Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath (2016) s02e05 Episode Script

The Rise of David Miscavige

It's not an easy thing to just walk away from something you've known your whole life.
Thank you.
At 2000 hours, Friday, the 24th of January, A.
36 L.
Ron Hubbard discarded the body he had used in this lifetime for 74 years, 10 months and 11 days.
The body he had used to facilitate his existence in this messed universe had ceased to be useful and in fact had become an impediment to the work he now must do outside of its confines.
After the death of L.
Ron Hubbard, Miscavige set about consolidating his power as the undisputed heir to Hubbard.
My guest is David Miscavige.
You are now the head of the Church of Scientology.
- Yes.
- Okay.
The one girl there that was complaining about it, a girl named Vicki Aznaran, this is a girl who was kicked out for trying to bring criminals into the church.
That's something she didn't mention.
I mean, you say a girl.
I think we're talking about a grown woman, right? A grown woman, excuse me.
A lady, Vicki Aznaran.
And you and she were, at one point, rivals for the leadership of the Absolutely not.
He started removing from their positions anybody who was in the hierarchy and was a recognized figure in Scientology, starting with Mary Sue Hubbard.
He subsequently got rid of Dede and Gale Reisdorf, Pat and Annie Broeker, and everybody connected to them and everybody that might've been allied to them.
David Miscavige has two personas one that's, you know, the public persona, which is, you know, hand shaking and kissing babies, and, you know, Scientologists are electrified meeting David Miscavige because he's the leader of the church, and oh, he's so charming, he's so powerful, he's so charismatic.
And then behind the scenes, he's hurting people.
I am the writer of the textbooks of Scientology.
The aim and goal is to put man in a mental condition, uh, where he him can solve his own problems.
Without any Scientology organization things are not gonna change on this planet.
After years of slowly questioning Scientology Leah Remini and her very public break with Scientology Stop lying to people that they hold their eternity in their hands.
Stop telling parents that it doesn't matter what you do this lifetime other than Scientology.
If your religion is so amazing and doing all these amazing things for the world, then it should stand up to some questioning.
I would repeat this line, "I want to die.
I want to die".
That was my first idea of I want to end my own life.
You gave me up at 13 years old.
How could you think that this was okay for me? These people are doing extreme things, and they need to be held accountable.
For us to do more of this, we wanted to do something that could help these people.
We need to do more than simply document stuff.
You got this.
People will continue to speak.
People will continue to fight.
- Hello.
- Hey.
- JB.
- How are you? - I'm good.
Hi, Mike.
- Hey, man.
- Thanks for coming.
- Yeah, no problem.
- Good to see you.
- Thank you for having me.
Oh, my God, our pleasure.
I'm John Brousseau, and I was a member of the Sea Organization, and I reported directly to David Miscavige.
I was, like, 20 years old when I got introduced to Scientology.
I sort of heard about it peripherally, and, you know, I didn't really know what it was.
The whole subject of Scientology was very electric.
The concept of you live beyond just this one life and all this humanitarian drive to help people.
It was just all right up my alley.
It was awesome, and I just jumped in, both feet.
There was a position available to be taking care of LRH's personal vehicles, so I moved into that, and then that later on turned into actually being his driver.
What was he like? He was an interesting person.
What I saw was somebody who really believed in what he did, and to this day, I think he heartfelt was convinced that what he was doing wasn't a sham.
It was something he was doing to try and solve his own problems in life, and then he tried to avail it to other people.
That's what I saw, and I'm grateful that I got to meet him, you know.
I was kind of close to David Miscavige.
I was, at one point, for 16 years, I was married to Miscavige's wife's sister, so we were brothers-in-law, and I observed him dismantling and putting himself gradually into the position where he was the senior most person, aside from LRH, and I saw Miscavige becoming more and more authoritative and more and more able to remove people, regardless of position.
Miscavige basically first started to assert himself, which was even before L.
