Le chalet (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Go behind the wood there.
Not a sound, or we kill your kids.
Get up! Philippe, what’s going on? - Walk.
- What do you want? - Start walking.
- Go downstairs! - Hurry up.
- Start walking.
Think about your kids.
Please don’t hurt the kids.
Philippe, please! Philippe! - What do you want? - Go downstairs! - Hurry up.
- Please don’t hurt the kids.
Philippe, please! Philippe! Did you find it? On your knees! This is crazy.
We have to stop.
We must tell them to stop! - No, it’s too late! - No.
We must tell them to stop! - It’s too late.
- No! Stop! Muriel! Is that you? Are you there? Jean-Louis! Shut up! Jean-Louis! Shut up! Shut up! I beg you, please don’t hurt the kids! I beg you! No! I’ve got it.
Damn it.
Where did they go? Shit.
They’re gone.
We’re screwed.
What are you doing? Help me.
Don’t just stand there crying! A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES What do you like most about Alice? - What do I like most about Alice? - Yeah.
- Everything.
- No, too easy.
Give me your top three.
Well, her badass personality, her frankness, and her ass.
What are the top three things you like most about Sébastien? He’s handsome, he’s got money, and he’s good in bed.
Wow, a real prince charming.
How romantic! - You think I’m too pragmatic? - No.
Everyone has their priorities.
I don’t judge.
Plus, I like you a lot.
Shit, I forgot my smokes.
Don’t wait for me.
Bye, Little Red Riding Hood.
Beware the Big Bad Wolf.
Say hello to Grandma! I made breakfast.
Coming? Are you okay? Great, you? Well, yeah.
Did you have fun with your little cook? - Yeah, he’s nice.
- “He’s nice.
” Are you jealous? No, not at all.
Good, because he’s very nice, but he’s not at all my type.
He taught me how to make brioche - You can fuck him if you want.
- What? I don’t give a shit.
- We’re done, Maud.
- Oh, yeah? Because I like Fabio? No, I don’t give a shit about Fabio and his stupid brioche.
I’m finally going to live the life I deserve.
The life you deserve? Okay.
So tell me, what’s the life you deserve? Look, Maud, it’s over, okay? I know it’s a bit harsh.
I’m leaving you for Alice.
Alice? That’s bullshit.
Alice doesn’t love you.
She’s with Fabio.
Not for much longer.
You’ve got to be kidding me.
- What are you playing at, Sébastien? - It’s okay.
Come here.
It’s okay.
- It’s okay.
- You scared me.
We don’t have to split up angry, you know.
I could leave you with one last souvenir.
- After all, we’ve had a lot of fun, no? - You fucking moron.
- Come here.
- Get the fuck off of me.
So you’re dumping me just like that? You knew that we weren’t going to last forever.
And you think that Alice is in love with you? You’ve lost it.
You’re even stupider than I thought.
- You’re nothing to her.
- That’s enough.
- Nothing, zero.
- Stop.
Wow, I tried to be nice and this is how you thank me.
Pick up all your crap and get the hell out.
Stupid asshole.
They’ll find you a spot at the chalet.
You can make some brioche.
Asshole! Asshole.
Asshole! I’m leaving this damn place.
- What? - It’s Philippe and Olivier.
What happened? - Someone shot at them below the bridge.
- What? - But who shot them? - I don’t know.
I couldn’t see.
- You left them there? - There was nothing I could do.
You abandoned them.
I tried to get to them, but they shot at me too.
Tell me.
Tell me if they’re dead.
Tell me if they’re dead.
Look at me! Tell me if they’re dead.
They both fell to the ground.
- Neither one got back up.
- There was nothing you could do? There was nothing you could do? Look at me! There was nothing you could do? Where are you going? Muriel.
I’m not leaving you alone here, okay? We have to go tell Mathilde and the others.
Leave me alone.
I’m sorry, forgive me.
There was nothing I could do.
I swear to you.
I’m sorry.
- There was nothing - Leave me alone.
Come with me.
Come with me.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
Go downstairs! - Hurry up.
- Start walking.
Think about your kids.
Please don’t hurt the kids.
