Le chalet (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

- Yes, hello? - Please hold.
- National Lottery, please hold.
- Étienne.
It’s the lottery.
What? - Hello? - Hello? Hello.
May I speak to Mr.
Philippe Personnaz, please? He’s not here.
What’s it about? A winning ticket that was validated at his establishment.
- Winning ticket? For how much? - Seventy million francs.
One sole winning ticket on Wednesday, August 20.
- Hello? Madam? - Yes.
The newspaper from August 20! Hurry up! - I’ll give you the winning numbers.
- Yes.
- 13, 32, 38, 44, 1, 3.
- Yeah.
You can reach us at 0836657000.
Thank you.
He’ll call you back.
- Good-bye.
- Good-bye.
“13, 32, 38, 44, 1, 3.
” Oh, damn.
Those are Muriel’s numbers.
What? I can’t believe it.
13 is her lucky number.
32 is her age.
She was born on March 1.
- And 38, what’s that? - Her dress size.
- And 44? - I don’t know.
Maybe Rodier’s age.
They filled out the grid together.
But who has the ticket? Her or him? I don’t know.
Where’s Philippe? - Why, is there a problem at the bar? - No.
- So what are you doing here? - I have to talk to him.
- Christine? - We have to talk.
I asked you not to bring your employee back here.
- Wanna hear what she has to say? - It’s okay, Christine.
Come on.
Did you really have to come here? It couldn’t wait? Christine, can you help me? There’s still a bunch of stuff in the car.
What’s going on? Did someone die? You won.
What did I win? You played the lottery with Jean-Louis the other day? Yes.
Well, a few weeks ago.
I took a subscription with the same numbers.
- Wait, don’t tell me that - Yes, indeed.
Your numbers were drawn on Wednesday.
And you won the jackpot.
Seventy million.
- No, that’s not possible! - Yes, it is.
- It’s true.
- It’s true.
You won.
Yeah, you won.
No, I didn’t win.
He did.
I gave him the ticket.
- It was a gift.
- No.
- You played together.
- And it was your idea.
Wait Where do things stand? Is he gonna leave Françoise? - That’s none of your business.
- Muriel.
Do you realize what 70 million francs means for you, for us all, for the kids? For us all? So you’ve won the lottery now? - Who has the ticket? - Leave me alone! Listen.
No, that’s between Jean-Louis and me.
I need to handle this.
- Where are you going? - I’m taking a shower.
He’s got the ticket.
- Hello.
- Yes.
Jean-Louis, it’s Muriel.
I must talk to you.
What do you want? I thought we had discussed everything.
No, this is important.
For both of our sakes, I must see you.
I’ll wait for you at the lake.
I promise you won’t regret it.
In half an hour, okay? - Wait, Muriel - No.
See you soon.
This tourist will make 70 million because he’s screwing your sister.
Want to put him on trial? - She deserves at least half, no? - Of course.
Can you imagine what we’d do with just 35 million? Thirty-five million! But why 35? Rodier doesn’t deserve a dime.
It’s the bar, that means Philippe, who paid for the ticket.
Muriel wrote down all the numbers.
Her own birth date, damn it.
The ticket belongs to Philippe and Muriel.
We must get it back.
- “We”? - Yes, we.
If you or Muriel had won, you’d have shared with the entire village, right? - True.
- Then we’ll help you retrieve it.
- Rodier probably already knows he won.
- I don’t think so.
We’d have heard.
Well, he’s going to find out.
He’ll cash his check in town and leave with 70 bricks.
- He doesn’t give a shit about Valmoline.
- Wait.
- We must think about this.
- No, we’ve thought it through.
We must retrieve the ticket and attribute it to Muriel, Christine, you, and I.
We’ll say that the four of us bought it.
- No one will question it.
- And how do we do that? We’ll figure something out.
And if he realizes that it’s his ticket? So what? What proof will he have? This won’t work.
He’s going to be suspicious of us.
Unless… Unless he doesn’t complain.
Be honest, for once.
I need to know.
It’s very important.
Did you lie to me from the start? You never intended to leave Françoise? This is what was so important? No, I don’t want to leave Françoise.