Ron Hubbard died.
Oh, yeah, absolutely.
There was a pretty infamous meeting that happened between Miscavige and Mary Sue.
Were you around for that? I was around for that in a very peculiar way.
I put a wireless microphone on Miscavige, and they went into a hotel in L.
to meet with Mary Sue and whatever entourage was with her.
And I was sitting in the van with these giant reel-to-reel recorders, recording everything through these two microphones - unbeknownst to Mary Sue.
- For what? So that he could record this meeting with Mary Sue that was to argue her into submission, and basically, D.
would take charge, and she would resign and step down.
And did she put up a fight or I heard some pretty vociferous objections coming out of her mouth.
I can't really tell you what she was saying, but it was obviously directed at him.
- David Miscavige.
- And some disagreement and name-calling happening, yeah.
- What happened to Mary Sue? - Well, she went to prison, right, ultimately.
And she just sort of ended up being put in a position of having really no say or power and quietly lived off her life until she died.
It was the first step in D.
's taking over and being the one, and then I remember the takedown, the Dede and Gale days.
Dede and Gale Reisdorf, they were at one point in charge of the CMO.
They were the commanding officer and the deputy commanding officer, respectively.
Hubbard called himself the Commodore and was waited upon by a hand-picked team of teenage girls known as the Commodore's Messengers.
Dede Reisdorf became their commanding officer.
And one day, Gale came out and was telling me about how David Miscavige was threatening, and that she needed to go talk to Pat Broeker.
She knew that I was this guy who knew how to take Miscavige and go meet with Broeker, and we had all these secret codes.
I had ways of getting a hold of Broeker's driver, and he could probably relay to Broeker, and a meeting could be arranged.
So she hopped in the car.
So yeah, I drove off the base with her.
And I went to the pay phone in San Bernardino, and I made my phone call and sent the page to Broeker's driver, and I was sitting there, waiting for a call.
And maybe 20, 30 minutes went by, and this van pulls up with Miscavige and a bunch of other people.
They all pile out, and they just come heading my way, and they open the doors, and someone jumped out with a tire iron, and he went to the phone, and he proceeded to, the best of his ability, destroy the phone, and he finally succeeded in ripping the handset cable out of the phone unit, so that no phone call could be received there.
They basically severed the ability for Broeker to find out what's happening.
Miscavige was gonna deal with this himself.
And basically, they're in there with Gale, and it's Miscavige and Gale one on one.
And he basically talks her into submission, and then Miscavige would ultimately take out Pat Broeker.
When LRH left in 1980 to do his researches, he took with him his two most trusted friends and companions.
These two people were Pat Broeker and Annie Broeker.
Pat and Annie Broeker had been around for many, many, many years on the Hubbard side of the equation.
They were the most trusted people who would carry out Hubbard's wishes.
And they were the only people that were with Hubbard in the last years of his life.
I'm curious, JB, what you know about how Pat Broeker eventually was moved away.
Annie the two people that were with L.
Ron Hubbard at the end of his life.
What's your recollection of how that went down? Well, I was at the Creston Ranch.
It's where L.
Ron Hubbard lived - in the last days of his life.
- Yeah.
And then all of the sudden one day, Miscavige shows up and it's, like, a raid.
And I was there, and there was, I don't know, a dozen other people, the best of the best, pretty much picked by Broeker to run this ranch.
Everyone gets corralled up, except me.
I mean everyone, except me.
Miscavige comes out after yelling and screaming with these guys, and he says, "You know what's happening with those guys, JB?" And I'm like, "No".
He says, "They're all going to the fucking RPF".
But the end result was Pat Broeker somehow was brought to the agreement that he would just live a simple life and go off his merry way, having nothing to do with Scientology.
Annie was convinced to divorce, disconnect, have nothing to do with Pat, which she did.
But yeah, that's how he took out Broeker, and then ultimately that put him in the position where there was no one else in the way.
