Le chalet (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Are you still angry? I’m sorry, but between Julien’s attitude and your suspicions Don’t take me for an idiot.
- What are you - Damn it.
I clearly saw that Philippe’s sister caught your eye.
Unless it was the other one, the barmaid.
Of course not.
They’re not my type at all.
Oh, you have a type? Damn, I talk to them, just like everyone else.
I talk.
I don’t fuck.
- We can still talk to people, right? - Yeah, right.
But you know me.
That’s how I work.
I need living subjects to write.
Living subjects.
Writer needs living subjects to write.
What is this, a promotional interview? What’s he doing here? He’s old enough to keep watch.
I thought we would be happy here.
You too, you know? - Yeah.
- Did you want to come? Yes.
But you’ve had enough? Do you want to leave me? No.
Tell me the truth.
- Are you in love? - Yes.
With you.
So what’s going on? It’s my book.
I’m obsessed with it.
I don’t have to worry then? No.
Are you happy with what you’re writing? Sometimes yes.
Sometimes no.
- Did you find a subject? - Yes.
Want to talk about it? I’d rather not, no.
With your first book, you let me read everything as you were writing it.
This time, I’d rather you discover it all at once.
You know, I didn’t want to tell you… but it’ll be dedicated to you.
Hold me.
Go behind the wood there.
It’s pointless.
Come on.
- What are you doing here? - My love! Come on, let’s get out.
Come on.
Let’s get out.
Easy now.
When I think I went in there because I was craving ice cream… Want me to get you some? No, thanks.
I don’t understand how you locked yourselves in there.
Apparently because of this screw.
It jammed the lock so it couldn’t open from the inside.
That’s why I had to work harder to open it.
Hooray for pregnant women and their cravings.
You could have frozen to death.
Fabio would surely have gone in there by the end of the day.
The end of the day? Do you realize the seriousness of spending three hours below zero with no protection? Adèle saved our lives.
- All because of a screw.
- The freezer is new.
It was installed a month ago and hasn’t caused any problems whatsoever.
This screw was loosened by someone, not by chance.
Whoever did this… wanted to kill us.
Well, I’m happy to be alive.
He’s exaggerating, right? Where did he go? Are you okay? Are you hungry? Want me to bring you something? No, thanks, I’m not hungry.
- I have to tell you.
- Yes? I’m pregnant.
Oh, my dear… I found out before we left.
I wanted to surprise them.
Laurent, my parents.
The wedding day.
I can’t keep it.
- It’s the child of death.
- No, don’t say that.
Give yourself some time to think.
- What will become of me? - You have time.
I want my mom to be with me.
I understand.
She must be so worried.
She must be trying to call me.
I’d like to get away from here.
And Erika? Any news? No.
She must be with Thierry.
But we’re expecting them.
It’s okay.
It’s going to be okay.
Yes, yes.
It’s going to be okay.
Come here.
It’s going to be okay.
You okay, my darling? - You took a shower? - Yes.
- Where’s Léo? - She’s having a snack.
I was with Tiphaine.
She told me she’s pregnant.
You okay? You seem out of sorts.
Hey, what’s wrong? Philippe, Manu, and I got trapped in the walk-in freezer.
If Adèle hadn’t come because she wanted ice cream… - You all could have died.
- Yes.
- I don’t think it was an accident.
- Don’t joke.
Who could have…? I don’t know.
I’m leaving at dawn to get help.
Don’t tell anyone.
You can’t do that.
I don’t want to stay alone.
Nothing will happen to you or Léo.
And you won’t be alone.
You can trust Manu and Adèle.
Stay by their side.
I don’t want you to take any chances.
It’s too dangerous.
We have no idea about Thierry and Erika… Tiphaine’s parents will sound the alarm.
We have no choice, Mathilde.
It will be too late.
We can’t keep falling into traps like this.
I want to give us every chance.
I’ll ask Manu and Philippe to help me get down.