She’s the mother of my children.
Is that clear enough? But you don’t love her anymore.
What do you know about that? I can have a real conversation with her at least.
You son of a bitch.
What you need is an Étienne, the good brute from the Alps who’ll give you tons of babies.
You like to hurt people.
It amuses you.
Do you really believe what you said? I’m sorry, Muriel, but it’s the truth.
You know it is.
You think your book is done.
You’re mistaken.
It’s not done yet.
I’ll give you that book ending.
You won’t be disappointed.
- What are you going to do? - You’ll see.
Are you going to talk to Françoise? You really think I’ve never cheated on her before? Don’t even try.
You lack the imagination.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES And she said, “The kids came back”? What does it mean? The Rodier kids.
They came back.
I think she’s right.
What the hell are you talking about? You really don’t remember anything? August 22, 1997.
You were 13 years old.
I’d asked you to stand guard at the chalet.
Yes, yes.
I remember that night.
So? We thought the kids were dead… but we never found them.
You think they killed Christine? Yes.
What happened? - She took a bullet.
- Oh, damn.
And you’re okay? They left you alone? I was hiding.
Where is she? In the shed.
Did you see them? No.
But it has to be them.
I’m sure it’s Fabio.
What, the cook? Are you sure? Yes, of course.
He’s the only stranger here.
He’s the right age too.
- You think Alice is mixed up in all this? - No.
It’s not possible.
He couldn’t have shot Olivier and Philippe this morning.
How do you know? He was with Maud.
- Did she tell you that? - No, I saw them.
What time was this? He could have been back already.
And the Rodiers’ little girl, she was young in 1997.
- How old is Maud? - Hold on.
You think Maud is Julien’s sister? That’s impossible.
Why not? It’s Adèle.
I couldn’t stand that chick from the start.
No, I’d be surprised.
Can you see her rappelling down and killing people with her bun in the oven? No.
How long have you known Maud? Damn, I don’t know.
I hired her six months ago.
She was really into me.
Three days later, she was in my bed.
And her family, do you know them? No, they live abroad.
So you don’t know anything about her.
Does she have any siblings? - No.
- What a coincidence.
It’s true that she’s done everything to warm me up.
She’s submissive.
She accepts everything.
And she’s always with that bastard Fabio.
Where are you going? To solve the problem.
Is it the mountain air that makes you so bitchy? Lovely.
Fabio, what the hell are you doing? This isn’t funny.
No, not that.
Your sauce smells really good.
- You’re gifted in the kitchen.
- Thank you.
But you better taste it first.
- What are we eating, Mommy? - Pasta with tomato sauce.
- With meat? - Yeah, that’s a good idea.
Yes, please, Mommy! Can you use your headphones? I can’t stand that music anymore.
- There isn’t any meat.
- Yes, there is, in the freezer.
Yeah, I know it’s a bit gory, but we have to eat, right? Yeah.
You’re right.
Come on, buck up.
I’m going.
- Want me to go with you? - No, I’d prefer you stay with Léo and keep an eye on the sauce.
I’ll just be a minute.
Tiphaine! You missed.
Wow! Are you okay? No, you’re not okay.
Was it that hard? If something happens to me, could you look after Léo? Yeah, of course.
- But why, is there a problem? - No.
It’s okay.
- You weren’t able to go in? - No.
- Do you want me to go? - No.
- Why? - Not now.
Listen, it’ll be fine.
I swear we’ll make it.
I don’t think so.
Florence is scaring me.
She thinks we have something to do with the Rodiers disappearing.
You haven’t managed to persuade her otherwise? - You find that funny? - What’s the solution? I don’t know.
She’s scaring me.
You’ll just have to give her some of the money.
She’s your wife.
It’s your problem.
I’m going to bed.
Muriel is right, Philippe.
It’s our problem, not hers.
- Our problem? - Of course.
It’s up to us to take action.
She’s the mother of my children.
The mother of your children will send us to jail for the next 25 years.
Is that what you want? PERSONNAZ SPORTS HIKING - MOUNTAINEERING - You gave her the right dose? - Yes.
Should we undress her? No.
If I were to commit suicide, I wouldn’t want to be found naked.