And now he was Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center, the top of RTC.
He was where he wanted to be.
David Miscavige is the one.
He was now invincible.
Anybody who's a Scientologist or grows up in Scientology, you get used to seeing the same people being brought up on stage at these very important events.
Oh, that's Mike Rinder, Heber Jentzsch, Ray Mithoff, Guillaume Lesevre.
Like, these are very important people, and over time I noticed, just as a civilian Scientologist, at these events, where's Mike Rinder? Where's Heber Jentzsch? Where's where are the people that we know, that we had been used to seeing? And then eventually it was just David Miscavige.
Scientology has projected a kinder, gentler, more understanding image in recent years.
But critics insist that RPF camps continue to exist today.
He had put about 40 executives of Scientology International physically locked up into a room called The Hole.
It had bars on the windows, and the one entrance was guarded by security 24 hours a day.
I was one of Miscavige's enablers, okay.
- What does that mean? - I was one of the people that helped orchestrate these things.
When he wanted bars put on The Hole, I'm the guy that put the bars on the doors of The Hole.
Describe what The Hole is.
Well, originally it was just offices that were set up with some office trailers as temporary headquarters.
I got called by Miscavige's secretary, and he said, "COB wants this place made secure.
"He wants bars put on all the doors, "so no one can get out, except for the front main entrance".
And I thought, I could do a far better job just putting big, long 4-inch steel screws around the perimeter of the door all the way into the jamb and framing.
And he said, "No, no, no, no, no".
He said, 'Bars'".
And then I got it.
He wanted these people to know that they were in prison.
So I went down to the estates building, and I rummaged around.
I found these nice steel bars, and I went, and I put this bar on the door, And then I went inside, and I screwed blocks in the side of the windows, so they could only open about 41/2 inches, a body wouldn't be able to get through.
It's interesting today to hear Scientology claim that The Hole doesn't and never has existed.
I have written communications addressed to me at The Hole, MR Hole.
People were myself included were in that little prison for months, some for years.
It's a horrible state to live in, around Miscavige.
He's the oppressive policeman that drives you to do what you're doing, because no one does it on their own volition.
His wife, Shelly, was right there next to him as number two.
Shelly Miscavige, her name in the Church of Scientology would be COB Assistant.
And so for Scientologists like me, we very much respected COB's Assistant and considered her, you know, this high-ranking officer in Scientology because she directly worked with David Miscavige.
I saw her get in trouble, and she would disappear during portions of the day.
And I sort of surmised that she was being security checked.
You know, I could see the terror in her eyes.
I think she said something, Miscavige found out, and suddenly he had this person who was his wife who holding the electrodes of the E-Meter in her hand, voiced it, and that was it.
The axe fell, and then she just sort of disappeared very shortly thereafter.
- Why? - Because she's been too intricately involved with him and probably knows things that he just doesn't ever want known, so he's just gonna keep her quiet.
David Miscavige never forgets.
David Miscavige never forgives.
He is destroying people.
He thinks he's helping them because he's got this notion that this is what they need.
It's just a wrong way of thinking.
- Yeah.
- You know? So that was just one aspect of what ultimately led to my decision to leave.
Because I was rationalizing all the outnesses that I saw.
But I had my tipping point.
My tipping point was comprised of several things happening concurrently.
The "Anderson Cooper 360" thing.
We've been reporting on allegations of physical abuse inside the Church of Scientology.
The allegations have been made by a number of former high-ranking Scientologists against the church's leader, David Miscavige, himself.
He did his various installments, which culminated in the end with what's referred to as, you know, the wives, right? The various people that showed up to refute what was being said.
I read all of you affidavits.
Obviously, your ex-husbands have made charges against David Miscavige, saying that they have seen repeated acts of physical violence perpetrated by Mr.
- Is any of that true? - No.
Not one ounce of it, not one.
I watched it, and I was shocked.