Philippe, please! Philippe! This is crazy.
We have to stop.
We must tell them to stop! - No, it’s too late! - No.
We must tell them to stop! It’s too late.
Stop! Muriel! Is that you? Are you there? Jean-Louis! Shut up! Amélie.
Come on, we have to hide now! Hurry.
Come on.
- No! - Are you okay? Damn it.
Where did they go? Shit.
Room service, angel.
Thanks, I’m not hungry.
That’s too bad.
Are you going hunting? Are you sure? I found your favorite jam.
I told you I’m not hungry.
I see you’re in good spirits.
I’m taking a shower.
Let me know when you’re in a better mood.
Alice? Alice, do you have your period? Is that why you’re so grouchy? Mathilde.
They may only be injured.
They’re dead.
Like Thierry, Laurent, Erika.
They’re all dead.
And it’s gonna be our turn soon.
Why do you say that? This morning… This morning, Sébastien came by with a shotgun.
What did he say? He was looking for Maud.
Maybe he shot Olivier and Philippe.
Why? He didn’t have anything against them.
But he had a shotgun.
Yeah, but I can’t understand him shooting at them.
Besides, he couldn’t have been both places at once.
- What’s going on? - Philippe and Olivier are dead.
Muriel! What’s the point of hiding the truth from her? Have you seen Alice? - What, she’s not with you? - No.
She left when I was in the bathroom.
- She didn’t say where she was going? - No.
- She took her bow, I think.
- Her bow? Oh, okay.
What, you know where she is? No.
I’ll take a look around the village.
I’ll go back to her place.
She might already be back.
You should grab some shotguns from Philippe’s house.
Why? Where did they go? Shit.
They’re gone.
We’re screwed.
What are you doing? Help me.
Don’t just stand there crying! Come on.
Hold on tight.
Don’t be scared.
I can’t! Hold on tight.
We made it.
Come on.
The kids have disappeared.
Hey! - What? - Their rooms are empty.
Move it.
We have to find them.
Come on! Did you search everywhere? Damn it.
They must be hiding up there.
I’ll go look outside.
Come on.
Go on.
Don’t make any noise.
Shit! No! No.
I didn’t want to.
- I didn’t want to… - Calm down.
Calm down.
It’s done.
It’s over.
We’re gonna be rich.
Yes! We’re gonna be rich.
You wanted to go around the world, didn’t you? Get the hell out of here? This is our chance.
Come on, Muriel.
Help me close this damn tarp.
- Come on! - No! Shit.
They left by the balcony, you idiots! Couldn’t you pay attention? Where is she? Fuck! They left by the balcony.
They can’t be very far.
Sébastien’s in front and Gaspard’s watching the road.
They must be in the forest.
We’ll find them frozen to death.
Come on, hurry! We have to clean up.
Now! We’ve got to go.
We can’t make any noise.
It’s like hide-and-seek, okay? Come on.
Run! Hurry! What the hell? Anyone here? Just my fucking luck.
- Why do you have your suitcase? - I wish those deranged Genestas would die.
The way things are going, it might not take long.
What? Philippe and Olivier are dead.
What? They went to get help with Manu.
They hadn’t told anyone.
But that didn’t prevent someone from shooting them.
Fuck, you’re kidding me.
And Manu? He managed to survive.
He told us what happened.
Can I come in? Yes, of course.
Come in.
I just can’t believe it.
It’s so horrible.
Where’s Mathilde? Up there with her daughter.
Maybe… No, I don’t know.
Is it okay if I stay here? It shouldn’t be a problem.
So what’s this stupid story about an expedition? - Why didn’t you tell us? - Philippe asked me not to.
But why, damn it? Because he didn’t trust anybody.
Not even us? That’s bullshit.
At least Philippe tried to do something for the rest of us.
Yeah, awesome.
That worked out really well.
That bastard Manu.
He’s gonna explain to me what happened.
You know what happened.
Laurent is dead.
Philippe and Olivier are dead.
Thierry and Erika have disappeared.
You know where they are? That’s seven people.
There’s you, me, Muriel, and Sébastien left.