And since she’s such a prude, no one would believe it.
- Go ahead.
- Yeah.
- Hold on.
- Come on.
Come on.
I can’t.
Come on, darling, be strong! I can’t.
Do you think that…? Yeah, it’s good.
She’ll bleed out in the warm water.
Come on.
That’s her diary.
I knew it.
She writes everything down in there.
“Philippe spent the night out and took a shower when he got back.
” “I think the Rodiers are dead.
And I think Philippe is involved.
” “Why would he kill them?” We don’t care about supplies.
“I miss the kids so much.
Can’t wait for All Saints’ Day vacation.
Philippe grows more absent.
His bitch taunts me every day.
I don’t want any more of this life.
” “I don’t want them to get away with it.
But I can’t send my husband to jail.
” - You see, we had to do it.
- Yes.
I don’t want any more of this life - Come on.
- Wait.
- If I testify, they’d go to jail.
- You’d end up in an orphanage.
Or with host families chosen by fools who don’t know you.
Then you’d be the ones punished.
- We could stay with you.
- No, it’s too dangerous.
The people I’ll take you to are good people.
They’ll educate you as if you were their own.
You’ll just have to change your names.
But I don’t want to change my name.
But for Julien and I, you will always be Amélie.
And for Daddy and Mommy? You will always be Amélie.
I’d like to see Mommy.
She’s not here anymore.
Where is she? She will always be wherever you are.
Is that true? She’ll be there when I wake up? Yes.
Even if you don’t see her.
And I’ll always be here.
I’ll never leave you.
The villagers will never be punished? I didn’t say that.
You’re 13.
You’ve got plenty of time to decide what to do.
You’ve got plenty of time.
We’ll be back.
We’ll be back.
What are you doing? What’s wrong? You’re not going out? It’s dangerous.
- I’m leaving.
- What? I’m leaving.
- Where to? - Don’t worry about me.
- Adèle, are you feeling okay? - Perfectly fine.
What then? Is there a problem with the baby? Manu, I’m not pregnant.
My name isn’t Adèle.
I’ve lied to you from the start.
But what… My name is Amélie Rodier.
I’m the daughter of Jean-Louis and Françoise Rodier.
My parents were murdered here on August 22, 1997.
Do you remember them? What are you talking about? - The Rodier family left town.
- No.
They were murdered here by the Personnazes and the Genestas.
And I came back to make them pay.
I don’t understand.
Why are you calling me Julien? My papers are in my pocket.
Everything’s there.
Stop it.
Papers can be easily changed.
It’s pointless to lie to us, Julien.
But why would I change my name? Just ask Alice.
I’m not a fucking idiot! Get back up.
What the hell did you tell her to make her stay with a runt like you? You’re in love with her? You idiot.
When she found out you were coming, she almost left.
The biggest asshole she’s ever known.
Shut up.
Know what she used to call you? - The viper.
Yeah, that’s it.
- Shut up! Why did you do that, damn it? He won’t tell us anything now.
I’d had enough of listening to him.
Maud is his accomplice.
He wouldn’t have confessed anyway.
- And if it’s not Maud? - Of course it’s her.
You really got screwed.
We do her in and it’s over.
- How will you do that? - I’ll figure something out.
You killed Laurent, Philippe, Olivier? That’s not possible.
Yes, it is possible.
Thierry and Erika too? Why? They never did anything to you.
I lost my parents.
Philippe lost his children.
You’re insane.
I couldn’t let them leave and get help.
It’s not true.
I don’t believe you.
Adèle, wait.
You’re not going to do this? No.
Not if I can find another way.
Promise me that you won’t budge from here.
You want me to take care of Maud, Mathilde, and her daughter? You’re not gonna hurt them? No.
Not if you stay here.
But what are you going to do? Kill the rest.
You’re totally insane.
- And after? - I’ll disappear.
I’m sorry.
You’re a good guy.
I could have fallen in love with you, but I don’t exist.
I died 20 years ago.
Open up! - Open up.
- Who’s there? It’s Alice.
Fabio has disappeared.
I was on the road.
I was walking ahead.
- I looked everywhere.
- Come in.
I turned around and he was gone.