I’m so scared.
It’ll be okay.
When Thierry left, everybody knew.
This time, no one will know except for Philippe, Manu, and you.
And I’ll be vigilant.
Don’t worry.
I’ll be careful.
Nothing will happen to me.
Don’t worry.
If it weren’t for Léo, I’d go with you.
Adèle has totally lost it.
Philippe should have shut up in front of her.
But Philippe has lost his son, Manu.
And he’s right.
This is at least the third accident.
And you really could have died.
Let alone Thierry and Erika, who’ve simply vanished.
- This is one hell of a nightmare.
- I know.
The worst is not knowing where it comes from or why it’s happening.
Why, no.
But who… Wait, what do you know? I don’t know anything, but I’ve been thinking, and I don’t think a stranger set the trap and destroyed the relay.
- It’s someone from the village.
- But there’s only us here.
That’s what I mean.
It’s one of us.
He feeds on our fear.
He’ll do anything to make us crazy.
Wait, stop this bullshit.
It could be a total stranger, a psychopath who’s hiding in an abandoned house or in the forest.
Not hard to hide around here.
- I don’t think so.
- Why not? A total stranger wouldn’t have known when we’d climb to the relay.
Nor that we’d put Laurent in the freezer and when we’d do it.
He knows everything.
He listens to everything.
He knows everything.
- What you’re saying is horrendous.
- It’s logical.
It’s obvious, even, when you think about it.
Do you have someone in mind? No.
But I’m going to leave this place, and I’m not telling anyone what I’m doing.
Where will you go? To my dad’s house with Fabio.
At night, we’ll lock the doors real tight.
- And you don’t trust me? - Yes, I do.
You should come to my place with Adèle.
But I don’t trust anyone else.
Tiphaine, Olivier, Mathilde.
Especially those from the village: Sébastien, Étienne, Christine, Philippe.
Philippe? Stop it! What are you talking about? Well, I don’t trust them much.
My dad didn’t like them much either.
What’s wrong? How long have you known Fabio? Three years.
Why? Wait, don’t tell me that That’s bullshit.
- Do you really know him? - Don’t do this to me.
- Do you know his family? - Stop, you’re pissing me off! - Manu? - Yeah.
- Got a minute? - Yes, why? I’ve got to talk to you.
You scared me.
Tonight we sleep at my dad’s place.
I’ll get it ready.
Okay, boss.
We’ll still eat first, right? Yes.
- Do you need help? - No, I’m good.
See you later.
Could you lend me supplies to clean my house? Yes, of course.
What do you need? Well, cleaner, brushes, sponges.
- I’ll go grab it.
- Thank you.
- You’re opening up your house? - Yeah.
What are you doing with that shotgun? I’m going hunting.
- Isn’t the season over? - This is ridiculous.
Christine, say something.
He’s your guy! What do you want me to tell him? Let him unwind.
- If you need something, any help… - No, I’m good, thanks.
We’re looking for Philippe.
Is he here? He left with his shotgun.
- Where to? - I have no idea.
Any idea what he’s doing? He went hunting.
I don’t like it.
Come on.
That’s enough, leave him alone! He just lost his son! Gossange! Come out of your shack! Gossange! You know why I’m here? Laurent is dead.
You knew that, right? Do you know why Thierry’s not back? You better tell me.
You obviously know something.
Want me to tell you what I know? All right.
Men only think about satisfying their appetite for money, power, hatred, without ever thinking about the consequences.
Today you’re witnessing the consequences of your actions.
Is that what you wanted to know? I don’t care about your morality lessons.
I want to know who killed my son.
Answer me, Gossange.
Answer me or I shoot.
It’s you.
You can kill me.
It won’t change a thing.
What are you doing? Alexandre Gossange? Yes, that’s me.
What do you want? The Rodier family left the village abruptly.
Do you know them? Françoise is my cousin.
Have you seen her recently? She stops by once in a while.