Four people to eliminate, and the Genesta and Personnaz families will be gone.
End of Valmoline.
My bear! I’ll come back for it.
We don’t have time to stop.
Rape is disgusting.
Rapists should all be shot dead.
But we must recognize one thing.
Women always start by saying no.
They always do that to provoke, to tease… even when they like the guy, and we have to insist so they’ll change their mind.
Gotta convince them, is that it? Often, yeah.
They never say yes up front? No.
The easy girls, the whores do.
But not the others.
- What others? - The ones who are worth it.
It’s a way of being more desirable.
Insisting is part of the game.
And if we don’t insist… they’re disappointed.
It’s always been like this.
And up to what point can one insist? Up to the use of force? I see what you’re up to.
Why not handcuffs and ropes while you’re at it? Force isn’t brutality.
It’s… It’s the expression of virility.
It’s men’s virility that brings out women’s femininity.
We’re complementary.
You don’t agree? So, a man can make love to a woman who says no, without brutalizing her? Yeah, of course.
If her mouth says no… but her body says yes.
So women like to get raped.
Is that it? No.
That’s not what I said.
You’re distorting my words.
What I said is that they like when we push them up against a wall.
That’s how it is.
It’s nature.
Male, female.
It’s biological.
And these women who are “worth it,” none of them said yes right away? And none of them said no to the end? You’re not answering.
Why do you say that? Is there someone accusing me? You’re not answering.
Don’t you understand? We’re screwed.
We’re all gonna die here.
You’re coming back to the chalet.
Fabio is packing your suitcases.
We’re gonna lock ourselves in and help will come eventually.
But Étienne and Sébastien have shotguns.
I have a bow.
- We can’t do anything.
- I have a shotgun too.
But you’re not a killer.
- You really think it’s them? - Who else could it be? But why would they do that? They’re both fucking psychopaths.
- Isn’t that enough? - No, there has to be a motive.
Why kill everybody all of a sudden, just like that? Why, this morning, in my home, did Sébastien come to rape me? What? You want details? He pushed me against the sink, shoved his fingers inside, and penetrated me by force.
- Fucking bastard.
- Yeah.
And now I want him to die slowly.
I don’t want him to escape.
But if you say anything, I’ll kill you.
This has to stop, Étienne.
It’s damned.
- What’s damned? - Everything.
Even if we survive.
Could you live here after everything that’s happened? All these deaths? In any case, we won’t survive this.
This is bullshit.
I’m gonna find the asshole who killed Philippe.
There’s no chance that we’ll survive.
Or maybe there is, if we speak up about what we did 20 years ago.
What? What have we got to lose? We live like prisoners.
None of us has ever had the courage to leave here.
We all stayed in our hole, with the money that we never spent and the village dying around us.
What a life.
Our kids benefited from it.
I don’t have any kids.
Look at you, Étienne.
You did all that for her, but Muriel never loved you.
We’ve been living dead for 20 years, and soon we’ll simply be dead.
- Isn’t it time for it to stop? - I’m happy here.
This is my home, my land.
I don’t want to go elsewhere.
I’ll face whoever wants me dead.
- Not me.
I’m going to the chalet.
- What are you going to do? I just told you.
I’m gonna tell them the truth.
What good will that do? I haven’t done anything.
You and Philippe are the ones who killed them.
Stop, don’t do this, Christine.
I’ve had enough, Étienne.
It’s over.
Fuck, look what you made me do! It’s the kids.
What? They came back.
It’s me, Seb.
What the fuck is going on? It’s Seb! You’ve got to be kidding.
- Open up! - Get lost, asshole.
Maud, is that you? - Hey, sweetie, open the door.
- Yeah, right.
Go fuck yourself.
- I must talk to Manu.
- He’s not here.
- What’s going on? - It’s Sébastien.
I’m not opening.
Is it because you two had a fight that Muriel, it’s Seb.
I must talk to Manu.
- He’s not here.
- I’m not letting that asshole in.
- Open the fucking door! - No, go away! Maud.
- What’s going on? - Open the fucking door! - I don’t want to let Sébastien in.
- You’re right.
I don’t trust him.