- You didn’t see or hear anything? - Nothing.
- Is Manu here? - Yes.
Manu? - Manu.
- Manu? Alice.
Fabio disappeared.
- Where? - On the road coming here.
That’s impossible.
Mommy? Why? You still suspect him? This is nonsense.
Fabio isn’t capable of this.
I know him so well.
You think he’d disappear if he were the murderer? No, he’d stay with us.
Except if he had a rendezvous with his accomplice.
What accomplice? Adèle.
Adèle? CHALET COPY Is anyone there? Is anyone there? - Adèle, is that you? - Sébastien, help me.
Alice is injured.
What? Where? She managed to get to the chalet, but someone shot her.
Sébastien has decided to give us a hand, it seems.
The Genestas have completely lost it.
Poor Fabio.
Poor Fabio.
Sébastien was jealous of him, but I don’t know why he killed Christine.
Julien, I can’t do this anymore.
I want to stop.
You know we can’t, Lili.
The worst of them is still alive.
And it’s almost over.
Come on.
We’re no different from them.
We too have killed innocents.
Injustice provokes injustice.
We’re not the ones who handed out the cards.
Alice and Manu haven’t done anything.
Should they pay too? You’ve fallen in love with Manu, is that it? He’s never hurt anyone.
He let us down too.
He chose his side.
He was 13.
He was 13, Julien.
How could he have known what would happen? He never found out, actually.
You want to kill Alice too? She hasn’t done anything either.
We’re going to finish what we’ve started.
What do we do now? I don’t know.
I can’t believe it.
Little Amélie.
I believe it.
She was so strange.
I always had the feeling she was playing a role.
Now you tell me? How would you have reacted if I’d said that yesterday? But why would people here have murdered the Rodiers? I have no idea.
What’s wrong? I don’t know.
They disappeared so quickly.
Julien never said good-bye to me.
And I remember… What? I don’t know.
It’s not clear.
But I’d gone to their house in the middle of the night.
- And? - And I don’t know.
I don’t know.
I don’t know.
Let’s go find Fabio.
He’s gotta be somewhere over there.
Adèle is armed and ready for anything.
What if she went to meet up with Fabio? Amélie had a brother.
Fabio is Fabio.
He’s not Julien.
I would have recognized him.
Look, stay here if you want.
I’m going.
I’ll let Mathilde and Maud know and come with you.
- Étienne isn’t there.
- He might be with Muriel.
- No.
- What do you know about it? Muriel’s done.
At the lake.
What’s wrong? I couldn’t hate her.
Are you kidding? She loved Dad, I think.
She was there on August 22.
I heard her voice.
She was also there in front of the chalet.
Don’t be sad for her.
She got what she deserved.
Come on.
I’m tired of being here.
Why are we going upstairs again? I prefer the room downstairs.
Yes, I know.
- When can we go home? - Soon, my darling.
Maud, I forgot my game.
Can you bring it to me? - I’ll bring it up.
- Thank you.
If you scream, I’ll kill you.
As a child, did you think that your father was always right? No.
Of course not.
Did you disobey him sometimes? Yes, often.
Except when he’d take me hunting.
He was a good hunter.
He taught me how to shoot.
And how would he react when you disobeyed him? He’d hit me.
In those moments, did you want to kill him? No.
I was waiting for the day I’d be stronger than him.
And that day arrived? Yes.
And what did you do? I punched him back, hit for hit.
Until he fell.
Is that what justice means to you? What justice? Justice is an invention.
It doesn’t exist.
What does exist is the law of the fittest.
It’s the law of nature.
It’s always been like that, and it will always be like that.
Muriel? Is anyone here? There’s no one here.
Come on.
- What do you want? - Shut up! Walk! Your little game is over.
All this because those two idiots let you escape.
- What are you talking about? - Walk! There you go.
It’s the end of Étienne Genesta.
You’re Julien, correct? You’re his sister? So Sébastien was right.
You’re the little Rodier, not the tall idiot.
And the cook he got dead wrong.
You killed Christine.
Why? He doesn’t even know himself.
The Genestas don’t need a reason to kill.
It’s just a reflex for them.