I could see that they are saying stuff that I knew happened.
They're saying it never happened.
Like what? Miscavige never laid a hand on Mike Rinder.
And you saw that? I was grabbed by Shelly Miscavige the day that Mike got summoned up to the Officers Lounge, as it was called, and was physically accosted by Miscavige.
Miscavige operates on the basis of instilling fear in people.
He routinely would hit, kick, punch people.
I was the brunt of a lot of Miscavige's physical abuse.
Miscavige never laid a hand on Mike Rinder.
Listening to his wife ex-wife now I just go, "This is bullshit, her lying".
And that sort of was hard for me to rationalize as to how I must be mistaken 'cause I know I'm not mistaken.
I know what I've seen and heard.
He loses it on people.
So I had decided in my mind and I didn't even really admit it to myself because it was a dangerous, forbidden thought that this guy is really a psychopathic individual in how he deals with people.
There was that turning point for me where I stopped rationalizing in my mind.
I had to throw away everything that I had hung onto.
You know, it was hard.
It was like jumping out of a plane without a parachute.
You know, this is very shortly before I left.
This was part of my eye opening.
Like, there's no way around this guy.
The only reason I have anything to say about any of this stuff, it ain't right to fuck over people's lives, and I feel a responsibility to say something because I know that the intention behind what Miscavige has done hasn't changed one iota.
You know? And the walls just came tumbling down for me.
I went, "this is bullshit.
I'm done".
I've been thinking I'm helping mankind, and I am fucking people up.
I'm enabling this guy.
I'm his right-hand nuts-and-bolts guy.
What the fuck has this got to do with religion? Everything I've been doing for 32 years is a bunch of shit.
Like, it's finally, after all these years, it's come clear to me.
I cannot continue to enable this.
I need to leave.
- Hello.
How are you? - Jackson.
- Michael, Leah, hi.
- How are you? - I'm good.
- Hey, buddy.
My name is Jackson Morehead.
I worked for the Church of Scientology International, and I was the Security Chief at the International Base.
It's a heartfelt honor, I have to say.
Thank you.
Thank you for talking to us.
I followed my mom into the Sea Org back in 1979.
I was 11, going on 12, when I left elementary school.
We moved to L.
to join the Sea Org.
That was my introduction to organized accountability, given direction other than from your parents.
I didn't really have much trouble falling in line with that.
I don't know what it was about me, but I kind of it was acceptable to me.
It was very, very, very a much serious, no joke.
If you displayed any questionable lightheartedness about this effort, you're not in security.
We don't want you 'cause we want dedicated people here.
So I was one of those very dedicated, very responsible.
I took it very seriously.
The day after L.
Ron Hubbard passed, there was this new flag order that came out.
It was a miniature, little cardboard foldout.
You flip it open.
There was a picture of L.
Ron Hubbard standing there at the helm on the ship with his ascot and his hat very Sea Org like.
And then on the other side, it had a miniature version of the flag order, and it was the introduction of Pat and Annie Broeker.
And we were like, "So now we know who's in charge".
- Then when did it change? - The next day.
Every single one I was part of the people that had to go around and collect all these issues and account for every single one of them, all those little pictures, all these pictures, taking them off notice boards, out of people's boxes.
I had to get it, and we shred them and destroyed them.
- And who gave you that order? - RTC.
I just got an order.
The next day it came out, the backstory behind how that was all a misunderstanding.
Pat and Annie were discovered to be criminals for trying to take this bold step to announce themselves as the Loyal Officers.
That rank doesn't exist.
We almost were that close to new suppressive persons taking over the control of Scientology.
That's what we were led to believe.
It was a clever and calculated move that Miscavige made.
At the time, Pat and Annie Broeker had been isolated from the world.
They lived, literally, in seclusion with no outside contact.
Miscavige had an organization and people that supported him, including a whole bunch of lawyers, so that pressure basically shut them down, and with them not being able to dispute the facts, nobody was in any position to challenge him.