He takes his shotgun everywhere.
I don’t want him near my daughter.
- And you, Adèle? - Same.
I don’t like him.
We’ve taken a vote, so go away now! Okay, Maud, listen carefully.
As of now, every man for himself.
You hear me? You can all go to hell! Good, he’s leaving.
Of course it might be a ruse.
Here’s a gift.
- Are all the shutters closed? - Yes.
- Let’s check them anyway.
- You go ahead.
I’m going back to Léo.
- Mommy, are we going to play? - Yes.
You must regret coming here… with your baby on the way.
A child is the most important thing in the world.
You’re lucky to be pregnant.
I wasn’t able to have any.
Really? Well, first you have to find the man with whom you want to have one.
And the man I wanted to have a child with is dead.
I’m sorry.
They killed him.
Who’s “they”? What was his name? Jean-Louis.
His name was Jean-Louis.
We loved each other.
We were going to leave together.
He loved you? I’m sorry.
I need to go home.
He told you he loved you? - Don’t leave.
It’s dangerous outside.
- I don’t care.
Muriel! - What are you doing here? - What’s going on at the Rodiers? Shut up.
You didn’t hear or see anything, okay? That way you might survive.
If you ever say anything, you and your dad will die.
Swear that you won’t say anything.
Swear to me, now and forever.
Alice! Wake up! Alice! Fuck.
Stupid idiot.
Why didn’t you fucking listen to me? Back in bed? Where have you been? Alice.
Oh, my God.
What happened to you? - Nothing, why? - Where have you been? Don’t you know? You’re covered in blood.
- What happened? - I don’t know.
- Were you in an accident? - I don’t know.
We’re going to the hospital.
- Bye, Gaspard.
- Bye.
What’s going on, boy? You’re not with your friends? They piss me off.
Do you know what happened to Milou’s daughter? No.
She split her head open while sleepwalking.
He took her to the hospital.
You didn’t know? She’s alive? Well, yeah.
You’ve got to be kidding.
Have they all blown a gasket or what? Dad! Open, damn it! - Why was it locked? - Come in.
- You scared of me too? - Come in.
Did Christine go home? - Yes.
- Yeah? That’s stupid of her.
There’s killer out there.
Is she trying to be next? What’s that? What happened? What did you do to Christine? Did you shoot Philippe and Olivier? Are you the one killing everybody? Answer me, Dad, please.
Answer me.
Julien? Open up! Alice.
What do you want? It’s pointless.
The Rodiers are gone.
Since when? What do you mean, since when? Don’t you remember? No.
I don’t care.
Hey, Alice.
- If you want a laugh, I’m here.
- Yeah, right.
Go to hell.
I was really worried.
You could’ve said where you were going.
- Calm down, I’m fine.
- Obviously I was worried! Philippe and Olivier get shot.
You disappear outside.
Why did you vanish without a word? All right, don’t answer.
I’ve about had it up to here.
What’s with the blood in the bathroom? I had a nosebleed.
Shall we go? - What have I done to you? - Nothing.
You wouldn’t hurt a fly.
I don’t know how to use this shotgun.
Then leave it.
Your thing is the veggie peeler.
Stop! Muriel! Is that you? - Jean-Louis! - Are you there? - Jean-Louis! - Shut up! - Jean-Louis! - Shut up! I was looking for you.
Are you sleeping? No.
Are you okay? Yeah.
- Did you find Alice? - Yeah.
Is she okay? Yeah.
You don’t need to worry, you know.
Things will inevitably turn out fine.
Time is on our side.
We’re not going to remain isolated for much longer.
This is France, after all.
Muriel left? Yes.
She should have stayed.
Did you know her lover? Her lover? Jean-Louis.
Twenty years ago.
She was in love with him.
They were going to run away together.
Did you know that story? Do you think it’s true? I don’t know anything about it.
And I really don’t care about Muriel’s love life.
Are Mathilde and her daughter in their room? I don’t know.
- And Tiphaine? - She must be sleeping.
Manu… Fabio! I swear we’ll make it.
What accomplice? Shut up! Walk! Subtitle translation by Nathalie Lesage