
Doesn’t look good for your five-star project, huh? It was your job to call the civil corps.
We knew this could happen.
It’s okay.
It’s okay, guys.
It’ll work out.
Knife on the right.
I heard you’re an actress.
Anything I might have seen you in? A movie for television, but my scene was cut.
Oh, too bad.
But you can support yourself as an actress? Yeah, maybe someday.
For now, I’m a hostess at Sébastien’s car showroom.
That’s how we met.
- You present the models and stuff? - Not really.
I present my legs and cleavage to big customers so they negotiate less.
Ah, okay.
Come eat, before it gets cold.
- Where’s Mathilde? - Putting Léonore to bed.
…two, three, thanks.
Oh, man.
This is serious.
Thank you, Chef.
You’re a genius, Fabio.
This is beautiful.
- Just a minute.
- What’s going on? It’s okay.
I’d just like to give a toast to Valmoline.
And to all of you who find yourselves back here just like when you were small.
Actually, I envy all of the beautiful memories you must have together.
Even though I’m not from here, I’m happy to be with you.
And despite the distances of life, your jobs, your professional successes, you’ve found the time to come together.
It’s a nice lesson that we’ll take with us when we’re back to our normal lives.
That’s it.
Until the bridge is fixed, of course.
That’s all.
You can eat.
- Enjoy your meal.
- Thank you.
I almost started blubbering.
- On that note, who wants wine? - Me, please.
I’ll go get another bottle then.
Seb, do you want… - Hi, Paul.
- Alice, I have something for you.
All right, here you go.
Thank you.
- That’s all? - Yes.
Your mother doesn’t write very often, huh? No, but she calls every week.
She’s coming back in early September.
Yeah, right.
In any case, Milou won’t see her anytime soon.
What a slut.
- I have your mail.
- Okay.
- I’m going for a walk with Julien.
- Hold on.
- You’ll be back for lunch? - No, we’re having a picnic.
Okay, but I want you back before dinner.
- Yes, Dad.
See you later.
- Yeah.
I have something for you.
Oh, yeah? What? - One of these is for you.
- Thank you.
- You made them? - Yeah, I was a scout.
- It sounds awesome.
- I see.
You think it sucks.
Not at all.
If I want to see you, I’ll whistle in front of your window.
- You’re making fun of me.
- I’m not.
I’d like to stay here forever.
Why do you say that? You’ve only just arrived.
With my dad, you have to be ready for anything.
We’ve moved three times in two years.
- Hi, Alice.
- Can’t we have some peace? You’re such a pain.
Come on, Julien.
Let’s go.
Come, Julien.
Come, my little puppy.
What are you doing with this dork? Don’t mind them.
They’re idiots.
Come on.
Let go of me! Stop moving.
- Let go of me! - Stop moving.
SETTINGS MOM Mommy, I’ve left several messages but you’re not answering.
Get a new cell phone.
xoxo Mommy, wedding pushed back ten days! We’re going on a surprise trip! I’m so happy! I’ll tell you everything.
xoxo DELETE MESSAGE CANCEL SHUTTING DOWN The three of us reunited, just like when we were ten.
Nice, huh? - Cheers.
- Cheers, guys.
Hey, did you see Alice’s boyfriend? I would’ve never imagined her with a guy like that.
Why? I think he’s pretty nice.
- Yeah, and he’s a good cook.
- He’s a line cook.
Kind of basic.
- He’s a chef, not a line cook.
- Ah, a chef.
Yeah, he’s a chef.
And Laurent’s right.
Wasn’t dinner great? I don’t know.
I hope the “chef” knows how to cook game meat, since we’re going to run out of food soon.
Maybe I’ll take him hunting.
- What? - Seb, I know exactly what you’re up to.
I’m here to get married and enjoy a family vacation.
So no unsavory jokes, okay? - It’s fine, I’m kidding.
- Yeah, okay.
I think Alice’s guy is nice.
It’s just that… Yeah? That what? I don’t know, with his hair, his expression… What? Say it.
No, Seb, don’t tell me you’re still in love with her! Don’t you remember all the times she turned you down? Hold on.