So that's where I started realizing his power, witnessing his power.
- Right.
All of a sudden though.
- That's right, all of a sudden.
This atmosphere that David Miscavige is now in charge was generated.
- Right.
- After that issue comes out, I was posted as a security guard at a remote secondary base just deep at the foothill of Mount San Jacinto called Happy Valley.
Dave himself drove up in this van, this black van one night.
This is, like, 2:00 in the morning that I was told he was coming.
I didn't know who he was coming with, and all these people pour out.
Dave hand-delivered these people to me, and I had to go down there and meet them.
He gave me the lowdown.
"You need to make sure these people don't go anywhere.
You need to guard them".
I had to write up daily reports on their activities.
The things that they physically did, the stuff that they say, the stuff that they talked about, I had to report on.
These people were put onto a program, a corrective program, and Dave oversaw it.
I was to see to it that they performed hard labor.
He wanted them on the hard labor.
The worst job that I can imagine.
And what that means is not just sweeping floors, but any projects that were laying around.
It's like, "Well, cut that tree down.
"Well, we're not gonna do it by chainsaw.
"We're gonna do it by handsaws, and in fact, "handsaws are gonna use smaller blades "to make it more difficult for them, but they'll still cut, but we're gonna need to modify those tools".
And that literally would happen.
I didn't have the answers as to why, but he can't be doing this for evil reasons, and that's how I keep selling myself on it was okay.
If you fall out of favor with David Miscavige, you're done.
You know, what he said to me was he leaned over, and he goes, "Do you know what I do all fucking day, Leah? "I have to root out suppressive people in my own organization.
I do that day in and day out".
I had truly committed myself to ensure the security of all the executives and staff on that base.
We're gonna make sure that this is the safest place on planet Earth.
There was a whole new reface being done to the whole property, and with that, we want to have the ultimate security established here.
David Miscavige was the ultimate authority and approval.
Once he gave the approval, we'd run with it.
We ran across what's called UltraBarrier, which is this very intimidating-looking razor wire.
You can get different lengths of spikes, 4- inch, 6-inch, 8-inch.
That was all put along the top rail of the fence just to keep people out.
We had a series of devices in play.
We had infrared sensors, motion sensors, and fence shakers to detect human presence, and that was our goal, human presence.
A fence shaker activates lights right away, a cluster of four 1,500-watt quartz lights that would light up a stadium, 'cause I had the ability to watch the whole property.
We had microphones underground that would get dialed in and tested, and that was it.
My security system was officially in and working.
The security system was, by design, to keep people out.
Eventually, it became to keep them in.
Dave's treatment, his attitude, his yelling is constant.
Everybody was turned into this state of fear.
The whole base transitioned into this state of fear.
There was 300 and some odd phones spread throughout the whole property, this whole customized phone system.
I has executive override, where I can listen in on any line on the base.
And you can control it and set it up however you want.
Call 911, not call 911.
That was removed, so people had no access to the outside world.
- So wait, they can't call 911? - They could not call 911.
No, Leah.
Eventually, there were staff members that were getting out of my perimeter.
I had to go seal up the holes, more UltraBarrier, more razor wire, so people could not get out.
Literally, staff members getting caught up in it, getting themselves cut, trying to get over it.
Dave wanted me to come up with a plan.
I had to develop and document what it took to find somebody.
It became the Blow Drill.
The reason for the Blow Drill is because people who were privy to a lot of information about the goings on of David Miscavige or what really happened at international headquarters were considered to be a threat, and thus, there was a great deal of time, effort, and money expended in tracking these people down and trying to get them back on the reservation.
That involved assigning a group of people to call the local hotels and motels.
We'll send you to the bus station, you to the airport.
You start monitoring the scanners and listen to the taxi traffic.
See if there's any requests to pick anybody up locally.