When was the last time? About ten days ago.
And she didn’t say anything about leaving? No.
Can we look at your place? You had some problems with the law ten years ago.
You roughed up your colleague.
He wasn’t a colleague.
He was a usurper and a thief.
- What had he stolen from you? - A theorem.
You don’t know anything about the Rodiers? Nothing.
And what was your line of work? Functional analysis and motivic cohomology.
All right.
Good-bye, sir.
- Manu, that’s him.
- Oh, no! He’s alive.
Are you okay? It’s me.
- What happened? - Did you fall? Thierry and Erika’s wedding rings.
- What? Are you sure? - Yes, look.
Their names are engraved inside.
That means that they’re dead.
No, wait, we don’t know that.
It might be just to scare you.
No, they’re dead.
I don’t have sons anymore.
Come on.
Can you stand up? - Help me.
- Yes.
- Release your leg.
- Easy now.
- You can walk.
Philippe, stop! - Easy now.
Hello, Mr.
If you still want to play games, don’t bother.
I’d rather stay in my cell.
Genesta, I need to evaluate your personality to establish your level of responsibility.
Fuck, but I didn’t do anything.
Can you tell me about your childhood? Okay, if you want.
I had an amazing childhood in nature.
I did what I wanted.
It didn’t prevent me from succeeding in life.
Did you get along well with your parents? My mother left when I was seven.
And you haven’t seen her since? No.
Do you remember her? No.
Did you feel her absence as a form of abandonment? She did abandon me, yes.
But I didn’t miss her.
Your father didn’t tell you why she left? No.
My father doesn’t talk about this stuff.
Would you like to know what happened? Why she left? For what purpose? Huh? I think I’ll go back to my cell.
You don’t want to cooperate? For what fucking purpose? I… I’m innocent.
I’m fucking innocent.
You think I don’t know what you’re trying to do? You’re trying to pin this on me.
I don’t see why I should help you get me convicted.
Not a sound, or we kill your kids.
Get up! - Walk.
- What do you want? - Start walking.
- Go downstairs! - Hurry up.
- Start walking.
Think about your kids.
Please don’t hurt the kids.
Philippe, please! Philippe! Did you find it? - I’m gonna go.
It’s time.
- Be careful, darling, please.
Go back to sleep.
I’ll be back in less than two hours.
All right? Kiss me.
Better than that.
They’re waiting for me.
I promise I’ll be back quickly.
Lock yourself in once I’ve left.
I’ll feel more reassured.
All right.
I really wish there were another solution.
Be careful, I beg you.
Don’t worry.
With the other two, it’ll be fine.
I’ll be back with help within two hours.
- And we’ll finally be able to leave.
- Yes.
When all this is over, we could maybe decide to start living together.
I thought you didn’t want to.
Well, I’ve changed my mind.
I love you, Olivier.
Me too.
A bit of hot coffee? No, thanks.
Did you get any sleep? What do you think? I can manage with Olivier, if you want.
Out of the question.
I’m going down with him.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
I want to know what happened down there.
And Muriel is right.
Thierry and Erika may need some help.
Erika? Where were you? Wait for me! We’ve looked everywhere for you! Erika! You know I’m scared of the dark.
Well, too bad.
I’m going back in.
She didn’t do anything to you.
- Who’s there? - It’s Tiphaine.
Open up.
- What’s going on? - I just saw Erika outside.
- She aimed.
- What? She aimed a crossbow at me.
You must believe me! She tried to kill me outside! Okay.
I’m not crazy! - Did she say anything to you? - No.
- She didn’t say anything, but it was her.
- Mom! Yes, Léo, I’m coming.
I’m coming, darling.
Come sleep with us.
It’s okay.
Is it true the Rodiers’ car was found untouched in a parking lot by the Annecy train station? Absolutely.
Do you think they left the region? It’s quite probable.
- And the clothes in the lake? - At the moment, there’s no proof those clothes belonged to the Rodier children.