You don’t know what you’re talking about.
- Yes, I do.
- No, you don’t.
We used to go out.
She was seriously into me.
- Yeah, she was.
- Serious, yeah.
You guys suck.
- So serious.
- You guys suck.
What’s all this whispering? It’s Seb mistaking his dreams for reality.
- Yeah, as usual.
- Guys, just shut up, seriously.
- Where’s Erika? - She went to bed.
Sweetie, let’s go for a little walk in the woods.
Come on.
I’ll be the wolf.
Go on.
- Ridiculous.
- Her ass… Tell me what happened in 2007.
I don’t know what you’re talking about.
And yet there was a notable event for you that year.
You were accused of sexual harassment by an employee of your company.
“Sandrine Lefur.
” Oh, yeah, that.
I hadn’t done anything.
That was revenge.
Really? Revenge for what? We had a little adventure.
She thought it was for life.
I disagreed.
Then she spitefully accused me of harassment.
The classic attack.
And six weeks after she accused you, she disappeared.
Yeah, seems so.
What do you want me to do about it? The investigation proved I didn’t do anything.
She was insane.
Anything could have happened.
Only you says she was insane.
By all accounts, she was a normal young woman.
Was Erika, the wife of your friend Thierry, insane too? Not at all.
What’s the connection? - Didn’t she make a pass at you? - No.
Why do you say that? - What happened to her? - I don’t know.
I was hoping you could tell me.
Are you okay, honey? Well, no, I’m not.
My parents aren’t here.
I have no dress.
You might think it’s silly, but I wanted a real wedding.
We already don’t have any guests.
You’re not going to pull the guest card on me.
We agreed.
Intimate wedding and big party once we get home.
Intimate doesn’t mean without my parents and naked.
But you’re beautiful like that.
Looks almost like a wedding dress.
And in any case, it suits me.
Everything will sort itself out.
Come here.
The bridge will be repaired and your parents will come with your dress.
Then we’ll get married, we’ll be happy, and we’ll have lots of children.
And in the meantime, you want me to take you? - Think the bridge will be repaired soon? - I don’t know.
I hope so.
What happens if someone gets sick? Don’t worry.
Everything will be back to normal soon.
- Do you really think so? - Yes, of course.
- Hey, we didn’t even have time to talk.
- That’s true.
So did you have a good time during your week in Hamburg? Yes, we finalized all the contracts.
I just hope there won’t be any last-minute issues.
At least you’ll be forced to take a little break from work.
A teensy one.
Do you like it here? Does it make you want to invest with Laurent? Yeah, why not? You know, I feel like there’s at least one couple not doing well.
Oh? Which one? - You don’t see it? - No.
That’s funny.
We’ll talk about it tomorrow.
Think I didn’t see how you and Alice looked at each other during my toast? I felt so stupid all of a sudden.
It had nothing to do with you.
Are you sure? My speech was a little silly.
It was sweet.
- Yeah? You mean silly.
- Of course not.
Come on, what’s going on? You don’t want to loosen that? You’re starting to show.
Stop, don’t change the subject.
What are you hiding? Nothing.
I’m not hiding anything.
- You weren’t in love with her? - Of course not.
She’s my best friend.
We adored each other.
That’s all.
The ones in love with her were Sébastien and Julien.
What peace! We’ll sleep well.
- Did you enjoy dinner? - Delicious.
Yet you didn’t eat much.
Unlike Adèle, I don’t think it’s wonderful that we all find ourselves here.
And I don’t like this chalet.
Lastly, I would have preferred to sleep in my father’s house.
We can go there if you want.
I really don’t mind.
That’s nice of you.
Did you know Philippe asked me if I wanted to sell it to him? Makes sense if he wants to revive the village.
Pretty brave, no? He can try all he wants.
I’ll never sell it to him.
What I like about you is you’re always in the nuance and consensus.
Okay, Mr.
Nice Guy, who wants the entire world to be friends.
- Come si dice medium rare? - A punto.
No, al dente.
Thierry? Don’t you want to come to bed with me, please? What the hell am I doing here? Damn.