- And checking flights.
- And checking flights.
You could call up and run this person's name.
Oh, yeah, he's got a flight booked.
I'd go through people's mail, collect their life history, their mother's maiden name, driver's licenses, birth certificates, passports.
I'd monitor their bank accounts, monitor their phone usage, find out where their parents are, send somebody to their parents' house, and set them outside to watch.
Some people were high-speed chases, literally.
That was my helping make the planet go clear.
I thought I was doing some good.
I thought I has this all in place and at play for that person's benefit, to help them through a time of their life that they were very troubled, and although it may seem awkward that we're chasing you, per se, yeah, you can't deny that we're chasing you, but we're here for your help, for your benefit.
It's like trying to talk down a suicide off of jumping off of a bridge.
But I never saw the back end of it.
It's, like, I'd go catch them and then hand them over to people who I thought were helping them, addressing their soul, and making them better people.
- Sure.
- But it was just this ever-evolving, what the hell? How many people do you think you recovered? - A few hundred, a few 300.
- Wow.
So what was the thing that broke you? The thing that broke me is, my wife and I went through a pregnancy that she embarrassingly aborted.
But she did so because she was told to.
- Yeah.
- She was told to.
- Pressured to.
- Right.
It's one thing to be told.
It's a whole nother thing to be pressured to.
Within the Sea Organization in particular, it was determined that children were a distraction to the clearing of the planet, and there would no longer be children that Sea Org members had while they were in the Sea Organization.
That is when you started to see the heavy pressure on women having abortions who got pregnant in the Sea Organization.
I was so happy that she was pregnant.
I knew what I was up against, but I convinced myself that I could sell them on allowing us to have a kid.
I could be that special one.
I'm so trusted.
I'm the Security Chief.
I'm not someone who's against the grain.
Don't worry about me.
- Right.
- Oh, no.
And suddenly, it just went, Jackson, you better scramble and come up with the right words out of your mouth really quick.
Which is implying, "You better tell us you're getting an abortion".
That's the yes.
By telling her that we can't have it, that was such a betrayal as a man to a woman.
It's just so terrible.
I can't believe I even uttered the words, that I forced this abortion on my wife.
It's weird, Leah.
It's not me.
I know.
Yeah, but it's when you witness that in a woman, especially just the love of your life.
There's not a man on this Earth that has the right to even begin to explain what it's like for a woman to go have an abortion.
But, Leah, I had to sell her on it.
- I understand.
- And she didn't neither one of us wanted to leave.
We were still convicted followers.
- Of course.
- So you're in conflict.
To go down that path, you lose your whole life.
You lose your friends.
And then I get my meter check, and my needle's dirty.
My meter check and my dirty needle led up to them looking at my background and going, "Oh, we need to go get a hold of your wife and start interrogating her as the cause of all this".
I hear people yelling at her, and I hear her voice.
I was like, "My wife's over there," and I blew by the guys who were at my door, went down there, and just started pushing and slugging and got in there and got a hold of my wife.
That resulted in "That's it on Jackson".
My badge was ripped out of my shirt.
The shoulder patches, everything were ripped off of me.
You're no longer the Security Chief.
Light switch right there for me.
I'm done.
This is, like, where the time clock was punched to where my life was never, ever the same again, literally, literally, literally.
I never forget the milliseconds of this time period of my life, the agony, the significance of it.
I was confined, and I had two people assigned to me during the day and a guard assigned to me at night, following me around all day, every day long.
And in the meantime, that auditor, that sec checker was telling my wife the results of my counseling and my sec checks.
He's a thief, lazy on the job, and this other really weird and I'm sorry to tell you this, but it's reality.
That she was told I was into bestiality.
That came from me reporting this, you know, digging around, trying to come up with my sec check, and it's like, "Well, there was this one time my dog Yukon "was at my feet, and I thought he was running in his dream, and I looked down, and he's actually humping something".