- And now it’s your turn, Étienne.
- Wait, Julien.
Why did you kill our parents? What did they do to you? Too much luck.
Too much luck? Muriel.
Then the ticket.
The lottery.
All that money for that asshole.
It wasn’t fair.
A 12-gage cartridge each.
That’s all that they deserved.
Kill him.
- Sébastien will have your skin.
- We’ve already taken care of him.
- Kill him.
- Son of a bitch! - Are you okay? - Yeah.
Come on.
Olivier? I saw you fall.
Hello, Alice.
Julien? I was afraid you’d recognize me.
But, no, you really forgot me.
But I didn’t.
Now I recognize you.
Where is Fabio? The Genestas killed him.
I’m sorry.
We got there too late.
That’s your fault.
You’re the ones who started this slaughter.
You’ve killed the last inhabitants of the village? And Sébastien? We have other plans for him.
And us? We’re the only witnesses.
You’re gonna kill us too.
- Julien, please.
Let’s leave.
- No.
Manu is right.
Let’s go to the chalet.
Mathilde and Maud haven’t done anything to you.
And Léonore! Drop your weapon.
Come on, let’s go.
What will I tell Léo? You’ll find the right words.
So… you lied to me.
You used us all these years.
The perfect family, the perfect camouflage.
How did I not realize it? No, I loved you both.
You helped me so much.
To organize your vengeance? Not just that.
To live too.
I almost gave up, many times.
But I couldn’t.
It’s over now.
You think you’ll be able to disappear just like that? You think cops are stupid? That they won’t look for the murderer? No.
I’ve got the perfect guilty person for them.
- If you agree.
- And if I refuse? You’ll kill me and my daughter? Sébastien is guilty.
He’s the proud son of his father.
Manu, Maud, and Alice will never agree.
I think they will.
And you’ll have to confirm that I never came back from our expedition for help, and that Adèle has never existed.
But it will never work.
Léo saw her.
Adèle has never been in the same room as your daughter.
She’s never spoken to her.
It’s all up to you, Mathilde.
You know, I really loved you.
And I believe I still do.
And I place our lives in your hands.
The Personnazes and the Genestas don’t deserve your pity, but you’ll decide which truth you will tell.
Whatever you decide… you know I’ll never hurt either of you.
I don’t know if we can promise to be quiet.
Sébastien is an asshole, but he didn’t kill Thierry, Laurent, and Philippe.
That was you two.
You’ve manipulated us.
How far were you willing to go? I’m sorry, Manu.
- You’re like them.
- No.
If we were like them, you all would already be dead.
We wouldn’t take the chance of letting you testify.
You really want to let Sébastien go? You’ve forgotten that he and his dad tortured and killed Fabio.
And he was there, keeping guard in front of the chalet, when our parents were savagely murdered by Étienne, Philippe, Muriel, and Christine.
If we hadn’t escaped, they would have killed us too.
It’s true.
It’s all true.
I was there.
I had come to the chalet to find Julien.
I’d heard something.
The whistle.
And Sébastien was there too.
He’s the one who knocked me out.
That asshole really fucked up a lot of lives.
Please promise them you won’t say anything.
For Fabio and for me.
Maud? You two saved my life.
I’m sorry, Alice.
Fabio was gentle.
He was funny, kind.
He was the nicest guy I’d ever met.
Sébastien can die.
In conclusion, Sébastien Genesta lives in an imaginary, but rather coherent, world.
He has rebuilt his truth, an extraordinary story of revenge, stemming from a mix of fantasies and memories more or less invented, and certainly very much influenced by a violent father and an absent mother he both loved and hated… a mother at the root of his view of all women.
SEGUR PSYCHIATRIC EXPERT, COURT OF LYON We’ll probably never know the full story… but it’s likely that he helped his father decimate the population of Valmoline, and its visitors, before killing him.
The survivors, Emmanuel Laverne, Alice Bordaz… Maud Dautremer, Mathilde Raynard, and her daughter… have had a lot of luck.
If he remains at this stage of delirium, Sébastien Genesta will probably avoid a life sentence in prison and instead be locked up with the criminally insane.
Subtitle translation by Nathalie Lesage