If the Rodiers are in the lake, we’ll never find the bodies.
Rather, not for ten years, in the valley.
That’s horrible.
In the valley? Why? The bottom of the lake meets up with the bowels of the mountain.
They’ll have been sucked in.
Did you alert the border police? Of course, we always do when we have a suspicious disappearance.
We’re continuing our investigation.
If any of you has anything new to report, don’t hesitate to call us.
Thanks, everyone.
Come on.
Well, the police are gone.
You guys can relax now.
- What do you mean? - You know exactly what I mean.
I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Sure, play dumb.
Things are going to change around here.
I want you to fire that fat bitch who’s always rubbing herself on you.
She can go get screwed somewhere else.
Are you nuts? What’s wrong with you? You want me to call back the cops? You really want me to talk to them? About how you came in at 4:00 a.
the night the Rodiers disappeared? And that you took a shower? To wash off what? And all the phone calls you made the next morning and your departure for Chambéry? Don’t test me, Philippe.
Tomorrow, you either fire Christine or I won’t answer for anything.
What’s with all this blackmail? You’re absolutely insane.
Listen carefully, Philippe.
Tomorrow, she leaves the bar.
Otherwise… Maud? Maud! - Make sure your hooks are in correctly.
- I’ll be fine.
- And take your time.
There’s no rush.
- Okay.
Come on.
How’s it going, Dad? - Have you seen Maud? - No.
- She’s not busy making herself pretty? - No.
What the fuck is she doing? You two gonna get married? Are you crazy? Then what do you care where she is? I don’t.
I don’t care.
I don’t care.
But I’ve got other things to do than worry about her.
Philippe! Olivier! They’re shooting at us! Manu! Oh, fuck.
Olivier! - Is he alive or not? - Philippe is dead! Damn it, Olivier, run or come back! Olivier! Oh, fuck.
Anybody here? Damn it.
Hey, no need to scream.
What’s going on? - Have you seen Maud? - No.
She might be at the chalet.
Was that Sébastien? - What’s going on now? - He’s looking for his chick.
Maud has disappeared? I’m not setting foot outside anymore.
Come on.
- Hey, where’s Maud? - Hello.
- Could you put away that gun, please? - No.
So? - We haven’t seen Maud.
- I’ve seen her.
- Oh, yeah? Where? - In the kitchen with Fabio.
Wait, let me add some more.
Now take some dough and really work it.
Take it with your whole hands, and then you can flatten it and turn it.
Don’t hesitate to really get into it.
- Like this? - Yes, very good.
Put all your weight behind it.
Come on.
I’ve got a gift for you.
I don’t want your gift.
Take it.
Trust me.
It’s to protect you against bad spells.
Yuck! You’re sick! You’re disgusting! It’s just a rabbit’s foot.
Leave me alone.
Go away.
What’s going on here? Damn, what’s that? Is this what brings you pleasure in life? It’s a rabbit’s foot.
It’s a gift for Alice.
- It’s a good-luck charm.
- Yeah, right.
You’re just as stupid as your dad.
Pick up this crap and leave.
Go on, get out of here.
I’ve got to make breakfast for Alice.
She must be starving.
Do you know if there’s any orange marmalade? I think so, yeah.
Orange… Here.
Alice is lucky to have a chef at home.
I’m lucky to have her too.
I wish someone would say that about me someday.
Good morning.
Good morning, Mathilde.
Good morning, Léo.
Can you help me make Tiphaine’s breakfast? Sure.
Do you think she likes cereal? - Of course.
- And we have some there.
There’s coffee if you’d like.
And the brioches.
They must be ready.
Careful, it’s hot.
Maud, be careful, it’s burning hot.
You’re finally joining me.
Hurry up, there’s almost no hot water left.
You’re in good spirits.
They may only be injured.
End of Valmoline.
Subtitle translation by Nathalie Lesage