Julien! Don’t look at me! Don’t look at me! Don’t look at me! Go away! - Hello.
- Hello.
Both of your sons and their friend Sébastien beat up my son, Julien, and tore up his clothes.
I won’t file a complaint out of respect for you.
But I hope you’ll punish them.
My sons have never hurt anyone.
You can tell them that if they ever do this again, I won’t hesitate.
- Okay, I’ll talk to them.
- If they ever do what again? - A fight between kids never hurt anyone.
- A fight? Three against one? So you teach them violence and cowardice? We don’t raise our kids in cotton wool.
They learn to cope by themselves.
You’ve been warned.
If your kids continue to behave like bullies, I’ll treat them as such.
Julien didn’t give me details, but I’m sure it went beyond a simple fight.
I’ll talk to them.
They won’t do this again, I can promise you that.
They listen to me more than their mother.
More than their father even.
Thank you.
What will you do with your money if you win? I’ll start with a trip around the world.
- Alone? - Not necessarily.
Who’s the lucky guy? - Étienne? - Oh, no.
That’s out of the question.
Why not? I’m too old for you.
You’re only ten years older than me.
- How do you know that? - I read it in an article.
You were born in ’53.
You’re 44.
- Gift from the house.
- Thank you.
If you read the article, you know my favorite games are roulette and baccarat.
We do what we can.
There’s no roulette here.
You keep the grid as a souvenir, and if you win the jackpot, you take me around the world.
- Okay? - It’s a deal.
Can we have pastis please, Mumu? Gaspard, it must be shameful to have a son who can’t defend himself, no? Yeah.
You’re right.
I wouldn’t want to be the father of a fag who complains to mom and dad.
Am I right? Keep your little bully on a leash, or I’ll stick his face in a muzzle.
- Touch my son and I’ll kill you.
- Étienne, stop.
Will you calm down? Mr.
Rodier is right.
Sébastien never wastes any opportunity to screw up and you know it.
So shut up.
Damn it, guys, we’re not going to be as stupid as our kids.
Come on, this is my treat.
Mom? - Adèle, what are you doing? - Nothing.
I heard a noise.
Must be an animal.
Come to bed.
It seems like you’re not getting much sleep.
- How’s it going, Alice? - Hi.
- Did you sleep well? - Yeah.
Alice? What? You know, I can see you’re avoiding me.
I know you don’t have good memories with me, but I’ve changed.
At least, I’m trying to change.
I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry.
For everything I’ve done to you, everything I told you when I was 13.
I just wanted you to know that.
So, we can be friends then? - Hello, everybody.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Everything okay? - How’s it going? Let’s meet in a quick half hour.
- Hi, Alice.
- Hi.
- Léo, what do you want for breakfast? - What kind of cereal is there? - I’ll look.
You go with Mom.
- Okay.
- Hi.
- How are you, sweetie? - Could you get me some coffee? - Yes.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Sleep well? - Yeah, great.
If you want, you can go join her.
I mean, I’m just saying.
No, we were discussing something totally irrelevant.
- Don’t be jealous.
- I’m not jealous.
You felt great this morning.
- Really? - Yeah.
I’ve never felt it so big.
Is it the fresh mountain air, or what? Maybe.
Don’t get me hot.
We’re in a kitchen.
- Hello, my kitten.
- Hello, Daddy.
- Julien still asleep? - No, he went for a walk.
- I hope that… - Normally the problem is resolved.
The more I think about it, the more I feel it was a stupid idea to come here.
No, we just have to take our scrapes.
Amélie is delighted, and I think Julien and Alice are getting along quite well.
But there’s not just the children.
There’s us.
There’s… - There’s you.
- What about me? Is this because I came back a little late? I took the drink of friendship last night with Philippe and Étienne.
They asked if I’d be the fourth in poker.
I couldn’t refuse.
It’s not enough that we live in this hole? I have to stay cooped up and report to you? No, you do what you want, whenever and with whomever.
What does that mean? I’m doing well here.
I’m working, nature and this town of degenerates are inspiring me.
Thanks a lot.