And that transitioned into Jackson's not the man you married.
It was part of their plan to do these things, and she was done.
Where does this happen at? This is Scientology.
I mean, I remember thinking, this is the Sea Org.
This is the Int Base.
It doesn't get any higher.
How can this be happening? - Right.
- Leah, I was sitting there throwing hissy fits and this affidavit that I had to sign that they had nothing to do with it, and I fought tooth and nail.
You were the bastards that had everything to do with this.
- Of course.
- Fuck.
It's just incredible.
Experiencing what I was experiencing going on at that base was this is really turning into something way something I had no intent to be part of.
- They didn't want you to go.
- Right.
'Cause you were a security risk.
What made you a security risk to them and to David Miscavige? Information.
And what information did you have? Just rattle it off.
Daily operations, stuff that I witnessed.
What did you witness? I had the unique ability that I got involved with all of the different aspects, every organization at the Int Base.
Dave was in a majority of those all the time, hands-on, screaming and yelling, "Get this done, get that done".
Everything was being done at his direction.
- I get it.
- But understand, the significance of this is that David Miscavige maintains in legal papers all over the place he is not involved in the day-to-day operations of Scientology.
Complete, utter crap.
That whole base was functioning at his sole direction.
I also saw David Miscavige physically beat Marc Yager, who was a very high church executive, and Mark Fisher, who was one of my previous "blows" that I had to help recover and watch.
I saw him physically hit these folks.
Seeing him beat Marc Yager, you'll just never forget.
When I was hearing that resounding thumps on this guy's chest, you just don't forget stuff like that.
And this is our leader? What the hell's going on around here? David Miscavige was a new level of evil in the Church of Scientology, And I was an executioner of his directives, his evil directives.
This is not about a religion.
This is not a fight for what's right.
This is holding Dave Miscavige accountable for his actions.
I mean, I'll be the first one to tell you, I thought I was just doing a world of good by doing what I did.
You were a young person that came into Scientology completely impressionable.
You were a child.
You did nothing that wasn't taught to you.
Please tell me you know that.
Please tell me you know that.
It's hard to accept because I did what I did.
Anyways, I didn't I didn't really plan on this part of this.
I'm just telling you from me.
Just fuck the cameras for a minute.
I'm just telling you from me, from my heart, like, honestly, we all are responsible.
- But I did it.
- No, I know, baby, but we did it 'cause we thought we were doing something decent.
When I look at you, I just see a young kid at 16.
I see a young boy wanting to do the right thing and being forced into a cult, and we were all part of it, and we all believed that.
I just want you to know that you're a good person.
You just didn't know.
You know, I feel bad for people like Jackson because he's such a sweet man.
And Jackson believed, "I'm doing the right thing.
"Why do I think I'm doing the right thing? "Because I was taught "that anybody who L.
Ron Hubbard "puts in charge "is to be listened to, is to be respected, and they have Scientology's best interest at heart".
And if I don't listen, the planet will be destroyed, and he was earnestly doing his job, thinking that he was protecting the planet.
Like, protecting the planet's salvation, and that's what they all believed.
This is the game that Scientology plays.
This is David Miscavige following Scientology policy.
Is it true that David Miscavige is bad? Yes.
But if David Miscavige wasn't there, they would grab Guillaume Lesevre, and they'd, you know, give him a shower and put a suit on him, and then he would carry on the same legacy.
Because that is what Scientology teaches.
So they are only upholding L.
Ron Hubbard's policy.
Hubbard was obsessed with getting celebrities into Scientology.
If you are a celebrity recruiter, there is a commission involved.
That 10% commission really adds up.
I could go on forever about Celebrity Centre but it's like having a best friend for life.
They believe these celebrities are deities.
When a celebrity leaves Scientology, Scientology feels the brunt of that celebrity being turned against them.
They are now the face.
You are no longer the face of Scientology, they are.
They need to be held accountable.