Isn’t that what you wanted, for us to fit in? - What’s the problem? - That’s enough.
The truce didn’t last very long, huh? You okay, sweetie? Don’t worry.
Dad and I had a little fight, but it’s nothing.
- You know how it goes.
- Yes.
What are you gonna do with that? I don’t know.
He’s dead.
- Bury it? - Why? Is it because taking it to your mother to cook would be justifying its killing? Yes, there is that.
And Amélie would be sad to see a dead rabbit.
That’s another story.
- You know who did this? - Doesn’t matter.
You’re not stealing food out of his mouth.
He laid this trap to get pleasure out of an animal suffering.
- You think? - I don’t think.
I’m sure.
It’s a specifically human behavior and statistically prevalent.
A sadist, basically.
- Have you studied Rousseau in class? - No, why? The myth of the noble savage is a harmful myth.
What worth is a species that kills and maims simply for the pleasure of it? - Not everyone is like that.
- Maybe.
Those who have the power are like him.
Some people at the top want good things for people.
No, that’s propaganda.
So what do you think we can do? Nothing.
If I were an alien who landed on Earth, I’d say we’d have to eliminate this species in order to protect the others.
- Remove the human species? - Public health measure.
True, it’s eliminating itself already, but also the earth and all other species in the process.
That’s what we need to avoid.
Meanwhile, since you have qualms, I’ll eat the rabbit.
But what I said is still relevant.
- Julien.
- Yes.
Right here.
- How are you? - Fine, and you? This is my friend Manu.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- What are you doing? - Something I’ve seen in a book.
Careful, stay back.
Alice, take this stick and lift the rope without getting closer.
- You did that all by yourself? - Yeah.
It wasn’t complicated.
Now, that’s a trap.
- And what if you kill someone? - Too bad for him.
- How will you lure him in? - I’ll figure out a way.
- Can I see your book? - I’ll lend it to you.
You hang the rope.
- What? - What’s the matter? That dirty pig Sébastien shit in the cabin.
- Okay, let’s go.
- Yes, Dad, we’re coming.
You’re 30.
You don’t have to obey your father anymore.
That’s enough, Seb.
Don’t listen to him.
See you later, my love.
We’ll be back in the early afternoon.
That’s if we don’t lollygag.
Let’s go.
If you see fine herbs, thyme, rosemary, artemisia, sarsaparilla, grab some.
Where’s Léo? Léo? Your daughter is adorable.
She’s preparing you a bouquet.
- Do you want to have children? - No.
No way.
You may change your mind one day.
You’re young.
- Look, Mom.
These flowers are so pretty.
- Yes, my darling.
- Can I have them? - Yes.
- Do you know Alice well? - No, why? I feel like I’m in jail here.
Philippe said everything will be back to normal soon.
Philippe’s nice, but he doesn’t know anything.
It’s true.
Sébastien told me.
No more road.
The phone is dead.
We’re alone in the world.
Maybe we’ll all die of starvation and nobody will know for months.
This pisses me off.
Léo? Léo? Léonore? Hey.
Léo? Léonore! Answer me.
I’m gonna catch you! You okay, guys? It’s not too hard? Fuck, man up.
You’re soft.
Manu, I bet it’s been a while since you’ve climbed a real hill.
- I’m okay.
Don’t worry about me.
- Yeah.
You know what you can do? Wait there, enjoy the view.
We’ll pick you up on our way back.
Oh, stupid me, you’re the relay specialist.
- I can’t wait to see that.
- I’ll impress you, just wait.
- You okay, Olivier? No cramps? - I’m fine, thanks.
Stop showing off, Seb.
We don’t down steroids all day long at the gym.
Some people work.
Is that because you’re jealous? Sébastien, the more things change, the more you stay the same.
Isn’t this nice? Being all together like this? Come on, Dad, let’s not lollygag.
- It’s this way, right? - Yeah.
Straight ahead.
- It’s the story of - See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
- So you like Manu? - Yeah, he’s nice.
Are you okay, Julien? But… What happened all of a sudden? - Well, bye, Julien.
See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
That way all the clothes will be just fine.
I’ll put out some small plates for you.
Come on, you.
You don’t want big plates? Hello, everybody.
Have a good day? - No fighting? - No.
- How are you? - Getting there.
I took a long walk today.
I’m so hungry.
Amélie, come eat.
I’ll go fetch her.
In fact, Philippe asked me to play poker again tonight with Milou and Étienne.
I don’t enjoy it all that much, but it’s a way to smooth things over.
No problem.
She’s not hungry.
She doesn’t want to come.
- Everything okay, Julien? - Yeah, yeah.
I’ll go get her.
Amélie, that’s enough.
Come and eat.
Very good.
Here, cut.
Put in your bets.
You’re hooked.
Watch out.
It shows.
You’re one to talk.
You think I didn’t catch you and Philippe coming out of the shed? - Shut up.
- Don’t worry.
Florence should be careful about her guy instead of whining all day.
I wouldn’t want to end up like her.
I fold.
It’s late anyway.
I fold too.
- You going into town tomorrow? - Yes, another reason to get to sleep.
All right, bye, guys.
Night, girls.
- Bye, Milou.
- Good night.
I fold too.
I’m dead tired.
You’re really a bunch of wimps.
Bye, everyone.
Wow, you cleaned us all out tonight.
- Muriel, you’re closing, right? - Yes, I’m on it.
- Can I have a nightcap? - No.
I’m closing.
- It’s not late.
- No, tomorrow.
I’m too tired.
Good night.
Take me far away from here, Jean-Louis.
I can’t stand this life anymore.
Many people would envy you for this life.
The mountains, clean air, a beautiful village.
What? Stuck in the middle of nowhere, three hours from the closest town, with a money-obsessed brother and a depressive sister-in-law? That’s what people would envy me for? Tell me… why are you so hard on Étienne? He’s too stupid.
He irritates me.
Why do you ask? I like to understand what’s going on.
- What is there between you two? - Nothing.
I slept with him once or twice.
Does that bother you? Not much choice here.
We have fun with what’s available.
When they were 15, Françoise and Philippe slept together any chance they could.
That didn’t mean they were going to get married.
Françoise? My Françoise with your brother? Yes, your Françoise.
Does that surprise you? Okay.
- She didn’t tell you? - No.
- Are you jealous? - No.
In any case, if we were to leave together, your Françoise wouldn’t remain alone for long.
Trust me.
My brother is still very devoted.
I know him.
Even if he’s using Christine as a stopgap.
- Rather, it’s him who’s the stopgap.
- Come on, that’s gross.
You started it.
Look at me.
- You’re leaving already? - Yes.
Because of what I said? No, but I have to go home.
It’s late.
Take me.
Take me.
Promise me you’ll at least think about it.
It’s all I think about.
I love you.
I love you, I love you, I love you.
I love you! Laurent! What is it? Come on, get it out! Laurent! He’s in shock.
His heart’s still beating.
He’s strong.
He’s gonna make it.
Let him breathe.
I’ll kill the bastard who laid this shit.
I’ll get rid of this.
We must bring him down.
Sébastien, let go.
Nobody touches anything.
- Don’t order me around! - It’s not an order.
If you want to catch and convict this guy, don’t touch anything.
- Fuck you.
- We have to preserve the fingerprints.
We’ll make a stretcher.
You gotta repair the relay so we can call for help.
- I can’t guarantee anything.
- It’s worth a try, right? Do you need help? - I’m coming with you.
- Okay.
- Laurent.
- Be quick, but be careful.
Yeah, we’ll be careful where we step.
- What do we need? - I don’t know, some branches… Branches to make a stretcher? That’s total nonsense.
I’ve never made one.
Calm down.
Do you see something? Yeah, everything is turned off.
I’ll look in there.
Oh, fuck.
You gotta be kidding me.
- Who could have done this? - Damn.
We can’t fix this with what we have available.
What’s going on here? I’m scared, Manu.
We’ll get this fever down.
Are you okay, Erika? A freak’s setting traps and you want me to do what? Cut the crap.
It’s been 20 years.
Subtitle translation by Nathalie Lesage